The Massacre of Protestant Rwanda

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Adding further evidence to our ongoing thesis about the Crown Beast and its control of all the major institutions in the world, including the Catholic Church, Islam, the Anglo-American Establishment, the International Monetary System, academic institutions of learning and science, and military alliances, we take a fresh look at the Rwandan genocide of 1994.  Over a period of 100 days an estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 Tutsi were slaughtered in the streets by the Hutu majority.

One of the facts which is never discussed about this massacre is that the Tutsi represented a fast growing Protestant movement in Rwanda, and Africa as whole, which was beginning to threaten the domination of the Crown over that region.  The Catholic Church head of the Crown was used to support the genocide and reverse the cultural gains made by the Protestant Tutsi.

Does this shock you?  It shouldn’t.

As we have been learning, the vast majority of problems in our world originate within the battle between the forces of the Crown and those forces who are attempting to wage war against the Beast and all its crowns.  The Protestant Reformation was a strategy used against the Crown and the Catholic Church to keep Eastern Europe from falling under the full control of the Crown.  Protestantism moved across Europe, into North America, and fragmented the Crowns control over Western Europe.  This led to centuries of wars and corrupt empires as the Crown battled and infiltrated its way back into total control of the West.

In an article from the Guardian in 2014 a case against the Catholic Church was presented.  It talked about one specific priest who was convicted of genocide for his role in the massacre of the Tutsi.  But the article when on to state:

“It’s not an isolated case. After the genocide, a network of clergy and church organisations brought priests and nuns with blood on their hands in Rwanda to Europe and sheltered them. They included Father Athanase Seromba who ordered the bulldozing of his church with 2,000 Tutsis inside and had the survivors shot. Catholic monks helped him get to Italy, change his name and become a parish priest in Florence.”

“After Seromba was exposed, the international tribunal’s chief prosecutor, Carla Del Ponte, accused the Vatican of obstructing his extradition to face trial. The Holy See told her the priest was “doing good works” in Italy. Another Rwanda priest taken on in Italy is facing charges of overseeing the massacre of disabled Tutsi children.”

“The Vatican’s reluctance to confront the murderers in its midst is rooted in its refusal to face up to the church’s complicity in mass murder. But as Rwanda marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide, the time has come for Pope Francis to follow his own lead on paedophile priests and apologise for the part played by the clergy in turning churches into extermination centres. The Vatican should accompany a plea for forgiveness with a calling to account of priests complicit in the killing.”

There’s even more when one does a simple search.  The case against the Church and its involvement and support of the Rwandan massacre is so extensive that they had to force an apology in early 2017.  Most mainstream articles go out of their way to explain how there were no clear lines dividing the Tutsi and Hutu along Catholic or Protestant divisions.  This is false and propaganda meant to keep the truth hidden from us.

In the lead up to the Rwandan Genocide, the Rwanda Patriotic Front had chased the Hutu dominated army and militias across the border into Zaire.  Two million Hutu, many Catholics, followed them.  The potential loss of Rwanda to the Protestant forces of the Patriotic Front would have been a horrible setback for the interests of the Crown in Africa.  It is my belief that China is also a part of the Crown Beast system, and losing strategic areas of Africa to the Protestants would have threatened the future strategy of establishing a strong Chinese military presence on the continent.

As I’ve stated before, the more I research and use the pattern which follows the symbolism of the single-headed eagle and double-headed throughout world history, the sense everything is beginning to make.  None of this is just coincidence.  – JC

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23 Comments on “The Massacre of Protestant Rwanda”

  1. Where does the role of Zionism / Judaism fit into this battle of the crown? It is out in the open that Israeli and US neocon Jews actively campaign for the Syrian war and displacement as well as all the other ME wars that we are fighting. Majority of Jews advocate for the importation of “refugees” into said protestant countries as well as open borders. There are many Jewish NGOs like HIAS, CIS, Jewish Family Service etc that are actively moving people from the ME and Africa into these protestant countries by the hundreds of thousands, but yet would never advocate this importation into Israel.

    1. All operate under the structure of the Crown. Remember, the Crown isn’t the British Crown. It is the reconstituted Phoenician Empire. Do not get hung up on one head and crown of this force. Its a major distraction from the core of the Beast itself. It hides behind these fronts. The Catholic Church, Zionism, Anglo-American Establishment, Sunni Islam, international banking interests, etc.., all serve as its cannon fodder. Alternative media have a done a fantastic job of weaving a conspiracy narrative which hides the truth even deeper. It’s time for everyone to start seeing the bigger picture and get out of the bushes.

  2. I used to follow Lyndon LaRouche, still do from time to time. Lyndon was always at odds with the British Empire. Still others I would read from time to time would accuse or lay blame on any number of groups of sinister reputation, Jesuits, Illuminati, Da Jews, Masons you know the drill. Causing all kinds of the confusion you mentioned.

