The Hatred of the Intolerant Left

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A Parasite Needs to be a Parasite in Order to Survive

The premise of the liberal-left is the suppression of all those who disagree.  The Democratic creation of the KKK to suppress African-American’s and the liberal-left nature of both Soviet Communism and Nazi Fascism are real world examples of the level of madness and hatred which is possible from the liberal-left.  The fact that the liberal-left media and its academic institutions package there own hatred and intolerance as products of the conservative-right provides us with just a glimmer of the uphill battle which must be waged in order to re-balance culture and Western civilization.

Back in November of last year I posted a FREEPOM article titled The Risk of Genocide Against the Liberal-Left.  It has become one of the more popular articles and sparked some intense comments and back-and-forth exchanges.  The premise of the article was that the left would keep pushing and pushing and coming for more and more until such a time that open violence and conflict resulted and the right responded with characteristics of genocide against the liberal-left.

Initially many readers that it was possible but extremely unlikely as people would not turn against family and friends to that level.  The natural lines of fragmentation in our civilization unfortunately run straight through these organic alliances and nothing and no one is isolated from the hatred  once it is released. The level of hatred and promotion of violence which has continued from the left and its supporting institutions has only increased in intensity and severity since that article was posted.

The call for the murder of white conservative Christians and the removal of voting rights are just some of the insane suggestions.  These aren’t just low-brow crazies making these suggestions, they are coming from Professors and mainstream personalities.  The fact that attempts at comedy and art are portraying the decapitated head of Donald Trump or plays with Trump being assassinated are being cheered and encouraged should give us all pause.  Add in the shooting of congressmen at a baseball diamond by a pumped up liberal-left anti-Trump Bernie Sanders supporter and the first phase of this premeditated genocide appears to be transitioning to the second phase where open violence starts.

Most POM readers will understand that the lift-right diametric are engineered and being used to manipulated and move the disorganized masses in the desired direction.  But what we are experiencing and being subjected to will require a response from the right, whether it is engineered to be that way or not.  A whole demographic of people cannot be continuously subjected to this level of hatred and violence without some form of response taking place.

The right has shown incredible patience and tolerance while being accused of hatred and intolerance.  It’s madness.  The political and cultural left, by definition, are parasitical in nature.  It feeds off the socioeconomic and monetary wealth of the masses.  It continues to take and take, as it did with Communism, Socialism, and yes, even Fascism, until the whole framework of civilization begins to crumble and implode.

Conservative cultural can be considered a balanced animal which takes into account the well-being of all.  The liberal cultural can only be a parasite which can do nothing other than feed on its host until such a time the host dies or it manages to get rid of the parasite.  The “Do What Thou Wilt” mandate and encouragement of the left is not freedom and liberty.  It is human weakness and the surrender to all manner of cravings and desire.  It is not strength.  It is not courage.  It is not love.

The liberal-left is now exposing itself for the intolerant ideology that it has always been.  It only masqueraded itself as love and kindness because it was getting its own way.  The moment it doesn’t get its own way, and can no longer feed of the host unrestricted, it begins to enact policies and strategies of violence and hatred until the transformation into communist, socialist, and fascists hells becomes complete.

Another article which longtime POM readers may remember was published back in 2014 and was titled The Implosion of American Culture.  What we are experiencing now could be considered the movement towards cultural implosion. As stated, whether this is all chance or is the product of cultural and socioeconomic engineering is almost irrelevant at this point.  The simple beauty of engineering a mass population is that the targeted population will always exhibit the natural characteristics and animal traits which promote survival and a continuation of the demographic.

The end objective could very well be the destruction of both the left and the right so something new can be enshrined in the minds of Western civilization.  The alliance between the liberal-left and Islamic fundamentalism makes sense when we consider that both are intolerant of those who are different and won’t conform to their demands.  The Islamic invasion of Western civilization is serving the same strategy as the intolerant liberal-left.

Though the media hide it in crude new-talk and twisting of the facts, the violence, hatred and intolerance coming from the left is becoming harder and harder to defend.  Some may wake from the delusion of the liberal-left in time to make a difference in their own circles, but the wider cultural movement and engineering appears to be moving full steam ahead.  How long until the liberal-left commits an act so violent and hateful that the right has no choice but to respond?

