The Grand Man – Chapter Three

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JC Collins

There are secret places across the Earth which can only be entered through the inner door of self-realization.  Doubt it not.  For the things of great importance cannot be discovered by the ignorance of the profane man.  These intentional secrets and inner abodes can only be attained by all who stand against blindness and develop the inner vision of the unseen.  All have the opportunity but most will never step across the threshold and begin their own unique quest. 

Throughout human history, there are those who have completed this alchemical transmutation and have attempted to leave clues and a map of the journey for others to follow.  There is no direct method of delivery or straightforward education which can be applied in general terms.  The knowledge is earned through each individual’s observant experience and application of lessons learned from the hardships of the material world.

The ancient mystery schools were once the keepers of this hidden education.  It’s important to understand that the secrets weren’t kept hidden in order to create an elite of powerful humans who could weld this great power over the profane man and disorganized masses.  The ancient and great wisdom was kept a secret so that the proper education would be attained as the student, or adept progressed through life and completed the necessary lessons to move forward.  

So powerful and destructive is the hidden wisdom that should even portions of it fall into the hands of the profane man, who would not understand the power of the force and form he had mistakenly come upon through happenstance and misfortune, it would ruin his life and cause destruction within the material world around him.  

Over time some of the hidden secrets began to leak from the mystery schools and manifested in historical culture and political systems in a corrupt manner.  This had a profound and negative impact upon those civilizations.  The corruption of the hidden mysteries will always manifest as the suppression of material and spiritual freedom.  There is no other path for the corruption to take. 

At first, it will promise the greatest of gifts and those possessing the corrupt version of the teachings will believe they have set their civilizations on the course to greatness.  But it will always end in the death of that civilization and the spiritual fragmentation of its people. A civilization, or a nation, has its own spirit, built upon the union of its people. The corruption spreads through a nation and its people like cancer until the fragmentation is complete.   

Clues have been hidden right in front of us our whole lives and yet we remain blind and wandering in the wilderness.  The Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot is one perfect example of the clues and maps which have been left for each of us to follow.  

The Tarot is used as a form of divination and seeing into the future.  But this is not the true function of the Tarot.  Consider that the Minor and Major Arcana (micro and macro) serve as a method of understanding and processing the inward journey of self-realization. The cards themselves are deep-rooted in the spiritual evolution of the human, and the subconscious archetypes which direct and guide our material decisions. 

These archetypes have a direct influence on how we understand our myths and parables which have been passed down genetically and verbally since the beginning, or as we came to understand in Chapter Two, “the before the beginning”.  

Each card in the Major and Minor Arcana represents milestones and temptations on the road towards self-realization.  We all start in life as the Fool, the blind man wandering in the wilderness who is always just one step from unknowingly walking over the edge of a cliff.  Even worse than the man blind in both eyes is the man with one eye open.  In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is not king, he only thinks himself to be because the corruption of the mysteries has taken hold and is beginning its undeniable and unstoppable path of destruction.   

In contrast, one of the most important cards in the Tarot is the King or Queen, which represents the material and spiritual evolution of a questing-knight who has completed the journey of self-realization and has been able to harness the great power which comes with the hidden knowledge.  This bears with the responsibility of empowering others to follow the same course and live a life aligned with the moral code of the mysteries.  As a side note, America was established under these uncorrupted principles.   

The royal human bloodlines began through this method but have been corrupted as the hidden mysteries were passed to those who had not earned the reward through the hardships of the quest.  Massive political and religious institutions were constructed around the corrupted knowledge and were used to wage war on the material and spiritual freedom of man. That war has existed in various manifestations over thousands of years, from the Phoenicians to the Catholic genocide committed against the Albigensian’s, or Cathar’s.  This war is still being waged in the modern world.  We have covered some of this in the parallel Crown Beast series.  

The Hermit card of the Tarot represents the first steps of the adepts journey towards introspection.  It is at this stage the adept turns his attention away from the outward existence and begins seeking answers within the spiritual existence.  There is no need for great discussion and running of the mouth.  The Hermit is the first indication of wisdom and inner balance.  It demands a release from the distractions of man’s material position, something not unlike the solitude of a Buddhist monk.

The patterns which run through our lives and all of material and spiritual existence begin to become more obvious as we progress on our inward journey of self-realization.  The awareness that Philosophy of Metrics is an important aspect of my own quest became obvious to me sometime after writing Chapter Two of this series back in July of 2015.  It has taken me 3 years to return to the Grand Man and its strange connections across the incidents and learnings of my own life.  But such is the nature of the mysteries and our application of those teachings in our own lives.  Patience is the greatest of the human virtues and the adept should not desire short-cuts.  

