The Great Crusade of Our Time (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

Let us speculate for a moment.

Sometime in the near future there is a major Islamic terrorist attack on a western population.  This atrocity could take the form of a nuclear bomb or a dirty bomb.  It could even be a chemical or biological weapon. It may even be something which we haven’t yet considered.

This attack will be so horrendous that the mass of western civilization will come together to fight for our way of life.  It could even be possible that the Pope himself comes forward and calls for a Holy War against Islamic fundamentalism.

Leaders of major nations such as Trump and Putin take on the Popes call and lead a large war contingent which descends upon the Middle East with a biblical vengeance.

Such a scenario may seem fantastical and improbable.  But let’s consider for a moment the trend which has been taking place now for many decades.  The frequency of Islamic terrorism has been on a steady incline and is showing no sign of abating or ending.  As I write these words the news is on in the background with discussions about attacks in Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, and an event in the US around someone with a gun outside the Turkish Embassy.  All in one day.

In Turkey the Russian Ambassador was assassinated on live television and in Germany a bus was used to murder people at a Christmas market, replicating the terrorist attack in Nice, France which took place earlier this year.

Where is the obvious end to this trend?

Trump has been very vocal about taking out ISIS as fast as possible.  He wants to “hit them hard”.  The appointment of military generals in the Trump administration is an early indicator of where this trend may go.

In Russia the response to the ongoing terrorism is similar.  Putin promises a “robust” response.  The alignment with Russian and American policy on fighting Islamic terrorism should give everyone cold hard shivers.

The Mainstream Medias unwillingness to call Islamic Terrorism Islamic Terrorism can only lead to further embarrassment and irrelevance to those who purport to give us the facts.  The mass population of the western world has been subjected to failed government policies of multiculturalism and migration from third world nations.  It is politically incorrect to state the obvious failure of these policies.

Nothing will unite the bulk of the international community more than a massive terrorist attack on a western city.  It would provide the catalyst for broader consolidation of governments and religious institutions from Vatican City to Tibet.

Those Muslims without violent tendencies who have immigrated to the western world will cower in fear of being associated with the mass murder of millions.  It would in essence forever transform the Islamic religion and provide the tangible facility for its inclusion into a larger United Religions Initiative.

The act of cognitive dissonance is at work in this scripting.  The media tactic of pushing public opinion to the “harmless Islam” extreme will stand in stark contrast to this mass attack which will take place on the opposite extreme of the spectrum.  The tension and sudden release of energy which takes place in the middle will shock the masses into accepting all forms of transformative policies and mandates.

The two man team of Trump and Putin will emerge from the pages of prophecy and utterly destroy all remnants of Islamic Terrorism.  It will be the last and greatest of the crusades to recapture Jerusalem and usher in the new world religion.

There could even be Islamic retribution on Vatican City which would kill the Pope and forever alter the presence of the Catholic Church.  The subsequent transformation of both Islam and Catholicism would construct the road to the new world religion which will be centered on the rise of a re-energized Jerusalem.

But all of this is just speculation.

And yet, there is something happening which all people feel is beyond the visible spectrum of what we have known.  Humanity has now gone off the well-worn path and is stumbling around in the old undergrowth of a forgotten world.

Writings such as what I have provided above have never been an aspect of the POM material.  The purpose of this site has been to lift the veil on hidden information and eliminate fear through a process of understanding and increased knowledge.  But something has forced me to write this piece and communicate this information.  Something stirs deep down inside where the monsters hide.

Whatever the outcome and the source of this ongoing trend, we can be certain that something is building towards a massive cultural event.  Whether it’s engineered intentionally or the product of chance matters little when we wake up one day and find ourselves in the middle of a horror standing next to monsters.

But remember, this is all just speculation and madness.  – JC

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