The Grand Man - Chapter Two

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The Before the Beginning

By JC Collins

Thoth, the god of learning in the Egyptian Mysteries, considered the pineal gland to be the source of twenty-six thousand books.  In the first chapter of this series, we reviewed how the brain is an embryo attempting to become.  The pineal gland is the center of this embryo and represents the only singular part of the human brain, which is found in the center between both halves.

The alchemical mystery of regeneration, or becoming, is deeply connected with the pineal gland.  The regeneration of man, or the becoming of the grand man, is dependent upon the process of accessing this gland and extracting the nectar of both the visible and invisible worlds of nature.  The reconciliation of both is a function of the pineal gland, the place where spirit and matter meet, and represents the alchemical process of turning base metals into gold.

The esoteric function of the pineal gland is not recognized or acknowledged by modern medicine and science.  But some interesting characteristics of the pine cone shaped gland can provide the abstract thinker with an extraordinary understanding of its deeper function.

Just after the forty-seventh day of fetal development, the pineal gland begins to form.  This formation is accompanied by the first dump of DMT, or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, the active chemical in shamanic plant brews, such as Ayahuasca.

Corresponding to the early development of the pineal gland, the first signs of sexual generation begin and male/female physical orientation is also decided immediately after the forty-seventh day.  The connections between DMT, the pineal gland, and gender, are directly and esoterically anchored to the release of DMT during sexual orgasm.  In fact, the word penis is likely derived from the word pineal, meaning pine cone-shaped, like the shape of the tip of the male sex organ.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (the word dead referencing the world of matter and make-believe), states that it takes forty-nine days for the “dead” to reincarnate back into the physical world.  This forty-nine day period corresponds to the first signs of the pineal gland in the fetus and the initial dump of DMT.

Readers are encouraged to revisit The Grand Man – Chapter One, where the 47th Proposition of Euclid is discussed.

The occult and eastern religions consider the pineal gland to be the symbolic third eye and seat of the soul or the place where spirit and matter meet.  In Judaism, the pineal gland is in the location of the Keter (Crown Sefirah), and in Ayurveda, the gland represents Sahasrara (Crown Chakra).

The objective and subjective consciousness, both represented within the esoteric function of the pineal gland, has been interpreted through art, architecture, and symbolism.  As an example, the Vatican contains a large statue of a pine cone, whose presence has never been fully explained by the Church.

Thyrsus, the sceptre of the Greek Mysteries, was a staff with a pine cone placed on top.  The shaft was dressed in grapes with leaves twisted around the length.  This symbolically represents the spinal cord and pineal gland.

Heaven, Shangri-La, Valhalla, and all other representative forms of enlightenment, are symbolic of the pineal gland and its function as the place where spirit and matter weave together.

The Led Zeppelin song Stairway to Heaven is a ballad on the process of accessing the full function of the pineal gland and attaining enlightenment.  The Masonic degrees of the Scottish Rite, numbering 33 (the same number of vertebra in the human spine) uses esoteric terminology and abstract concepts to relay the alchemical journey from base metal, the base human-animal form, to gold, the enlightened esoteric form.

It is this esoteric human form, or the uncorrupted physical immortal body, which we will consider to represent the principles of the grand man.

After the initial formation of the inner eye and dump of DMT just after the forty-seventh day of fetal development, there is a blissful period of time which is equated to the mystical and magical moments of early childhood.

Unfortunately, the pineal gland begins to degenerate by the age of 6 or 7, and by the age of 12, just before puberty, the gland has attained its adult size and functionality.  This process explains the forgotten years of early childhood and the loss of those magical feelings.

Many ancient religious texts, including the western Bible and eastern Tibetan Book of the Dead, relay the importance of being like children or acting like children, never to grow old.  There is an important concept being communicated within such texts.

The mysteries of regeneration, or development of the embryo, being the evolution of the grand man, is the ongoing function of the pineal gland in the adult human.  As such, the fact that sunlight stimulates the pineal gland draws into the question the widespread use of sunglasses and the corresponding marketing and medical literature which promote the negative effects of sunlight upon the human form.

The pineal gland can be considered the inner eye which has no physical lens.

Many reptiles, including dinosaurs, have, or had, a pineal gland that projected through a hole in the skull and lay just under the skin.  The human third eye has boned over and has shrunk into what is now the pineal gland.

The first appearance of the pineal gland in the material world was found within the invertebrates, a sort of invertebrate eye with no lens, which observed the early moments of creation.  The objective and subjective nature of this primordial world has transcended to the present human generations and is symbolically rediscovered through the enlightenment journey of retracing the backbone and returning to the pineal gland, the subjective eye.

The third eye represents the mysterious two-faced Janus, the hermaphroditical invisible nature of subconsciousness and the visible nature of consciousness.  The visible is the material, and the invisible is the spirit.  The pineal gland represents the place where the spirit and matter weave together. This esoteric awareness corrupts into the world of matter and make-believe.  Man unknowingly promotes this corruption throughout the physical world and within his visible nature.  (As can be attested by the growing media obsession with transgenderism.)

The grand man represents the uncorrupted unification of the male and female into the esoteric hermaphrodite.  This is the merging, or healing, of our first division which took place just after the forty-seventh day of fetal development.  Without the balance which is found within the pineal gland, and described by the ancient mysteries, this process corrupts in the physical world and Man is unable to rediscover the way or path to enlightenment.

The corrupted Man, in attempts to circumvent the process, or cheat the spirit, has dreamed of endless ways to find the path of least resistance to regeneration. This has included the consumption of pineal glands from newborn babies in ancient cultures and all other manners of sacrifice and self-degeneration.

This continued corruption of the process is taking shape in the world of tomorrow through the science of transhumanism. Let it be known that there is only one path to true regeneration, and any attempts at immortality without a balance of spirit and matter will prevent both from further evolution, and trap consciousness forever in the torments of the world of matter and make-believe.

The DMT which is produced by the pineal gland is also found throughout nature, in everything from animals to plants.  It is often wondered if the shorter list would be defined by where DMT is not found, as opposed to where it is found.  It is often referred to as the “spirit molecule” and, as stated above, has been used by shamans for thousands of years, perhaps longer, to produce spiritual journey’s and promote enlightenment.

Recent studies with DMT have suggested that the molecule is supportive of not just spiritual healing and enlightenment, but also physical healing from addictions, such as alcoholism and heroin, and other ailments, like diabetes and cancer.

One of the most recognized methods of consuming non-endogenous DMT (DMT which is found outside of the pineal gland) is through the Ayahuasca plant brew which is made and administered by the shamans of Peru.

Every year hundreds, perhaps thousands, travel to Peru seeking spiritual and physical healing.  The effects of the plant and DMT are profound and not comparable to anything else.  The hallucinogenic qualities of DMT are of a healing nature and the deep impact it has on the person's spirit extends well past the initial experience and into the days, weeks, and years after.

The first time I heard about such a thing as DMT was in an OMNI magazine when I was a teenager.  The idea that such plants may have been directly involved in the rise of creativity and the imagination in humans, which the article promoted, caught me and has held me ever since.

Over the years I would often think about the concept of the spirit molecule and the healing properties which it was purported to have.  As I struggled through my own life and built walls which were not square, the need for such a thing as DMT, or Ayahuasca, became more apparent.

Recently I decided to finally take the next step in the journey and brew some Ayahuasca of my own.  The process of mixing the correct amounts of plants (root bark and seeds), was followed by the patience required to brew the mixture for three days.

When the time came to drink the brew I asked my wife Marianne to watch over me to ensure everything went satisfactorily outside the inner experience. The taste was metallic and awful.  After finishing 150ml of the Ayahuasca we went to the bedroom and I lay on the bed with some soft spa type music playing in the background.

We had a bucket handy in case nausea became overwhelming.  Many experience a “purge” of the negativity and pain which has afflicted them in their life.

It was 4:15 PM.

At 4:45 PM I was feeling very little and decided to drink the remaining 100ml of the brew, making for a total Ayahuasca consumption of 250ml.  At 5:00PM I began to feel extremely heavy and light headed.  It felt like my mid-section was being pulled down into the mattress.

Within minutes the experience started to evolve and small translucent geometric patterns began to appear in my vision.  These patterns were not unlike the geometric patterns that I use to see as a young child.  Which was extremely supportive of the production of endogenous DMT by the pineal gland in the first 6 to 7 years of childhood.

The geometric patterns grew in size and clarity.  They were superimposed over the physical reality of the room and remained just as clear whether my eyes were open or closed.  It was beautiful and peaceful.

The lower half of my face felt like it was melting away and drooping onto my chest.  I made a joke to Marianne that I would collect my face in my cleavage so I could put it back into place after.  She laughed and it felt like a completely reasonable thing to say.

When it became 5:15 PM the thought that I had drunk way too much of the brew entered my mind.  The panic started to rise in me and I felt nauseated.  Sliding off the side of the bed I walked slowly to the bathroom while carrying the bucket on my head.  Turning I looked in the mirror and stared at myself.  My mind was slowly disassociating with my body and the experience of watching myself in the mirror became extremely unsettling.  It was almost as if my body was moving separately from what I was intending.

Quickly moving back to the bed I repositioned myself and began to refocus.  The fear of drinking too much was overwhelming me but I didn’t want to tell Marianne in case she became worried.

At one point I raised my arms up in front of me and asked her if they were, in fact, my arms.  She laughed and I laughed.

The room was filled with geometric white light and feelings of love and tranquility washed over me.  The soft music reverberated through both realities and soothed the fear in my heart.  I held my hand in front of my face and the light reflected off my wedding ring.

