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Understanding Russian Collusion and Economic Collapse

There are endless narratives which bombard our senses and twist our perceptions. Understanding these narratives is important in that it provides us with the tools to determine truth and dissect the objective of such narratives.  Narratives dominate our information inputs and prevent alternatives from being considered.

The purpose of a narrative, or more specifically – a strategic narrative, is the manufacture of human belief and thought for the purpose of controlled organization within the transformative process of evolution. Sounds complicated, right?

First let’s start with what a narrative is, which is different from its purpose.  A narrative is a single representation of an event, a statement, an idea, or a belief.  Narratives can exist on varying levels, such as micro and macro narratives, with some blending into others and converging in order to weave multiple events, statements, ideas, and beliefs into one cohesive narrative.

Second, there is the context of the narrative.  This encompasses the sequence and circumstances of the event, statement, idea, or belief.  The context is the most important aspect of the narrative creation, as is provides the framework which defines the narrative and directs its purpose to the strategic objective.

As an example, let’s take a look at the so-called Russian election influence and Trump campaign collusion narrative. The fact that there has been zero factual evidence provided to support the narrative is irrelevant.  The narrative is being built around the framework of fabricated events, through the use of powerful statements and historical ideas, while capturing a previously established belief that Russia is the bad actor.

This context is being disseminated through the mainstream media and establishment political representatives. Unidentified sources are manufacturing false events which are built upon harmless real events.  Politicians on both sides are making powerful statements about American democracy and the integrity of the election process, while acting melancholic about the idea of freedom.  This is all packaged under the belief that Russia has always been attempting to do evil things against America.

These points of context are driven home again and again.  It’s almost exhausting to watch and listen once you understand what is happening.  But the purpose of the narrative is important to grasp, as the consequences will be massive.

In some ways the whole Russian hacking narrative is a gift.  The political establishment in America is so desperate to overturn the election results that the narrative they are constructing is transparent and is revealing the whole methodology and mechanisms which are used.  Applying what we are learning here about narrative construction and purpose to other narratives can help us gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the transformation which is taking place in the world.

The economic collapse narrative is another one which is fits our definition.  Every economic event is considered to be a sign of impending disaster.  Negative economic events, or movements, are expressed as confirmation of the narrative. Positive economic events, or movements, are considered to be manipulation for the purpose of delaying or hiding the economic collapse.  All events somehow fit the narrative.  No alternative outcomes are allowed.

Likewise, the statements and ideas about economics, monetary policy, and geopolitics, are interwoven into an overall belief about how the world works.  This manufactured belief of course fits the narrative pattern and those who disagree simply do not understand the facts.

As real world events take place, and the narrative is temporarily shown to be without cause or merit, the narrative itself shifts just enough to accommodate the inconvenient truths and reality.  Nothing changes or alters the course of the narrative.  Russia influenced the election and colluded with Trump.  Economic collapse is coming and no other possibilities are considered.  Period.

Fortunately narratives are betrayed by real world patterns, which is why those who promote the narratives have to work endlessly to smother and shift attention away from the truthful patterns. It’s an unnatural fight against the natural world. It is a timeless battle.

As an example, the multilateral monetary transition which we have been reviewing since January of 2014 has been fully aligned with the real world patterns and unfolding factual events.  At every step of the way there have been those who have attacked the analysis while promoting imminent collapse and economic turmoil.

Statements about China dumping the dollar and never aligning with the international institutions, such as the IMF, have been completely destroyed by the fact that the Chinese renminbi is now a part of the SDR composition, the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilaterization is functioning in a subservient position to the IMF, and China has already issued a first round of SDR denominated bonds.   Add to this the fact that Managing Director Christine Lagarde stated a few weeks ago that the IMF head office could move to China down the road (which is something we have previously reviewed), and the whole narrative about China dumping dollars and taking over the dollars role in the international monetary system begins to look foolish and naïve.

But that doesn’t stop the collapse narrative from continuing.  These facts are just ignored or twisted to fit the narrative.  Add in geopolitical cannon fodder and whole new vistas of narrative possibilities come into existence.  The creative and expansive abilities of some to ignore whole sets of data and facts in order to accommodate the narrative are impressive.

Those who stated unequivocally that monetary policy could never be normalized without causing a collapse of the whole system are now faced with the task of explaining how QE has both ended and reversed, while interest rates are well into an upward cycle.

