The Invisible Hand of the Disorganized Masses and the Application of Pre-French Revolution Conditions in the Modern World (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

The comments this week coming from the so-called elite referencing the ignorant masses have manufactured an aggressive response.  The mainstream media have not picked up on these comments but the alternative media have been on the cultural front lines with well strategized talking points.

It should be noted that I have often referenced the disorganized masses in previous posts.  This phrase stands in contrast to what is being referenced with the term ignorant masses.  Disorganized would suggest non-ignorance with a lack of focus and intent.  Ignorant simply means that the masses are too intellectually inferior for advanced comprehension.

While it cannot be denied that there is a vast component of ignorance maintained within the disorganized masses, this ignorance, for the most part, is not willful and is the product of massive cultural and socioeconomic conditioning.  Being that all people are not intellectually equal, it can be assumed that there are varying degrees of comprehension when it comes to socioeconomic trends and directions.

The one common trait which is shared by all demographics is the expression of self-interest.  The term “Invisible Hand” was first used by Adam Smith in the lead up years to the French Revolution.  The invisible hand described the unintended social benefits of individual actions.  It was reasoned that individuals’ efforts to pursue their own interest may frequently benefit society more than if their actions were directly intending to benefit society.

The French population was guided by this invisible hand as the people expressed their self-interest through anger at the French monarchy in 1789.

In his book Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies, Collected from Good Authorities, John Robison, Professor of Natural Philosophy, and Secretary to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, presented a strong case that the French Revolution was manufactured through the manipulation of the domestic economy by external banking interests.

The book, which was published in 1798, only a few years after the initial revolution, has since been minimized and disregarded as inaccurate and unproven.  This typical smear tactic, which we still see in use today, has done little to address most of the facts and events discussed in the book.  The work is a major announcement of the methodology which was used, and continues to be used, by international banking interests against the ignorant (disorganized) masses.  I have a first printing from 1798 in my own collection and consider it to be one of my most prized possessions.

The accepted causes of the French Revolution are listed on Wikipedia as follows:

  1. Cultural: The Enlightenment philosophy desacralized the authority of the King and the Church, and promoted a new society based on “reason” instead of traditions.
  2. Social: The emergence of an influential bourgeoisie which was formally part of the Third Estate (commoners) but had evolved into a caste with its own agenda and aspired to political equality with the clergy (First Estate) and the aristocracy (Second Estate).
  3. Financial: France’s debt, aggravated by French involvement in the American Revolution, led Louis XVI to implement new taxations and to reduce privileges.
  4. Political: Louis XVI faced virulent opposition from provincial parliaments which were the spearheads of the privileged classes’ resistance to royal reforms.
  5. Economic: The de-regulation of the grain market, advocated by liberal economists, resulted in an increase in bread prices.  In period of bad harvests, it would lead to food scarcity which would prompt the masses to revolt.

These are all the same causes which John Robison also attributes to the French Revolution.  The difference is that Robison does not accept that idea that these conditions materialized as a natural process of socioeconomics.  For Robison, the intentional manufacturing of these conditions by powers outside France was obvious.

Turning entire populations towards revolution takes years of socioeconomic conditioning and the application of downward pressure on civil liberties while also drawing attention to that downward pressure.  The disorganized masses through the ultimate expression of self-interest, as defined by the invisible hand of Adam Smith, will inevitably rise up and overthrow those they perceive as being the cause of the problem.  The solution to the problem will have been previously weaved into the fabric of the revolution.

In the case of the French Revolution the problem was the monarchy and the solution was the overthrow of that monarchy and the establishment of the state governance framework and central bank methodology.

It would be beneficial to consider that in the modern world globalization and central bank practices are fulfilling the same role as the monarchy.  The solution, which will wear the revolutionary mask of modern-nationalism, will morph into the final objective of global governance and monetary consolidation.  The framework for these objectives has already been weaved into the developing response.

