The Grand Man – Chapter One

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The 47th Proposition of Euclid

By JC Collins

PROP. XLVII. The human mind has an adequate knowledge of the eternal and infinite essence of God.

– The Ethics, or Ethica Ordine Geometrico Demonstrata, by Benedict de Spinoza, 1677


When I was a child my father taught me how to square walls and build things.  Not mastering the square part I built things anyway.

One of the most widely read works of the ancient world was called Elements, a series of 13 books written by the Greek mathematician Euclid.  The work was completed in Alexandria in 300BC, and covered the major mathematical and geometric concepts of the time.  One of the problems, or propositions, is number 47, and covers the Pythagorean Theorem which postulates the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

The 47th Proposition of Euclid is important in the masonic mysteries as it is the method by which the true square of the square is determined.  The square, a tool used to ensure matters are square, is the perfect tool to reshape the rough-hewn corner stone into a perfect stone which can then be laid perfectly.

From this first stone the temple is rebuilt.

The name Euclid was familiar to me at a very young age.  Not because I knew who the mathematician was, but because there was at one time a brand of mining truck which was called Euclid.   The brand was eventually acquired by Hitachi and the modern version of the large truck is now sold and serviced under the latter and more familiar name.

There is a place in Newfoundland where I was born called Fair Island.  It is one of many islands where people first settled and built homes before moving, or consolidating if you will, into the larger island where commerce and trade was more effective.  Homes were lifted off their foundations and either floated across the water or dragged across the ice to the main island where they were placed upon new foundations.

Fair Island is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever experienced.  The Atlantic Ocean pounds its rocky shores.  It is the crash of two worlds colliding for the purpose of further solidifying matter.  It is a place of primordial creation.  A place from  which man can experience all moments as one.

Fair IslandUnfortunately my father had to move us to Alberta for work.  Our new foundations were laid in the town of Fort McMurray in 1977.  The mine my father worked for was called Great Canadian Oil Sands. The transition was another crash of two worlds.  One of primordial experience and the other a method of extracting buried primordial resources.

This is where I first came into contact with the name Euclid.

Fort McMurray in those days was a mining town through and through.  It had a name for being one of the roughest places in Canada.  A name and image which it hasn’t easily separated itself from.

For many years there were two bars in the town which were connected.  They adjoined each other much like the 3 squares of the 47th proposition.  Except one square was missing.

One bar was called Diggers and the other was called the Oil Can.  As I grew older I would often frequent Diggers and drink my fill of dark rum.  It was a dirty partaking of my beastly nature and most nights ended with me in the parking lot fighting the other drunks who came out of the Oil Can.  Getting punched in the face was as enjoyable as punching someone in the face.  It made me feel alive and the imminence of physical violence and competition brought joyful tears of sorrow to my eyes.

It was an act of primeval indulgence.

My last fight outside Diggers, not that many years ago I’m ashamed to admit, was the first time I had felt an inner connectedness between that part of my nature and the higher essence of what I desired to be.  The night ended and I left the bar to walk across the street to the 24 hour store.  Upon purchasing some chicken on a stick, the favorite of most drunks, I walked back outside to the street.

While eating my chicken I began a conversation with the guy beside me.  What we talked about is gone down the memory drain but I recall feelings of depth and interest in the conversation we were having.  Eventually everyone else was gone and the taxi line had vanished into the wisps of morning fog.

After exchanging our fighting credentials, him a golden gloves boxer, and me a nimrod of epic proportions, we decided it was a good idea to walk out into the middle of the street and see who could best the other in a fair fight.  It was primeval and yet strangely enlightening.

And it was a draw.

Afterwards we walked back to his apartment where we joined his roommates in drinking warm beer.  We cleaned the blood of ourselves and talked and laughed into the early morning.  At some point I called my fiancée to tell her what I was up too and she just laughed and hung up.

SAMSUNGWhen I was a child my father taught me how to square walls and build things.  Not mastering the square part I built things anyway.

The little man inside my head had begun to develop.  The rough-hewn stone which I had been was softening and the rightness of the corners began to take shape.  Patterns of relative sameness emerged upon the shores of my madness. Water and rock blended into a soft malleable stone.

