The International-Left has infiltrated the Domestic Right

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The Right Needs to Take Back Control of the Right

By JC Collins

Whether we consider the diametrical political ideologies of left and right as a fabrication of unseen powers or the mere chance of human choice and opinion has little bearing on the unfolding realities which are shaping our world.  The opposing positions of left and right exist and are being used to transition mass populations around the world towards a tightly woven socialist governance framework which is interconnected through monetary and financial think tanks, media and propaganda organizations, educational curriculum’s, foundations, unions, NGO’s, charities, and those in the financial world with resources to fund such activity.

The socioeconomic engineering of political ideologies has been focused on constantly moving the goal posts and incrementally shifting the right spectrum further and further to the center and pass into the spectrum of the left.  This allows the left spectrum to move further and further into the far-left territory where broader and deeper transformations of the mass culture and socioeconomic engineering can take place with the willing acceptance of those remaining on the right.

There are two fundamental problems with this strategy.  One, the right is more aligned with the natural tendencies of human beings when it comes to relationships, family, and occupation, all things which the left has been attacking for decades. Two, the movement from the right creates a form of cultural and instinctual muscle memory which produces an abstract suction effect when the left pulls too hard and the right snaps back into place.

While the right should promote strength, responsibility and accountability, the left has been busy promoting weakness, irresponsibility, and unaccountability. This is pulling apart our culture and is directly contributing to the increased interest in right leaning politics by a majority of the population as the disproportion becomes more pronounced.

The leftist engineers who promote the “Do What Thou Wilt” pseudo-religious culturalism are well aware of this suction effect and have implemented strategies to infiltrate the right-leaning political parties in nations around the world.

The insidious nature of this infiltration is best observed in the recent revelation that mainstream establishment Republicans such as John McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush all accepted donations from George Soros.

The Open Society Foundation of Soros is the biggest funder and promoter of the international liberal-left agenda on the planet.  It has subsidiaries in almost all nations and provides funding to charities, NGO’s and other ancillary foundations across the world.  These funded groups provide further financial and framework assistance to the cause of the liberal-left agenda domestically within countries through donations and working group studies which influence the politics on both the right and the left.

The conservative right throughout Western nations has been hijacked through this process and began using the liberal-left talking points a long time ago.  Here in Canada the right has even re-branded itself as Progressive Conservative, as the term “progressive” is politically associated with the left, even though the left is implementing policies which could be considered regressive.

The election of Donald Trump in the United States is a coup d’état against the left and a reclaiming of the Republican Party.  This is why establishment Republicans, such as those above who are funded by George Soros, have done everything in their power to stop the rise of Trump and are now attempting to savage his Presidency and make it illegitimate.

Keep in mind that the liberal-left will use all of the tools available to them, such as monetary and financial policies, media and propaganda organizations, educational curriculums, foundations, unions, NGO’s, charities, among other things, to hamper and destroy those like Trump who rise up against them.

Many nations are now beginning to resist and charge back against this leftist invasion of the right.  It is happening in America.  It is beginning to happen in Canada.  It is happening in Great Britain.  It is happening in France.  It is happening Germany.  It is happening in George Soros’s home nation of Hungary.  It is happening in Macedonia.  It is beginning is Australia, and seeds are spread around the world.

Though the right and left political spectrums are being intentionally used to control and manipulate mass populations around the world, those very same tools are available to us disorganized masses who are attempting to re-organize our lives and our nations to better reflect the ideals and moral standing of the populations in our respective homes.

Until a more fundamental integration of philosophy and politics takes place these are the tools at our disposal.  A massive movement to the far-left is just as destructive as a massive shift to the far-right.  We are told that what was once the moderate right should now be considered the far right.  The far left is now considered to be the norm and more to the center. This is how far they have shifted the goal posts.

We have a responsibility to take back control of our conservative right political organizations and ensure that these parties remain as a true reflection and representation of the domestic populations of our nations and not controlled by an insidious international agenda masqurading as a diametrical left.  – JC