Let’s take another look at the causes of the French Revolution detailed above and apply modern trends to them:

  1. Cultural: Like the Enlightenment, the Information Age and developing technology is changing the world at the fastest pace since Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.  The pressure which is building on the old traditions and ways of life is promoting the concept once again of a new society.
  2. Social: Like the French bourgeoisie a new caste of “elite” have risen from within the ranks of the commoners (disorganized masses) and have aspired to political equality with the clergy and aristocracy.  The American elite simulacra of political families, such as Clintons, Bushes, etc.., are fulfilling this role whether they realize it or not.
  3. Financial: Like pre-revolution France, western governments have accumulated vast amounts of debt fighting wars around the world and unrestrained fiscal spending.  This debt has caused some nations to reduce privileges through austerity measures and increase taxation on the disorganized masses.
  4. Political: Like the provincial parliaments in pre-revolution France, nationalist political movements are developing in countries around the world.  This new modern-nationalism will be the tip of the spear for further global governance and monetary consolidation.  The response to BREXIT of deeper monetary consolidation within the EU and the development of an EU Super-State would suggest this to be the case.
  5. Economic: Like the de-regulation of the grain market in France, the modern world has experienced a massive amount of de-regulation in everything from energy to banking.  As in the past, this de-regulation has caused additional strain on the disorganized masses and has contributed to the growing sense of unfairness and aggression.

As we can see, all of the components which facilitated the French Revolution are being used in the modern world in various forms.  The methodology which was used in pre-revolution France went on to be used against other nations and fundamentally changed the world and how massive populations were managed and wealth distributed.

Over the last few years I have been writing extensively on the fundamentals of the monetary transition aspects of this new global governance mandate.  On so many occasions I have attempted to present a convincing case to readers that we are being herded down a path which has been engineered with great care and attention.

But unfortunately the large majority of readers have been unable to accept the methodology described and have instead folded under the massive mainstream and alternative propaganda which is fulfilling the same mandates as in the French Revolution.

As before, where the mass population of France could not see the external influence from outside, the disorganized masses of the modern world cannot see that the five causes of revolution described above are being engineered by a power which resides above the nation state and the structure of central banking.

While we are focusing our anger on central banks and our political classes the real framework is being weaved into the well planned out response, which will take the form of modern-nationalism with a focus on repairing the damages which have been hammered into the five effective causes defined as cultural, social, financial, political, and economic.

Each of our own expressions of self-interest, the invisible hand which is manipulated, is being used against us for a larger purpose.

Often I am asked the question of why I think the plans of the elites will work.  I am told that this time it is different.  This time the people have awakened and they are taking their power back.  The obvious answer is that we are talking two different elites.  Most readers consider the elites to be the political and financial classes which have been allowed to develop.  The elite I reference have engineered those used and abused subjects for the specific purpose of attracting the anger and aggression of the disorganized masses.

Some of this methodology and engineering have been further described in the following posts:

How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump

BREXIT – The New Modern Nationalism is Global Governance

New Age Socialism and the End of Debt-Based Money Creation

All of the above, like this article, are FREEPOM posts, which are meant to spread the message as far as possible.  Some information shouldn’t have a monetary value, and my attempt to spread truth is genuine.

Trends are difficult to reverse, and the disorganized masses are impossible to organize without access to massive media formats.  Blogs such as Philosophy of Metrics are one of the only methods available of attempting to spread truth and awaken the masses to the methodology described above.  The information age has provided this opportunity to stimulate a true awakening.  Unfortunately this open media is being massively infiltrated and used through alternative media to manufacture the aggressive response required.  They serve the same purpose as the commoner leaflets in the lead up to the French Revolution.

It is ironic that the site which is honestly attempting to provide an education on the methodologies and socioeconomic engineering being used is frequently accused of promoting the agenda of the elites. Such is the power and influence of the scripting which is being used.  Like the French population of the past, our populations today are blinded to the real causes and purpose of the events of our time.

