The Implosion of American Culture

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By JC Collins

It was widely expressed by the mainstream media of the time that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall could not have been predicted. In hindsight, the stagnation and drop in oil prices should have been the obvious signs that a dramatic change was coming. And when the USSR began to borrow from western banks, the fix was in.

Western banks is something of a misnomer, as no bank, or conglomerate of banking interests, can exist separate and independent of the larger international banking structure which has been built throughout the the 20th Century. Stagnate growth and the deflationary oil prices which began in 1986 acted as fine toothed methods of transferring wealth from the social trust within the Soviet Union, forcing banks within the USSR to borrow from western banks, which was in fact an exchange of assets amongst financial institutions.

The inevitable policy shifts towards "perestroika" were obvious and planned well in advance.  The agricultural crisis within the country was designed to parallel the mass movement towards "glasnost", or openness.

When we consider the larger mandates of the CSI, Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, the same machinations as "perestroika" and 'glasnost" can be observed in the social fragmentation and devolution of the American middle class. Where the Soviet Union enacted policies which instigated the CSI changes within the country, it will be Americas lack of enacting policy change which will precipitate the implosion of its culture.

See post The First False Flags for a further understanding of what is meant by the term CSI, or Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception.

To understand what this means we must consider the expansion of American culture around the globe since 1944, which was the year the USD became the primary reserve currency used in global trade. As use of the dollar increased, so did the acceptance of western culture.  Everything from McDonald's burgers to Hollywood creations were exported around the world.

Like the second crucifixion of the etheric double, America has followed the Soviet Union down the path of re-engineering its ideological culture. Russia has no more moved towards democracy than America has moved towards Communism.  Both have shifted towards a new socialist middle ground where centralization has woven the macro economic system tighter around a supra-sovereign statehood.

The Cold War was the dialectic conditioning of the whole world.

Over the last few years we have begun to see once stable American institutions and companies begin to struggle.  McDonalds growth has begun to slow and Sears, along with other big box stores, have been closing.  Even legendary director Steven Spielberg has suggested that Hollywood will "implode" soon.

As use of the dollar levels off and begins to recede into the blend of multilateral currencies, the culture that grew up around it will also recede and implode back into the place from where it originated.

This implosion of culture can be seen in the recent racial and political divide which has been given focus in the riots and protests across the country.  The media is doing its part to push the CSI engineering into the homes and minds of the disorganized masses.  Many speculate that the riots have failed to spread as desired, but I reckon that they were extremely successful in that they leveled up the tension and pre-prejudice for a continuation of the slow motion implosion and transition to the international mindset collective.

The Black Friday madness is blown larger for maximum effect and the greed of America is the subconscious message which is being implanted in minds around the world.  This message is trended throughout mainstream media, alternative media, and social media.

The other side of this CSI engineering is instability. Both greed and instability have now begun to feed from the tail of the other as American culture descends into the unknown bounds of ignorance. Political leaders and the political process has become so degraded that even Americans themselves are now looking towards figures like Russia's Putin for inspiration. This is no doubt by design as it slowly dawns on the American people that they have become the "isolated" contagion from which the rest of the world is attempting to vaccinate itself against.

Yet, nowhere are the masses being informed and educated about the reality of economics and politics, let alone about the decay of culture and self.  The media is proactively avoiding any meaningful truth and facts about the state of existence for the majority of the population. What is obvious subconsciously is ignored consciously in everyday thoughts and actions.

From this engineered ignorance the surprise of a "fall of the Berlin Wall moment" will emerge and crawl across the face of the western man.

The spread of greed is apparent and now the deeper injection of instability will continue to build on the economic CSI which began in 2008.  Central banks around the world and the Bank for International Settlements have already begun to implant the meme that they can no longer provide liquidity in the next crisis.  See the post The Enlargement of the Dialectic Collapse.

Across the globe the message is being promoted that America is holding up the much needed reform of the international monetary system, reforms which will "prevent and strengthen the global economy against future liquidity and credit shocks as well as exchange rate instability".

In November of 2010 the G20 countries along with the International Monetary Fund agreed to reforming the international system.  These reforms have been held up in the US Congress since and the message is being sent that the rest of the world is becoming impatient and tired of the American games.

It is beginning to look likely that the the IMF Reforms were never meant to be passed and enacted as written back in 2010. As such, the IMF along with the BRICS countries and other G20 members, have devised methods of bypassing America and implementing and even broader reform of the institution.  This Plan B implementation will build on the meme of "American greed and instability" in order to create acceptance of a reformed system which has stripped the US of its veto power on the IMF Executive Board, as well double the actual quota commitment from member countries.

Reader Matt McBride has provided a link which explains in great detail the Plan B components and how they will likely be implemented in the coming months.  I would strongly encourage all readers to study the material and fully understand it as the world stands on the threshold of change.

Time for the United States to Risk Its IMF Veto

We are also likely to see some drama in Congress as both political parties attempt to agree on a fiscal budget for 2015. The government shutdown which happened last year has planted the CSI seed for what comes next.  It is being proposed that the Democrats will include the 2010 IMF Reforms in the 2015 Fiscal Bill.  But will the Republicans approve or continue to delay and push the world into the throes of financial collapse?

With the recent drop in oil prices and the inevitable fragmentation of OPEC, the instability theme is being built on so when the time comes the acceptance of oil and other commodities being denominated in SDR's will not be challenged.  See post The End of OPEC for further reading on the transition of energy markets and the trend of banks exiting the commodities markets.

Now that Saudi Arabian interests have been secured through Chinese bonds, the fragmentation of old "dollar based" structures such as OPEC can begin. Everywhere a dollar based institution has been established will see change as the system transitions and the multilateral emerges.

By July, 2015, the renminbi will be added to the SDR basket composition and from that moment SDR bonds will begin to re-liquify the international financial system. See post Renminbi 人民币 and the Alternative IMF Reforms.

The current deflation of commodities will be temporary and the new SDR commodities exchange will "correct" the imbalances in the system caused by American greed and the USD instability.

As the QE policies of central banks handled the exchange of low liquidity bonds from charter banks back to the balance sheets of the central banks themselves, the SDR bond system will orchestrate a sort of QE in reverse as the central banks exchange the low liquidity assets on their balance sheets for SDR assets, which will be considered high liquidity assets.

See post A Tale of Two Metrics - Deflation and Why QE Didn't Cause Hyper-Inflation.

As well as the posts Something SDR This Way Comes - Deflation and Liquidity for the MFS. and The Old Economics of Devonian Water - How Current Debt Transforms Into SDR Liquidity.