Chapter Two of the Grand Man was unique in that it captured my self-experimentation with Ayahuasca and DMT as a method of spiritual exploration and realization.  The ancients understood that such spiritual medicine could be used to enhance and prompt further material and spiritual evolution.  The corruption of this hidden knowledge took on the form of drugs, such as opium, and in turn heroin, along with LSD, as methods of escapism, which is counter-intuitive to the purpose of the inward path towards self-realization.  

Within the learnings of Chapter One, we discovered the 47th Proposition of Euclid and its relation to the squaring of the man, as the first step towards rebuilding the temple.  Leveraging Masonic symbolism, and examples from my own life challenges, we began to grasp the trinity construct of the father, mother, and child relationship as it exists on multiple planes across the micro and macro spheres, or as we now understand it, within the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot. 

Another important card within the Tarot which is worth our consideration in this chapter of the Grand Man is the Hermaphrodite.  Knowledge of this card is not meant to represent the material world but the union of the male and female principles within each of us towards the spiritual reconciliation of both principles.  This union, or chemical wedding, is a must for the existence of the Grand Man which evolves from the brain embryo.  Readers can reference the post Magnetic and Electric Fluids in Equilibrium for a more thorough understanding of the principles around the Hermaphrodite card.  As I stated in that post, the growing gender confusion within our civilization is characteristic of a massive externalization and corruption of this hidden mystery.

Our existing culture is infected with a corruption of the hidden mysteries, as all the one-eyed symbolism would attest.  But all of those professing to possess the hidden knowledge of the ancient mysteries, and using things such as one-eye symbolism, are mere fools leading themselves and others over the edge of a cliff.  These people have not even moved on from the Fool card of the Tarot to the Initiate card in order to become a true adept of the mysteries.  Do not follow these people.  Follow no one.  Follow your own inward path which is waiting to be discovered by you. 

The ancient mysteries are not the corrupt and destructive version which is being promoted in our modern world.  This is the externalized version which was developed by the Phoenician priest class.  This priest class evolved to become the Vatican and its institutions of spiritual arrested development.  The purpose of all institutionalized religion is to intersect the place where matter and spirit come together.  This is the place where we have our own personal relationship with God and the great source of all things.  It is the Absolute which awaits our return.  

There is but one path back to the Absolute.  But this path has many different perspectives which are based on each of our own unique and individual journey of self-realization.  The map and clues for this quest are all around us just waiting to be observed and understood.  

The secret places are also all around us.  The doorways to this hidden world can only be found upon our inward passage through material hardship to spiritual awareness.  But be warned, once upon the path there will be temptations and traps for the weary traveler.  Be strong and steadfast in your quest.  You are not alone and assistance will always be available for the true adept.  This I have learned and can share without consequence.  Our world is changing because we have begun these things together.    – JC   

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47 Comments on “The Grand Man – Chapter Three”

  1. I’m headed to the Barber to shave my head right now.

    We are stuck on the fool card until we find the courage to look inside ourselves for the answers to our external problems. When the pain is greater than the fear of looking honestly at ourselves we begin the journey of self realization , until then it is too comfortable continuing to look outside ourselves. Spiritual growth is an inside job. The Ego is the great enemy of self.

    Peace to you all….

    great post JC

  2. Thank you JC,

    I really enjoyed reading your marvellous article which encompasses so much material. Every one of your articles enriches me. Thank you.

    I was watching this interesting 20 minute documentary on more or less the subject of your latest article.

    “Mithra, Marijuana and the Myths of the Messiah”

  3. JC, you have outdone yourself, this is the best esoteric piece you’ve posted thus far, IMHO.
    Some questions if I may.
    I am just getting into the Tarot. The version you have there appears to be slightly non-standard, I haven’t seen The Hermit drawn quite like that. So I am wondering which version you use or recommend? Also, The Hermaphrodite = The Lovers (judging by the artwork) and The Initiate = The Magician, I guess? Please correct me if wrong.

    Recently I made a first attempt at brewing ayahuasca but it didn’t work. Either the ingredients were of low quality or I was deemed unready for the experience. I shall try again at some point…
    Meanwhile I would be very interested in anything else you may want to post on this topic, or psychedelics more generally.
    And eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this wonderful series whenever it’s ready.