Suddenly my hand was the hand I had as a baby.  The power of the emotion teared me open from the inside out, and I began to cry.  Attempting to explain to Marianne what was happening, I could hear myself talking, but it didn’t quite sound like me.  It was me, but a peaceful me.  A calm tranquil me.

All the lines were there in the beginning,” I said.

What do you mean,” she asked?

All the lines on my hand were there in the beginning when I was born.  The same lines are there now, only they carry the pain of all the years’ in-between.”

I gasped and the pain of all those years welled up from deep within and rolled down the sides of my face.  It was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had.  One minute it was my baby hand, and the next it was the scarred hand I have today.  I watched as they switched with one another and the pain began to merge with the innocence and grace of my beginning.

The emotion my mother felt when she first held me after birth washed through me.  I did not see this but experienced it.  It was love.  Unconquerable and unconditional love.

My hand…….my god……..the pain……the love…………..the beginning.

My whole existence imploded on waves of geometric light.  A calmness overtook me and I could hear myself telling Marianne things.  My voice was low, steady, slow, and each word was spoken with purposeful intent.  Every syllable served a purpose.  It was me talking and yet it wasn’t.  I had the distinct impression that I had merged and was speaking in unison with something.

Perhaps there was no longer a “me”, or an “I”.  There were just the words.  The message.

“The Whole seeks the experience of itself.  Each of us are fragments of the Whole.  Each of us are meant to provide the experience of creation back to the Whole.  But we have come to believe…that…we…are the fragment, and we experience ourselves as fragments.”

“This experience as the fragment is a corruption of what was intended.  We corrupt…into…the…world of matter and make-believe.  We think we are the fragment when in fact we are the whole.  We seek to return to the whole, but have trapped ourselves…in…the…world of matter and make-believe.”

“The experience becomes corrupted.  We experience the world through ourselves.  This is greed and selfishness.  We need to experience…each…other…first and then experience the world.  Only then can we experience our pure selves as a part of the world…as…a…part…of…the…Whole.”

“We have it wrong.  It only takes a slight shift in our perception and how we perceive reality.”

“The world is not there for us to experience ourselves.  It is there so we can experience each…other…and…the world.  That is how we get to experience our pure selves.  The fragment which isn’t a fragment.  The Whole.”

Talking to Marianne as a couple, I said “We experience…each…other and then experience the world together.  Only then can we experience our pure selves.”

This sort of talk went on for some time.  The message was repeated over and over.

The Whole…is…the…Before…the…Beginning.  The world of matter and make-believe is made of fragments.  Everything is a fragment.  The natural world and everything are fragments attempting to join back together with the Whole…..….the…Before…the…Beginning.”




“Spirit and matter are attempting to evolve together, but the world…of…matter…and…make…believe is preventing this from happening. Spirit…and…matter…are…attempting to evolve together in able to return to the Whole.”

This went on for hours as I lay there saying the same things over and over in the same slow and tranquil voice.  Marianne said she had never seen my face so peaceful and happy.

As my sense of self-began to slowly return I began to say things directly to Marianne like they were messages from the Whole.

I make it safe for you to smile…even…when…I’m…not.”

I also kept repeating this to her and explained how it was very important that she remember it.  I saw her as a child and kept calling her a little rascal.  I said her smile was “the Whole smiling”.  Her smile was “like The Before the Beginning”.

She has been sick for two years now with chronic pain.  Nobody has been able to figure out what is wrong with her.  I said, “Your pain is my ugliness.”

What this meant is not clear, but we have committed to exploring further in our attempts to learn and heal whatever there is that needs to be healed.

To describe every facet of the experience would be impossible.  It was around 8:30 PM that I began to feel somewhat myself again.  Near the end of the experience, I saw a cross and crucifixion.  The receding voice in my mind said: “This is the Christ, or enlightenment, and represents the graceful submission to humanity.”

For the next few hours, I had a difficult time walking.  It was as if I had to learn how to walk again in the physical world.   The feelings of openness and enlightenment stayed with me for the next two days.  I could almost feel my pineal gland pulsating with renewed vigor inside my skull.

The following statement kept repeating in my mind:

Spirit and matter are attempting to evolve together, but the world…of…matter…and…make…believe is preventing this from happening.”

The geometric patterns which I saw as a child were at the forefront of my mind.  The idea that the pineal gland is an important part of developing the brain embryo now seemed obvious.  The reflections on childhood and becoming, or regeneration, were directly connected with the pineal gland and how we interact with the physical world.

But the prevalent corruption of this process in the physical world was also painfully obvious.

Regeneration, the brain embryo, and the becoming of the Grand Man represents the process of spirit and matter evolving together.  The world of matter and make-believe is only the first experience of unification.

Most of us fail here, as we choose to experience ourselves primarily.

The synchronicity and interconnectedness which has weaved itself into my life are becoming more and more obvious with each passing year.  I think back on what I had written in PrimNomics – The First Division, and how it related to fragments and a return to the whole, or the absolute, from which all things are derived.

We are the great explorers of ourselves.  And The Before the Beginning awaits our return as we journey back up the fragmented vertebrate of the spinal column and seek the uncorrupted unification which can only be found at the place where spirit and matter meet.  - JC

Note:  For readers interested in the picture which accompanies this post, it is a slice through the center of a dying primordial star, one of the first in the Universe.  The mass of this sun is 55,000 times that of our sun.  The image has an uncanny resemblance to the human brain. All things in the world of matter and make-believe are fragments.  Even stars. I'll leave further esoteric interpretations up to the reader. More info can be found here.


66 Comments on “The Grand Man - Chapter Two”

  1. What a marvelous and surprising direction for you to take us here in the Grand Man! I must say it was a bold experiment to render down your own batch of Ayahuasca and perform your own ceremony accompanied only by your wife. The messages you received through the medicine are a phenomenal gift to be sure and thank you for bringing them back for us all to witness. Such are the blessings bestowed by Ayahuasca, some are terrifying and some render the seeker awed and enveloped by practically indescribable feelings of love and joy. Having traveled to Peru in 2006 I took a more traditional route and availed myself of five ceremonies structured by indiginous healers. And yes, I still feel the presence residing here. Again, thank you for generously sharing your incredible research, analysis and experiences here in PoM.

  2. When one alters the natural state of the mind it can be a very dangerous. In the realm in vibration above ours are beings of God connectedness and non connected beings. When we alter the mind we are open to these negative forces of influence that need our living energy to survive. Be Careful trying to gain access to Heaven by force.

    1. "The natural state of the mind." What an interesting concept, considering the mind is not of the natural world. The visible nature of the mind which you are likely referencing, has already corrupted into the world of matter. The point of the article was that you can not gain access to heaven, which is enlightenment, through force. Heaven is not a place, or destination. That is the common misconception based on literal interpretations of ancient and religious texts. There is a process of self-knowing which must be followed in order to rediscover the pureness of mind, or self. The Elementals, and other disembodied fragments which you reference, carry great sadness and confusion. Unfortunately, most alive today are in the process of transforming into disembodied fragments, as the sadness and confusion at the failure of life and enlightenment drive them deeper into despair and self-loathing. The barrier of life and death is not a real divide between disembodied fragments. Some have a foot in each reality, for lack of a better word. Fear itself is a disembodied emotion which opens the door for the expansion of further disembodiment. Most religions are heavily laced with concepts of fear. As you stated, caution should be used, but our intent on such matters will define and clarify our interactions with all things. With all things in life, it is our own personal responsibility to ensure we are prepared and informed on the things we embrace and practice. Things of positive intent and purpose.

  3. Enjoyed reading, "The Grand Man" JC. As I have stated in previous posts, I am a Christian. It is interesting to read about the pineal gland. I do know of medical situations where some people have had to have this gland removed. I haven't read yet of anyone who was born without one. My husband was a rare individual who was born without an adrenal gland, which made his life difficult to say the least. I am still researching to see what experience there might be from someone who was born without the pineal gland.

    As I have written on here before I have had experiences in my Christian walk that have been beyond anything the natural body could dream of, but I was in my natural body, but out of it,so to speak. I never have to take any kind of substance of any kind. I have had this experience many times, I feel a warmth and a peace that totally surrounds me. At times I start out smiling, feeling a peace beyond understanding and then I start to laugh..feeling joy that can't be explained without experiencing it. What surrounds me is difficult to explain. It is as if there is a cocoon around me, and as I said..a that I cannot truly put into words. There are times when troubles have come into my life that I would need the strength that the Holy Spirit could only give me, so I would pray and what would touch me again.. the warmth, would surround me again. Lying there on the floor I would feel this presence again and I would start to cry, crying deeply into the bottom of my soul, not being able to put it any other way. As I kept crying deeply, the pain would leave. I would feel the strength of my creator in my spirit, but in my body as well.

    When my husband passed away; I was so distraught at his passing that I sort of set up an alter for prayer. I had, had my husband cremated and his ashes were there at the place I considered my alter of prayer. I had such a hard time excepting that he was actually gone, not present in the body with me anymore. As I entered into conversation in prayer, I felt this warmth again, it surrounded me completely. Happiness and joy filled my being.At some point I hope to share this complete experience that I had after the passing on of my soul other half. I am not putting this out there to take away from, The Grand Man JC. You are a beautiful human being JC and you tell what is deep inside you and share it with all of us and I appreciate your writings. I read this late last night before I went to sleep and I thought about it a lot before I went to sleep. I thought I would have dreams because many times when I read something of this nature I have dreams that relate to it, but not this time.

