The Great Work of the Ages

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Special Drawing Rights and the World Currency

By JC Collins


The phoenix hope can wing her  flight   

Thro’ the vast deserts of the skies,

And still defying fortune’s spite,

Revive, and from her ashes rise. 

- Miguel De Cervantes, Don Quixote

“There exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has a secret destiny.”         - Manly P. Hall

Let us bridge the illusionary vastness between here and there.  Ignorance and enlightenment exist together in a timeless dance of creativity.  Creativity is injected into all human endeavors. Human endeavors are the place from which productivity emerges.  As such human productivity is supported by both ignorance and enlightenment.  Perhaps one cannot exist without the other. Here and there both occupy the same space.

So we come to the state of the world today and realize that within the problem exists the solution.  Hegelian principles are in fact naturally and unwittingly implanted into the social consciousness.  It is this “natural” divide and implantation within the mind which is pirated by cultural engineers to further an agenda of centralization and consolidation.

For what is the great work of the ages if not our modest attempts at consolidating the space between what we are and what we wish to be.  The physical world we create is a manifestation of these attempts at becoming.

As such, our political, economic, spiritual, and cultural systems are all fundamentally connected through a structure of consolidation and centralization.  As all matter in the solar system structures itself around the sun, through particle consolidation and centralization, so do human thoughts and desires.

Caveman centralized his world around sources of water and food.  The tribal culture that slowly emerged centralized itself around a tribal leader.  One tribe conquered another tribe which shifted the consolidation to encompass a larger space.

These supra tribes became centralized nations.

All components of civilization have and continue to evolve through a process of centralization and consolidation.  To deny this reality is to be stuck in the vastness between here and there.  No productivity.

It is in this light which I have been attempting to both understand and explain the transition of the financial system.   As some of my readers have discerned, I have no moral or personal interest in this system or the process that is unfolding.  It is not my desire to direct or encompass the beliefs of others into my way of thinking.  I present the information for informational purposes only.  I am not promoting anything but understanding.  Just like the ignorance and enlightenment mentioned above, lightness and darkness also swirl together in a dusk and dawn of centralization.

The larger pattern of micro to macro is where I focus my energies.  The macro is only arrived at by understanding the micro processes.  Like a productive and profitable company, it is built from the bottom up and not the top down.  The base of the pyramid is build first before you can reach the apex where the sun shines.  The pyramid is another symbol for centralization.  At the top sits the micro to the suns macro.  These are the kings, popes, and other leaders which we centralize our civilization around.  This pattern cannot be denied.

What is happening in the Ukraine is a small part of the micro.  In the series titled SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods we have been reviewing how the old financial system of dollar dominance is slowly transitioning to the new system of SDR allocation through the International Monetary Fund.  The crux of this new system will be the pegging of the world’s currencies and commodities to the SDR and not the American dollar.  This has been explained in The New Exchange Rate System.

We have also reviewed how all the sovereign debt in the world will be consolidated into each countries SDR composition.  Some countries debts will be consolidated within another countries SDR composition.  This is what will most likely happen to the U.S. debt currently held by

Ukrainian sovereign debt has reached a boiling point from which the current political drama has unfolded.  Back in December of 2013 Russia offered the Ukraine a bailout of $15 billion, which would have been paid out in SDR’s.  This is important to understand as the whole premise from which the new financial system will emerge is in debt consolidation through SDR composition and allocation.

Russia's PM Medvedev speaks with his Ukrainian counterpart Azarov during a meeting in Moscow

Above:  Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Azarov in Moscow on December 24, 2013.

Ukraine in fact owes the International Monetary Fund a debt of 2.4 billion SDR’s ($3.8 billion U.S.) which is coming due in 2014.  The I.M.F. has demanded that the Ukrainian hryvnia be devalued as a part of the debt consolidation.  It is my proposition that this is a tactic to unpeg the hryvnia from the dollar and peg it to SDR’s.  This is one small process of the overall Hegelian Dialectic process which we have previously reviewed.

Russian tanks are in fact already rolling into Ukraine proper towards the town of Enerhodar.  This region is an energy sector for Ukraine, with hydro power and nuclear power facilities.  The unmarked Russian tanks were traveling from Zaporizhia towards Enerhodar days ago.  The western media is not reporting any of these Russian movements as it doesn’t fit with the script they are reading from on television.  It could be assumed at this point that Russian forces are all over the Ukraine and not just in Crimea.

Russia will retain control over Ukraine directly or indirectly and its energy industry.

America for its part, is hopelessly attempting to retain some form of reserve dollar status and importance in the new system.  It is really a matter of integration or autonomy, with the final resting place being found in the murky middle.  Remember, it is in the middle where the greatest productivity is found, between ignorance and enlightenment.

