The Mass Fragment

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Mass Fragment

“There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic.” – Anis Nin

So we wait again for the next clever misdirection brought about by some manufactured event, financed by competing cabals who war over the future of global financial hegemony, and the world’s mineral and human resources.

These inexplicable and unbending forces that govern our lives will again casually observe, from the comfort of their isolated gated enclaves, while another production of their many staged plays unfolds.  And like before, they will still feel safe in the knowledge that very few in their realm of influence will grasp how they are being “directed”.

A tried and true dialectic that has served them so well, so many times before, heralded by well paid minions with trumped up amplification, and received with comfortably numb and thunderous applause by the common colony of earth’s useless eaters.  They who remain fixated on - never to deviate from - their assigned labors as servants to evil.

U.S HISTORY – the Last Kingdom on the Earth

22 Comments on “The Mass Fragment”

  1. How long do these people live? Isn't it time for some of their kids to give it a shot for a while?

    At least there is the possibility that these kids played marbles with the likes of JC, crew and Carney who learned that its never fun to play alone.

    1. They have been playing...
      "On Monday, Lisa Monaco, a senior counterterrorism advisor in the White House, announced that the CIA would no longer be using such vaccination programs in its conduct of espionage operations. Monaco’s announcement was outlined in a letter[2] to thirteen schools of public health on May 16, claiming, in addition to halting “operational use” of such programs that the CIA would not seek to “obtain or exploit DNA or other genetic material acquired through such programs.”

      The letter itself is disingenuous more than touching, starting with the mandatory assertion of noble policy. “The United States strongly supports the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and efforts to end the spread of the polio virus forever.” The point is stated as a direct response to concerns outlined by a group letter[3] by the deans from January 2013 expressing concerns to the President on the safety of vaccination workers. “While political and security agendas may by necessity induce collateral damage, we as an open society set boundaries on these damages, and we believe this sham vaccination campaign exceeded those boundaries.” In August 2013, CIA Director John Brennan did commit to a policy of avoiding using vaccination programs in CIA espionage operations, though those in Pakistan were none the wiser.

      The entire effect of such operations moves far beyond any implication of good old deceit. Humanitarian considerations mixed with heavy realpolitik provides a heady concoction, and it proves revolting for many, and lethal for others. Indeed, given the controversies, and the scepticism that can accompany usual vaccination programs, adopting them as covers for covert operations do wonders to blacken the name. Islamic militants, for one, have cited the possibility that such vaccination programs are intended to sterilise Muslim children. This, in addition to the now standard assumptions that such groups are, in fact, CIA fronts."
      Words are meaningless.

  2. Dear Hugh:
    You strange little fella (LOL hard) just finished judging a bunch of other fellas, that are just following their journeys to oblivion...
    Mean while, as we uncover the true nature of the beast in charge of dealing a blow to our freedoms besides making the lives of other kingdoms and future generations as difficult as possible, as well as lots of destruction to our home - Gaia - as we entertain ourselves to death among the many distractions that keep us occupied.

    However I am very optimistic, there are so many people creating community and working on bring about changes to the situations we all find ourselves in.
    Your point is a good reminder of the situation and a good reason to continue working on self and engaging the neighbours.. We cannot give up.Gratitud

    1. Most days I share in your optimism about a revival in a community of like-minded beings actually reflecting on their station in the grand landscape; achieving a degree of self-actualization where their part in this cosmic tragedy is less obscure.

      I want to believe also that we are near, as a family, at a place where an understanding of these inhuman acts by inhuman beasts is only possible with our compliance or consent.

      As I said to JC privately, I can only hope that one of the complicit criminals responsible for these historic atrocities would read this post and feel just a modicum of shame.

      Thanks for your response...

    2. Thanks Hugh...

      Godschild is a splendid example of conforming with the fold and casting aside those who question someones moral authority. I studied the Word at St. Leo College in my younger days and became disheartened with something written by man. A book entitled The Jerome Biblical Commentary was suggested by noted theologians as a reference for my studies. It was an invaluable research tool. I am hopeful Godschild can keep future judgements of others to self as we all seek truth.

