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Mass Murder, Missing Prostitutes, Opium Wars, and the Destruction of Protestant Civilization

Women have been going missing and being murdered in Edmonton for decades. It surprises me how few people understand this, or have any sort of awareness about it. There have been a few occasions when the local media and city police have put out notifications warning of a serial killer in the Edmonton region, and one particular report from 2012 where the police asked for the publics assistance in recognizing the voice of a man on the last recorded phone call of one victim who was murdered in 2010.

Between Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta, hundreds of women have gone missing since the 1980s. Some have been found strangled and dismembered on farm land around Edmonton, and in one high profile case, the suspected remains of over 80 women were found on a pig farm in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. A highway which runs through British Columbia is called “The Highway of Tears” because of the amount of murdered women that have been found along the 720 km stretch between the cities of Prince George and Prince Rupert.

Farm owner Robert Pickton was found to be the perpetrator of the Port Coquitlam crimes. Pickton was charged with only 6 murders, as pigs had eaten the murdered prostitutes and left little for forensic investigators. Many of the police officers who worked on this case were traumatized and could not reconcile the hatred and vileness of human behaviour with the everyday life of normal human beings.

One of the strangest facts around the case was the Canadian governments gag order to prevent information from being leaked to the public. But information and facts slowly spread through some circles, and the involvement of the Hells Angels, and their use of the pig farm as a dumping ground for unwanted prostitutes, became apparent.

The recorded phone call in Edmonton was of a young woman, Amber Tuccaro, who presumably was picked up hitchhiking from a motel she was staying in just south of Edmonton. She was expecting to be taken to where she wanted to go in the city, but soon realized that the driver of the vehicle had other plans. While in the vehicle with her killer, Amber received a phone call from her brother who was in the Edmonton Remand Centre. All calls in and out of the centre by inmates are recorded. On the recording Amber is heard saying “You better not be taking me anywhere I don’t want to go.

The 20-year-old Amber Tuccaro had traveled south from Fort McMurray to Edmonton with her infant son and friend. Little else is known, but the police thought she wasn’t missing and was just “partying in the city”. Once the police obtained the recording from the Remand centre it became clear she was murdered.

The recording of the phone call was released on September 1, 2012. Four days later the body of Amber was found in a farmers field by horseback riders. A police spokesperson said this was just a coincidence. Does that make sense? Amber Tuccaro was missing for two years. The police had the phone recording for almost all of that time. Within days of releasing the recording to the public, her remains were found. Someone instantly knew something and acted upon it to find Amber’s body. Who were the horseback riders? Why was it just a coincidence? Who owned the farm? Why did the police destroy Amber’s belongings which were left in the motel room without telling her family? How did the presumed killer and driver of the vehicle not know that Amber was on the phone with her brother? Why did the police only release 61 seconds of a 17 minute recorded phone call? What else is on that call? How did the killer not know that that the phone was on for 17 minutes? What are the connections?

The story of Amber is heartbreaking, as are the stories of the hundreds, and possibly thousands, of aboriginal women across Western Canada, from Vancouver to Edmonton, who have gone missing and have suffered horrible and unthinkable horrors in their last minutes of life.

For me, the end of 2017 has been extremely busy, which is reflective of the amount of writing I’ve been able to get done. But my thoughts are always working overtime. Everything from blockchain to our ongoing research into the double-headed eagle symbolism, war on Protestantism by the Jesuits and Catholic Church, the international monetary system, and the changing geopolitical world, have all been heavy on my mind.

This article was intended to be something other than what it is becoming, but as I sit here on this cold Saturday morning two days before Christmas in 2017, I find my subconscious is doing what it is want to do. As such, this piece will be FREEPOM based on the importance of the topic, and to ensure as many people as possible get to hear the story of Amber Tuccaro and listen to the recording of her murderers voice.

The connection of the Hells Angels to the Port Coquitlam and Vancouver murders is more important than the police and Canadian media would have us believe. But to understand why requires a different approach.