The complete machinations of this multilateral transition is obscured to the disorganized masses through complete misdirection and propaganda of American privilege and greatness.  Such will be the surprise when the implosion of American culture reaches a tipping point where the multilateral financial system is fully enacted on the ruins of western CSI engineered ignorance.

They will say no one saw it coming.  But there are those of us across the internet, on blogs just like this one, who have seen it coming and have been talking about it for a long time.  The exact details of every point of transition and interception is not easily discerned, but the overall macro trend is clear and there are a few moments of sudden adjustments coming.  The sad reality is that the disorganized masses will remain ignorant to the whole process as they become consumed with television news drama that hides the structural truth behind the engineered cultural implosion of the American identity. - JC

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  1. JC It seems that the United States is going to go after the bank accounts of individuals as stated Nov 16 at the G20 meeting that peoples deposits are in fact investments in banks not deposits. It leads me to wonder if the United States may be planning on taking all that money and shoring up its position at the IMF. Even if its done thru a backdoor meaning the banks buy Treasuries and the Fed puts up a big part of IMF backing for SDR's retaining their lead position awhile longer???

    And once the bail in's take place the solution will of course be digital money. It will be proposed to collect every drop of tax dollars that the government needs to save the greater good. With a digital currency say good buy to the need for Silver and Gold for awhile. And then there will be great amounts of digital money created to save the bankers thanks to the IMF for another 16 years. China and Russia will cry foul but did they really expect the USA to play fair.

    1. "With a digital currency say good buy to the need for Silver and Gold for awhile. "

      Digital currency will only chase the shiny ones into hiding in the U.S. and into Asia's open arms.

      As for culture JC, America hasn't had any since the 50's (unless you include consumerism.) Since then our pseudo- culture has been defined via the television, which I feel is one of the worst propaganda inventions ever.

      1. or the best, depending how one defines best/worst:

        "Psychophysiologist Thomas Mulholland found that after just 30 seconds of watching television the brain begins to produce alpha waves, which indicates torpid (almost comatose) [slow] rates of activity. Alpha brain waves are associated with unfocused, overly receptive states of consciousness. A high frequency alpha waves [sic] does not occur normally when the eyes are open. In fact, Mulholland’s research implies that watching television is neurologically analogous to staring at a blank wall.

        I should note that the goal of hypnotists is to induce slow brain wave states. Alpha waves are present during the 'light hypnotic' state used by hypno-therapists for suggestion therapy."

        "According to last year’s Nielsen report, the average American over the age of two years old watches more than 34 hours of television per week, plus at least three more hours of taped programming. The report also noted that the amount of time we spend watching television increases as we get older."

        “The time may come when the mass media may create special programs to help people modify certain attitudes or behavior.” - Herbert Krugman 1969

        (according to 2nd link, "Krugman has spent many decades at General Electric (GE) headquarters as corporate manager of public-opinion research, a job he took in 1967. ")

        understanding the TV/brain interface may provide one with the answer to the question as to the reasons for apathy on the one hand and misdirection of passions on the other by the "disorganized masses".

        if you really want to go down a rabbit hole, do some reading on the following:
        +++ 7-8 Hz = alpha/theta range ~ schumann resonance of the earth = ~7.8 Hz
        +++ how certain EMF/ELF frequencies affect brainwaves
        +++ frequencies associated with so-called "paranormal" activities as well as frequencies that trigger fear-based responses in humans
        +++ the "brown note"

        "the medium IS the message" -- m.m.

      2. Hello Steve, have you figured out if counterfeit digital currency is simply a matter of computer hacking? And how would an audit be done with nothing physical to compare? So far I'm thinking that a hack would do it but can't cover the audit part.

  2. Mr. Collins:'

    Thank you for all of the efforts and energies that you employ with all of your post. I sincerely appreciated the insightful and thoughtful commentaries.

    All appears to be going according their plans of the international Shylock Banksters and psychopaths. However, if they are successful to obtaining complete power and control over every aspect of human life on this planet, then what? At what point do their evil and psychopathic plans stop and come to an end? What are their final end goals? When does their devil stop dancing and singing on the ashes of created beings? And most people foolishly felt and thought that NAZISM ended in May 1945.


    1. Oz, we need to wake the disorganized masses up to the reality of the purposeful extinction of consciousness. We are more than just animals. But our culture encourages us to act like animals. The pleasures of the flesh have distracted us for long enough.

      1. My mission on this planet with the limited time remaining to me is to to "wake the disorganized masses up to the reality of the purposeful extinction of consciousness" exactly and purposely to be the best of ALL of my abilities.

      2. just to play Lucifer's advocate for a moment, perhaps part of the problem is actually the conscious refusal to see ourselves as interconnected with the animal (& plant) kingdom, or rather, lording over it from some High & Mighty In The Sky J-Hova position?
        (Genesis 1 "Dominion over the Earth" comes to mind.)

        those animal/plant energies (Eros & Thanatos, etc etc) need outlets for expression, but being sublimated & repressed,

        (e.g. like when you buy your meat in styrofoam packaging in the grocery store with the blood soaked up in sanitary napkins underneath),

        become doppelgangers, like the Fallen Angel for instance. like all doppelgangers, their expression almost always turns destructive or, at the very least, counterproductive.

        perhaps if we wish to evolve to a "elevated" consciousness, we need to step off the frickin pedestal for a moment and stop thinking/feeling ourselves superior over everything/one else.

  3. Great article JC and thank you for the mention.

    Your previous article The Tail of the Dragon lays strong reasoning for Plan B.

    Congress could not pass the reforms over the last 4 years. I don’t see any reason this will be achieved by the December 11 government funding deadline or 19 December 2014 recess.

    It will end up being a political blame game when the IMF proceed without the US, and the US relinquish its veto. The GOP I believe will take the larger share, paving the way for the New World Order centric Hillary.

    I have pondered the ramifications of such a “plan B” and agree there will be shock waves to confidence in US denominated assets and leadership.

    Picture the 2011 fiscal cliff panic magnified 100 times.

    …a true black swan event (to those who did not see this slow motion car crash coming).

  4. Sorry could not add the following to my prior post:

    Once the Yuan is included in the SDR around July 2015 what is your best guess around the amount of SDRs the IMF will re-liquefy the system with?

    What do you expect their resources and leverage to be initially and after 12 months?

    I imagine they may stick to the 2010 quota, and then request a special addition to the general resources account. China will take the lead..and may even supply some of its soon to be announced gold reserves.

    February to June 2015 is going to be an interesting and scary time when 7Billion people play a world wide game of musical chairs on the sinking titanic.

    1. I think the amounts are impossible to determine at this time. One, we don't have all the information required to make that determination, and two, there are still too many variables at play.