The question of why I feel so confident that these plans will work has its obvious answer in the fact that the question even exists.  Like John Robison, I am attempting to do my part for the good of humanity but feel burdened with the lack of acceptance and encouragement from the larger population.

Standing as a man of conviction I will continue to research and present information for those few among us who still remain free in spirit and thought.  The ignorance of the disorganized masses will continue and this post will be attacked across the blogosphere as more JC entitlement and lack of understanding the economic fundamentals.

Renewing the spark of life within each of us is more important than taking a punch in the face.  This transformation of the worlds systems will continue and the disorganized masses will bitch and moan about engineered elites and scripted imbalances.  What was before will be again.  But his time I’m awake, and no matter what the world becomes the truth inside can never be altered or destroyed.  - JC

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46 Comments on “The Invisible Hand of the Disorganized Masses and the Application of Pre-French Revolution Conditions in the Modern World (FREEPOM)”

  1. JC,

    This post is deeply resonant with my own experience in trying to share this information with others. In my daily professional life, I interact with educated people whose job it is to know about the things you write about and I research. However, they know very little or nothing about these things; and frankly, respond with dismissal or ig-norance on the rare occasion I make mention of any of it. Luckily a few open minds remain.

    In my efforts to attempt to lend clarity about whom or what is doing the central planning (when a curious person asks), I find it much like trying to hold down a bead of mercury to explain the complexity of it all. Is it people (elites), is it supranational institutions (BIS), is it a system (the deep state), or is it all of the above. All of these answers always fall short due to their amorphous nature and seem to leave seekers of truth more confused. How do you answer the question, “Who/what is pulling the strings?”

    1. “There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has a secret destiny.” – Manly P. Hall

      1. JC great article. I actually chuckled when you brought up james Roninsons proof of a conspiracy , I ordered it last month a reprint of the original. You may also like Abbé Augustin Barruel was a French publicist and Jesuit priest. He is now mostly known for setting forth the conspiracy theory involving the Bavarian Illuminati and the Jacobins in his book Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism (original title Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire du Jacobinisme) published in 1797. In short, Barruel wrote that the French Revolution was planned and executed by the secret societies.
        Great article! And thank you!

      2. Thank you for introducing me to the John Robison book. I can imagine that the first printing would be one of your most prized possessions.

        In reference to your quote above. I have the first printing of "The Secret Destiny of America" sitting on my shelf behind me and also treat it as one of my most prized possessions.

        I have enjoyed digesting your Material and look forward to more insights.

        I have also really appreciated the quality of the comments from your readers. You have a very thoughtful group working with you.

  2. While being one of the so called "ignorant masses", I find your comment snipped below to be somewhat unfair. I have always appreciated your writings and until you started subscription which I simply cannot afford, I have read every single piece you wrote from the beginning.

    snip>>>Like John Robison, I am attempting to do my part for the good of humanity but feel burdened with the lack of acceptance and encouragement from the larger population.<<<<end snip

  3. Manly P Hall is pretty awesome no doubt. This piece deserves some recognition too.

    "Renewing the spark of life within each of us is more important than taking a punch in the face. This transformation of the worlds systems will continue and the disorganized masses will bitch and moan about engineered elites and scripted imbalances. What was before will be again. But this time I’m awake, and no matter what the world becomes the truth inside can never be altered or destroyed. – JC"

  4. "It is ironic that the site which is honestly attempting to provide an education on the methodologies and socioeconomic engineering being used is frequently accused of promoting the agenda of the elites. Such is the power and influence of the scripting which is being used. Like the French population of the past, our populations today are blinded to the real causes and purpose of the events of our time."

    People are stuck in belief traps of how the world "should" operate in order for their mind to process or handle conflicting information. There had always been an authority (parent) that "knows best" and we are trained, like animals, to obey whatever we deem an authority. Usually, to think outside the norm leads to punishment or social isolation. It's a deep seeded fear to be cast out of the tribe for different ways of viewing the world outside of our disorganized programming.