POM readers who have followed the research trend throughout 2017 will know that I have been putting forth a case which redefines the last 500 hundred years, and everything that has happened in that time, as a socioeconomic and cultural war waged by the Catholic Church and Jesuits against the Protestant populations who have promoted material and spiritual freedom.

The very creation of the Jesuit Order by the Church was a response to the Protestant Reformation. The Jesuits were tasked with implementing covert strategies to wage a Counter-Reformation. The Jesuits were relentless in their cultural, financial and economic wars against those nations and kingdoms which did not accept the rule of Catholicism. The creation of the central bank system itself was a Counter-Reformation strategy to regain financial and economic assets which the Church had lost during the initial phases of the Protestant Reformation.

Protestantism was spreading around the world in those times, and everywhere the flame of material and spiritual liberty went, the Jesuits followed. This included China. Protestantism and Catholicism positioned for control of the large Asian landmass. When it was apparent that the Chinese were more favourable to their own spiritual systems, or that of the Protestants, the Jesuits introduced a new tactic and flooded China with opium to make the population docile and submissive.

The Opium Wars transformed China and caused the end of the pro-Protestant Qing Dynasty, the last of the imperial dynasties which had been the traditional structure to Chinese civilization. This opened the door for the development of the Chinese state, which followed the same pattern in Europe where traditional monarchies were overthrown through war and revolution to counter and stop the spread of Protestantism.

To support my claims about the purpose of the Opium Wars, and the acceptance of Protestantism in China, I offer the following quote by Ryan Dunch, writing in his excellent book Fuzhou Protestants and the Making of Modern China, 1857 – 1927:

In the cases of the Anti-Opium Society, the anti-American boycott, the reform societies, and the YMCA, it is clear that Chinese Protestants were able to make common cause with the progressive elite in the Fuzhou area. On the one hand, Chinese Protestants saw in these movements an opportunity to join with non-Christians to work for social change that Protestants had long cherished – and to strengthen the association between Protestant belief and modernity in the minds of those non-Christians. On the other hand, the acceptance of Chinese Protestant involvement by the progressive elite signifies a remarkable shift in elite attitudes toward Christianity and towards Chinese converts to it, at least in cosmopolitan centers like Fuzhou. The change was both in societal attitudes towards Protestants and in the way Protestants presented themselves and their religion in society. Even if we cannot say precisely whether their acceptance as part of the progressive was due to their religion, incidental to their religion, or in spite of their religion, we can certainly contend that it was inseparable from it. By this time the Protestants had been a highly visible presence in Fuzhou for over fifty years. Their buildings were local landmarks. Their schools were amongst the largest in the city, and their hospitals were likewise highly visible and respected. Protestant publications, among them the first periodicals and newspapers published in Fuzhou, which progressive Chinese were now emulating, and other works criticizing many of the cultural practices the progressive elite themselves now denounced, had circulated widely in the city for decades. In short, it was well known to the residents of the Fuzhou area that Protestants had long been trying to address many of the specific problems with which the progressives were now concerned, and this gave them credibility.

The Fuzhou region in China played a key role in the Opium Wars, being both an area that was flooded with opium, and from where official opposition to the importation of opium began and spread. It is important for us to make, and understand, the connection between opium and the spread of Protestantism.

The Jesuits implemented similar strategies around the world. Everything from secret societies to intelligence agencies, police forces, and institutions of academia, have been heavily influenced by the Jesuits and the Catholic Church. All have been tools of infiltration and multiplication of mandates and legislation to halt and reverse the spread of Protestantism.

Opioids and other drugs have flooded into Western and Protestant majority nations following the same pattern as in China. The Jesuits established the secret fraternity of the Triads in China to manage the transportation and financial recovery of the drug trade. This strategy was also duplicated in the West with the creation of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.

