The Move to Isolate Iran

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An important geopolitical strategy unfolded over the last week and few noticed.

It started with the official visit of Turkish President Erdogan to the White House. Erdogan would desperately like to get Trump to turn on the Kurds in exchange for its support against longtime Turkish antagonist Iran. The meetings were tense but the full content and context are only known by a few.

It continued with Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia where the Riyadh Declaration was signed by Middle Eastern allies to commit troops for the fight against terrorism. It ended with a great and powerful speech by the great and powerful Trump and the placing of hands on a glowing orb to commemorate the opening of a centre to combat global terrorism.

During the summit in Saudi both Trump and King Salman took the opportunity to shift blame global terrorism onto Iran. Salman stated that Shia majority Iran was the “spearhead of global terrorism”. This is a strong and pointed accusation towards Tehran, who it holds a longstanding feud with.
Aside all of the pomp and pageantry a large arms deal was signed between the United States and Saudi Arabia. This is the clear single to anyone paying attention that the US has fully aligned itself with the Sunni majority Saudi Arabia.

Comments which were made about an Arabic NATO taken alongside the arms deal is a direct message to Iran that the United States is not interested in having three major Middle Eastern allies.

The next shoe to drop was Trump’s trip to Israel where more Iran bashing took place. Trump stated that there existed a “rare opportunity” for peace in the Middle East based on the shared threat which Iran represents. This threat could be used to unite Israel with its Arab neighbours and facilitate an agreement with the Palestinians.

The American President also said that Iran was the main source of instability in the region and urged Israel to join with its Arab neighbours to confront Iran.
The trip was rounded out by a visit with the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. It can be assumed that Trump is pushing a Middle Eastern peace plan which would include the Palestinians turning against longtime supporter Iran.

More than anything this is a trip to turn the larger Middle East against both Iran and Syria so that the Anglo-American establishment can postpone and potentially fragment the developing Eurasian Union, of which the Middle East, and its major shipping lanes would be of vital interest.

The most obvious points of interest in the above information is the unified scripting of Iran being the biggest supporter of global terrorism and the main source of instability in the region. Most readers are educated enough to understand that it is in fact Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, and the United States who are the biggest supported and contributors to the growth and success of ISIS and instability in the region.

Reconciling what has been said with what is factual is almost impossible. What is clear as of now is that the alliances are well defined and the pieces are now moving in the background to isolate Iran.

Soon we will be told of connections between Iran and North Korea, which will be leveraged in attempts to turn China against Iran and completely shift the geopolitical balance which has developed between Russia, China, and Iran.

Can America be successful in making Iran so dirty and untouchable that its longtime alliances with Russia and China are fractured? Such a move would leave it isolated in the region and internationally.

Once Iran was removed from the larger geopolitical strategy Russia would find itself also isolated. An isolated Russia means a non-USD denominated Eurasia which can be controlled through trade routes and shipping lanes. It is not without coincidence that two of the most influential and longstanding cultures in Eurasia, Russia and Iran, are both the targets of Anglo-American strategies.

It has always been my position that the future of the Eurasian Union and Middle Eastern peace will hinge on Iran and the ultimate rebalancing between Shia and Sunni interests, or some form of Islamic Reformation which consolidates the interests of both.

Back on September 10, 2014, I wrote a piece titled The Devil’s Tears – How a Holocaust Against the Shia will Secure Oil Dollars. We reviewed some of the points discussed here but focused on some of the early analysis around the multilateral transition and the conflict between the Shia and Sunni.

The shift towards making Iran the scapegoat for the larger problems which have been created in the region and around the world would definitely support a move against the Shi’ite interests in the region. How this takes shape in the coming weeks and months will tell us a lot about the shape of the future trade agreements and alliances. – JC

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  1. Thank you JC, You seem to be the only person I know who picked this up and as always your astuteness is greatly appreciated.

    A scenario that I can think of could be that by placing Iran to one side for now as well as Russia, Trump is aiming to create confusion so he will unravel other plans. Trump’s main man, Steven Bannon is a big fan of Sun Tzu, the Chinese military general and his book “art of war”. Trump has been playing the art of war extensively since coming to the office and a major these has been to create chaos and confusion. These have been so far domestically as a psychological warfare but he has taken much of Sun Tzu’s tactics and now he appears to be playing that geopolitically.

    The truth is that Saudi Arabia is no more than an artificial outpost created by the British after WWI. As such it has no cultural, military, intellectual achievements. Whatever you hear about the so called “ISlamic golden age” is a Western liberal propaganda and what they are not telling is that the entire achievement of the ISlamic age attributed to Arabs is a subversion of the truth.
    Therefore the isolation of Iran is most likely either a distraction or a short term tactic to subdue the current chaos in the region.

