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Population Growth as Fragmentation and Other Strange Things from the Wilderness

Sorry for not writing more over the last few weeks. Work has been keeping me on the move. Plus, Marianne and I took a much needed escape to the Banff Springs Hotel for our anniversary. During this time some interesting thoughts have been going through my mind regarding repeating patterns and the natural inclination of humans to replicate fragmentation.

There has also been some interesting news regarding economics, geopolitics, and the International Monetary Fund. But I’ll leave those for another post, as this particular one will be loaded with intense esoteric information. The connections between what is written here, and the trends within the monetary and geopolitical worlds, will be noticeable to some.

Remember, POM is all about the Science of Patterns.

Last week was spent up North on one of the mine sites which operate the 400 ton trucks our team is responsible for. My colleague Rick and I like to drive the 6 hours from Edmonton to the site as it provides us the opportunity to discuss work matters, and other random topics which may arise during the humdrum haze of highway driving.

Rick is incredibly insightful, and the dynamic which develops during our conversations provide fertile ground for new thoughts and methods of chasing shadows down long cobblestone streets. These drives are one of the few chances I have to reflect and verbalize new thoughts and concepts which dance around inside my head like the macabre remains of logic figurines.

Somewhere between huge truck stands and filtration pumps we managed to get into the challenges and purpose of fragmentation. Longtime POM readers will understand that there is a core focus on fragmentation within the broad thesis discussed here. It is the foundation of the new socioeconomic pseudo-theology being created within the PrimNomics series.

Both of us were jacked up on energy drinks, and Rick had already eaten one of the “Indian Hot Dogs” which are served at the gas station a few miles down the road from the mine. One of our discussion topics was the concept of empire building within the corporate world. The micro and macro relationship which exists in this concept can be observed from the King of the World personification, to the meagre and common supervisors and managers who encapsulate the same characteristics.

In both situations, and everything spanning the space between, the use of power and influence is abused in order to further empower human weakness. It is in fact human weakness, operating as a form of material corruption, which attempts to empower itself by disempowering those who it can manipulate into its own gravitational field.

For no other purpose than to draw a comparison to the above description, and promote reflection on the organizational structure of religion, I would ask the reader to visualize the Islamic Kaaba in Mecca. The Kaaba is in the shape of a black cube. The black cube is symbolic of the planet Saturn. Notice in video and images of the pilgrimage to Mecca how Muslims circulate around the Kaaba in the same fashion as the rings of Saturn. Moons orbit around planets, and planets around the Sun, in exactly the same pattern.

Patterns repeat.

Previous articles have hinted at the relationship between light and darkness. Our perception and approach to our lives and existence will take on one of two characteristics. We are either light inside of darkness, or darkness inside of light. Both are attempting to escape the confines of the other. Light is attempting to escape from inside the darkness. Darkness is attempting to escape from inside the light. It is up to each of us as individuals to determine which.

The material world is a form of natural corruption and fragmentation. It is the physical expression of the fragmentation of the Whole. All matter is an expression of the Whole. The Whole is light. The light becomes fragmented and materializes as a solid form of corruption. The corruption should be considered an opportunity to learn and de-fragment from the natural tendency and animal instinct to further fragment and consolidate matter around us. Fragmentation promotes adversity. We only learn through adversity. Learning through adversity promotes de-fragmentation. Not learning from adversity promotes further fragmentation and further subsequent adversity. The longer it takes us to learn, the worse it gets.



Sometime after pulling over so Rick could complete the transmutation of his Indian Hot Dog, our conversation continued.

The Sun is our Whole. Our solar system and planets, and all things on, and within, are the fragmentation and materialization of the light which comes from our Sun. All of our religions and governance concepts, along with economic and monetary frameworks, are based on this methodology. Doubt it not. Gold is the corrupted manifestation of the Sun.

The Sun is the symbol of our Kings. The crown on the kings head is the Sun. The human king is the king fragment which all other men organize themselves around. We all want to be king fragment, and yet, we all want to organize ourselves around a king fragment.