      And I agree, that date range will be extremely interesting. Great way of describing it - "a world wide game of musical chairs".

  5. Great article that speaks to the times! My one question would be due to the fact the disorganized masses world round can never seem to pinpoint the core of the problem due to their consciousness or lack thereof how are things ever going to change in any meaningful way? Or I guess how deep down this rabbit hole of consolidation/ centralization before people say enough is enough? I believe your primnomics series was a possible ray of light/hope out of this financial craziness we are about to embark on with the SDR worldwide.

    1. “My one question would be due to the fact the disorganized masses world round can never seem to pinpoint the core of the problem due to their consciousness or lack thereof how are things ever going to change in any meaningful way?”

      We can be there for them. Once they finally realize and begin to awaken there will be tidal waves of seekers looking for truth. We can be prepared to help them. Otherwise they will be left to the results of whatever Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception or CSI that falls into their lap.

      In being prepared ourselves, we would have to do the challenging work that the masses are unable or unwilling to go through prior to…society forcing them to change. Many are probably just stuck in made up fear. But personal change is definitely possible, JC Collins and the commentators here at Philosophy of Metrics has been the epicenter for my personal change. Thank you all, it has been and will continue to be worth every minute I'm sure:)

  6. Mr Collins, in your response to Ozymandias say: "Oz, we need to wake the disorganized masses up to the reality of the purposeful extinction of consciousness. We are more than just animals. "But our culture encouraged us to act like animals."

    Long right you are Mr Collins. Religion, told the creientes that the human being is the Crown of creation.
    But the truth is that we are something more than animals, but not much more. When I say that, I mean the human biological that is so similar with animal biological system system.

    It seems that "manufacturer" creator, did not have any intention of making a being human, completely different, special and autonomous as cognitively, personal and collective evolution of consciousness.
    We see how the human digestive system chewing is just like the animal digestive system, with very little difference.

    We see how the human reproductive system is equal to the animal reproductive system, also the circulatory system, limfatico, etc.
    My personal conclusion is that the creators of human beings did not have the intention that this is something unique and totally autonomous, sovereign, outside of our slide planetary.
    One reason I found (in my meditations on life) is one thing I will be surprised.
    We see like as humans that animals have to eat every day, several times with "fossil energy". Food producing land, through farming, cereals, vegetables, fruit etc.

    Let's extrapolate this image and observe as the site is linked and esclavisada through another form of fossil energy - the oil and gas.
    I see a similarity subiacente, between the fact that human beings are conditioned, thought, "manufactured" work, live, not with the energy LIVERY, free, UNIVERSAL for its biological, energy existence which exists, but this doomed, esclavisado through the "fossil food" which is the food, which can be manipulated, can be reduced when there is inflation, and so is may condition the human being, by the perverse monetary system.

    I want to say that humans could, work with universal Photonic, zero point energy, or any form of free energy, but not... by which were "manufactured" strategically depending upon the energy fossil, carbonica, mineral, protein, vitamin.

    This pattern I see it as it is repeated in the global economy, which we see as "the creators" of the system and the owners of the money, keep us tied to fossil energy, to the oil and gas, when we could have independence total energy, big oil companies and energy distribution.
    Every human being could have free energy in your home to warm, have light, cooking and all the rest you need.

    In conclusion, we are created to serve the human farm, as biological self-replicating systems, fully autonomous biologically, to maintain and ensure that the human being is replicated (procreation) securely, through genetic, chemical, endocrine reactions and the instincts that hard can basic be controlled.

    This explains why it is so difficult that the world wake up soon, more quickly and more deeply.
    Has the human being for free evolve towards other dimensions been created? Categorically not.

    But however the human being this evoluando, waking up very slowly.
    To as the man wakes up, the control system increases its vigilance and improves its control strategy more and more intelligent and subliminal.
    A form of control strategy that is precendete in the story, is the democracy we know.

    Through democracy gives us the feeling that we have the right to decide our future, but they have methods to manipulate both the vote as elections and always we were prisionieros in the duality of good and evil faced.

    The dialectical Hegelian being another way of supervision, most refined, in the pattern of duality.
    They face in a game geopolitical world powers changes them periodically the role, the pole of power good (the USA (West) transforms it into bad and bad before (China and Russia) in power, good block and so keep us divided, through the media public mass, alternative or otherwise.)
    Only independent thinkers escape the general control and the dezinformacion, but can never be sure that I have the truth, and reason, in his way of placing the pieces of chess.

    In short, the human being from the beginning has been created and only improved in the area of the brain, that stands out front of animals or primates, but the fact that not working with cosmic clean and free energy, but with products that require a long and painful process of preparation, mastiucar, eating, metabolisar, then eject several times a day, and there the risks of diseases, by the accumulation of toxins, acidity, tells us the truth about the purpose of our creation (or recreation in the event that genetically intervened to limit our evolution).

    But I enclino believe that you due to the mode of as we were constituted, produced biologically, so similar, as "fossil" power and procreation, as well as animals, is possible intervention extra-terestre shallow negative evoluadas that changed our original system cosmic.
    We were created to be who we are, but for unknown reasons we are waking up, that if... within a controlled awakening.

    "" Why Mr. Collins have much reason when you say: "the disorganized masses" which have a strong instinct for people that have it in their DNA.

    1. daniel grig,

      I very much enjoyed your reply. You have brought forward some deep thoughts to look at. The concept of "fossil food" is wonderful, and yes, it seems that while continuously consuming this fossil food, the masses do not look toward free energy, evolution from the animal specie. Thank you for this contribution!

    2. DG,

      I contend that humanity is so much more than "nearly animal". While our biological functions may appear to be similar, and our DNA appear to dictate who/what we are and how we act, like many things in materium, all is not as it appears.

      I am no sage. I do not subscribe to any religion, especially the least identified (that being science). I don't know more than anyone else, nor do I fancy myself as "enlightened". However, I have had my own experiences outside of physicality that have lead me to many "truths" ( a very fickle and elastic concept) that do not coincide with what you're proposing. The first and most important being that the human brain is the wrong organ to utilize if true perception of physicality and all that really means, is what one is attempting to achieve.The thing that humanity needs to grasp is that "it IS special". The human vehicle is only a suit for the soul. What you do not mention is, it is the spirit/soul that is awakening, not so much the human vehicle. All physical existence is the result of the original divine thought, and humanity is "created in the image" of that original thinker. Who is to say that humanity was ever intended to be created only as we are now from the original "manufacturer"? It is my contention (and one that came from more than one "outer experience") that the human form is a continuing evolutionary device. We souls currently experiencing this version of physicality are spiritually evolved enough to merit wearing this version of a human suit. In this multi-verse where time is the grandest of all linear illusions, what makes you think there isn't a higher form for more advanced souls to experience physicality going on simultaneous to this one?

