The Mystery of Truth – Information Power and Its Controlled Distribution

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A Comparison between the Gutenberg Printing Press and the Internet

By JC Collins

We have all heard the expression “information is power”.  The premise is that the more you know the more you control, and the more power you have over your world and the events taking place in it.  It can even lead to greater advantage over others. Though this is true, I have always considered the actual use of information to be more important than the simple act of accumulating information.

The emergence and functioning of the internet has promised boundless access to information for all with a connection.  Much like the Gutenberg printing press began to revolutionize the way civilization was structured around 1448, and became a revolution of thoughts and ideas, which subsequently led to the Reformation, so to the internet is transforming our world today.

A case can be made that the Gutenberg press was a well-thought out strategy by which the organizing principle of the day was overthrown through the Protestant Reformation.  Though the lack of mass publications in the years before the first printing press emerged served to consolidate information in the hands of a few powerful figures, such as kings and priests, the implementation of mass printing and the spread of information was very controlled.

It was sold as a benefit to the masses, but the masses were still not provided the ability to confirm the validity of the information.  Whole political movements and the shifting of civilization could take place with a crafted use of the printing press.  The people would have no solid method of determining the accuracy of the information coming off the press.

The built up energy which collected under the surface of society in the lead up to the Reformation can be attributed to the lack of access to information.  This weakness was exploited and the new printing press, and the information which it mass produced for consumption, released that energy.

But how does this relate to the internet in our modern world.

Comments have been coming in lately with increasing frequency regarding the endless sources of information and the reliability of those sources.  Some readers are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of information which is out there for consumption.  Much like in 1448, we still have no way of vetting and validating the sources of information.  It can be expected that the internet is bloated with massive disinformation.

The article I wrote titled “The Take down of George Soros has begun” has been one of the most widely read of all the POM material.  It is approaching 200,000 views around the internet.  This is a substantial reach for such a modest little blog in the furthest outer edges of the internet.  The logic I used in writing it was based more on what information isn’t being provided as opposed to what information is being put out across all media sources.

When we have been saturated with information it becomes critical to consider what information isn’t being made available.  Assuming that the internet is serving the same purpose as the Gutenberg printing press, which is shifting civilization and directing thoughts and ideas, we must work harder to hunt and find the information which isn’t being distributed.  What isn’t being said?  What is being avoided?  What seemingly non-associated events can be trended and looped back into the false narratives which spread across the information plains like wheat seeds on a strong wind.

It is not what people say that is of the greatest interest.  It is what they avoid saying which gives away truth to the discerning mind.

Just like with the Gutenberg press, the weakness of the internet is built into its purpose and cannot be avoided.  Truth is observable and does not require a translation through words or images.  Truth is communicated through a method which humans have not begun to understand or even acknowledge exists.  But truth cannot be avoided or hidden for long.  That is the old human adage.

Perhaps the intent all along has been to swamp the masses with so much information that it causes a sort of cultural shutdown and avoidance of truth.  Drowning out the sound of truth in the modern age would require something like the internet to work alongside the mainstream media in order to ensure the masses never stumble upon what has been hidden right in front of them.

The new “fake news” narrative which is building up between the alternative internet sources of information and the mainstream sources is another cognitive dissonance program.  This program will continue to direct away from the truths which should be observable to us all.

That is the kicker.  The truth is so within reach that we can’t see it.  We are told and conditioned to look past that which is close and stare off into the distance in search of some morphing semi-truth which can never be reached.  We keep searching and looking further and further into the dark and confusing corners of the simulacra.

POM has been an extremely reliable source of information on the changes to the international monetary system and has made accurate predictions which can be verified.  These changes can present humanity with the opportunity for a fundamental reordering of our world if we can just take control of the framework and use it for the purpose of truth and wholeness.

Often I present information which is not being discussed in the tangled yarn of wool which makes up the modern sources of information.  It forces the reader to veer off into different directions from what is intended by the mass produced sources.  The only argument I can make at this point regarding my own validity is that which I just mentioned above on accurate predictions.

If we agree to the premise that information is power, and the strategic use of information is even more powerful, we are left to consider why any governing body, whether hidden or overt, would openly promote the flow of accurate information, or make means available to the disorganized masses to accumulate such truthful information.

It has always been my position that the internet is not made available to us for our benefit.  But why it has been made available hasn’t been so easy to discern.  The older I get and the more I think on such matters the more I realize I knew the answers all along.

The internet is meant to distribute mass misinformation and false narratives.  Sure, there is also good information on the internet, like POM and weather pages, but it has amounted to information overload.  Like Noah’s Flood, we are now inundated with so much information that truth has been washed away in the waves of the enforced simulacra.

We are entering into a period of historical significance not unlike the period of the Protestant Reformation.  It is not a coincidence that, like the Gutenberg printing press, the internet has become available to the masses at this time.

The distribution of information is one of the most powerful tools being used against the disorganized masses.  We need to begin to understand these distribution methods and routes.  It is also imperative that we begin to unlock our natural ability to experience truth.

It is strange to suggest that all the events in our world are planned.  But this is exactly what my truth is screaming at me.  There are the plans of men.  Then there are the plans which do not originate with men.  At times these plans collide and produce explosions of potential truth.  These explosions of potential truth need to be drowned out and the minds of men directed back to the material methods of control and distribution.

Our natural potential truth receivers must be blocked.

The Gutenberg printing press served this purpose and now the internet is serving the same purpose.  We cannot allow this opportunity to be stolen away from us again.  Truth is all around us.  Experience it.  – JC