Like the painting Saturn Devouring His Children by Francisco Goya, I had spent years destroying the potential of the man I could become.  But no more.  Now I was on the path from which there is no diversion or forgiveness for fault.  The micro man was discovering the macro man within, the brain embryo which is attempting to become.

Goya SaturnThe 47th Proposition, or Pythagorean Theorem, which is attempting to define the hypotenuse of a right triangle, also has a deeper more esoteric meaning.  In its esoteric manifestation we find that the perpendicular side of the triangle is relative to the masculine side, or the prime aspect of nature.

As such we also come to the conclusion that the base of the triangle is relative to the feminine side, or the receptive aspect of existence.

The third side of the triangle is relative to the child which is the manifestation of the union between both.  This child can be considered the macro of the micro individual.

Esoteric PropositionThere are many levels of consciousness from which this symbolism can be considered.  There is the obvious physical manifestation of new birth, which is the product of copulation between the mother and the father, being the child.  This is apparent in the existence from which we all selfishly experience the input of the senses.

The other meaning, well hidden and not discovered without effort and intent, is the symbolic aspects of our triad self.  This triad consists of both the masculine and feminine segments of our semi-physical being.  In order for the brain embryo to develop as the macro, both micro aspects, the masculine and the feminine, must be properly consolidated in a manner from which the embryo can transform.

What I am referencing here is the process of becoming which is the purpose of existence.  Unfortunately very few are able to complete the journey, or process, whether recognized as such or not, and it inevitably corrupts and we begin again.

This corruption of the process is manifested through cultural and socioeconomic methodologies which define the outward appearance of civilization itself.  For we are in need of remembering that existence, or civilization, has both an inner appearance and outer appearance.  It is the inner conflict, or deficiency, which we unconsciously develop and manifest as the outer appearance.

Consider the broad contingent of sexual and gender characteristics of our fragmented world.  We are literally manifesting into the physical world our inability at reconciling our internal process, or completing the journey as prescribed.  This corruption of the process will continue into infinite as the limiting of endless possibility, or the first appearance of the black dot upon the white paper.  See posts The Ancient Mystery Plays of Today and PrimNomics – The First Division.

Readers may also find value in the post Reflections of Perceptions.

The masculine and feminine, or father and mother, aspects of our inner selves require a consolidation, or reconciliation, so that the brain embryo can develop and give birth to the macro man, the child of both.  This perfection of the process, or realization of the physical immortal man, is the rebuilding of the temple from the ruins of the old.

leonardo_da_vinci_vitruvian_man_drawing.png This same symbolism can be found in all our ancient stories, such as the Egyptian tale of Osiris and Isis, whose son Horus slays Seth, the manifestation of Saturn, or the resistance of matter.

It is important to point out that man has dreamed up every manner of trickery in attempts to replicate this process and avoid the challenging work of self-discovery required to complete the journey.  There are no shortcuts and every attempt to do so is another and deeper corruption of the process.

Transhumanism is the latest mockery of this immaculate process.  So are masonic lodges and new age scripts.  The ancient mystery schools are the only ones who came close to maintaining a process from which adepts could be taught on the manner of approach and realization of the self-discovery required.

Using the symbolism of the square and the rebuilding of the temple, it is wise to consider the architecture of man.  From the first pyramids and the epic temples of the ancient world, we have witnessed the consistent decline of beauty and amazement.  Until now, today, the architecture of humanity is the reflection of our internal deficiency and corruption.  It is drab and uninspiring.

The rebuilding of the temple of the world starts with each one of us.  Understanding the abstract and esoteric nature of the 47th Proposition is the place to start.  Square you’re very own cornerstone.  But beware, once you begin this journey there is no turning back. Once awake you can no longer sleep.  And sleep is the micro of the macro death.   – JC


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  1. Very deep works JC. This took much courage and I thank you for sharing of yourself. I am so happy the Grand Man has begun. No turning back now:)

    “The little man inside my head had begun to develop. The rough-hewn stone which I had been was softening and the rightness of the corners began to take shape. Patterns of relative sameness emerged upon the shores of my madness. Water and rock blended into a soft malleable stone.”

    A transformation of matter from one stage to the next, one of conscious awareness? As well as your brain embryo developing to the next level of its conscious awareness perhaps?

    Excellent Post.