    I think our dreams sometime help us to deal with life. I have had dreams that were off the charts so to speak. I have had times of dreaming in vivid colors. Colors i can't even explain to anyone. Bright, beautiful vivid colors. Never any blacks or browns or hues of any kinds, but beautiful colors. I wasn't drinking Then there are the dreams of architecture....buildings I built in my dreams..architecture that were beautiful sculptures and i would wake up and hope that I could remember them. I could make millions off of the architecture I created in my dreams, but once I awakened they were there for only a split second and they were gone. I could not retrieve them. Do i know what it means, idea, but I only wish I could unleash what I dream into reality.

    Thank you JC for unleashing the memory of the things in my spirit that have brought me the love, peace and joy that is always there for me. This was a wonderful expression of what you feel inside yourself. And as a Christian I do understand the whole..the coming together..when we become one. I do hope to talk about this more at some point.

    One of my favorite individuals in the bible..Christ's followers is Paul. I love how he expresses his humanity and as well his humility. I understand why he was so loved. Here is his ascension into the third heaven.

    1Boasting is necessary, though it is not profitable; but I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord. 2I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago-- whether in the body I do not know, or out of the body I do not know, God knows-- such a man was caught up to the third heaven. 3And I know how such a man-- whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, God knows--…

    I hope I am not taking liberties in posting this that you would prefer ,I not have, I appreciate your writing and because of it this all came to my mind. Thank you JC for the freedom to express.

    1. Thanks for sharing Dottie. Nothing you wrote contradicts anything else. There are multiple methods of walking the path, which is why there have been multiple religions throughout human history. Paul's description is aligned with most other descriptions of such things. The beauty of your own personal experiences are unique to you, and for you. The common theme of all such things is peace and tranquility. So many expect that we all should be experiencing the same things in the same way. But each fragment is meant to produce a unique experience. That is the intent.

      1. Thank you JC again. I have studied many, "religions", but religions are full of man and not spirit. Fear is one of those things that is of the natural world. Even to say the word fear, brings fear. People truly miss it when they think that being a Christina is about religion. Religion has destroyed something beautiful and that is something that does make me sad.

  4. Dear J.C.

    You lucky dog! But here's what I think. These things happen in their own time. You know, "big wheel keeps on turning". Yes, of course past, present. and future is now, but it is also past, present and future. Thanks for your work.


  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing! I have thought about trying this myself many times, but alas, my time has not yet come. What a profound experience, and how well you wrote about it!

  6. The Elementals, and other disembodied fragments which you reference, carry great sadness and confusion. JC

    I was thinking more of souls who are of pure duality. The Elementals carry great sadness due to mans ways but I do not see how they are confused. They know exactly why their jobs are so difficult and why it is things are so out of balance.
    A being of pure duality can only absorb light of a lower vibration, which is why such a being cannot steal spiritual light directly from others. It must get those who have spiritual light to misqualify that light, to lower it to a vibration that the fallen being can absorb. It does this by getting people to engage in any type of activity that lowers the vibration of their mental and emotional energies. Just saying beware the motives of Ego.

  7. JC, I've been researching the mysteries and specifically regeneration for many years now, and there is a huge misconception going around about the pineal.

    The pineal has become somewhat of an online household name and is considered the end all be all of enlightenment or of opening the "third eye".

    Descartes was the one to suggest that since the pineal appears to be singular, meaning it doesn't have two halves, like the cerebrum, the cerebellum, or the thalamus does, or even the pituitary which has two lobes (though the two lobes do very different things), that it must be "the seat of the soul". That was his assumption.

    That Descartes line gets parroted a lot online, and I too used to parrot the same thing. In fact you hear a lot of the same stuff parroted about the pineal online over and over, with no other mention of the entire system the pineal operates within.

    The pineal gland is in no way "singular". It is part of the endocrine chain which is a negative feedback looped system. All the endocrine glands effect one another. All the organs and the glands and the processes of the body effect each other and work as a unit. There is no singular activity or isolation in the body. The secretions of one gland effect the secretions of the others. And while the pineal is important, it does not operate in isolation, nothing in the human body does. In order for the pineal to function properly, all the glands have to be functioning properly, and none of them will function properly if any number of them are not.

    I apologize if this comes across as harsh critique of your post, but it's a recurring theme online and has to be stated that all this emphasis on the pineal that we see more and more of, is extremely narrow focused, inaccurate, short sighted and left brained. It be like suggesting that in order to get a broken down car engine to work you just have to focus on fixing one part. The pineal is one part of the vehicle of the body. And the body is a very sensitive conglomerate of millions of parts that all work together. A clearly important part as it's been revered throughout history, but it is by no means the sole operating catalyst for regeneration. There are many other factors involved in the process.

    1. In no way was I suggesting the pineal gland is the only important part of this process. And yes, it is a part of the endocrine system, a singular part of it that is found in the brain. The title of this series is The Grand Man, and will cover many parts of the body, both physical, and esoteric. The importance of the pineal gland cannot be minimized. And my research is not internet based. As such, your critique is not very impact-full either way. If the pineal gland is the seat of the soul, perhaps the heart is the seat of life. The pineal gland serves the function of regeneration, but that does not imply it is the only organ, or thought, that contributes to regeneration. Clearly this is the case. Re-framing the content in this manner would suggest you read it through a filter.

    2. Balance in the body functions are so important and I can't emphasize that enough having had to deal with a husband without adrenal glands. When balance is off everything goes amuck. I spent 20 years dealing with imbalance in my husbands body. He took steroids (cortisone) to try to achieve that balance. It kept him living longer, but never achieved natural balance. The only thing I can say about using substances that might possibly alter balance, just please be very careful I am no expert on the pineal gland, by any means, just speaking out of experience of the delicate balance of our physical bodies.Our bodies work on balance, so anything that could throw off that balance should be avoided, but that is mo..not to tell anyone how to live their life.

  8. "The occult and eastern religions consider the pineal gland to be the symbolic third eye and seat of the soul, or the place where spirit and matter meet. In Judaism, the pineal gland is in the location of the Keter (Crown Sefirah), and in Ayurveda, the gland represents Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)"

    The 6th chakra, the ajna chakra, is associated with either the pituitary or the pineal. There's varying accounts and different opinions on this throughout time. And in reality, it's more just about the center of the brain rather then one particular gland necessarily, though those glands are important and play a role in the process. But the sahasrara chakra or crown chakra, as with kether, is often depicted in art is being above the head. A crown is something worn on top of one's head. The sahasrara and kether, when in reference to the body, symbolically are dealing with the top of the head or just above it, not with inside the skull, which the ajna chakra is associated with.

  9. "The reconciliation of both is a function of the pineal gland, the place where spirit and matter meet, and represents the alchemical process of turning base metals into gold."

    Sadly some have corrupted the evolutionary process and their respective spiritual development by focussing and directing their energies on turn lead into gold.

      1. Not a Thoth citation but...The Hiramic Legend is said to state the following.

        "Little is known concerning the function of the pineal body, which Descartes suggested (more wisely than he knew) might be the abode of the spirit of man."

        Couldn't "more wisely than he knew" be seen as him being in communication with his higher self or mind? Which would be supported when stating that it "might be the abode of the spirit of man."

      2. If Thoth believed the pineal was the source of 26k books, to verify that claim, there'd have to be an Egyptian citation or a Greek citation of an Egyptian text, like the pyramid texts or the Book of Coming Forth By Day or some papyri ... some legitimate source showing this was in fact something that the Egyptians believed that their god Thoth believed certain things regarding the pineal. So far I don't think there's a known egyptian word for whatever they would have called the pineal, because they wouldn't have used the word pineal. The word pineal has latin and french origins.

        Any esoteric author can make that claim, but without an Egyptian citation stating that claim in some form, it's a baseless remark. Though the claim would make sense. Hence if there's a legitimate source it would solidify the case further regarding the depth of knowledge the Egyptians had regarding the pineal. They clearly understood the significance of the glands of the brain, but so far I don't think there's been any discovery of what words or names the ancient Egyptians used to refer to the different parts of the brain.

        What is the source?

        1. If you're as learned as you suggest, you should know. This is a game for me now. One which you will not win. Here's another for you to yank your own chain on - the famed Hall of Records is also a reference to the pineal gland. Or what the pineal gland represents. You are asking for proof of something which is abstract. There is a pattern which weaves through all things which most are blind too. Thoth is only the symbolic Egyptian representation of something which runs through all things and all times. It is interesting you seek a source. Off all the things in the piece, you seek a source on this, for your own satisfaction.

          You cannot be esoteric, as you suggest you are, and remain trapped in the world of matter and make believe. The world of quantified positions. You seek a source inside the world, when we live in a world inside the source.

          I'll help you along because I'm nice. What is being referenced as a "book" in my statement on 26 thousand books? What is the physical significance of 26 thousand? What is the esoteric significance of 26 thousand?

          And remember, 26 thousand is indicative of fragmentation.

          1. wow... must have hit a nerve. Relax man.

            First off, never suggested I was so learned, merely pointed out I am studying the same subject you are.

            Second, you started off this whole piece with a statement you are presenting as a fact that I am asking you to verify in the egyptian historical record. To verify a statement suggesting the ancient Egyptians at some point in their history associated Thoth with the pineal. Again which would make sense, given Thoth is the principle of wisdom. And I am asking you to provide a citation of the statement, and instead of provided the citation you decide to attack me. And then rather then providing the citation, you deflect by changing the subject to the significance of the number 26 and claim that I am trapped in materialism because I want to know the source of a statement you are claiming is true.