Once that can is opened there will be no turning back.  A genocide can exist on multiple levels with varying degrees of death count.  Any civil war that could evolve from what is happening will likely not stay within American borders.  The diametric opposition in culture crosses borders and continents with mass migration filling in the gaps.  As I stated in the previous article, I hope this is all delusion on my part and nothing more violent will happen.  But I thought that back in November when I wrote the first piece, and the hatred and violence has only increased since then.

Examples of what I am presenting here can be found in the recent slaughter of Muslims by Christians in the Central African Republic.  The Christians were so abused and repressed by the Muslim population that they are now fighting back and further acts of murder and genocide will continue.  The left and Islam should be very careful of what they start, as the outcome come be much different than first envisioned.

Another example would be the Serbian Christians who committed genocide against the Muslim Bosnian population after years of hatred, violence, and intolerance.  Much like now in America, Serbians and Bosnians knew well in advance that the violence would come.  Weapons were being distributed from the trunks of taxis in the months leading up to the open violence.  Everyone know but no one talked about it.  All it took was one event to plunge the whole region into all out war and genocidal acts from both sides.  – JC

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  1. Thank you JC, This is absolutely an accurate account of where we are and what will unfold. It is scary and unsettling indeed.

    Up till yesterday evening, I was not aware of a 50 years old recording of by Myron Fagan who in 1967 recorded this mind-blowing speech. Fagan made this speech to the public by recording it on LP records and somebody uploaded it on youtube. I listened to the entire speech and found an exact description of the events now in 2017! The hatred which you described are all engineered for an outcome as you so well described and that is the mutual destruction of political Islam and Zionism (Political Judaism), According to Albert Pike. I found this recording to be a stunningly accurate and I felt that if somebody described the world in 1967 as a dystopian future, then why none of us were told in our history books and media?! Anyhow, I can only recommend and recommend strongly as I was stunned at the accuracy of the material presented.

    I am also hearing news of potential civil disorder from 2 July onwards. We seem to be sliding gently into the unknown territory, by design!

  2. The potential for great upheaval is certainly brewing under the surface in many Western societies. It seems to me the more volatile the economic transition becomes the higher the chance of getting a glimpse through the veneer of post war western civilisation. France has long been a favourite for the first to blow and certainly remains a contender. To speak of Turkey may be venturing off topic slightly, but with that country fast becoming a dictatorship, and having a diverse and vigorous population, they could be another to watch in the near term. Having said that, I am beginning to worry for the US and UK as those unstable societies could really struggle when the standard of living falls and the nations lose their preeminent status in the world. Many good people will suffer if the worst happens and few can even conceive of such changes, due to mainstream conditioning, let alone see it coming. To paraphrase Thucydides; ‘the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must’. It’s nature’s way after all.

    Am I right to recall from previous articles that you see the fragmentation of the individual as the micro version mirrored in the macro wider humanity? And as such, these periods of upheaval or adversity necessary learning curves in the journey back to the whole? Meaning, I suppose, a ‘globalised’ world in which humans learnt to live in harmony with each other and their surroundings would be the ultimate end goal, if perhaps more of us could achieve the desired outcome on a personal level?

  3. Such passionate writings. I can tell the passion by misspelled words, added words and misplaced commas. I am NOT calling you out on this in the least, just noticing how this doesn’t happen often in your writings, showing the passion you showed in this one. I see this happening in my personal relationships with my liberal friends. It scares me in that they don’t believe what is right in front of them. They tend to believe that they are critical thinkers and I am conspiratorial. I gently tell them that you can’t be critically thinking if what you are critically thinking about is a lie that you believe to be truth. Rant off.

  4. Agree, My husband and I have been seeing this coming for sometime. We know others that feel the same way. #WETHEPEOPLE have reached our limit and now we are pissed off and say no more!

  5. Carpe Diem:

    Your post and link are very ironic.
    I have been up since 0400 with clear memories of my dream state. (It appears that my internal bio-clock has changed time zone.)
    I usual start my day with some light reading or internet research with my morning cup of strong tea. However, this morning I began researching content that was referenced in my dreams.
    During this morning research I happened across the exact video in your link. Although I am very familiar with the video’s reference materials, the content and presentations in the video were the same as those in dreams last night. WOO! WOO!, Yes, I know!

    Cui bono?


