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By JC Collins

Let us speculate for a moment.

Sometime in the near future there is a major Islamic terrorist attack on a western population.  This atrocity could take the form of a nuclear bomb or a dirty bomb.  It could even be a chemical or biological weapon. It may even be something which we haven’t yet considered.

This attack will be so horrendous that the mass of western civilization will come together to fight for our way of life.  It could even be possible that the Pope himself comes forward and calls for a Holy War against Islamic fundamentalism.

Leaders of major nations such as Trump and Putin take on the Popes call and lead a large war contingent which descends upon the Middle East with a biblical vengeance.

Such a scenario may seem fantastical and improbable.  But let’s consider for a moment the trend which has been taking place now for many decades.  The frequency of Islamic terrorism has been on a steady incline and is showing no sign of abating or ending.  As I write these words the news is on in the background with discussions about attacks in Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, and an event in the US around someone with a gun outside the Turkish Embassy.  All in one day.

In Turkey the Russian Ambassador was assassinated on live television and in Germany a bus was used to murder people at a Christmas market, replicating the terrorist attack in Nice, France which took place earlier this year.

Where is the obvious end to this trend?

Trump has been very vocal about taking out ISIS as fast as possible.  He wants to “hit them hard”.  The appointment of military generals in the Trump administration is an early indicator of where this trend may go.

In Russia the response to the ongoing terrorism is similar.  Putin promises a “robust” response.  The alignment with Russian and American policy on fighting Islamic terrorism should give everyone cold hard shivers.

The Mainstream Medias unwillingness to call Islamic Terrorism Islamic Terrorism can only lead to further embarrassment and irrelevance to those who purport to give us the facts.  The mass population of the western world has been subjected to failed government policies of multiculturalism and migration from third world nations.  It is politically incorrect to state the obvious failure of these policies.

Nothing will unite the bulk of the international community more than a massive terrorist attack on a western city.  It would provide the catalyst for broader consolidation of governments and religious institutions from Vatican City to Tibet.

Those Muslims without violent tendencies who have immigrated to the western world will cower in fear of being associated with the mass murder of millions.  It would in essence forever transform the Islamic religion and provide the tangible facility for its inclusion into a larger United Religions Initiative.

The act of cognitive dissonance is at work in this scripting.  The media tactic of pushing public opinion to the “harmless Islam” extreme will stand in stark contrast to this mass attack which will take place on the opposite extreme of the spectrum.  The tension and sudden release of energy which takes place in the middle will shock the masses into accepting all forms of transformative policies and mandates.

The two man team of Trump and Putin will emerge from the pages of prophecy and utterly destroy all remnants of Islamic Terrorism.  It will be the last and greatest of the crusades to recapture Jerusalem and usher in the new world religion.

There could even be Islamic retribution on Vatican City which would kill the Pope and forever alter the presence of the Catholic Church.  The subsequent transformation of both Islam and Catholicism would construct the road to the new world religion which will be centered on the rise of a re-energized Jerusalem.

But all of this is just speculation.

And yet, there is something happening which all people feel is beyond the visible spectrum of what we have known.  Humanity has now gone off the well-worn path and is stumbling around in the old undergrowth of a forgotten world.

Writings such as what I have provided above have never been an aspect of the POM material.  The purpose of this site has been to lift the veil on hidden information and eliminate fear through a process of understanding and increased knowledge.  But something has forced me to write this piece and communicate this information.  Something stirs deep down inside where the monsters hide.

Whatever the outcome and the source of this ongoing trend, we can be certain that something is building towards a massive cultural event.  Whether it’s engineered intentionally or the product of chance matters little when we wake up one day and find ourselves in the middle of a horror standing next to monsters.

But remember, this is all just speculation and madness.  – JC

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32 Comments on “The Great Crusade of Our Time (FREEPOM)”

  1. Excellent piece JC. I hope it remains a stirring down in monster land and nothing more. But as life has taught it’s not fair so the posibility seems a very real possibility.

    Catholism and Islam, two extremes of the religious plane battling to make room for a new synthesized religion based in Christianity.

    Care should be taken in matters of blind followers though. It would seem to reason that blind followers make blind leaders. Blind leaders lack reasoning capabilities. Like a robot which needs preprogrammed applications to function the blind follower cannot reason until they take the philosophy of their choice to heart so they can reason with life and be good leaders.

    Perhaps this is one example of the weakness we speak of that is born from the lack of self-management.