    Another important information is that in December 2015, Trump had his early rallies in Manassas Northern Virginia and he had an Iranian speaker who openly called for the regime change of the ISlamist regime of Iran. I had never ever heard such open call since 1979. That made me realize that this Iranian gentleman would not utter such words unless it was approved by Trump team. As such, a return of Iran to secular system will be the greatest source of stability in the region. Also that Trump knows very well that Saudi’s will never be secular since they have no experience of such a system, not at least in the current 5000 Prince and concubine structure so Saudi Arabia must also change but as we discussed numerous occasions to be split up into regions and Mecca to become a city state similar to Vatican.

    Trump’s choice of nations and institutions in his visit in closer examination are the nations he favors a changeover/removal. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, NATO and G7. Trump needs to do something about the people on this list since they are all the belligerent entities that are causing damage to the US for different reasons each. Also none of the above can function without direct assistance of the US!

    I am of the opinion that the isolation of Iran will not work long term and it may be a short term tactic to rally the belligerent busybodies to calm down before the next trick is taken out of the hat so to speak. However, your writing on this subject is appreciated and it is something that nobody is talking about except for the usual suspects in the US and everywhere else who have been saying Russia, Russia, Russia and they have been blaming Iran for all terrorism!

    As a reminder, Al-Qaida, ISIS, 911, bombings and other acts in EU and elsewhere have been the handywork of ISlamist terrorists of 100 percent with Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari money and training. Not a single Terrorist has even been found to work as suicide bomber or mass killer/bomber. The 22 terrorists at 911, 15 of which were Saudi citizens. Saudi elements were flown out of the US immediately after 911, when there was a no fly zone was established by the US government!

    Trump’s inaugural speech was full of promises of removing Islamic terrorism for ever. Anything other than that is a betrayal of his promise and isolating Iran is only going to increase the belligerence of the Saudi Pan-ISlamism. The only way is to help Iranian people to topple the ISlamist leaders and bring about a secular regime. The Crown Prince Reza PAhlavi is very popular by Iranians and US can facilitate his return to establish a democratic elections as to the future of Iranian political system. Trump can help Iranian people and he did mention the abandoned element of Iranian People.

  2. When I saw Kissinger sitting in the oval office after Trumps meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak my heart sank. The old toad sneaked into the meeting, but was proud to be photographed with Trump when the MSM was finally allowed in. The sly, self satisfied grin on his hoary old head forecast a beckoning to some bad old days, I hoped had gone by. Wrong. Still in lieu of your recent post “Does Evil Know it is Evil,” and in a sense of personal detente I’m determined to give that old devil his due. That and a desire to attempt to only do 2 or 3 more tours before I can blast off out of here should allow me to condemn K’s politics and not his soul.

    Paying attention to the Trump trip has only added to a sense of foreboding I’m feeling at the moment. I shouldn’t be surprised, still I had hoped that Trump being sold as a nationalist to implement the plans of the international bankers would provide a path less violent than the Hillary establishment elite threatened. The stark hypocrisy of demonizing the Iranians as ‘the biggest supporter of global terrorism and main source of instability in the region,’ makes me wonder how they can sell that lie to the world at large.

    I got how it is sold here at home, if it doesn’t affect my 401k or pension fund, they are all radical Islamist terrorist, raghead, dress wearing, hula mullahs to us. If we can get one half or more of them to bankroll it, that would be the Arab NATO, and the Turks for cannon fodder, hell yeah let’s go. If that’s what it takes to make America great again so be it. USA, USA!! But to sell it to the rest of the world takes a great and powerful salesman, oh, now I see. Lies and lawlessness for the elite and a police state for the rest of us, have a peak at the future.

    I think it was about a year ago another person from days gone by, Brzezenski wrote that the US must find a way to drive a wedge between China and Russia. Was it a wedge of the best chocolate cake that did the trick? Is Xi CIA? His daughter went to Harvard under an assumed name. The CIA never admits to the lose of 20 agents in any place including China. Yet that just happened since Xi enjoyed the best wedge of chocolate cake in the world. Hmmmm.

    Is China going to stand down? We owe them a lot of money. If the dollar collapses can we fill tankers up with worthless paper and call it even? No,their economy is shaky as well, they will stand down and their job will be to work with South Korea to bring North Korea to heel. Nobody really wants to take on the ROK, They where tough 60 plus years ago and they are dug in deep enough that they scare the shit out of SK. By the time our MOAB’s blasted them out of their holes Seoul would be half-assed soulless. Still there will be no nukes for Lil KIm, his game is leveraging his threat to get the best deal out of China and SK for a reunification of his people with their natural brothers and sisters. I see him taking a deal, becoming a real hero and beloved leader. I expect to see Kim at the NBA championship game with Dennis Rodman next year. Welcome to the 21st century Kim, your people will think it’s paradise long after most will come to real terms with our slavery.

