The First Global Revolution – Implementing Globalization 2.0

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JC Collins

Back in September of 2017, I wrote a piece titled “A Transcontinental Civil War?” where we explored the possibility of mass migration being the leading cause of a civil war which spanned across the borders of most Western nations.  It was postulated that this civil war would be somewhat stage-managed to guide Western nations into accepting the broader mandates of Globalization and the United Nations non-sovereign framework for a world government.

The existence of such a strategy cannot be denied, nor can it be explained away by convenience labels such as conspiracy theorist.  The open call for world government has reached new levels of openness and boldness.  The use of the phrase “New World Order” has become something of an amusement to those who have found themselves in positions of power and influence. Even Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has recently used the phrase in reference to the new world of blockchain and cryptocurrency based solutions which are being developed and deployed at an ever-increasing rate. The reason for choosing such a specific phrase is for verbal and communicative impact. It relays multiple messages across multiple demographics, and in all probability has a different meaning and social-construct depending on the constitution and dispensation of the person observing or listening.

The mass Western resistance to Globalization has been predictable and based in reason.  The possibility of a cross-border civil war would be a direct result of such globalist policies, as we find the Yellow Vest protests in France to be ultimately about the broader ideas of globalization and less about none specific aspects of globalization, such as a fuel tax. In the article Globalization 2.0 and XRP we explored some of the concepts which may evolve from the fragmented Globalization 1.0. In recent weeks the narrative has shifted to support the Globalization 1.0 and 2.0 concept which I put forward in that article. It is now being suggested that while globalization, in its current form, has been a problem, globalism itself is built on sound principles and should not be discarded because the existing policies of globalization have failed to garner support across the populations of western nations.

Can you see the sleight-of-hand which takes place in the narrative?  It is difficult to imagine that such narrative shifts aren’t engineered well in advance.  Consider the recent suggestions by Hillary Clinton and John Kerry that the policies of mass migration should be reconsidered because of the rise of the far right as a direct response to that very mass migration.  It took most liberal pundits by surprise but fits perfectly with our analyst of shifting the globalism narrative for the roll-out of Globalization 2.0.

The Yellow Vest protests which started in France have now spread to Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Britain, and even Lebanon. I’m sure there are other nations with small Yellow Vest groups forming and starting to protest as well.  The point is made and the trend is clear. These protests will continue, as they are in France, to build in intensity and purpose. It will make implementing the policies of Globalization 1.0 impossible but will build the bridge to the policies of Globalization 2.0, which will have a heavy architecture built around blockchain services and cryptocurrency based value creation and transference systems, as discussed in Globalization 2.0 with XRP.

Somewhere back in 2014 (not sure whereas there are too many articles now to search through), I made a statement about the real threat of civil wars and revolutions. I suggested that once the spirit of revolution takes hold, the outcome can be swayed in almost any direction as competing interests will be leveraging to gain control over the mechanisms of that very revolutionary spirit.  From a socioeconomic engineering aspect, it wouldn’t be difficult to stage manage a worldwide revolutionary response to the policies of Globalization 1.0 for the purpose of developing and implementing the response of Globalization 2.0 which can be injected into the revolutionary consciousness through the demands of the people themselves.

For many, such concepts will be associated with conspiracy theory but those that do so would be ignorant of history and how such socioeconomic engineering strategies have been used for centuries to shift the consciousness of mass populations and fragmented demographics. Discard such notions of conspiracy theory as the lazy term is now a projection of mental and intellectual weakness and adds little to the genuine discord which leads to a real and manageable understanding of the world and the mechanisms which build and operate the systems of Man.   – JC

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56 Comments on “The First Global Revolution – Implementing Globalization 2.0”

  1. Not sure pal but this old 2014 post seems to fit nicely.

    “The much utilized term “false flag” can mean a number of different things, from one sudden devastating event, to a slow burn series of events, and everything in between. In fact, the overall expansive proposition of the term is so broad that it is ineffective at conveying the overarching intent and methodology of the engineering that goes into the creation of such things.

    A more appropriate terminology would be Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, which we will refer to from here on as CSI, capitalizing on the conscious familiarity of the term already in use by mass media entertainment in numerous television shows.

    George Orwell astutely explained how language, or a reduction in the usage and context of language, can minimize intelligence on both the micro and macro levels, being the independent thoughts of the individual and the collective thoughts of the disorganized masses. In his novel 1984, Orwell explained Newspeak as:

    “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.” (1.5.23, Syme)”

  2. Mr. Collins:

    On average for the past 25 years I have spent several weeks annually thorough country in Europe on business. I have witnessed the an ever increasing influx of masses into ever country into Europe. Initially its was the influx of masses from all of the regions of the former Yugoslavia, then the very increasing influx of Muslims and Africans. The globalists in present charge of the governments of the EU have intentionally destroyed the middle classes via over taxation and over regulation and transferring wealth, services, protection, and status to the invaders.

    Entire areas are being marred by black spray paint and hammers.

    At night that are numerous loud and obnoxious bands of young Muslims and Africans roaming the streets of every major city. Women are being molested, harassed, beaten, and raped. The police do nothing. If local residents object or protect their women, then they are the one charged with crimes.

    It is apparent obvious to me that the historical cultures of Europe are intentionally being displaced, diluted, and destroy. Cui Bono?

    An intentional recipe for revolt so that the powers that should not be can clamp down even harder.

    These conditions will not end well.


  3. When we focus on the neon lights the world changes in the darkness around us and we haven’t even a clue that it is happening.

    Conspiracies or any focused point of attention works like the neon lights. It serves to attract most if not all of our attention to keep us busy fighting ourselves while the work of changing the world is being done right behind us.