  2. Ah, religion, the deepest of all sighs. Born out of fear and separation, that one last bastion of “civilized society” that must be thoroughly undone and exposed to the light of inner-self exploration before any meaningful change can be realized. Understanding that none of it is going away anytime soon, why wouldn’t one who sees certain patterns repeat not think such an event is coming?

    I just keep wondering when enough of us will see through it. Such an event, like so many before it, will be the product of carefully planned social engineers, not the religious zealots who will take the blame. Through these false flag events, real contempt is bread thanks to heavy doses of fear, division, and actual mayhem, which is how we get doses of actual religious zealotry mixed in with bullshit in the first place. Despite its weblike nature, the picture is easy to see should one care to zoom out far enough to view it.

    The real question(s)for me are “when are we going to stop falling for it?” , “when are we going to grasp that is all BS (belief systems) which separates us from each other and from Source”? “When are going to stop reacting out of fear and start acting out of Love”?

  3. Just google Albert Pike:and 3 world wars
    “The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.
    The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists.
    The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.
    Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.
    Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

    1. While the mental intellectuals are occupied with collecting more information on a decaying world, some small group of real awakened people are providing the tools to create the new society out of the ashes of the old one…as usual…

      Prof. Helio Couto is not alone.
      It is free. He does not require money. All materials are given for free.

      Just like John of God, who healed me after a serious accident in the infamous oil fields of Alberta, where lies and distortions are a present day reality, if you are a bandaid or a safety advisor.
      Upon healing a child of a Russian oligarch, the oligarch came and gave John a check. John said: “Thank you. I have given, by the entities, two mines in order to have the money to do my mission,”

      So there is an incredible body of work by others as well; like Huberto Rohden who”A former Jesuit priest during his career; he had a major in Sciences, Philosophy and Theology at the Innsbruck University (Austria), Valkenburg and Napoles (Italy).

      In Brazil he founded the Instituição Cultural e Beneficente Alvorada (1952), taught at the Princeton University, American University (Washington D.C.) and at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (Sao Paulo, Brazil). ”

      There are others and all of them say the same: fear mongering will bring nothing but more reason to fear.
      So my trust is not on humans, my trust is in the Creator of all things, and all which has created heavens and earth.
      2017 is a year full of opportunity for joy and accomplishments,

  4. Straight out of a Tim LaHaye novel.

    “Nothing will unite the bulk of the international community more than a massive terrorist attack on a western city. It would provide the catalyst for broader consolidation of governments and religious institutions from Vatican City to Tibet.”

    — 9/11 2.0 … or Gladio B continues… or Gladio C?

    “The two man team of Trump and Putin will emerge from the pages of prophecy and utterly destroy all remnants of Islamic Terrorism. It will be the last and greatest of the crusades to recapture Jerusalem and usher in the new world religion.”

    — Israel/Zionist victory (playing its part as an outpost for Western interests according to Engdahl)?

  5. I completely agree with JC, this is social engineering. I cannot accept the thesis that western liberal politicians and governments are that naive as to bomb half the middle east into the stone age and kill millions and radicalize them, then open up the borders of the west to accept these people. So obviously by design, it may as well turn out that this is exactly what’s going to happen and it will be our own fault

    1. The widely used term “radicalize” is the favored term by MSM. This is Psyop in my opinion since it assumes that Muslims are somehow different to other humans and therefore you can radicalize a Muslim instantly if you do or tell them something, in Pakistan, Syria, Tunisia etc. Yet, we aren’t told Who is actually radicalizing these young men and Who actually pays for this process.

      The money trail is a good start to discover any crime. Saudi endless cash comes to mind!

      Possibly, facts are hidden in plain site here as a classic case of an old trick. For one thing, we never hear about what heinous crimes these Radicalized Muslims actually do other Muslims. Therefore this term is used constantly to hide the identity of the perpetrators. As per the excellent article by JC, it seems that “harmless Islam” is always thrown in the mix hence choreographing the scene and hapless folks are in constant fear of these radicalized robots who may inflict random murders on a regular basis nearby their homes or workplace.

      As a native of Iran and old enough to remember the geopolitics of the region in the 60’s and 70’s, the entire region of West Asia and the Indian sub-continent there was Marxists terrorists in an exact way as Islamists of today. I recall clearly that Iranian universities were the place kids used to enter as politically atheist and coming out as full-on Communists. The same problem were in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, India and Pakistan. The Soviet generosity on brainwashing entire generations was the main headache for governments. However, in 1979, the entire show for the whole region almost overnight became, Islamism or may be better said, Pan-Islamism! Ever since, I have been pondering about this as to how is that even possible for two diametrically opposed ideologies, albeit one religious with a God and the other atheist to swap places.

