The Great Work

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Submission for the XRP Short Story Contest over at XRPCHAT.

JC Collins

Hellfire engulfed the sky and on the heels of the screams, the rains came.

Musty floor boards hidden beneath granite flooring supported secret walls and arcane ceiling murals.  For the seventh night in a row, the dream shattered his sleep and left the smell of sulfur in his nostrils.

The bed frame creaked as he sat up and rubbed his hands over his sweat covered face.  Knees creaked more as he brought his legs up to his chest and hung his burdened thoughts over them.  It was hot. Embers in the fireplace popped and danced in the red glow of what had been a crackling blaze hours before.

What time was it?  Just after 3:00 AM.  Still time for a few more hours of sleep.

Sleep?  He’d been asleep his whole life, thinking himself the king only to realize now in his fading days he was still the fool.  The journey through ancient wealth had taken him right back to where he started.  But now he had a second chance, another opportunity to make a different choice.  Walk a different path.  Tomorrow.

Tomorrow he would change the world.

Before laying back down he pushed the cold wet blankets to the side and turned the pillow over.  The dry side folded around the weight of his head.  Staring up at the painted ceiling he wondered what it meant.  A golden chariot.  Descending angels.  A broken man stretched over a large jagged stone with one hand pointed towards the sun.  A naked woman standing by a plant and pointing towards the moon.

One of his ancestors had it painted back in the 1800’s.  All of these years and he never once thought to investigate its meaning.  It was always just there.  A clue waiting to be uncovered.  A mystery waiting to be solved.  A work meant to be completed.

Ever since the mysterious Japanese man with an American accent visited him a week ago his life had been a whirlwind of meetings, revelations, and reflections on a life spent maintaining an empire of centralized money.  What started with gold coins over two hundred years ago was now about to be unraveled in a matter of seconds by his own hand.  What would his mighty forefathers think of him?  A traitor?  A weakling?  A man of diminished intelligence and drive?

Turning on his side he could see his lumpy shadow on the wall as bed and man became one in the dark.  Its edges shimmered and teased him with a subtle mockery.  The energy which held this old house together always made him feel oppressed.  After his death, he would have it torn down and the land donated to some cause or another.  Who would care?  He would be forgotten and no one would know that it was him who allowed the world to change.

All the wars.  All the screams.  The sulfur which permeated his existence as it leaked from the cracked foundations of his ancestry. Once his counsel had been sought after by Presidents and Popes, it all meant nothing now.  The world had moved on without him. But he had one last move, one last place to rest his king. The younger of his bloodline could carry the torch from there and continue what he would begin tomorrow.

Tomorrow he would change the world.

An eye opened.  The room was now flooded with the morning sun.  It was cooler as the autumn air tightened itself around the brick and mortar of the house.  Sounds of the help could be heard down below as breakfast was being prepared and other work around the estate commenced.  A car engine fired up outside, his chariot.

The old pipes moaned as he showered.  Water in the toilet gurgled.  Steam ran down the walls like a thousand tears.  Hanging on to the recently installed safety handle he used his other hand to rinse the shampoo from his hair.  The water poured down over his head and he watched it swirl around the drain and disappear.  As he turned the taps off the pipes banged inside the wall, thump, thump.  His closes friend at this moment was the towel he reached for.

Passing on breakfast he walked out of the back door and towards the waiting limousine.  The driver, who had been with him now for over thirty years, held the door open.

“Looking striking this morning, sir,” he said.

Smiling he entered the back and put on his seatbelt as the driver closed the door.  There was no morning paper.  No briefcase full of important matters.  No phone which needed a purpose.  It was just him and his old bones.

The limousine pulled around the front of the house and headed down the long drive towards the gate.  It was as if the house was screaming at him from behind.  It’s long aching arms reaching out to stop him from leaving.  Stop him from changing the world.  Claws scrapped across the roof of the car and down the back window as he slipped from the clutches of the past and pulled onto the main road.

Staring back at the house he couldn’t help but feel that it was a sad place, a lonely place, a place full of confusion and fear.  It was a place he was leaving behind.

Crossing the bridge over the river Main the car bounced and skidded on the morning freeze, as it had a thousand times before.  The driver corrected and turned left off the bridge.  The old town passed on the right.  New York.  London.  Hong Kong.  How many times had he traveled this road?  How many conference calls with the capitals of the world?

Everything had changed so fast.  Just a few years ago no one of importance had been talking about blockchain technology or Bitcoin.  If they were, it was through cigar clinched laughter over hundred-year-old Scotch.  But as the Japanese man Satoshi had said a week ago, Bitcoin was only the beginning.  It was a test, the first evolution of a simple celled organism.

Now the Cambrian explosion was about to happen.

Entering the modern glass and steel European Central Bank through the underground parking garage brought his attention back to the day’s importance.  The elevator to the top floor was fast.  No more push buttons and brass levers.  Everything was moving around him at the speed of light.  It was too much now.

Exiting the elevator he walked straight towards the large boardroom.  The glass doors parted and he entered a room full of energy and anticipation.  The head of the table was reserved for him.  Every other seat was taken.  Some faces he recognized and others were strange to him.  Each face held a different look.  Some looked at him with kindness, some with fear.  Some were impatient like they were waiting on some archaic ceremony to be finished.  Others just stared expressionlessly and avoided eye contact.

Someone somewhere in the room was saying something about getting the capitals on the video conference.  There was a bustling of activity and three screens on the far wall turned blue.  London appeared first, followed by New York, and last Hong Kong.  Each screen was filled with similar boardrooms full of people with similar looks.  Each represented the most powerful banks.  Banks which still came under his control through majority shares held across multiple smaller banks and financial institutions.  This allowed him to remain an important man, at least for the next few minutes.

Hellfire engulfed the sky and on the heels of the screams, the rains came.

The dream flashed through his mind, the war in Vietnam and the liquid flames which burned flesh and forest to the bone.  That is where things first started to change.  Television brought the horrors to the living rooms of the average person.  War was no longer some far off distant fight for freedom.  It was now happening to all.  Wealth from war was no longer unburdened. Saturn now devoured his children with the lust of the flesh and the greed of gluttony.

Someone to his right was talking about fiat currency no longer being the best vehicle to move value around the world.  Every bank and institution represented there had been piloting software developed by a company called Ripple.  This software allowed billions of dollars to be moved in the blink of an eye.  Trillions could be saved and re-purposed back into the economies of nations. All loaned through his banks of course.  The Internet of Value, as it was being called, was the greatest opportunity since the Industrial Revolution swept across Europe.

Five papers were laid in front of him.  Reaching into his breast pocket he pulled out a pen.  It was made of ivory and it was said the ivory came from the splintered hilt of Napoleon’s sword after the defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.  Each of his forefathers used this pen to sign consequential documents which marked the movement of the world’s wealth between nations and banks.  This pen started wars and collapsed empires. It had been the most powerful of weapons, more powerful than a nuclear missile and mightier than the great aircraft carriers which dominated the oceans of the world.

A voice from the Hong Kong screen was talking about Africa and how the Internet of Value would give the poorest nations of the world unfettered access to the global financial system for the first time. The ecosystem which was being developed around a digital asset called XRP was creating a revolution across multiple fronts.  The efficiency and effectiveness of the Ripple software were maximized with the use of XRP.  Every transaction and every movement of value within the globes decentralized ecosystem would use XRP as the base currency.  There would be no more unearned wealth through currency arbitrage and unfair rent-seeking practices.

Others had attempted to explain this to him but it was Satoshi who got him to understand.  The Japanese man had been working under the radar for years since disappearing after creating Bitcoin.  Like the Count of St. Germain traveling throughout Europe meeting with Kings and Queens, Popes and bankers to build the central bank system which created the liquidity for the Industrial Revolution, Satoshi had been quietly meeting with the leaders of the world for a different purpose.

The banks under his control, some of the largest in the world, were important for this new ecosystem.  Adopting XRP as a new standard would send a message to the rest of the world and other banks.  It would mark the transition point from the old world to a new world.  It would be the origin point of a new type of technological revolution.  What he started would be followed by others in the days ahead.

There was a tightening in his chest.