This is where Rick’s insightfulness comes in handy. As I was vomiting all of this esoteric blim-blam (not sure if that’s even a word, it just sounds cool) he was thinking hard on what I was communicating. Once I stopped to catch my breath Rick took the opportunity to state a cold hard fact.

“Not everyone wants to be King Fragment,” he said.

Damn him for pointing out my obvious tendency for exaggeration. But he’s correct. Not all of us desire to be King Fragment. Some do until they reach a level where they are comfortable passing off further responsibility and accountability to some one else. Some just want to protect their own fragment and drift along on the momentum provided by the solar wind. Others use the fragment they are provided to fragment further through the physical, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.

In fact, further physical fragmentation takes place through population expansion. The material world will continue to fragment, as fragmentation provides opportunity to face emotional, mental, and spiritual adversity for the purpose of learning and development. The proper transmutation of these grand and mysterious teachings into the application and practice of right-minded living is the purpose and meaning of existence.

The flip-side of this arrangement is that failure to learn and develop the art of emotional, mental, and spiritual transmutation will contribute to the expansion of the physical human population. Two humans coming together and producing a third is both a consolidation of the two and the fragmentation of each individual. Observation of this fact suggests that consolidation (de-fragmentation) and fragmentation exist simultaneously. Just like the lightness and darkness example discussed above. Fragmentation is matter and darkness. Consolidation is light and learning.

The one offspring produced between two provides a new opportunity for de-fragmentation and learning. But failure to pass on the necessary tools and understanding required for transmutation will only produce additional fragmentation and population growth. This lack of transference is one of the leading indicators for the emotional, mental, and spiritual breakdown of the family unit.

Remember, fragmentation promotes adversity. We only learn through adversity. Learning through adversity promotes de-fragmentation. Not learning from adversity promotes further fragmentation and further subsequent adversity. The longer it takes us to learn, the worse it gets.

But within the fragmentation and expanded adversity exists an enhanced opportunity to learn and develop. It’s “the darkest before the dawn” scenario. At the ultimate point of fragmentation comes the greatest moment for de-fragmentation and enlightenment.

The light bursts free from within the darkness.


After arriving back in Edmonton I went to the office for half a day. Marianne wanted me home for noon. She had an anniversary surprise for me, and we needed to depart on a road trip in order to reach our destination based on the schedule she had set out.

At this point I had no idea where we were going. We had often talked about spending a night or two at the Banff Springs Hotel, so this had crossed my mind. I kept these thoughts to myself because I didn’t want to spoil her surprise. We had visited the hotel on previous occasions but never stayed. People from all over the world travel to Banff, and we were fortunate to live only a 4 hour drive from the park. Spending our anniversary in one of the nicest hotels in the world would be something to remember for sure.

The drive to Banff was uneventful. Traffic was thick with the usual bad drivers. We were surrounded by thousands of fragments, all moving at 80 miles an hour. Skirting past Calgary we jumped on the Trans Canada Highway and headed West towards the mountains. As they grew in the distance we chatted about life and how blessed we were to have this time together.

The sprawling fields gave way to rolling hills and thick forest. The mountains now filled our vision and we passed through the gates of the national park. Banff is a beautiful town surrounded by stunning mountain ranges. It’s a place where people come to get away from the city and spend time outdoors.

Along with a few pieces of luggage, I carried our professional video camera. It was purchased earlier this year for the purpose of making videos and documentaries for POM. But I’m slow out of the gate and have a lot of patience. Like starting POM in the first place, I am gradually shifting myself towards this next evolution of the site. Video included in this post is the first step, as I learn and stretch this micro-fragment of mine.

After checking in and falling in love with our room and the view, we walked around the grounds and eventually wandered into one of the lounges. Two elderly gentleman were playing music. One was on a piano and the other had a flute. The sound was relaxing and fitting the environment. We drank and ate ginger pork meatballs. We talked about our lives and time together, while reflecting on each of our unique and individual challenges.