    The crown beast has many heads, these heads all seek to rule the world individually. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because they share the same body that they don’t each think for themselves and their own world domination. These heads are the titans of old times battling for dominance over the world. As such each one of them has their own script, neon lights, conspiracies, yellow jackets, color revolutions, so on and so forth.

    Not sure how a yellow vest revolution will work here in the states. We aren’t required to carry a yellow vest in our car to wear when we get a flat tire. Go figure…

    1. Wise words Dane, yes tunnel-vision can be dangerous. We must strive to achieve and maintain hyper-awareness of all that is going on. Not allow ourselves to become “invested” in one particular narrative to such an extent that we fail to see the other machinations taking shape beyond our peripheral vision.
      Very difficult to do, and that’s why communities like POM are so important.
      Yellow vests in the US of A? In a parallel universe where Clinton won the election, no doubt the protests are in full swing. I could be wrong but I just don’t see it happening in a significant way while Trump is running the country. He could hardly be less like Macron and his ilk. To paraphrase a past political slogan, he is not only tough on immigration, but tough on the causes of immigration.

      On a related note, I thought this was a nice summation of the way the war machine works, and Trump’s open defiance of it:

      And this might be an indication of how US allies will fill the vacuum in the new multipolar world:

  4. Happy new year!
    The Tenors – Auld Lang Syne

    It intrigues me to contemplate that billions of people will sing this powerful diddy in perpetual cannon across the zones of time. As far as I can tell it is the one and only time and place in space that this happens annually . What a powerful ancient hoped for charm, so overlooked. It is a good and beautiful magic, and speaks well to our cause as people. I’m happy to see it as a major ritual.

    I’m so looking forward to 2019 being the most challenging of my 70+. I’m so blessed and excited to the max at the prospect of being able to experience another set of seasons and reasons to sally forth, windmills and all.

    I haven’t done a survey but I’ve paid enough attention to believe that many on the POM have at least a connection with the crypto world, explicitly the Zerp.

    I found this on a page, EverythingFX, “The Order Of The Phoenix”. That is as close to a link as I’m willing to and able to provide. I’m not sure but I believe I found the article mentioned on JC’s twitter. I don’t twit, but I tap.

    I can’t help but think that this present post by JC isn’t somehow connected to or a response to the aforementioned article. I personally connected to it because, a few days before I read “The Order Of The Phoenix” I ranted on JC’s post “A Beggar Plays Chess With A King”, I, in my own, crude and rather rude way, if your a jughead, produced a rant about my feelings about Ripple XRP being a program, designed before Bitcoin as a “Globalism 2.0” ( if you don’t mind I use the term JC).

    So what beyond a blatant attempt to superstroke, jackoff my ego? Ummmmmm, well, just this.

    This system, this financial system is perfect in it’s design. It has suffered all the starts and stops as Ripple and XRP has in the last obvious few years, and decades. Force multiply the centuries, and millennium since before Sumer, and a world run wild,, over engineered to produce a worker race, that they never figured would do so much fucking. Adding that rat, rabbit gene, or not removing it was to their own peril.

    And I was so hoping to not use profanity. Anyway IMHO that’s where they fucked up.

    Never-the-less, the financial system has always been their power. Today it is the last power they have, they are dying, those gods are dying. They have been “away” from home to long, they were not bred to live on earth. It’s killing them. What they are doing to keep their bloodlines alive is unimaginable. So unless your ready don’t even try.

    Still they have a “work” to do, or so they believe. They have to believe in the “work” it is the only thing that sustains them.

    The flaw, the fly in the ointment, turned out to be a mosquito, a blood sucker, like themselves now over swarming all their nets. That be us babies. We had something they never did.

    Damn I got to go. New Year Eve Party. I will finish up later.

  5. Since were beginning a new year I just wanted to keep everyone up to speed so we can kick off on the right politically correct foot 🙂

    “Political Correctness Manual for 2019”

    They could have added “Men”struation should be “People”struation and “Men”opause should be “People”opause…Just saying 🙂

    Trudeau…what a dweeb.

  6. As soon as the yellow vests choose a spokesperson the beginning of the end of the movement is over. As long as they have no single cause for protest and don’t elect a spokesperson they will survive. There is no weakness for Macron or the globalist to focus in on to attack.

    If a spokesperson is chosen then the inner deficiencies of that person will be systematically tested until they find the one that works. It’s usually lust, greed or a false sense of power. No matter what it is, once it’s found the spokesperson is turned and then becomes an agent of those who turned him…or her. The spokesperson then becomes an agent of the globalist. By the law of the herd the masses will follow the spokespersons guide because they elected him or her because they were displaying the characteristics of the alpha which makes them the outward authority figure of the herd.

    Sure some will be skeptical and resist the spokespersons scripted guide and will no longer see them as an alpha authority figure. But remember the law of herd when the authority figure is not around they will do as the rest of the herd does thus they will do what the rest of the people around them do.

    And the magic trick begins…

    “French police arrest “yellow vest” spokesman Eric Drouet”

    “The Pledge” has been made with the election of the spokesperson. Of course that election was at the demand/direction of Macron and the globalists.

    “The Turn” with the spokesperson arrest is now in process. – “”The Turn”, The magician takes the ordinary something” (spokesperson) “and makes it do something extraordinary” (by feeding his weakness/internal deficiencies). “Now you’re looking for the secret” (the globalist script)… “but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking” (your just following the alpha). “You don’t really want to know” (that’s the law of the herd). “You want to be fooled.””

    “The Prestige” is coming…the herd will scatter in fear until the spokesperson is released and then they will herd around him and listen to what he has to say. Most likely in the form of a Globalism 2.0 scripted compromise.