Trump is being attacked by the establishment representatives who are faced with the loss of business revenue and international contacts from which further revenue can be gained.  There is no mystery here.  Since the inauguration jobs have increased by the most in decades, the dollar has depreciated, the trade deficit is lower, illegal immigration has slowed dramatically, and the establishment geopolitical hotspots are incrementally being shifted to realign with a new multipolar world.  Along with China, the SDR, and other monetary matters, these are all things which we have predicted and discussed over the last few years.

Yet, for all the accuracy of the analysis, throngs of eager and informed masses ignore our analysis and flock to false narratives which do nothing to increase understanding and awareness about how the world functions.  It’s weird and fantastical that so many would defend events, statements, ideas, and beliefs which have been proven wrong time and time again.

Of course we are naturally susceptible to narratives because we view the world through a small window and short timeline.  The patience required for observation and trending of patterns over years and decades are relinquished for instant gratification and mental/emotional stimuli which hold our hand as we hopscotch across the wastelands of materialism.

Understanding the complex nature of the world and the mechanisms which function underneath the surface of our systems and processes is not easy.  Logic and history would suggest that some sort of disruption will happen at some point.  This disruption could be economic or geopolitical.  It may even be both.  But making the leap to Russian collusion and economic collapse are signs of an unstable culture with stunted emotional development.  – JC

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14 Comments on “The Narrative”

  1. JC,
    How do we know the difference in you non-premium content when your premium viewers can see both? Am I missing something?

  2. Thankfully there are a few who like the image above cut themselves free and remove the blindfold. You are one of these people JC, thank you for sharing what you see.

    We surely have an unstable culture. I’m working on my part to correct this stunted emotional development but it seems that so many others….just don’t care.

    “The purpose of a narrative, or more specifically – a strategic narrative, is the manufacture of human belief and thought for the purpose of controlled organization within the transformative process of evolution. Sounds complicated, right?”

    “stunted emotional development” for the purpose of controlling folks which stunts their spiritual evolution also.

    Sounds evil.

  3. This is an excellent definition of what Narrative is JC, and how the game is designed so a few only gain everything and how a majority is always losing in most cases!

    From personal experience in having lived in several different countries and cultures, I have always observed that a large majority simply have a “stunted emotional development”. It also appears that the task of discovery, invention, leadership and generally being at the forefront of dealing with adversities and road blocks for the majority is always on the back of a small portion of any population. In other words, a majority of any population group simply sit it out and wait for the winning side before making any move. It seems, that any group in any movement has a “driver” that sets the course and the rest follow. All very sad but if we believe in the idea of evolution, then this behavior makes sense! Donald Trump is the “driver” who is running an opposing agenda to the Globalist elite who have taken control of this planet since the end of WWII and he is hated by the major stakeholders of the period.

    One common thread amongst the stunted majority is laziness and the other is fear. Both of these characteristics are inherently destructive to an individual as well as to the group. Also, interesting to note that all the people that history books have polarized opinions on, are the people who have not suffered from a “stunted emotional development” but they are viewed either harshly or favorably according to the subjective opinions of a group or a “cultural narrative”, otherwise those well-known individuals got off their rear ends and did something, however destructive or good. As per Excellent JC’s previous articles when he mentioned the purpose of adversity, such people bring about a Change causing adversity for the people whom they oppose or lead. In this case, Trump is causing a serious dose of adversity for the lazy elite who are used to huge privileges that they do not deserve since their privileges are not because of what they did themselves. So in the long run, Trump is doing them and their off spring a great favor!

  4. Back in January “McCain warns Trump not to lift sanctions on Russia

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senator John McCain, commenting on Friday on speculation that President Donald Trump may lift sanctions on Russia, said he hoped the administration would reject that “reckless course.”

    “If he does not, I will work with my colleagues to codify sanctions against Russia into law,””

    Then in August “US President Donald Trump has grudgingly signed into law new sanctions against Russia, a move Moscow says amounted to a full-scale trade war and an end to hopes for better ties with Washington.

    Congress overwhelmingly approved the legislation last week, passing a measure that conflicts with the Republican president’s desire to improve relations with Russia.”

    Still not sure why he signed it if he didn’t agree with it, but perhaps it’s part of a bigger play.