  3. That was a very moving and touching video. Moving me to tears. Apparently this is part of the whole process. The duality of this life can get very discouraging at times. I am realizing that all these things that are playing out in the world are occurring within. As above so below. I know I can't change the course of this world. But I can become conscious of what nature is doing within no matter how extremely difficult it is so that maybe one day if by the grace of the Supreme Being I might have the internal philosophic stone so I can at least help a few people out there in the world. For now the only thing I can do is figure out consciously how to separate parts of my self via putrefaction, purify and clarify those parts and recombine them into a product that mimics what nature does over thousands and millions of years - after all the Supreme a being/nature is in control of all things regardless of how I as a human label it with my very limited mind.

  4. Why is it that after so much labor to humiliate the Chinese that now "they" are allowing so much Gold to flow East?

    This deliberate humiliation of China by the Western powers contributed greatly to the loosening and ultimate snapping of the internal coherence of the Qing Dynasty, leading to the Taiping Rebellion (1850-1864), the Boxer Uprising (1899-1901) and, ultimately, to the downfall of the Qing Dynasty in 1912.

    The present trade dispute between the US . and China is reminiscent of the background to the two Opium Wars. Once more, the issue is the humiliation and plunder of China as a "thank you" for China's favor of having provided consumer goods for which the West was unable to pay in terms of Western goods suitable for Chinese consumption. The only difference is the absence of opium in the dispute.
    The role of opium in the current dispute is played by paper. Paper dollars, to be precise.

    In 1971, an atrocity was made that I call the Nixon-Friedman conspiracy. To cover up the shame and disgrace of the default of the US on its international gold obligations, Milton Friedman (following an earlier failed attempt of John Maynard Keynes) concocted a spurious and idiotic theory of floating exchange rates. It suggests that falling foreign exchange value of the domestic currency makes it stronger when in actual fact the opposite is true: it is made weaker as the terms of trade of the devaluing country deteriorates and that of its trading partners improves.

    President Richard Nixon was quick to embrace the false theory of Friedman. No public debate of the plan was permitted then, or ever after. Under the new dispensation, the irredeemable dollar was to play the role of the ultimate extinguisher of debt, a preposterous idea. The scheme was imposed on the world under duress as part of the "new millennium", shaking off the "tyranny of gold", that "barbarous relic", the last remnant of superstition, the only remaining "anachronism of the Modern Age". Author Antal E Fekete

    As much as it makes sense that China and Russia are players for the NWO I hear a voice saying that these two have a back up plan to F the very families that have been F'n the world for way to long. And the Gold vanishing from ALL the vaults has been dismissed but is a real tell of what happens to the kid with all the steel marbles.

  5. Hello All, please permit me to invite you all to a probably unpleasant exploration by introducing the unspoken question: Why is all this 'wrong'? Exactly WHAT makes it 'wrong', 'cruel, or 'abominable'?

    It may sound like a moot question, because everybody tends to agree, but it most certainly is not. First of all, not Everybody agrees. The 'elites' obviously don't agree. Second, wherever many tend to agree, true investigation stops and blind assumption takes over. Social engineering thrives on this principle.

    So do we dare to dive this deep into the most tender and unexplored parts of our being and start exploring this subject in clarity and with absolute integrity?

    If we ever hope to make meaningful contact with 'the elite' we better have held every obscure particle into our full and transparent awareness. Because it's most probable that some of 'them' have done so too, and came to the unthinkable conclusion that enslavement and killing is 'not wrong'.

    1. A speech Eugene V. Debs made to a federal court in Cleveland before he went to prison for opposing the draft in World War I.

      “Your honor, years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on earth,” Debs said. “I said it then, as I say it now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

    2. "’s most probable that some of ‘them’ have done so too, and came to the unthinkable conclusion that enslavement and killing is ‘not wrong’."

      Yes; and there in lies the great divide between what is generally accepted as normal behavior by those who try to view the world without a filter and those who's abhorrent actions towards humanity is patently skewed with a bias of non-empathy for all living beings.

      In a word, they're nuts. We have to do a better job of vetting these psychopaths earlier on and prevent them, whenever possible, from attaining.seats of power. Whether it be the local cop or the oval office, where they can do the most harm.

      "There are a few things we take for granted in social interactions with people. We presume that we see the world in roughly the same way, that we all know certain basic facts, that words mean the same things to you as they do to me. And we assume that we have pretty similar ideas of right and wrong.

      But for a small – but not that small – subset of the population, things are very different. These people lack remorse and empathy and feel emotion only shallowly. In extreme cases, they might not care whether you live or die. These people are called psychopaths. Some of them are violent criminals, murderers. But by no means all."

