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The Esoteric Meaning of the Master and Slave Dynamic 

UPDATE:  I’m reposting this article, as well as the post The Confederates Were Democrats, because there has been a problem with access. Some readers are not able to get the link working, and for others the articles do not show on the home page at all.  Some have wondered if POM is being hacked.  I’m not sure, but you never know I guess.  I doubt we’re that important.  

Another reason for this update is an absolutely unbelievable coincidence.  Marianne and I watched the move Birth of a Nation this evening.  We recorded this movie on our PVR around 4 months ago, but never watched it.  After writing the Great American Eclipse post on Sunday morning while waiting for Marianne to get ready for the gym, it never occurred to me that there would be any form of connection, or coincidence, to the movie which sat on the PVR all that time.  But when we watched Birth of a Nation, we did so with amazement at the synchronicity’s in life. 

In the movie the African American slaves, led by a slave preacher, are waiting for a sign from God to start a rebellion.  This sign comes as a total eclipse.  That was the first coincidence, or synchronicity, between this post and the movie.  Further themes of light and darkness in association to the slave and master dynamic are peppered throughout the film.  

The eclipse aspect of the film is fabricated, as the time period takes place one generation before the civil war, and the last total eclipse on the American nation was in 1776.  Reader “onrgaia” mentioned that fact in the comments sections of the original post.  The eclipse in the movie is the pivotal point which represented the moment when the slaves set off on a new path towards freedom.  This theme is present in the POM article.   

Near the end, the rebellious slaves are attempting to get to Jerusalem, which is also a theme in this post, as well as the linked connection, and reference, to a previous post titled The New Jerusalem.  The film closes out with images of butterflies, which represent transformation.  Most dedicated POM readers will know that transformation is a major theme of the articles and thesis presented.  

What are the odds that this movie sat unwatched on our cable box for months, and we finally watched it tonight, on the eve of America’s great total eclipse, after writing the original post this morning?  I had no idea, outside of a general understanding of the title, what the movie was about, or that there was an eclipse in the movie.  We weren’t even planning on watching it tonight, as it was a last minute decision because we both crashed on the sofa after a busy day.  Some may not believe that this is a true sequence of events, but I can assure  you it is.  There are many such synchronicity’s with the writings I post on POM, and real world events. I may write about some of these down the road.

The fact that a movie was made about a violent slave rebellion, with a fictional total eclipse symbolizing a sign from God, and now we are in a period of enhanced racial tension and violence in America on the eve of the first total eclipse since 1776, may represent a much larger script than we have initially considered.  

Original post as written:

Dane and I have been conversing behind the scenes on a few interesting things.  The post titled New Jerusalem used a picture of a solar eclipse.  Dane had asked if I used the picture intentionally and if I had known an eclipse was coming.  Of course I knew the Great American Eclipse of 2017 was on the horizon and used that as a mental prop and method of stimulation.

As I suggested to Dane, the light and darkness around, and within a total solar eclipse, can be viewed a few different ways.  From an esoteric perspective it can symbolize the expansion of darkness within the light.  This expansion of darkness will grow inside of us and eventually force all the light out, and leave only the empty void of cold darkness.

But we can also view an eclipse as the light escaping the darkness.  As the ring of light breaks forth around the edges of the blackness its radiance becomes known, and the warmth and possibility of its potential rattles the duelling worlds of spirit and matter.

At no other time does the contradiction of light and darkness become more obvious than during the rare periods of total solar eclipses.  The gradual grey transition from one to the other which can be observed throughout the birth and death cycle of our living and sleeping pattern gives way to the stark edges of light and darkness in their full forms.

This projection and externalization of the inner war between spirit and matter is not understood well outside of esoteric thought.  The moon and darkness represents the constraints of the material world and our animal instincts.  The sun represents the freedom of spirit and the potential for enlightenment.  It is the master and slave dynamic with the light (spirit) serving as the master and darkness (animal/matter) serving as the slave.

The master is waiting for the slave, or student, to awaken and begin the process of reconciliation.  The master injected the slave with light and forces the darkness out.  But if the student is not ready the darkness will be stronger and it will push the light out and quiet the inner voice of the master.