      The only conclusion I have arrived at, is forces outside of the sight with vast sums of money to spend and the power to manipulate and coerce population’s thinking. Nevertheless, Mass Hysteria was a major part of the “revolution” which was entirely a Marxist organized and implemented one, but yet it was handed over the Islamists!

      A positive result is that the contemporary generation of Iranians are neither Marxists nor Islamists, instead they have become hedonists but I have been corrected by many with a better term, as Existentialist. The rich and ancient heritage of Iran is a constant source of the modern existentialist tendencies of young Iranians with the help of the Iranian mystic, Omar Khayam. The terrible events of the 1979 invariably has become a force for social transformation of Iran. So, yes, adversaries, I must admit are good for us, and without them individually or collectively, we will remain static and lost…the pain of the fanatics in charge of Iran is immense but looking at the full cup, may be there is an end to this national pain.

      I think young Iranians must read a lot of following brilliant quatrains by the wise man of the ancient Neishapour…

      “Drink wine. This is life eternal. … It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
      Omar Khayam

  6. Great piece, JC. It needed to be said. Thank you for once again identifying and acknowledging what is clearly staring us in the face. There is an undercurrent in these recent events which cannot be denied. A definite shift in reality…..the stuff of Revelations. You referenced Rwanda in a recent post, and it stuck with me. This mass cultural event has been building for a long time, and now it feels as though a mere match could ignite it. Somewhere the Puppet Master sits, deciding the fate of the entire universe. And although Trump’s election adds an interesting and dangerous twist to our current situation, it seems to me that the pieces were put into place a long time ago. May Source guide us all through this dark passage way.

  7. long term planning
    Exercise aimed at formulating a long-term plan, to meet future needs estimated usually by extrapolation of present or known needs. It begins with the current status and charts out a path to the projected status, and generally includes short-term (operational or tactical plans) for achieving interim goals.
    It is evil that has moved around us, through us, between us for generations upon generations with at moments in history we as vassals became chaff in the wind of time as their second hand marched forward without a second thought, of the millions murdered, economy’s plundered, whole countries destroyed, millions starved by famine, the food poisoned, the riches of the planet plundered. The education system destroyed, the medical system corrupted, the pharmaceutical system is and has destroyed millions of lives. The political system along with the justice system has been bought and paid for along time ago. There is no white hat riding to the rescue. Yes, there is the odd blip along the way, that for a brief moment delays the plan, but the plan is in place and they have a goal. Just ask yourself, ” Who in their right mind would allow the destruction of a sovereign country against international law, human rights of individuals of that country, fabricate lies through the media and the governments of so called democratic countries. ” Think about it long and hard.

  8. Hi JC,

    By “Humanity has now gone off the well-worn path and is stumbling around in the old undergrowth of a forgotten world” – do you mean the good old days of the Vikings, Barbarians, Visigoths etc where there was conquering and more conquering ?

    The other thing is I wonder if the human beings who are much more ahead at a level of understanding how nature works, will set up an amalgamation of two opposing view points in this case volatile religions with their volatile followers to create what for lack of a better word would be a more human-centric religion/institutions focusing on facts, feelings, emotions and not belief systems that can’t be verified.

    Hate to say it but “religion is dead”. We need a more viable system that addresses human wants, needs and reason for being on planet earth. Now if I said this in the media, I will get ostracized. So much for “freedom of speech”

  9. Well that sure seems the easiest and quickest way forward for those above the fray. Seems a bit harsh for those of us who are not above the fray because of our station in life, be it less enlightened or just a Joe going down thru there doing what he knows best to do. And at a time when finally the tools to see a better way are in our very hands.

    I also have the msm news on as I comment and I got to tell you, it sounds as if this could play out as you have described any day now. However, the time frame would seem to need Trump in office for ahhhh, hell I don’t know, a week, a month, year or(hope, hope) two maybe. Whatever, got my mind right.

    I was born in a cave
    and raised by a lion
    I’m a bad mo-fo
    and don’t mind dying

    Enjoy the holidays and merry Christmas to one and all.

  10. If we believe there is a God and we are all his children then it must be that we are a house divided upon itself. These divisions must come to an end by the realization of the One true beginning and ever expanding God.

    It would be very selfish to deny such growth. One way or another the school of hard knocks will teach the lessons of greater consciousness.