    What a trip. Sign up the Saudi’s and create a Arab NATO, put a verbal beat down on Iran, bang. Off to Israel, High fives all around and a promise to negotiate for another hundred years pleased all. Beat Iran down, and bang off to see the wizard for a blessing, got to have it. Next stop Brussels, check out the new NATO the billion euro headquarters. Home in time for a weekend at the Trump headquarters, Mar-a-Lago, check out that sink hole.. Thinking ‘damn them Arabs have some bad ass digs, maybe when this is over I can, oh never mind.’

    Got his war ducks all in a row, looking strong at least on paper. Now he may begin to deal. The great and powerful Trump speaking words of mystery as far as them being true go, mox nix, he got the big stick. Trump appears to have created a overwhelming position of military power, the money from the Arabs, the troops from the Turks, the blessing from the pope that I suspect includes the some service of the Jesuits, that will help with his deep state affairs. Maybe a secret meeting with the Knights Templar’s, why not he was in the neighborhood.

    Will what happened in Manchester make any difference? Or was it done to make the difference?

  3. Not trying to dish out any grief here, but slightly confused by a couple of points and wondered if the wording is as intended?

    ‘An isolated Russia means a non-USD denominated Eurasia which can be controlled through trade routes and shipping lanes’

    Aren’t Russia for a non-USD denominated Eurasia?

    ‘More than anything this is a trip to turn the larger Middle East against both Iran and Syria so that the Anglo-American establishment can postpone and potentially fragment the developing Eurasian Union’

    If Trump is for the international interests behind the new silk road/SDR etc. and against the Anglo-American establishment, why would he facilitate such fragmentation?

    1. Wayne, good questions.

      First question, the US interests would like to control the trade routes and shipping lanes as opposed to having the Eurasian Union itself control them.

      Second question, like Trump hijacked the Republican Party, he also hijacked the Anglo-American establishment, and old business interest who were aligned with the old establishment characters are now being left out in the cold while Trump’s business partners and associates will be benefiting from the lucrative contracts and trade deals. It’s all about business.

      Does this make more sense?

    1. It sure is. But at the end of the day it is just business, which is why I try and stay focused on the internal deficiencies of man. If we don’t correct the internal things there will always be those who take advantage of others.

  4. This is really fascinating!

    ‘More than anything this is a trip to turn the larger Middle East against both Iran and Syria so that the Anglo-American establishment can postpone and potentially fragment the developing Eurasian Union’

    So by “postpone”, are you suggesting that Trump is temporarily arresting the development of the Eurasian Union? If the answer is yes, then Russia and China must be in on this with Trump. Can this be a possibility?

    1. The particular point was that China and Russia would not be in on it. We need to consider that the overall direction is planned, and Trump is a good salesman to pitch a new monetary and geopolitical framework to the people, but in order to get the larger American establishment (deep state) folks behind it it may have to make some concessions. The international banking interests would be okay with variations and flexibility as long as the overall objective is implemented. These interests could even somewhat betray both Russia and China as they have done in the past. Both are probably keenly aware of that. At the end of the day it is about securing access to resources and raw material, trade routes, shipping lanes, and having large demographics to sell too. An America locked out of a secure and peaceful Eurasian Union is an America locked out of 80% of the worlds energy resources and population. I’d say that’s worth a war to two from a business perspective.

      1. Hmm, yes, if I were in Trump’s shoes I would have ensured that too, that is putting my foot in the Eurasian landmass for the next hundred years at least too!

        This confirms the importance of the Eurasian landmass by Halford John Mackinder:

        “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;
        who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;
        who rules the World-Island commands the world.”

        Some things just don’t change and one is the importance of a landmass.

        Thanks for elaborating JC, all very fascinating indeed.

  5. “Inside Saudi Arabia’s rehab centre for jihadists”

    This is the paradise where Islamist terrorists and murderers end up in Saudi Arabia, if they tried and didn’t get a pass to their promised paradise! …in the meantime, if you are a woman and god forbid, you have happened to have been raped by an inmate of this facility, you will be beheaded, publicly…

    Now, let’s look at the meaning of the mental disorder, Schizophrenia (splitting of the soul!), where the ethos of an ideology and the rules of a nation is based upon:

    “a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
    (in general use) a mentality or approach characterized by inconsistent or contradictory elements.”

  6. This 20 minutes long documentary is regarding the Shah of Iran’s visit to the United States when the late President Kennedy was in charge. It seems the assassination of President Kennedy by the cabal who took charge immediately after disliked the Nationalism of both President Kennedy and the Shah of Iran.