    People want to believe in good (God) without the risk and responsibility of being that way themselves. This enlightenment going on around the world may be proportional to the number of people, the percentage may be the same as it was thousands of years ago. Only now with the internet, pockets of us can communicate around the world.

    These "elite" who are the actual change agents have a deep and vast understanding of human nature and know humanity better than we know ourselves.

    As long as there is an external authority, there will be perpetual fear and servitude . Under the constraint of fear, the masses will ways be disorganized and ignorant.

    1. Firstly I found this article fascinating and agree in most of the analysis. Yet I cannot accept this concept of a singly organized elite facing and manipulating a disorganized and defuse "masses". If we take the French revolution for example, a volcano in Iceland a couple of years prior which caused global climate change and the failure of grain harvests was a key player in the popular discontent. So, this is surely the hand of circumstance.

      I deffer to a culture that accepts that the only true constant is change, that nothing is what it apears to be in our mind and everything is defined by its relative place to everything else in time and space. In short history is a point of view, yet its totality of which we only see what we can see defines the present and the present on which we act upon in our limited and self centered delusionary capacity (as individuals) defines the future (including ours).

      So the problem of mankind is the dominance of the ego. Since our oun existance is entirely relative and dependent on external circumstance, as seeing ourselves as unique and isolated in a separate ego is delusional and just contributes to our suffering.

      What makes the elite different is that they have the ego problem in spades but they also have a degree of sociopathy, where not only do they need to support the never ending desire for material, power and control for the sake of the delusion of their demanding ego, they furthermore are perfectly prepaired to do this at the cost and sacrifice of all the setient beings arround them and the resources which are necessary to sustain any future whatsoever which they do not see as necessary part of their own existance or happiness. In other words they are willing to knowingly and calculatedly increase and exploit the suffering of others to afford their ego some temporary and delusional respite.

      Part of the problem is that if we see the existance of the subtler essences of our being (call it heart or soul or higher mind) only in terms of this one bodies present life we pander more to the base delusions of the ego. If we can expand our mind to see ourselves as part of the infinate perspective of the universe, past present and future, elitism disapears and becomes quite meaningless.

      Your statement that "These “elite” who are the actual change agents have a deep and vast understanding of human nature and know humanity better than we know ourselves." Is erronious.

      The elite have no secret knowledge, no special tricks, it is each individual in him/herself that is the "actual change agent". enlightenment is not some knowledge added, it is a veil or obstuction to the view of reality taken away.

      Yours in the Dharma, Ian

  5. Ignorance is just a lack of knowledge. It doesn't have anything to do with intelligence and nothing to be ashamed of. As a pharmacist I sometimes see health care providers afraid of saying "I don't know let me look it up". My ignorance of SDRs is what led me to your site!

    1. Sorry but ignorance, "is not just a lack of knowledge". The act of being ignorant, is to willfully substitute experience/knowledge with opinion. I place less emphasis on knowledge due to historical and factual manipulation, which is rife. Also imagination is more important than knowledge. I believe ignorance is a form of mental laziness and an inability or refusal to face reality.

  6. Stand fast JC!!, many of us in the bleachers do understand what and why you convey this information at this time. May God keep you in the palm of his hand. Ann

  7. This 'Elite', I usually thought someone who have overwhelming Financial background which is Jewish Secret Society. I may seem wrong however the external influence are easily to spot, when you Isolate yourself from the masses and believe from god (spiritual meditation).

    Being a different may lead disharmony to whom are feel safe within the existing society framework.
    Even though they are being lead to slavery to the 'elites'.

    External Influence I'm gonna point out, Israel's well known individuals, the supranational institutions like C.I.A, Banks, IMF, WHO, UN. A several Jewish Community and secret group, Like Masonic, Rothschild. Freemason and so on behind the curtain of staged event.

