The Grand Man – Chapter One

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The 47th Proposition of Euclid

By JC Collins

PROP. XLVII. The human mind has an adequate knowledge of the eternal and infinite essence of God.

– The Ethics, or Ethica Ordine Geometrico Demonstrata, by Benedict de Spinoza, 1677


When I was a child my father taught me how to square walls and build things.  Not mastering the square part I built things anyway.

One of the most widely read works of the ancient world was called Elements, a series of 13 books written by the Greek mathematician Euclid.  The work was completed in Alexandria in 300BC and covered the major mathematical and geometric concepts of the time.  One of the problems, or propositions, is number 47 and covers the Pythagorean Theorem which postulates the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

The 47th Proposition of Euclid is important in the Masonic mysteries as it is the method by which the true square of the square is determined.  The square, a tool used to ensure matters are square, is the perfect tool to reshape the rough-hewn cornerstone into a perfect stone which can then be laid perfectly.

From this first stone, the temple is rebuilt.

The name Euclid was familiar to me at a very young age.  Not because I knew who the mathematician was, but because there was at one time a brand of mining truck which was called Euclid.   The brand was eventually acquired by Hitachi and the modern version of the large truck is now sold and serviced under the latter and more familiar name.

There is a place in Newfoundland where I was born called Fair Island.  It is one of many islands where people first settled and built homes before moving, or consolidating if you will, into the larger island where commerce and trade were more effective.  Homes were lifted off their foundations and either floated across the water or dragged across the ice to the main island where they were placed upon new foundations.

Fair Island is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever experienced.  The Atlantic Ocean pounds its rocky shores.  It is the crash of two worlds colliding for the purpose of further solidifying matter.  It is a place of primordial creation.  A place from which man can experience all moments as one.

Fair IslandUnfortunately, my father had to move us to Alberta for work.  Our new foundations were laid in the town of Fort McMurray in 1977.  The mine my father worked for was called Great Canadian Oil Sands. The transition was another crash of two worlds.  One of primordial experience and the other a method of extracting buried primordial resources.

This is where I first came into contact with the name Euclid.

Fort McMurray in those days was a mining town through and through.  It had a name for being one of the roughest places in Canada.  A name and image which it hasn’t easily separated itself from.

For many years there were two bars in the town which were connected.  They adjoined each other much like the 3 squares of the 47th proposition.  Except one square was missing.

One bar was called Diggers and the other was called the Oil Can.  As I grew older I would often frequent Diggers and drink my fill of dark rum.  It was a dirty partaking of my beastly nature and most nights ended with me in the parking lot fighting the other drunks who came out of the Oil Can.  Getting punched in the face was as enjoyable as punching someone in the face.  It made me feel alive and the imminence of physical violence and competition brought joyful tears of sorrow to my eyes.

It was an act of primeval indulgence.

My last fight outside Diggers, not that many years ago I’m ashamed to admit, was the first time I had felt an inner connectedness between that part of my nature and the higher essence of what I desired to be.  The night ended and I left the bar to walk across the street to the 24-hour store.  Upon purchasing some chicken on a stick, the favorite of most drunks, I walked back outside to the street.

While eating my chicken I began a conversation with the guy beside me.  What we talked about is gone down the memory drain but I recall feelings of depth and interest in the conversation we were having.  Eventually, everyone else was gone and the taxi line had vanished into the wisps of morning fog.

After exchanging our fighting credentials, him a golden gloves boxer, and me a nimrod of epic proportions, we decided it was a good idea to walk out into the middle of the street and see who could best the other in a fair fight.  It was primeval and yet strangely enlightening.

And it was a draw.

Afterward, we walked back to his apartment where we joined his roommates in drinking warm beer.  We cleaned the blood of ourselves and talked and laughed into the early morning.  At some point, I called my fiancée to tell her what I was up too and she just laughed and hung up.

SAMSUNGWhen I was a child my father taught me how to square walls and build things.  Not mastering the square part I built things anyway.