    The same cabal ever since has ensured such characters as George Soros and his NGO’s together with Bush/Clinton/Zionist/Saudi.ISIS cabal to loot this planet and psychologically transform humanity into a fearful as well as self-hating creatures.

    Watching this film will be illuminating for us all to realize the ideals of the era before Kennady was about Nationalism, pride, development and peace! The extensive military show of power by the US military displayed for the Shah of Iran was to assure the Shah of Iran that the US will not leave his nation alone. Also, it was to convey a message to the Soviets that any aggression towards Iran will have consequences.

    We can also see the importance of Iran as a powerful and ancient nation and that was being ruled by a wise philosopher King. BBC along with other Leftist news organizations and the Marxist academia use every opportunity to portray the Shah as a tyrant and the Islamist Khomeini as an “Islamic Philosopher”!
    The left’s preoccupation with role reversal and word game regarding the Shah of Iran is on overdrive! The same outfits, never mention how their beloved Islamists were and are responsible for the killings of hundreds of thousands of Iranians as it simply does not fit their narrative of glorifying the Islamist murderers.

  7. “SYDNEY, Australia — Hours after five Arab countries broke diplomatic relations with Qatar, a crucial United States ally, Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson offered on Monday to broker the impasse in hopes of preserving the Trump administration’s efforts to create broad coalitions against Iran and terrorist groups in the Middle East.

    “We certainly would encourage the parties to sit down together and address these differences,” Mr. Tillerson said.

    “If there’s any role that we can play in terms of helping them address those, we think it is important that the G.C.C. remain unified,” he said, adding a reference to the Gulf Cooperation Council, a group of Persian Gulf countries.”

    1. Thank you dane,

      What is significant is the correct mentioning of the “Persian Gulf and not The Gulf, or even worse “Arabian Gulf”! I guess this is a good start by the NYT. Isolating Qatar may be the start of a much bigger transformation in the region and this is the first fruit of President Trumps’ visit to the region. It is very likely that more such events should follow!

      I personally feel behind the scene, there are movements, shifts and alliances developing which does not make any appearances to the public. On of these, is the call by Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi for a peaceful regime change through a general elections in Iran so the people can decide what they want to see as their system of governance. The following is an interview by Radio Farda which is the Persian language radio of Prague-based, Radio Free Europe of the United States government. This radio broadcasts in Persian with a combination of music and commentary and news but I can see it becoming more in line with a peaceful transition of Iran from a religious system to a secular one.

      The interview with the Crown Prince is in Persian:

  8. This comment in the following Twitt may be only a glimpse of major changes under way!

    Pakistan is on the side of Qatar. and against KSA! Qatar Airways have switched using Iranian airspace for their airlines. Iran stating that “this is not the way to resolve the terrorism problem”. All in all, there may be even be military action by KSA on the card against a weak Qatar, which may draw in Iran and even Russia!

    Things are changing fast and things can only get more dramatic.

  9. “Iran blames tensions on Donald Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia”

    “Saudi Arabia’s state news agency announced the cutting of ties Monday, saying it was seeking to “protect national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism.””

    Which plays into this whole travel ban mess. “President Trump on Monday derided the revised travel ban as a “watered down” version of the first and criticized his own Justice Department’s handling of the case — potentially hurting the administration’s defense of the ban as the legal battle over it reaches a critical new stage.”

    What I don’t understand is why Pres. Trump doesn’t just use the architecture that Bush put into play…what’s it called? Oh yeah Dept. of Homeland Security.

    If the true concern is the safety of the American people couldn’t the US just follow this previous pattern for a “travel ban” but instead of Britain law enforcement it’s a warning from ” Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have broken off relations with Qatar, in the worst diplomatic crisis to hit Gulf Arab states in decades.”

    The HSAS threat level was moved to “severe (red)” upon Britain’s claim of pending terrorism. It applied only to flights coming from the UK to the US. So what is different today than then? Outside of it being different countries now.

    “Homeland Security Advisory System

    Severe (Red)
    The threat level has been raised to Severe only once, which applied only to flights coming from the United Kingdom:

    August 10–September 14, 2006, in response to British law enforcement announcing it had disrupted a major terror plot to blow up aircraft, DHS raised the threat level for commercial flights from the United Kingdom to the United States to Severe.[25] The alert was extended into mid-September 2006 to coincide with the 5th Anniversary of the September 11 Attacks. Other noticeable recent attacks are the targeting of US Military and Frankfurt Airport.”

    Once people begin to stress about the long lines at the airports as a result of the enhanced security checks wouldn’t they end up begging the courts to let Trump do what he wants to do? Or will it take another catastrophe on US soil to bring rise to the passion in people’s hearts to do what is right?

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