    1. Excellent analysis of the situation Dane, hats off to you!! This has been repeated enough and those efficiencies will find a way to get out as long as we’re operating within a predefined spectrum of carefully ideologies crafted expertly by the Crown. Rinse and repeat as they say! I believe this surge of nationalism is the first episode of coming disintegration of many nation-states which will pave the way for Phoenician style city-states as we head into 2050! It may seem far-fetched to many but we already have Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Monaco and Liechtenstein on top of the infamous trinity of Vatican, City of London and Washington D.C. Some of these already are city-states and have served various(mostly financial) purposes but still though few could argue that they’re much better governed by those who command much larger territories!

      1. Thanks SafetyFishnet. I wonder if the evolution of mankind will be able to construct such a system that it can account for all levels of thinking. JC asked a long time ago if the earth can be flat and round (globular) at the same time. I thought a lot about that and I believe it can. Nationalism can comfort the ones who see the earth as being flat while Globalism 2.0 can comfort those who see the world as global. The fact is that we have both levels of thinking since we are so vast in numbers or human populous. I believe that as man moves as a collective into the quantum world of things we must find this sort of combined system.

        I like to refer to computing for this analogy. Our current day PC’s only think in yes or no terms. Quantum computers think in yes, no and or both at the same time. Since we seem to have modeled the computer after our own construct it would make sense that quantum thinking would lead to the forming of a quantum computer. Since we are thinking in quantum we are already looking for a way to be both Nationalistic and Global at the same time.

        Supposing that a globalist can think in nationalist terms but a nationalist cannot think in globalist terms then it would seem that Globalism 2.0 would have to be created but not seen by the nationalist thinking folks in all fairness and in an attempt to keep them calm and at ease. Hidden in plain site as it seems to go.

        Hope I’m still alive by 2050 to see it my friend. Might make it harder to not be attached to the material world though. Wow! What an exercise that would be 🙂

    2. Hi Dane ,

      If I’m ok with your comments concerning the beginning of the end for the yellow vest movement , I think it’s important to know that the arrest of Drouet is , in itself a trick of the power to design a spokesperson for the Yellow Vests .
      For now there’s no one who has been invested in that role . A vast majority of the yellow vests crowd doesn’t want a leader , nor a spokesperson . Some local yellow vests leaders have receveid death threats and no one can really pretend to represent that group , at the moment .
      Yes , some of the original protesters who started the movement are now trying to organize it , but for now , Drouet is not an elected and officially accepted leader .
      Jacline Mouraud , who did a video which came viral and sparks the movement is now trying to make a party , ” Les Emergents ”
      It was that Youtube video ( in French of course…..) :

      What is sure is that they need a sort of structure . but as long as Macron is going more repressive , he is fueling the revolt against his government and until a certain point , the system in itself .

      It won’t be Mai 68 again , but what is happening now is not over , that I’m sure of …

      1. Hi Ledude59,

        That was very interesting info regarding the gilet jaune movement and whether or not there is a leader in this movement. I actually agree with you and believe that from the onset, that is almost 8 weeks ago, the French establishment tried to make it sound like the movement is only about the fuel taxes and they have royally failed in that propaganda department. I heard today that the next phase of action will be a different tactic and that is withdrawing money from banks and effectively causing a bank run to bring the ruling elite down! I am not sure whether this is correct information other than what I have heard. If this proves to be true as of this coming weekend, we are looking at an impeccably organized plan to remove Macron and the French Socialist elite. Should that be the case, then as you astutely said, the movement neither wants a leader nor a spokesperson and regardless of Macron Gov., his regime will collapse if not a major escalation by the EU mercenary army may become a possibility, again with the winners to be the French people and the losers will be the EU and the French socialist elite.

        Vive le france

        1. Hi dear CD ,

          It’s quite impossible for the vast majority of people to withdraw money from the banks .
          It’s precisely because they don’t have enough money to pay the bills and have a decent life that the most determined Yellow Vests people are in the streets .
          Too many people are enslaved by debts , from home loans to cars and ordinary items loans , so they can’t afford to bypass the banks .
          But the anger is growing , and I don’t know how it will evolve .
          Anyway , one thing is sure . Macron will never make a second term . Too much disdain and contempt for the ordinary citizen , just like Giscard d’Estaing at the end of the seventies .
          After VGE presidency came a big wave of socialism in France . Now , socialism in its ancient form is dead , may be the next big wave to come in France will be nationalism , as it emerge in a lot of european countries .
          So many changes happening everywhere since a few years !

      2. Absolutely, that is the whole premise of my comment. Where I state,

        “”The Pledge” has been made with the election of the spokesperson. Of course that election was at the demand/direction of Macron and the globalists.”

        Which another way of saying “I think it’s important to know that the arrest of Drouet is , in itself a trick of the power to design a spokesperson for the Yellow Vests .”

        It’s the beginning of the magic trick, “the pledge”. That pledge has become an agent of Macron/globalists and will be instructed what message to take back to the people (yellow vesters), this is “the turn”. Sure the magic trick doesn’t work on some, but it does work on others. Then through time the ones who are just less knowing of themselves follow the law of the herd where they will do as they see others doing. So the group of those it does work on will grow through this process. With the help of other propaganda machines the ones who remain skeptical will be labeled as conspiracists and such and will eventually be overcome by the masses who have fallen into the spell of the magic trick. They are the ones who are “looking for the secret but…won’t find it, because of course” they are “not really looking” for it because they “don’t really want to know” they “want to be fooled.”

        This is the way magic tricks have been performed and masses have been managed for thousands of years. Remember the herd is a mass group of people who cannot be trusted because they do not even trust themselves, through not knowing themselves because they are not truthful with themselves. Therefore, their mental state or weakness allows them to be manipulated in this fashion.

        One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is whether or not Macron/the globalists created the very acts that caused the separation that the yellow vests are revolting against in order to get them to revolt in the first place. Something we could watch for is the script for “the turn”. Why or how the script would lure or benefit those who accept it. How it could prey on the masses weaknesses to gain their confidence or to manipulate them.

