The Fragmentation of Consciousness (FREEPOM)

Esoteric, FREEPOM

By JC Collins

The material world is one of our greatest mysteries.  Its purpose and existence are outside of our own perceived experience but its origins come from within.  We seek to define and categorize this three dimensional world to explain the process which is happening internally.

The abstract manner in which the human mind attempts to understand the relationship between matter and consciousness is both random and structured.  The act of defining consciousness through a material process is seeded with fault and contradiction.  The act of defining consciousness as the creator of the material world offers a more fundamental understanding which is easily reconciled with our everyday existence.

The material world serves a very important purpose.  This purpose is to harness the destructive power of consciousness as it descends.  This descent is an attempt for the Absolute to gain an understanding of itself.  This simple explanation does not encompass the complex and endless nature of the process of Absolute self-awareness.

This demands the question of what is the purpose of fragmentation.

There is individual consciousness and whole consciousness.  Individual represents the fragmentation which is manifested in the material world while whole consciousness is the un-manifested Absolute. Considering that individual consciousness is an attempt by the Absolute to gain self-awareness than we must also consider that this fragmentation of consciousness, which is the individual consciousness manifested in the material world, serves a distinct purpose.

There are endless abstracts which can be used when considering this question.  One is to think of the Absolute as an all-encompassing whiteness.  Within this endless whiteness suddenly appears a black sphere or cube.  This shape stands in contrast to the white nothingness of the Absolute.  This first manifestation of the Absolute demands relationship.

Relationship requires fragmentation, so the original manifestation of the black sphere or cube divides itself and begins the process of getting to know each other.  The whole consciousness continues to pore into these manifestations, which creates further demand for relationship.  More relationship drives additional fragmentation.

So we come to the purpose of fragmentation, which can be considered the act of relationship towards the goal of whole self-awareness through the use of individual consciousness.  Understanding the scaling aspect of this process, we can further define that in order for the Absolute to be successful at self-awareness each of the individual fragments which have been manifested from the Absolute will also need to successfully achieve a required level of self-awareness through right relationships.

Every fragment in the material world is in relationship with other fragments.  This is not limited to the human experience, but to all matter.  Fragmentation seeks relationship.

When we consider the destructive potential of consciousness it becomes vital that this all-encompassing power is controlled and directed.  Along this line fragmentation also provides a method of direction and harnessing of the Absolute power.  Fragments provide paths and tracks for the power of consciousness to flow through as it descends.

Being that we are “made in the image” of the Absolute, which can be taken to mean we are fragmented micro versions of the Absolute, it can be expected that our own fragmentation is scaled as a replication of the process which whole consciousness follows.

Understanding this relationship between whole consciousness and individual consciousness is paramount to grasping the need for right relationship between each other, ourselves and within ourselves.

In previous posts we have discussed the misalignment of heart and mind, or otherwise emotion and intelligence.  Each also represents a method of fragmentation and need to be brought into right relationship with one another.

Aligning ourselves within is the most important aspect of the un-fragmentation process which we subconsciously seek.  The study of the subconscious should be the study of these things.  It is sad and disheartening that modern studies have so focused on the material methods of the subconscious and not the pattern of relationship between fragments.

Simple observations of the material world, which primitive man would have achieved, bring forth the obvious nature of fragmentation.  Fragmentation is everywhere.  Everything is a fragment of something else.  There is nothing in this world which is not a fragment.

As such, the relationship between fragments becomes the most important achievement in this manifested world.  Right relationship between fragments, both within and without, will lead to the un-fragmentation which is required to return to the whole, or become the Absolute self-awareness.

As there is endless fragmentation there is endless need for relationship.  – JC

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