            I asked for the Egyptian source of your statement, you said it's not Egyptian, it's source is from elsewhere. So what's the source?

            And how can an Egyptian belief about their own Gods be from any other group other then the Egyptians themselves??

            I also never claimed to be "esoteric", which is a strange thing for anyone to claim, that they are themselves esoteric. I merely pointed out I too, like yourself, study the mysteries and regeneration. I'm in the same classroom as you are, doing similar work.

            I am not the one proclaiming he will be a victor in some sort of game or battle of ego, so perhaps you should look at those four other fingers pointing back at yourself before you point at me.

            I am merely looking for you to back up your statement with citation, the way any research in any field is. You could easily prove your point by providing the citation, which would be great, because you would be providing something that has yet to be provided in history at this point... the potential word or name the Egyptians would have used in reference to the pineal, which could be potentially deciphered and discovered if you could cite a source to the original statement.

            But instead you rant on about me and try and change the subject.

            And like many researchers online, you react with hostility when challenged for simple support of your theory / statements, rather then debating calmly or taking other things into consideration that might not be exactly in line with your own thoughts.

            good luck with your game, I have no interest in playing.

          2. "Thoth, the god of learning in the Egyptian Mysteries, considered the pineal gland to be the source of twenty-six thousand books."

            I asked for the source of this statement and you claim:

            "You are asking for proof of something which is abstract."

            Providing proof of a belief of ancient civilizations is not abstract at all.

            If you say this is what the Egyptians believed, you have to provide something from them in their words to prove they believed or thought that. It is in no way abstract.

            Providing proof of any belief any person has is not abstract. You say I know so and so believes this or that because they either told me themselves or they wrote it down and went on record saying they believed it.

          3. Haha, thought you weren't interested in playing my game. I'll leave my statements as they are and contribute no more to the debate. The answer is in what I've already provided. No hostility here. Love you brother b.klausen.

  10. Hi J.C.,

    Does the use of the sexual organs for sexual pleasure interfere with enlightenement since the DMT is released outside the penis/vagina ?

    In French the orgasm is called "little death" or "La petite mort". Wonder if it is because the DMT is released out of the body instead of recycled back from whence it came in the brain.

    Have you found any experiential steps so far to have the life-force climb up the stairway to Heaven aka 33 steps of the ladder(spine) to the 'heaved up place in the brain"?

    I practiced deep breathing/meditation for a year or so in past and can only feel a liquid energy rumble at my bottom and stop at the L1 region in the back but rise no further.

    I also have done something akin to active imagination involving interacting with archetypes in my mind sphere with the aid of a mentor in the past. Over two years of working with an online mentor I had at the tail end of training the sensation of painless fiery heat in my stomach down the pelvic bone and up to the T9 to the T10 region in the back. It persisted for 40 days but then dissipated after b/c I could not complete the training past the ninth lesson. It was supposed to completely envelop into the brain and then back down forming cycles of rotation and also having contact, knowledge and conversation with my Higher genius or transcendent function if the lessons were all passed.

    Now I am back to square one trying to figure out experientially how to follow steps to get in tune with the process that allows the lifeforce to rise up and down the spine as depicted in "jacob's ladder"

    1. I'm still thinking on this myself friend. There is something very corrupted about sex for the purpose of fulfilling our base nature. It is all about intent. Something which we cannot hide from ourselves.

      1. For males (certainly haven't experienced this myself) sex with the intent of making love and creating a third entity, like a mastermind between both male and female without orgasm, will cause the orgasmic blissful sensation to shoot up the spine rather than outwards. I'm not sure if this is actually DMT or what kind of fluids/ hormones are being released into the body during this process.

        Perhaps to have the intent to fully be with the other in complete unwavering presence rather than focusing on one's own pleasure creates the space for less corruption. This would not be easy, as we are in our bodies and cannot deny our own sensations.

  11. Dear Collins,

    In the world of mysteries, the danger is at every step. Empesando have such experiences age 7-8 years.
    Some experiences caused by certain substances to live my emotions and experiences wonderful beginning.
    Now I have 58 and I can take stock, after that in the last 10 years, I have informed much in this area of ​​esoteric phenomenology to achieve capacity, "smell" desarrlado to detect false light, contrasting information and always using the intelligence and logic.
    I mean "a nose" to discover the signs of the false lumen.
    I can tell you that the false light is everywhere, more than people imagine.
    I was also a slave of the false lumen, many years ...

    That is, I have an experience with the spirits and energies since he was a child.
    I can tell you that nothing is what it seems in this world of mysteries and surprises.
    The most effective baits negative beings, use is LOVE, PEACE, and the sense of cosmic unity with the universal energy.

    You say I'm crazy but I can show you how beings / negative energies, clearly discovered as maleficos, using love, peace, high vibration, as positive signs of their origin but is a lie.
    I give you just one example "Galactic Federation" whose commander Ashstar, which is Lucifer. The internet world is full of messages of love, unity and peace by these beings ... If you want to tell me the evidence and I will.

    It turns out that the negative entities use as an energy food, both low vibration, hatred, stress, fear and panic as they use the same high vibrational energies like love and peace.
    This is the reason why most experiementan an extraordinary sense of peace and harmony, peace and love, as you felt.
    As they are going to have to fool humans if not give them what they want?
    They give PAZ as a metaphysical experience within a human being feels this peace is the answer to the source is positive, it can be light ... but prefectamente a great deception.
    All this can come for a extrasenzorial experience or caused by substances such as Ayurveda, in your case.
    Others experience through connections 7 endocrine glands and organs as recommended certain canalizatodes, others through mantras and exercises in connection with energies / cosmic forces etc. and New Age has a fairly full arsenal.

    What man has to understand is that when you leave your natural environment of the 5 senses, and can not control, can not know what kind of energy, connected entities.
    No instrmetos control is not able to detect that kind of power is the energy to which it is connected.
    Only judged by feel, based on emotions and feelings.

    Ask a faithful Christian who is the test that God loves you and protects you?
    Will tell you without hesitation that the evidence is what he feels in his heart. He tells you he feels that God is in his soul and God's love note in your mind.
    And it's a feeling, an illusion, it is your own self-induced or induced by negative entities sensation.

    As I said before, all negative entities, when they want to get in touch with a human being is presented as "angel" / body / energy, light, and high vibration energy, offering many feelings of peace and love and above a sensation Opening of mind (GLAND PINEAL) opening a never felt, experienced dimension, exactly as happened to you.

    Do not forget I speak as a friend, one who has experienced this since I was a child and now at 58 I can see the consequences in my biology.
    Consecuancia see this through iridology, diagnosis by the iris, intoxication with certain substances in different parts of the body.
    Substance used them to get into this kind of trance, experience what you have tried.
    Fortunately, with the knowledge that I have, as an alternative imagery, I know how to eliminate it, but it will not be easy, patience is necessary because it is a slow process.

    Let me tell you more. Generally all channelers, the initiates, the envoys of other dimensions, the religious leaders, all mixed truth with lies in their messages to humanity.
    And all come "dressed" light, love, peace, ethics, morals special knowledge and hope.
    An example of false hope in the Christian religion where I spent 40 years at birth, the largest and wonderful hope is the coming of Jesus Christ.
    Few milions and milions of human beings believe in this hope?
    But it is a lie. Christ said he will return to his generation and has been 2000 years since.
    Another false espernaza is through the esoteria and unity with the whole, and to convince comes with scientific evidence of how the whole is reflected in each party and each party, fractal, is part of everything and we are all one in the UNO, Universal primary energy.
    I'm not saying it's not true what quantum physics and cosmic exposed structural model, saying that to trick human cosmic unit is used.
    Vas has to say that humans are part of the cosmos intergante. Yes, it's true but what happens is that human beings are much smarter controlled entities and as technology developped than us.
    The world of geopolitics deception comes through the BRICS, as a solution, as a positive alternative within the Hegelian dialectic.
    But this Hegelian dialectic is also on Exopolitics world.
     The deception comes through organizations or federations such as the Galactic Federation with Ashtar comnadante that supposedly save the world from the evil.
    My advice to you is: Be careful, you experience PATH is very dangerous, much as you've got a sense of control or certainty that you relate to positive energies, with bodies of light.
    You're about to ruin all the work of almost two years in the blog on the geopolitical and SDRs.

    Greetings and do not take me wrong.

    1. This ignores the healing qualities which take place, both physically and spiritually, in people's lives after such experiences. It is understood that there are negative energies which could take advantage under some situations. And some experience negativity and pain during these experiences, but that is required to heal. You have minimized a wonderful thing into a lowest common denominator which you then use to filter your own reality.


      "You’re about to ruin all the work of almost two years in the blog on the geopolitical and SDRs."

      No, that is now what is happening. The validity of the thesis is being proved everyday.

      And please don't compare my personal experiences, which I openly share here, to something as idiotic and make-believe as ashler command. Nothing about that has anything to do with what I have written here. Filters. Watch for personal filters and expectations.

    2. daniel, I really had a hard time following this post. You are saying..and I don't know if I am getting this right... that anything that you yourself have not experienced can not be real? It seems there is something in what you wrote that comes across as a bit of anger..don't know for sure, but just sounds that way.

      I have found that people want to tell others that what they experienced is a lie, but how can you tell someone that what they experienced is a lie if you haven't experienced it yourself or even understand it.