        We can hope that this long standing cycle is broken but only time will tell if it actually is. Nothing is left to chance though and the planning has been and most likely will remain impeccable. There probably will always be different levels of mental states because mankind consists of all these states together as we evolve and learn who we are in the world of matter. It takes all states to make us the amazing species we are.

        On a side note I believe the Q movement here in the states is very similar to the yellow vest movement in the EU and UK. It’s seems to be about management of chaos. Unbeknownst to many chaos does have patterns (pockets of order) within it. These patterns can be worked to manage the overall chaos. It’s just what is my friend.

        1. “”” We can hope that this long standing cycle is broken but only time will tell if it actually is. Nothing is left to chance though and the planning has been and most likely will remain impeccable. There probably will always be different levels of mental states because mankind consists of all these states together as we evolve and learn who we are in the world of matter. It takes all states to make us the amazing species we are. “””

          Absolutely true , dane !
          Something to never forget all along the way….

          Of the great necessity to take one or two steps back and try to discern the real pattern , behind day to day events

          1. Hi Dane, Hi Ledude59,

            Thank you very much guys, I am enjoying the exchange and couldn’t agree more with Dane when he said:

            “On a side note I believe the Q movement here in the states is very similar to the yellow vest movement in the EU and UK. It’s seems to be about management of chaos. Unbeknownst to many chaos does have patterns (pockets of order) within it. These patterns can be worked to manage the overall chaos. ”

            In fact, this logic actually implies that there is an order running the chaos in the US, UK and France no less and that may consist of a well thought of a plan to bring a system down and to interject another one side by side. In some ways, the article regarding the world projects I posted by Daniel Estulin contains the blueprints for the entities and groups behind any regime change. Almost all regime changes have a well researched and tested plan of action in an exact and precise manner as a project or case. This is why many CIA employees that we get to see on TV and Youtube interviews, call themselves an ex-CIA case officer which means that operations large and small are executed as a project and it follows the same techniques of a project management task. There are always, Plan A, B and C, and a measure of error or slack is always placed in the works.

            A major tactic used in a regime change is the creation of confusion for the ruling elite running that country bys ending emissaries who are often supporting the subject ruler and mixed with some others (Mainly the press!) who act as the opposition to that ruler. This tactic was used absolutely extensively during the regime change of Iran in 1979 when the secular leader of Iran, the Shah was verbally supported by the Western rulers, whilst constantly attacked by Western newspapers and media outlets, such as the VOA, BBC, French and German internal and foreign service radio broadcast. The aim to confuse and to eventually reduce the power of the subject ruler(s) so to facilitate their downfall. In the meantime, another group or elite are being prepared and briefed to assume power. It is noteworthy to mention that violence is always and an integral part of any power change and in this case, France is no exception. This is particularly interesting to appreciate that France and French people have had a historical experience of the true meaning of what revolution actually is about. I recall, the French farmers, in particular, have had many battles with the ruling establishment and with the EU directives and they wield huge power by themselves, meaning that French workers are probably the most organized in displaying their grievances with their rulers and we can be certain, they will not suffer fools gladly with the likes of Macron this time.

            Another important element to consider is how an insurrection develops and it always has a seed of unhappiness which can be used and manipulated to plan a regime change. Almost always, such studies are carried out by various think-tanks and Universities where it can be even a joint study by one or several PhD students to study a target nation and even spend time there and study the natives and their conditions in many aspects. It is therefore probable that the “Yellow Vest” movement is driven out of basic anger of the French people against the conditions they have been subjected to by their leaders who talk about global warming and such nonsense continually whilst the jobs are few and far and the cost of living is rocketing up. In all this, a clever plan that includes a simple object that almost all French drivers have in the carse as a dring rule in the form of a Yellow Vest as a sign and symbol of a revolt. Any movement, as a rule, must have a name and a symbol and the French revolutionaries had the Liberty Cap or the Phrygian Cap which relates to the Persian Magi hat and the symbol of the Mithras symbol where Mirthra is cutting the head of the primordial Bull. The Liberty Cap later appeared in almost all New nations including the US (US Senate Seal) and many other Latin American nations standards.

            The influence and reverberation of the French and the American revolution 10 years prior to the French one are still with us and alive, so is the symbols of their movement. It would not surprise me one bit, should the French manage to bring down their uncaring government where the symbol of their revolt to become the source of inspiration for posterity i.e. the Yellow Vest or ” gilet jaune”! We can see how everyday objects are a source of inspiration and Magic as Dane suggested and in any Magic act, you need a Sigil and Words (Logos) plus Attention! The combination of these ingredients has changed our world ever since man discovered his own power of consciousness when attention is given on a Word and an object and Magic has been with us and even today, and we remain unaware of its power and how it can change our world for positive outcomes.


          2. Thanks CD, I never knew that about the Phrygian Cap. I would suggest donning one of those would be a good way for a Gilet Jaune to show it’s not just about fuel taxes.
            As an aside, Liberty Cap is also an alternative name for psilocybin mushrooms. Which, I heard at least one US state is presently considering legalising. If it happens, that would certainly be a step in the direction of Liberty.

  7. Evil can and does take on mean shapes and forms. Evil can even quote scripture when it deems it necessary and profitable. However, the trick to disarm and neutralize evil is to identify it, mock it, point at it, and laugh at it. Employing these methods causes it to violently react, but ultimately disarms evil and banishes it.

    1. Good point Oz. But we would have to be very careful not to become that evil ourselves wouldn’t we?

      Maybe just to understand is our purpose. Like the shadow within us all. I don’t find that I want to dispel it as much as just understand it. When I get to the point of understanding it I actually love it, this is the very moment I kill it. It’s rather remarkable what love can do actually, but it takes tremendous courage to wield.