Over the last week, many thoughts had gone through his mind.  Like who was Satoshi really?  St. Germain had given his family the wealth all those centuries ago.  But even back then it was said that St. Germain was immortal and appeared at intervals throughout human history to guide and direct humanity.  Was Satoshi the re-appearance of the Count of St. Germain?

Each of his banks adopting XRP as the new base standard would also activate XRP Validators.  These validators build trust in the system and each bank and large institution adopting the XRP ledger could run a validator.  The more validators the more decentralized the ledger becomes.  This was difficult for him to understand but Satoshi explained how it meant no one nation, bank, or institution could control or manipulate the ledger.  Even a consortium of institutions running validators couldn’t work together behind the scenes to manipulate because the whole process was automated.  This was one of the learnings from Bitcoin, as the largest owners of the asset could game the system in the background.

Never would he have thought that in order to maintain the wealth of his family he would have to work with others to bring wealth to the rest of the world.  Once he signed these papers the new systems would be activated and his banks would instantly become a large part of the new digital ecosystem.  At that moment the world would be forever changed.  Others would follow and within hours and days, the Cambrian explosion will have begun.

The ivory pen was slippery in his hand.  Gripping it tighter he quickly signed all five documents and returned the pen to his pocket.  Standing, the room around him erupted in cheers and acts of congratulations.  Stepping away from the table he exited the room with hardly a notice.

Once back in the limousine he exhaled and studied the sounds around him.  Nothing. Silence.  The stillness of change embraced him.  The dream vanished from his thoughts and the smell of sulfur from his nose.  Where was Satoshi now he wondered?

The golden chariot pulled out of the underground parking garage and headed towards the countryside.  Below he could see the broken remains of his former self-stretched across a flat rock and a woman standing in the tall grass of the field, pointing in the direction of the sun.

As he passed over the old house its brick and mortar crumbled to dust.  Long arms with gnarled fingers reached up from its center and grabbed at the chariot.  Missing they fell back into the collapsing framework and disappeared forever.

The golden chariot soared higher towards the sun and he laughed out loud to himself.  How simple it had been all along.  The weight of a thousand burdens released him.  The world was now for others to manage.  A different world awaited him.  The great work was completed.  – JC

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  1. This was awesome JC!

    For some reason, your writing is so eloquent that I always see the whole thing as I read, visually and real scenes of a movie as I read your story here comes up! What’s even more worrying for me, is that I can even smell the nice Cuban cigar in this movie as though I am sitting there! I am, therefore, beginning to wonder if I suffer from a newly discovered condition with mentioned symptoms, which if I may, will call it, POMititus 🙂

    As I was reading this great short story, a word that we have all heard a million times in the past couple of years, that is “Disruptive” in relation to any new method, technology or Person(s) that may have caused a glitch in the works, came to me. Our history is filled with individuals who caused such disruption and changed our collective history, Nikola Tesla is one such example but there are numerous others and some we don’t even know of.

    The MSM called the victory of President Trump an “Upset”. Upset has negative connotations where we use it to suggest an irregularity in our health, such as an “upset stomach” but Trump is a disruptor of an old system, and the synchronicity of his arrival as a Disruptive person at a time we have the Blockchain technology where the real Disrupting works will be carried out. So the arrival of Trump and the Blockchain and coinciding of the two at this time is really fascinating and both are necessary to change the nature of life on this planet in a positive way.

    Just mentioning also that why I suggested the Universal Basic Income in my reply to my fellow POM family member Redjon was based on the same thinking. UBI is NOT a disruptive method as it is there to continue the culture of dependency. On the other side, we have the Blockchain technology with literally numerous applications where it removes the need for such meagre hand-out. Suggesting such hand-outs especially coming from the new ruling elite is rich! None of the people who are promoting UBI ever talks about the potential of others sharing their wealth but rather and literally throwing a few shekels to people in the hope of shutting them up. You must also consider, the psychological effects of the idea of FREE MONEY on society and why the proponents of the UBI started to use it more after the 2009 banking crisis. IMHO, UBI was used as a short-term painkiller, and it seems to have had an effect although never materialized, simply because it is a great idea but it is impossible to implement…the cure is disruption of the status quo and both Trump and the Blockchain are the exact two things, the old world order is so hateful of…

  2. JC,
    If your submission doesn’t win the contest, I’d like to read the one that does! You’re an amazing writer!! Great piece!!
    It seems that the SEC decision on Ripple is weighing on it’s price? Does anyone know when they are going to render their decision? Are we talking days, weeks? I can’t find any info on that…
    Thanks in advance for any info anyone might have.

  3. I just read this explosive article by Thierry Meyssan which I think is in line with JC’s story, from a historical perspective. I would like to draw your attention to the latest Qanon Intel drop #1778 as follows:

    “The World is about to change.”

    Definitely, looks like things are about to change very rapidly!

    From the article, I found the following paragraph of interest:

    “In Helsinki, it was not the United States which drew up an agreement with the Federation of Russia. It was the White House alone. Because the common enemy is a transnational group which exercises authority in the United States. Since this group considers itself, and not the elected President, to be the representative of the USA, it did not hesitate to immediately accuse President Trump of treason.”

  4. My Carpe Diem
    You will like this.

    EVERY TripCode & UserID used by Q Points to a Book

    Q has used 11 TripCodes and 1100 UserID’s. EVERY one of them points to a book when you search them in Google Books. Some are even pointing to specific pages within that book.

    There’s 1111 COMPLETE BOOKS of information here

    TripCodes alone have a treasure trove

    1. Ramtha, Last Waltz of the Tyrants, the prophecy REVISITED.
    Author: Ramtha
    Found: TripCode CbboFOtZcs
    Used: 376 times

    MCD, that’s one out of 1111, you can google up the article if you want to. Links and me? Piss on ’em. LOL

    How very interesting, how much depth, how Cicada 3301, how AI?????

    1. Good Morning Dearest Pieter,

      Thank you for the information on Q and the books. I got hooked on a documentary around 2006 called, “What the bleep do we know” and a subsequent part named “Down the rabbit hole” where the channelled entity called, “Ramtha” spoke absolutely eloquently about quantum physics, God and other similar subjects. I leave a YT clip of that great documentary below.

      The material covered in that documentary made me think how much we are not told by the Fake-Strem media and how much of our energy we have wasted on worthless college degrees and other wasteful papers and pursuits. I now am convinced that with Q to have chosen his/her tripcodes based on books that are listed, we are dealing with an incoming flow of information that will absolutely take humanity to another level of existence and thinking. I can now see that possibly we will be learning of a new physics, new materials and new concepts of flight, energy and other technologies which Blockchain is only the beginning. I believe we will also get to know noble Serbian by the name of Mr Tesla’s groundbreaking discoveries where we may find out that POTUS’s physicist uncle John Trump knew and was not allowed to divulge.

      Your posting Dearest Pieter made me realize that the rabbit hole was diverted by the dark-minded criminals but WE the people, have found a way in and will dig deeper. None of this would have been possible with President Trump elected as the 45th US President. Every day, I am grateful for having this man in charge.

      Wish you a glorious day my Dear Friend

      1. Dane My Good Man
        I swear, I feel as if I was an outlaw and you were a lawman, I would hate to have you on my trail, I could run but I could not hide. I think I’ll call you Lord Baltimore, the indian tracker from Butch/ Sundance. I couldn’t figure it out there for a bit, then it occured to me, I left sign. PTM, and my writing style.

        The garden, the redemption garden. I almost wish you wouldn’t of asked, it appears I’m going to hell unless I can find another way or live for another season, with better fortune. It was another complete fail, to many reasons to list. I have a garage/ shed with a root cellar dug in it, I’m thinking of growing some mushrooms in it, a crop more akin to what most of my life has been, kept in the dark and fed shit. LOL

        Have a Wonderful Day Dane

        1. Hahahaha. Just synchronicity my friend. I enjoyed reading what you had on your mind. Glad your not an outlaw because I don’t really feel like being a lawman for others, just myself. I’m a bit selfish that way 🙂 I do like the sound of that indian tracker though, you know me…a softy for the indians. Liked the kid though too 😉

          So the garden….sorry to hear that pal. But since you mentioned trying a garden in the cellar, yes it does take darkness and manure why not turn it around to a spiritual tune, or more specifically a magical tune? Many ancient societies have used that crop to find their way to the spiritual realm don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you too.