  12. I cannot say this as well as the one I am borrowing it from. But to understand it completely is so amazing. And it really fits into this comment section. He was a very religious man but claimed no religion. I think this is what is meant by being "reverent minded."

    "Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others. This is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices."

    - Jiddu Krishnamurti

    1. I will have to store this somewhere Dane. I 100 ;percent agree with the author of this statement. I have found over the years as I walked my faith/belief that in order to walk it I had to leave organized religion and walk my own journey/path, seek my creator and the Christ on my own, by asking for answers, reading and studying the scriptures. What I have received from this can never be counted in dollar amounts. I am at last free just as my savior wants me to be. I have difficulty even relating to other.."Christians" and I can't say they are not Christians because it isn't my place to say so, but when I see them making up rituals, rules, rights on their own I know that this is not the way it is suppose to be. When I hear them criticizing others and pointing their accusing finger at them, I know that is not the way Christ intended it to be. He came to free us, not make us slaves. Organized religion makes us slaves and does exactly what Lucifer would love to see done..shove that belief down someones throat, accuse, and be holier than thou.

      I love the part that says,"Truth can not be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. I have found so much love and beauty in what Christ put in me. I had to ask for it though, as some have said, he is a gentleman; he does not force it on you and he will only come to you if you ask him and that is the truth in my faith. I once said in prayer.. I am nothing, why are you mindful of me..and the answer that was given to me was.."That is what you say, not what I say, in other words you are a nothing only in your own mind, but not in mine.

      I hope that people will understand what this author says above.. belief/ faith is not something that is ever coerced or forced; it s a beautiful journey that you want..that you ask for.. Free will is given to all of us...we have a choice.

      Thank you Dane, this was just wonderful.

      1. Hello Dottie. I thought I would share a bit more about this statement since it touched you so. Jiddu Krishnamurti was raised by a theological society and chosen to be the next world teacher or something to those lines. But in front of 3000 people who were there for the announcement of him stepping into this role he denounced it and that is part of what he said in that moment.

        1. Oh thanks..Dane and good for him. I love it when people stand for something and do it in a profound way. So much even today is about being part of the status quo, even in religion.

    2. Thanx Dane, it's always very refreshing to hear someone speak from this inner place of silent knowing.

      Haha, and I can certainly enjoy the minds confusion about this pathless path to this gateless gate. The words sound so mysteriously complex and yet the truth is so singularly simple. The world of matter and stories can be frustrating.

      1. Hahaha your welcome dripfood.

        Life is so full of beauty. When deep in the Florida everglades pulling into a cove surrounded by mangrove trees the silence is so dense it actually hurts my ears. I guess its like a vacuum if you will. Then I hear a bug make a noise, followed by another bug and then a bird squaws and then the trees begin to sing when a fish splashes and snaps me from my trance. Its one of the most amazing sensations:)

  13. "Soul Conciseness" goes back to Adam in the garden of Eden, the fall of man. Soul travel is the counterfeit of God's divine purpose for man, man being both physical and of spirit. Where by a Angel is only spiritual, man is essentially higher or the highest order.

    What you talk about is Rosicrucianism that has it's foundation in the Egyptian God of Isis. R.Swynburne Clymer and Beverly Randolph wrote many books on this subject.

    You are playing with fire here, this is the counterfeit. There is only one true path to the resurrection and that is through Christ. Seek and ye shall find.

    Jesus said to his followers "Then Jesus said to them: Amen, amen I say unto you: Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, you shall not have life in you. "

    This is the true mystery, so profound, so esoteric, most followers of his time walked away, not grasping this mystery of his sacrifice for the benefit of mankind. It is the new law that supersedes all others. The un-bloody sacrifice.

    People only have one chance at the Beatific vision, don't be fooled.

    1. I say different. All religions, including Christianity, are fragments of what I'm describing. So is the Rosicrucian theology you mentioned. Don't be hasty to judge the self-explorations of others. As a Christian, you could learn much from the comments of Dottie.

      1. JC, Your blog discusses truth and deception. There is only one God,the triune God. God is truth and truth is God,anthing else is a deception. I suggest you read Summa Theologiae by Thomas Aquinas. By the way the Rosicrucians were and still are the most powerful cult in the world today. Many of the Founding Fathers belong a long with the Black Nobilty of Europe,and present leaders including present leaders and most recent Popes are beleivers. The real hidden society,not the imposters in San Jose,Ca.

        They are “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood”, but “against principalities, against powers”, “SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES”, THE DEVIL AND HIS DEMONS ARE “the rulers of the darkness of this world”.

        I have been down this road before and no good comes from it. I assure you.

        There are presently about 1 million followrs of veritas in the world at present. The deception is so great and true faith is so rare. Take care and I pray for your conversion to the these times pray for the grace of discernment. Take care JC

  14. Roger.. You are saying that man was made higher than the angels..not according to scripture. In order for Christ to truly make the sacrifice he had to for a time become a little lower than the angels, because without that he could not be the sacrifice, as man was made a little lower than the angels.

    Believers in Christ will reign with Him in the future, glorious millennium. Christ will subject all things to Himself as the Second Adam. What the first Adam and his descendants failed to accomplish because of our sin (cf. Hebrews 2:8), the last Adam will accomplish, and the curse will be reversed (see Isaiah 65:17–25). All believers will share in Christ’s glory forever, living with Him in His new heaven and new earth. Without Jesus becoming “a little lower” than God and “a little lower” than the angels, there would be no redemption for any of us. Praise the Lord that He humbled Himself to come to us and seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).

    Now, I am not one to throw scripture at people. I don't ever, ever want to appear as a Pharisee as Jesus himself warned those about that. Humbleness is what Christ insists we have in order to share what he has done for us in our own lives.

    Having a relationship with Christ can not be put in a is something that is personal and beautiful and extends beyond just this world.

    1. I wonder if you would call Paul ascending into heaven soul travel. Many say he died, but there is no account of him dying at all. He said he didn't know if he was out of his body or still in his body when he ascended. He had an experience that even up to this day can not be explained, because people that can not think in the spiritual realm, can't think that way. It always amazes me that people can believe that Christ rose from the day in three days and appeared to everyone in the flesh and they can not believe that we can have spiritual experiences, puzzling to me.

      1. Dear Dottie,

        You must remember the Ancient mystics believed "so above,so below. The essence of deception. God gives great joy and spiritual happiness in the form of grace,it is the greatest gift. This grace is "not repeatable" or callable by oneself. For salvation,one must die in a state of "grace" I suggest you study "grace".

        1. You know what..this is what I don't like about many Christians. You think that have to direct people in their arrogant. I know all about grace. As I have said I have read the bible through and through three times. I suggest you study humbleness. Sorry, I am not my usual nice person tonight.

          1. This is the very reason why I did not want to talk about my experience with my personal walk, because... i get attacked for the those who think they are the only ones that know truth.

          2. This is written by a man and I don't follow teachings of men, but he uses scripture to back up what he says. He is so right about religion and this why many walk away from the church because of this very thing that is happening on here. Be kind and respect others personal beliefs. It isn't you place to decide whether or not the experience I had or JC had was real..


        2. This is absolutely perfect scripture for why many don't understand what i have experienced. You can't use the catechism or doctrine to understand the Holy Spirit..there is only one way. I sort of let my guard down yesterday and was not my usual tempered self and I apologize for that. Having salvation and having the Holy Spirit in your everyday life go hand in hand..they are not contradictory to each other..

          The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. (1 Corinthians 2:14).

  15. JC

    First I have to explain something that is not well understood, correct.
    -Law have said that you can ruin the work of nearly two years, SDRs, my intention was not to say that this issue is going to stop indicate the actual path of the "new system" through the SDR.
    This is a topic with strong pillars in everyday life that can be checked. We have many points of reference which confirms this thesis is corect, until now.

    What I mean is that you risk your credibility when you are exposed to some experiences, esoteric, which may have hidden forces behind it are not positive.
    I refer to your holistic image.
    I mean you're right with the geopolitical issue and you can be wrong in the esoteric topic, and from my point of view you are exposed to a great risk.
    Of course, everyone is free to experiment.

    This would otherwise be a shame that on the one hand be a light that shows the way on the real dynamics, finance and international politics, and on the other side of the esoteria, some dark snake that you can seep present to you as a light source being darkness, a darkness that's you spread your readers the same Tantrism.

    Another point I want to make is that at least in our universe and our solar system, duality governs without doubt.
    He said that in geopolitics, is clearly seen as a struggle between good and evil, it is the strategy of false confrontation between East and West. West and China-Russia Brics.

    Exopolitics is the same duality that manifested as a natural way of being in this world comes from outside, it comes from beyond our control exopolitical full compression capacity.

    So if in this 3D world are traps everywhere, as we see in the geopolitical (but you hit the nail of truth) 3D even more out of the traps are at each step and you can come up with a very negative energy disguised light.

    Talk to someone who experienced this reality.

    Personally as I do not trust any organization, faction, ideology, or group in this world, but The study reports to all, as I do not trust any entity, energy, or appearance that I may be presented as a true light and also no longer ariesgo I do experiences and psychic astral travel, live estrasenzoriales experiences.
    Just because I have experienced the esoterica phenomenology.
    So my message was and is a warning message.
    Like saying: friend Jared, be careful because there were these like a jungle at night without light and without direction.

    The filters of the 5 senses go out and experiencing these phenomena pued be a pushover, because dimensional beings use love, hope, promises to offer knowledge and offer peace, just as they are traps, such as tennis ice on which no aderencia.