  4. Dear Mr. Collins, Carpe Diem, and other POM members:

    Contrary to some suspicions, I have not permanently gone away or as yet departed my body.

    I have been engaged in a wide assortment of physical travels about this planet on business as well as numerous intellectual and spiritual journeys within my being.

    In my senior years the scope, speed, and volumes of intellectual and spiritual revelations and understandings are someday more than I can absorb and process.

    As such, I have been absence as a somewhat regular contributor or commenter because of the vastness of other pressing issues and the times in between that it take for me to process, recharge, and recover enough to keep doggedly blundering forward.

    From my direct observations and perspective it is apparent to me that massive changes in consciousness are in the struggling labor pains of rebirth and evolution.

    For centuries there has been well organized and systematic institutional repression of spiritual understandings and advancement of humanity for the purposes of maintaining corruption to harvest life forces and wealth transfers from the masses to a select. Figuratively, physically, spiritually, and literally.

    The predacious wide spread corruption and institutional paganism and pedophilia maintained within the apexes of the Roman Catholic and such activities promoted and supported by all major financial institutions and their nefarious minions are slowly but certainly being exposed.

    The masses of humanity will very soon have to choose to actively participate in massive spiritual evolution as the corrupt Piscean Age concludes and the Aquarian Age begins or be trapped and contained within continued centuries of demonic controlled darkness and possession.

    Sun gods, Lucifer, the light beginner are all the same.

    Follow the money! Cui bono?

    Carpe Diem introduced a link between Soma and Mithra.

    Below is a link to a yoo tube video which may provide some insights for a few.
    It is entitled, “Sun Worship ☼ December 25th – Mithraism – Osiris”


    1. Welcome back Dearest Oz,

      I missed you and I am so glad you are back. It’s great to hear you have been exploring the world as well as the spiritual and intellectual journey. I am sure you have a lot to share after such long travels. I look forward to reading your as always insightful wind your wisdom.

      I watched the Sun God clip you sent, it was really fascinating and it confirms my suspicions that the Vatican and the symbolism in every aspect is the continuation of the so-called “Pagan” belief system and icons. If they could they would change the last day of the week from Sun-Day to something else as it is so obviously the continuation of the Sun worship that our ancient ancestors saw as the most powerful and visible representation of a life-giving God. Personally, there is more to why the ancient ancestors believed in the Sun and most of such knowledge and documents are possibly sealed and locked in the Vatican Library beneath the castle!! It is no surprise that access to such place is forbidden to all the priests who work there!

      Wish you a wonderful day my friend and welcome back.

      1. correction: “… insightful WORDs and your wisdom.”

        Thick fingers, uninvited spellcheck and brain-cell loss are a bad combination…my apologies Oz!

  5. Dear Carpe Diem:

    IF you desire or wish to know and understand the cancerous agencies and agendas within the ROMAN Catholic Church and the evil and demonic outside forces vying against Christianity and through Catholic Church, then I strongly recommend that you research the works of E. Michael Jones via YooTube or at

    IMHO, E. Michael Jones is a modern day G.K. Chesterton, but appreciably more direct and honest.

    Also, be certain to read Dr. Jones’ article next month in Culture Wars Magazine.

    I am surprised thus far that it has not been reported that Dr. E. Michael Jones suddenly died of “natural causes”, “suicide”, or an “unfortunate and tragic accident”.


    1. Thank you Dear Oz,

      I had a look at the link you provided. I am not sure if you have followed the Qanon intel drops, but he posted the following link from Reddit, of an old Catholic priest, who slaps a child because the child was not comfortable. I believe this was a christening ceremony and watching this I felt sick. I, therefore, would like to warn you or anyone that it is not a pleasant short clip so please be warned!

      The indictment of 300 priests in Pensylvania is shocking, but what is more shocking is if you think there are 50 states in the US and if we consider there are only 300 priests in each, we have 15,000 priests, at least in the US. That is a well-disciplined army! May the Supreme being to save mankind…

  6. Dear CD:

    Yes, I have following ‘Q’ since last November.

    Sadly, I discovered during my weeks of international travels that many conservative website and access to ‘Q’ are restricted because the websites are “unavailable”, “unauthorized”, “This site promotes violence”, or (and I was really taken back and laughed at this excuse) “is pornographic”. (Exactly since when did the French, Dutch, Germans, Italians, English, and Canadians develop extreme sensitivities to, and issues with, pornography?)

