The God Emperor – Is Trump the Savior of Human Civilization?

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Speculations on the Tattered Remains of the Global Marxist Revolution

JC Collins

Never has the contrast between communism and capitalism been as defined as it is now at the midway point through 2018.  The ideological spectrums have become both confusing and centralized in their supporting arguments.  This is not by accident.

International liberalism is personified by its expression and amplification of identity politics around race and class.  This cross-border strategy of implementing a global Marxist Revolution has infected all of Western civilization. No academic institution has been spared.  No legislative body has escaped the engineered entrapment.  No economic and financial system has remained uninfluenced by its creep of corruption.

What we call International Liberalism is in practice the consolidation of socialism, fascism, and communism.  All stand in contrast to the ideals of capitalism and freedom.  Where fascism was focused on re-engineering civilization through race, communism used the divisions between classes as its casus belli.  Socialism, in turn, served as the ideological building blocks which could be added incrementally to the capitalist and democratic norms. These socialist building blocks slowly corrupted the capitalist framework in the Western world.  This engineered corruption would be subsequently used to build the case against capitalism and promote the global Marxist Revolution.

Marxism is the process, or development, of building and engineering the policies within a state which will lead to the full implementation of Communism.  Based on this understanding we can make some determinations that the global Marxist Revolution has targeted specific aspects of the western cultures based on a host of demographic and socioeconomic indicators.

The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx represents the repackaging of an idea which has festered in the hearts and minds of mankind since the beginning of reflective consciousness.  The symbolic case can be made that the Marxist Revolution first began in the allegorical Garden of Eden when Cain murdered his brother Abel.

Cain was jealous of Abel’s relationship with God and wanted to take for himself the fruit of Abel’s labor in the fields.  Cain was the first Marxist, who hated God.  Abel was the first capitalist, who loved God. This story has been told a hundred times in a hundred different ways, but at its base structure, it is about the denial of God and the entitlement to take from the time and labor of others.

The very concept of Marxism is the biggest contributor to its continuous and inevitable failure.  Removing the human incentive for hard work and the associated reward guts civilization of meaning and the very purpose of existence becomes a twisted abstract copy of its original intent.  Remove the incentive for a civilization to exist and you are left with mass murder and the absolute disconnect between value and its association with human time and labor.

It should be obvious to those of critical thought that the global Marxist Revolution is being waged across borders and is targeting all people who stand in opposition.  The same tactics which were used in fascist Germany were used in the Soviet Union and China.  While one leveraged the engineered exploitation of the lower class, the other used the exploitation of one race over another.  It’s all about leveraging some form of exploitation to further the cause, such as the so-called exploitation of women by men in the West.  The Feminist Movement was built on this engineered foundation and further led to the destruction of the family unit and the spread of Marxist ideals.

The international liberal order has been doing everything in its power to stop President Donald Trump from reversing decades of Marxist engineering.  Domestically Trump is a steam train smashing everything which the Democrats (and Marxist Republicans) have built over the last seven decades.  Internationally it is even worse, as every institution which was built to promote the global Marxist Revolution is now under threat of becoming irrelevant, or outright demolished.

The United Nations, NATO, the World Trade Organization, and perhaps even the International Monetary Fund, could all soon be joining the Paris Accord and NAFTA on the road of forgotten Marxist dreams. Each could be changed and realigned with the new mandate, but time will tell.

The left has also been doing everything in its power to keep the historical allies of America and Russia from joining forces against the global Marxist Revolution. The upcoming meeting between Trump and Putin before the NATO sessions is extremely telling and should be considered a strong indicator of the final fate of that organization.

The left in America is becoming unhinged and is ramping up its strategies as Trump accumulates win after win both domestically and internationally.  It is completely possible that the Marxist left will push America into another civil war in an attempt to prevent the complete undoing of the Revolutions gains over the decades.

For the record, I do not think this will happen as I believe the counter-strategies developed by those supporting Trump have taken into account the escalations by the Marxist, at least in general terms, with some allowance for fluctuations and adjustments.