    This demonstrated that negative entities, prefer the high vibrational energy that comes from love, as a delicacy, as a sweet cake, like the low vibration energy of fear, for we live in a universe where nature is duality.

    Nape you trust an entity / energy / vibration just because you feel peace or some other positive sense - ever.

    For this reason for a human being, it is difficult to imagine a world without the cosmic good and evil.

    We can imagine a world without evil, a world where there is only good, but good and evil, are an integral part of the very essence, it can not be serparar.
    It is the configuration of our universe and our planet.

    Herein lies the danger. A halucionogena substance can make you cross the Barera 3D, but you can not ever know for sure what kind of energy / entities you are, when you get past the border.

    And if we apply the rule of earthly reality, we see clearly that evil dominates here and humans are like slaves against a ruthless system that has the power and control.

    Then pure and simple logic, whether here on earth, so are things, as we know ... for thousands and thousands of years without positive extraterestres intervene, means that out of the world the situation is the same - It dominates more evil than good ... at least in our solar system.

    You can say, but George, you said that evil and good are opposites of the same essence, then as dominating the evil over good?
    Simple: that the architects of our single system or our universe, so want.
    They control both poles Ygual in geopolitics.
    You should understand this to apply this rule in your analysis of the geopolitics.

    It is not said that this Ariba down like this?
    Evil dominates and is used as bait well as zanajoria, as hope.

    Now I make a statement that did not like anyone - love is a genetic, nothing more ... and I can prove program.
    The same genetic program is part of maternal and paternal love, which is nothing special ...
    Everything revolves around a purpose that is as real as the perpetual existence of our species.

    I do not deny that there is a primordial Creator, but the facts show that we are a human farm, where the most important thing is to "make" / new born human beings - production.
    We know that children are born, only respect the genetic program of our DNA.
     Our parents did not know that this genetic program met.

    Our children do not know that the world will bring other beings, we are all born without knowing why, do not know what the ultimate purpose but always fulfilling the genetic program, let descendecia.

    Maternal and paternal love ensures that the kids / young grow and become adults to breed without knowing that also.

    The sentimental / eros love between a man and a woman is a genetic program also, which is activated based on chemical reactions and the final purpose of all love and healthy genetic potential is the same - have offspring.

    Love is a sweet cake, which deceives us follow the program of production of human beings.

    It is a cake that I like and I enjoy it because I'm part of this plan, but you know that is behind ...

    Which is more moral and more idealistic in this world for a man and a woman?
    Love and making love is the purpose sought by the program, causing the sexual love, the program continues, have offspring.

    For NEXT noblest in this life for human beings in every culture, religion and region of the world is a family, have children, and care for them until they themselves can continue having children, and generation after generation for thousands of years but without knowing - why?
    Death is swallowed without discovering all this - why?

    I'm just saying that the situation of our world is a reflection of the world outside.
    As this out of the world at least in our solar system like this in this world that is evil and dominate this from Milnes years.
    That is dangerous when the 3D border passes, and there are real dangers that go with feet of lead, but better not enter this area.

    We can believe that we are more ready, as ready to controlling the macro cosmos ... but beware ...
    Jared greetings.

    1. My friend, I hear your words and concern, but that is not the reality or experience which this life of mine is on. You say "I’m just saying that the situation of our world is a reflection of the world outside." I say it is the other way around. The world outside is a reflection, or projection, of the situation inside of us. I appreciate the concern and expression of caution. I know it is well intended.

  16. Dottie Derewicz,

     Believe me, I know the best of all that Christianity was born in and for 40 years and traveled in this life with Christians.
    Sincerely I ask you one thing.
    You ever thought of Christianity raises analyze through neutral sources or criticism?

    You ever thought that the story of Jesus, has been guarded, saved along with the Bible, 1500 years by the Church of Rome that Protestant Christians call the Beast?

    Protestant Christians owes much to the Beast because she has kept the truth of the Bible, she amended as he pleases has 1500 years what we call the revelation of God in the Bible.
    Did you know this ?

    You ever thought to examine the basis of Judaism that is the platform of Christianity?

    If you do Christianity runs out base, Judaism is a mixture of mythology of other nations / empires / myths / legends, but the ignorant Christians have faith that the basis of Christianity, Judaism is the word of God.

    If you have not done your duty as a human being I'm smart - do.

    I recommend you see this video which is the experience of a true to his Christian faith leader, but decided to seek answers, to examine the basis of creed.

    There is also an excellent book called:
    "Defend ourselves from the gods" Salvador Freixedo.
    Here are some excerpts.

    Faith is good, but we must find the raises, know more about what the church or our heart tells us or feel ...

    do you know Spanish ? I have the book in Spanish PDF.

    1. My dear friend.. it seems you are talking religion again. I have a personal relationship with my Lord and savior, Christ. I have studied Christianity in a personal way. Protestant, Catholicism means nothing to me. It is what is inside me that counts, not what is in this world. I don't need to see videos or anything I said, what is inside of me teaches me everyday..Seeking a spiritual is the answer, not books or religions. I am sorry that you have had something happen in your life that has kind of jaded you, but I have peace and joy in my life, what else do I need? Have a nice day.

      1. I don't go to church Daniel.. use to, I think I expressed this in an earlier comment, if you will look for it.I don't do doctrines..or man's idea of what you have to do to be a part of, you really don't need to explain any of this to me, if that is what you are doing. I have found it and don't need help, thank you.. I do understand what you are saying; I was there a long time ago.

  17. wow! The confusion, the separation, the dualistic thinking going on.

    Deep subjects and lots to grasp, many variables and threats to self identity but relax people. I post my thoughts quick to get it off my mind and back to work and life. I do not work a 40 hr a week job it is 65 hrs own my own business plus a family, plus a father dieing of cancer. I have to be quick and to the point.

    So ponder this:

    Sometime ago man were direct students of spiritual masters, teachers of new souls who needed to learn how to experience matter. The students were protected to their own experiments going bad by direct interference by the teachers. This was school. This was the Garden of Eden, not just Adam and Eve.

    We all know how the Bible story goes. Now later the world gets corrupt and the teachers or Angels and fallen Angels need to lay down their "physical" lives to add their energy to save humanity from itself. Some reject this. Their thoughts are they are more important then Man and to give up their lives to save Man is unjustified. They choose not to do what is best for the whole. They become dualistic, they have separated themselves from source energy. By one decision.

    Now ever since then their aim is to prove God wrong. And God is not a grey haired being who is sitting there as a King of his kingdom. They want to bring the world of man to the point of complete destruction so God will once again communicate with them directly. But this can not happen. It was by their choice. Every thing is energy, every thing is vibration. We live many lifetimes to attain the path back to source. To communicate with source. Some of us are those beings who choose to not lat down our physical lives to save the world, to add to its spiritual evolution. Some of us are just followers of those who the leaders who choose to oppose. Some of us are teachers of the Light, some students.

    There is always the far left and the far right, both are extremes as the pendulum swings and somewhere in the middle lies the path to truth. What is meant by Christ second coming is not a physical act it is the majority swing in the population to have what is known as Christ consciousness. And this does not mean a 3 billion souls who can walk on water. It means a level of consciousness that lovingly adds to the support and spiritual growth of the whole. Lovingly!

  18. Dear Dottie Derewicz,

    Thanks for your conciliatory response.
    Help me understand something. I understand that you do not have any kind of contact with any church, and no doctrine of any church and Jesus is your personal credo.
    I'm in this blog that, the vision of geopolitics looking over the see right in the middle of his thesis being SDRs. Plus I have checked the information and I processed through the analytical, logical intelligence.
    I can say that "have faith" in this "doctrine" that is proven with facts, evidence and a lot of contrast information.
    So for now "I have peace" in this sense.

    But you where you have the ideea and knowledge of Christ? There is no independent source of the Catholic Church, which has brought the world the information about Jesus, only the Roman Church, has offered knowledge about Jesus, through the Bible and through the Protestant Reformation, from the year 1500.

    So you can not separate both the church and even more his Christic doctrine, which is central, northern, Christian dogma.
    I understand you have your own particular faith, which gives you inner peace and harmony.
    I hope you do not be angry that I say that peace is not the Garancia which one has the truth.

    The sincere seeker of truth, busqeda not sacrifice truth for peace.
    That is to keep peace, rejects the truth or busqeda of truth, as you do your saying you do not care knowledge, information, books, videos and any critical analysis or neutral.

    Our duty as intelligent beings is to seek the truth and contrast / faith we have, to evolve out of the molds where they are trapped and controlled the masses desorganisadas.

    On this subject, this is my last answer.
    All the best for your life.
    best regards.

    I leave information that analisa the truth about Jesus and how you got our time and see how the Christic doctrine serves to politics and geopolitics, as a control of the masses.
    It is a proven information for the brave. If you're brave enough to read it you will have no fear, courage or fear.
    With the fear that you derumba "house" but the truth matter more peace, a peace that provides a lie ..

    "Christianity as such, create the Roman Empire by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great in the fourth century AD. It was a political ploy to, among other reasons, to neutralize the various branches, mainly Arian and Gnostic followers Jewish Essene sect, potentially dangerous to the established power.

    Although some say that the true creators, for example of the Dead Sea Scrolls were, in fact, the Sadducees. Well, they were those who were originally spread this knowledge, apparently were very upset for the ruling elites.
    First, we puntualicemos something: the fact is that for many of the existing sects at that time, Christ was the first creature created by God, which came from the rest of humanity. For others, the name given to his prophets. And for others, the choice would bring the new Kingdom of God, the Messiah.