    How does Trump coming to save the US economy fit in with global religious consolidation. Or what was Soros’s goal that did not align with this religious agenda?

  11. JC,
    the script of this post recalls me the narratives about the Western world conceived as culmination of the Hegelian “absolute spirit”.

    It’s also reminiscent of the visions of Spengler, Toynbee, Fukuyama or Huntington.

    I need to ask you some questions:

    Is it required to speculate about the assassination of Pope Francis?
    He’s the man that hugged himself before the Wailing Wall with a Jewish rabbi – Abraham
    Skorka – and a Muslim imam – Omar Abboud – during his last visit to Jerusalem ?
    … and met with Patriarch Kyril of Moscow after 10 centuries of schism between Catholics and Orthodox ?
    … and no more than a month ago visited the Lutheran church of Sweden to celebrate the 5 centuries of Martin Luther?

    So, it’s quite obvious that Pope Francis will never call for holy war.

    Is your purpose to shock Christian culture in order to “construct the road to the new world
    religion” ?

    Do you think that it’s possible to found the “new world religion” on other than the effective and
    deep convergence of all the historical religions and systems of belief, as is actually happening

    Is a new war the main alternative way?
    Which would be the price that we’d have to pay for that alternative?

    At times it seems to me that you go too far using the “cognitive disonance” method 😉

    Sincerely, Rogelio

    1. 1. “Let us speculate for a moment.”

      2. “But all of this is just speculation.”

      3. “But remember, this is all just speculation and madness. – JC”

  12. I must say a “new religion” is what the CIA wants, in tandem with politicians/powers belonging to secret societies (for whom the shadow CIA works). Members of whom have been incrementally planning for a one-world-government for 200 years. To include — along with a global monetary system and governing body (UN) — a “New Religion.” They themselves have called it the New Age. And it is a mash up of Native Shamanism (magic), Buddhism (mindlessness meditation), Hinduism (yoga), Paganism, Environmentalism (Druidic), Superstition, etc.

    CIA will use anything to dilute the True God. Including introducing such New Age tropes as “Source” and “Universe” even “Creator” as substitutes for God or Yaweh.

    Meanwhile, the true religion of the elite powers, all mandatory members of secret societies, is worship of Lucifer. Whom they call “The Light.” (They’ve taken all the words and symbols of the wise and perverted them as if in a mirror. Everything emanating from them can be reversed to find their real intention.)

    The secrecy is what they think gives them power. And mock us by constantly flaunting their occult symbols and inside jokes (National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences” backwards spells Satan.) And of course, “family” Disney movies. They think this “transparency” allows them to steal the mass of humanity’s free will, because we’ve been “warned.”

    For an overview of this, I recommend the book, “Brotherhood of Darkness.” Quite an instructive139-page history book of the genesis of secret societies and the havoc they’ve sown over the entire world since the mid-1800s. It blew my mind. It’s available from online bookstore.

    Additionally, in the 60s, as humanity was waking up…the CIA introduced drugs into the culture. Because the first thing CIA strategists had to do was shut the awakening down (and it wasn’t time yet). By introducing Eastern philosophy to cultivate passive, navel-gazing people so consumed with themselves and “self-realization” that they no longer had the capacity to act, think outside themselves, or be the creators of their own lives. The CIA introduced all sorts of pollution like this. With the intent to fracture religion or spirituality, the True God. This needed to be done before the CIA could enact part 2, mind control and dissolution of the family (the transgender boom only the latest affront; abortion and feminism coming before).

    In order to control a large society — and the entire world — it is necessary to make everyone uniform. The same. Unisex. Uni-religious.

    Now if the CIA was smart enough to know about breaking up religion, we ought to be smart enough to reverse engineer the damage they’ve done. The CIA has kindly provided us a clue as to how we wrest ourselves from mass-media, governmental, hawkish mind control and domination: Return to the True God. Jesus is the key. (Indeed, this Christmas season, Islamic demonstrable hatred of Christians is another clue of who is on what side.)

    I rejected religion a few decades ago, so Jesus as Messiah is not something I lightly toss out. I went on my own navel-gazing “self-realization” sojourn for a couple decades: Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, New Age, Crystals, clap trap. But I have come full circle. I will fall for the trap no longer.

    The horrendous travesty one feels with the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Himself, is that the Pope is a Satanist-Globalist. Read up on the Vatican Global Forum just taken place December 2-3, 2016. With Fortune 500 business and other influential people. It is frightening. “The Mark of the Beast” seems to be micro-chipping the entire population, as Congress has just set the precedent for with HR4919 to microchip the mentally ill.