    1. Lol. That fiery passion is working my chi 🙂

      Most of these thoughts just pop into my head when I’m doing the dishes or washing the truck. Can’t help it they just hit me like a meteorite and bounce around inside my head when I’m reflecting into myself pal. Multi-tasking I guess. Hahahaha.


    I read this fascinating article by Daniel Estulin regarding the current worldwide civil war but from a very high level and thought I should share it with my POM family. I used Google translation from original Spanish. I think it is in line with JC’s vision and perspective. Estulin was an FSB (Russian Federal Agency) operative and his knowledge, books and speeches are very well informed.

    This article was translated from original in Spanish

    “Presidents and prime ministers are just waiters who serve coffee in a restaurant of the world elite.” Under this sentence the author and former Russian counterintelligence agent, Daniel Estulin, refers to any candidate for the presidency or chancellery of a country represents the interests of the same but those of some of the global projects that control the world. According to the concepts of Law of change, mandate of the universe and “politics of the sky” developed by the Russian intelligence in the postindustrial era, on this planet at the moment six elite global projects govern that continually dispute and share the world with each other. These are: New Babylon, New Jerusalem, Greater Europe, Greater Eurasia, New Caliphate and Datung China.The common characteristics of these projects are a dream of global governance, independent economic systems and intelligence systems with a global reach. In Latin America there is nothing of this, but what is abundant is the poverty and discontent caused by the liberal banking banker model in which we still live, which is based on the unlimited expansion of a planet with limited natural resources, and It is structured around the benefit of supranational organizations and corporations controlled by families of the European and Jewish aristocracy. Now that the liberal financial banker model of the global elite is finished, Latin American countries, since they do not constitute their own global projects, can only aspire to be part of one of them, as a secondary element.And if this were not enough, the main problem worldwide is that there is no financial model that can replace the liberal financial banker model, except those that the global elite classifies as viable. Jacob Rothschild, the patriarch of one of the families of bankers who are in public view, said in 2015 that there areonly three ways out of the global crisis: a world war, a transhumanist technological revolution, or changing the petrodollar pattern to the gold standard. .The global elite is rearranging its global projects and alliances according to the alternatives revealed by the Kabbalists who speak through Lord Rothschild. The question remains whether there will be time and place to avoid a disastrous collapse of civilization and a new deception on the part of the controllers and their archontic global projects.

    daniel estulin

    World Business Model: How to create corporations that give orders to governments
    The “World Company SA” model, in force from 1968 to the present, was designed at the 1968 Bilderberg Club meeting in Montreal. This model involves the dismantling of the Nation State (Westfalia System, 1648-1968) to be structured around supranational organizations (World Bank, IMF, WTO) and corporations (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc.).

    Under this model it is established that no candidate for the presidency or chancellery of a country represents the interests of the same , but those of an elite global project. In addition, it is common for the same global project to have two, three, or more candidates who represent him competing in the electoral contest of the same country.

    The crisis of the liberal banking banker system
    The problem with the current model is that unlimited expansion can not exist on a planet with limited natural resources. When the USSR joined the Western bloc there was nowhere to expand, and capitalism began its decline. We are seeing the consequences now.

    “The big problem in the world today is that the economic system of unlimited growth that works worldwide since 1492 is over.The capitalist model died at the moment when the socialist bloc joined the liberal global banker model. From this moment begins the fall of the capitalist system, in 2000 came the bubble of the dotcom, in 2008 Lehman Brothers, in 2011 came the case of Dominique Strauss Kahn former director of the IMF, in 2012 Barack Obama eliminated his economic advice to the directors of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, in 2014 the money issue was stopped by ‘quantitive easing’ and in 2016 Donald Trump and the Brexit arrived. This is the end of a story that really began in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve because until then we could talk about a capitalism of production of real economy goods,Club Bilderberg that I brought to light, in 1963 they murdered Kennedy, in 1974 we had Watergate and in 1981 Reaganomics and the expansion based on American debt and credit, crowned with the fall of the USSR in 1991, and then the rest came . ”

    “When the end of the USSR came, the global financial-economic elite was clear that their time had come to an end and it would be a matter of a generation before we came to the problem of the end of unlimited growth today. If in the 80’s the western elite lived at the expense of the middle class of Latin America, in the ’90 at the expense of the middle class of the former USSR and today at the expense of the European middle class and North America, now what are you going to do? We are living an existential civilizing problem. ”

    “The main problem worldwide is that there is no financial model that can substitute the liberal banker-financing model. And for the elite the challenge is to find a model that can replace it (…) The problem for Trump, China, Russia and the elite is to find how to replace the model. Because if it collapses and there is no substitute, the world will go to war. We need a model. There are plans in progress. One is the dismantling of countries and the creation of economic regions. Everything was prepared for this to happen but Hillary Clinton lostand those plans died (…) On a world level there are no good and bad. Because the good ones are not all good and the bad ones are not all bad because they all share friendships with friends and enemies. It is not countries that are at war, but global projects. ”

    Law of change and mandate of the universe
    According to Daniel Estulin, the qualification of the politics of heaven comes from the principle of the trinity of the Universe and is constructed from the point of view of three symbols: the dogmatic basis of taking on the future versus the two dimensions of geopolitics.

    Unlike geopolitics, which is the doctrine of linear time (duality, white vs. black), the politics of heaven is based on the bridge card game, which obeys a doctrine of space and harmony of at least three forces. Non-linear thinking and the use of paradox as a tactical element are the road to victory, says Daniel Estulin.

    The USA. they only know how to play geopolitical chess. That is why the substitution of chess for the Bridge is key, since it contemplates elements such as cheating, playing so as not to lose, and giving up the initiative in order to gain time.