The dollars purpose and role in the great work of the ages is completed.  Its power has helped consolidate and centralize all central banks under the direct control of the Bank for International Settlements.  It has exported its inflation around the world leading to the sovereign debt and currency crisis which will herald in the new system of SDR’s.  Now the world agrees that the dollar is the cause of all the economic ills.  In true Hegelian Dialectic form the problem has been created.  The reaction has been controlled and directed.  And now the solution is appearing on the world scene in a much more dominate fashion.

Like all good Hegelian scripts, the seeds were planted long ago.  In the June 9, 1988 issue of The Economist magazine, the front cover was blazoned with an image of a phoenix.  The words written were “Get Ready for a World Currency”.  Inside the issue it was further revealed that this currency could be possible by the year 2018.  Now this is also the same year that the Basel 3 bank regulations as designed by the Bank for International Settlements are meant to be fully implemented.

The Economist Phoenix

You will also notice on the cover that the phoenix is sitting on a pile of burning fiat currencies.  The suggestion is clear - a new world currency will rise from the ashes of the old currencies.  The new system will transition from the old system. The micro dollar reserve system will become the new macro SDR system.

Sovereign debt and currency exchange rate manipulation will lead directly to the solution of debt consolidation through the International Monetary Fund and the pegging of currencies and commodities to the SDR.

We are going from here to there across the vastness of illusion.  Once there we will hardly remember the old here.  How economies deleverage and transform structurally will scarcely be noticed by the thriving masses of the disorganized.  The rent seeking elite are organized and fully understand what is taking place.  Should we not also educate ourselves on the great work of the ages?

The information is available.  Everything we discuss here in this space is supported by the natural patterns of the world itself, but also by published data and documents by the rent seeking elite themselves.

IMF Phoenix Rising

Above:  The IMF and Global Financial Crisis – Phoenix Rising?  By Joseph P. Joyce.  Published by Cambridge University Press, November, 2012.

The reference to the phoenix rising is not a mistake.    The great work of the ages is born from the divide between ignorance and enlightenment.  Space is an illusion.      - JC Collins

16 Comments on “The Great Work of the Ages”

  1. The world reserve has changed in our past and many times humanity has fought a world war in association with it. Here we are coming to the same point in our financial evolutionary cycle, changing the world reserve to the macro and this time no world war is looming. To me this is positive growth for humanity at its macro. Imagine if successful our world’s reserve currency evolves from micro to macro while at the same time humanity has seemed to find a way to evolve also. The SDR would seem at face value to be a more balanced system. Only time will reveal the truth. I would suspect that once the new system has taken root that the micro of humanity will become productive once again.

  2. I look forward to your posts Mr. Collins and appreciate your efforts posting them, I find them fascinating. I'm struggling to fully grasp SDRs. What's the difference between the Federal Reserve issuing Federal Reserve Notes and the IMF issuing SDRs? Aside from the formulation of the SDRs based on GDP, resources, etc. that make them seem fair, it's the same exact rent seekers creating credit, but on a more complete global stage. The Federal Reserve behaved nicely for the first 10 to 15 years. Could the IMF do the same? Also, will the Great Consolidation / Reset bring any changes to domestic fractional reserve banking? This to me is the greater thievery.

    By the way, the tone of your writing is very calm and this fits the philosophical content well. But to keep the same tone on forecasts like the "Chinese to buy the Fed" and the "Dollar to lose reserve currency status" seems odd, one would expect some emotionally charged verbage plugged in. You must not feel alarmed by some of this in the way that I do. I don't think the disorganized masses, no matter how effective the Hegelian Dialectic, are going to be herded easily. Mayhem seems likely.

    Thank You for the enlightenment!

    1. In essence there is no difference between the Fed system and the SDR system. One is the macro of the mirco. The new system will be truly global with all currencies and commodities pegged to the SDR and not the dollar. The core of centralization is shifting. And yes, I would also suspect that the same abuse of the system will take place. Maybe small at first but more and more as time goes on. Its human nature to corrupt all processes.

      In regards to feeling alarmed, life has taught me that our fears are seldom realized to the extent which we obsess on them.

  3. Well, to speak of a group of "rent seeking elitists" as pulling the strings, makes it imperative that we also consider their motive. They do NOT see the people as worthy of a nice comfortable world. They view themselves as enlightened ones.. (Luciferians) Many of their writings reveal motives less than benevolent.

    To suggest the world is morphing into a paradisiac time period, is at best, a shallow hope. It is certainly contrary to the facts.... 6,000 years of human rule that have produced death, deprivation, abuse, murder, hunger, depravity, and hopelessness.