      Humanity has been far more advanced before on this earth(Atlantis), and will be again. First, however, we must individually realize that we are allowing others to manipulate our creative forces through our own free will. We must accept responsibility for all that this entails. Then and only then will we advance again. The "controllers" play a role that is required for us all. "They" are exposing mater for the deception we have been lead to believe is one way, but in reality is entirely another. Once a minor majority comes to this realization fully (and this process is well under way), those "controllers" will have fulfilled their role and cease to hold any power over the rest of us.Their lie will cease to lord over any of us.

      Most of us already know humanities' development is being retarded by a not so hidden hand. The problem is not "them", but our own apathy and ignorance. Rather than look to limits that appear to be imposed by design, learn first that nothing exists that we don't want/need to exist. The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves, we just prefer to be able to blame something outside our self for that appearance. I am not saying your observations are "wrong" and mine are "right". I am simply offering a different perspective to contemplate. We all have our own journey, but there are axioms everywhere that point us towards a deeper innerstanding of all of creation and our place in it. Awaken your own inner god particle by reconnecting with all of the environment we were all born into (Nature)and co-create the kind of world you wish to experience........

  7. Great post.

    Ted Truman is a consummate US insider. With that said, here is what I took from his offer:

    If you are a creditor nation, on one hand you have Mr. Truman's 3,000 word proposal that you must read very, very carefully to try to figure which loophole the Americans are going to use to screw you, because in the end, they always end up doing so.

    On the other hand, you have China/Russia/South Korea/Singapore/Dubai/Turkey, etc. all saying simply this: "Trade in Yuan, settle in physical gold."

    I don't know about you, but I know which offer I would take...small wonder then that global yuan usage is absolutely exploding all over the world.

    1. China and Russia want IMF Reform, as well as Turkey and all the rest. The renminbi is "exploding" because it is being quickly internationalized for inclusion into the SDR basket. Those are the facts.

  8. Great post JC. Its interesting to me because as an American I can recall hearing as a young adult that Americans have no culture. Heck that was all the talk when we hit our 200th birthday as a nation.

    As I look back on it now it was most likely a form of Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception or CSI. Or is today the CSI? culture...who's to say at all? What is a culture? As defined in the 1828 version of Websters dictionary that culture means

    CULTURE, noun [Latin See Cultivate.]

    1. The act of tilling and preparing the earth for crops; cultivation; the application of labor or other means of improvement.

    We ought to blame the culture not the soil.

    2. The application of labor or other means to improve good qualities in, or growth; as the culture of the mind; the culture of virtue.

    3. The application of labor or other means in producing; as the culture of corn, or grass.

    4. Any labor or means employed for improvement, correction or growth.

    So it seems that culture would be "the act of" in our case. So thus the act of the people who make it possibly?

    But I have found a middle point on the subject for myself. Its that we do have a culture. Since culture reflects the acts of its people then it may not be so pretty and even an engineered one but none the less its there.

    So if so many don't like the culture we have created then why resist to change it? Is it simply fear of change or is it something deeper like the fear of what it will be changed to for us?

    Can it be whatever we make out of it?

    1. Beautiful logic!!!

      Culture is but a reflection of what's really on the inside. Change is very scary for a lot of folks, so they resist what they do not know (ignorance). It's one of the cues "the controllers" keep hitting on. Keep us mired in our lower thought forms and they can effectively steer things in the desired direction. Funny thing is, it is those "controllers" who suffer from the same dis-ease as those falling for their traps.

      We can change it. We are changing it. I think it's scaring the hell out of the one who fancy themselves as Caesar. Why do we have to be American or any other? Did we have any hand in drawing the lines on the game board? why can't we have human culture? I think first we need to remember what it really means to be human.

  9. Dear J.C.:

    What a minute J.C. Isn't Chuc1997 simply specifying the expanding dialectic and citing a reaction to the U.S. greed and instability meme? Simply stating a force driving the dialectic tension as it stands at the present? The IMF Reform will come about by plan and NEED. Or is "plan B" the final iteration of the reform?


      1. You are welcome to draw your own line at the level you wish to stop thinking, but there may be others that wish to ponder on. ?

        As JC would acknowledge, neither he, nor anyone else knows the future. There are several possible scenarios for how this plays out and although I agree with JC and others that the SDR scenario has the highest probability, you are foolish to believe it is definant.

        My suggestion wasn't anything against JC's "case" as if you were reading his blog since the beginning you would know that I support it. However I am always trying to push my thinking, which includes reading the thoughts of those that may have a different view/ angle. This tends to bend or clarify my own thoughts.

        I don't beleive JC needs you to stick up for him, so next time just skip any extra curricular readings I may suggest and move along to the next post.

    1. Indeed America has moved towards socialism JC, especially for the investment banks and those who refuse to work. "Yet, nowhere are the masses being informed and educated about the reality of economics and politics, let alone about the decay of culture and self." Unfortunately the masses are too busy watching whatever garbage is on television to first recognize that we are in deep, deep trouble and second to seek out education such as here and other sites. As you know, the masses are apathetic at best. However, I will say that over the past few months I have been surprised on more than one occasion to meet people out of the blue, who are on the same page as the folks on this site. It's a tiny glimmer but a glimmer none the less. People like you are the ones providing the spark. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and passion.

      1. There are a lot more folks who are aware yet remain silent (for now) than people realize. It's a growing swell, and similar to the ocean waves, it will rise up and flip when the timing is right. Enjoy the show.

    2. The problem with the FOFOA perspective is that it's stuck in a Quantity Theory of Money perspective. It's seductive if you don't stay alert to the right-brain predilections at important junctures and neglect to ask questions at these points.

      I suggest rereading a post with this in mind and you'll see what I mean. Yes, his writings are long, but this is a way to hide a lack of a QED.

  10. It seems most are coming to terms with the fact that our cultural and social environment are fully controlled.

    After being a bit upset about it, we can realise our initiation into some shocking realities isn't necessarily a bad sign. Like the boy that finds out Santa isn't real; the dream is shattered, but that doesn't need to ruin the party.

    We're being granted a careful first peek into the lowest offices of this day care centre called Earth. A full picture might remain unattainable, especially when the chain of command runs all the way up to the centre of our galaxy and beyond.