    1. Hello Oz,

      Your dream, the video’s material and the connection with my posting is incredible! I personally believe in synchronicities and experience things with people and even the page of a book that pops open, the clips I watch as well as strong mental connection with people, including with many POM members on a very frequent basis. I am not able to predict things but more so that I get some confirmation of what I have been thinking or following. To see a dream state and a confirmation as supporting material perhaps is that there are elements of truth in the content, which I believe to be the case.

      I have to admit that despite the strange and chaotic era we are living in right now, I personally feel strong connections to people who I know and feel to be noble and good, which I can only describe as a spiritual connection. I also feel that POM and the writings that JC provides to us all is like a magnet of the light and unadulterated truth that actually magnifies synchronicities in our search for the truth for each of one us.

      In this respect, C.G. Jung was right when he said that synchronicities are the road signs that confirms our path to be the correct direction to the truth (Paraphrasing!)

  6. A couple peripheral but salient thoughts:

    The lassie-faire cultural phenomenon that is being described here would more accurately be described as various forms of postmodernism (Nietzsche 2.0), as not all left movements and their cultural practices are morally corrupt. Zygmunt Bauman offers a defense of the kind of morality and cultural phenomenon that is critiqued here in his book, “Postmodern Ethics.”

    The assertion that Nazi-fascism was a left-wing phenomenon is hotly debated in political philosophy circles, with most libertarian (classical liberals) holding the view that it was in fact a right-wing political movement.

    For a pithy examination of the libertarian view, read Jeff Riggenbach’s “Why American History Is Not What They Say: An Introduction to Revisionism”
    The left-wing hypothesis that is presented in the article above is forcefully argued by Catholic conservative Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn in, “Leftism: From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse”

    Finally, I do not share the view that what we are seeing rises to the level of a cultural implosion in America. Even the 1960s did not destroy conservative culture, as it eventually gave rise to a resurgence of conservative values. Like so many other phenomenon that are examined on POM, this cultural deconstruction of society is just another cycle in an endless swing from consolidation to disintegration and back again (as has been pointed out many times here). The potential post-Trump Socialist apocalypse that awaits us remains an open question, as the Sanders-Warren wing of the Democrat party simply do not currently have the support of enough of the American electorate to help usher in the new utopia. However, the largest threats to conservative culture currently seem to reside in academia and what remains of the intelligentsia in America. And they are very much stoking the flames of discord among those very same (Sanders-Warren) supporters.

  7. We should know in a few hours about MSCI’s China decision… My vote is Yes. Fingers and toes crossed, I have a lot riding on this.

    MSCI will decide on Tuesday whether to add mainland China stocks to its indexes.
    Index funds and ETFs have $2 trillion benchmarked against the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.
    Hong Kong stocks are already included; adding mainland China would increase the weighting of China stocks in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index from roughly 26 percent to more than 40 percent with full inclusion.
    The mainland China stock market is north of $6 trillion in the combined Shenzhen and Shanghai indices.

  8. I just read this news item about a US F-15 shooting down and Iranian drone in Syria and my thought is that I am not able to analyze this whatsoever:

    “A US F-15 jet downed the drone near al-Tanf, an outpost close to the Syria border with Iraq where American special operation forces are training “Syrian rebels”, Fox News reported.”

    IS the “Syrian rebel” another codename for ISIS or Daesh? Or, the rebels are members of the love corps. and their job is to give hugs to the Syrian people?! What are these Syrian rebels are exactly rebelling against and why the US is so gallantly and bravely supporting them….and may be funding them?!

    To traumatize a population, a method is to keep them in a constant state of confusion…