    The fact that in the field of science and technology the power exists to ruin the earth...makes the situation extremely critical.

    a train wreck ahead

    1. Rick, I have not suggested a paradise on Earth. Have I not been clear enough with the merging of all extremes? We need to think past the "all is bad" or "all is good" paradigm and realize that good and evil exist in all of us by way of our animal and spiritual instincts.

      What people do you see as unworthy? Do you view the homeless as such? How about the mentally challenged? Do you not think opinions of worth are bandied about only by the ruling elite?

      If they are the macro to our micro economic status, then we need to be the macro to their micro cultural awareness. This division of us and them, good and evil, god and the devil, etc... serves only to divide humanity.

      What abuses have you committed in your life? How often have you made others feel less than? When have you raised your voice?

      Are you a benevolent man?

      You write of enlightenment and benevolence like one whom corruption of the process has not affected.

      We are the train wrecks in our own lives.

      1. Good and evil.....exist. they certainly divide. Men are not very good judges of what good and evil are. I am certainly not. But each man has a conscience...God given. Whether he trains it towards good or his call. I believe that the Bible is the word of God. many find that primitive...if only because most religions that claim to believe in the Bible are disgusting.. (pedophilia in priests) Perhaps as one philosopher put it.."we believe what we want to believe" Men want to decide for themselves...what is good...or bad. their call too. their freedom.

        But in reality, that decision belongs to God.. How do we know his thoughts....? Is he really that far from any one of us? Not according to Scripture.

        Am I a benevolent man? To a degree. to the extent I show true love for mankind...yes. where do I get that true love? from men? no, from their Creator. Have I sinned? All of us have.

        What is truth. Is there truth? the whole truth? nothing but the truth?
        there is....

        Fact... pedophiles are wicked.
        Fact... Murderers are wicked.
        False... there is no distinction between good and evil

        1. Fair comment Rick. I would agree with your last statement that there is a distinction between good and evil. There are good and evil actions. Both good and evil exist within us though. One cannot exist without the other. All religions and all ideologies are tainted with evil because evil resides within us alongside the good. There will always be a corruption of the process in the physical world. There is a dramatic and profound difference from saying that there is no distinction between good and evil and saying that good and evil both exist within us.

      2. We think about what we see...and take those thoughts and analyze them. If we fill our eyes with bad...we begin to take on the bad. As the world morphs into more depravity, jealousy, pride, selfishness, lover of self, haughtiness, disobedience....lawlessness.....(2 Tim 3:1-5) then sadly, people will morph that way. it definitely takes effort to do what is right...and fortunately, their is a reward....

        According to Scripture....evil will be dealt with. It will be removed. There were periods of time where countries and governments were more peaceful.... Solomon's reign was one of prosperity, where silver was considered nothing great at all. He prefigured the eventual 1000 year reign of Christ from earthly subjects that survive the fast approaching war between good/evil.

        Humanity is locked in the Satanic propaganda of nationalism, race, or false religion.....

        in earlier times in this century one only needs to look at a world map...and count the countries. Count them today. Fragmentation and division continue to grow, as people "free" themselves from current regimes...only to find that sometimes the freedom is quite opposite that hoped for.

        1. Christ is a symbolic analogy of a process which is not easily understood in simple language. This is why the concepts and structures surrounding the Christ storyline are similar, if not the same, to thousands of other lesson stories which have existed since man first started scribbling marks on clay tablets. Ancient man became conscious through a process of pattern recognition. The sun comes up. The sun goes down. And so on and so on.

          This particular story which you reference is referring to the end goal of the process, which is the physical immortal body, as Christ. In comparison, the bodies we now reside in can fairly be referred to as anti-Christ, the place from which we begin and then move in the wrong direction from the path. This is anti-Christ. The path is Christ.

          This concept of Lucifer thrown out earlier is easily misunderstood. What is called Lucifer, for lack of a better explanation, can be thought of as knowledge corrupted by matter. As such, Virgo-Lucifera, the opposite, is knowledge which has not been corrupted by matter.

          The bible, as you reference it, is an example of knowledge corrupted by matter. The true meaning or teachings contained within are lost on the profane. Because of this the mass majority of humans move through their lives as anti-Christ. The path is lost. Religion has played a pivotal role in misdirecting mankind from the one true path.

          The three controlling pillars of humanity are:

          1. Religion - manipulate the spirit.
          2. Ideologies - manipulate the mind.
          3. Economics - manipulate the body.

          The three are conjoined in a perfect act of symbiosis.

          The path is for each of us to discover in our own time. The Book of Revelations explains this process of discovery.

          I respect your position in life Rick, but here we must part ways. We live in two different worlds my friend.

  4. Well, whether the Global Currency reset and full implementation of SDR as the new world currency, or at least the substitution of the US dollar with it, will be realized as suggested in your essays JC remains to be seen. You may even regard it as a sort of evolutionary stage (a movement from micro to macro, centralization of wealth and the solidification of power), but there are at least two things I’m missing here. The one is the impact on the majority of the population; the other is the way this process is going to take place, if at all, which falls back to the first point.