    On another very sad note, the violations of youths by priest in the City of Brotherly Love has been going in seriousness since Vatican II. However, the formal “investigations against pedophilia by Priest” did not officially start until AFTER the election of President Trump. Intentionally, most all of the criminals cannot be brought to justice because the statues of limitations have expired. Criminal pedos allowed to run a mock and destroy life and steal life energies without any ramifications (YET!).

    Justice is coming and there will be HELL to pay.

    Be very mindful and maintain and watchful eye upon your children and those with whom your children are in contact.


  7. Dear CD:

    For your review and commentary.

    “Why is Sodomy a Shame for Some But Not for Others”, by E. Michael Jones.


    Why are there is SO many acts and people against which or whom it is forbidden or taboo to discuss or criticize?

    If you want to know who or what is actually in charge and control, then ask yourself what or who it is that cannot be openly talked about, publicly discussed, criticized.


    1. Thank you Dear OZ,

      This is an interesting subject and I will watch this clip tonight and will comment later hopefully. All I can say for now is that the gift of the Free Will is a double-edged sword and it gives humanity the option of being evil too. It seems the bad seed had been designed and planted in the very beginning of the creation of this world, yet the supreme being only gave us the options and what we do with the choice remains our choice.

      Wish you a great Sunday afternoon my friend.

  8. JC
    I want to begin by offering you a sincere thank you for the depth and wonderment, I discovered contained, in the found and hidden aspects, of this latest installment of “The Grand Man.”

    I had to hesitate a few days between my first and subsequent three more readings, and absorbing the always excellent comments, before I could offer up my impressions. I feel it was time well spent because it allowed me to recognize a type of dance I’ve been doing on my path. It began with a feeling that I’ve been walking one step forward and two and three steps back, then maybe two or three steps forward and a step or two back. But never a one step after another straight line forward. I’m satisfied that is a normal enough journey until for some reason, perhaps because of this latest TGM article, I found myself flying as if in a mini out of body experience.

    I began viewing down from 4′ not much to see, at 40′ about the same, at 400′ feet the picture became clear. But the idea of a test pilot took me over and I shot up to the popular 40,000′, I looked down an discovered I had disappeared. Beginning to fear a bit Icarus I nosedived downward, wanting to experience some G’s, I suspect. I found the best view of myself at 400′, leveled off and started to glide.

    Even through my flying machine was overloaded with a cargo of ego, I have to admit I’m not a very good dancer. My forward and backward steps were hardly directional, but more pirouette, HAHA!! Pirouette my ass, as much as I love the word, I feel I owe the POM and myself at least a degree of truthfulness. The dance I saw myself performing resembled the decades old “herky, jerky.”


    For all the fenetic twisting, turning with arms and legs all akimbo,, from 400′, I viewed my dance in a circular forward motion. Perhaps when I go back up I’ll do the 40,000′, equip myself with a pair of binocs or telescope, I will see myself dancing forward along the congo line of Fibby’s Spiral. On second thought I’m convinced I will and I won’t need binocs or telescope.

    Once again I thank you JC and the entire POM

    I always begin to celebrate Christmas in August
    So I wish one and all
    Good tidings of comfort and joy

    Although your TGM article did not make me want to shave my head, Marioa’s
    comment concerning such, plus her “Spiritual growth is an inside job.” (I love that) prompted me to at least say, I admire the shape of your skull.

    1. Nicely stated Peter. Once again you bring it home buddy. I didn’t know there was a name for how I danced…lol.

      Here is something pretty interesting…When that video ended another qued and it just brought a smile to my face so I had to share it.

      “Adorable 3 year old is very happy to dance!” At one point someone at side stage makes a statement. “indomitable spirit”

      So maybe it’s not about the direction of the steps as long as the proper spirit is within each step.

      Thanks Peter this will give me something to smile about throughout the day.

  9. JC,
    This Article reminds me of a book that my wife & I helped our friend and mentor “Max Stitts” publish several years ago. The manuscript came to him during a time of deep introspection and searching. At night he would be having a “spirit-to-spirit ” conversations where he would ask a question and his hand would begin to write the answers to the questions just asked. In the book, he was told there are 7 days to a “man’s” journey, however most live an entire lifetime and never exit the first day. The book has 7 Series with 7 lessons in each series.

