The Hatred of the Intolerant Left

JcollinsCultural, Premium POM

A Parasite Needs to be a Parasite in Order to Survive

The premise of the liberal-left is the suppression of all those who disagree. The Democratic creation of the KKK to suppress African-American’s and the liberal-left nature of both Soviet Communism and Nazi Fascism are real world examples of the level of madness and hatred which is possible from the liberal-left. The fact that the liberal-left media and its academic institutions package there own hatred and intolerance as products of the conservative-right provides us with just a glimmer of the uphill battle which must be waged in order to re-balance culture and Western civilization.

Back in November of last year I posted a FREEPOM article titled The Risk of Genocide Against the Liberal-Left. It has become one of the more popular articles and sparked some intense comments and back-and-forth exchanges. The premise of the article was that the left would keep pushing and pushing and coming for more and more until such a time that open violence and conflict resulted and the right responded with characteristics of genocide against the liberal-left.

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