It was the perfect evening.

In the morning I went for a walk outside with the video camera as Marianne was getting ready. There was so much to record. The hotel itself was amazing and provided ample material for the developing videographer. The trees which littered the sides of the mountains seemed like fragments of one another. Much like we are fragments of one another. There is only the concept of a tree. One tree. All trees are fragmentations of this one concept. All humans are fragmentations of the concept of a human.

Now consider the patterns which appear across all manifestations. Take the pattern of a tree without leaves as an example. The trunk, branches, limbs, and twigs follow the same pattern as found in the human nervous and circulatory system with arteries, veins, capillaries, spinal column, nerves, fibres, etc.. The leaves are the skin meant to feel, experience, and absorb.

Think on it.

All of the physical world is the evolution of material fragmentation. It started with the solid manifestation and fragmentation of the Whole from light to matter. That one ball of matter emerged from within the Absolute and began to fragment itself into further experiences. All that existed in that first manifestation is still within all of the manifested world. Mineral, plant, animal, and spirit, are all evolving together towards one ultimate moment of enlightenment and de-fragmentation.

The replication of fragmentation is as purposeful as the light penetrating the darkness from within or without. The internal and external nature of our bi-directional relationship with the Whole and one another, through the application of light and dark, is the most misunderstood concept which contributes to further human disfunction and corruption.

Pure mandates which manifest from within the Whole corrupt into the material world. The relationship of learning which takes place between the male and female characteristics is one of these corrupted forms of continued fragmentation. This corruption of the physical has penetrated into the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms with the dysfunctional relationship between man and woman.

Staring into Marianne’s eyes as we laugh and explode with light is one of the greatest gifts she has given me. Spending time together in the mountainous wilderness made me realize that I am the King Fragment of my own existence. I am accountable and responsible for all that comes into my gravitational field. Each gravitational field will either trap the light within its manifested darkness, or it will use the light it pulls in to penetrate its own darkness and empower everything within its field of influence.

We replicate fragmentation and can also replicate the nature and purpose of light. It is my choice to use the light which comes into my gravitational field to empower those who I come into contact with. It is not my purpose to trap that light in my own darkness and use its energy to empower myself while disempowering others.

The material world only becomes beautiful when we view it from the perspective of light penetrating the darkness. When it is reverse the world becomes dead and barren. It is the wastelands of the world which are wandered by the profane and lost. Like the King Arthur quest to find the Holy Grail and bring the land of his kingdom back to life, I travel with confidence upon the path of my own internal process.

The dead king of a dead land becomes lost from the light. The king who floods his kingdom and fragment with light will experience the purpose of life. Each of us are the king of our own fragment. What sort of king do you want to be? The longer it takes us to learn, the worse it will get. – JC

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15 Comments on “The King Fragment”

  1. Thank you JC for this article and for sharing your travel and the occasion with us! Let me be the first to say Happy Anniversary to you and Marianne! She nailed it: Bella! Enjoy the precious respite from daily life on your joyful occasion.

    On another note you asked “What sort of king do you want to be?” Maybe we could augment your question to ask what kind of king “or queen” do you want to be?

    Also, thanks to all of your readers who make regular contributions. For all of you who post and keep the discussion stimulating and evolving there are numerous others like myself who are auditing and reveling in the intellectual and philosophical contributions you are making to our species.

    POM is my “go to” for the most evolved assessment of the content discussed. I have a note on my desk that states “I struggle to self-actualize in a social and psychological construct that largely fails to accommodate my intelligence.” I don’t see it as boastful but a statement to what we all find here and a compliment to JC and you all. POM is GIFT… highly refined offering to our truth seeking and the most advanced understanding of past, present and future events available in our time. I have traveled quite a distance over the years plowing through websites spewing “spooky” music, Darth Vader voices, end of times messages” and many others (putting me on some 3 letter agency “list” I am sure) to have finally landed here as the ultimate destination. I wish I could put those years of hit and miss back in the box but without unpacking that box I would not have found POM!