The little man inside my head had begun to develop.  The rough-hewn stone which I had been was softening and the rightness of the corners began to take shape.  Patterns of relative sameness emerged upon the shores of my madness. Water and rock blended into a soft malleable stone.

Like the painting Saturn Devouring His Children by Francisco Goya, I had spent years destroying the potential of the man I could become.  But no more.  Now I was on the path from which there is no diversion or forgiveness for fault.  The micro man was discovering the macro man within, the brain embryo which is attempting to become.

Goya SaturnThe 47th Proposition, or Pythagorean Theorem, which is attempting to define the hypotenuse of a right triangle, also has a deeper more esoteric meaning.  In its esoteric manifestation, we find that the perpendicular side of the triangle is relative to the masculine side, or the prime aspect of nature.

As such we also come to the conclusion that the base of the triangle is relative to the feminine side or the receptive aspect of existence.

The third side of the triangle is relative to the child which is the manifestation of the union between both.  This child can be considered the macro of the micro individual.

Esoteric PropositionThere are many levels of consciousness from which this symbolism can be considered.  There is the obvious physical manifestation of the new birth, which is the product of copulation between the mother and the father, being the child.  This is apparent in the existence from which we all selfishly experience the input of the senses.

The other meaning, well hidden and not discovered without effort and intent, is the symbolic aspects of our triad self.  This triad consists of both the masculine and feminine segments of our semi-physical being.  In order for the brain embryo to develop as the macro, both micro aspects, the masculine and the feminine, must be properly consolidated in a manner from which the embryo can transform.

What I am referencing here is the process of becoming which is the purpose of existence.  Unfortunately very few are able to complete the journey or process, whether recognized as such or not, and it inevitably corrupts and we begin again.

This corruption of the process is manifested through cultural and socioeconomic methodologies which define the outward appearance of civilization itself.  For we are in need of remembering that existence, or civilization, has both an inner appearance and outer appearance.  It is the inner conflict, or deficiency, which we unconsciously develop and manifest as the outer appearance.

Consider the broad contingent of sexual and gender characteristics of our fragmented world.  We are literally manifesting into the physical world our inability at reconciling our internal process or completing the journey as prescribed.  This corruption of the process will continue into infinite as the limiting of endless possibility or the first appearance of the black dot on the white paper.  See posts The Ancient Mystery Plays of Today and PrimNomics – The First Division.

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The masculine and feminine, or father and mother, aspects of our inner selves require a consolidation, or reconciliation so that the brain embryo can develop and give birth to the macro man, the child of both.  This perfection of the process, or realization of the physical immortal man, is the rebuilding of the temple from the ruins of the old.

leonardo_da_vinci_vitruvian_man_drawing.png This same symbolism can be found in all our ancient stories, such as the Egyptian tale of Osiris and Isis, whose son Horus slays Seth, the manifestation of Saturn, or the resistance of matter.

It is important to point out that man has dreamed up every manner of trickery in attempts to replicate this process and avoid the challenging work of self-discovery required to complete the journey.  There are no shortcuts and every attempt to do so is another and deeper corruption of the process.

Transhumanism is the latest mockery of this immaculate process.  So are masonic lodges and new age scripts.  The ancient mystery schools are the only ones who came close to maintaining a process from which adepts could be taught on the manner of approach and realization of the self-discovery required.

Using the symbolism of the square and the rebuilding of the temple, it is wise to consider the architecture of man.  From the first pyramids and the epic temples of the ancient world, we have witnessed the consistent decline of beauty and amazement.  Until now, today, the architecture of humanity is the reflection of our internal deficiency and corruption.  It is drab and uninspiring.

The rebuilding of the temple of the world starts with each one of us.  Understanding the abstract and esoteric nature of the 47th Proposition is the place to start.  Square your very own cornerstone.  But beware, once you begin this journey there is no turning back. Once awake you can no longer sleep.  And sleep is the micro of the macro death.   – JC