    1. Hello Carpe Diem,

      It’s a real devastation for the people exposed to this horror in Syria, they are used as bargaining chips between Turkey and Europe, how disgusting for both parties.It’s the backlash from the populations of those countries that drive both European and Turkish governments to avoid new immigrants not to genuinely end this bloodbath. It’s obvious that the Anglo-American establishment is looking to prolong this quagmire, and I have these observations:
      – Periodic downing of Syrian(russian in fact) airplanes coupled with the introduction of new sanctions serve to provoke Russia and kill any remaining chance of a compromise between America and Russia. This is also done to psychologically pressure Putin to wear him down maybe not to run for next year’s elections.
      – Prolongation of the conflict is leading and will continue to lead to a state where Syria will have no chance to avoid disintegration. No single country, including the false champions of Turkey, Russia and Iran will be able to bear the costs for the reconstruction of the country, so they will hardly be able to hold the country one-piece and it will have to be carved some way.If we were to think this alongside an upcoming referandum in Iraq about Kurdish self-determination, secessionist tendencies in the region are already accelerating. Impulsive, stupid and short-termist Turkish government will face its horrendous karma too and its present borders will shrink in its eastern borders. Your country looks destined to lose its Kurdish region under this design as well.
      – Prolongation also leads to diverting of otherwise productive resources to war and wears and tears all of the countries involved, so that even a country like Russia with a very low debt/gdp will suffer and see this metric detoriate significantly, playing into the hands of supranational bankers as well. Alternative media is full of garbage of how well Russia is doing despite the sanctions, but this is of course a lie. Protests are common phenomenon, investments are lagging, so does the growth rate and its regions face the possibility of defaults starting from 2018.
      Just add U.S LNG exports to Europe, new pipelines to be built from Iran to Europe as well as those that will start to flow from Azerbaijan and Turkey to Europe, Russia will keep losing its leverage. Medium-term I expect Russia to move towards federalism and this will of course lead to regions like Tatarstan, North Caucauses and some others to declare independence from Moscow. Putin fans will be devastated but, he should have diversified long ago and kept energy revenue inside Russia instead of allowing it to be funneled to City of London and secretive Swiss vaults. Not even his oligarchs believe in Russia under Putin anymore and I can sense this in my home country Turkey as well. Moreover, this link shows the brain drain in Russia as well, I can also sense this in my home country as well. So much for the resurgent Russia!! Ooh I almost forgot the population projections about Russia all of which lead to a sustained decrease thanks to better days, sarcasm intended of course . mentality at best, Russia blames the West perpetually for its inability to diversify, Turkey the coup planners for the bloodbath in the region and the internal turmoil in the country but they do this to distract their own incompetence like every other government in its own might.
      – Finally, all this pressure on Russia is to isolate Iran, as J.C explained. It’s a pity, Trump is announcing sale after sale of arms to first Saudi Arabia, then to threatened Qatar On top of that, Lockheed Martin will sell $37 billion worth of arms to 10 countries(excluding U.S) and these nations include Australia, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, South Korea, Britain. This will surely help lower debt/gdp of the U.S but how great will make it again is up for discussion. One thing is certain, it will make the mideast a much, much worse place.

      Maybe my post is a little bit emotional as well but this black&white thinking on the alternative media bores me to death and does nothing to add to better understanding. Over time, I have come to experience that sticking to factual analysis, one trait I’m getting better at thanks to POM and J.C, will always do better than sticking to day-to-day from superficial mainstream Tavistock media or alternative Tavistock media J.C has beautifully exposed.

      1. Hello SafetyFishnet,

        Thank you so much for your excellent analysis. I agree with every point you have made and sadly a new colonial outpost will be a Kurdistan that will take big chunks out of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey. This new nation will be as fake as Saudi Arabia was after WWI. Your point about isolating Iran is correct and I think the aim is to separate Russia from Iran so Iran can work alongside the control and aspiration of the bankster elite of the city of London.

        Regarding Russia, again you are spot on, in that the Alternative Media is aggrandising Russia either out of ignorance or in a wishful thinking hope! Russia is wholly owned by the city of London through the Russian Khazarian Billionaires that make up 99 percent of the so-called oligarchs. Therefore, as you said, Russia is hopeless and even with joining forces with China it is still not a match Economically, Militarily or in any other aspects.

        You have painted a very sad but absolutely real, logical and thoughtful state of the situation in the near east. I will need to read your excellent post again as it has much details and information that deserves more time.

        Thank you again and let’s hope better days for this planet….

        1. Could it be about business? If the turmoil in Syria carries on it blocks that pipeline avenue. If Iran and Russia are sanctioned people can’t legally purchase oil or natural gas from them which would push the Paris Accord folks right into Qatar for the clean liquified natural gas. The Suez Canal has been upgraded to accommodate ships transporting the fuel so how else to stop other nations from shipping LNG which would hinder Shell/Qatar’s budding LNG enterprise. It would seem to give an additional reason for the US to have a joint military base in Qatar also. And let’s not forget that Greater Israel Project…it would seem the existing regime would need to be discredited or disqualified to run a nation so the Greater Israel Project could be introduced as a solution to bring peace and order to the region.