It should be obvious that those calling Trump and his supporter’s fascists are in fact the real fascists. Remember that fascists are just another variation of Marxists. The dehumanizing labels being used by the left are meant to make it easier to murder those conservatives who have stood against the global Marxist Revolution.  This tactic has been used everywhere Marxism has gained influence over the levers of state.

The title of this article is made in jest, and yet it is strange and against the odds that Trump has withstood everything the Revolution has thrown at him to date. With each attack, he gets stronger.  As time passes the left is beginning to devour itself and is removing the masks which it has used to hide behind the façade of Democratic Socialism.

The Marxists are now calling for open cross-border revolution.

As the 2x two-headed eagles of Trump and Putin come together, not even the Catholic Church itself will be able to withstand the forces of right-mindedness.  The third and fourth years of the Trump Presidency will see even greater change both domestically and internationally.

This battle is as old as mankind.  It is not about race.  It is not about religion.  It is not about sex.  It is not about left and right politics.  This battle cannot be reduced down to such simplistic and misleading soundbites.  It is about the future of human civilization.  Same as it’s always been.  – JC

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26 Comments on “The God Emperor – Is Trump the Savior of Human Civilization?”

  1. Propaganda! The truth about capitalism is that it’s nothing more than neo-feudal slavery! US labor productivity has effectively doubled, while the average hourly pay of your average Joe increased about 11% in real terms over the last 45 years. Just so we can avoid arguing about the inflation as reported by official statistics, US corporate after tax profits have quadrupled (from 3% to 12% of GDP) over the same 45 year period, while GDP itself has tripled over the same period in real terms! This is the truth about capitalism! Worked and taxed to death!

    And Trump just gave big money another tax cut, the irony! Last year, for example, the corporate tax rate of the SP500, adjusted for tax avoidance and tax loopholes, was roughly 5%, with the average for the lower personal income three times! What is happening today will be exactly what happened after the tax holiday of 2004. When corporations brought back cash during the tax holiday in 2004, they spent 79 cents of every dollar on share repurchases, 15 cents on dividends and parked the remainder in accounts to boost liquidity, with absolutely no evidence of an increase in domestic investment or wage growth.

    Capitalism, socialism etc are merely resource distribution mechanisms and governments are just a bunch of people, so any abuse ascribed to them is actually result of people’s personal greed and vanity, lust for money or power. Fascism is natural societal evolution of free market capitalism as a result of human nature within a system based on rewarding greed. Free markets always lead to distribution inequalities through the varying efficiency of participants, which always leads to inequity in capital accumulation, which always leads to abuse due to human nature, as long as the over-riding societal objective is profit seeking, greed and competition. Within monetary framework, due to human nature, free market will always lead to cartels, corporations, oligarchy and, ultimately, fascism.

    1. Thank you aginor,

      “Free markets always lead to distribution inequalities through the varying efficiency of participants,”

      If you sincerely believe that you have any time experienced “Free Market capitalism” please share that with me! What I have experienced from the time I started working and paying taxes, was that this concept in itself is used as the “other” alternative which is dangerous and must be avoided at any cost. There is more to this than our instant anger at hearing such a term!

      The fact of the matter is, that we are living in a world that literally everything is rigged regarding commodities, shares, gold, money etc. I am even noticing how the cryptocurrencies are literally played with and manipulated. I think you’d agree that in relation to Cryptocurrencies, that is not possible, but we are seeing on an hour by hour basis. What part of any of this can then be ascribed to “Free Market” when all is manipulated, from gold to pork belly to Orange juice and fruit & veg?….everything you and I can buy!