          I’m LOL with you man, and I’ll take whatever day I’m given and turn it around to be a wonderful day Peter. Thanks pal.

  5. JC, I feel like I should of addressed your absolutely, fantastic and fascinating post first, but I had to allow it to percolate for a bit. I apologize in advance if it offends you that I will be referencing Q in response to your article. I say that because I have noticed that you have not mentioned the Q thing one way or the other at this time. I only use it because your article slapped my mind up against it.

    I’ll try and keep this short. Just a day ago Q made mention of Chris Springmasters, great work “Bloodlines of the Illuminati.” The top 13 bloodlines to be more exact. As I was reading your fine article my mind was feeling 13 ancient castles collapsing into dust, as the servants were hurriedly loading big old money bags into the trunk of the old man’s monster car.

    That’s it, that’s all I got.

  6. Pieter et al,
    I agree. This is the dip. But those who are shorting XRP in margin accounts right now have no real reason to buy back their coins based on the negative cloud that hangs over Ripple relative to the SEC decision. In other words, the dip could continue to go down to $.40, .30, .20, etc. Now, if the SEC decision is due out shortly, then most short positions will start to cover and the bottom of the dip will have occurred (assuming the SEC decision is pro-Ripple). So, just trying to find out when that decision is potentially due? I’ll probably scale-in anyway to safeguard a continued dip. But, would rather have as much info as possible in order to set my strategy correctly.
    Any info would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.

  7. “The World is about to change.” Q

    Ever since yesterday evening when I came across the above posting by Qanon and later reading the wonderful article by JC that holds elements of a positive future, and this morning a posting by Pieter, I thought of an old soul and a fellow countryman I came to know some years ago. He changed his name to FM-2030. He was a philosopher, Libertarian and most of all a Futurist!

    After some years, I watched this 11 min interview with Larry King. I would like to invite you to listen to this man and what he says about the future he was predicting where we will have small government and “Digital Money” etc. etc. I will also leave the Wikipedia page about this man.

  8. To be perfectly honest with you RJ I really do not have much info. My strategy has been to invest what I can afford to lose, when I can afford to lose it. I attempted to purchase XRP several months ago now, when it was around a buck. I don’t have a bank account so I attempted to buy with just my Direct/Express MasterCard. Halfway thru the purchase I realized I couldn’t establish 2nd level authentication with my old flip phone. I hadn’t bought a Ledger nano s at the time, so I got cold feet when I couldn’t even back myself up with Auty2. A wedding and a funeral(neither one of them mine)took my x cash. So since then I bought a samsung j3 and a Ledger, saved some money I can lose, so as soon as my new state Issue ID arrives in the mail,,, I’m buying!!

    That’s a hell of a strategy. Huh. Anyway I’m a pretty happy guy, I’m going to be able to buy twice as many tokens now as I would of been able to buy when I was willing to buy a few months ago. If it goes down to .30/.20 in the next whatever, I will buy more. But for me .45/.50 is my dip, and I’m buying as soon as my I.D. arrives and SS check hits my card this Friday.. Such fun, good luck to you RJ and I hope you find your dip soon, I’m excited and afraid that the zerp could explode in my face any damned day now. I remember watching it go from around $.70 on Dec 17, 2016 to around $3.80 Jan 7 2018. That’s what I call a violent mood swing. .45/.50 is good enough for me.
    Have a good one buddy

  9. To all my Dear POM family members.

    I apologize to JC for this posting under this topic but since it is a new arctile, I felt it is important that as many people as possible to see a concern I have discovered with Nano S product. Thank you.

    I have been spending the past few days testing the Nano S and I have come to the conclusion that this device is not worth the money I paid. To test this out, I purchase one and another later directly from the manufacturers in France. The fits I bought off Amazon! My reason for buying the second one direct from the makers was that I decided that the one I bought from an Amazon trader may be “wired” and consequently may be subject to fraud. The fraud is a possibility where the criminals place another chipset (they soldier it on!) to make a back channel into a device at a time when there is a bull market. Yet, this is a theory and possibly a propaganda by the makers to boost sale so you go and buy another one of this silly and quite frankly untested and extremely dodgy product. Please, consider that I have spent almost 4 days of my time to test out with the 20XRP that gets stuck in every Nano S (as it does with Exodus too!). that is the minimum XRP for any testing purposes.

    I have therefore decided to ditch this little device which I have proven to myself that it is highly unreliable when you lose your Nano S or when you want to make a duplicate of your Nano S. I do not mean to make you worry but just want to consider other options at least if you do decide to go ahead and use a Nano S as your external wallet. I have to say, Nano S is a great concept but I have strong reservations about it as a serious off-line wallet.

    I am therefore now seriously considering buying a brand new laptop for under $200 and use Exodus Eden and use it ONLY as my own external wallet. I will use it only when I need to add or take away my digital assets. The fanger we have all been warned about Exodus is that there is a possibility that your regular computer may be infested with a virus where it can detect your keystrokes, i.e. Keylogger. This may be a possibility especially some websites may drop that virus and a way of preventing this, I am thinking of buying a brand new laptop and use it to put my assets and keep it away from internet use.

    In the next few days, I will be doing further tests with Exodus and will let you all know how that works out. In the meantime, you may decide to hold off buying any Nano S Ledger and perhaps do some tests (with only a small and possibly minimum at your Nano wallet on your computers). That way, you will ensure that you are absolutely familiar with the methods and ways of saving your assets.

    My sincere apologies in case I am giving you a worrying news in case you own a Nano S, but the last thing I wish for, is to see anyone at POM community to suffer as a result of trusting in a product that in humble opinion is half-baked and rushed out to the market as every other tech products have ever been. But since we are dealing with large sums of money, we should take care.

    Many cheers to you all and good luck.

    1. Well hell Carpe,
      I just got one from Wal-mart. It was $100 v$160 from the factory. I haven’t opened the box yet. So there is that, Damn, what to do?? Hey look I was going to spend a grand on XRP, well shit I don’t know what to say. Let’s open it up to the POM. HELP!!

      1. My most sincere apologies to you Dearest Pieter,

        I know and sympathise as I am in an exact and similar dilemma as you. I can never advise you or anybody else and we must each make our own decisions particularly about money and personal possessions. On a positive side, however, at least you have purchased it recently I assume and you may be decided to give it back and get your money while a better alternative is discovered. Knowing the intellectual and technical capital available to us all at the POM, I am sure we can come up with a solution. It sounds as though your digital Wallet is not a Nano S Ledger as they are around 75-100 USD marks. My concern was about the Nano S Ledger only.
        Wish you a great day my friend.

        1. No apologizes required my dear friend. Carpe Diem, I’ll do more research and I’m sure I will make the correct decision for my particular situation.
          Thanks always thanks

    2. Uphold seems very reliable for us here in the States. JC was tweeting about a new one for Canadians called Coinsquare that seems pretty good too.

      With Uphold and with the XRP card I found that there is a withdraw fee that is something to watch. It was a fee of 6 XRP to withdraw 3,500 XRP to put on my nano s, and then when I funded the XRPTipBot with 25 XRP the withdraw fee was also 6 XRP. This is fine but it also tells me that Uphold will not be my go too wallet for micropayments because the withdraw fee is just too steep for small payments.

      I’m sure more options will develop as this new world evolves. One day we may just keep our digital assets on a smart card or even a microchip implanted within our bodies. Pretty cool huh?

      1. Dane
        I looked into Uphold and it appears I’m a bit too much of a flake for them, I believe they are looking for more validation than I’m willing/able to provide, bank account, 3D debit/credit card, first born son, and he is 50 years old now, so he is well past use by date. I thought I read were there was a 3.98% debit/credit card fee plus the 6 XRP withdrawal cost,,,, I don’t know I’m only going to by hodl’ing a couple of thousand tokens to begin,,,,,. Oh, I’m just rambling now.