          “Driven by tougher international and environmental standards, (Liquified Natural Gas) LNG is being termed as the fuel of the future. According to experts, large scale shipping is believed to be sourced by LNG in the near future. According to DNV, being “LNG Ready” could be the best option for many ships.”

          “Qatar holds the third largest natural gas reserves in the world. Its proven natural gas reserves as of December 2012 were estimated at 885.3Tcf. It accounts for around 13% of the world’s total natural gas reserves. Qatar is also the single largest LNG supplier in the world.

          A vast majority of the country’s natural gas reserves are located in the giant offshore North Field, which covers an area almost equivalent to Qatar itself. North Field is the world’s largest non-associated gas field. It is the main source of Qatar’s natural gas production. The Barzan gas project, the latest North Field project under construction, is expected to produce an additional 600 billion cubic feet of gas per year upon its completion in 2015.

          The gross natural gas production of the country in 2012 stood at 5.7Tcf. The state-owned Qatar Petroleum (QP) is the dominant player in the country’s natural gas sector.

          The natural gas resources are developed by integrated mega projects in association with foreign players, including ExxonMobil, Shell and Total. QP holds major share in these projects. Qatargas and RasGas are the major LNG companies operating in Qatar.”

          See also: Pearl GTL
          GTL projects received significant attention in Qatar the last several years, and Qatar’s government originally set a target of developing 400,000 bbl/d (64,000 m3/d) of capacity by 2012. However, cancellations and delays substantially lowered this. In February 2007, ExxonMobil canceled its Palm GTL project, which was slated to produce 154,000 bbl/d (24,500 m3/d). The company will instead develop the Barzan Gas Project, scheduled to supply 1.5 Bcf/d by 2012. The Oryx GTL plant is a joint venture of QP and Sasol-Chevron GTL, and has a 34,000 bbl/d (5,400 m3/d) capacity. The plant was commissioned in June 2006, but technical problems prevented the consortium from loading the first export until April 2007. In February 2007, Royal Dutch Shell held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Pearl GTL Project. The Pearl plant will be 51 percent-owned by QP, though Shell will operate the project with a 49 percent stake. The facility is expected to use natural gas feedstock to produce 140,000 bbl/d (22,000 m3/d) of GTL products. The project will be developed in phases, with 70,000 bbl/d (11,000 m3/d) capacity expected by 2010 and a second phase expected in 2011. The Pearl project will be the first integrated GTL operation in the world, meaning it will have upstream production integrated with the onshore conversion plant.[19]”

          “Developed in partnership with Qatar Petroleum, Pearl Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) is the world’s largest GTL plant and one of the world’s largest, most complex and challenging energy projects ever commissioned. From the origins of Shell GTL technology nearly 40 years ago, to its first commercial debut in Shell’s Bintulu GTL plant in Malaysia in the early 1990s, to the creation of the world’s GTL capital in Qatar today – the delivery of GTL on such a vast scale as Pearl GTL brought together almost every aspect of Shell’s technical and project management capabilities.”

          1. “Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain broke ties with Qatar earlier this month over allegations the Persian Gulf country funds terrorism — an accusation that President Donald Trump has echoed.

            Those countries have now given Qatar 10 days to comply with all of the demands, which include paying an unspecified sum in compensation.

            Qatari officials in Doha did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the AP. But the list included conditions that the gas-rich nation had already insisted would never be met, including shutting down Al-Jazeera.”


          2. Business interests for Qatar’s LNG is picking up….

            “LONDON — The West’s three biggest energy corporations are lobbying Qatar to take part in a huge expansion of its gas production, handing Doha an unintended but timely boost in its bitter dispute with Gulf Arab neighbors.

            The chief executives of ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and France’s Total all met the emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, in Qatar before it announced a plan on Tuesday to raise output of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by 30 percent.

            Company and industry sources told Reuters that the CEOs had expressed interest in helping Qatar with its ambition to produce 100 million tonnes of LNG annually – equivalent to a third of current global supplies – in the next five to seven years.