    Thank you again JC for bringing us closer and closer to self-actualization where our knowledge seeking goes with every new article you post! Thanks to the “POM family” for sharing your research, opinions and hope in your replies.


  2. Fragmentation if the bible is to be believed has been happening immemorial, from the original sinners of the garden to the fragmentation of the earlier races of men. The fragmentation happens along many lines, the biggest one is of course is racial. Race is more then a “construct”, race can almost be thought of as a living circuit, a circuit of a certain program, of a certain design and of a certain output. The living circuit also for the ignorant has different modes of behaviours, and levels economic outputs. The economic output is off course the major offender for the friction between the races, followed by the differences of behavioral and physical expressions. The expressions of living persons does not compute well between the races of men, and further this division is along those of the highest IQs of all the races.

    In the course of the World government it seems ideal for them to advance the fragmentation of the races, to increase the friction of the materially productive races and of those who are not. But even more they utilize the friction as a conceited way to try and suspend nationalism, and to try an abridge with some sort of social capital system of nationalist branding in a digital super structure, deep state shill Alex Jones called this the “singularity”, but in reality it is facebook and other online entities subverting the physical social capital of the system. I suspect MMO RPGS are also other massive experimental sink holes for analyzing this conception, and capture of the public at large into a interchangeable super structures, where everything about an individual can be modified with the right amount of time or capital investment. I suspect this is why men are heavily targeted for digital material assimilation with absolutely no spiritual counter. Essentially where men go women will follow in step, thus allowing the great assimilation of the social medium into an increasingly controlled economic framework, well outside the hands of local domestic establishments.

    Its as if the Matrix Blue and Red has simply evolved into another lock step into a newer more alien superstructure, the digital variant. I see the illusion of kingship at a local level as an increasing joke, its as if they need to increase the illusion of freedom and control in step with their seizure of power. The other oddity is this digital variant has allowed for the joke of the “cultural wars”, though it is noteworthy because there never has such a struggle for societal power in such a medium before, where as you noted JC, public participation in this framework is higher and greater then during peak periods of political campaigns. It could be also where the greatest spiritual transmutation could occur, but that’s always the hopeful wish.

    Its as if material fragmentation can act as an explosive inversive catalyst on the spiritual medium, but even more so when the whole of the social order is somehow able to perceive and act on it. These are my ramblings of the things I can see.

  3. Hello JC and thank you for sharing your wonderful clip with us all. I also congratulate your anniversary and I wish you both many many years of happiness, health, and love for you and your family.

    One thing that I noticed first hand is the image I had of you as an Alpha male and now seeing Marian your beloved wife to be an Alpha Female, that is a wonderful site. God Bless You both. The bond and loving-kindness are very visible and beautiful. I also wanted to say how much I agree with everything that ElizabethMay mentioned about your article and the video you shared.

    Talking about Alpha males, I watched this very first interview with the Mooch (Anthony Scaramucci) who really reminds me of Fonzie of Happy Days. Mooch is talking with a typical female BBC interviewer who is trained in Ambush Journalism to antagonize anyone the BBC does not like. Yet, our Fonzie being a hot blooded Italian-American and a straight-shooter, calls her bluff and tells her “you are a bit elitist yourself…” which she takes with physically going backward in shock. I am certain, she did not expect that but she needed to hear the truth anyway.

    I am putting the somewhat funny but somehow esoteric clip regarding how the Feminist -peddling days of the Marxist BBC is coming to an abrupt with a new breed of Alpha Males (and Alpha Females). The BBC woman in the end somehow finds herself in an agreement with the tough but charming Mooch. I don’t believe she has ever come across a tough masculine politician ever in her life! She better get used to it…

  4. At last – a POM post I can comment upon without feeling like a neophyte seeking enlightenment!
    After 37 years of marriage my wife is still my closest friend and the one person I want to spend my entire day with. I wish the same for you and Marianne – for all your days.