    For example, the Rothschilds are with Trump and with Russia because without Russia they can not be part of China’s Datung project. Why? Because China needs the “mandate of the Universe”, which according to the Law of Change can only be granted by Russia. The law of change and mandate of the universe is a system of prediction of the future developed by Russian intelligence.

    The six global projects that control the world
    When talking about global projects, there is no talk of countries like the Westphalia System (1648-1968) of Sovereign States. In the current postindustrial world, with networking and the dismantling of lies, Russian intelligence has created a model that explains reality in a more truthful and coherent way: the model of “Global projects.”

    Not every nation can aspire to have a global project, because it requires: dream of governance and advanced military infrastructure, independent economic system, and intelligence system with global reach. In Latin America, for example, there is nothing of this, so Latin American countries, since they do not constitute their own global projects, can only aspire to be part of one of them, as a secondary element.

    According to the analysis of Estulin and Russian intelligence, currently (April 5, 2018) on this planet govern six elite global projects that are disputed and spread the world continuously, and they have done so throughout the history . These are:

    1. New Babylon : New York, Wall Street, financier bankers interests, Rockefeller Clan , Financial International (Finintern).

    2. New Jerusalem : London, British Empire, Windsor House, Rothschild House, jásidas and Kabbalists.

    3. Great Europe / International Black Roman Germanic : the Europe of orders, with the Vatican, the old European aristocracy , Propaganda Due lodge(P2), etc. (Napoleonic Legion of Honor). Under the conceptual tutelage of the Vatican. Hidden Element: International Black, the color of the earth (Teutons). Open element: Jesuits, Opus Dei. Heirs of the Roman Empire of the Germanic nations. Image of Victoria: Jewish-Christian world theocracy.

    4. Great Eurasia with center in Moscow.

    5. New Sufi Red Caliphate from Turkey.

    6. Datung: China , in alliance with the Rothschild House and the Windsor.

    It is also important to take into account that these global projects and their components sometimes form alliances and also betray each other, because the elites do not play chess of you against me, but they play bridge, betting even for several projects at once . That is why making the distribution between white and black chips does not make any sense to understand power games.

    New Jerusalem (Kabbalists and Chassids)
    The Jews are not a homogeneous group . Zionist Sadducees (Jerusalem, Vatican), Jashidas Essenes (London) and Talmud Pharisees (New York) are three distinct groups that are at war with each other. Each of these groups is descended from one of Noah’s children.

    New Jerusalem (London) is a project of two contours with change from the petrodollar to the gold yuan and Atlantis to the Pacific Zone, forming the Rothschild-British Crown-China alliance.

    The cabbalists and the Chinese, each on their own, are carrying out their 3,000 and 5,000 year project. The cabbalists are guiding the future through the conflict and dismantling of freemasonry (liberals) and the aristocracy (conservatives) .

    The Rothschilds are behind HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered and BlackRock. BlackRock is Wall Street. Above the Rothschilds are the Barruch, the British royalty, B’nai B’rith, and on the cusp are the Kabbalist planners who are carrying out a 3,000-year Solomonic plan . But not only they, but the Chinese also know how to calculate the future in ranges of 3,000 years.

    The scheme of economic dismantling follows the same pattern as always: from Venice to England, from England to the USA, and now from the USA. to China (from the petrodollar to the yuan / gold). This transition is one of the main objectives of Trump, who is supported by the Rothschilds.

    In 2012, the spokesman for B’nai B’rith and the Rothschilds, Henry Kissinger, said that in ten years Israel (Zionists) was going to stop existing. Because he said that? Israel is the creation of Churchill and Stalin, and according to the Kabbalists only the Messiah can create Israel. The war we are seeing now is part of the process.

    New Babylon
    The Talmudic Jews are Pharisees and form the conceptual basis of modern globalism that today is represented by the dynasty of Anglo-American power based in New York. In politics they are made up of the Masons-Illuminati, the Rockefeller group and George Soros. In finance they represent the liberal banking banker model and their tool is the petrodollar.

    The economic model of unlimited expansion of the Rockefellers ceded in 2012 in favor of the Rothschilds and their gold standard model. And so began the reorganization of alliances.

    The Rockefellers (bankers) lost in 2012 and got out of the way. The Rothschilds (gold, silver, diamonds, drugs) won and that is why everything is heading towards the gold standard backed by natural resources.

    Great Europe, Bilderberg Club and the Vatican
    The Bilderberg Group dates back to the year 1200-1204 after the Fourth Crusade when it was called Venetian Black Nobility . The Venetian system of oligarchical power remains the same, with bloodlines dating back to Ancient Rome and Egypt (and some sources say that until Atlantis). From Venice they went to Holland, where the Bilderberg Club was founded.

    An example of this migration from Venice to Holland is the case of the Thurn and Taxis family, who around 1650, changed their original Italian surname “Della Torre e Tasso” to a German translation for which they are known: Thurn and Taxis.

    Another example of these migrations is the Breakspear-Lancellotti family . The English family Breakspear is part of an Illuminati clan that originated in Italy, and that took its name from the Lancellotti family. The Lancellotti-Breakspear family today lives in London.

    In 1954 the first annual Bilderberg Club meeting took place at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands. Subsequently, the Bilderberg immigrated from the Netherlands to the US, taking over the leadership of the group through the CIA and committing to caring for the interests of the elites. Bilderberg is a liberal project of Bretton Woods and the Washington Consensus.

    In 2012, the Cathars propitiated a hard blow to the Vatican via Vatileaks for pedophilia scandals. Since then, the reputation of the seduceo-Jesuit Vatican is collapsing definitively . In addition, Jorge Bergoglio, a heretical Jesuit Pope , came to power . The Vatican thus ceased to be a global project to join the Great European project of the kings and the European aristocracy.

