The Fragmentation of Worldwide Liberalism

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By JC Collins

The liberal mandates of open societies and left-leaning freedoms have crashed into the walls of rational thought and real-world functioning progressive ideals.  This was one of the most predictable outcomes in our world for the simple fact that the liberal-left and its proposed values and virtues are based on a fraudulent position which was promised to empower the people and end the threat of totalitarianism, but in fact weakened the moral fiber of civilization and skewed the diametric truths.

It has long been declared that the alternative to the mandates of liberalism is authoritarianism, totalitarianism, fascism, and the scalable loss of freedoms as society moves further to the right.  This gross mischaracterization has been embedded in our culture through left-funded media and education strategies which have both arrested and corrupted the minds of generations.

Whether you consider the development of these diametric left and right political ideologies as chance or engineering matters less than the need to understand the path civilization takes as it shifts between one and the other.  The human mind demands opposition as a method of advancement and learning.  This foundational principle is hardcoded into our world and the human powerbase has mastered the art of harnessing it for the purpose of socioeconomic engineering.  The diametric exists in spite of the human need for oneness and brotherhood.

The truth of the matter is that the extreme of the left or the right both act as catalysts for a return to the other.  A civilization surrendered to extreme right authoritarianism will build an inner momentum for a return to the freedoms inherent in the center.  This momentum becomes an unstoppable train which overshoots the center and reengineers culture and governance towards the far left.  Equally so, a civilization weakened to extreme left openness and unaccountability will develop an outer momentum for a return to decency, strength and personal responsibility.  The overshoot is just as dramatic.

The all or nothing approach of the liberal-left towards a full open society establishes a need for totalitarianism in the same manner that the extreme right presents its own justification.  Harsh loss of personal freedoms and strong authoritarianism are required to hold both the left and the right in their extreme diametric positions.  Neither can use the risk of authoritarianism as the justification to prevent the other from arising as the end result will always be the same.

The frequency of executive orders by the Obama administration and the use of regulations are examples of what we are discussing.  The momentum towards a full open society built on the mandates of the liberal left has destroyed itself in the same manner that an extreme right ideology would have.

Those in the world who can grasp and understand the mechanics and methodology of this shifting diametric have an opportunity, and in fact a responsibility, to plan staged cultural and socioeconomic interceptions which would be meant to manage the return momentum and create a structural framework at the center which would hold the weight of a civilization with a growing self-awareness.

The dogma of “do what thou wilt” is the built-in weakness of the far liberal left in the same manner that “do what we tell you to do” is with the far right.  The extreme of either ideology emerges near and at the end of civilizations.  Other ancillary factors such as monetary policy and war act as further catalysts but the corruption begins within first, such as it does in our personal lives.

The road from fascist Germany in World War Two to liberal-left Germany today which has enacted self-destructive governance policies is a perfect example of this swing between extreme left and extreme right.  The open borders and open society framework has failed not just in Germany and Europe, but across the world and political spectrums.  The governed populations are beginning to accept that there is an ideological disease which has pushed western civilization to the brink of an identity collapse just out there on the edge of the extreme liberal-left platform.

The response is the “new modern nationalism” which we have discussed and is represented by the election of Donald Trump, the BREXIT vote, and the emergence of strong conservative-right candidates in nations around the world.

But with the death of worldwide liberalism also comes the end of American unipolar imperialism which has functioned as an extension of the international reserve status of the dollar and by default the once influential liberal-left culture which has dominated in varying degrees since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.  The shift towards a multilateral (or multipolar) monetary framework is releasing American culture from the death grip of this responsibility and allowing for a restructuring of the US financial system, the function of the Federal Reserve, and the geopolitical world.

The geopolitical transformation has been manifesting with shifting alliances in the Pacific as once America allies, such as the Philippines, are moving closer to China.  The orientation of Eastern Europe is also a place where further changes can be expected as Ukraine remerges as a strong Russian partner.  As an extension, we can assume that once important regions and nations, such as the American military presence in South Korea because of the North Korean threat will be reversed and new balances and borders sought.

Recent statements by Trump would suggest that he has communicated to China that the time has come to address the North Korean situation.  Whether the eroding American establishment has indirectly supported the North Korean regime as a pretext to justify its presence in the South matters little now as the script unfolds and China cleans up the mess in its own backyard.

All of this does not bode well for the ideological objectives of worldwide liberalism. But we need to be cautious that authoritarian rulers do not emerge who would take advantage of this swing towards the new modern nationalism.  Such rulers can care little for ideological allegiances as long as their rule is enforced and maintained.

The liberal-left and the conservative-right are tools for maintaining the momentum in the pendulums swing arc.  The time may be past to prevent the emergence of an extreme right as the world shifts and liberalism is crushed under the weight of the new modern nationalism.  But let these words settle upon us as we observe and learn the pattern of human nature and the unseen forces in this world.  This is the rational approach and the logical end to that which is illogical and irrational.   – JC