      1. Hugh, for the record, I'm in no way supporting or defending the actions of violent psychopaths and sociopaths. Exactly half of my entire family lays on one of those piles of corpses in your video above.

        What interests me is why these characters appear within my awareness at all. What's the point of their apparent presence? If everything that appears around us is indeed a projection of our subconscious, our trouble might be more personal than we can imagine.

  6. Dripfood,,

    In some way history has impacted all of us personally. The magnitude of loss is always personal. Awareness will always find a home to those who seek it. Mans folly has always and continues to be centered in ego. Our internal struggle will always be attempting to understand the absurd while we adapt. Our hope, I believe, is we obtain some semblance of equilibrium during our short journey on this earth, our current home.

    Best to All, especially JC for this blog to express...


  7. Are we all suffering the same disconnect from the original language of our dreams? Might the purity in a simple songbird communicate in a place we may regard as Eden? In the beginning there was logos...

    Linguistic Determinism: Art, Language and Mind.

    The First Myth

    "Language is as natural to the human being as flying is to a bird. Thus, the myth that letter-forms are arbitrary and hold no meaning creates a disconnect to who we are and undermines a human being's belief in themselves as natural beings. It is a lie by omission. I call this the First Myth. This is the foundational myth upon which all other myths rest because we are exiled from our nature. Truly, whoever is unaware of what they are can be persuaded to be what they are not, and if they are shaped into being something that they are not supposed to be, how can that person claim to have lived as a human being with a will of their own?

    The effect is to cultivate a commodity by creating a lost being without a will of their own with a mind that is extremely pliable and can be shaped to any fashion or function --programmable life forms (PLF). It seems appropriate, but "all too human" (Nietzsche) that the being that has divided and conquered the entire world, has also subdued itself in the process.

    The Man-God Myth

    To communicate with meaning and clarity, the doe expresses the phenomena of time and being. However, the doe's transmogrification to Man-God divides us from ourselves and each other by preventing us from having a proper understanding of our own mind and each other. The image of the Man-God means nothing other than some male with too much testosterone standing in an aggressive manner.

    This theft of language also gives the Man-God an edge as he is the only one that knows that the myth is a lie. This also gives him the leverage of gaining additional control because women that once revered their own power of fecundity are now busy praying to Man-God. Men have been playing the language game for a very long time. What better way to control the language being than to get half of the population to subdue the other half?

    Frederick Nietzsche wrote about this oppressive nature of the language of Man-Gods in his work titled, Genealogy of Morals. Nietzsche wrote, "The right of the master (Man-God) to give names extends so far that we could permit ourselves to grasp the origin of language itself as an expression of the power of the rulers: they say 'that is such and such,' seal every object and event with a sound and, in so doing, take possession of it."

  8. Dripfood,

    The question you posed is one that there is no "right/wrong" answer to. The Law of One states ( that there are 2 paths back to the One source (aka-creator, god, etc); service to others and service to self. Both will bring one in opposite directions. One directed out of Love and one out of Fear. It is my heartfelt belief that life on Earth was always intended for those choosing Love. Ego is the real obstacle (as stated above by another commenter). Ego is a great servant, but a terrible master.

    The real problem for most of humanity is that we cannot make sense of a program (Western civilization, really birthed in Egypt at least 10,000 years ago) that makes no sense. We are deprived of access to absolute data (truth). Many intuitively feel "the way things are" is not correct, yet fewer still take the first step to resolve that feeling, namely accept responsibility for all of ones' choices/actions. I do not believe for a second that The Predators That Be are as enlightened as many would give them credit for. Sure they hold more knowledge, sure some pull all the strings, yet those same only seek to serve self and the forces unleashed as a result will only consume them as well, but their ego will not allow them to see this.

    Humanity will not become obsolete. Perhaps the need for inhabiting a physical vehicle (body), but humanity will endure. I didn't always feel this way, but now I know it for sure. I contend that "service to self" will become obsolete. It already is happening. The only way to resolve your query is to learn to look inward, so that you may see there is so much more than physical existence.

    1. Thanx Jeremy, Hugh, Axx, JC and all who congregate here, for relentlessly pointing to the places where misdirection got believed and confusion might hide.

      Allow me to share one of the most personal and at the same time impersonal experiences I had several years ago.

      The last drum.