      It seems as though, the big bad Free Market is something that we have all experienced and we know how bad it is! To the contrary, we have lived, at least since 1945 in a Socialist and centrally managed economy and therefore, the problem relates to the Socialist system with IMF, World Bank, The neo-Technocratic elite and the so-called captains of Industry of our era who are directly feeding and benefitting from the theft of the Intellectual Property of a few and the favoritism of a manufactured modern nobility by an elite who hate Free Market Capitalism. Where do you think Jeff Bezos become to sit on a $140Billion industry where he treats his staff at his warehouses in a plantation style where they can not leave their work for emptying their bladders?! What part of this relates to Free Market?! How do the other nerds, such as Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg et al. and other similar Billionaires get to be so rich?! IS it really because of their hard work…or have they been selected to be the elite?! These elite are all into saving the planet, trees, birds etc. but they fly to Davos in their private jets, that was 1500 private jets landed at Davos a few years ago to save the earth. Do you think these folks have any love for us the working people or they care about the trees the birds and plants?! If they did, they would not pollute the air with their air polluting jets and instead took a normal flight!!

      The problem is not with the Free Market, because we have never seen it in action. What we have experienced however is Socialism mixed with Nepotism and a tendency to see humans as cattle. To prove that we are in a Sosliast system I can provide two example of both sides of the social spectrum
      The first is the hand out to people in a country such as the UK as the Social benefit and Housing benefit (this is what they are called in the UK!), in a major part to men who can work and earn a living.

      On the other side of the spectrum that is the high end or the elite, we witnessed the lobbying by the Banking cartels to save the “too big to fail banks” by the working people. In this regard, the bankers much like the working classes have been sharing the public funds, albeit in two different circumstances and reasons, however with the same results! That is to have been used to a culture of dependency! In the meantime, the majority of the population that is the middle classes are working hard to pay not only the extravagant ways of a gambling elite who used BAnks as casinos and a working-class groups who should be working and they do not but receive handouts to sit at home and watch the crap TV all day long with limited resources to pull themselves out of poverty and a minimum life existence.

      What part of any of this Free Market Capitalism my friend?!

      Could it be that we have been made to chase something that we have neither experienced nor we know anyone who ever had, as our common enemy?!

      Could it be that what has led us to a culture of unjust distribution of wealth, the methods, corrupt and selfish ideologies of our overlords?! After all, the majority of humanity is goodnatured and kind and we are all trapped in a bad, corrupt and deliberately corrupt system…that constantly divide us!

  2. Good article. I’m still waiting for one where you bring Trump & the current financial markets together. Much remains to be seen but much has already been accomplished. I’m wondering your thoughts on tariffs…is Trump hoping to (eventually) de-fund the FED using tariffs? Or are tariffs a bargaining chip right now for him to get other worldwide battles won?

  3. Carpe Diem, what you say is true, it’s exactly what I’m saying as well, but we seem to disagree about the reasons. I blame unrestrained capitalism for it, oligarchy and fascism are direct result of the very way capitalism works! You, on the other hand, claim that we have lived in socialism and put the blame on it! Please, support your claim with evidence, my post is full of numbers, yours is talk! Say, give us the state asset ownership percentages for your country, by industry or overall and specify if any of the state assets are leased to or operated by private companies!

    1. Thank you aginor,

      “give us the state asset ownership percentages for your country, by industry or overall and specify if any of the state assets are leased to or operated by private companies!”

      I can give you lots of numbers to prove my point or disprove your claim, but we are talking about whether Free Market Capitalism has ever existed or not. also, that numbers and figures are produced by chartered accountants who either work for private auditors or employed by the different government branches in any country. Nevertheless, there is a term that is extensively used to inflate something or the other way round when it comes to presenting numbers, and that that is called “massaging figures”. I, therefore, think you can make a point or against it by presenting numbers even though they are based on “official” government agencies and their auditors. It’s the good old, “the way you tell them” scheme.

      In fact, this is a trick that both sides of the political spectrum make to claim or disclaim a budget or government agencies released ledgers/accounts. In other words, numbers are what is presented and they are always heavily massaged. I am not sure if you have heard of a Michigan University scholar who discovered “$21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015.”

      You will know better than me, that this figure was never publicised or known by anyone, given that the US government as all governments provide lots of fancy numbers in thick books every year which nobody ever reads, except of course for a person like the movie character, from “Rain man”!