    In direct response to J.C., I too have thought about a cataclysmic event galvinizing those wishy-washy people preferring ignorance to the plague of Globalists and CIA. But this Election was a simple binary Test already. People cast their votes for Queen of Lies or the prophet of Donald Trump who told the Truth on major issues (yeah, no one thought a poor carpenter born in a manger could be the Messiah either). Although Revelations is indeed dark and horrific, I think the God of Love is much more subtle and metaphoric than John’s words. And Satan is much quieter and secretive in his plans. Although he — and all his hypocritical minions — are being forced into the open. The world is indeed become visibly binary in beliefs.

    No one can be allowed to sit on the fence much longer. Either one stands for something (freedom, truth, God). Or s/he will fall for anything (the lies of mainstream media, for example). Once you set Truth as your North Star, it is really easy to see through to the real intention of democrats, etc.

    1. Julie:

      I transcribe below a paragraph of the speech that Pope Francis addressed the participants of the Global Fortune-Time Forum.


      “I encourage you to continue the work you have begun at this Forum, and to seek ever more creative ways to transform our institutions and economic structures so that they may be able to respond to the needs of our day and be in service of the human person, especially those marginalized and discarded. I pray too that you may involve in your efforts those whom you seek to help; give them a voice, listen to their stories, learn from their experiences and understand their needs. See in them a brother and a sister, a son and a daughter, a mother and a father. Amid the challenges of our day, see the human face of those you earnestly seek to help”.

      Link to full speech text =>

      Perhaps you want help us, Julie, by indicating where do you find “The Mark of the Beast” indicating that Pope Francis is a “Satanist-Globalist”.

      If you consider that just the fact of meeting with “Fortune 500 business men and other influential people” is a sufficient sign, I invite you to reread Luke 19:1-10 (Jesus and Zacchaeus) =>

      Merry Christmas to you and to all POM friends!

  13. Just for some Christmas fun let me toss this wonderful community a bone – Where does the word philosophy originate from?
    (a genuine question, I’m trying to give an answer to my nine-year old niece)

    1. Great question Alan. It would seem the earliest known philosophers were,

      “the Milesians, led by Thales, were making important investigations into nature as early as the seventh century B.C.; eastern teachers and prophets such as Lao-Tse, Confucius, and the Buddha were contemplating moral ideals and concepts during the sixth century B.C.”

      But as that web page states it would be nearly impossible to know the first instance.

      1. Hi Dane,

        I think you missed out Zoroaster (Zarathustra) in your list. His thoughts and philosophy influenced all the Abrahamic religions…but he is regarded as a “Pagan” by the three Abrahamics, as appreciation!! Zoroaster was a reformer of the very ancient Iranian philosophy. His teachings on the constant battle of Light versus Dark and his advocation of using one’s Free will influenced many thinkers of all the ages.

        I found the following on Wikipedia (which I hate to quote from!) but then who am I to argue with the best and brightest at Oxford?

        Here is the quote:

        “In 2005, the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy ranked Zarathustra as first in the chronology of philosophers.[71][72] Zarathustra’s impact lingers today due in part to the system of rational ethics he founded called Mazda-Yasna. The word Mazda-Yasna is avestan and is translated as “Worship of Wisdom” in English. Zoroastrians later educated the Greeks, who used a similar term, philosophy, or “love of wisdom,” to describe the search for ultimate truth.”

        1. Lol. Technically it’s not really a list just some early instances. But in contemplation I wonder if any of our ancient ancestors looked out from a cave somewhere and wondered what it was all about.

  14. Hi J.C,

    I wouldn’t prefer writing it here but although I have sent more than a couple of e-mails to both to and through the contact section of the website, I guess you have not been able to read them. My subscription ends on Jan 17, but I haven’t been able to access Premium POM for a few days, it says I have to renew my subscription. I will appreciate your help

    Moreover, use of Paypal in Turkey is currently banned and will only be reintroduced in March 2017. Can you offer an alternative to renew my subscription or I will have to wait until March 2017 to renew it?

    1. Yeah, I’ve been avoiding emails for almost a week. Sorry. Your subscription went into pending mode, not sure why. This WordPress platform does some weird things. I’ll be attempting to upgrade the whole site in the new year at some point. Anyway, I made sure your subscription is activated until March 31, 2017. That should give you time for PayPal to work from Turkey.