  11. Nice job JC. I have been following this blog from the beginning.

    I am not a doctor, but one of the reasons, I think, most people are in a trance and won't wake up is because of the food. Look at what people are eating and drinking. Unless you read labels and get all natural or organic food you are eating or drinking things that effectively dumb you down. Doritos has monosodium glutamate (MSG) and so does a lot of other snack foods. Soda has high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. McDonald's fries have MSG in them. Popular beers, which are a staple of American life, are made with GMO ingredients. Notice the foods I just listed are heavily commercialized. Many foods in the grocery store have artificial flavors, colors, and/or preservatives. All of these ingredients when added to food seem to turn off critical thinking. When I accidentally eat some of these ingredients I just want to sit on my couch and watch TV. Try it for yourself. Eliminate all the bad stuff and know for yourself that your mind will become sharper.

    Again back to the commercialization of these products. The people in charge want you eating and drinking this stuff. It is not by accident. This is by design. If you try to reach people who are under the influence of chemicalized food chances are you are not going to reach them.

    Besides food, many people are also distracted by other things like school, work, trying to raise a family, sports, and television. It is like trying to hold on to water. Like the Tao says, "The harder you squeeze the water the faster it flows away from your grip". Maybe some people are not supposed to be reached. Leave them be. Take care of yourself and your family yes, but don't get discouraged when your neighbor or a coworker won't listen. Listen and trust in yourself. Do what you think is right. As long as you do that you have done the right thing.

    1. Mark,

      I'm convinced that in many cases it is much worse than this. I'm afraid that many not only refuse to wake up but would violently oppose any movement designed to lead others to do so.

      I think often of my neighbours around me. They live in expensive homes and drive expensive vehicles and believe they have achieved something in doing so. Well - in a material sense I believe they have achieved something - I'm just not sure what it is and as I have gotten older I begin to wonder what owns who?

      Always wondered why this scene from this silly little movie from childhood stuck with me so vividly throughout the years. Anyways my impression from both the middle and lower classes is that many would react in the same manner as the junk lady... with anger and malice - and for similar reasons. Maybe the world is the way it is because the masses want it to be that way? Of consciousness creates reality how it could it be any other way?

      Not that I am melancholy but I am afraid nothing short of the second coming will change the minds and hearts of all (or even part of) 7 billion folks roaming this planet. A shame really. So much potential in so many souls.... yet not so much.

      On the other hand - this is one of those things I would hope to be wrong about.

      1. nanook73,

        I liked the excerpt from the movie. I was thinking the same thing. All that stuff is junk. I realized that a long time ago that excess material possessions were to be avoided. I try to keep my life is simple as can be. I did not go shopping on black Friday or cyber Monday. I am about as content as one can be despite knowing that the world could collapse at any time.

        In the end I do think things will work out for humans and planet earth. I am quite optimistic about that. I hope I am around to see it happen.

      2. Nanook, great scene, thanx for sharing!

        You state: "Maybe the world is the way it is because the masses want it to be that way? Of consciousness creates reality how it could it be any other way?"

        What if subconsciouness (or ignorance) creates the materium? Then the world would be this way because we are encouraged to face what we rather keep obscured within ourselves and the world would be a reflection of what we want to AVOID. Hence, the concept hell on Earth...

  12. 1. Will it all come down to Jacob Lew?

    "No doubt, Secretary Jacob Lew would be roundly criticized by many in Congress and U.S. punditry if he were to embrace Plan B," said Mr. Truman, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
    It's unclear whether the Obama administration is willing to risk the political consequences or give up the veto power the U.S. holds.

    2. Did Obama and Putin Exploit the Ukraine to Empower IMF?

    The globalist establishment, Russian authorities, and the Obama administration are pushing hard for a series of controversial “reforms” aimed at massively expanding the power and resources of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) while further scaling back U.S. influence at the institution. Using various pretexts — and especially the crisis in Ukraine — governments and dictatorships, including Vladimir Putin’s Russia, are even threatening to proceed with the radical plot to empower the IMF whether the U.S. Congress approves it or not.

    3. Where does the IMF get part of its money? Gold and the IMF

    The IMF’s gold holdings amount to about 90.5 million troy ounces (2,814.1 metric tons), making the IMF the third largest official holder of gold in the world. However, the IMF’s Articles of Agreement strictly limit the use of this gold. If approved by an 85 percent majority of voting power of member countries, the IMF may sell or accept gold as payment by member countries but it is prohibited from buying gold or engaging in other gold transactions.
    In December 2010, the IMF sold 403.3 metric tons of gold¬—about one-eighth of its holdings The limited gold sale was conducted under strong safeguards to avoid market disruption and all gold sales were at market prices, including direct sales to official holders.
    SDR 4.4 billion of profits from the sale of its gold were used to establish an endowment as part of the IMF’s new income model, designed to put the institution’s finances on a sustainable footing.A proportion of the gold sales is used to subsidize financing for low-income countries.

    4. IMF: We don’t buy gold. But will accept it and sell it for profit!

    Will the IMF accept gold from China/BRICs from their rapidly increasing reserves?
    Will gold then be revalued and sold to the market to dramatically increase the IMFs resources under a potential windfall profit?

  13. With Hudson's "Yekaterinburg Turning Point" clearly breached.
    BIS/World Bank/IMF "De-Dollarization" goals finally reached...
    We bear witness to the "American freedom experiment" cheaply sold.

    BUT, in this "Century of the Self" the desire to self-teach,
    Has exposed this Clandestine CSI to the "freedom-hungry" bold.
    With gathering momentum learned souls begin to preach...
    With brave hearts - the warm truth - lighting up brightly - this dark cold.

    1. It will unfold eventually into the stock markets. It would likely have to happen soon as the window is closing on the political mandates. Personally I'm watching the tech stocks for the first sign of the "adjustment". Something like a Twitter or Amazon will be the first domino. There are many angles and variables at play.

  14. 50 countries now use the RMB to over 10% of their payments with China and Hong Kong

    According to the SWIFT data, the RMB is currently used for 11.2% of the total value of payments with China and Hong Kong, up 6.2% over the last 18 months.

    [need to translate]

    SWIFT Business Forum - New York 2015
    ...The future of the USD as a reserve currency

    This panel will examine the macroeconomic trends surrounding the use of the Renminbi for trade settlement as measured in the SWIFT’s latest RMB Tracker, assess the key dynamics behind the dollars dominance as a reserve currency and explore the possibility for a shift to a stateless but standardized ledger system as the crypto currency such as Bitcoin in future.

  15. You can't blame the gun store nor the bullet manufacturer when you commit suicide.

    Had Americans any original integrity or identity the multifarious plots to drive us into decline and implosion would never have succeeded.