    Great Datung
    The Great Datung project seeks the great union of the human being and was created by the Chinese sages during the period of the first “Son of Heaven”, King Wen of Zhou 3,000 years ago. We know him by the Daoist monks. The cabbalists and the Chinese, each on their own, are carrying out their 3,000 and 5,000 year project.

    They are two different projects. The black Wahhabist caliphate played with London in the New Jerusalem project, but they lost the bet when Russia entered Syria in 2015. The new cast (2017-2020) includes the red caliphate sufi tariqati (Turkey) while London plays with China via the Rothschild.

    The case of Latin America
    Latin America, since it is not a global project of its own, can only aspire to be part of one of them, as a secondary element. For example, “Venezuela can play within the project of China in the New Way of Silk. The Chinese need Russia and Turkey, and Venezuela is friends with all these countries. ”

    The three exits to the crisis of the current global projects
    Jacob Rothschild, the patriarch of one of the visible bankers’ families, said in 2015 that there are three ways out of the crisis:

    1. World War ( Freemasonry , Windsor House ).
    2. Transhumanist NBIC Technological Revolution (Illuminati, Skull & Bones).
    3. Change the petrodollar pattern to the gold standard (Kabbalists, Vatican, royalty and European aristocracy).

    Behind the World War project are Freemasonry, with the British Royal House of the Windsor as the epicenter. They want war, because only then could they maintain the liberal world system and reform it by debasing their debts and responsibilities.

    The technological revolution is a project of the Illuminati, which is the Order of Skull & Bones. They seek to emerge from the crisis through a transhumanist technological revolution and are in charge of setting up the infrastructure so that this transhumanization ( conversion of human beings to cyborgs ) takes place in one way or another.

    Behind the project that proposes a change of the financial system (return to the gold standard) are the old European aristocracy, royalty, and the Vatican. And behind them is B’nai B’rith, who are the Kabbalistic planners who are carrying out a 3,000-year Solomonic plan. They want to create a New Monetary World based on the gold Yuan and electronic money . That’s why his representative, Donald Trump, is destroying the petrodollar model.

    Daniel Estulin: geopolitical update of June 2018
    In an update published in an interview in June 2018 , Daniel Estulin revealed that the hidden agenda of the summit between Trump and Kim in Singapore is that they have come together to share the areas of global influence that have already been negotiated with China. “Everything is already negotiated,” says Estulin, “and the authors of the plan are the Jewish Kabbalist planners. As for Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, they are only two pawns on the board.

    The Bilderberg Club represents a dead model and the financial system it supports is also dead, because it is an economy designed for expansion and this expansion has reached its limit. The Vatican as part of the Great European Global Project fights for survival. For their part, the Windsor and Freemasonry seek to expiate responsibilities through a third world war, while the Illuminati do it through transhumanism, and the Rothschild through the yuan-gold and cryptocurrencies, allied with China.

    In the same interview, Estulin states that the alliances between global projects and geopolitical distribution have remained this way: the United States, the British Empire, Hong Kong, the Rothschilds and the European aristocracy in one side, and the rest of the world in another side. In addition, by design, China will stay with Southeast Asia and the Americans will give them Latin America . But this new world order or new distribution should not be understood as a distribution of countries, but as a new system based on economic regions.

    1. Hey CD, dang thanks for taking the time to translate all that.

      “The capitalist model died at the moment when the socialist bloc joined the liberal global banker model.”

      Therefore, we could say free market capitalism has become corrupted by being infected with socialism. Is there a medicine for that infection? Lol

      “The capitalist model died at the moment when the socialist bloc joined the liberal global banker model. From this moment begins the fall of the capitalist system”

      What is weird is that Karl Marx didn’t like capitalism and was pro-socialism, yet in a predominantly socialistic world socialism crept into or tried to merge with capitalism instead of just eliminating capitalism. I believe that free market capitalism may end up winning the day if the world mindset can transform itself to allow free market capitalism to regulate itself as it was originally intended, instead of man be they socialist, communist or whatever new “ist” is chosen to be, thinking they can regulate the natural process which free market capitalism was modeled from better than that which created the known universe.

      Milton Friedman has a good position of free market capitalism. This short two minute video is just amazing. How many have ever looked beyond the yellow paint of the pencil? 🙂

      If that two minute video hooked you like it did me you might find this longer (one hour) video a good listen.

      In regards to the Rothschild exit strategy prediction.

      What if the exit is a combination of parts of all three of these stated strategies?

      I have to say I never like the generalization of “Freemasonry” and “Illuminati” used to encompass all the rites because they do not all follow the same guide. We should remember that man brings his own corruption and inner deficiencies into whatever society he is a member of and then the rest of the world only sees the tarnished part of said societies rather than the whole of these societies. For example “Behind the World War project are Freemasonry, with the British Royal House of the Windsor as the epicenter.” This to me sounds like the York Rite of Freemasonry because all the research I’ve done into the esoteric side of Scottish Rite Freemasonry isn’t conducive of mismanaging funds which would mean they wouldn’t have a need to cause a world war to hide this mismanaged debt. The teachings I’ve read about are to teach man how to be better men and women by becoming whole and individualized which takes great responsibility and inner qualities that do not align with war, genocide and the like.

      In regards to the Illuminati which I choose to believe is derived for esoteric Freemasons who have achieved illumination through their great inner works. Perhaps it is the same as the Grand Man. Or Karl Jung’s process of individualization. I have to believe that Skull and Bones is a representation of the corruption some men brought into that societal title. Or simply that other people who only have a shallow understanding of the whole process have incorrectly grouped them into these labels.

      That being said luckily we have not seen a world war yet but we have seen many isolated wars.

      We haven’t seen an overtaking transhumanism but we have seen man made synthetic cells with man made DNA and we have seen mechanics and robotics merge with humans in the form of bionics to help with disabling factors.