      Had any of these figures been correct and reliable as you believe it to be, the disappearance of $21 Billion would have been discovered long ago. Also, that Accountants, in general, are paid to cook the book so to speak and governments instruct their accounting agents to follow their wishes in cooking the book in their favour. As such figures don’t mean much I am afraid that they act as indicators only as facts are never transmitted in numbers. Lawyers and accountants rule the world and we all live in their matrix and cooked up world of their numbers…

      Returning to your question regarding the “asset ownership percentages” by my country of birth, Iran, I can only say that the Islamist, NWO installed, as well as super-corrupt government of Islamic Republic of Iran since 1979 is literally owned by an Islamo-Marxist mob. Almost all industries are owned by Sepaah, (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps). As such any figures, I can provide you are fake and totally unreliable and worthless. However, the figures are released by the government in a way that you would think Iran is a super wealthy nation and people live in palaces, all contrary to facts!. Yet, they are all available online and I invite you to have a look for yourself. If you find something that jumps at you, please to share. 🙂

  4. Carpe Diem and especially Aginor,

    Socialism and crony capitalism are flip sides of the same coin. Given unrestrained authority, both will lead to the same place, oligarchic control of the means of production and as such, control over the vast majority of human lives.

    The left-right “spectrum” is a ruse. Leftists claim that right-wingers are fascists. Right-wingers claim that leftists are communists. In truth, the extreme of both sides amount to the same damn thing, which is government control over human existence. Instead of a spectrum, it’s a circle, where both left and right lead to the path of totalitarianism. On the opposite side of the circle is maximum human freedom. Politically, it is associated neither with Republican nor Democrat, but closely aligned with Libertarianism. It is enshrined in the words, “All people are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Neither corporate monopoly powers nor government monopoly ownership will ever deliver such liberty.

    1. Very well said Jnottingham, thank you,

      “Neither corporate monopoly powers nor government monopoly ownership will ever deliver such liberty.”
      I particularly thought your last sentence is the essence of the argument here. In fact, the current control grid by the government(s) and the private/corporate entities which work with or instead of a government branch is where we are at today. Google/Facebook, a privately owned entity collect data on the people and both have more data on every aspect of our lives. This is the tyranny that George Orwell warned us all about! The same data is used to enslave us. When Youtube and Tweeter shadowban folks, they act as the judiciary in deciding who deserves a platform who does not. These organizations should not be allowed to get away to prevent us from free expression. The same for the other corporate/government entangled entities. In fact, that is the real fascism when government and corporate entity’es collaborate against the population. I think the role of IG Farben, Siemens etc. with the fascist Nazi government in Germany was the beginning of this dark experiment.

  5. “It’s about the future of human civilization.” JC, you close hard, I like that.

    I remember reading something about that Able/Cain thing. At the time my thoughts leaned towards just what was that first murder like. Was it an ambush, done with one blow to the back of Able’s head with a hoe. Or was it more a heads up mano-a-mano struggle born of a old argument, that ended up with the brothers duking it out in the mud, with blood, tears and some beer? Did it end with Cain choking Able out, sitting on his chest with his hands wrapped around Ables neck? Or did he beat his brains out with a rock. Why did it go from the fist fights all brothers have from to time to time to a murder. Oh, come on now did you honestly believe this was their first spat? Why should this murder be viewed any different than the zillion of murders that have followed? I suggest it shouldn’t, in this case a homicide detective was not required, the elements to make the case were givens. The evidence was the dead body, Cain by confession was his own witness. Guilty, guilty as charged, no trial necessary. Cain cut the worlds first plea deal, and used his mitigating circumstance to give him skate. Think about it, here is God, whether you view him as a voice booming out of a cloud, or a walking, talking ‘mirror’ of a man on earth at the time. I leave you to your own device.

    Here is Cain offering his best defence after pleading guilty and trying to save his ass from the death penalty.

    “Please allow me to begin, by saying to my parents Adam and Eve. I’m so sorry for what has happened. It happened before I knew it. Please! Believe I never intended to take my beloved brothers life. Things got out of hand, I allowed my passions to overcome my better self. As you well know tensions had been building up between Adam and me for several centuries.

