The Last Days of the Cultural Civil War

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By JC Collins

Do you think a cultural civil war is fast approaching? Do you feel like the vast differences between the left and the right ideologies in our western cultural are reaching a critical point? Is our cultural now so divided that bloodshed is the inevitable outcome and solution to put it all back together?

If you think the answer is yes than you haven’t been paying attention and your entire life has been spent in a state of semi-comatose cultural indifference. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

But how could we have been in a war this whole time and no one noticed? Where are the victims? Which side is winning? Where and when have the major battles been fought?

These are all critical questions which need to be answered. But the first factor which we need to grasp and process is the reality that we have been left confused and led astray from the core principles of what it means to be reasoning and thinking beings.

Everyone alive today, aside from the rare humans who are approaching the one hundred year mark and beyond, have been living and developing in a world which has had its socioeconomic, geopolitical and cultural mandates engineered. This engineering has been specific in its pointed strategies and tenants. What these strategies are we can explain, but the tenants and ultimate objective may not be as understandable as you would like to think. This will be explained further.

In the years after World War One western cultural entered the decade of the Roaring 20’s. This period was built upon the massive expansion of the credit markets and huge increase in the money supply. Such epic tales as The Great Gatsby helped forge and define this decade and all its extravagance.

As one would expect, an expansion of the money supply invariably lead to a contraction of the money supply. This is what happened during the years of the Dirty 30’s as money disappeared from the economy along with jobs, factories, and the hopes and dreams of a large segment of the western population.

This period transitioned the world into the war years of the 1940’s which set the stage for the next phase of cultural and socioeconomic engineering.

The Greaser and Malt Stop Diner 50’s corresponded with the suburban construction boom and the next advancement in technology and consumerism. Older folks who had lived during the hardships of the 1930’s attempted to warn the newer generation who were coming of age about the dangers of credit and financial risks.

But the push of the new world which was emerging was too powerful. Whether it was the laundry machine or a new Cadillac, a motor cycle or the first televisions, the decade had something for everyone and everyone wanted something.

The engineers watched the mass reactions of the populations and began to adjust and tweak the systems of integration and interception. The abject emptiness of consumerism required a dialectical paradigm from which a sort of semi-comatose balance could be obtained.

The Counter-Culture 60’s emerged from within the music and entertainment industries which had planted the seeds in the previous decade with movies like Rebel Without A Cause and catchy twist songs which blasted from new shiny radios and on television shows. The hippy sounds of the 1960’s carried forth this rebellious nature which climaxed in the debauchery of Woodstock.

The conclusion can be made that western culture grew up in the 1960’s as such hardcore topics as war, divorce, drugs, and abortion came on the radar. The direct contrast this decade had to the one which preceded it served to transform the minds of the masses through the principles of the Hegelian Dialectic and launched the world which was to come.

The Disco 70’s took the cultural concepts and images of the previous decade and embedded them with new levels of degeneration and “risk-free” behavioural acceptance. With roller skates in hand we danced our way through the sounds of Abba and Blondie while a new culture of homosexuality emerged all around us.

The African American and civil rights movements extended over these decades and left its mark upon all segments and demographics. The seriousness of the civil rights movement began to move backwards as the lowest common denominator of culture both created and promoted a falsification of what it meant to be an African American, while extracted from, and discarding, the remains which didn’t fit into the overall theme of cultural engineering.

These remains of the real African American culture were hushed away in the ghettos of the inner cities as the false Black Panther and Shack images glowed from the televisions of the suburban neighbourhoods. It was as if the ideals which had been promoted and encouraged before were now discarded and considered irrelevant. The problem was that no one told the disorganized masses this fact and the state of semi-comatose cultural indifference continued unabated.

The western world moved into the humdrum afternoons and electric evenings of the Synthesizer 80’s. It was in this decade that the engineered but illusionary resurrection of the right conservative ideology took place. Consider it a test run for what is taking place today.

After decades of a liberal left mandate it was determined that the mass populations of the west required a Ronald Reagan type character who emerged from within the Hollywood establishment and brought hope to those who had felt disenfranchised by the leftist ideals of divorce, abortion, and drugs. The fact that all of these things continued and increased throughout the 1980’s has broadly been ignored.

The War on Drugs was an abject failure and served to increase the trade and abuse of drugs in the years after. A similar contradictory outcome can also be seen in the War on Terror which also failed and only served to increase the frequency and intensity of terrorism in the decade which followed the Grunge and Techno 90’s.

Like other cultural acts of integration and interception, engineered terrorism had its seeds planted in previous decades. These seeds grew and became the tools of the engineers in the modern world. The toolbox of western culture is full of such weapons and abstract machines.

The pattern which emerges from a multi-decade consideration of cultural engineering is one of oppositional conditioning and Dialectical strategies. Some interjection points are short while others are long. Each require incredible patience and design in order to be properly implemented and expanded when deployed.

As an example, the War on Terror has now transformed into outright acceptance and promotion of the very religious and ideological horror which we were suppose to be fighting just a decade in the past. The pattern we are discussing is undeniable and can be explored even further with multiple examples and studies which can be blended together and trended accordingly.

But lets take a look at the larger macro cyclical pattern. It is the culmination of all the smaller micro patterns which we have reviewed above. We have not seen it before in our lifetimes. Its existence has been kept hidden from us at all costs. To reveal the strategies is one thing, but to reveal the objective will give away too much.

This objective all along has been focused on experimentation. That is the point. The engineers of civilization require that testing take place. This testing facilitates the process of discovery and determining which characteristics should be incorporated into a culture of tomorrow.

But is there one end goal? Will the testing continue forever?

Maybe. But we are coming to the end of the ongoing cultural war instead of starting at the beginning. What we are experiencing now is the consolidation of all the cultural, socioeconomic and geopolitical engineering which has taken place since the Roaring 20’s. The engineers have learned about expanding and contracting the money supply while transitioning mass populations through varying helpful and destructive paradigms.

The battles of the cultural war have been fought through the invading ideals of the leftist mandates which were designed specifically to pressure the ideals of the right. Throughout courtrooms and within inner cities, in suburban living rooms and across factory floors, and now across the cleverly designed social media, we have warred with one another.

The victims of this war are the millions of aborted babies, lives lost to drug abuse and other rampant acceptance of destructive vice, and the broken hearts of fragmented families. The cultural war has been a real war and the victims far outnumber those of previous wars. Years from now we will openly acknowledge the characteristics of this war and hold vigil for its victims.

The coalescing of all the characteristics of the previous decades will culminate in the transition to the next major phase of our civilization. The testing and experimentation have been completed and the seeds which were littered across the last one hundred years will be allowed to grow. These are the seeds of even more advanced technology and the fulfillment of the human promise for adventure and dreaming.

As we enter the last days of this cultural civil war it is important to understand that the left and right will merge and create something new. The divide is so great that no one side can have a complete victory over the other. Through war both sides are forever changed and altered from what they were before the war began.

Ideological consolidations require the destruction of each side from within for the purpose of eliminating resistance. The left and the right have been locked in a battle for so long that the acceptance of one for the other will not happen unless the points of integration and interception begin to run parallel and merge on the path to the future.

There could still be victims and the chance of human randomness is always a factor but the course has been set. The merging willingly takes place or both sides decimate one another in a final act of savage irreconcilability. Either way we are at the end of this cultural war and not the beginning. Now we enter a period of macro transformation from where the civilization of tomorrow awaits us. – JC