    The crisis in Ukraine is far from over, but the strange developments over there almost suggest some sort of stitch-up. The passivity of Budapest signees, reduction of US troops in Europe, along with impotent and hesitant EU, support your claim that gentleman’s agreement is in play, and that Ukraine will be handed over to Russia as perhaps already agreed through SDR arrangement. According to some pro Russian news outlets the deal with Ukraine was money in the bank for the Russia. The $15bn loan was underpinned by purchase of Ukrainian Eurobonds, which China had already agreed to swap for the US treasury bonds if Ukraine defaults. In the autumn of 2013 I picked the news that Ukraine had leased for the period of 50 years 5% of its territory to China for growing farmland
    There has been a controversy about the deal, so I don’t know if it went through or not. However, China does not seem to be completely disinterested in Ukraine.
    Anyways, it looks as if we will be spared for WW3, which is good, but proxy wars will remain “legitimate” way of settling disagreements. I already went through all this Ukraine might face in the coming months, and I almost feel sorry for them. Some naïve idiots over there still think it is cool to have front seats ticket for the ultimate fight Rocky vs Ivan Drago, but I hope for them that GCR and SDR will spoil their expectation, and that your view, JC, will prove right.
    But the point I’m interested in is this. The latest Oxfam’s report, 48 mil Americans on food stamp program, half of whom are employed, 70mil Americans on mind altering drugs, to mention a few. The situation is not much better here in Europe as regard unemployment, and here in DK, officially the happiest people in the world turned out to be the biggest consumers of happy-pills. And I’m only talking about the elite.
    Will GCR change anything? The ways you describe it suggest that it won’t. It will remain as it is in most places, whereas in some places, where the loss will be felt most heavily, the cost of the new arrangements will be passed on to the rest of the population. Bail-out and the Bail-in legislation and mechanism are in place on both sides of the Atlantic. The margin of production will be more easily pushed downwards, producing more poverty. More countries will have to surrender the little of what is left of their sovereignty, and the protestors around the globe will be chasing ghosts. With this in place I can even expect the administrations of different “countries” to be composed of appointed foreigners. Perhaps the Bosnian model of governance might be applied all over.

    As regards KH operation, JC keep up the good work. The info she claims to be true is so difficult to judge for someone like me sitting in the back row. I prefer to stick to something more tangible and accessible. Once I hit the barbed wire I got the message. I don’t have to go into the details and try to find out who is who behind the barbed wire. I’m like a castaway surviving on the little boat in the middle of the ocean, and it makes no difference to me to know that some creatures living in the ocean are fish while some are mammals, although they look to be of the same kind. Whether it is Jesuits, FED stockholders, IMF quote assignees, Dragon family or anyone else is less important once you are shipwrecked

    1. Great comment Vladan. Thanks. I have intentionally left out my impressions or ideas on what effects this process will have on humanity, culture, geopolitics, etc.. The last time a reserve currency was shifted we saw a world war and the borders of many countries, especially in the middle east, rearrange. The British Empire left a lasting influence upon the world, as will the American one. My intent was to focus on the mechanics of the new system as I interpret them to be. In the future I will write my thoughts on the cultural and even spiritual impacts.

  5. A person only finds in life what they seek to find. With this in mind it would make sense that the macro of humanity can only be as good as the sum of the micro of humanity. Therefore if we can perfect staying on the divide and not letting ourselves (the micro of humanity) get lost in the illusion of space we should be able to realize our potential and in fact change the macro of humanity and maximize our productivity as a human race. Imagine the possibilities.

  6. Thanks for your reply JC Collins regarding my post.
    So from what i understand is that if there is going to be a reset, for the sake of simplicity ... 1 Us $ = 1dong instead of 20,000 dong.

    The people of Vietnam will still be paid the same salary (millions of dongs), their debt is going to be the same (thousands of millions of dongs which would equal thousand of millions of dollar US).??

    They going to pay their groceries almost same price. However, there purchasing power will increase as they can import more given that their currency has appreciated compared to others?

    However, if tomorrow they exchange their million dong they would get 1 million Us $ and can afford to purchase more things in US.

    But wat happens to the Vietnamese export? it would cost more and they would become non competitive? Now, they are going to charge more US dollar/SDR? for the conversation?

    Please comment on the above. I also wish this revaluation to take place but i can't understand this logic?

  7. Tomorrow .. say am from US and i want to visit Vietnam?
    I won't be able to visit there as before? i mean my 10,000 US $ would be equal to 10,000 dong which is not much in that Country? (their cost of living is higher) as per the above post

    So i won't visit that country. The tourism industry would take a hit?

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