    Don't worry though, you can go shopping all month and the NFL is on Sunday. You'll be just fine. Have a GMO brewsky on Tavistock. Cheers!

    American self deceptionalism.

  16. JC you know by know I try to keep comments short and to the point so forgive me for posting a long one. But I think it is very relative to the discussion from a expert with a lot of creditability, Mr. FOFOA.

    "So, suppose they have a big monetary conference, à la Bretton Woods, and decide to use SDRs. Then you also revalue gold. Whether it's a part of the SDR basket or not, anyone running a surplus, sufficient enough that it requires centralized long term settlement, could then choose between the real thing and the proxy. Proxy gold credits in any form become superfluous for settlement when there's enough of the real thing.

    Also, something other than gold will likely be used to temporarily settle short term imbalances. That "something" will be either currency or currency debt. It could be something like the SDR, or it could be the euro, or it could simply be debt or base money in one of the two currencies of the trading partners. But this doesn't supplant the need for true settlement.

    There's no such thing as perfect balance in the short run. There's always a little imbalance in trade, and so you need a way to account for that until later when it reverses and goes the other way. There are many ways to do that, as I mentioned above, and the SDR would be one way. But then it comes down to choices at the centralized international level. Do you want your trading partner's currency, debt in your currency, debt in your trading partner's currency, some third party currency like the euro, debt in some third party currency, or debt denominated in SDRs which is a unit of account that takes several currencies into account, administered by an international organization?

    Even if everyone agrees to SDRs, that still has nothing to do with Freegold. Because in Freegold, that temporary short-term role that would be played by the SDR is still a role that must be played by something in the symbolic currency realm. And I'm not talking about "Freefiat" here! That's a very different "alternative" theory.

    True settlement at the micro level precludes the need for centralized balancing at the macro level. But even individual exporting net-producer savers will carry a currency balance for the short run and, in general, that would create a (much smaller than today) current account imbalance that would need to be temporarily accounted for at the central bank level. That's where SDRs might come into play.

    Savers wouldn't hold gold for the short run in Freegold, not because it fluctuates wildly, declining in real purchasing power at times as "Freefiat" predicts, but because the transaction cost of moving between currency and gold will cancel out even perpetual appreciation (similar to the performance of the best of the best collectible physical assets, i.e., stores of value, only available to the super-wealthy today) for a quantifiable period of time. So for anticipated expenses in the short run, currency balances will be the best choice. And currency balances resulting from inter-regional trade will likely be accounted for (not settled) in some form of fiat currency, which could even be the SDR.

    The reason for using currency rather than gold at both the micro and macro levels in Freegold is that it is easily and cheaply reversible, because you expect temporary imbalances to be reversed in the short run. There are no transaction, transportation, storage or insurance costs, and the temporary nature of short-term imbalances reduces other well-known risks like currency risk, default and the unknown. Short term imbalances need to be accounted for, not settled. And that's what the SDR is, a unit of account that takes multiple currencies into consideration. It is for accounting, not settlement.

    Physical wealth is the only means of settlement, currency is simply for accounting imbalances in the meantime. The problem today is that we perpetually accumulate trade imbalances (on all scales, from the individual to the regional) and call them savings. This exposes the entire system to the obvious risks -- currency risk, default and the unknown.


    1. Gotta love these "experts".

      AU is under $1200 US today after another "waterfall". Same time, same station.

      Sorry, but I'm not impressed by fictitious terms like "Freegold".

      Even if the truth is sad truth it stands as worthy of acceptance.

      JC seems to have the best take on these matters.

  17. As I continue to read of "the masses", I keep wondering where these said people reside (perhaps on an MTV set?). Short of my time here, I spend very little time in any virtual world, as I prefer old fashioned face to face conversation or "real world" experiences. I've lived in one of America's most populated areas, and now in one of its' least. In my time getting out and actually talking with folks, I quickly realized "the masses" aren't nearly as stupid as so many talking heads of various internet sites and commenters to those sites would contend. Just about every talk I have these days leads me into the some form of "distrust talk". Being one who deals with the public, I don't see the "masses" nearly as lost as so many who term them self "awakened" do

    What people are is afraid of what they can no longer deny. Wouldn't it be easier and more constructive for those further along to help those not, through this very natural progression of the awakening process (fear and overcoming it)? If one only uses what media outlets (all 5 of them) show us to gauge how "the masses" think, then we are the living definition of one of the fore mentioned people. JC has plainly shown us all how all forms of media, alternative or mainstream, are distorted to some degree.

    I remember my days as an angry poster in conspiracy forums and how freely I used the term "sheeple". Funny thing is, I was just another kind of sheep, yet too ignorant and scared to see it. There's all this talk of sheep and wolves, but where are the shepherds in it all? It's too easy to take the "masses are idiots" bait, which should shed light on what the real intent behind keeping this lie alive is. "The masses" are a reflection of the individual and it may do us all well to keep sight of that.

    The fact that any one culture (a bastardized use of the term) is falling or imploding may be a sign that humanity is finally ready to move on from the infantile disease known as nationalism. It may be just another marker on the road to the new world order, or it may be the sign of real changes. Time will tell, and if we really wanted to break free of this loop we've all trapped ourselves in, we'd be applauding it instead of pointing fingers at "the masses" (ourselves).

    1. Great point Jeremy. There is indeed no such thing as "mass", let alone "masses".

      Though there might be something called "mess" and even "messes" but those are usually hidden deep inside our subconscious.

      Ha, maybe our pesky "little" messes are projected as "the big masses"?

    2. Hi Jeremy,

      I think on this subject maybe you're right.

      On the other hand it only takes an evening on the freeway, a few minutes on just about any main stream high traffic web site with a "comments" section or an afternoon strolling through Wal-Mart to think maybe you're not right. The "moment" provides a variety of perspectives on this topic. Me thinks there are more than two sides to the subject since when discussing "the masses" (i.e.:everyone who is not in your direct sphere of contact/influence) we must remember that although we do not know them they are indeed all unique individuals.

      Ironically I own and run a retail business so I am likely (no likely about it) to feel something of a hypocrite while discussing the subject of mindless consumption. But as an old preacher once told me - as far as hypocrites are concerned - there's always room for one more. So here I am.

      It has been my experience after contact with more thousands of people than I can count that a great many of them would think our conversations here to border on the absurd. Nor would many of them be very interested in discussing it with you/us much beyond a furrowed brow.

      What percentage would react this way I cannot say exactly but it is many. It has little to do with intelligence - I have tried to muster the conversation with people I consider to be much brighter than myself and have been met with stone silence and a change in conversation.