  5. I posted this freepom post to my FB. I asked an ideological opposite to read and ask any questions. Here is her response: “I read it Ted, I have no questions and don’t agree with much of this person’s “narrative”. The economy growth has nothing to do with Trumps inauguration, it had been set into motion long before. Same with job growth. I agree immigration has changed, but not for the better overall. Nothing anyone can say will make me respect what trump is doing to our country or it’s citizens, or our allies. This person is not fit to run a company, let alone a country. I truly do not understand why anyone supports his behavior, period. He is dispicable and disgusting in every way. Thanks though Ted, I know you mean well. As I have said many times, my thoughts have nothing to do with Dem or Republican. Nothing to do with Hillary or Obama. Never have liked or respected trump and now I have complete disdain for him, his sons and his over inflated ego. I will continue to pray for him!”
    How would you respond?

    1. There’s nothing you can say. The position is clearly based on the mainstream liberal media about Trump. The fact is Trump is fit and his successful business is a testament to that. But facts don’t matter when it comes to strategic narratives.

      Who cares if Trump has an ego. Why does that bother the writer? I was taught a long time ago that those who lack confidence will describe confident people as arrogant. It’s weakness.

      It’s always interesting to me how readers extract and interpret what fits through their own filters and ignore the rest. A hundred people could read one of my posts and have a hundred different impressions of what they think is being communicated. Narratives are powerful weapons which are extremely hard to disarm. But we really don’t need too. All we can do is express logic and understanding. People are responsible for their own interpretations.

      The hateful emotion expressed against Trump provides all the info we need. Your friends response is emotioned based and not logic based.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Thanks for the reply. It verifies exactly how I would’ve responded. I stopped a long time ago trying to give logic to emotional interpretations.

  7. “We Accept The Reality With Which We Are Presented”

    This is the title of this excellent 5-minute clip mostly made up of a collage of movies which I thought fits well with this great article regarding “the narrative”. I am thinking how deeply the invention of the TV and the moving pictures with sound have changed our consciousness in a way that we are almost a different species to our ancestors…we seem to have become far more susceptible to Group-think which appears to be favoring the ruling elite, just a thought that’s it.

  8. Thank you for organizing my thoughts on the way many of my liberal friends have bought into the false narratives presented over and over again by the mainstream media which have further fueled their hatred for Donald Trump and his agenda. I do find their “take on things” totally illogical and have found the bigger the “tree-hugger”, the more emotional their thinking. Their constant selective bashing of big business, in general , and it’s effect on the environment is further proof of their illogical thinking as it furthers their demonization of Trump as the ultimate business man. Meanwhile they drive their SUV’s to the local health food store, have these vehicles serviced when needed, engage in the upkeep and maintenance of their homes, take prescribed medications and do, in general, all the things most of us do as a matter of routine and not see the role of big business in all of it. It is hypocrisy at it’s finest.

    1. pam,
      I can´t agree with you more.
      That stuff you mention re the tree huggers, big business, the effect on the environment…
      plus other stuff like “global warming” or trying to force a world wide ban on hunting is just emotionally charged nonsense, with not a nanogram of logic, well paused thoughtfulness and intelligence in it.


  9. Hello
    Interesting site. I found it when I googled Rothschild influence on Trump and I certainly found your piece on that subject and Resorts International very interesting, as did my friends. We all understand the the MSM and Trump are batting for the same side. Therefore, it’s odd to read this piece focusing on Trump’s wonderful fight against the globalist agenda. I’m sure you’re not in any way trying to cause cognitive dissociation among your readership so why approach some topics from a Trump is fighting the good fight and others from a higher perspective. I have no doubt the American establishment, as you called it, is upset by the move to turn America into a has-been backwater. But that’s because they’re insane and they have been doing themselves for decades, to line their pockets. If you take the shelved TPP as a good reason to think Trump has a spine, like you suggest here. I would suggest that perhaps that entire basement full of rules proved unworkable for now or perhaps the astrology wasn’t right, and the spinoff of making people think he was looking out for America is worth its weight in gold in spastic synapses. I for one am perfectly capable of understanding events on different levels, be they metaphysical or political. I do understand the final dialectic and I’m not interested in making money off currency or any other markets. I must also say my experience of the men in mining is not the same as yours. Quite the contrary since its the only industry in which I have been invited to orgies, more than once, but I’m sure money and power centred in Alberta makes it a much sweeter environment than the backwater in which I subsist. And on that point, so much for respecting the feminine principle ho ho. As for your other more dissonant correspondents, I have no recourse but you agree with you. “The fact is Trump is fit and his successful business is a testament to that. But facts don’t matter when it comes to strategic narratives.”

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