It has always amazed me that police forces and governments could not stop the illegal drug trade and hammer organizations like the Hells Angels into dust. We have almost been fully conditioned to accept drugs as a fact of life, with our police forces being unable to stop it. The thought that the police forces and groups such as the Hells Angels may be controlled at the top by the very same interests is almost unthinkable to us. But why is this so?

Can we not see that the Hells Angels are allowed to function as they do, and to promote and control the illegal activity which has gutted the morality of Western civilization? The fact that the Hells Angels even exist is proof of that. The fact that the Hells Angels and Triads work towards the same goal in some the same regions is also proof of that.

The name Hells Angels was first used by Howard Hughes in his 1930 movie of that name. Hughes was educated at the Jesuit controlled Rice Institute and Jesuit influenced California Institute of Technology. Howard Hughes also built the University Hall of the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angelas. This academic institution was named after Loyola Ignatius, founder and first Superior General of the Jesuit Order. Patterns such as this repeat over and over throughout our research into the centuries long war being waged against Protestantism by the Catholic Church and Jesuits.

During World War Two there was a fighter squadron called Hells Angels based in China, of all places. The next time the name shows up is when the motorcycle club was started in California in 1948 by the Bishop family. There is little known about the Bishop family, and the origins of the club itself are shrouded in mystery. The only thing we have to go on is the origins of the name and its continuation and transference over the years.

It is stated that the Bishop family were veterans of World War Two, but it is not known in what capacity. Were they stationed in China as part of the Hells Angels squadron? We don’t know. Is the name Bishop even a real name? Unlikely. But the name brings to mind the bishops of the Catholic Church. It is likely that the Hells Angels are a covert and undercover operation of the Jesuits to wage cultural and financial war against the Protestant majority populations of the nations in which they operate.

Supporting this statement is the fact that the 26 nations where the Hells Angels are allowed to operate have predominantly Protestant majority populations. A few outliers exist, such as Turkey, which only creates further confusion. How does an Islamic nation like Turkey allow the Hells Angels to exist? When we consider that the Catholic Church created the religion of Islam, we can begin to understand the big picture. Turkey is the doorstep to Protestant majority Europe, and is the obvious transfer point for opium from Afghanistan to be imported into those nations.

Is is also worth revisiting the fact that the Western nations which are the targets of multicultural policies and massive migration from Islamic regions, are nations with a Protestant majority population. Predominately white Protestant nations are subjected to these sort of Jesuit strategies, while non-white Protestant majority nations, such as Rwanda or Zimbabwe, are subjected to strategies of genocide and starvation. Even South Africa had a Protestant majority population, which is why the policies in that country are pushing out white Protestant farmers and will soon lead to a cross-border genocide with Zimbabwe.

The Hells Angels are involved in human trafficking, prostitution, drugs, strip clubs and other bars, pornography, and the promotion and business support of all sorts of other human vices. It is interesting that both the Hells Angels and the Catholic Church show up in many of the same places.

As an example, like the Hells Angels are connected to the prostitution and murder of aboriginal women in Canada, the Catholic Church also played a large role in the cultural destruction of aboriginal populations through its use of the residential school system in Canada, where young aboriginals were removed from their families, forced to have their hair cut, were beat for speaking their own language, and even murdered and buried in mass graves on school grounds.

These residential schools were funded by the Canadian Federal government and were operated by the Catholic Church. This follows the same pattern as the Church’s involvement in the Rwanda Genocide where the Protestant majority populations were murdered with the support of the Church. Rwanda’s population was 90% Christian Protestant, and was the central region from where Protestantism was spreading throughout Africa.

The control the Hells Angels hold over the prostitution and escort business leaves little room for those enterprising women who wish to go it alone. The mass murder of prostitutes in Western Canada could very well be the Hells Angels wiping out competition and sending a message of fear to any women who fall outside of their control mechanisms.