  2. Hi JC,

    I too grew up in a small northern town though admittedly my brawling days came to a much sooner end than yours did. By the time I was going to bars I had had enough of being beaten on and beating on others.

    I have an interesting but rather sever case of a curious auto immune disease that has been steadily destroying my body/bone structure since my late teens. I developed the notion – somewhat early on – that my body was nothing more than a rental. I try to take care of it as best as possible but nature and time get its way. Now that I am in my 40’s and presuming the drugs I take to control this disease don’t get me – I plan on making sure that the rest of the time I have left (hopefully a “normal” life span – it being what it is) here is not completely wasted on the details of day to day existence.

    I am intensely curious to see where you take us with your series on the Grand Man as it is a concept I have been dreaming about in my own way for some time – though admittedly – probably not as deeply as you.

    Be that as it may I have had this growing sense for several years that everything I once believed was real is more a delusion than reality and that the truth – beyond the mere desire for a better political/economic environment – begins with understanding the nature of our consciousness and its relationship to our existence in this world.

    Eagerly awaiting your next piece…

    I am nanook.

  3. Thank you JC for commencing your long awaited Grand Man series – worth every minute! – Congrats!

    Conflict in all it’s manifestations is surely a reflection of our own lack of internal integration/consolidation (the hypotenuses) of all our aspects/archetypes (the bases and the perpendiculars).

    All around we see as you mention a corruption of the process – a wanting to consolidate externally “out there” (Banks, Gov, Religions, transhumanism, etc) before there is an integration or consolidation internally “in here” – basically trying to do it backwards “contra natura”
    From corruption, destined to failure.

  4. Wow JC, I am truly moved by your courage to share so much of yourself with us all. I am also very grateful for being given the opportunity to partake as audience and commenter in this wonderfully weird fusion of an economics blog and mystery class room.

    My environment, guides and experiences have been radically different than yours, but I do my best to connect with your words of inspiration for I feel that somewhere there’s a strong alignment of intention.

    Thanks again for sharing yourself,

    1. Thanks JC. You’ve started!

      This concept of squaring the base as foundation for architecture and as life symbolism leaves me a bit perplexed.

      I view the universe from a medical and life oriented perspective.
      Source, sub-atomic, atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ = LIFE. No straight lines. No squared base. Homeostasis as guiding principle.

      I think the Quantum view of reality, fuzzy and undefinable, also has no straight lines, no squaring and no distinct foundation.

      My personal foundation was never squared. Psychedelic in fact (flower child). Unconventional, distinctly not conservative. Perhaps baseless.

      My temple is an imagined quantum space/energy. Neither particular nor wavy. Built on my own un-square experience and thoughts.

      Where is the square in an embryo?


      Merriam Webster:
      – having four equal sides and four right angles
      – just, fair (square deal)
      – substantial, satisfying (square meal)
      – a person who is conventional or conservative in taste or way of life

      1. I believe the square is a metaphor. For me I think of a corner being square so squaring a cornerstone is honing the very foundation of morals in which to begin building your temple on. Of course thinking that we each are a temple then our personal moral foundation would be the first step in perfecting our temple.
        Externally I would strip away the topsoil to get to a solid foundation of earth then I would lay my first cornerstone. Our current architecture is boxy, bland and has no character which is an external reflection of our lack of inner works.

        And the embryo is the birth of your soul once it has been lost or disconnected I think. Maybe from the fall of man. But to achieve this there seems to be a process which seems like its going to be challenging. Like earning it back.

        Your temple sounds pretty cool too.

      2. Roger, the square is symbolic. Think outside of matter. Consciousness is attempting to perfect itself. This is something which cannot be achieved in the physical world. Though corrupted consciousness attempts to perfect itself through man. The temple is not physical and the perfected cornerstone is something which exists outside of matter. Which is the point – matter will always be rough-hewn, or a corruption of the process.

      1. daneackerman:
        “squaring a cornerstone is honing the very foundation of morals in which to begin building your temple on.”

        If it’s about morality as a foundation for consciousness to act and grow and as we say ‘build the Temple’, then I get it.

        Having led a basically amoral youth, I as a good man had to hone and grind away to discover true personal values and morals. Took a long time to develop morals which can stand the test. I am rather square now after all the lunacy!