      The issue is not who is smarter but who is willing to look inward and to have everything he or she ever believed to be true questioned. What I am learning as time goes on is that there are layers upon layers of who we are - something like an onion - as you peel one off there is yet another waiting to be examined. Few are willing to examine the surface let alone peel it off to see what is underneath.

      As a species too few of us learn how to reflect either on ourselves (introspection) or on the universe around us (wonder). But then maybe it has always been like this? I don't know. As far as I am aware this is the first time I have ever been on this planet.... 🙂

      I am one of the masses...


  18. Masses or messes, there are a lot of downtrodden folks out there. The campaign to dumb down We the People has been exceedingly successful.

    Mass hypnotism and mass enslavement are real.

    Was this ever really the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? Not in my lifetime.

    I find most folks frustrated and with pet peeves but unwilling to take the leap to see the vast lies and criminality going on around them. Good people but with conceptual fears that limit their ability to comprehend the ugly truths.

    I do seem to be more awake than those I speak with yet I often wonder who is more awake than I...... and will they help us?

    I want to be one of the "masses". Masses Free and Brave.

    1. Roger,

      For what it's worth, it's hard not to be downtrodden when one sees the world through the lens manufactured by "their"(our) system. Fear is the number 1 goal of the process utilized against us. "Yes, it is working", but as fear slowly gives way to a realization that we are individually our own hope to save ourselves, the individual is forced to take action. It takes little pebbles in the pool to make big waves possible

      I know the forum in which we interact makes a huge difference as to how those around us perceive the world. Once I left the (un)real world of being a wage slave to provide me the basics of life and a few tastes of luxury, the people I came into contact with starting bringing different conversations/interactions to the table for me to injoy. Was it coincidence that leaving a situation where everyone works a job they don't really want to work in a location they don't really want to be in and putting myself in a situation where I work much harder, but I do it to provide for myself (and my family) all the things and the soul food i need? Personally, I think not. Energy flows where attention goes. The less we participate in the insanity, the more we force ourselves to live outside of it, the less control it has and the faster the wheels come off the train.

      I learned a long time ago, the hard way (the only way I seem to really learn), to stop comparing my level of "awake" to any others. Doing so sets one up to fall into many a traps designed to play on ego and "spiritual superiority". There are always equal but opposite forces at play, it's up to the individual to figure out how to balance them in order to manifest the life experience one wants (and one of the main reasons we experience physical existence). While I know you can't prove this,I'm living proof of it. Despite the ugly appearance of the world around me painted by media outlets and internet chatter, my own life experience and the physical environment around me continues to brighten and beautify. Doors I couldn't kick open before open easily and wide for me now. I get what I need when I need it no matter how dark the initial appearance. Again is it coincidence that my attitudes/thoughts/emotions have done the same as I learn to control/balance them?

      Don't "want to be free", simply BE.........Cheers brother

  19. Yes indeed Jeremy and dripfood! That gets me to thinking about compost......specifically the compost toilet that I'm currently using. What comes out as malodorous waste (nitrogen rich) is combined with material from the earth (carbon). This is worked on by time and microbiology. The end result is humus, rich and delightful for all the growing things of the garden. Perhaps these "messes" that are projected into the "masses" are akin to the nitrogen rich wastes that are being worked on by father time, the density of physicality (mother earth), and our own strivings in the upward spiraling of evolution (microbiology?) to create the richness that feeds the soul. It's only through the mess that the richness evolves. Think of the ouroborous.

    Thanks you two......inspiring stuff!

    1. Exactly Tommy! The bulk of the mess (or trauma) is copied onto the nervous system during pregnancy. A small bit is added in the following 15 years or so. It provides the basic training vehicle.

      The 'hypnotic suggestions' otherwise known as temptations are the test-curriculum we set for ourselves. The goal being to not let the suggestion trigger the survival instincts.

      It's not so negative as it appears. Many souls pass their tests with flying colours, partly redeeming the flesh in the process, and making it a little bit easier for the generations that follow. Humanity slowly outgrows her animalistic responses in this fashion, making way for more divinely responding nervous systems.

      Contrary to popular belief, I believe we are doing quite well as a soul pool and as a gene pool...

    2. Tommy and DF,
      I guess we're the optimist primes because we feel very similar. Maybe it's no coincidence that I too use a composting toilet?

      I believe very strongly that once enough souls make the conscious choice to truly be free, we will manifest "the event" that will shatter the current illusion and cast a brilliant light upon all those "hiding in plain sight". Thought is power, and thought manifest into physical experiences. We simply need to keep control and direction of our thoughts/emotions/creative forces and we will realize the change we wish to see (or at least we will set it in motion for our children to see)

      1. Jeremy, I don't really believe in an "Event". I've read about it online of course, and all descriptions are too similar to the death experience where the soul leaves the body and transitions to a more etheric realm.

        If you're interested, dr. Michael Newton is a regression therapist that studied the Life between Life periods, which the Tibetan Buddhist call Bardo, over decades. His books Journey of souls and Destiny of souls describe this transition and realm in detail from witness accounts under hypnosis.

        I believe "the event" was a psy-op aimed at preparing souls for harvest in case of a mass death/transition event. I further believe a mass deth/transition event has been taken from the official agenda.

      2. Good on ya Jeremy and df!! ........ There is a wide range of potential resonances on this planet. In other words, you can come here to experience WHATEVER you need to in order for your soul's growth and expansion. That being the case, I personally don't think there will ever be "an EVENT" which will bring the monkeys all into alignment, such as the 100th monkey principle. I surmise that those opposing forces at work will always be here in this density and will take the shapes, forms, and thoughts that are the primary expressions of this density, and humans are just part of that. However, as there are many differing frequencies, we choose to vibrate and experience at the level we choose. Those of us who have unplugged largely from the system have chosen to vibrate to a frequency which differs from those struggling with that 9 to 5 at a place they don't want to be. Those at the 9 to 5 are learning (perhaps slowly) as well.... just not the lessons that we're learning. As such I feel that the terms "awakened" and "enlightened" set a person up for that spiritual superiority that you've mentioned J. That's a trap. As the Tao says....."she who knows, says not. she who says, knows not".

        I love you guys!

      3. DF/TD,
        Perhaps there will be no "event". I too have read many different angles on some kind of catastrophic sounding events. There may have been a time when I would have found them compelling enough to fear them or attempt to prepare for them. Those days are long behind me.