    Thanks for being a beacon in an obfuscated dark.

  5. Happy Anniversary JC & Marianne

    To all reading who haven’t had the pleasure… Banff National Park and nearby Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are bucket list worthy.

    We’ve been many times and plan to visit again soon.

    The Teahouse challenge from the Chateau Lake Louise up and over the beehive and down to the Plain of 6 glaciers is a 8 hours in hiking heaven (at 7000+ feet in some parts)

  6. JC,
    my most sincere congratulations to both your wife and you for your anniversary.
    I hope you had some nice rest during your holidays, and I wish all the very best for your future (and your family´s), and a blessed, healthy and prosperous life. You all deserve it.
    And thank you very much for all your time and effort with POM. You enlighten us big time 🙂

    Shine on bro!!

  7. Trueconductor! I think we are rowing in the same boat…..down the stream not up the stream but at least we have both oars in the water and not just one. I am grateful for the memories of my past that were “ideal” and also for memories of my past that were no as favorable that led to my wisdom of today! Wink wink

  8. Hello JC, Your article made me think ever since I read it a couple of days ago and this is possibly the nearest thing I could come up with in answering (for me which I share) the motivation/principle based on my understanding behind the Fragmentation and Defragmentation that you have been talking about extensively on POM. Both Fragmentation and Defragmentation are a normal/natural state in the order of the totality which we are a part of from the most elementary particles all the way up to galaxies, black holes, etc. and other unfathomable domains. …all are in a continual movement and in process of Becoming!

    The best assistance here is to possibly experience a higher state of consciousness either assisted or not, where one will become witness to such a world, completely naked of any forms and seemingly chaotic. This is the reality, without a veil. One of the greatest contributions of entheogens (and accompanying graphics with the advent of computer graphic/animation!) is that it helps in seeing the totality in a different way – unformed in ways of depicting this state.

    What seems to happen is that we become a witness to everything all at once as one process. The entire human history, one’s own history, a life cycle of an ocean, a person or a galaxy, a leave, an animal or even our own body cell growth. Such states are extremely difficult to explain because it is very subjective and experiential to the person, much like the impossibility of trying to explain a dream in full!

    I recommend the following short clip which is somewhat identical to such states of consciousness. Such states have a deep and ever lasting, spiritual and philosophical significance for the individual and it works as a gateway to the real reality which in the normal state remains hidden from us. In dream states, our brain produces a small amount of such entheogens known as DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) that provides the “trips” in our sleep state! Here the “form” is an illusion itself because it changes constantly to something else unless we stop the process of it “Becoming” by pausing the clip! As we watch this, involuntarily we find shapes and forms which the mind tries to grab hold of, and examine it. Each time we do that, it will grow into infinite others of different shapes and colors and textures. Such visions when experienced individually are truly life changing and absolutely beyond comprehension, but somehow our consciousness becomes a real witness.

    Best to see this short clip it in HD:

    The whole thing appears to be a continual cosmic dance of forms in space and time. It is a truly Cosmic possibly, a game for the entertainment of a Supreme-being that is constantly bored with creating so he destroys and makes infinite others. My favorite Buddhist mantra “form is Emptiness, emptiness is form” makes perfect sense here that the two are one and the same. Buddhist monks are encouraged to spend many many days and even months on perfecting a Mandala by colored sand, and then brush the ornate work. All this is to represent the divine work and in celebration of this ever changing totality. It also teaches the initiates, the transient nature of all things.

    It seems, in order for anything to exist, it has to constantly “become” or move, so everything including humanity, all sentient and non-sentient beings and things and all are all, Becoming. We are transmuting into something else continually. In all this and in every action or movement in this process of becoming, we are changing from, fragmenting to defragmenting infinitely. Everything that we see is shift-shaping all around us and inside us, everything, including our cells.