        I know we are discussing the Grand Man but perhaps the foundation is the Good Man. And in defining goodness we may begin to transcend the constraints and corruptions of matter which may lead toward Grandeur. A path not a goal.

        Thanks guys for dialogue.

  5. Mr. Collins:

    Your accelerated transition from a drunk in a bar and street fighter with his fist (aka; acts of primeval indulgences) towards Euclid via the masonic mysteries and then onwards into metaphysical realities is most remarkable. You indeed have intended purposes. Welcome to The Struggle. Nameste and Peace Be With You.

  6. IT’s funny how many folks share such similar backgrounds. I grew up in Wisconsin doing a lot of the same things (and worse) you wrote about. That seems to be the way the restless soul manifests a reality to experience in todays’ time, or at least that has been my experience. We all must do something with all the angst our disconnected existence provides us with.

    It’s also interesting that Eucild comes up in your post. Euclid has been at the forefront of a very major recent self discovery, but one that takes a different trajectory. That discovery being that thinkers like Euclid, to me, steer the seeker further from the true Nature of matter and Man’s place in it than nearer. Matter, or at least natural matter, the same matter that was manifested from a higher vibratory thought pattern than humans, does not utilize Euclidian geometry. Euclid “cut corners” if you will. Nature unfolds in a fractalic pattern, never in straight geometrical patterns. Nature communicates in its’ own elctomagnetic way not in perfect geometrical shapes, but in perfect formulas that are similar. but never exactly the same (the golden ration comes to mind). I have come much closer to understanding my place in all this matter as something much more than just my material body by starting to learn to communicate with my natural environment. I don’t mean literally talking to rocks, plants, and animals (although that’s not out of the question), but learning how to use my heart to decode and translate all the information emmanating from all the other living matter present here. Call it plugging into the matrix of nature instead of the matrix of other men.

    It seems for me the grand struggle is less about matter, and more about shedding the illusion created by many men before me as “the way it is”. Man’s distortions given by science, religion, and many other social doctrines are Man’s biggest hurdle to overcome. People like Goethe and Thoreau really understood humanities role in matter and how to interact with it, but their works are not often mentioned as sources for the seeker. Wonder why that is (rhetorical question)?

    I am most interested to see where this series leads, and feel lucky to share the journey with so many others doing the same.

    1. Excellent post Jeremy- thank you – When first reading The Grand Man Ch1, I too felt a bit uneasy with all the squares mentioned and checkerboards and lines pictured. After digesting this for a while and seeking to understand the model or metaphor presented I noticed that perhaps what Euclidean geometry strives to achieve is to make sense of the circular, spiraling, fractal, non-linear, non-local behavior of nature (apparently irrational) to our rational/analytic “serial processor” part of the brain.

      It gave me great joy to envision you using a key of most profound importance in understanding/communicating the non verbal “irrational” if you will – the beautiful heart, which may be seen as our “parallel processor”… and the link to the unfathomable.

  7. Dear Collins, the new article, like me, is the search since thousands of years mankind has started in every generation.

    Who are more beyond this physical shell?
    Where come as a project of creation?
    How we can evolve out of materiality?

    I hope that in the following posts, we can find some answers to these questions.
    I have visited and read a lot of blogs with profile esoretico, and that everyone is talking about spiritual growth, but many recommend different techniques, to reach a level more high consciousness.

    The big problem is that the false light, in these blogs this showcase, as light divine, true light.
    Many technical lead to dimensional areas very foreign.
    A mi me occurred a rare experience, on natural because of some technical exercises they had behind dark forces, without realizing at the beginning.

    The border is very thin, between light and darkness, transvestite in light, in this field.
    I hope that their presentations will be of great help in opening a window toward the positive metaphysics

  8. In honour of unity, I would invite us to ponder the metric of words themselves for a short moment.

    When words are believed to be storage devices of meaning, they will slowly but surely clog entrance into Heart and Mind.

    When words are taken as temporary pointers to anything inherently unspeakable but a living truth nonetheless, the mind and heart will stay open and inquisitive. As a consequence, chances that selves and Self will align, will dramatically improve.

    1. DF,

      What a lovely observation, and one that has taken me a long while to begin to understand the importance of.