        So, I was still planning on using what I’ve dubbed “the double blind Binance/ Changelly run around routine.” Poor boy with poor ways, man gotta do what a man gotta do. I’m just not sure what do do about a hard wallet at the moment, but I’m sure I will figure it out in then next couple of days.

        My dear friend Carpe Diem as you know has just alerted me to some issues he has encountered with ledger nano s. So I’m doing a little more research, I’m sure I will make the correct decision for my particular personal situation.

      2. P.S. Dane
        I was watching a little clip about the Chinese doing all their business on their phones. No cash, oh that’s not quite correct there is some cash around, but one of the punk kids they were interviewing said the only people who use it are old folks. LOL

        1. Pieter, I’m an expat living in China. The punk kid is basically correct. Although I do use cash sometimes; whether I’m one of the old folks depends who you ask 🙂 I’m around the same age as JC.
          The transition to near-ubiquitous mobile payments has been incredibly rapid, about 3 years ago cash was still king. Probably accelerated by the fact that the banks do not hand out credit cards willy-nilly to every man woman and punk kid (which is a good thing).
          Transactions speeds normally about 1-2 seconds so faster than an average cash payment. What slightly disturbs me though is my data being collected on every purchase. Doesn’t seem to bother the punk kids, I guess they may be too naive to have even considered the ramifications. And they sure won’t hear/see anything in the mass media about that.

          1. Hi Redjon,

            On another reoccurring synchronistic episode here on POM, I just read a posting by Dane re, Matrix and the meeting with the Architect. If you recall, I mentioned that the super-powerful play games and experiments in huge scales. What is happening in China, is indeed a social experiment of massive scale and the foundations of Communist China and later the elevation of China as a super Hi-Tech nation where the first ever FinTech experiments are taking place are all related! China is currently the world leader in FinTech and as you rightly wrote:

            “What slightly disturbs me though is my data being collected on every purchase.”

            And this is all in line with the socio-economic experiments. Every financial transaction is linked up with lots of other human actions where they are all consolidated together to discover what is going on in a human beings brain. I read a while ago that Alibaba even recorded for example that girls who wear skinny Jeans are more likely to drop their mobile sets and break their phone and hence may be asked for a higher insurance premium when ensuring their phones! This means the controllers are even taking minute behavioural habits of the people into account with how they spend their money and lots of other Data metrics that we can not even begin to understand.

            What’s more intriguing is that the social experiments are done to the young kids as any financial bet is on the young generation. The recent sinking of Facebook is partly related to the fact that it is no longer used by the millennial generation and it is their Mothers generation who are the heavy users. Facebook was a Darpa project going back to the early 1970’s as a method of social monitoring. This is something that enhances the grip of the human mind by the rulers who spend literally trillions in one thing, that is CONTROL. In this regard, the Islamic Republic of Mullahs, North and South Korea, East German DDR (against West German, Bundesrepublik), and the most important one of all is the Soviet Union. All were Social experiments of massive scales. WWII, as we are discovering, did not end with the defeat of the Nazi’s but possibly the other way round…

            Wish you a great day my friend.

          2. Wow CD, this is revealing of how they could be collecting garbage data then.

            For instance “Alibaba even recorded for example that girls who wear skinny Jeans are more likely to drop their mobile sets and break their phone”, If I were to purchase skinny jeans for my sister on her birthday 🙂 Hey that would raise my insurance man. But seriously how do you think they might account for this in their research? I’ve known for a while that the adds which pop up on the webpages is geared towards our purchasing or browsing histories but to collect this data for some sort of social experiment is rather alarming if they cannot reason the data to decipher its origin or intent. Damn, I better pay more attention to those boxes at checkout asking if the item is a gift. Heck I’ll just make everything a gift that should mess with them, hahahaha. 😉

          3. LOL, So Dane, you think you can get away with wearing those skinny Jeans and not be noticed, hey? 🙂

            Here’s how they do it:

            “Ever wonder about the connection between girls in tight jeans and cracked phone screens?
            A Chinese financial services company found, through data analysis, that young girls who like tight jeans have their phone screens replaced more frequently. It then launched “screen insurance” targeting the demographic.”


            And this one:
            “Check-in with a smile: Marriott teams up with Alibaba to test facial recognition at hotels in China”


            Be careful out there man LOL 🙂

          4. Dear redjon
            I was using the “punk kid” reference as a satire, Sometime my humor doesn’t translate well through my written word. I fully appreciate what the “punk kid” was saying and was attempting to make a self-deprecating joke on myself, while patting myself on the back for knowing the “punk kid” was spot on. I’m 72 and perhaps overly proud of the fact that although I struggle mightily with the mechanics of tech, PC’s, Iphones, and the like, I recognize the fabulous power and beauty within.

            “Punk kid”? Term of endearment.


          5. Pieter,
            I haven’t seen the clip you were referencing but I’m sure your term of endearment was entirely appropriate! And I was using the term in a tongue-in-cheek way too.
            I’ll resist the temptation to use a term of endearment for you my friend, in case it doesn’t translate too well in writing 🙂

          6. Carpe Diem,
            Yes I’m fully aware that China is ground zero for advanced social experimentation. If/when it gets too much I’ll be outta here. In the meantime it’s pretty fascinating though. You’ve probably seen the reports of facial recognition systems being used by the authorities to prosecute citizens for misdemeanors (jaywalking).
            And get this: last night I walked up to one of those big touchscreens in a McDonald’s (first time in a couple of months), made my selection, and was then asked how I’d like to pay – debit card, mobile payment, or…. Face recognition!
            Well I tapped my debit card faster than you can say George Orwell!

          7. Thank you Redjon,

            I think, China will evolve and it will remain as an important nation and consumerism is for sure coming to China at a time when the US has been through that disease and hopefully may have become immune. So things may not get so bad to make you want to leave anyway. It seems China is likely to take a much more international role as well as economic one. Chinese industries are in Africa already and the Chinses strategy of influence is not by invasion but by exporting her industrial know-how and making railroads and highways in return for business. I am hearing about Chinses people’s Army will be confronting the remnants of the rogue US Army together with ISIS in Syria and also possibly taking care of Libya and Afghanistan. The Multipolar/Multilateral world will for sure make China more powerful than it already is today.

            Wish you a great day in China

  10. Thanks Pieter! Yes, this dip does appear to be a good one. I just have been watching price action for many years now and have realized that price moves based on long and short positions placed by institutional traders typically. These positions of course are based on different time horizons dependent on whether the trade objective is scalp, swing or long. Trend is a big factor determining the institutional positioning along with “Room to Run”(RTR). In other words, RTR is the upside/downside ROI potential of the position. Based on that, XRP is at a very precarious price point in my opinion. At ~$.45, it has some more room to run on the downside for scalpers and swing traders. Obviously, a much greater amount on the upside for longs. But, what an institutional trader likes to do (as it appears to me anyway) is get the most out of both because they are greedy. So, would they like to scalp and swing trade short positions to $.25 from $.45? Then, go long at $.25 to new highs with ups and downs along the way. Of course. The only thing that can make their positions go wrong is a catalyst. And that is typically a big news event. News on XRP in general has been good. Lots of new partnerships. But, sentiment seems mixed due to SEC decision and news in general in the crypto market has been negative with BitCoin and Ethereum still downtrending. So, scalpers and swing traders could continue to ride it down based on SEC cloud and negative news in crypto market? I think I just need to watch the trading and see if I can tell when they are done scalping it down? That and scale-in probably? I hope this info above does help you and others if anyone does decide to trade XRP in the future. Best, RJZ33

    1. Thanks RJ
      XRP is not a security. I believe that the hold up on some kind of ruling has more to do with Ribble reaching some type of agreement/settlement on the two/three lawsuits that are kind of, sort of, not really gumming up the works. IDK, however my reasons for being willing to buy now is that I believe the big boy buyers will always have a heads up one way or the other before me and explode the price over a dollar before I can say Jack Robinson. So I’m happy at the current price and hope it stays around .50 or less a few more days. If it falls to .20/.30 and I can’t find the extra money to buy at that price, all it will mean to me is I will have to hodl a little longer. I’m looking at XRP for the long run.