It is also equally probably that the Hells Angels, as a part of of the human trafficking industry, are providing human sacrifices to the corrupt elites who have destroyed Western Protestant civilization. These sorts of things do in fact take place, but are unthinkable to the normal human being. When those at the top of all aspects of society, whether police forces, government officials, bankers and industry, or gangs like the Hells Angels, are allowed to operate freely and do what they want to without repercussions, is it no wonder they become power-mad and degenerate into the lowest form of human existence?

Some of our greatest thinkers and writers have tried to warn us of this Crown Beast aspect of our nature, in stories such as Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. The human natural tendency to develop civilization into hierarchies always ends in a nightmare for those at the bottom. Protestantism promotes our spiritual nature and control over material addiction and idolatry. This is why the Catholic Church and the Jesuits have been attempting to stamp it out forever.

In the meantime, those like Amber Tuccaro come in and out of this world with but a whimper. – JC

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  1. Thank you Dear JC,

    What I just read made my head spin! I watched an interview with Field Mcconnel aka Abel Danger and his close friend a wonderful English man David Hawkins a while ago in which they talked about a pig farm in British Columbia that was used as some kind of rave/ritual death-cult killing prostitutes by the Hells angles, all under the full protection of the Canadian police. I felt, the gruesome killings of these innocent women is beyond belief and it stayed in my mind until today. What had gone on there is basically killing women on stage purely for the entertainment of the sick and criminally insane folks who’d come to watch a live horror show. Please read the full script of the interview from which I put the following excerpt below:

    “David: In British Columbia, there is ah, a famous pig farm owned by the Pickton family, Willie Pickton. About the time Colonel Russell Williams joined the Air Force which was in nineteen-eighty seven, women have been taken from the downtown east side, prostitutes and we believe through ahm, a couple of my chief hereditary friends in British Columbia, children as well, and they were taken out to the ah, Pickton Pig Farm to engage in strip shows. And the raves that took place at that pig farm in years running up to two-thousand and one, would have seventeen-hundred people, free cocaine, free marijuana, free alcohol. Hell Angels were selling the tickets and there was a dance hall built with a mortgage arranged through the Liberal Party of Canada ah, for about a million dollars. The top of the rage dance hall at the pig farm and at the back of the it was a film editing studio.”

    The full script:

    I will find the full interview of these two great men, available on Youtube and will add once I find them.

  2. You have an interesting theory. You may be correct. I would point out that the reverse has also happened. The British, largely protestant, have persecuted the mostly Catholic Irish in much the same manner as the Canadian “aboriginals” were treated.

  3. “…in the era of religious persecution, his free will, the noblest gift of God to man—the gift which God Himself will not shackle—was demanded from him; and if he dared act according to the dictates of his conscience, a cruel death or a cruel confiscation was his portion. And this was done in the name of liberty of conscience! While England was Catholic, it showed no mercy to Catholic Ireland; I doubt much, if Ireland had become Protestant to a man, when England had become Protestant as a nation, that she would have shown more consideration for the Celtic race. But the additional cruelties with which the Irish were visited, for refusing to discard their faith at the bidding of a profligate king, are simply matters of history.”

  4. I am so grateful for POM and the internet in general. I have learned so much about my ex religion, that my only relationship is with God. Personally. I started researching my ex religion when I had to research the mormon cult. It lead to checking my own. Thanks JC!

  5. Fascinating article with an amazing coincidence. What’s the origins of the Hells Angels? The Bishop Family. #Qanon suggests the BISHOP (cult) has been removed.

  6. Mr. Collins:

    Thank you for your many efforts and labors in your important regards for knowledge and understanding. Be assured that you are not alone.

    Decades ago a distance part of who I once was spent some time in one hot, humid, and wet hell hole called Vietnam. I was injured and part of me died there.

    I witnessed enough death, destruction, and waste to scare the memories of several life times.

    It has taken decades for me to figure out and understand the origins and “WHY?” for it all.