            The companies already have large investments in countries on both sides of the dispute, and are keen to remain neutral after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed ties with Doha on June 5. ”


  9. Excerpts from a recent interview with Camille Paglia:

    “There seems to be a huge conceptual gap between Trump and his most implacable critics on the left. Many highly educated, upper-middle-class Democrats regard themselves as exemplars of “compassion” (which they have elevated into a supreme political principle) and yet they routinely assail Trump voters as ignorant, callous hate-mongers. These elite Democrats occupy an amorphous meta-realm of subjective emotion, theoretical abstractions, and refined language. But Trump is by trade a builder who deals in the tangible, obdurate, objective world of physical materials, geometry, and construction projects, where communication often reverts to the brusque, coarse, high-impact level of pre-modern working-class life, whose daily locus was the barnyard. It’s no accident that bourgeois Victorians of the industrial era tried to purge “barnyard language” out of English.”

    “You’ve nailed it about Western liberalism’s obsession with language, to the exclusion of wide-ranging study of world history or systematic observation of present social conditions. Liberalism of the 1950s and ’60s exalted civil liberties, individualism, and dissident thought and speech. “Question authority” was our generational rubric when I was in college. But today’s liberalism has become grotesquely mechanistic and authoritarian: It’s all about reducing individuals to a group identity, defining that group in permanent victim terms, and denying others their democratic right to challenge that group and its ideology. Political correctness represents the fossilized institutionalization of once-vital revolutionary ideas, which have become mere rote formulas. It is repressively Stalinist, dependent on a labyrinthine, parasitic bureaucracy to enforce its empty dictates.”

    1. Thank you trueconductor,

      If this is not a total collapse of the Democratic party considering that this lady was a registered Democrat voter and she voted for Sanders, I don’t know what is! Trump is being attacked because he is rattling the cage for both the Democrats and the Republicans. The return of both parties as they were a year ago is not impossible because the paradigm has changed and somehow both parties must find ways to accommodate themselves to the new reality of post-trump era.

      This is also true in the UK politics and yet Jeremy Corbyn appears to have figured out the methods and ways of Trump to become the leader that people are looking for. Despite my dislike of the left and Corbyn’s brand, the fact that he is a Brexiter, is a positive sign and I am wondering if the British establishment has earmarked his potential lead as a secondary option should Theresa May’s “hung parliament” deal with the Ulster Unionists breaks down. All the indication regarding the push for Brexit was from the very core of the British establishment that is the Royal Palace and the Queen herself. Will be interesting to see how things roll out in the UK too.

  10. Hey Carpe Diem, interesting points as usual! I don’t get a chance to add to the debate much due to a busy schedule at present; but yes it has been a roller coaster ride in Blighty at the moment. I genuinely thought May had pulled off a blinder announcing a snap election. They say a week is a long time in politics, seven weeks is an ice age! I really thought she would get the swing vote, but it was not to be.

    The Tory press vilified Corbyn. On reflection, they tried to make him out to be another Micheal Foot. I have to say, they behaved like shits. There are numerous reasons why the vote went the way it did. What I will say is that a percentage of voters are tired of the mainstream and upset the apple cart. What I got great sport out of, was the shock on the Tory side, and also the shock on the Labour side. The Blairite wing were sharpening their knives for the leadership bloodletting after the election, only to find Corbyn had accquited himself by increasing the share of the vote. Boy where they sick! They are quiet for the moment.

    Cognitive dissonance has no borders on the political spectrum. Conservative voters will vote conservative not realising they are being screwed over by their own side. That equally applies to the left. I think in Corbyn’s case, even taking into account his harnessing of the young vote, what struck me was the fact that a lot of older voters were sick of the establishment and voted for him because he was the outsider. One DJ Trump comes to mind.

    After the terrible event in Manchester, and with just a week or so to go in the election, Corbyn came out and said maybe the UK needs to review it’s foreign policy. He was attacked by the Tory press, no change there, but all he was doing was saying maybe the government needs to look at the bigger picture. How many innocent lives have been lost in the numerous drone attacks in places like Afghanistan and the remote tribal areas of Pakistan. Let us call it the law of unintended consequences, resulting in some nutters in the UK seeking revenge. It does not matter who was behind them because unfortunately it all gets lost in the mist of Cognitive Dissonance…love that term, thanks JC.

    I have no time for the Tories, they will always be The Nasty Party. Neither do I have anytime for the Liberal Left, they have stifled debate in this country so badly that speaking your mind will probably get you in trouble with the authorities. But I will always respect intelligent debate whatever its political hue, sadly none of it comes from the left at present.

