The Mole Inside the Bank for International Settlements

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Winning Back Control of America was Only the First Step in Trumps Grand Plan

By JC Collins

Taking control and transforming the systems of the world is no small undertaking. A clear strategy would need to be implemented which could leverage the existing frameworks while encouraging the enemy (the existing power establishment) to develop and implement the additional frameworks and mechanisms which you would later hijack and turn to your own advantage.

The status of the United States on the international stage is indisputable and undeniable. Both its economic and military prowess assures that whomever controls the gears and levers of power within the American establishment has the ability to direct and steer the course of world events.

Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 an international leftist ideology has been slowly consolidating power within America. The democratic-socialist mandates of this power structure injected itself into all of the global institutions which have developed as an extension of American hegemony and power. These institutions include the United Nations, Nato, G20, G7, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Bank for International Settlements.

These institutions are only the major ones as there are hundreds of other smaller organizations, charities, NGO’s, and trade deals which can also be considered an extension of this power. This would also include the Open Society Foundation of George Soros and other so-called charities which are ran by elitist billionaires from the socialist left.

With the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States this power structure is threatened and is responding with the full force of the frameworks and mechanisms at its disposal. But is it too late?

Embedded within the frameworks and mechanisms of the international institutions are the very tools and weapons which will now be turned against this fading establishment. Those who have been following my rambling and disjointed thoughts over the last three years will recognize some similar terminology being used here. This is not by accident.

From the very beginning I presented the concept called “self-limiting of rent seeking”. For many this term was strange and didn’t make a lot of sense. The idea that a ruling elite or establishment would willingly self-limit and punish its own corrupt behaviour was a stretch which appeared fanciful to many and delusion to some others. The idea that a self-correcting power structure would emerge from within the corrupt system was even a further stretch.

Most considered the American establishment and its power base to be so extensive and powerful that nothing could be done about it. Every time I expressed a positive attitude about the future of the international monetary system and the geopolitical world it was dismissed.

Whether I was writing about the SDR and its future role in a new multilateral framework, or the rebalancing of the monetary system itself, the complexity of the forthcoming transformation was lost in the negative articles and interviews coming out from both the mainstream media and alternative media.

In the post The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War I attempted to explain how the supra-sovereign currency bancor was intended to be used in the new international monetary system. It was only through intrigue and espionage that the USD was installed as the international reserve asset under Bretton Woods, as detailed in the article.

Under the global rule of the US dollar this leftist establishment used both America and the liberal ideology as the tools and method to consolidate control of the systems of the world. The resistance to Trumps Presidency is important because losing control of America means losing control of the international institutions and frameworks which they have developed over the last century.

Almost every nation on Earth now has a central bank which follows the mandates and regulations of the Bank for International Settlements. Most readers will have an understanding of the BIS and its important role as the central bank of the world. The regulations and policies which have been put forth by this massive and powerful institution include the Basel banking regulations and the constant guidance to central banks on policies, both minor and major.

The need for a supra-sovereign reserve asset for use in the international monetary system is not debated. No nation wants its domestic currency to be used as the USD has been used over the last 70 to 80 years. America went from having the worlds largest trade surplus in 1944 to now having the worlds largest trade deficit. This was predominantly caused by the growing imbalance inherent in using the domestic currency of one nation as the international reserve asset.

This means the SDR is being prepared to serve this function in place of the USD. The Bank for International Settlements is meant to serve as the clearing house for SDR transactions between nations. This means that the growing power establishment which Trump represents will already have planned a strategy to take control and have influence over this all important institution and world central bank.

The growing “new modern nationalism” which is spreading around the world is the representation of this new power structure. Its mandates and philosophy have been built around the right ideological concept with a focus on small government and empowering the people. This will take the form of self-limiting of rent seeking and shrinking government wherever possible.

The concept of using a supra-sovereign reserve asset such as the SDR in an international function between nations does not have to be a bad thing. Many readers have questioned my approach and subtle support of the SDR framework. The reason why I have been encouraged by the developing SDR system is because it will afford the world the opportunity for peace and prosperity for all for the first time in the history of the world. But this will only be possible under an open and republic type governance framework and union between the nations of the world.

If such a system was implemented under the leftist rule, the socialist governance structure which would encompass the globe would be suffocating and lead to mass deaths and disparity as wealth distribution took on new levels. The fact that Trump has been leading on all out assault on this leftist establishment should be encouraging to readers.

Taking back control of America is pointless if the establishments arms and limbs are not removed around the world. Considering the importance of the BIS, it seems unrealistic to think that Trump, and the power structure he represents, have not developed a strategy to take control of the worlds central bank which will be used as the core clearing bank in the SDR system.

This summer the former Mexican central bank governor Agustin Carstens will become the new head of the Bank for International Settlements. This is important because Mexico, contrary to what you may have been conditioned to think, will play a vital role in securing and tightening the power which the Trump establishment has won.

Nothing is being left to chance and the communication which has been taking place between the Trump administration and Mexico is increasing. The facade of disunity is proving a convenient distraction from the machinations going on behind the scenes. A wall will be built but the reasons are somewhat different from immigration alone. Mexico will want to keep its people in Mexico for reasons having to do with monetary demographics and GDP growth as its birthing petroleum industry takes form. There are other reason as well but we will leave that for another article.

Carstens just a few months ago let slip on a Mexican radio program that he felt Trump was taking on a more reconciliatory tone. This could be nothing of course but could also be an early indicator of the relationship which will come to the forefront between the BIS and the Trump Presidency later this year.

Trump is already expressing the need to undo financial and banking regulations which have been implemented within America and around the world as an extension of BIS policy. This would include the Basel 3 regulations on capital requirements for banks. We have been told that these regulations are good for us, and have even been provided a very convenient financial crisis to justify the expansion of regulations. But as Trump is showing in America, such regulations are in opposition to the ideals of capitalism and republican freedoms, and serve as a tool to expand and spread leftist ideals while increasing control over the people.

We may not openly hear about it on the mainstream media, but I would suspect that we will see some major changes with the BIS and even the International Monetary Fund, which will control the composition and functions of the SDR. Just yesterday Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin discussed with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde the need for a different exchange rate arrangement and the importance of corrected the imbalances in the international monetary system. Readers will recognize these points as major themes here on POM.

The stage is set and the larger strategy will continue to play out. There was some big gaps in my own visualization of this whole process, but when I first heard the Trump campaign platform back in the summer of 2015 a huge piece was provided. I was one of a handful of people who stated that Trump would win. I even went so far as to say that he would win because his platform was the same as the mandates of the transformation of the international monetary system.

This has not changed, and the control the Trump establishment has gained in American will soon spread to the institutions which make up the system of the world. This includes the IMF and the BIS, and forthcoming moves on the UN and Nato. Everything is shifting and we will soon have further confirmation of many of the items we have been discussing. – JC