    There are no more in print but I checked and there are a few “used” copies available on amazon

    The Spiritual Quest an Adventure with God Paperback – September 14, 2004
    by Max L Stitts (Author)
    A two-thousand-year-old highway. A priceless treasure. A quest beyond the physical. Do you see yourself as a human being with a spirit? God has designed us as a spiritual being with a human form. Since the beginning, God has desired that we allow his Spirit to direct our paths and that we communicate with him spirit to spirit. In this book Max Stitts write the words he was inspired to write that he believes will help you gain in your understanding of God’s love for mankind. Two thousand years ago, God sent Christ to help us rediscover these truths by building “a grand and glorious highway” for us to travel upon. Although that highway leads to treasures unlike any other, it has remained primarily deserted. Today, God still calls us to take the road – not only to walk, but to run upon it – and to begin a quest to uncover his spiritual matters and truths. The Spiritual Quest is an adventure where God is the guide, and its forty-nine lessons provide both a compass and a map to help find the real treasures of God’s original design. The road is yours to take. The treasure is yours to claim. The quest is yours to begin.

    1. I was lucky enough to get a copy of “The Spiritual Quest an Adventure with God”, it arrived just yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get into it soon, thank you for recommending it.

      I would like to recommend another great book called The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine. Perhaps the two books share similar spiritual threads.

      It’s offered for free at this link for those interested.

  10. Thanks Dane, your encouragement allows me to very rarely find the sweet spot and hit one that puts me on base. It is your generous encouragement that pushes into places I would not normally go.

    So,PLEASE HELP!! What is XRPLedger??

    1. Awesome Peter, I’m glad to help pal. Hmmm, XRP ledger…thats a challenging thing to do 🙂 Let’s give it a try. I believe the ledger is kept on each node. Its a record of transactions that has to remain in agreeance across all ledgers in order to be valid.

      Ahhh, but what about the interledger protocol (ILP)? 🙂 When reading the linked post keep in mind that XRP is the cheapest and fastest digital currency to use…hands down. 🙂

  11. The 1 Quest hit the nail on the head!! The Holy Spirit leads us and guides us into all Truth. Our spirit connects with God’s Spirit through His Holy Word. That’s the Real Life.

  12. Thanks again Dane
    Concerning the XRPLedger I had a feeling I was getting a bit to far into the weeds. I’d heard the term being tossed about and just wasn’t sure how it might concern me. And it does, but only in so far as me “keeping in mind that XRP is the cheapest and fastest digital currency to use… HANDS DOWN. (my caps)

    I was only able to peruse the links you provided and maintain my brains in a overeasy state of mind, I fear to much depth would of scrambled my cells into an egg mess upsetting the delicate balance I need to function. I got the gist of it and retained the power I need to keep the XRP,”HANDS DOWN” frame of mind.
    So thanks
    Enjoy The Day

  13. I would take this pause between JC’s postings to dare approach some thoughts I’ve been having about about the “mystery schools.” And the wars between them. I find myself wondering if there are not major disagreements between the the players about what degree of the secrets they have been protecting or hoarding, if you will, should be released to the uninitiated masses. With one school of thought being, nothing should be released, and another arguing that keeping all the secrets will become an obsession that will bring demission to the secrets themselves.

    It seems to me that perhaps science was catching up to the secrets themselves, and that to not begin to share the power of the secrets would mean that science itself would have to become more of the secrets. That’s a lot of secrets to keep. But one of the schools still feels that was and is the way to go.

    Are we living witnesses to this battle or war being played out behind the scenes? Is our uninitiated minds beginning to grasp the hints, the clues that the school of thought that believes to keep the secrets held to long, or as obsession will bring a breakaway, a divide, too far a bridge to cross, even when the time becomes beyond the better wisdom of all involved?

    Just wondering.

    1. Hey Peter, good wondering pal. What if the true initiation isn’t with any outside entity, society, lodge, church or any authority within them? What if the true initiation is a maturity of mind which grants us a right of passage into knowing our higher self? This higher self could be deemed divinity, the God within us all, enlightenment, illumination or even a hermetic marriage of ego and self couldn’t it? This would tell us that outward societies, lodges and churches are self corrupting because they are all examples of corrupt outward understandings of something that is intended to be internally unique to each person. An individual agreement of each soul with its father, who is not manifest in this world of matter.

      What we have here is failure to communicate with ourselves which keeps us immature and ignorant to the truth and that allows secret societies, lodges and churches to play God on earth and group the masses into submission through fear tactics, smoke and mirrors and parlor tricks, haha maybe some snake oil salesmanship too 🙂 which makes it easy for them to hold power over us. Instead we hand over our God given right of personal sovereignty and fall into the clutches of this evil.