    Thanks JC for clearing up the fact that the “Crown” has three main city,states but many heads to share the heaviness of the “Crown” until they can carry it no more. Then it is off with the crown and sometimes the head as well.

    So I’m beginning to get an idea of the who and what the adversarial force looks like. I’m hoping to soon gain some insight into whether or not there are men of the double headed eagle embedded within the structures, (agent like) of these all but overwhelming city, states.

    If I’m just seeing Russia, Iran/Persia, well I hesitate to say but am I seeing enough. I better grow myself another head.

  3. Re: Rwandan Genocide

    Long history of atrocities by both sides:

    “Burundi, 1972

    The seeds of resentment for the minority Tutsis were sown when the first elections after winning independence in May 1965 saw strong Hutu wins, but the king appointed a Tutsi friend prime minister, sparking a failed coup attempt by Hutus. Even though this was quickly quelled in the capital, it set off additional violence between the two ethnicities in the countryside. In addition, Tutsis, which made up about 15 percent of the population to the 80 percent Hutus, occupied other key government and military positions.

    On April 27, some Hutu policemen rebelled, killing all Tutsis and Hutus (estimates range from 800 to 1,200 dead) who refused to join the rebellion in the lakeside towns of Rumonge and Nyanza-Lac. The leaders of the rebellion have been described as radicalized Hutu intellectuals who operated out of Tanzania.

    The Tutsi president, Michel Micombero, responded by declaring martial law and putting the wheels of a Hutu genocide in motion. The first phase virtually wiped out the educated Hutu (by June, nearly 45 percent of teachers were reported missing; students at technical schools were targeted, as well), and by the time the carnage was done in May about 5 percent of the population had been killed: estimates range from 100,000 to up to 300,000 Hutu.”

    Also, powerful article by Chris McGreal cited in the piece.

  4. The crown beast or system. If they killed Jesus because he was a threat to their system and he taught us how to be self-actuated, sovereign or how to be king of ourselves then the crown beast must survive from our weaknesses. Therefore, if we take the journey inward and discover ourselves and our weaknesses and labor to strengthen those weaknesses it would seem the crown beast would wither away over time wouldn’t it?

    1. What if the crown beast will always be with us and it’s not a matter of eradicating the beast but simply managing it? Like debt we never truly pay it all down because we live in a world which survives off debt so the best we can do is manage the debt through our lifetime. Which is also similar or parallel to managing our internal deficiencies. They are a part of us so we own them and manage them through life which allows us to understand our adversarial force which allows us to spiritually evolve. Man, I feel like I’m getting close because they all seem to share a similar pattern.

  5. It seems to me that it is the goal of the Crown Beast to destroy Western Civilization. Is Western Civilization predominantly a result of Protestant thinking?

  6. If China is part of the Beast system, why is Russia joining forces with China to set up the OBOR which effectively ties the two countries together economically and will dominate Eurasia?

    1. The answer is in your question. I’ve hinted before that Russia better be careful what agreements and trade deals it enters into with China. What a great strategy. Surround Russia geopolitically and militarilally, while using China to serve as a regional friend to undermine it economically.

      Can you see the beauty of such a strategy?

      Do the Russians know this? I would think so. It is my belief that China has been under the control of the Crown since the Opium Wars. Could Russia flip it with its own strategy? Of course, when we say Russia, it’s not just Russia. The forces of right-minded intent are spread around the world.

      If I’m right, we should expect some form of revolution in China before Russia is completely surrounded by NATO and the THADD system. Imagine that.

  7. Dane that’s insightful and get me thinking… this crown beast is an externalization of our ego and human deficiencies. It wants us to worship it’s creations like idols, money, status, anything external to ourselves. It’s like it’s mission is to enslave us in the invisible prison of scarcity and fear in our minds. What we focus on expands, so scarcity and war expands as we all scramble to hoard more for ourselves, not realizing we are and have enough. We feel the need to take from one civilization to feed the Beast system, our ego.

  8. Some of this seems amiss but there is some interesting lines of thought also. Be careful but have fun:)

    ” the forces behind the British Empire of the past.”

    “This cabal of powerful manipulators is known collectively as,
    the Illuminati
    the Shadow Government
    the Omega Agency
    the Government within the Government,
    …and so on. It does not matter what they are called.”

    and today the Crown Beast.

  9. “Phoenician Government”

    “The governments of such Phoenician cities as Tyre, Sidon, and Byblos were led by hereditary monarchs throughout their history. Those individual cities typically acted autonomously from each other and only rarely did they form mutual alliances. The absolute power of the Phoenician kings, even if they had at their disposal a council of elders for consultation, is attested by various ancient sources, including the Hebrew prophets of the Old Testament. Below the king, matters of government were also carried out by a priestly class and those elite households who controlled the international trade upon which Phoenicia so prospered.”

  10. Sometimes when you run out of proxies to do your bidding and your philosophy is to cause war, and only do your own fighting when you have to. You get your butt kicked and have to take a wound to your head, ego. So fold up shop, change your name a little bit, from Phoenician to Venetian, pull the blinds and regroup.