    In the beginning, I understood that being the older son, I would be tasked with the responsibility of working with Dad to farm this cursed land. Dad’s stories of what the garden of Eden was, and his dreams, born of sense of a nature and penance, led us to creating a patch of it here on our new earth. Dad’s dream was also my dream. I was never happier then when after the hard labor involved in the digging of a well provided the means for Dad to teach me from his memories, of the natural gardens systems. teachings of the great spirit of how waters flow. Now a man to able to create irrigation. When I first saw our dammed up waters let loose to flood our fields with their life force, I exclaimed ‘Glory be to God, Glory be to God!!

    Working the coursed fields was a strenuous endeavor. My arms , legs, shoulders and back grew strong. Herding goats is also a difficult task. The milking for dairy, the butchering the processing of the meat, the skinning/treatment of the hides that provided our growing community with shelter via tent and clothing all contributed to a better well being. When Able invented sandals my heart swelled with pride. Pride, as well as it was served in that circumstance, became my undoing. I had justifiable reason to be proud of Able, I had justified reason to be proud of myself. Pride, pride that strange beast, it seems it must always be applied to others and held in at least reserve for oneself.

    So, see so, here is what happened. Ables lackadaisical concerns involving herd management, much less the animal husbantry evolved began to encroach upon what I was tasked to accomplish. All he cared about was more goats, more glory. His fucking goats were eating my crops. The thing about goats is they will almost eat anything, I’ve seen ’em nibbing on tin cans. They eat everything down to and including the roots. Abels goats were driving me into bankruptcy, This had been going on for centuries. I had been praying to you for what feels like forever to correct this inequity. I thank you for the big ten, and for the message from Jesus talking about treating each other as we want to be treated. But back in the day the fence concept did not alpey to free range animals. As per example God, if you will fast forward some thousands of years into the future and examine the laws in Mohave County, Az., you will find that the deck is still stacked in favor of Adam and Eve’s fav son. if you should find yourself living on a piece of property that abuts a section of BLM land leased to a cattle rancher. Guess what it is your responsibility to maintain a fence to keep the cattle out. if a piece of the ranchers goes down as they often do, and a part otf the ranchers herd wanders on to your property and not only eats but destroys any landscribing you had done to improve the fucnuality

    My best guess Making the world’s first murder so visceral lends context to the struggle that comes a chapter or two later.

  6. opps! i wasn’t done.

    Or maybe I am.

    I grow weary, my finger will not obey my mind.If I can stay in silly third person Cain for a second longer. I think I would say.”What I’m a murderer and a satan, and now I have to be a communist to?

  7. All this is just an illustration of man’s duality. By nature, man is inclined to good. But he also has feelings of jealousy and sometimes control over his loved ones or those of his community. Beyond that, when he acquired a plot of power on a group, a village or a city, often starts a process of thoughts that gradually, insidiously corrupts the soul.
    At first, the holder of this power does not even realize the changes that take place in him, when the process begins. His actions are justified by the search for the good of others, or by seeking a better balance between different parties. This is an ordinary level of corruption, to which most of us have to deal daily, regardless of country or area of activity. We are both actors and victims, often without even perceiving it.
    The more power the individual acquires, the higher the risk of corruption in his/her soul, and it is in this particular context that awareness is taking place. Some of them are accommodating themselves, live with it and start to assume more dictatorial rights, whether it be a city, a region, a big corporation or a state. The larger the population, the more complex the system is, which makes it possible to establish a structure that is increasingly leveraging the dictator candidate. The truth and common sense have been lost on the way. Only demagogy and abuse of authority, which both rely on the intensive use of division between men, countries, corporations, etc…

    Unfortunately, there is no way to “avoid this reality, deeply rooted in the nature of man.” The very structure of human society is conceived on a pyramid mode. Perhaps the best way to escape the worst would be to eliminate the last stages of these pyramids and establish a more collegial form of governance at higher levels of power. Perhaps that would ( I stress – perhaps! ) give a chance to dismiss in good time the most corrupt souls and the most harmful characters for humanity as a whole.
    An utopia, which does not seem ready yet to realize……

  8. Carpe Diem, we are still waiting for the numbers to substantiate your outlandish claims, like the one that we have lived in socialism, please provide us with the numbers! What’s the percentage of non-leased state owned assets for your country in total productive economic assets in the same country? Thanks!