    Be assured and certain that bodies and parts were NOT the only thing inserted into tens of thousands black, thick, heavy body bags.

    The exact same thing has been occurring within bags and coffins being transported from Afghanistan and Iraq since these countries were “liberated” to “spread democracy”.

    One of the specific reasons that the Bush Crime Family and the neocons arranged for the invasion of Afghanistan was restore the destroyed poppy fields and the opium trade. Hence, the reason for the massive “infrastructure investments” in Afghanistan for “the hearts and minds of the people” and the subsequent flood of heroin, opium, and other drugs into all portions of every western country. Opium is now processed, heroin refined, and distribution networks created and structured on massive industrial scales.

    As always, “Follow the money!” and “Cui bono”.

    Most everything that has been taught and is still being taught in our schools and promoted in the “official” bovine scat media has been and still is all deceptions and lies. To see patterns and obtain understanding one just has to survive long enough on this third rock suspended in cold dark space from a nearest Sun, have a certain level of intellect, AND have a care and concern to know.

    POM is a most applicable title for this website. Life and the promotion of control and evil is and always has been about patterns.

    There is not much new under the Sun.

    However, we all had best hang and hold on tight because the ride is going to get rather bumpier as the spins about this planet dramatically change in the immediate future.

    Blessing and peace to all POM members and readers.


    1. Ozymandias, I wish to share some readings I’ve recently made about the “Opium Wars” subject.
      I also send to all POMers my hope that the new year be fruitful for all.

      References about the Opium Wars
      1. “Late Qing, Western challenge, 1839–60” by Evelyn S. Rawski
      “The opium question, the direct cause of the first Sino-British clash in the 19th century, began in the late 18th century as the British attempted to counterbalance their unfavourable China trade with traffic in Indian opium”.
      Full note reading =>

      2. “Merchants of War and Peace, British Knowledge of China in the Making of the Opium War” by Song-Chuan Chen – HongKong University Press, 2017
      Song-Chuan Chen arguments that the war was started by a group of British merchants in the Chinese port of Canton in the 1830’s, known as the “Warlike Party”. Living in a period when British knowledge of China was growing rapidly, the Warlike Party came to understand China’s weakness and its members returned to London to lobby for intervention until war broke out in 1839.

      Follows a quote from pages 3 and 4 of Song-Chuan Chen’s text:
      “By bringing the focus back to the process of war lobbying and the local dynamics of interactions in Canton where the war argument was first developed, this book attempts to show that the Warlike party was the driving force behind the war.
      Before the 1830s, the British acquired their conceptual framework of China mainly through the writings of Jesuit missionaries from continental Europe, which depicted China as a peaceable country to be admired and imitated. The view of China that developed in the Canton port in the 1830s displaced the Jesuits’ imagined geography of the Peking court, where the Jesuits had served the Ming and Qing imperial governments between the late sixteenth and early eighteenth centuries. The contrast between the conceptualization of China by the Jesuits and the Canton British private merchants’ community resulted in a paradigm shift in British perceptions. The Warlike party accentuated a new British idea of China based on its argument for war and its need to justify the conflict both before and after. At the heart of their new vision was the idea that China was in isolation and had to be opened up by the British through war.

      Nobody in London or in the West had the means in the 1830s to know China better than the private merchants in Canton. Not only were they—along with the Protestant missionaries and a few East India Company staff—the major producers of British knowledge about China, but they comprised the only group of people at the time to have relatively accurate military intelligence of the Qing. Both James Matheson (1796-1878) and his business partner William Jardine (1784- 1843)—the two leading figures of the Warlike party—traded in China for more than twenty years, longer than most ETC staff, and had superior knowledge of China’s eastern coast and military strength. They regularly sent ships up the coast to sell opium. Their ship captains engaged in skirmishes with Chinese water forces (shuishi), and accounts of such trips and their observations on the Chinese military were regularly published in the Register.

