The New Christianopolis

Cultural, Esoteric, FREEPOM

Alchemical Transmutation of Our Existing Civilization

By JC Collins

The religions of the world no longer serve the purpose which was originally intended. Both social and spiritual enlightenment have been the tempered and unachievable objectives of religion since each individual incantation.

Social enlightenment has now found modern and non-allegorical methods of human development; and spiritual enlightenment likewise has become a weave of intermixing thought-forms which are spreading through the vast array of human civilizations with a non-coincidental sameness.

All the main religions which currently exist are in the last throes of an unacknowledged and misunderstood transformation.  Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and the Eastern Buddhist practices are all becoming irrelevant in the dawning civilization.

It is with bewilderment that three main religions of the world would still exist in a state of tension and opposition over the relics found in the Middle East.  The ancient city of Jerusalem has become a focal point of devolved spirituality, geopolitics, and socioeconomics. Symbolic values attributed to its existence are fading into the shadows of forgotten realms.

The madness of radical Islamic politics and other expressions of fundamental spiritual fragmentation are the last grasps of breath for these irrelevant and failed methods of spiritual enlightenment.  Components of each have been slowly being incorporated into a new spirituality which is beginning to transform our collective existence.

This civilization is emerging from within the ruins of the old, with the transmutation having already been happening for decades, and perhaps even since the 19th Century.  The old world religions have not been able to keep up with the advances in the worlds of spiritual fulfillment and intellectual advancement.

The attempts by Islam to harness and slow the progression of the new civilization will only serve to quicken its demise.  Unbeknownst to the Muslim populations, and equally applicable to the Christian populations and others, is the fact that the seeds of transformation were planted a long time ago.

This seed is the Absolute common source and spring of all that is manifest.  Each of the existing religions in the modern world has sprung forth from the one Absolute Whole.  Each represents a fragment of this Whole source.

Each of the religion fragments fragment further into different denominations and sects.  Each new fragment considers itself to be the one true fragment which represents the word of god.  It is never considered that each is only the simulation, or simulacra, of the Absolute Whole of spiritual and intellectual manifestation.

Human beings, who represent a form of fragmentation themselves, gather around each of the religious fragments and the relationship between both hardens.  These relationships take on unique and individual characteristics and overtime become unrecognizable to each other.

Cultural and geographic conditions form and carve each religious fragment into more defined forms.  Eventually it is forgotten that all have sprung forth from a common source and each attempts to stand superior to the others.

The un-fragmentation of these religions has been a century’s long project which continues in our modern world of mass materialism and instant gratification.  The mash up of cultures and religions which has been taking place is a method of Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception (CSI) which began in the 1800’s.  The parallel methodologies of monetary and geopolitical change are accompanying this un-fragmentation.

The new world religion is developing piecemeal inside the frameworks of the old religions in much the same manner that the new world monetary framework is developing within the old.  Each movement towards a center is stripping away the illusion of separateness.

The breathing nature of existence contributes to a collective and individual learning which are both moving towards the same realization of sameness. Individualism must be un-fragmented in a manner which respects spiritual and intellectual individualism while consolidating a new world methodology within the emerging civilization.

Communism and capitalism have been opposing ideological constructs which serve the same purpose.  This purpose is moving towards the consolidation described above.  This process is visible in the world of force and form through dialectic programming.   The recent statement by the US President that there is little difference between Capitalism and Communism was a strategically placed CSI hinge point.

Furthering on his statement Obama said that the best characteristics of each should be used in a new framework and the rest discarded.  This simple and profound statement should make even the most hardened pessimist take notice of the deeper and more symbolic transmutation which is happening just beneath the surface of everyday life.

Also consider the statements of the Catholic Pope who is promoting a similar message of sameness and un-fragmentation to the disorganized masses.

The nature of the disorganized masses is to be fragmented.  The un-fragmentation of the masses does not equal an organization of the masses if the un-fragmentation remains as a simulacrum of the Absolute Whole.

Our existing civilization, complete with religious and socioeconomic mandates, is attempting an alchemical transmutation to more accurately reflect the nature of the Absolute Whole.  This transmutation, like fragmentation and un-fragmentation of past ages, will still be a simulation of the spiritual and intellectual goals of mankind.

Spiritual fulfillment and intellectual advancement constitute the primary objectives and motivations of each individual.  From this Absolute transmutation will come a Whole social enlightenment.  But this can only be achieved through individual transmutation and not a simulacrum of mass transmutation.

Utopian constructs have been envisioned by the greatest and deepest minds of humanity for thousands of years.  The one ingredient which is always missing is the personal responsibility of the individual to begin and complete the alchemical transmutation within the experience of separateness.

A non-allegorical awareness is beginning to grow and the process of spiritual and intellectual transformation is contributing to the re-alignment within each individual.  Religions of the fading world have promoted a misunderstanding of allegorical lessons to their own detriment.

The process of true transmutation has always been arrested by the ruling and leading authorities of each era.  The emerging new civilization will be no different.  The open allegorical messages are being mismanaged for selfish reasons and promoted to the disorganized masses as the new utopian dream.

The Christianopolis of tomorrow must be found in each one of us as we interact with the Absolute Whole as an individual in pursuit of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.  This transmutation of civilization must be completed from the bottom up and not from the top down.  The fall into matter has assured that no other path will achieve the necessary objectives and motivations.

All of existence is meant to be an inward journey.  Anything promoting an external awareness and motivation is a corruption of the process.  The real alchemical transmutation is not achieved by chasing the fool’s gold of the material world but by accepting the process of spiritual and intellectual advancement which is sourced on an individual basis from the Absolute Whole.  – JC

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