    1. Dear aginor,

      Here are the numbers you have asked for:


      If you need more numbers, please do let me know, I have lots more.

    1. I’ve hesitated on approving this comment of yours because it is ignorant and completely ignores the nature and structure of Carpe Diem’s position. You come onto my site promoting your Marxist propaganda and misleading characterization of Capitalism. You are the worst of human beings to promote an ideology that always leads to “everyone” being poor and the eventual genocide which develops because of economic and political convenience. All your numbers and so-called facts are not related to Capitalism, which was Carpe’s point. All that data has been produced under a pseudo-Capitalism framework (Marxism in disguise) which has centralized the creation of money and the re-distribution of wealth from the individual to the state through tools such as unreasonable taxation, inflation, and welfare programs.

      Your whole position is made redundant by the fact that you do not understand that true Capitalism does not involve the centralization of money creation and does not involve a large government, or state as you Marxist like to say, which incrementally increases the tax burden on the individual to give the worthless lazy Marxists free handouts through state-sanctioned welfare programs.

      You will find no agreement here on the nature of Marxism, and I will not diminish Capitalism by echoing the often apologetic statement that it isn’t a perfect system. Compared to Marxism, and all its manifestations along that absurd sliding scale into genocide and economic oblivion, such as fascism, socialism, democratic-socialism, communism, etc., Capitalism is the perfect system to provide each individual with the incentive to work hard and build value, both material and spiritual, in their life. Marxism destroys this incentive and severs Man from his direct relationship with God. Probably why the Catholic Church has always supported Marxism as well.

      I really don’t care about any response you may have about this comment. As stated, you will find no recourse or agreement here on your disgusting Marxist ideology. You hate Mankind because you hate yourself. Figure that out and maybe you’ll see the world differently.

        1. Thanks Dane. It may seem like a harsh comment, but there can be no give or acceptance of Marxist ideals. This corruption has existed inside Man since the beginning. The history of the world is the history of the fight against the thing which manifested Marxism. We call it the Crown Beast because it is the corruption of the spirit in the material world.

          1. Thank you JC for your comment,

            Your comment was not harsh and was rather appropriate. I have come to know you to be a just and absolutely logical and wise person since I started being a POM subscriber 2 years ago.

            I am saying this because I see POM as a place where people of all backgrounds come here to share their ideas and to contribute and learn. Insisting on something through coercion and twisting words in exchanges has no place in a school, university or any centre of learning. I have always felt that we all have an equal share in offering our thoughts and ideas at POM and that is the reason I see POM as my second home.

            All we can do here is to be respectful towards each other and exchange ideas with logic and facts and a certain degree of politeness. I never claim to know everything and I offer what I know from education and life learning and my understanding of our world. In many occasions, I have admitted that I am wrong and through that, I found other ways of looking at problems and ideas. The point I am making is that to learn and expand as an individual, one must remain open to new ideas and possibilities.

            Wish you a great evening.

  9. With President Trump going for a Working visit to London this Friday (Not a State visit!), in the middle of a regime change can’t get more bizarre. Remember when Hussein Obama went to London and lectured the Brits with a silly remark, “…you will go to the back of the queue…” on the BREXIT vote?! Well, now President Trump will be in London with no advice for the British people. He may only suggest an end to May-hem…!

    Should Mrs May to resign, it is not possible to forecast who P. Trump will meet as the head of the government, but it seems that Mr Farage may have the answer! It had been announced by the number 10, that the US President “cannot meet with Nigel Farage”, which in itself is a strange demand and one which 10-Downing Street denied. It also appears that the factions within the Tory party are battling hard and it is very likely that a pro-BREXIt to emerge from the chaos. The fate of the huge balloon over the Westminster depicting the US President as a crying baby as ordered by the Fabian Socialist/Islamist Mayor of London remains unclear. Some Londoners have rightly suggested deflating the hideous balloon as it is an embarrassing spectacle of the state of the UK, during the visit of a US president and the head of the most powerful nation that the UK has a “Special” relationship. We shall see…

    This weekend I was studying the book and speeches by a very interesting Englishman and a financial expert who died few months after this speech regarding the EU and its Nazi origin (to this day!) which I can highly recommend. I can also highly recommend his fantastic book, (The New Underworld Order).