      It was the second satsang I attended. Or actually, it was in the middle of a half hour break in between the sessions. I was outside of the hall, standing on the stone steps leading to the grand entrance. My friend Thor was talking to me about his plans to organize a food-karavan and travelling with it through Africa. Although it was a pleasant story, my consciousness was distracted by the dark pupil of his right eye. An inner question arose from truly innocent curiosity: “Where does the image of my body end up within him? What is the last drum it hits?”

      Suddenly sound faded into stillness. I could still see Thor’s lips moving in a steady cadance, but all sound had disappeared. There was a sensation of being sucked through his eyes, his brain into his heart. It was swift and almost instantly I arrived at Who he was.

      Complete shock: “He is what I am!”
      Every fiber regained all knowledge instantly.
      The familiar centeredness of being dissolved and, without moving, ‘I-ness’ rushed out towards all corners of the Universe. The sense of self kind of flip-flopped inside out. No center, no limit, no confusion, no question left. No mind, no words. Only this extremely familiar I-ness of being everything and nothing at the same time.

      I am old. I mean really, really Ooooold! Out of time OLD. My natural voice is a tone or hum so deep and extended, that words are too small to be formed from it. My true voice expresses itself in any and every expression of being.

      Everything Dripfood had ever thought, was seen to be as cute and meaningless as the gurgling sounds of a freshly born baby.

      Mind tried to regain a foothold. “How come being This is no different than being Dripdood?” “How could I have forgotten This, forgotten my Self?.....But, I never really forgot! …..And yet I seem to have forgotten?....WTF?” “Could this be enlightenment?”

      Suddenly, ‘I’ got sucked back into body and mind. Back into confined time and confined space. I am standing on the steps, but still no sound. As with a flick of a switch, the sounds are turned back on. No time had passed. Thor had told his story, without every noticing I was left for 15 minutes and came back devoid of who I once thought to be. As far as he’s concerned, nothing really happened. I’d say he’s right, Nothing Really Happened.


    Mother Teresa's House of Illusions
    How She Harmed Her Helpers As Well As Those They 'Helped'
    by Susan Shields
    "Some years after I became a Catholic, I joined Mother Teresa's congregation, the Missionaries of Charity. I was one of her sisters for nine and a half years, living in the Bronx, Rome, and San Francisco, until I became disillusioned and left in May 1989. As I reentered the world, I slowly began to unravel the tangle of lies in which I had lived. I wondered how I could have believed them for so long.

    Three of Mother Teresa's teachings that are fundamental to her religious congregation are all the more dangerous because they are believed so sincerely by her sisters. Most basic is the belief that as long as a sister obeys she is doing God's will. Another is the belief that the sisters have leverage over God by choosing to suffer. Their suffering makes God very happy. He then dispenses more graces to humanity. The third is the belief that any attachment to human beings, even the poor being served, supposedly interferes with love of God and must be vigilantly avoided or immediately uprooted. The efforts to prevent any attachments cause continual chaos and confusion, movement and change in the congregation. Mother Teresa did not invent these beliefs - they were prevalent in religious congregations before Vatican II - but she did everything in her power (which was great) to enforce them.
    ....It was not only merchants who were offered a chance to be generous. Airlines were requested to fly sisters and air cargo free of charge. Hospitals and doctors were expected to absorb the costs of medical treatment for the sisters or to draw on funds designated for the religious. Workmen were encouraged to labor without payment or at reduced rates. We relied heavily on volunteers who worked long hours in our soup kitchens, shelters, and day camps.

    A hard-working farmer devoted many of his waking hours to collecting and delivering food for our soup kitchens and shelters. "If I didn't come, what would you eat?" he asked.

    Our Constitution forbade us to beg for more than we needed, but, when it came to begging, the millions of dollars accumulating in the bank were treated as if they did not exist.

    For years I had to write thousands of letters to donors, telling them that their entire gift would be used to bring God's loving compassion to the poorest of the poor. I was able to keep my complaining conscience in check because we had been taught that the Holy Spirit was guiding Mother. To doubt her was a sign that we were lacking in trust and, even worse, guilty of the sin of pride. I shelved my objections and hoped that one day I would understand why Mother wanted to gather so much money, when she herself had taught us that even storing tomato sauce showed lack of trust in Divine Providence.

    For nearly a decade, Susan Shields was a Missionaries of Charity sister. She played a key role in Mother Teresa's organization until she resigned."

    1. Occasionally, after swallowing that red pill with every intention of getting at the truth of things and knowing that there's no turning back, you just want to throw up; know what I mean?

      Another perceived saint defrocked...

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