    We're on the way of digitisation, Which may prevent us from seeing a reality, and a total full control of our activity. Online is so..... Easy until they stop you from accessing the 'accounts'.

    When a system does allows an entity grow too big too fail and separate entity from liable to individuals. This is what happen without accountability. xD

    Just my 2 cents.

  8. I went down the rabbit hole in 2004 when a golf buddy pointed to the geo engineered grid in the BC sky and mentioned HAARP. I went home excited, expecting to see something on the news that night. Silly peasant! Over the next 10 years I stumbled across disinfo, misinfo and obfuscation in my spare time until one day I found your site during the early days of the Coup in the Ukraine. Happy to have finally coughed up the $60 USD and have shared your site with many. Sadly most look at me like I have 3 heads and many who should know better have no idea what an SDR is or what the BIS is. Even more sad is the fact that I have zero credibility or letters after my name and it might as well be a homeless person trying to shake some sense into them... But they've been warned! Keep up the great work brother!

  9. I don't think that most people I speak to are ignorant of this, they just don't have any practical solution to it, how do you defeat a face less for? So with nothing better to do people just keep calm and hope when the storm hits they can deal with it

  10. Of course their plans will work, some things have been planned for centuries, what do the "masses" have to oppose these plans? The attention span of a goldfish and minds full of commerce and dung? And frankly, I can't say I can fault or disagree with most of what I know about what's coming globally. The "masses" can be trusted no more than a herd can be trusted to take the right direction, the very vast majority of people are short-sighted, ill-informed, ignorant, unread, self-centered, egotistical, materialistic, downright stupid and they don't care

  11. I really appreciate what you are doing JC. I feel much better about the world since finding POM. You present without the added emotional charge which everything these days comes with. My mind is ever opening. Thank you.

  12. I agree with you and would really like for you to carry your writing further. As you educate through this format I'm sure you must have concrete ideas about solutions. I'm convinced that we are manipulated, but how do we improve without playing into the hands of the manipulators?

    1. We improve by exuding love. By looking for the good in ourselves and others--and capitalizing on it. We improve by cultivating virtues of thought and virtues of character. We improve by being moral. Morality is not relative, there are standards. People want leaders--let's give it to them. The "masses" are seeking leadership, they are primed for leadership. It's time for us philosophers to start doing philosophy.


  13. Hi JC,
    I am a long time reader, but this is my first comment. Your cogent, well researched writing continues to amaze me. This blog is one of several alternative media sites I regularly read, providing much needed realism to counter all the manipulative and widespread MSM propaganda. I regularly send Freepom articles to people in my circle - those who are part of the disorganized masses, people who I am trying desperately to awaken. I am not having much success. Like you I AM awake and there is no going back, but it is rather lonely on this side of the divide.
    I am a former Albertan now living on Vancouver Island. A brother and sister remain in Calgary. My brother in particular, a retired, extremely astute businessman and highly successful entrepreneur continues to frustrate me with his unwillingness to even consider an alternative point of view to the goings on in the world. He is far from being ignorant, so that is not the issue. My perspective has always been that if we cannot get highly intelligent and respected people like him to shift to a new way of thinking, then it is hopeless.
    I have told him about your blog but I doubt he will ever check it out. Pity. But I will continue to read, think and ponder. And when moments present themselves to introduce different thoughts and ideas I will do my duty as a person trying to make a difference for humanity. To not do so would be to cop out.
    Each of us who are awake has a duty to try to awaken others, for the good of humanity. Especially those of us who are in the top 1% just by virtue of where we were born. On this Canada Day, I am thankful for this great country for many reasons, one of which is the fact that this blog can exist, fully accessible and uncensored. This is but one measure of wealth, and one that I am extremely thankful for.
    JC, keep going! You are providing an invaluable service to all.