      Language is a slippery slope and one that can either entrap us or free us, depending on how we perceive it. Mind is what most Westerners are conditioned to utilize. However, the heart, as I am starting to learn, should be the primary means of perception. It is through the heart one escapes the trap of the linear logical mind. Words are terribly inadequate at describing the feelings one senses. It is my own belief that those attempting to control the many have seized this and use words as a weapon against us. Just another item in a very long list that is distorted and corrupted, and what I ultimately believe stems from the One Great Lie; that we are separate from all that is. IMHO, it is from this lie that all corruption comes from, but this is just my own take.

      For me, Truth is coming from a realignment with that which we were all born into, this being Nature. It is there that I am beginning to scratch the surface of just how limited the perception of MInd really is. By connecting to it, the depth and breath of the lie we are all being fed becomes clear. The solution to it all also becomes clear. As you put it, selves and Self align.

      The irony of our collective situation is that we could so easily and quickly turn it all around, but perhaps the point in it all is humanity sheds its’ Karma and remembers who it is.

      1. I am aligned with most of what you say, Jeremy. Except, that I don’t feel the aversion towards mind.
        Even the untrained mind is very loyal and sweet towards the body it’s serving. It’s relentlessly seeking pleasure and avoiding pain for the (animal) body. It can perform logic functions and recognize patterns, which come in handy, when building a house, baking a cake, reading traffic signs and writing comments on blogs (or planning predation of a planetary population).

        It’s just important to realize that any mind that’s mindlessly serving the autonomic nervous system (or animal body) is generally an awfull guide to spiritual development, freedom and hapiness.

        When liberated from the autonomic nervous system (deprogrammed and the on/off-switch recovered) I suspect any mind can start aligning with the Nature of all things and assume its intended task as a conscious and sovereign creation device.

  9. Thanks for embarking upon this journey JC. Appreciation for your effort, time, and sharing.

    Jeremy, Dripfood, etc……your comments have brought forward in me thoughts of the work of Lao Tsu, specifically phrases like “the Tao that can be named is not the Tao, the Tao that can be seen is not the Tao.” I sense that you are rooted in this philosophy (which is ….ironically…… not a philosophy at all) (Ok, I’m humoring myself a little this evening).

    I also wonder about the idea of physical immortality. Some tai chi masters speak of building the “soul body” with which to travel when the physical body dies. This seems more in line with what I feel. JC, does the Grand Man have relation to this? Perhaps I’m experiencing a lack of understanding about this. Anyone else have thoughts on this? If physical immortality was possible, I would hope that space travel would also be commonplace, as Earth would get pretty boring after a few hundred thousand years. (yeah, more humoring……)

    Good stuff people, thank you.

    1. Yes, the Grand Man has a lot to do with what you described, but so much more as well. The pattern will emerge over the series. This is as much a journey for me as it is for all of you. We are all students here.

    2. I know very little of Lao Tsu, but I think I am starting to understand (due to different sources/experiences) what he may have been eluding to in those phrases. I believe we are all striving, whether aware or not, to attain/perfect certain soul qualities. Let me back up. I know the body I currently reside in is not ME or all that I AM. I have had experiences which proved this to me beyond any shadow of a doubt. This led me to many different works on the matter, but the problem there is those works are the interpretations of others. The life experience is sort of the point fro all of us. I think we all chose to incarnate here and now, again, whether we are aware or not at the moment.

      Why would one ever wish to be physically immoratal when all of us already are in a higher form? I think this would be a good starting point for true “innerstanding”.

      The best collection of thinkers on the net. Thanks again Collins

      1. JC would the physical immortal body you are referencing be something like our immortal body of light? I have also heard it referenced as “energy body” or “golden light body” and have thought that it could also be like a “kundalini” or “activating our chakras to create the lotus flower? Is this on the right track of thinking?

    3. Perhaps paradise already had become boring and we landed here for a spell. Earth chaos may suck but it ain’t boring.
      Immortality would not start anywhere and the now would be always relative.
      Assuming immortality, or something like it well outside of language, I still maintain the fight for freedom is paramount. Ascension and Liberty are synonymous.