      If I’m reading you correctly it sounds to me that you are by far a much more sophisticated cryptocat than I am. I’m hoping to buy, hodl, and maybe add more as long as I can justify the price. At this point trading is not part of my so called strategy.

      Have a good one

      1. The security narrative is keeping people away from accumulating XRP at these prices. I don’t have that issue. I’m accumulating. This narrative will fade away with more widespread adoption. It’s a big nothing story which has been hyped beyond what is reasonable. To each their own. Pieter and I will be petting our XRP as others remain frightened under the securities falsity.

      2. What I don’t understand about these lawsuits is how they keep being used as an excuse. Hasn’t it been clearly stated and represented that Ripple and XRP are not affiliated? That Ripple is just a company that has been built around the digital asset called XRP. As such how on earth does this false narrative work anymore? People shouldn’t care if Ripple has pending lawsuits because they shouldn’t effect XRP one bit. Am I missing something here?

        Don’t get me wrong I’m loving these bargain prices 🙂

    2. Hi RJZ33 ,

      I am still not sure this is the final dip , but it’s not very important , when you think about long term .

      In your previous post, you talked about monitoring the institutional/speculator ratio.
      But where do you find this information about cryptos? I watch this ratio through COT’s for indexes, Gold and major currencies, but I’ve never heard of COT’s for cryptos, even if there’s a Future market for Bitcoin. If you know where to find this kind of ratio , could you give us the link?
      Returning to the XRP, I think we can have a beautiful upwave towards 0.70-0.80 $ before the major and final dip later in the year and finally the spectacular uplift in 2019.
      It’s just a simple opinion, and I don’t invite anyone to build on this perspective.
      I am definitively an Hodler in XRP , just adding all along the way , up and down . I do believe JC has the right view on XRP . This is globally an historical opportunity for every patient investor .

      Glad to be in this extraordinary community !

      1. Are cryptocurrency holders subject to capital gains taxes if they never sell their tokens?

        Example: XRP is adopted globally a person decides to not sell their tokens yet the value of those tokens continues to increase when does the taxation take affect then?

          1. It’ll vary by country. Here in Canada it’s treated as capital gains. It sounds like you pay taxes on the previous years gains regardless of whether it’s held in XRP or CAD, much like you would with other investments. I know I’ll be getting the best accountant and tax lawyer when the time comes. Just to ensure everything is being handled proactively.

          2. 4. Understand what happens if you use cryptocurrency to pay for goods or services.
            This is one of the biggest complexities about cryptocurrency. You could have a taxable event even though you don’t cash out. If you use it for goods or services, you need to treat each product or service purchase as a sale of cryptocurrency. The same holds true for trading one cryptocurrency for another one (1031 exchanges aside).

            Remember, it is taxed like stocks. If you sold shares of Apple and used the proceeds to buy shares of Netflix this would be a taxable event. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t take the cash out of the brokerage account.


  11. If Peter Strzok’s character is any indication of his wife’s I doubt many if anyone knows when the SEC will make a decision. His wife was appointed director of SEC amidst all these political charades. People are speculating that she and her given position is the “insurance policy” Strzok was referencing in his tweet to Lisa Page.

    That link says she “has blocked the FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation for 21 months and counting”. Which makes Bill Clinton’s coming speech at SWELL rather interesting doesn’t it?

    Weird how everything seems to be connected isn’t it?

  12. Speaking of links, syncs and things, the time I spent on the POM yesterday was rich with synchronicities and parallel rhythms. I was reminded of the 2004 award winning movie “Crash,” the movie insisted that we’re all invisibly linked to one another.

    I’m never surprised when I notice synchronicities between the POM members on the site,(the great minds thing, hehe)it’s when they come from off site I blink.

    Dane found me among a “Great Awakening” comment board discussing a Q drop#1734, my comment was #347, by the way Dane that comment board ended on #743. The strange nature of the Gematria of the numbers aside, I’ve decided to just accept them with the same grace Dane can accept the fact that he bumped(crashed is a little bit to melodramatic) into me among 743 other comments, made a bit strange by the fact that I contribute to that site under the name PsychologicalFault9, however, I do end my comments with my signature PTM. So that explains it, huh. Not really what explains it is what Dane said, “Just synchronicity my friend.” So I gracefully accept he is correct, he must be, hell yeah, and I got the numbers to prove it.

    “How to Create Your Day,” Ramtha. Ramtha is a channel with a hypnotically sexy voice, that only gets sexier with age. Ramtha’s voice has a strange huskyness to it. Is it strange that I find that sexy? Or am I strange? Opps, damned tangents.

    The sync I’m attempting to illustrate comes from these circumstance. What are the odds? I present from off site, the one tittle of a book I know nothing about “The Last Waltz of the tyrants, the prophecy REVISITED” to a POM member who has been “Down the rabbit hole.” My Carpe Diem(hey man) then in his wisdom links me to the work of one JC Kelly(JC?) and I wake up this morning determined to do one small thing that will insure I begin on a path that will create a better day. I seized the concept.

    What are the odds? Actually the odds are very good, if you understand, it is “Just synchronicity my friend.” Hahahaha

    1. Dearest Pieter,

      I think That Ramtha lady is hot too! 🙂 …so you are not alone. In fact, she has the same face as Barbara Eden of I dream Jeanni which was my favourite TV show back in the day in the late 60’s when I was a kid in Iran. The funny thing is that she speaks in Persian when Larry Hagman finds the bottle, in the first episode! So yes my friend, the synchronicity is a circle that never meets but it spirals up LOL

      The good old days of Television. Now, I don’t even have one but LOVE these old TV shows. Here is the episode:

    2. Hahaha, a party crasher? Maybe I was sent there for a purpose Peter. (Enter music from the Twilight Zone). But seriously, the door is open to you Peter. You have the freedom to look into the depths of your soul to find all the answers you seek my friend. For me I had to forgive myself before I could begin the journey inward. I found that love is not mine or yours, it’s the universes and it’s unconditional so it has already forgiven us which means it’s okay to forgive ourselves. I’m glad our synchronicity has touched you Peter. As Putin said to Trump “The ball is now in your hands” 🙂 This is a nice read Peter.

      Now who’s this Ramtha? Is she wearing a yellow dress? Can she see my token value? Hmmm, can I see her token value??? 😉

      1. Dane My Good Man
        Thanks for the link I read and saved it for future ref. I was particularly struck by a couple of things.

        “What can be said about synchronistic experiences is that the tend to lead you towards self-discovery, bringing meaning to your life.”


        When C. Jung was treating the woman and was able to employ the beatle sync that, “forced her out of her prison of rationality.”

        As far as that Ramtha woman goes, if you think for a second that I’m going to give you any info that will allow you your horndog ways with my new girl. Think again. LOL

        Create Your Day

  13. Hi JC, Still tracking BitCoin and other Cryptos for a bottom to make my initial buy. Here are a couple updates from the Cycles Guy and Tone Vays on YouTube.

    The Cycles Guy, is still has a target down towards BTC 5,000 and seems to think we will find a low in 2-3 weeks which I think is helpful from a time perspective.

    On Tone’s YouTube update, move to the 38 minutes mark where he covers BTC, SPX, and Gold.
    Tone sees a Low risk short now in BTC. Possible long trade if it goes over 8400. But long term he still thinks it will go below the previous low near 5900.

  14. Ledude et al,
    Here is the link that I use to monitor XRP price action.
    I don’t know if this is the bottom or not? Can’t tell until an uptrend is spotted. But, I can tell you that shorters will continue to short until they are proven wrong. Then they’ll ride the uptrend. As the old saying goes…”Ride the trend til it ends”. Personally, I would love to start accumulating at prices much lower than this for obvious reasons. I’ve just got burned too many times trying to predict the bottom before a confirming uptrend. So, I’m still waiting. I’m going to go long XRP for sure. I think JC is right on this one as he has been on so many other of his predictions. Personally, I just think it is better to buy on dips in an uptrend than a downtrend.
    As far as the SEC and lawsuit clouds, it is probably FUD without real substance. But, FUD drives prices down.
    I hope this helps.