      With this new knowledge, they were able to make informed judgements, and this made a difference in the war decision. They met with Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston (Henry John Temple, 1784-1865) at least four times and finally won his support in late 1839. They supplied him with a war strategy—the ‘Jardine plan’—and, crucially, with intelligence of the weakness of the Chinese military defences, suggesting that the war was easily winnable. This assessment, moreover, provided the government with an attractive solution to the domestic political crisis that the government was facing. Britain fought and won the First Opium War according to the plan supplied by the merchants, prompting Palmerston, famously, to express his thanks to William Jardine for the ‘assistance and information… so handsomely afforded’. The Treaty of Nanking, signed after the war in 1842, fulfilled in every clause the demands that the merchants had discussed extensively in their maritime public sphere in Canton.
      Scholars have made note of Jardine’s war lobbying but regarded it solely as his personal position, marginal to the outbreak of war. Historical treatment of the merchants’ lobbying has been patchy. This book is the first full investigation of the First Opium War’s history in this context of how the Warlike party developed the war argument in the environment of Canton, produced new British knowledge of China, and lobbied successfully for the war. It shows that the new British knowledge of China was the result of a combination of the Warlike party members’ trading experiences in Canton, their faith in the ideology of free trade, their hopes for new trade relations, and their confidence in the expansionist British Empire. The making of the new British knowledge about China and the waging of the First Opium War were intrinsically and deeply intertwined. And considering that the new knowledge would become a frame of reference for learning about China that lasted until the 1970s, the history documented in this book is central to the understanding of Sino-Western historical encounters”.

      3. About the Scottish physician and merchant William Jardine =>


  7. This article pointed to weird occurrence I had in the area. The only one I had of this type in my life.Thought I would post it.

    Reminds me of traveling the highway along the Frazer River.

    Upon reaching Cache Creek I looked in my review mirror and saw what looked like a 90’s white Cadillac type car approaching me in the fast lane at pace perhaps 2 mph faster than me. It gave me instant heebie jeebies.

    I pulled into a gas station at the bottom of the hill and watched it go by and turn onto a side road in relief. I headed north again as I was going to Alaska. Perhaps 10 to 20 miles north of Cache Creek I looked into my review and there the car was again! Creeping up on me at the same ever so slowly pace. A guy with stringy long grey hair passes me and pulls into farm and I pass him in relief. I watch him in my review mirror as he pulls a U-ee and heads back towards Cache Creek.

    Upon almost reaching 100 Mile House I look in my review and there he is again creeping up with me! It passes me and this time I notice no license plate! To my relief (somewhat) it turns off at mile 93.

    I go directly to the RCMP in 100 Mile house. I gotta call cause nobody is there. I tell the lady yes I want to talk with someone. I talk to a guy inside and I tell him this story and notice he is not writing the description of the car! I even ask him if it was you guys (RCMP,thinking sting) and he goes no it is not.

    I tell him, man this is too much, I am going to get a motel. He says no, I should go to the next town! I get it. This town isn’t safe. Williams lake delivers me out of the Twilight Zone and perhaps the pig pen. The literal one.

    Yes, a little research and there seems to be an abnormal amount of missing folk in the area.

  8. Yet while all these people are disappearing from within and by the human race, still so many look to the night sky speculating on what species of extraterrestrial being obducted them.

  9. I will say I have done this trip over 20 times with nary a problem minus border scrutiny. Even camping along the side of the road. The overall look of the country and politeness of the people belies the weirdness of this event. I had no idea of a dark side at the time now I do.

  10. Well, not at the time of the event. I didn’t know about that stuff back then. At the time I thought he was gonna shoot me through the window upon passing with a silencer equipped gun. TV might be blamed for this thought…as it’s a pretty lonely stretch of road in April and a silencer isn’t really necessary.

    Obviously the guy was reptilian and wasted a lot of gas, for here I am today.

    I am more prepared these days.

    Preppers take notice.

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