  14. The biggest problem I see is that the MAIN STREAM MEDIA lies to the masses everyday. How can anyone make an informed decision about anything if you are lied to or they do not tell what is really going on? Most of what is going on right with all governments is they are doing thing behind closed doors, i.e Global Warming, and TPP. They are forcing this down our throats and are going to implement this stuff whether we like it or not. The U.S. population has not even voted on Global Warming or TPP. Politicians in DC are corrupt and will do the bidding for the Invisible Hand. How do you combat that?

  15. you stated, as have others, that an order of the quest or freemasonry is behind the scenes operating as the hidden hand. i don't know who is or is not but i am amazed when looking throughout western history what an absolute failure it is. by every measure of humanity these "manipulators" seek to enrich themselves while enslaving others. i feel this is neither enlightened or intelligent. we live on the same blue ball spinning through space in a closed biosphere. every thing they do to weaken and hurt us comes back to them. every poison they use against us is present for them as well and for their offspring. every new "technological advantage" they have is later used against them. their record of management is dismal and i would imagine that should a more intelligent species visit they would be dismayed at the waste and lack of progress caused by these individuals. i do not consent to these actions and certainly do not consider people like this "elite". they remind me of the water buffalo lodge on the flintstones cartoon, grand poobahs with a secret handshake. just because things are kept secret does not mean they are true or right. i believe these are actually the most manipulated and controlled beings on our planet lacking common sense and discernment in the actions they have taken.

  16. Thanks JC.

    Keep up with the information you keep presenting to us. I speak for others in saying it is much appreciated and a breath of fresh air unlike the noise from the media at large.

    I think we vastly underestimate the power behind the process of change happening around us. I see no one has yet mentioned the Shadow a vastly intelligent being that is behind the process of change. Not religious by any means - but the quote is "the god of this world". It is the agent behind evolution or change. If you are a physicist, it is called the "S force or force of entropy"

    A great example of what shows what is going on is the movie series - The Hobbits and Lord of the Rings. It actually shows you the levels and also the "Shadow" or for lack of a better term in the movie - "Sauron". The movie shows a perfect description of the complexity of the "Invisible Hand" behind change.

    I can remember how extremely difficult it was for a message to be sent throughout the realm in the movie b/c of the strangle hold Sauron had across the lands. It was like a dim light shining in the darkness.

    Your blog JC is exactly that - a dim light shining in the darkness opening our eyes to the complexities of change in a world of paradox.

    The other one is the Matrix that shows the same thing.



  17. Hey if anyone here knows the real elites can you tell them to quit bitching about me and that I don't need any more weird phone calls.Enough already!

  18. Thanks for POM.
    I ask permission to came back with some news about Brexit but with an exopolitics concern:
    "In a speech before the European Parliament discussing the consequences of the Brexit vote, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, made the stunning comment that he had spoken about it to “leaders of other planets.”