  10. Yes, the Narrow Path. I love these discussions. JC has done wonders for me in drawing parallels between something as sacred as the journey of the soul and something so profane and perverse as our financial journey. One keeps expanding, one keeps consolidating, will we find balance? But these recent posts are especially intiguing to me as they are answering many of my endless questions as to the pertainence of the Occult symbols which have been debased and distorted, as well as the near lost knowledge of the mystery schools. I too have read “Isis material” titled the voice of Isis- a wonderful book for any soul seriously considering the True Path, but I’m not sure if it is by the same Blavatsky (as I am aware of a certain other, more misleading Blavatsky character who held the adoration of a certain Nazi German). Anyway thanks again JC, I had a hunch (and a hope) that this would be the direction we were heading. And I appreciate the honesty, I know how difficult it is to behold/discuss something something so sacred at the risk of the personality distorting the truth but I believe thus far youve done an excellent job.

  11. @Dripfood,

    Thank you for your response! If I came across as having an aversion to Mind, then I am misrepresenting my true thoughts. Everything has its
    place in balance and unison. What I was trying to get at is that too often Mind is solely the driver. I am learning that when Heart is the driver, I get a much clearer picture and better, more “pure” experiences. It’s about finding the balance (for me). It appears to me that Mind is our linear, logical function, and Heart is our intuitive abstract function. When our 5 senses are allowed to process first through Heart instead of Mind, I believe we get a much more in-tune experience. This may not make sense. I am really just beginning to grasp it and apply it myself. However, in application to myself, I have realized a certain component within wasn’t functioning properly. It has taken Nature to bring me that realization. MOdern medicine and science has told us that the heart is a pump which circulates blood throughout our bodies, but this is inaccurate. We cannot make sense of any organ by looking at it individually. The heart is really an electromagnetic generator that aid the spiraling process of blood throughout our bodies. The heart, based on information processed (via electromagnetic waves), is constantly adjusting its’ rate of vibration and in control of the endocrine system. Too often, the “Mind-controlled” individual has little to no perception of this, which is really the main point I’m attempting to get at. The Heart is superior to Mind at giving one the most accurate response as to the validity of whatever information one is processing. Now If I could only apply all of this to myself regularly……..

  12. Here is something I wrote that seems to run along this same theme here.
    Please forgive its a rough copy and I do hope the message or meaning is conveyed clearly enough,. If not please let me know so that I retire posting any mad writings I may do in the future.

    In our not so distant History the ruling power used religion to commit countless atrocities based in superstitious beliefs, silencing any attempt to refute said beliefs despite proof of factual evidence even calling such evil.

    So in typical fashion we seem to have swung wildly in the other direction throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Knowledge , reason and logic became the holy grail distrusting the intuitive language of the heart defining it to hold little or no value.

    Ascribing to the ineffable a definitive of being a source of unrealistic imaginings,archaic myths,whimsical dreams and
    the content of fairytale books.

    We are taught to dismiss these as the superstitions of our primitive ancestors, having no relevance to mans reality and were told to leave these behind on the bookshelves of youth, a premium aspect of “Self” master keys of profound truths which lay hidden collecting dust.
    The ability to be in the moment fully present to the wonder of “now” an aspect we are innately born with is sabotaged by the fragmenting of life and in turn indoctrinating us in each area with messages that inform us that we need to “make something of ourselves” with other messages that discount and are counter-intuitive to the “Being” that we are. Beliefs of being “nothing” if we don’t become something we are ever endeavouring to objectify the self destroying life.
    Logic and reason were the answer for human social progress the supreme vehicle being education. Expanding the intellect to eradicate irrationality, the bastard child of an ignorance that in past centuries were born from the insidious affair of religion and the monarchy. A Corruption of power so complete its sole aim becomes the protection of its reign sacrificing integrity to such a degree that life becomes unsustainable and in the ensuing state of insanity is nearly incapable of recognizing this.

    What we have gained was a great advancement but only in the materialistic sense with better health care extending longer life , numerous modern appliances and lots of entertaining gadgets to fill our day which are bereft of life and leave us empty

    What is most disturbing is despite the information explosion humanity seems to have evolved little with awareness actually decreasing in crucial areas allowing insanity to keep its strong foothold.
    These modern changes being lauded in reality are superficial window dress adorning a reality just as insanely corrupt as we distainfully deemed our predecessors to be only we are far worse.