The union of spirit and matter, the evolution of both in one unified process, is the great quest of the ages, and represents the student becoming the master and the slave becoming free.

There are powers in the world which do not want this reconciliation and evolution to take place.  This power wishes us to remain as slaves.  This slavery is manifested in the material world through systems of governance and spiritual control, such as organized religion.

There is much to consider on this eve of the Great American Eclipse.  The world is in the middle of a massive transformation, and issues of racism and slavery are once again at the forefront of the American cultural mind.  This is not a coincidence.  There is a different power attempting to offset the darkness and bring true freedom to the enslaved masses.  But it is with sadness that we come to the realization that the student must seek out the master.  Unfortunately the student is being distracted and overwhelmed with the material darkness of an age old script which forever burrows away within the savage mind of the human animal.

The eclipse comes to ground in America at Salem, Oregon.  Will this be the birth of a New Jerusalem, or will it herald a calamitous serious of events which will fragment the reconciliation of spirit and matter for generations to come?  Time, such as it is, will tell.  – JC

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3 Comments on “The Great American Eclipse – Updated Post”

  1. Sounds like an awesome movie to take in JC. Here is another leg of research to ponder.

    Man has known how to predict solar eclipses when they are part of the Saros series which man has known since the last few centuries BC.

    “The Saros (/ˈsɛərɒs/) is a period of approximately 223 synodic months (approximately 6585.3211 days, or 18 years, 11 days, 8 hours), that can be used to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon. One saros period after an eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon return to approximately the same relative geometry, a near straight line, and a nearly identical eclipse will occur, in what is referred to as an eclipse cycle. A sar is one half of a saros.

    A series of eclipses that are separated by one saros is called a saros series.”

    “The earliest discovered historical record of what we call the saros is by Chaldean (neo-Babylonian) astronomers in the last several centuries BC.”

    So with this knowledge at hand to the empire of that day and the masses being in darkness away from this knowledge the crucifixion is scheduled on the same day of the ellipse.

    What is interesting is how it was also used as a “sign of God’s displeasure with the Jewish people” and today I hear people emphasizing how this eclipse puts both the US and Jerusalem in darkness together. I can only assume that it’s this Anglo American empire as it grasps for anything in the days of its death…or transformation.

    “Crucifixion darkness is an episode in three of the canonical gospels in which the sky becomes dark in daytime during the crucifixion of Jesus. Ancient and medieval Christian writers treated this as a miracle, and believed it to be one of the few episodes from the New Testament which were confirmed by non-Christian sources; modern scholars, however, have found no contemporary references to it outside the New Testament. Modern scholarship, noting the way in which similar accounts were associated in ancient times with the deaths of notable figures, sees the phenomenon as a literary invention that attempts to convey a sense of power of Jesus in the face of death, or a sign of God’s displeasure with the Jewish people. Scholars have also noted the ways in which this episode appears to draw on earlier biblical accounts of darkness from the Old Testament.”

    “The oldest biblical reference to the crucifixion darkness is found in the Gospel of Mark, written around the year 70….It adds, immediately after the death of Jesus, that “the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom”.”

    “The Gospel of Matthew, written around the year 85 or 90, and using Mark as a source,”

    “The Gospel of Luke, written around the year 90 and also using Mark as a source,”

    “A number of accounts in apocryphal literature built on the accounts of the crucifixion darkness.”

  2. “…and the last total eclipse on the American nation was in 1776. Reader “onrgaia” mentioned that fact in the comments sections of the original post.”

    Well dang. I may have jumped the gun. Source cited (in my comment at the original article) has comments stating this is not true. Wikipedia list 4 partials in 1776 but not a total.

    Grrrrr. I hate when that happens (not thoroughly checking the facts). My bad.

    Oh well. It doesn’t negate the message/observation in your article.

    1. No worries onrgaia. Perhaps this is the wording that mislead folks.

      “It’s the first total solar eclipse that will be seen in no other country but the U.S. since the nation’s birth in 1776.”

      CBS also reported it the way yahoo did, but the site they referenced for giving the information isn’t giving the information…?

      CBS – referenced as supplying CBS with the 1776 story –

      This website shows that one did happen in 1776 it just seems to have passed over Mexico and Cuba.–1700/SE-1776Nov30Tgmap.html

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