  19. "Bauer, who adopted the name of "Rothschild" or Red Shield, from the red shield which he hung over his door to advertise his business (the red shield today is the official coat of arms of the City of Frankfurt), (See Cover) "was only thirty years of age when he invited twelve other wealthy and influential men to meet him in Frankfurt. His purpose was to convince them that if they agreed to pool their resources they could then finance and control the World Revolutionary Movement and use it as their Manual of Action to win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world. This agreement reached, Mayer unfolded his revolutionary plan. The project would be backed by all the power that could be purchased with their pooled resources. By clever manipulation of their combined wealth it would be possible to create such adverse economic conditions that the masses would be reduced to a state bordering on starvation by unemployment... Their paid propagandists would arouse feelings of hatred and revenge against the ruling classes by exposing all real and alleged cases of extravagance, licentious conduct, injustice, oppression, and persecution. They would also invent infamies to bring into disrepute others who might, if left alone, interfere with their overall plans... Rothschild turned to a manuscript and proceeded to read a carefully prepared plan of action. 1. He argued that LAW was FORCE only in disguise. He reasoned it was logical to conclude ‘By the laws of nature right lies in force.’ 2. Political freedom is an idea, not a fact. In order to usurp political power all that was necessary was to preach ‘Liberalism’ so that the electorate, for the sake of an idea, would yield some of their power and prerogatives which the plotters could then gather into their own hands. 3. The speaker asserted that the Power of Gold had usurped the power of Liberal rulers.... He pointed out that it was immaterial to the success of his plan whether the established governments were destroyed by external or internal foes because the victor had to of necessity ask the aid of ‘Capital’ which ‘Is entirely in our hands’. 4. He argued that the use of any and all means to reach their final goal was justified on the grounds that the ruler who governed by the moral code was not a skilled politician because he left himself vulnerable and in an unstable position. 5. He asserted that ‘Our right lies in force. The word RIGHT is an abstract thought and proves nothing. I find a new RIGHT... to attack by the Right of the Strong, to reconstruct all existing institutions, and to become the sovereign Lord of all those who left to us the Rights to their powers by laying them down to us in their liberalism. 6. The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such


    42 William Guy Carr, Pawns In The Game, privately printed, 1956


    strength that no cunning or force can undermine it. He went on to outline twenty-five points. Number 8 dealt with the use of alcoholic liquors, drugs, moral corruption, and all vice to systematically corrupt youth of all nations. 9. They had the right to seize property by any means, and without hesitation, if by doing so they secured submission and sovereignty. 10. We were the first to put the slogans Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity into the mouths of the masses, which set up a new aristocracy. The qualification for this aristocracy is WEALTH which is dependent on us. 11. Wars should be directed so that the nations engaged on both sides should be further in our debt. 12. Candidates for public office should be servile and obedient to our commands, so that they may readily be used. 13. Propaganda--their combined wealth would control all outlets of public information. 14. Panics and financial depressions would ultimately result in World Government, a new order of one world government."

    So Trump is being helped by the inheritance of this family and America will be "one" under this god?

  20. Or perhaps under these gods from Jean-Claude Juncker:

    He says something absolutely outlandish. The video above is in French, but since I’m a native French speaker I’ve transcribed his words for you:

    Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin, sont inquiets. J’ai vue et entendue et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d’autres planètes. Ils sont très inquiets parce qu’ils s’interrogent sur la voie que l’union européenne vas poursuivre. Donc il faut rassurer et les européens et ceux qui nous observent de plus loin.

    This is a word for word transcription of his words above. Translated in English, with no interpretation on my part, this means literally:

    We must know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I’ve seen and heard and listened to several of the leaders of other planets. They’re very worried because they question themselves about the path the European Union will follow. Thus we must reassure both Europeans and those who observe us from afar.

    I assure you there is no possible room for misinterpretation or subtle distinction that could make this mean anything else than that he’s claiming to be in contact with aliens. There are a few points to address regarding this.

    The dang Orion- Anunnaki- Watchers again....

  21. Thanks for the message! However, after reading this text, my theory is that real elites (the ones I think you discard as real elites - politicians, kings, dictators, generals, financiers, ...) are also disorganized elites, and that, through the ultimate expression of self-interest, act as an invisible hand.

    Believing in a magnificently elaborated master plan being carried out through centuries by Rothschilds and alikes is too...unnatural. Ancient civilizations like Romans went through similar cycles, crisis, revolutions, elites taking down other elites...don't tell me there were already a big mystery elite behind it all, planning and foreseeing every crisis till today's time...

    Thank you very much for your freepom, one of the best readings I've discovered!

