The Madness of Me

Cultural, Esoteric, Premium POM

By JC Collins

This is random and not about much of anything.  It’s what happens when I’m left alone with too much time on my hands.

Being off now for the holidays I find myself staring at our dog Dexter and telling him things which he cares little about.  All three of my adult sons no longer live with me, and Marianne has wandered off to Vancouver to see her family until the morning of the 25th.  This means I’m alone with Dexter for the next three days until my parents and brother arrive in Edmonton to hang for the Christmas vacation and the boys show up.

Between now and then I’m sure to stumble into some form of trouble and mischief.

Already this evening I put Dexter in the back of the car and we drove around looking for stores.  Leaving the Dex in the car I ventured into store after store looking for something to buy.  Anything. Thoughts range from tossing my Samsung Galaxy and getting an iPhone.  Why?  Who knows?  Who cares?  But I didn’t anyway.

Shuffling around the Christmas shoppers in Best Buy I wandered past the iMac computers.  Man, one of those would be cool on the desk at home.  Should I get the 21” or the 27”?  Nah.  Too expensive and my trusty Dell laptop takes up less space on the desk anyway.  Plus, we have been though a lot together since starting POM.

Now speakers are something I could really use.  Those Polk Audio towers would do the trick.  But I would need an awesome receiver to go with them.  This is starting to add up fast.  Forget about it.  The cheap Costco setup we have under the LG television at home works just fine.  It’s not like I’m that concerned with the pristine sound of crappy music.

Let’s get out of Best Buy.  This place sucks.

What’s next?  Ah, the Chapters bookstore.  They sell cozy blankets now as well.

Holding the door open for a lady in a wheel chair I walked into the store and headed right for the New Age section.  Browsing the UFO and Ancient Aliens categories I thought about the “pyramids” in Antarctica which we have all been discussing over the last few days.  Kinda cool.  But I’m exhausted with the unlimited speculations on such things.

Let’s go look at the Political Science and History sections.

Look at that.  Lots of books on European history and some wicked cool reading from Jared Diamond, such as Guns, Germs and Steel.  My name is Jared as well.  Does that mean anything?  Probably not.

There’s a nice blue looking book on the Romanov family.  Wow, now that’s a smooth cover.  Feels nice under my fingertips.  Pages smell nice inside as well.  Should I buy it?  Damn, I want too, but I already have a growing pile of non-fiction at home which I need to catch up on.

Maybe that’s what I should do over the next few days.  Power read.  Hahahaha.  The Kraken Spiced Rum would go excellent with reading.

Do, do, do, do, over to the fiction section I go.  Under the Dome by Stephen King.  Could he have known about the flat earth stuff?  Does his book contain hidden messages?  Could the earth be both flat and round as I had suggested in a recent POM post?  I think so.

Time to leave.

Walking out to the car I could see Dexter in the back staring at me with one of those “what the hell” dog faces.  Opening the door I jumped in and continued to talk to him like he gave a shit.  He was just happy to be on a magical car ride.

Off we went.

The roads are a little slippery with slush and ice.  It’s not that cold but people still can’t drive.  It’s only 5:30PM and it’s already dark outside.  Winter in Canada sucks.  Sometimes.

Eventually we pulled up in front of a place called Ascendant Books.  Paid parking.  Screw that.  I’ll take my chances.  Some woman comes up to the passenger side of the car and looks in at me.  I stared back at her with a weird unsure smile.  She gave me the stink eye and quickly moved on.  What the hell? Maybe she thought I was someone else.

Before entering the store I check the emails on my sweet Samsung Galaxy.  There’s another message from cool as a cucumber Dane down in Florida.  Man, he sends me a lot of messages.  But I like it.  He’s been with me and POM since the very beginning and has proved himself to be one of the most valuable members of our neat team of readers and commentators.  I’ll have to visit him down in Miami one day.

I’ll be right back Dexter.

Walking into the store I’m hit with the smell of incense.  There are Buddha statues and the girl who works there because of the good vibes.  Not that busy though. Moving over to the book section I pass some meditation tapes, opps, I mean CD’s, turn the corner past the David Icke material, and stop in front of the Alice Baily books published by Lucis Trust.

Lucis Trust and the UN is an interesting relationship.  Sometimes I think nobody really knows much of anything, especially large institutions.  The more I learn and progress the more I realise incompetence is rampant.  Sometimes incompetence masquerades as strange and hidden agendas.  That would be so hilarious.

But wait, the SDR is real and so is the published mandates of the international institutions.  What does Trump really know? How does the new emerging Trump world align with the world promoted by Lucis Trust?

I’m bored.

After purchasing some incense I get back in the car and drive home.

Entering the house I go and get the bottle of Kraken Spiced Rum and pore a drink.  Dexter goes to his perch at the top of the stairs and topples over with a huff of disappointment.

Lighting an incense I sit at the desk in front of the Dell beast and stare at the screen.  What to write about?

Maybe I should write about the pointless and powerful pull of materialism?  I mean, why did I want to buy something so bad?  But that’s been written before.  More boring.

Maybe I should write about nothing but the randomness of the last few hours.  Maybe.  Would that be interesting?

Tomorrow I set up the second spare room for my parents and attempt to go to the new gym just down the street.  I’ll need to write a post on the international monetary system because I need to hold myself accountable and produce valuable material for the awesome POM subscribers.  This is something which is an extremely important part of my life.  I’m in for the long haul for sure.

Maybe I’ll go for a drink somewhere tomorrow night and pretend to like interacting with people.  Not so bad I suppose.  We all are random and lost in our own unique way.  We all have our own madness.  We all have our own identity which we call “me”.

Me, I like you.  You, the “me” over there across the illusionary expanse of space and division – let us toast one another with a dark drink of the sea creature Kraken.  It’s all madness I reckon.  – JC