  14. Dane
    I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the “mystery school” history and the secrets contained therein and find myself quite surprised at how much has been revealed.

    I spent a couple of hours between your thoughtful reply, for reasons I can’t quite explain, listening to a lecture by Manly P. Hall discussing H. Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine.”

    I came away thinking the hidden secrets are not hidden at all, but more rejected or ignored.


  15. Excellent reasoning Peter. So why would people want to ignore this truth?

    “Hidden in plain sight” is the same as not hidden at all isn’t it?

  16. I think it’s a combination of both. Certainly there are people who discover the “secrets”, or at least the fact that such “secrets” even exist, and then they “take the blue pill” and carry on with their lives. I speculate that it may be because that is the pure materialistic experience their souls crave.
    There are also plenty of people who have no inkling at all that such “secrets” are out there waiting to be stumbled upon. The power of the internet is accelerating the frequency of the stumblings and this can only be a good thing! This is why it is vital to maintain internet freedom.

  17. Dear redjon
    I firmly agree a combination of rejection and ignorance has made the acceptance of the mystery school philosophy a difficult goal. I believe I can speak best from my own personal experience.

    For example, I can’t begin to remember when I first heard of or read about Helena Blavatsky, but I can tell you about my first impression. One of them satanist nut buckets thinking she can conjure up evil spirits for evil means. Want to be witch, yep!

    I never was much of a believer in any creator God, fine if there is, fine if there isn’t. Heaven or hell, same, fine with me, I have just as good a chance as the next guy one way or the other. I never murdered anyone, never raped anyone, never harmed a child. Que Sera Sera.

    It wasn’t until 10 years ago next month when I retired that I found extra time on my hands and a feeling that I may of missed something, that I began to use my PC for something beyond a machine to help me in business, it was then I began to search out what it was I may of missed.

    Long story short, I’ve begun to take an interest in what JC and the POM are talking about when they discuss mystery schools. Today when I research a person like Helena Blavatsky I see a completely different person. I see a teacher who was particularly instrumental in establishing the world first “Public Mystery School.” That and all that means and it means a lot.

    Am I disappointed I was well into my silver years before I had the great pleasure of discovering her wonderment. No. Que Sera Sera.

  18. Dear Pieter, yes one theory is, there’s no right or wrong path, it’s what the soul had planned all along for the present incarnation. I certainly regretted for a time not delving into this stuff earlier in life but I’m with you, we probably shouldn’t concern ourselves with that.
    Blavatsky, I must admit I haven’t yet read any of her work. I heard she is a difficult read. Especially in comparison to MP Hall who elucidates a lot of the same material but in a more accessible way. But she is certainly a fascinating character, no doubt much misunderstood both in her time and still to his day. I’ll try and check out that lecture you mentioned and I’m sure I’ll get to her writings in due course…

  19. I’m not satisfied with the POM response to this important post. This is the third installment in the “Grand Man” series going back to Oct. 2014. So I consider this rather rare contact with such a “Grand Man’ an absolute treat. I’ll shoulder my share of the responsibility by perhaps not understanding the significance of the Tarot and the deep symbolism contained within. Perhaps I did not grasp the importance of their role in gaining the mystic nature of their purpose , and treated the subject to lightly.

    I feel like I missed something here. I wonder if JC himself is waiting to post again until the POM community further explores the lesson. The POM has a group of the finest minds and gentlemen/women on any site I’ve participated in. Did we miss something here?


    1. “The POM has a group of the finest minds and gentlemen/women on any site I’ve participated in.” Thanks Peter, how’s this? 🙂

      “So powerful and destructive is the hidden wisdom that should even portions of it fall into the hands of the profane man, who would not understand the power of the force and form he had mistakenly come upon through happenstance and misfortune, it would ruin his life and cause destruction within the material world around him.”

      “I came away thinking the hidden secrets are not hidden at all, but more rejected or ignored.”

      Perhaps they are simply blind to the truth that is hidden in plain sight Peter due to ignorance born of immaturity… This seed of ignorant immaturity grows from folks yelling drunken philosophies from barstool to barstool or from barstool to social media contacts and is nurtured into phobias. Now we fall into the pit of misfortune and misery feeding off each other’s misfortunes and misery like cannibals eating each other’s flesh. Misery loves company.