    Hell the P/V’s of all people know how to make a buck and they have family and business contacts all over the whole damned place. Lay low, make some money keep connected, the home of your old tin business awaits your return. Besides dealing with that crazy Alexander, gave them a migraine. The wound makes it painful to wear a crown.

    Venice, but it’s a damned swamp, quit complaining we got sovereign status and ports to the sea. We taught ’em to trade, keep the books and we gave ’em an alphabet. But they don’t know Jack about banking, interest, or manipulation of the mind. Listen to me, I got a plan Stan and I’m thinking by 1500AD, Venice will be one of the three largest cities in Europe and the richest of them all, out of a swamp.Then in 1509 came The league of Cambrai, eveybody hates the Venetians,(kind of like everybody is hating on US)and they kick the shit out of them in no time. It was said that they lost in one day what it had taken them 800 years to build. That could be a wound to the head.

    Time to start sending family and funds the hell out of there. Two hundred years later they have wormed their way into England, and a bit down the road or I should say shipping lanes comes The East India Trading Company. You know the rest. The sun still hasn’t set on that beast. But the Venetians that stayed behind had to deal with Napoleon in 1797 the Venetian Republic was gone, but their geopolitic style, and their banking system has found a warm place under a dragons wing in The City of London. And now they are here, new names, same game. How they survived I don’t know, but they have been wounded pretty bad in the past.

    Webster Tarpley, The Venetian Conspiracy

    Tarpley, Venetian

    Fake news? Could be, just speculation

  11. Hi JC, thank you for your thought provoking insights. For those interested in a subject but can’t be bothered to research themselves, or wouldn’t know how, we buy books and read blogs like yours, and your analysis is spot on as far as I can see. There is just one area that seems to be lacking though, just as in the Zeist Geist film, which was very good in two of the three things it showed, religion, money and politics, the religious aspect is a little wanting. The religious aspect of your work seems to focus on the orthodox mainstream moulding of the corruption and control that is used by those responsible for helping to contribute to the problems of the world. We know religion has been corrupted for power and control, but we need to see what the pure religion was in the first place before perversion. All the things you refer to in your deeper insights point to this development of caring and compassion.
    May I recommend a site for full understanding of true religion and the currant direction the world is going. Open minded research is necessary even if you wish to dismiss the material. The site is Best Wishes. Bill…

  12. If indeed it is true that the Crown Beast System has assumed control of “all the major institutions in the world, including the Catholic Church, Islam, the Anglo-American Establishment , the International Monetary System, academic institutions of learning and science, and military alliances, what makes you think the CBS does not exercise control over the protestant part of this equation?

    I think it is a fair question in light of some facts that show that Martin Luther was under the control and protected by Venetian oligarchs at the same time that Germany was amassing and army of one hundred thousand troops to begin a march on Venice. I believe one could reasonably argue that the Venetians had been working on causing the Catholic/Protestent schism for years before, and were able to unleash their well laid plans in time to cause enough turmoil in Germany to prevent the troops from crossing the Alps in their quest to destroy Venice. Some history shows this rear guard action was successful and Venice through their network of geopolitical intelligence networks were able escape once again. When constructing a CBS your bound to incur the rage of the good folks around you, so when your ass is on the line, you better be prepared and have plans in the works years before you put them into action This line and kind of thinking aids in understanding their success.

    After all if they can create religions, they can split religions. We often heard it said the the Catholic church created Islam and split Islam into Sunni/Shia, stirring the pot, keep stirring the pot. The reformation was hard fought and many wars waged, some lasting thirty years. Are you getting my drift?

    I enjoin all of the POM to give five minutes of your time to view the link I’m providing. I suggest that in many ways it concurs with JC’s POM thesis. Thank you.


    1. Pieter, this is interesting and will be covered more in a future article. I’ve mentioned before that the seeds of the Protestant Reformation were planted with the Knights Templar. Its an historical fact that the Templars had an alliance with the Venetians. Much to the discomfort of the Catholic Church. As you’ve hinted, the Reformation likely prevented a German invasion and also strongly suggests that the Venetians supported the Reformation and the forces of the double-headed eagle. Google Venetian double headed eagle and guess what you find? Double-headed eagle Venetian sculptures, emblems, wall mounts on buildings, etc.. The pattern we have been exploring is undeniable.

      Protestantism today has been infiltrated and corrupted.

      1. This is because Venice was a Byzantine outpost to begin with. Its rulers were appointed by the byzantine emperor.
        However, around the 9th century Venice was turned to a thalassocratic power
        Eventually, it was Venice that sacked Constantinople in 1204.
        So Venusian symbolism has to be interpreted in a time appropriate manner

  13. “If you are fed a diet of deceit, then you will be pathological in everything that you do. It will deprive you of any sense of meaning, and then it will make you bitter, and then it will make you resentful, and then it will make you murderous, and then it will make you genocidal”

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