    1. Hey RJZ here is the chart I use for XRP. Not sure how it would help on a short or long though. I don’t pay much attention to it. I know for the long it will be more than I can buy at today so that’s a gain. A gain is a win 🙂 I’ve bought upwards of 75 cents and as low as 43 cents, luckily more at the lower level so its currently pretty balanced. But I still know I will come out ahead in the long run.

  15. Skinny jeans and opportunity abounds. The reason the skinny jean wearing girls break their phones more often is the pockets are too tight to secure the phones, they sort of squeeze out, hit the deck and break, at least that is the way I see it. I’ve been watching, I’m old not dead.

    Now is the time for all good men to develop a free insurance pool to cover the cost difference between the lost cost, of those young ladies wearing skinny jeans and those who do not incur. I’d contribute, just saying. Keep the cost of wearing skinny jeans viable. LOL


  16. Hahaha it would be worse for the world to see than it would for me to wear. lmao.

    Thats a bit scary though. Eh no worries here if they want to see let them see. I got nothing to hide and I’m sure there is much worse out there for them to be interested in.

    What is a bit more worrisome is that if someone with ill intent gets ahold of my information and uses it to mask their own crime. I think they made a movie about that.

    Ha skinny jeans, can you imagine in the heat and humidity of Miami? That would be torture.

    1. “Ha skinny jeans, can you imagine in the heat and humidity of Miami? That would be torture.” LOL 🙂

      You are underestimating Dane, the number of fashion victims worldwide, especially amongst the young and nubile ladies. 🙂

      As a male, I never ever understood how any human being can stand in high heels, keep the balance and never fall off. Women are definitely from Venus LOL

  17. Anyone interested in knowing the significance of Mind-Control, NWO, Globalism, this is a MUST READ.

    “Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man’s universal vision … Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief … Marxism, disseminated on the popular level in the form of communism, represents a major advance in man’s ability to conceptualize his relationship to the world.”

    “Dr. Fred Emery, senior “behavioral scientist” at Tavistock, outlined three phases of “social environmental turbulence” that are contrived and implemented against target populations by Tavistock’s “social engineers” (from Coleman, 2006). These include:
    a) superficiality, in which the threatened population adopts shallow sloganeering in place of ideals,
    b) fragmentation and panic, in which “social cohesion” falls apart,
    c) passive maladaption, in which victims take “fantasy trips of internal migration, introspection and obsession with self.” This last phase is referred to as disassociation and self-realization. ”

  18. While thinking about your wonderful post JC, I’m tying it together with P. Trump’s current tweet about the fake news being the enemy of the people and this vid with Max and Stacy. I find it “very interesting.” I’m hoping the POM will also find it so, and add some thoughts.

    Keiser Report: Apocalypse is Coming? (E1260)

    Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you Dearest Pieter,

      I did watch the Max Keiser episode yesterday afternoon but did n’t get a chance to write about it. I have been watching Max and Stacy’s show on RT from 2007-8 and I think he is one of the most influential people that were from the old system and now wants a change for a long time now.

      For one thing, what Stacy said: “The rich are always fearful of any chaotic situation, whereas the poor have no time to worry…” I paraphrased her words but I agree with her in that in any chaos, the poor always welcome change but the rich do not want any change as they fear they may lose their wealth or any portion of it! This is perhaps why we may be heading for a chaotic period particularly regarding the very idea of money, and for this reason, the rich want to prevent it at all costs. We have also a major Disruptor in the form of an American President who is on his way to do the R world, RESET. This is a generic term that may turn out to be a number of possibilities and ranges from a Crypto-backed USD to Fort Nox Gold as well as the Grand Canyon Gold to many other possibilities. Yet, every rational person may feel that a big money change is coming. In this way, the Federal Reserve will be transformed, absolved and perhaps recreated.

      It now seems that the people who want to keep the status Quo are the Leftists of the world, and the Conservatives are the revolutionaries who want a change in order to restore the power back to the people from the Assisted-Made, super-filthy-rich in the East and West coast of the USA who got their wealth from removing the industrial base of the US to China where they sold their junk to a nation that has no job prospects but can buy the crap at Walmart “cheaply”! This was the achievement of the Left and their warmonger friends, the NeoCon faction who make the wars and get the people to pay for the shareholders who get richer after every artillery shot. Stacy and Max alluded to the reasons for the fear of the rich where they have been busy buying land in NZ and bunker complexes etc. However, the rich also know consciously that the mob with pitchfork may come for them any day and they also know what they have done is totally illegal and against the 99 per cent who sent their sons to needless wars and now must nurse those young men with PTSD and other disasters. They KNOW that it was these people who chose Trump and that was a Revolutionary act. If they think by removing Trump, things will go back to the ways of the past, they must be fooling themselves as every revolution has stages, and people are now expecting change from the person they have elected. The next stage is CHANGE, that comes right after EXPECTATION. If this does not happen for any reason, the next step is CHAOS. This is what the rich are so fearful about! The same and exact process is happening in Iran right now. Personally, the pitchfork stage will happen around Oct-Nov in Iran and the regime is on its last leg. Trump sent a message via Twitter to the Mullahs which he said he is willing to talk unconditionally. This calculated message was like a torpedo in the Mullahs complex system of decision making and it worked in an expected way. That was, it divided their opinion right in the middle. Divided people under attack can never make the right decisions. Change is coming and the rich and their minions must make choices: “guillotine or cake?”

      Wish you a great Monday my friend.

  19. Holy shit, it is my fault, I put a + were a = belonged.
    I haven’t had a drink for the last ten days, and won’t be able to have one for the next month. I’m putting it all in XRP. I want it that bad.

    1. My Dearest Pieter,

      This 3 min clip minute interview with the jerk, I mean a “journalist” who’s burning in the fires of hell right now, confirms why the US Newspapers are the traitors and why POTUS is absolutely spot on.

      This also, shows why the Shah of Iran was hated and the left calls him a tyrant, dictator etc. etc.

  20. In my attempt to win the nomination for the title, “Bogarting person of the week” award, I would like to include and recommend a wonderful esoteric movie called “A matter of life a death” (1946) with the late David Niven:

    It was promoted in the US as “Stairway to heaven” in the same year (1946) with brilliant visuals and camera work that may have become the inspirational title for the Led Zeppelin song title. I have personally watched this many times in the past 20 years and I think it is well made with concepts and ideas that are still fresh and timeless.

    1. Dear WR
      I also found the idea of B.Clinton being a keynote speaker at the Swell confab at least concerting. My concern is born of the thought that I can’t get my head around just how powerful the “Clinton/Bush machine really is. I had hoped that that monster would of been brought to heel before the midterms.

      I’m troubled imagining the Ripple team being in the same room much less bed with a corruption of that level. But then it occurs to me there is no black and white. And, politics make strange bed fellows.

      1. It’s just business. Banks do banking regardless of emotional or political positions. If they are centered they can reach out to both positive and negative realms encompassing the whole circle instead of just half. Its all just business.

        Those in the business of enforcing the law will handle that business, but until they do all we have is speculation, hunches and circumstantial evidences. How will crooks commit financial crimes if they are all using blockchain assets? There will be a trail for each transaction, maybe smart contracts will be used so there is always a clear immutable track record.

        Isn’t it the same of folks who are spreading FUD about Ripple because of these lawsuits? What does Ripple have to do with XRP? They are separate entities. So perhaps people are relying on Ripple to be their outward savior to make XRP “lambo” for them.

        I see Clinton as just being a paid mouth to promote crypto’s in an effort to use him as a pied piper of sorts to bring in his flock of followers like he did with the “dot com” movement. Those followers bring in the all mighty dollar. The all mighty dollar raises market caps which in turn increases the value of the currencies. It is bringing the demand we all have been looking for to help increase the value of our investments. Now how much more XRP can I get before the SWELL event?

      2. I wouldn’t read too much into it. I had similar thoughts. But we need to consider that not everything is connected to the larger conspiracy, so to speak. Business is business and Clinton will make money where he can. It’s a win for both. It doesn’t mean Ripple is supporting the Clinton machine. More likely using them.