        Let me attempt to put it another way. Whether one denies it or not, humanity, like all organisms on this planet, are connected to our mother. The electromagnetic vibrations we transmit affect the whole organism. Lower vibrations (like fear and all the emotions it spawns) are drawn inward (involve) toward the center of the planet, and higher ones broadcast outwards (evolve). There are no shortage of lower vibrations, which one could argue to be manifesting one hell of a "natural disaster". On the other end, there are many individuals who have changed their frequency and are vibrating at a higher rate (Love and all its' emotions) and these frequencies are broadcast outward. Could it not be possible that those energies are assimilating an experience that would manifest the kinds of changes the higher vibrating transmitters are looking to experience simultaenous to the lower ones? It would make for one hell of a show.....

        I'm not going to speculate what kind of "event" could materialize becasue I am not qualified to do so. However, I have had 2 separate experiences, one psychedelic, and one out of body that have only galvanized my belief and innerstanding of it. (now if only I could communicate that feeling more clearly...)

        Despite the history of slow changes, there are also points in history where dramatic shifts occurred, and they weren't all "natural disasters" or "revolutions". I believe that the real priestly class behind the "controllers" have had a change of heart so to speak. I think the beast those priests created is "off the leash" and will continue an ever increasing rate to self destruction without its' true master at the controls. As matter continues its' consolidation via the ones who think they're in control (but aren't), the spirit of those wishing to control themself continues its' expansion. There will come a point where the two will have to be balanced (and I believe that is coming nearer) which will manifest "the event". The dark forces seem to be on top at the moment, but then I again, maybe they are supplying us with the expereinces we all require to get those qualities we lack before we take control of our self.

        While we can come individually and experience whatever our soul wishes, again, those experiences affect the self-organizing system we are a part of (earth). We all chose to incarnate during this time to get those experiences, but there will be effects (karma) to all (in)actions.

        I may be totally off base about all of it, wouldn't be the first time in my life. Only this time I am utilizing much more of all that and all I am a part of to form this opinion. I'd be lying to say I wouldn't be really bothered to be wrong. I guess that's the danger of expectations.

        Damn would I love to meet you guys and have a beer around the fire

  20. The "confusion" over why the IMF reforms have been consistently delayed and not passed are purveyed in this quote from the below article dated 6 April 2014.

    JC's proposal that the delay and deadline was needed to remove the US veto seems highly probable the more dots we connect in retrospect.

    But the failure of the two sides (in congress) to reach a deal is now tarnishing the U.S. reputation at the IMF. The fight is even more puzzling given that the drive to reform the IMF started during the George W. Bush administration and is backed by many luminaries from the Bush and Reagan administrations, Mr. Truman said. Moreover, support for the IMF in the past has been overwhelmingly bipartisan in Congress. Leading Senate Republicans, including John McCain of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee, were prepared to vote for the IMF reforms as part of the Ukraine aid package.

  21. JC,

    Did you see the news from late October that China will open bank cards to foreign competition through its Unionpay system?

    This is further increasing the internationalisation of the RMB and allowing the East vs West separation distraction to permit a smoother crash and reset of the USD system.

    Does Russia transition from SWIFT to Unionpay (or are kicked out by further sanctions) as the next stage?

    "Russia’s red line: If Russian access to SWIFT is cut off, 'the US ambassador to Moscow should leave the same day'"

  22. Love the alchemy of compost. Gardening is spiritual and transmutation of garbage to humus is a miracle. Dross to gold. Toilet to table.

    The idea of divinely responding nervous systems is fabulous and sounds much like the etheric work in esoteric healing.

    As for the soul pool and the gene pool doing quite well.... I'll vote for your optimism.

    I'd like to pass with flying colors!

    Nice thread gents.

    1. Roger, the challenge of transforming the nervous system arises from the act that it has no direct connetion to areas of the brain where language and reason reside.

      So like animals, our primary nervous system is unable to "listen to reason". It reacts to imagery, tone and feeling and learns through experience and through a sort of copy-paste method when in close proximity to other nervous systems.

      For me this was a great revelation, cause I never understood why most of my ugly habits didn't automatically change after seeing them and understanding their origine.

      Now I know: direct physical experience is the only way to transmute the immature/animal habits into more mature/divine responses.

      1. Well said df.

        A story, perhaps you've heard:

        I walked down a street and fell into a big hole.

        It took a long time to climb out of this hole.

        I walked down the same street and fell into the same hole.

        It took effort to climb out.

        I walked down the same street, saw the hole, and still fell in.

        I climbed out quickly.

        I walked down the same street, saw the hole, and stepped around it.

        Then I walked down a different street.

        Yes, we learn through's to walking down new streets!!!

    1. Indeed it does resonate friend. Sure feel sorry for him. Too bad he seems to have given up even trying. Does anyone really know if too late even exists in matters such as these? I mean realising is supposed to be half the battle right?

  23. @All:

    thoughtful posts - please keep them coming, as I'm busy sharing...


    Do you see the dollar demise as "imminent"? And does imminent mean 'overnight' or could it be a long drawn-out affair?

    Thought: if Americans (and maybe the rest of us) are going to lose bank accounts and pensions, where else is there left to go to save ourselves, except a few PMs? Other riches are skills like gardening, dressmaking, plumbing, wiring, building, but these take years to hone, and cannot be bought.

  24. Right up your alley J.C.!

    The International Monetary Fund’s headquarters may one day move from Washington to Beijing, aligning with China’s growing influence in the world economy, the fund’s managing director Christine Lagarde said early this month.

    Attaching importance to China

    Christine Lagarde made the statement at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), saying that the IMF rules require that the institution should be headquartered in the country that is the biggest shareholder. This has always been the U.S. since the fund was formed.

  25. Good catch Bruno.

    Is the United States becoming more Third World'ish really a bad thing as many here on this blog know that becoming more self sufficient and reliant is a step consciously in the right direction. The United States was the light for the world for many years and this new ground of evolving from a consumerist state to whatever the new term will be does not relinguish our duty to continue to be the shinning example for the world no matter the difficult circumstances.

  26. What so amazes me, is intellectuals attempting to discern what may occur. It provides value and hope for all as we journey on...

    No judgement intended...

    Bright minds abound. Wish they are in power.

    Certainty is, the BRICS is changing the dynamic of the stranglehold the Petro dollar has enjoyed for many yrs. Times are changing for those that see. Be prepared...

    So on a footnote as the court jester, Mr. Collins allows me freedom to express.

    Let us enjoy moments of foolish humor as an innocent distraction.

    Best to all,

  27. Meant to post link to a free viewing of Symphony of the Soil here where it correlates to implosion of our culture. The movie explains how man Adam (Adama -meaning soil) and woman Eve (Hava -meaning life giving) and the Garden (nature) is the gift from God the Creator. All of man's efforts to improve on the design has destoyed the soil and the meant to be culture of man. The link is available thru Dec 16.

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