  15. Thanks a million times J.C, that’s very kind of you, the thought of not being able to access POM material for even a month, was disturbing for me!! Your favor is simply more than I asked for and I hope I can find a way to return it, sincerely.

  16. umbanda Sagrada states that we all harvest what we plant. Exu de Lei and the Orixas from the right and the left will be watching closely to make sure that things do not get out of hand. Pena Branca (White Dove), have stated thatL “There is no free will.| We are born with our path already designed. We have only a choice to do what is right (love) or what is wrong(not love).

  17. [for those that may be interested]
    I’ve got no proper context for this comment, just wanted to share some interesting information from some papers I’ve been reading regarding China’s Exchange Rate:
    Rural-led exchange rate appreciation in China
    March 2016
    “…our paper has outlined a new connection between labor movements and the real exchange rate. Our simulations show how the mechanization in Chinese agriculture and a decline in the utility taste of food obscure this effect, by holding down the price of nontradables. Like everyone else laboring in this intellectual field, we look forward to better data on the wage gap between rural and urban areas, to enable more precise decompositions of labor movements in future research. Be that as it may, eventually the large wage gap still existing between rural and urban areas will narrow substantially as Chinese development draws to a close, and with it a further rural-led real appreciation is to be expected.”

    The Impact of the US Political Pressure on RMB Exchange Rate: An Event Study Analysis
    August 2016
    “…Firstly, the conclusions of this paper are similar to the study results of Frankel and Wei (2007), Liu and Laurent (2012), Liu Tao and Zhou Jizhong (2011) despite the extended length of sample period and improved methods to classify events. Since only 53.4% out of 116 events succeeded and merely 24.14% events achieved reversal effect (turned devaluation into appreciation), this paper similarly concludes that the pressure from United States does not play a significant role in promoting RMB appreciation.
    Secondly, among various political impellent events, the US Congress had more significant influence on RMB exchange rate than administrative sectors. Although US Congress usually plays the role of regulator in exchange rate policies, the impact of motions, bills proposed by both houses as legislatures and related hearings on RMB exchange should never be underestimated; as for the pressure from administrative sectors, the semiannual report on international economy and exchange rate policy, the JCCT and US treasury secretary’s visits to China had relatively stronger effects on RMB exchange rate.
    Finally, judging from the number of events, RMB exchange rate hasn’t undergone obviously increased pressure from US since its devaluation in 2014. From the perspective of success rate, only 2015 showed a higher success rate of 66.67% among three years during the depreciation stage. It’s worth noting that unlike the situation in the appreciation stage, US administrative sectors were more influential than the Congress in the devaluation stage; in the administrative events, US treasury secretary’s visits to China and the release of semiannual report on international economy and exchange rate policy had more significant influence on RMB exchange rate.”

  18. I have a question: Why so much fear? We can have control over our own individual selves and some small patch of our environment….OR …

    1 = Acknowledge the fear
    2 -Voice the fear
    3 – Seek resources to deal with facing the fear
    4 – Relax and breath
    5 – Solution found
    6 Celebrates

    Death is a door to return to Divine Creator; therefore nothing to fear.

  19. Prof Helio Couto

    ‘How are prosperity and alchemy linked? Normally Alchemy is seen as a hermetic process in which transmutation of materials is spoken. Alchemy deals with the inner transmutation of the ego in search of individuation. When the ego and the Self become one. It is when the person can say: I Am I Am. At that point there was unification. This must be felt to be real. For this to happen the person must let it happen. It must desire unification and thus allow (give a command) so that the mind and the heart accept the I Am.

    When that happens prosperity in every way will have no more limits. Individuation opens the door so that all energy can be transmuted into another energy. This is an alchemical transformation. One element may be to make another by changing the primal energy of which it is composed. What they called prima materia. The primordial ocean of energy from which everything emerges. When something is treated without its material form, but rather considering its prima materia, this transmutation is possible.

    There is only one Psyche. All others share the same source. What differentiates is the ego of each one that is a part of Psyche. This original Psyche is the Self. Alchemy deals with the unification of the Self with the Self.

    This requires several procedural steps. We will analyze each step. The study of Alchemy is of the utmost importance, for it is through it that we can understand the Psyche. We will then have a Territory Map. It is possible to know how the Self thinks and feels through Alchemy. So it was so studied in the past and was only passed on to the initiates, so the importance of their knowledge.

    It is crucial at this crucial stage in the history of mankind that as many people as possible understand what Alchemy is. Then prosperity will really be a reality.”

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