    Furthermore, Christ (interpreted as God's chosen or anointed) is a meaning used prolifically over time by various religions, although with different etymology. It is, so to speak, a common, non-exclusive definition of Christianity.
    Let us continue, understand the reasons for the creation of the Catholic Church it must be seen in its historical context:

    Once upon a time, that after a turbulent third century, with civil wars, economic crises, pandemics and turns, the Emperor Diocletian created a complicated system of government, Tetrarquía with two Augusti and two Caesars. The greatest emperors were the August, and children, the Caesars, which happen to Augustus. Come on, a Roman mess.

    In the early fourth century they were divided into the Western Roman Empire and the East, Rome and Byzantium. When Diocletian abdicated the year 305, left 7 possible pretenders to the title of Augustus, Maximian, Galerius, Constantine, Maxentius, Maximo Daia and Licinius, with Domitius Alexander, who tried in Africa.

    A period of nearly twenty years of blood and civil wars expected. To keep things simple, after removing the eye including the skilful and cunning, gained ground. And it was none other than Constantine. At first he was crowned August the year 306, in Roman Britain by the troops of General Croco, after the death of his father Constantius.
    Although the rest, or rather, those who were being alive, not falling short. It was like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but way.

    The Machiavellian Constantine saw clearly that to maintain their power, need the unity of the empire, not only political but also religious.
    Therefore, the Christian sects were legalized, or rather tolerated in order to attract them to himself, first by the Edict of Nicomedia in 311, but signed by Licinio and Galerius, who overtook him shrewdly.

    And by the Edict of Milan in 313 by Constantine, but in this case, to win more support, together with other religions. Do not worry if it seems complicated, like natural selection, Eat or be eaten. Pure civilization. It was as far, four scoundrels ... manure trying to deceive people for their benefit.

    The edicts of tolerance with their freedom of worship, the spirit of revenge spurred sects, reaching generate serious abuses and turns. They were particularly virulent and murderous persecution of Christians more fanatical about other religions, including other Christian groups, from the 314 Council of Ancyra.

    Revenge has no colors, and the victims became executioners. They not abandon its role. Later, and for nearly two millennia, the Catholic hierarchy give an implacable example of intolerance and cruelty.

    At that time, Constantine understands that need unite them all for their cause. And this was none other than the absolute control of the Empire. And for that precise unit. You need to get not only Christians but all religions, then citizens must obey one God, and therefore only one Emperor.

    It Is Constantine who first used the term "Catholic" in a letter to the proconsul of Africa, Anulinus, the 313 and quoting literally "catholica ecclesia". From the Greek adverb katholou in general and it came to mean "universally recognized".

    From the year 313, the leaders and their factions are delimited in the East Licinius and Constantine in the West. Definitely, and after endless bloodshed, 324, Constantine defeated Licinius definitely in battles Cibalis, Adrianople and Crisópolis, thus achieving absolute power over the entire Empire. Is the fucking master.

    At that time it was clear the supremacy of Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine, facing the decline of the West or of Rome. So Constantine moved the capital from Rome to Byzantium, now Istanbul, and renamed Constantinopolis Nea Roma (New Rome of Constantine).
    Later, in his honor, he was called Constantinople or Constantinopolis.
    Also, with his victory, he returned to unify the two empires, but only lasted from the year 324, after the victory over Licinius, until the death of Theodosius I in 395.

    Creation of the Christian Religion, the Council of Nicaea
    And then began his religious unification plan postponed. It was at the Council of Nicaea in 325, the Turkish city of Iznik currently Anatolia, home to the Imperial Summer Palace, where he created and legally instituted the new Catholic Apostolic Christian Church is called, in the first universal ecumenical council.

    The part of the Council itself, rather neglect it, because the story of it would be too sensational and lurid. A real pufo rigged by powerful, no offense to anyone. To understand the relationship of powers, suffice it to say that the Emperor exercised during the same as "Pontifex Maximus", ie Pope: Clearer water.

    In Nicea they will form and unify a number of myths and beliefs above. An artificial amalgam of political control. Summarized in the Nicene Creed, by the way, written in Greek, not in Latin. But Constantine never embraced the Christian religion, which did not exist until then as we know, quite the contrary, created as a political weapon.

    He always maintained his loyalty to a mixture of Mithraism (a derivation of Indo-Aryan cult of Mitra), with the worship of Sol Invictus (the solar myth again), that the Emperor was Pontifex Solis Invicti. While the same was not baptized until he was on his deathbed the year 337.

    And was not Catholic, Arian bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia, who did it, which was not in the recent apostolic Catholicism. Knowing better than anyone as the main promoter, the new religion was a consensus invention by the elites of his time, more remote creeds.

    In fairness, it was Theodosius who later declared Christianity as the only official religion of the Roman Empire with the Edict of Thessalonica the year 380. But the authorship of its creation must be recognized Constantine. And he did so well that over time, a state religion, eventually became State, the Holy See.
    From the change of capital, some families Roman, noble, patrician recovery began infiltrating lost power in the emerging religious class, the high clergy, the new nobility.

    With the passage of time would end up being the elites of the Holy See, located in Vatican City. Although its route as an independent legal entity started the year 752, under Pope II were the Papal States.

    "The Donation of Constantine" or fraud of the Papal States: Constantine supposedly recognized in 337 by Pope Sylvester I as ruler of the West and Rome, and the right to rule as king in their territories. But it was a forgery created by Pope Sylvester II about 750 to legitimize their political power.

    Bueeeno, we remove iron, as a curiosity, the Arians were a sect which, among other dogmas, did not accept the absolute divinity of Christ, for them Christ was not God, only his son. Come on, it was a matter of gallons.

    And being a danger to the established power, his thesis ended up losing, considered heretics, and finally persecuted. And precisely from this comes the phrase "and all hell broke God is Christ" Notice that things! See if it comes back.

    No attempt to mock anyone's religious beliefs. at all. If religion is used for a human being to be a better person, without doing violence to their peers, it should be respected as any other idea.
    I just try to put in the path of those who so desire, complete information for your understanding. I do not intend to impose ideas, just give information. What you do with them, no longer part of my reality.
    The dogmas to the new religion were limited to texts grouped in what is called Bible, meaning "books" in Greek:

    The first part of the Bible is called the Old Testament, and is formed as the Jewish Tanakh, the books of prophets and divine history and the five Jewish holy books, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Although Christians came to call the Pentateuch. Exactly the same word of God called Torah Judaism.

    And to create the framework of the new religion, writings that spoke of a prophet named Jesus of Nazareth were used, you might ask, why? Very simple: The Jews believe in a savior Messiah would come to free them and be the King of a new Israel. Based on prophecies of their sacred texts. And they derived most sects of the time.

    Jesus killed two birds with one stone: First, eliminated the belief in a revolt against Rome, since the Messiah, Jesus now called, have already existed. On the other hand, unified God made to measure. An astute and brilliant gamble, truly a masterstroke.

    These writings were actually copies, in many cases without authenticating the author or origin, and none proven its historical accuracy. It is important to note that only speak of it, historically, these same texts, say Christians: the Gospels.
    Three historians refer to Christ in the case of Pliny the Younger in his letter to Emperor Trajan between 100 and 112, Suetonius Chresto in the "Life of Claudius" the year 120, and Christus in Tacitus in " Annals "of the year 117, in short notes.
    And none speaks specifically of the alleged life of the Savior of Nazareth, but in generalities applicable to any of the many prophets of that time. And note that in all cases, it is between 100 and 120 AD, far from the alleged facts. Unrelated to his biography and never on firsthand accounts.
    On the other hand, Josephus, a Jewish historian of the first century, wrote two short paragraphs devoted, among others, "James, brother of Jesus who was called Christ" in Antiquities of the Jews (Antiquities) of between 93 and 94, known as "Josephus on Jesus".

    But they are considered by most independent researchers, as false or, more leniently chronic, other interpretations of events. Compounding their lack of credibility, we must highlight the need to curry favor with his Roman benefactors, after being pardoned in 69 as one of the leaders of the Jewish revolt of AD 66.

    You speak of a child of God heretical to the Hebrew orthodoxy (which does not accept Jesus as the Messiah, as the true has yet to come), was a betrayal of the Jews (who so considered), and an act of subservience to Rome . In fact, he had betrayed during the siege of Jerusalem in 70, arengándoles sent to surrender to the Romans: "Lick the hand that feeds you."

    As for the properly Christian sources, the oldest document known, talk about the life of Jesus of Nazareth, it is known as Papyrus P52 ((Papyrus Ryl. Gr. 457, i J. Rylands Library), discovered in 1920 and stored in the John Rylands Library of Manchester.

    Supposedly it is a fragment of the Gospel of John, chapter 18, verse 31 to 33 on the front, and chapter 18, verse 37 to 38 on the back. Although only match a translation of the Gospel Lutheran. It was dated to about the year 125 of our era by Colin H. Roberts in 1935. That is, in this case, it would have been written almost a century after the hypothetical death of the Messiah.
    But dating methods, for paleography, philology and deduction, as proved inaccurate and not very objective, Roberts declared that it doubts on the possible formulation error. And of course, it has never been exposed to carbon 14, which would solve his dating. Dating that, logically, it would be much later.

    The theoretical closer to Jesus (almost one hundred years later), information can fly back to show inconsistent or manipulated. There is nothing original of his time, accepted by the scientific community does not subordinate to Christianity, to speak of Jesus of Nazareth. All are purported copies or copies of copies, much later.