  22. "don’t tell me there were already a big mystery elite behind it all, planning and foreseeing every crisis till today’s time"

    --Brotherhood of the Snake-----Anunnaki----Enki------Enlil---

    And oops I didn't see John John's post

  23. What can one do but try and not hold the greatest contempt for people who live their lives as savages round about the reproductive marry go round. The ideals of truth are worthless to the masses, so are the ideals of justice and equality. It took centuries of socioeconomic engineering just to bring the culmination of present rights and economic prosperity. The masses let alone the typical human is a tribal, engrossed in their baser desires and slaves to a system within themselves which propagates the misery of the whole. Few challenge it, few seek to question or resist this biochemical erosion from within in the material world, instead they embrace the corruption and become it in completeness. The mirror cuts deep into all things as it shatters and fragments.

    In order to manage the micro economic human into the next system they must be continually baited with perceptions, systems and threats which moves social and economic value that of which the masses follow idoltrously, as to why nationalism and celebrity of leadership are effective drivers of a consolidation of power by those who seek to reorganize the social capital of a human framework/system/nation. It is known that the advancement and prosperity of a nation, of an economic system is majority to the causes of social liberation however an enlightenment amongst the people is quite disputable. While the liberation of economy aids well in the actuators of illumination from within it is not the primary cause.

    With your work JC people regard the truth with little value unless the high priest is covered in gold or perceived to have lots of it, or if the information of this set is valued. Unfortunately very few place a pittance for esoteric or economic knowledge. The requirement for understanding these systems requires steep investment of time and an actual commitment and a mental seperation from the hegemonic system of human thought, the main or now alternative media. I appreciate the work you've done over the years JC and particularly hope for more esoteric writings, an exercise of the Promethean fire which we need from time to time.

  24. JC, at the end of the day, one can only change oneself, and is only responsible for oneself. The masses serve a more esoteric function in that hey remind the perceptive seeker to remain diligent in his/her quest and serve as an example of how easy it is to stray. Creature comforts and material junk make it easy to become apathetic and technocratic, and many who fancy themselves as "awakened" fit neatly into that premanufactured box. It seems you may not be one of these.....

    I have always been fascinated with your blog, not because I have any monetary interest, or real command of the subject matter (although I do have a better grasp now thanks to your work),but because I recognize a fellow seeker. Do what you feel you must, but you are responsible for no one else but you. Don't let the external noise drown out the internal stillness. Collectively, we are experiencing precisely what we need to. Once the threat of death, the way most perceive it, is gone, why resist what is unfolding? It's all a game anyway, why not enjoy it? Keep up the good work buddy, whether you know it or not, you're assisting in the kind of awakening that actually makes impacts do it is appreciated.

    1. Thanks Jeremy. Haven't heard from you in a while. Glad you're still dropping in now and then. In some weird way this blog and what I'm doing is directly connected to my own personal quest. Deep stirrings are afoot.

  25. "The ideals of truth are worthless to the masses, so are the ideals of justice and equality. It took centuries of socioeconomic engineering just to bring the culmination of present rights and economic prosperity. The masses let alone the typical human is a tribal, engrossed in their baser desires and slaves to a system within themselves which propagates the misery of the whole. Few challenge it, few seek to question or resist this biochemical erosion from within in the material world, instead they embrace the corruption and become it in completeness".

    This seems to be an elitist view as the use of the word "masses" is an awfully large container. This sort of animal you describe has been engineered to be this way by the upper echelons whom feed off it. Every building, road,airplane, on this planet was built by the lower echelons for money pulled out of a hat by the upper echelons.

    Money when created is an over-unity device which through force makes the animal you describe burn energy for it. In his eyes he does it for the false gods(new stuff) he is made to feel, by the upper echelons, as the things he needs for happiness. So who is the bad guy? The ones who throw out the false message or the ones whom believe it?

    The elites take 12 volts of electricity and turn it into a billion volts through the energy of man and then complain about the product they have created? I mean come on! They got their 12 volts back and then some!

    " It is easy to fool someone but very difficult to make one believe they have been fooled"

    Sooooo.....why fool anyone the first place. It's just getting ying to bitch about yang.

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