      “Over time some of the hidden secrets began to leak from the mystery schools and manifested in historical culture and political systems in a corrupt manner. This had a profound and negative impact upon those civilizations. The corruption of the hidden mysteries will always manifest as the suppression of material and spiritual freedom. There is no other path for the corruption to take.

      At first, it will promise the greatest of gifts and those possessing the corrupt version of the teachings will believe they have set their civilizations on the course to greatness. But it will always end in the death of that civilization and the spiritual fragmentation of its people. A civilization, or a nation, has its own spirit, built upon the union of its people. The corruption spreads through a nation and its people like cancer until the fragmentation is complete.”

      People who were intellectual enough to understand the words only get the literal point of view and missing the spiritual truth or unseen point of view manifest systems that are only born of materiality and control of knowing what’s right for the majority. Those civilizations rise to monetary greatness surely, but end up collapsing because their foundations where not properly squared. This is because the material wealth and spiritual guidance only goes to a centralized few while the majority falls into the pit of misfortune and misery. Woe is me….will some outside prophet or savior come to help my pitiful self? That’s a wait for a ship that never comes to port. They miss that the saving only comes from within and never comes from outside.

      Aesop had a good fable for this weakness. Faggot in this context is using the second definition “bundle of sticks”.

      The Father and His Sons

      A FATHER had a family of sons who were perpetually quarreling among themselves. When he failed to heal their disputes by his exhortations, he determined to give them a practical illustration of the evils of disunion; and for this purpose he one day told them to bring him a bundle of sticks. When they had done so, he placed the faggot into the hands of each of them in succession, and ordered them to break it in pieces. They tried with all their strength, and were not able to do it. He next opened the faggot, took the sticks separately, one by one, and again put them into his sons’ hands, upon which they broke them easily. He then addressed them in these words: “My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be as this faggot, uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies; but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as these sticks.”

      “I wonder if JC himself is waiting to post again until the POM community further explores the lesson…..Did we miss something here?”

      Maybe he is busy doing and will post when he posts. To force something that isn’t there is the corruption he wrote about isn’t it? JC is a busy man researching, writing, working, maintaining a family life, socializing with all his POM peeps and helping the XRP community. There’s only so much time in a day. “I’m Givin’ Her All She’s Got, Captain!” Okay, okay, but “beam me up Scottie”. lol

      Plus he wrote a post that was supposed to come here to POM but it didn’t make it again. I know he struggles with wordpress which is why he is also working on his own website based from an independent server. Gheez where does the time go 🙂

      Now watch, he will post now that I’ve said all that…lmao! Hahahaha…

  20. Thanks Dane
    That was great. If honest with myself, I get on these jags. This week it is mystery schools, and I try to push my agenda to hard and fast. I also find myself concerned about JC’s health when he doesn’t post often enough to suit me. I kind of mother hen like try to press him without pressing him.LOL

    I’ve been watching some vids by Daniel LIszt on his “Dark Journalist” web site. I hadn’t been to his site in awhile. I used to like his interviews with Katherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell, etc. I didn’t realize he put out his own work, so I was nicely surprised to see he has been doing a Friday show for the last 25 weeks on the history of the mystery schools. I think he is doing a good job sharing his own research and having great guest join him for the second half of his normally around 2 hour shows.

    So I’ve been binging mystery schools and am afraid my binge has spilled over into the pages of the POM. So thanks again for the thoughtful reply. I suspect the only thing missing is patience on my part.

    Your Friend

  21. Your always welcome Peter. I suspect your comment could also be persieved as an attempt to help JC by generating comments to keep the board alive. So don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sure your current passion with the mystery schools is very exciting so keep sharing that enthusiasm my friend. It’s nice to see your journey and the unveiling of mysteries.

  22. Dane
    Your perception of me trying keep the board alive between JC’s postings was spot on. It seems my tease or hook if you will really didn’t have the desired effect. So I’ll try again.

    What I believing I am beginning to learn is that sometime between 1850 and 1870 one branch of the mystery schools saw the industrial revolution and scientistic materialism as threats to mankind’s spiritual nature and so made a decision to begin to release some of the mystery school secrets to the public. And that was what the forming of the Theosophical Society was all about. What I’ve been learning is that there was a real battle between those who subscribed to that theory and others who felt nothing should be released.

    Who was right, who was wrong? I do not know. Do you?

    1. Not ignoring you Pieter. Just in one of my JC funks. I would suggest that there was an all out effort to get the ancient truth out into the world before it was lost forever. But the whole body of literature produced by Blavatsky and others has now been corrupted and turned into some new age version of the Babylonian religion. The truth is also embedded in that body of corrupted information just as it is in our hearts. The truth can never be destroyed.