    Nothing in this story fits, when viewed with a minimum of objectivity. Quite another thing to have faith and believe in it, which is not objectionable in any way. Missing more. But it is obvious that you have made all the facts attributed to him, have come down to us a wealth of information and verifiable various channels.

    Especially he not in the case of a minor character, but the son of the new official god of the Roman Empire, performing miracles and even rose. Information that appears in any way, at least a verifiable way, contrasted and credible, incomprehensibly to be true.

    But this is at the discretion of each, and whoever believes in Jesus, something perfectly respectable, will consider it as certain and true character. No objection. And point. "Pa tastes colors are made."

    We continue, at Nicaea chose four of these texts about Jesus, called canonical Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, which were translated, edited and cut in the beginning, and several times throughout the centuries. And yet, with many contradictions between them, both chronological, and action status. They are the backbone of the so-called New Testament.

    The rest were rejected for not fitting with the new dogmas, or the supposed "official" life of Jesus. These are called apocryphal gospels (secrets, false or heretical). In Nicea did "disappear" a total of 266 (except the 4 canonical), other than those that have been appearing over time, without ever being accepted by the Vatican.

    Surely that it meant the death of many people at the end of the Council, since possession of the apocryphal gospels was punished by death: No one should connect the dots and discover the fraud. Finally, other writings were added in stages: The Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles, Revelation, for a total of 27 books.
    But speaking of Jesus of Nazareth, the data, which are very big heads, again show us another reality. Archaic Paleolithic hunter gatherer myths are even more numerous than in previous religions, personified in him. Virtually all astral myths, solar, constellations and cyclic, marked his alleged life.

    Remember a few: Jesus born of a virgin (Mother Earth that germinates in the constellation Virgo), December 25, the time after meeting at its lowest point in the horizon, the winter solstice on 21, begins again to ascend to heaven. Rises above the firmament, as we saw in the previous chapter of the New Awakening of Consciousness Positive Thinking.

    A star marks the place of his birth and is followed by three kings, or wise, or Oriental astrologers, according to the biblical source or translation: Sirius and the three stars of Orion's belt, and whose career points, quite closely, the ortho or place where the sun rises, the sun god, the 25 December.

    The constellation Virgo has its brightest star in Spike or Spica (Viginis ()) and is represented by a maiden with two sheaves of wheat and a palm in his right hand. They represent harvest germinating gestation of the earth, as we have explained.

    Its name comes from the ear of wheat grain, Latin for "Spica Virginis." Hence the myth of the Virgin, Tang magically born of mother earth, in spring, while in the sky the constellation Virgo is visible.

    In astrology it is called the zodiacal constellations generically as "The House of ..." and the name of it. Therefore, the Zodiac Virgo House is known for wheat, as "The House of Bread". Well, in the Hebrew Semitic language spoken in Palestine at the time, Bethlehem (Bet Lehem) literally means "House of Bread".

    And yet, in the time of Jesus, there is no record nor archaeological references or documentary censuses, the existence of Bethlehem, except that of the much later biblical texts themselves, we've seen that can not be considered reliable. Amen speaking as references, two different Bethlehem, that of Judah and Zebulun.

    It was then when a village near Efrata settlement, curiously, means "fruitful and fertile field" for the fertility of the region (again the myth), was renamed Bethlehem.

    In the place the church of St. Mary of the Nativity, ordered by the Emperor Constantine himself, instigator of the new religion, approximately over 330 of our era was erected. Shortly after the Council of Nicea.
    It was actually the mother of Emperor Constantine, St. Helena (?), Who in 326 ordered the construction of the church, completed in 339.

    Even the appearance of a seal of 1.5 cm. with the assumed name of bat Lechem, whose translation would Bethlehemdel, S. VII or VIII BCE in 2012, has been proven false:

    The mistranslation is located on the first letter of the second line (which contains the three), instead of the initially proposed as Bethlehem becomes Lah daughter.
    For the avoidance of doubt the absence of Bethlehem, the excavation director, Eli Shukron, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority said at first by the discovery:
    "This is the first time the name Bethlehem appears outside the Bible [...] which shows, in fact, that Bethlehem was a city of the kingdom of Judah [...] Now there is proof that the city existed and does not only about a legend. "

    It is clear that for historians and archaeologists, there was never evidence of the existence of Jesus of Bethlehem.
    The interest in finding biblical archaeological remains in disputed places with the Palestinians by the state of Israel is clear: So can legitimize its occupation and ownership, along with the support of the Vatican, since it also reinforces their dogmas. Hunger and desire to eat together. The media manipulation is shown too crude.

    Is overwhelming evidence that the emergence of Bethlehem was to coincide with the prophecies of Micah made in the S. VIII BCE, which spoke of Bethlehem Ephratah, which the Messiah would be born:
    Micah 5: 2
    "But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me to be ruler in Israel; and whose origins are from of old, from the days of eternity. "

    Which actually referred to a family saga, not a place, as in regard to the birth of King David. We can see, for example, in the First Book of Chronicles in the Old Testament (Chapter 2, verses 50, 51 and 54):
    "2:50 These were the sons of Caleb. The sons of Hur the firstborn of Ephrata, Sobal
    father of Kirjathjearim,
    2:51 Salma the father of Bethlehem, and Hareph father of Beth Gader.
    2:54 The sons of Salma: Bethlehem, and the Netophathites, Atroth Beth Joab, and half of the Manahethites, the Zorites ".

    Prophecies later accepted as valid in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, which incidentally, are contradicted by several points. Thus, later, it would have to give them credibility, make them real, creating a village named Bethlehem. Let us not forget that something similar happens with Nazareth, but getting alargaríamos much.

    Virgo, House of Bread, fertility, Ephrata, Bethlehem: The mystery is based on prophecies and myths of fertility. When indicating the birthplace of Jesus of Nazareth, did not refer to a place on earth, but among the stars in the constellation Virgo.
    Continuing with the similarities, Jesus followers twelve apostles, with whom he performs miracles.

     The sun travels on its annual journey across the sky, translation, with twelve companions, the twelve zodiacal constellations. And on that trip will performing wonders: the spring rains and flowering, or yields, depending on the time and seasons coincide with the constellations.

    We could go on, but with birth, death and resurrection on the third day, we saw in chapter one, we clearly see the repetition of archaic beliefs used by humans since even before civilizations

    1. My goodness I can't even read what you have wrote here..way too much information. And the story of the Catholic church is just wrong as many historical accounts are wrong. I can not go through the whole history of the wrong accounts of the church and the true beginnings...which is actually Christ himself, not the Catholic church.. a false history. Historians in a lot of cases make history what they want it to be and Catholic historians have done just that. I appreciate your wanting to know how I attained my faith and i think I have told you that. Christ did not make it a criteria to be Catholic to follow him and there is no account whatsoever in Christ's history of saying you have to be of an organized religion and the whole story of Peter starting the first church is false as well. Daniel you can really research all this and find the truth. I just don't have the time to do all this. I have discernment through the Holy Spirt.. through spiritual discernment and don't need any account presented by man to come to my beliefs. You are counting on man to give you answers friend and that is why you are so confused. 🙂

    2. Daniel, the absolute truth is presented to each of us separately, as it is a personal journey. Dottie's method may not be for you, or even me, but it is her's, and she's clearly at peace with her truth. It is not our place, or anyone's, to tell her, or anyone else, that we know a better way for them. I express my spiritual journey here, and receive similar criticism. Dottie doesn't share to seek external acceptance or confirmation. Nor do I. But so many attempt to convince and force others to believe what they believe. This is wrong. Historical facts can be used to support many things. Or disprove many things. What you aren't seeing is that absolute truth is alive in Dottie. In me it is the esoteric path I've been on. For others it could be Allah, or Buddha, or a wise old turtle. Fear seeks the approval of others. Some of your responses to Dottie, and myself, in regard to my amazingly healing experience with Ayahuasca, have their origins in the fear of not knowing self. We both support you in your own self-discovery, and discovery of absolute truth, however that may look for you.

  19. When folks don't have spiritual understanding it is difficult to understand someone else having it.. I can't put that in has to come from inside you..which is what I have said over and over. Daniel, I can not continue this, I am sorry to say.. Spiritual discernment comes from the spirit man and will not come from studying whatever history you have obtained from man.

  20. JC I have a friend who is Hindu..we are very close in many ways. I don't push her..she doesn't push me..we just love each other..which in my faith in Christ is the only way. She has talked to me about Christ and about my faith. She has been open to ask questions and when she asks I give her answers. I ask her questions as well.Many of our tenants of our faith are loving one another. And Christ in his time on earth made that very clear that there is nothing without love. Throughout the bible people were called followers of Christ. Never was it said they were slaves of Christ or prisoners of Christ, or controlled by Christ. Christ never chased people down and screamed scriptures at them. They came to him. They wanted answers, he gave them..Religions make everything way too is not..

    Sometimes I think of organized religion just as I do the Hegelian Dialectic..control is the ultimate goal..this is a total contradiction of the Christ. And JC is right.. we support you.

  21. Great writing! I have learned a great deal on "Sacred Sexuality" from Samael Weor. You certainly dress this up further with the science of the substance DMT.

    Question: Have you done any research on the benefits of not releasing the sacred fluids so that the Orgasism is more potent and more benificial for the release of DMT?

    One more question, please. Your site puts up my username but does not allow me to sign up. I am interested on further views on this scared molecule or what may follow under "White Tantric". I feel this is is the SI 12 that Weor talks about?

    Thank you,

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