    The experience of living in a society with foundational values placed on achievement of materialistic success with over emphasis’s on form in all it’s aspects and at every life stage. Having little trust in the natural unfolding of self, it’s wonder of discovery bringing passion to learn, was instead replaced by structured institutions enforced by reward and punishment using emotional manipulations in the form of labels which shamed or praised the “Being” in accordance to compliancy of “doing”.

    Constantly being told we must prepare for the future, we must refine and mold our character (mask) and in so doing have developed an obsession with an illusive time called future that by comparison came with an equally dead past completely missing the “Now” unable to live in it nor able to learn from it.

    Any aspects of the “Self” that was inconvenient to this process were subject to shame and rejection causing them to be denied. Deprived of consciousness these aspects of self become unharnessed energy that now contaminate the subconscious. This precious mysterious source, originally intended to be a wellspring of creativity , to inspire innovative ideas creating dreams to be lived instead become a cesspool called unconscious, giving birth to the nightmares we presently endure remaining completely unware that these are done by our own hand

    A manufactured mechanic self is what and who we think we are . Living from this rigid myopic ID-Entity cripples further with its distorted perceptions of how we view ourselves as well as others . Life being mostly lived in deceptive illusions that become so internalised , they remain unquestioned.

    We perpetually dodge accountability in the wake of the carnage by fallaciously assigning culpability to effects while the prime cause goes unaddressed whose suppressed existence is known only by its shadowy effects of chronic discontent giving rise to ongoing addictions to people, places, things and shitload of fear.

    The unfathomable heart for which the intellect alone can’t ever comprehend appears to have been caught in it’s formidable denial system we are driven by an irrational fear of the unknown. This force compels with an insaitiable need to control, dominate with powerful force negating freedom and choice
    Our only hope in connection is the revealing quality found in the symbols, myths, parables and fairytales that now gather dust.

    In them are pointers that reveal the reality of a Power that is within us but not of us and yet flows through us

    They seem to possess an uncanny ability to bypass the intellect awakening through acknowledging and validating the hearts reality along with another attribute that unveils the illusory traps that ensnare it.

  13. I remain curious concerning your further treaties on “The Grand Man.” I have such a burden to share with men, but when one brings up Jesus Christ…it is amazing how most men appear to shut down. I understand why; when I first shared with my family about a desire to do ministry, my brother railed that my intent was to get money and chase women.

    Years ago, it was on my heart to write a book, “The Enoch Force.” As I did the research, I discovered the Nag Hammadi Library, Sumerian Records, the Book of Enoch, Astronomy- The Good NEWS declared in the Heavens and information on America no longer being a Republic. The information on America led to further research to discover the essence of money and taxation. Acting on this research ultimately led to indictment and imprisonment; yet I remain fully persuaded that things are not what they appear to be.

    While PoM has helped me discern the economics and to conclude that there is a strong delusion imprisoning the mind concerning who owns our time and labor, I am pondering how humanity will overcome the delusion? I have grown up in the scripture all my life, so scripture always permeates my conversations and reveals why the delusion exist. I was fortunate to marry a woman with impeccable integrity who understands the spiritual principles that permeate her conversations, yet she never reference scripture.

    If man is to image the likeness of Incorruptible Life, how can this happen if the Divine’s name (nature) is continuously blasphemed. I concede that the three Hebraic faiths have not re-presented the true image and likeness of Incorruptible Life.

    One of the commentators voiced the desire to come together to discuss the economic and esoteric, while that would be great…The Grand Man topic (along with Primnomics) would help until a way is opened for this coming together to happen.

    What does a man’s man look like? What are men’s definitions of weakness…it appears that having faith in Jesus Christ is a weakness. It appears His journey within to re-present/manifest the Incorruptible Life in 3D required Him to choose a master. According to the greatest story ever told, He had the strength of character to deal with the “moneychanger” delusion within and without.

    A change must come, it requires men to come together to discern who we really serve…mammon or Incorruptible Life. Understanding the call should stir the hearts of men…living by the physical sword is no longer acceptable. World War III will be a spiritual battle…”the man that is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and the man that rules his spirit than the man that takes a city.” The inner journey is a starting place.

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