      Separate from that, I’m having problems with WordPress and can’t get new posts to upload with pictures. I refuse to post without a main article picture. I’m working on it though.

  23. Honestly Peter I see it from two sides. But what’s more important probably is in choosing right from wrong. We can only ever know what is right or wrong for ourselves and nothing more, because if we do we become that evil that imposes its will on someone or something else. Perhaps Madam Blavatski, Manly P Hall, Jiddu Krishnamurti and so many others were only noting their insights to what we call the mysteries. Sort of like what I did for JC’s writing above. I believe as everything in the world of matter corrupts so do words when they are written down. Over time the true intent is lost. Times change and so do the meanings of words due to people’s fluid and changing perceptions.

    As JC said those insights have been hijacked and corrupted. But there is hope…

  24. “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” It seems that statement was a accepted truism that at the time could be applied to many situations because of the actual truth of the matter. Now then today the words are the same, the meaning of the words are the same, but today with the passage of time the statement is patently false.

    It was only a true statement when the worse case scenario was you being able to to eat the horse. It could be doubly argued the gift horse idea should be avoided at all cost if the horse is a coming to you from a Greek horse trader.

    Just having fun now , I thank everyone for everything and am ready to move on to the next post.


  25. As always excellent , Big thanks to you…..
    Complexity is the nature of the journey, Our fear of the complexity is what leads us to manifest the myriad of complications in trying to force linear solutions . Complicated and complex to me are very different in definition. We manifest complication due to fear being unable to rest in the unknown , for to rest in the unknown means that one is not in complete control. How can you control what you do not yet know? So it seems we dismiss this great truth for the false security that we can dissect , isolate portions of reality while dismissing complexity of interactions which lead to a very myopic view and farther away from what our ancestors knew , and for which we condemn them today as believing in rubbish.
    Truth is , it wasn’t all rubbish but contained unconditional truths that are the foundation of life..
    As for the mysteries , they have a self limiting factor , the more you delve and realize your own responsibility the brighter you become , ” my yoke is easy my burden light” on the other hand minimal inner dialogue will reveal powerful truths and some of us become weary on the path and in fear hastily use what we learned for nefarious gains, we transgress unconditional law which lead to utter destruction . To understand the larger (complex) picture takes a great amount of time and thought.. and haste makes waste ..Life times perhaps ,
    JC you rock , thanks for stimulating my spirit and my mind..

  26. The measurement of growth.

    I didn’t want to go to Sunday school…but I did.
    I didn’t want to move….but we did.
    I didn’t want to join the boy scouts…but I did.
    I didn’t want to finish high school….but I did.
    I didn’t want to leave home…but I did.
    I didn’t want to serve in the military…but I did.
    I didn’t want to leave the church…but I did.
    I didn’t want to labor…but I did.
    I didn’t want to start a business…but I did.
    I didn’t want to go back to school…but I did.
    I didn’t want to go back to construction…but I did.
    I didn’t want the responsibility to determine others livelihoods…but I do.
    I didn’t want to be wealthy…but I think I will be.
    I didn’t think of wealth as being wisdom…but I do now.
    I didn’t want to reflect on my life…but I did.
    I didn’t want to know who I was…but I know now.

    So how does this measure growth?

    They all pushed me inwards and forced me outside of my comfort zone. Our comfort zone is programmed in such a way that it keeps us cocooned in a state of ignorance, protected from the cruel world of learning, growing and truth by keeping us locked into what we think we already know. It takes courage to walk through the doorway or two pillars and journey into the unknown. But it is so worth the effort. This wealth cannot be handed down. It cannot be bought, stolen or learned from stories or books. The unknown has to be experienced firsthand in order to gain the wealth it has to offer.

    Everything we learn after we know it all are the most important things of all to learn.

    1. Words of a wise and learned man, Thank you, Dane. You summed up the reasons and the benefits of adversity and why it is our best teacher that we never asked for and may come at any moment in our life. This world is a training ground for every soul that comes down for his/her specialized course of often no more than100 years…and I’d say, Thank God for that! 🙂

      Regarding Wisdom and worldly wealth, you are right again. Wealth, if acquired without any hard work ends up being a poison, whereas, through work and positive thoughts, can be a gift. For the HODLers, it’s all good if we think about any positive work we can each bring in this world with the wealth that may come to any fortunate individual.

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