      3. Dearest Pieter,

        I share your views on knowing that Bill Clinton is in some ways connected to my asset, albeit attending as a showman! I must admit, it did worry me somewhat but I thought that Ripple invited the Anti-Trump character, Snoop dog at a Ripple party in NYC a while ago. So yes, there appears to be a pattern of Ripple inviting, shall we say, Unsavory characters and possibly Anti-Trump or in short, Globalists!

        But then, we have the old saying as, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” comes to mind. So perhaps, there is a rationale in inviting these folks given that Ripple is in an opposite position to the Globalists and their old network i.e. the SWIFT network. Therefore, is it possible that such tactical moves may be interpreted as an olive branch and a way of softening the scene as a method of reaching their ultimate intentions?

        Just guessing here of course…

  21. My Carpe Diem
    As always I’m never disappointed in your reply to my curiosities. You present me a good deal of info to attempt to unpack. Truth be known I simply can’t unpack it all, in reply, but I state, I grasp the gist. So thanks.

    Your link to the Shah, left me feeling as if I was watching a ghost. If you will remember I lived through thoses days with a extremely worldly woman who knew what was really going on in Iran at the time. The Shah’s candor during the interview refreshes my memories and evokes a spirit of communion in my breast.

    So as to revolution, my wonderment revolves around the idea of if revolution can be accomplished sans the awful bloodsheding of history. So I find myself praying that our beastly nature has evolved to a point we can see a revolution not as a civil war, but, for what it is and just not show up for it. Just quit showing up for all the war and strife that the”rent seekers”are always promoting to keep us busy killing each other as their rent insist on being collected.

    Just a man with a dream, is the best we can hope for is JC’s old man begrudgingly signing off on a grip of papers? Has the old man signed some before? Who signed off on the Magna Carta? Who singed off on the Bill of Rights? How is it those articles were signed at all? I say under duress and after great bloodshed. Pitchforks, if you will, rent seekers never give up anything easy.

    Enough for now

    1. “The Catalyst”

      Dearset Pieter,

      If you recall a while ago I posted a link of FM-2030 a visionary and transhumanist who officially changed his original Persian name and surname to FM-2030. In this 7 min. the clip he talks about how Democracy, as well as Monarchy, are both outdated ideas and how they are possibly an obstacle to our collective progress. This clip is over 20 years old and recorded lecture from he talks about direct democracy via our own telecommunication device, that is today, our mobile phones. He also talks about what need, which he calls it a “Catalyst” which we can translate as a facilitator. He rightly suggests that any movement, party or nation has “Leader” and by definition, you get a pyramidic system of a ruler and the ruled below.

      I know you may have noticed that our JC has talked of Trump as a “Catalyst”. Yet, we the people, can not see outside of the box that has been made for us, that is either this or that, Democrat or Republican. Seeing outside of the Matrix helps us see a way out and there ways out but it takes more people to see this. Matrix needs to be brought down, but because people are incapable of imagination, they immediately fall back to the old structure.

      How many people around any of us can truly use their free gift of Imagination to see what happens when USD is not issued by a private bank that “Lends” money to our “Elected” government from which it earns its income from “WE the people”?! How many people can think that both Dems and Reps are one and the same entity? And how many people really don’t know that History Channel is a brainwashing station where you are charged to hear Bull?

      Visionaries are like the lightbulb that show us all, the way forward.

      Educations system’s primary purpose is to instil submission to the power which translates into Government and unfortunately, we are EDUCATED! As such, the problem is that the rent-seeking cabal may continue, until we learn to let go of our programming…

      Wish you a great afternoon my friend

  22. P.S. Carpe
    I caught Mad Max on the Alex Jones show promoting BitCoin when it was either $.40 or $4,00 I can’t remember for sure. Anyway I bought silver at $30.00, kiss my stinking ass. I won’t miss that boat again. XRP

    1. I created a Mt. Gox account back in August 23rd 2012. The price of bitcoin on that day was approx $11.74. I wanted to invest $1000.00 but my finances were such disarray due to a failing marriage that i wasn’t able to. $1000.00 would have given me 85.17 bitcoins and if sold today I would have made $569,964 USD. If they were sold at bitcoin peak price which was over $17,000 per bitcoin I would have made one and a half million dollars. Years prior I had invested my money in silver and gold coins. The gold coins I invested in were severely marked up in price. We live and we learn from our mistakes.

      [Mt.Gox] Account creation confirmation
      Thursday, August 23, 2012 12:54 AM

      “Mt. Gox”
      Raw Message Printable View
      Welcome to Mt.Gox!

      Thank you for creating your account with us.

      Your login: xxxxxxxxxxx

      In order to enable your account, you need to enter your validation code on the Mt.Gox website.

      Your confirmation code: 5GHLEKHYRZLJZSTW

      Alternatively you can click on or copy it into your browser via this url:

      Best regards,
      The Mt.Gox Team
      —–Inline Attachment Follows—–

  23. POM
    The one thing I have picked up on since becoming a proud member of the POM and following JC down through there, is that the world of international banking flows on, as the current of a river without an eye or delta. :Proud Mary keeps on rolling, rolling, rolling.

    Mox nix politics, parlor tricks, big or little dicks, wars and whores, proud Mary keeps on rolling, rolling, rolling along.

    How do you float your boat?


  24. Quite frankly, I see Clinton’s speech as a potential catalyst to get XRP out of it’s current downtrend. His announced presence at the conference could be a help in getting the SEC to not view XRPs as a security as well. We need it to be deemed a crypto currency. So, my view is positive. Plus, the timing of 11/1 is good to me as well. That’s when a lot of hedge funds and money managers decide to re-balance their investments. I think it’s all good eventhough Clinton is not one of my favorite individuals.

  25. RJZ 33, Dane,

    Thanks for the links to the XRP charts. Personally, I use I got the same feeling as to Clinton’s coming to Swell….. but if we have to go through it to reverse the trend, so be it. I think that this time we have entered the last phase of downtrend in the crypto world , and that the long awaited bottom will take shape this fall. And then , formation of a floor for a few months and launching ramp of the next long-term upwave.
    I ‘m going on , purchasing XRP in small doses, invariably, in each downwave . This time, the goal of the system is to permanently flush the weak hands and watch the final rush out, the Panic Sell, which will offer Big Money and hedge funds the best opportunity to get in at absolute bargain prices, while individuals will remain outside the market, paralysed by fear of more losses.
    I haven’t took the opportunity to say how much I appreciate your talents as narrator for this Great Work! Every word, every sentence causes a visualization of the scene that takes place before our eyes, as if we were there! Extraordinary… I’ve already felt this magic when reading other papers you’ve made, but this time it’s definitively great art…..!


    BTW , thanks to Carpe Diem for all that you share about Iran . I’m sure your wishes will be granted during these global movement of geopolitical and financial tectonic plates !

  26. Greetings POMers,
    I just discovered POM, and have been reading JC’s articles with great fascination. I’m a permie and “systems” person, interested in the big picture as i live simply in a community which grows a majority of our food. Before I encountered POM via a link posted in the comments of a Peak Prosperity article, I was most taken by Brandon Smith’s world view and global currency reset notions. His explanations and predictions have made the most sense to me, although I don’t particularly share his political leanings. But upon reading and beginning to understand JC’s fundamental notion that a technological mechanism for decentralization, it makes far more sense to me in alignment with the principles of Nature. In my set of “Permaculture design principles of Nature”, I see sustainable systems as finding the dynamic balance in many realms. One of those is a “balance of centralization and decentralization”. Blood pressure regulation is a classic example whereby there’s central nervous system control combined with peripheral messengers increasing blood flow. So it makes sense to me that a cryptocurrency with the capability of decentralizing money, could enable humans to come more into alignment with Nature’s way.

    I have several questions that I haven’t seen addressed in my readings here on POM.

    Thank you

    1. Welcome Chuck. Ask away, we have an amazing community here with plenty of perspectives on a great many things.

      When you mentioned “balance of centralization and decentralization” and “blood flow” I imagined the heart being a centralized figure in regards to the blood system of the body and how it disperses or decentralizes blood throughout the body only for that blood to find its way back to that centralized origin for re-decentralization. Perhaps it’s like our one or centralized spirit fragmenting or decentralizing into matter (humans) and then when that matter expires returning back to that origin of centralization only to be re-decentralized…hahaha.