    It seems a Conscious Observer is the one who is behind all this, in that you and all of us and every sentient and non-sentient being is a part of. It is, therefore, our illusion and that nothing exists, and not an illusion at the same time, a total paradox of chaos and form. It is our conscious attention to it that gives it meaning. All there is is Consciousness and matter is a manifestation of this Consciousness which we each share a part of.

    Rationalizing things is a human function as we are using our dualistic and contrast-based logic to fathom the grander picture. My Doctor keeps telling me that my bloodwork results of various body functions is a Snap-shot and things change non-stop. He tells me to worry too much about the numbers, is worse than the symptom!

    In some so called occult schools, the initiates are constantly reminded of this, “to understand the totality, one must become totality and the only vehicle to that understanding is Love, to become Love is only way”. This is not a cliche’ of the fabricated new-age concept and it has been with us from the beginning. The Universe is glued together with that very thing, Love and we are all the operators of the infinite machinary of Conciousness…

    1. Great contribution Carpe Diem. Your words should resonate with many. Please reference the post The Grand Man – Part Two, for my own personal experience with DMT, if you haven’t already. All things become one in the end.

      1. Thank you JC for your wisdom and courage in putting out these mind-expanding articles in such time that we as species need help more than any time. Your work helps humanity in finding the correct path and towards LIGHT. I will look at the Grand Mand article after writing this posting. I love to read your experience with DMT JC, thank you for sharing it with us all.

        I experienced with DMT a couple of times and yes it is absolutely mind-blowing stuff. My experimentation with other entheogens led me to believe of an infinite divine presence and all there is is due to his majestic presence which no words, painting, music that can describe. In fact, language is a very poor expression in describing the beauty and majesty of the supreme-being, only music and poetry that one seems to overcome with is the best form of natural expression. I, therefore, have absolute respect for all such entheogens that are here to guide the beings of the lower worlds to the higher plains of totality.

  9. WOW JC. You had a beautiful and a full-on trip and it is incredibly similar to my experience!

    The emotion that comes up and the crying like a baby must be all the fossilized emotions that our society and education system together with the control grid oppresses us all. Feeling yourself like a jelly both emotionally and physically is extremely liberating.

    At one point when you wrote, ” Turning I looked in the mirror and stared at myself. My mind was slowly disassociating with my body and the experience of watching myself in the mirror became extremely unsettling.”

    I recall looking at myself in the mirror and very strangely, I could not recognize who I was looking at albeit for a good minute or so, although time is irrelevant in such states! My face once I recognized that it’s me was moving and at one point I started to laugh at seeing myself in the mirror. It was just too funny! I also cried a lot and one of the reasons (if I recall this well!) I cried for the loneliness that “God” must feel, it’s weird to explain it I guess but to me, that was very real. I felt being the only supreme being and how lonely he/she/it has been from eternity and forever. I felt that I am a partner in him and knowing this at that moment made me cry in both absolutely love and sadness for the one and only…too hard to explain what goes on but there is no separation and that is both frightening and spectacularly beautiful. A few hours after poetry was pouring into my head and later I managed to write some of them and if I can find them I will share them here on POM if that’s okay.

    This is Must read for everyone and I wasn’t aware of this brilliant one JC thank you for pointing it out. I salute your beloved wife Marianne as you could not have a better minder for your trip. I also love the way you wrote and remembered all the downloads from the source. I believe this is the best form of therapy for mind and body and as you said in your excellent article, these Entheogens (“generating the divine within”) can cure all forms of dependency to opioids, alcohol as well as a whole host of human dis-eases.

    I can think of the only reason in the witch hunt over such therapeutic natural medicine is twofold. One is to prevent people from expanding their minds and consciousness hence keeping them in dependency (to the Matrix). Secondly to ensure the expansion of the so called “mental” problems which in turn will increase the physical manifestation of diseases in organs of humans which will mean higher profit for the pharma cartels! All too devious and well planned indeed.

    I am definitely going to read this amazing article again and again:

    Absolutely Brilliant and Thank you again.

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