    Christopher Story – EU Corruption

  10. I don’t know whether this Trump meeting with NATO partners will subsequently be regarded as the starting point for NATO’s deconstruction in its current form. It is clear that Trump will shake the coconut, but its rethoric against Russian gas will not change energy agreements.
    The stakes displayed are presented in an ultimatum for allied countries. Increase their share in the budget or accept the risk of seeing Trump change US involvement in this Alliance.
    One more element to be credited to JC that predicted the gradual abandonment of America’s role as a global protector, and refocused on national priorities. Nothing is done yet, but the ongoing maneuvers are going in this direction….

  11. “Tattered Remains of the Global Marxist Revolution”

    JC’s headline always provides lots of thoughts and ideas and clues about what is contained in his marvellous articles. Knowing what Trump is doing in relation to NATO, I looked up the NATO chiefs Wiki piece regarding the man (Jens Stoltenberg) and the following caught my attention:

    “Stoltenberg’s first steps into politics came in his early teens, when he was influenced by his sister Camilla, who at the time was a member of the then Marxist–Leninist group Red Youth”

    I then looked up what “Red Youth” is all about and the following got my attention:

    “It is an organisation with three main principles: revolutionary socialism, feminism, and anti-racism.[citation needed] Their goals are typically communist; they aim to organise the working class in preparation for an eventual overthrow of the capitalist system.

    RU wants to increase democracy in Norway by banning far-right parties that attack democracy from being formed, while distancing themselves from the Communist regimes in the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. The Red Youth is active on several political fronts, supporting the Palestinian resistance and opposing racism, sexism, and the European Union.”

    Is it possible that the NATO chief started life as a Marxist? Can he still be one, given that his sister’s ideology is a pro-EU Marxism!!

    More importantly, is President Trump sitting opposite to a Marxist who is an anti-Russian and is currently salivating
    at any possibility of a bloody war with the non-Marxist-Leninist Russian nation…with money from the USA?!

    It seems that Nato and the old counterpart (and now defunct!) Warsaw pact have switched ideologies and the old Marxists are now immunized and gave their virus to the NATO and Western Europeans, who have a Marxist EUSSR!

    1. I don’t think Trump really wants NATO to go away, he just doesn’t want the American people to pay for it anymore when they are robbing us blind with not paying tariffs for their products here while not accepting US products in Europe and if they do imposing sky high tariffs. When I was in Germany a Harley Davidson costs over $100k and that was in the late 80’s and early 90’s. A fifth of Jack Daniels whisky was more than $100 bucks and a pair of Levi jeans was about the same. It was so lopsided as a GI we were rationed on liquor so we wouldn’t bootleg it to the populous off base.

      I believe Trump is just using the leverage available to him to get in the minds of the citizenry of the European countries in their time of chaos. We know he is working his way towards Russia so for him talking of this Russian gas deal is just rhetoric to leverage the US backing out of funding NATO and instilling fair trade. Also a spin off to inform the other European countries that Germany will be leveraging the pipeline from Russia since they house the hub they will exploit the others for the oil/gas and to make the other countries lean towards Germany’s will in such issues such as immigration and such. I mean how else can Germany impose open borders on the rest. Looks like Soros is making a last ditch effort to keep the EU under his/marxis control. Makes sense with Trier, Germany being the birthplace of Karl Marx.

  12. The timing of it all…! 🤔
    First the Foreign Secretary, and a cabinet minister, then May under fire and now this…all when President Trump is in town. British Queen had earlier expressed she does not wish to meet the US President. Does it mean that Charles will dutifully step in?! …we may never know the truth but all the changes sound suspicious but somehow expected…old guard changeover!

    “Queen could be ready to step down after MAJOR change at the palace…”

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