      Funny how a simple sentence can set off an entire chain of insight.

  27. Yes, Dane – and your sentence sets off another chain for me –
    This time I think about blood flow and its role in distributing energy. It is a beautiful model for the way that currencies (like XRP flow) carry energy. Maybe not a coincidence that a “currency” is a “current” of energy flow.. Many chains of thought can flow from that one.. Energy flowing maximally through a system (an old growth forest, etc.) is the most complex and the most highly evolved – compared to energy through a monoculture field of corn..

    And the energy flowing through the blood is carried in different forms of currency – glucose (for delivery to cells in contact with the blood), in glycogen (which is bundles of glucose being stored in the bank of the liver and muscles for short term storage), and fat (which is long-term currency stored in fat cells). Then when that glucose currency crosses the cell wall border, the forex exchange banks convert it into ATP, which is the “local currency” of the cell’s extremely short-lived time frame. Or you can just go snag that entire organism (a chicken) and pop it in the pot and you’ve got the classic chicken in every pot for all of us ‘Mericans..

    All a model for a Local Living Economy – a complementary currency world of Bernard Lietar. Global Trade Currency – who would have thought back when I first met Bernard that it would be a “digital currency”, rather than the Tierra that Lietar designed.. Sovereign currencies, perhaps regional currencies for regional trade?, and local currencies – mutual credit currencies for the village scale of trade..

  28. Dane,
    Thank you for your invitation to “ask away” – I’ll start with this question:
    I am curious about what people think about the details of the transition from the US$ Reserve Currency to a new global currency, presumably an SDR related cryptocurrency. The only mention I’ve read somewhere in the articles I’ve been reading so far, have suggested that there might be some level of volatility that could lead to the global currency reset.

    I first came to POM because i’ve been following Brandon Smith’s blog on Alt-market, and his hypothesis for how he sees a global currency reset. In his model, there is a disequilibrium by design – a US stock market crash caused by the intentional raising of interest rates. The SDR would be the bailout currency, which would lead to its acceptance as the new reserve currency. He sees this as a design by a global elite that would “own” that new reserve currency, be it crypto or not.

    The POM model focuses, as far as I can see, on the incentive for a multi-lateral XRP global currency, and doesn’t give any detail for how it happens, except to suggest its an organic process that is already occurring and may culminate the way JC’s short story depicts. The part I’m most curious about is the phase we’re in currently, with the current interest rate increases by the Fed. Brandon explains the basis for the interest rate rises as caused by a behind-the-scenes global elite that transcends the interests of the United States. Says the excuses being made for the interest rate rises are increases in inflation and unemployment. Both of which are numbers created at the whim of the government. Brandon suggests that the only outcome of these interest rate increases is a stock market crash, since it was the increased liquidity which created the bubble, and many similar situations have occurred in history.

    What do people here believe is the reason for the interest rate rises? JC has suggested (from what I understand0 that they are only following what will be forced to happen anyway, as the US$ loses its reserve currency status.

    What do people here believe will happen in the way of a stock market consequence of interest rate increases? A “correction” , rather than a crash? Would that be the incentive for a global currency reset? Would there be economic and social “pain” involved, or would it be a smooth transition.

    I guess that’s enough for my “first question”.. Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to help me with their views on these issues of transition.

    1. Not all crypto’s are created equally. That being said we see Bitcoin becoming more and more centralized as its mined by the mining pools being consolidated into a larger controlling percentages of all mining pools. This gives that consolidated mining the power to dictate where and what Bitcoin does from that central point of consolidation.

      Ethereum will follow because the problem seems to exist in the Proof of work function PoW of those crypto currencies where miners are paid for the validation through their PoW (mining).

      XRP is different though in that it is not validated through a PoW function but instead is validated through a consensus process of decentralized nodes that no one is paid for. FUDsters keep claiming that Ripple controls this consensus process but they are wrong because Ripple only has a small percentage of all the nodes in the decentralized consensus process.

      So if XRP becomes a world reserve currency I don’t think it would be capable of being centralized like fiat reserve currencies have or like PoW coins are heading towards.

      Lol, I’m glad JC doesn’t lay out the details of the transition. As it’s an organic process this means things are always in a state of flux and changing like life itself. This would mean that as soon as it hits paper it changes and then these concrete points become arguing points. This arguing is detrimental to the growing process or the unfolding of it all. It’s much more rewarding being patient and content with discussing the process as it unfolds and seeing the evolution of this new international monetary system.

      Could the rise in interest rates be related to the end of Quantative Easing? As I recall QE brought about a zero interest policy. Made me mad because the savings wasn’t earning any interest. So perhaps the increase in interest rates are not derived from any secretive elite but a natural reaction and normalization to the end of QE. Since QE also inflated the stock market we could see a normalization of that as well.

      I’m not really on board with this wording of a reset. It tends to mislead people as they invest hope in a reset curing all their financial woes and shortcomings. I see it as more of a transformation where the old debts will be managed and incorporated into the new system.

      Hope this helps Chuck.

    2. This is a very complex matter. It is more than likely that we are only at the very beginning of a rising interest rates cycle. It’s just a question of equilibrium for a global balance of financial risk, and cyclicity. As a financial market observer, I have access to some long-term charts, for which I cannot provide links, because this come from a private subscription.
      Historically, over 250 years of existence, US rates had gone through two complete cycles Each cycle low has been reached following a purchase program by the Fed (1932-33) or the National Bank and the Treasury (1870-1910) . Low cycle point was at 2.13 pts in 1899 and 1.85 pts in 1941 (WW 2). This time, QE brought a lower cycle to 1.34 pts in 2016. The downward cycle is over , I think….
      We are witnessing the birth of a new 20-year-old upward cycle. On the other hand, each of the previous cycles first tested its bottom point after a few years to perform a double bottom of confirmation before the definitive upward start. The validation test was done in 1899 for the first cycle (10 years of latency) and in 1946 for the second cycle (5 years of latency , only). Therefore, a decline in rates to the area of 1.90 pts at 2.20 pts in 2019/2020 can be expected, if the same historical scenario occurs.
      What will be the excuses to justify movements in rates? I don’t know, like everyone else, because the real reasons do not appear immediately. Personally, I imagine that the next short-term decline (within 2 years maximum) will be linked to a crisis in the markets, in context of the currencies war and/or trade wars under way fora few months already. I don’t know whether this will affect the markets severely or whether it will be a simple corrective episode. But it will certainly be the pretext used to challenge the dollar’s supremacy on a global scale, and to officially trigger ( I mean for the general public) the quest for a new global monetary balance. Any kind of rumor about the eviction of the usd from the throne will cause turmoil and definitively launch a cycle of rising US dollar rates. All of this will certainly be coordinated by a globalist elite that has been preparing the ground for at least ten years to introduce the SDR or a crypto-SDR as savior of the global monetary system.
      Personally, I imagine a four-layers system, designed to reassure all stakeholders at every level of monetary, financial and commercial structure of the planet.

      – A Crypto-SDR only for nations and world institutions, even big international corporations
      – A crypto-vector of flows between the SDR and the banking and commercial circuits, for companies and individuals wishing to invest internationally. This would be the place of XRP, capable of transferring instantaneously any amounts across the planet and of representing a unique and flexible value in front of multiple currencies, but also accessible to all segments of the population regardless of the amounts to be transferred. XRP would then be both a financial investment product and an instant transfer vector.
      – A representative currency of each trading block (USA, Europe, China, Latin America, etc) that would be used within each of the blocks, exclusively, whose value would fluctuate against the CSD according to several parameters to be defined.
      – A local or regional currency at a state level, for use exclusively locally, to allow for a financial adjustment of each state, in terms of debt, interest rates and monetary valuation of that first local layer. There should bring therefore a variable of adjustment between local currency and currency of each block, and another variable of adjustment between the so-called “strong” block currencies (USD Yuan, Euro, Yen, etc) and the Crypto-SDR. , to regulate all monetary structures. The XRP would serve as a meeting point and universal adjustment accessible to all stakeholders, as part of permanent and instantaneous flows. That is what I see, which of course is just a rough draft, far from what will eventually be the next future system.

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