    The Grenfell Tower tragedy has a way to go yet. Both national and local government response was appalling. Why should we be surprised, ineptitude is part and parcel of officialdom. It is so ingrained in the culture that nobody bothers to take responsibility. An example is the recent tv interview of the leader of the Tory led borough council in charge of the complex. When asked did he feel ashamed of what had happened all he good do was waffle his way out of it. Even an old cynic like me was stunned by his performance.

    Britian is in a state of shock with all that has happened in the last few months, how long more can it go on? Who knows. I agree with JC’s observation re. the Liberal Left and it’s defence of Islam is one of the reasons why we are in this mess. However, I detect that ordinary British Muslims are starting to get a bit twitchy about where this will end. Some of them are beginning to realise that they need to engage in a dialogue with the rest of us. They themselves are going to have to look at their own intolerance. I can give them a few pointers having grown up in a Christian theocracy, ring any bells Carpe Diem?

    May your collective gods go with you, if you have any! And if not, it doesn’t matter.

    1. Hi Chancer,

      Thank you for your thoughts on the UK events. I agree with you in all you stated. Regarding the Kensington Labour win, which is a shock as it’s always been a safe seat for Tories, the Labour candidate won with a margin of only “20” votes and the influx of the Islamist residents of the North Kensington and the generous fund for their mosque was possibly the reason for the vote shift. This is the exact method the Democrats have used in the US, by encouraging Islamist, they have managed to change the vote in their favor. What I heard was the new lady Labour MP for Kensington was on the board of the Grenfell Tower. If true, this will make her implicated in this tragedy. Also that the council has given housing to the victims some luxury apartments that go for £1.5 million a piece in Warick Avenue and the residents are absolutely unhappy about it. They say that “North Kensington is not Kensington” which I agree with as the new residents will be in properties that are private and people who live there paid big money for the seclusion and luxury but hey, this is socialism and it may even make the rich leftist resident’s think twice about voting Labour again!

      Regarding the UK Muslims population, I agree with you about their concerns for the future and when the criminality is stopped and then the backlash against them may begin. So it will be to their benefit to start raising voices against the criminal Islamist murderers sooner. However, the Islamism is sponsored by the Deep State in the UK as it is in the US and the average Muslim is not connected to them, at least a big portion of them.

      I watched this fascinating documentary regarding Brexit halfway and thought it may of interest to you also:

      I can tell you that I absolutely dislike this nobody woman, Gina Miller who has taken the UK government to court and she is obviously sponsored by the Eurocrats in Brussels as their agent. I can’t think how people stand by and watch this nobody to insult them after they voted in a democratic system to exit bloody EU. I am not certain what Mrs. May is playing at here but I assume she must be under a lot of pressure by the EU lobby who have been busy going for her life at the Westminster Bridge incident and again during the Grenfell Tower visit.

      All in all, it’s civil war in the UK and in the US right now and the old and dying breed are gasping for air. What is certain is the wind of change that will blow them away slowly but surely.

      1. Hello Chancer,

        I think this 6 minutes clip about this young British leftist lady and her adoration for Islamists and the terrorism of the population they are involved in, is an evidence of who is behind the Islamists murderes and why.

        The role of the Globalism and Marxism-International in supporting Pan-Islamism as their favored change agents is now wide open. This lady is a Marxist and Feminist and listening to her words is very illuminating as the real agenda behind their hateful, sinister and dark plan for ALL the Indo-European people. A backlash against the dark cult of pan-leftism and their criminal franchise pan-Islamists is now inevitable.

  11. JC,

    I think you are right on the money with this one. I have been warning about this amongst my peers for years. It will start in the USA but it will spill over into neighboring countries and across the sea. We will revert to a form of tribalism if it happens and what comes out the other end, I predict, will be a multitude of smaller nations that are divided along geographic and cultural lines. That’s my prediction based on human nature and our history. Like you I hope it does not come to be but change appears to be the one constant in the universe and this appears to be the direction we are being steered in so….

    And I hate saying these sorts of things because I know you work damn hard at this blog, but this should be freepom. Some of your articles, occasionally need to be more widely distributed. This is one of them. Great job and thanks for what you do.

  12. The Principle of Rhythm – “Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

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