      We haven’t seen a gold standard introduced yet but we have seen an introduction of digital assets one of which (Bitcoin) seems to have many of the characteristics of physical gold. These digital assets have carved out a path for themselves and have become a new asset class all together. Regulation is being developed for them and they are well on their way of perhaps being like a gold standard.

      If not maybe a gold backed dollar will also happen even though it would seem that isn’t the path China is taking with their recent inception of the petro Yuan. Perhaps that Chinese world controlling factor working against the other heads of the same crown beast is attempting to take over the old system or an attempt to cover all the bases in their own attempt to stand alone atop the global mountain.

      Funny that the skull and bones weren’t labeled for the gold standard. I remember Hillary stating she wanted to bring back a gold standard and Bill is supposed to be a skull and bones guy.

      Umm, isn’t XRP based in San Francisco? Hmm. Since its more towards technology and the skull and bones are more into technology/transhumanism wouldn’t it make more sense for the skull and bones to be invested in cryptocurrencies? Interesting points CD but I’m coming out with more questions than I went in with. Lol. 😉

      1. Hi Dane,

        You have lined up some really interesting thoughts which got me thinking too. Perhaps one way one way to look at the material presented in the article by Estulin would be to see it as a Model and a methodology for the very top level movers and shakers and how a new project may draw the attention of various powerful people and groups in that endeavour. This way, helped me to see groups who may have a very long history as well as powerful families rather than nations that they may happen to come from. For example, the Rothschilds appear to be everywhere much like a group or secret society, like the Freemasons or Sufi’s possibly, as you mentioned.

        The other point which you talked about was the way various well-intentioned groups are now appearing as a powerful entity that flexes muscles in an international setting and region. The Sufi’s which the article talks about as follows:

        They are two different projects. The black Wahhabist caliphate played with London in the New Jerusalem project, but they lost the bet when Russia entered Syria in 2015. The new cast (2017-2020) includes the red caliphate sufi tariqati (Turkey) while London plays with China via the Rothschild.”

        The “Sufi Tariqati” actually in itself is not sinister and “Tarigati” means the follows of the path, Tariqat being an Arabic word meaning “the path”. In the same way that the Freemasons of numerous franchises have been around for centuries in different lands, they have not been inherently dangerous or even violent. We can also include the Catholic Chruch, Islamic denominations, Buddhists, Judaic temples and every other group, cult or religion have equally been infiltrated, taken over and hijacked for other causes, other than what they came to exist from the beginning.
        I, therefore, think it is very difficult and incorrect to generalize every one of the above entities or individuals within them as the majority of the people in each one are good people either unaware or trapped in a bad and corrupt system. I am certain, in all of the above there are people who know they have been hijacked and taken for a ride but unable to speak and act and facilitate a correction. This is why a vast sum of money is spent on propaganda and PR all so that the masses within in the above entities remain ignorant of what is being done in their names. In the end, we return to the biggest sin of all which is “Ignorance” of the masses and how we are taught not to see what our own conscious and active mind tells and instead learn the dogma and to accept a judgment and value system from the cult, path, religion or even our education system.

        Regarding Capitalism, I believe, at least since WWI and possibly well before that when the foundations for a world government in the league of nations after WWI and later the United Nations was created, we have not had any form of true MArket Capitalism whatsoever. The Soviet Union was an experiment that lasted 70 years and according to many scholars and educated folks on the subject such as the British Professor Anthony Sutton who worked for many years at the Hoover Institute, both Hitler and Stalin were helped and assisted. Sutton said in an interview that an American high-level individual which I believe was Treasury Dept actually ran the USSR during the war from Moscow! After the Tehran Conference in 1941, you would see lots and lots of aircraft and trucks and machinery was given to the USSR which later became well-known Soviet aeroplanes and trucks that were entirely American design. In the ’50s onwards, the Italian Fiat made cars in the Soviet Union and Fiat became the standard car where they used to export them to the West. Anyone in Europe and Asia in the ’70s and ’80s probably remembers the cheap Russian cars as Lada and Moscovitch. So you can see how the even Soviet Union was assisted like a limping man with a stick given to him by the West. I even believe that the collapse of the Soviet Union was ordered from the West and Gorbachev was working with the Western powers. Soviets had developed a poor system of centrally managed economy where everything from growing cucumbers to TV manufacturing for a nation as vast of the Soviet Union. They probably could have carried out with the system but the experiment had to be stopped as world elite probably had other plans, in which we are living in its aftermath. I will leave a YT clip of the late Prof. Sutton but there are plenty more of his other talks available:

        I will probably stop here as there are lots to talk about the points you raised and I worry about rambling on and on which I am susceptible to 🙂

      2. I thought this is an interesting one to consider Dane when you said the following:

        “That being said luckily we have not seen a world war yet but we have seen many isolated wars.”

        Could one reason regarding why we have had no major war since WWII be possible that every major nation possesses Nuclear bomb that in fact may never be used since the consequences are unthinkable for the nation that used it and for the one that receives it, equally devastating. So we have consciously or maybe even subconsciously created a weapon which assures mutual destruction BUT, does it not also ensure no winners, hence making war pointless! We also created a tamper-proof system i.e. Blockchain for the same reason as the atomic bomb possibly because we can not trust ourselves! Blockchain takes away the fiddling with the creation of another form of energy i.e. Money whilst Atomic bomb ensures we don’t destroy ourselves. Bot great and timely inventions that limit mankind’s weaknesses!

        I thought what you said was brilliant and it made me think which other inventions we can think of that already exists that bypasses our negative instincts and more interesting would what other Future inventions we can think of to ensure our other weaknesses? Then, why do we think AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a bad thing OR a good thing to have all mixed up in our lives?

        Will and can AI help us to a better species?

        Apologies Dane, as the last few questions it sounds like exam question 🙂

        1. LOL! You do go on don’t you? Bwahahahaha, just kidding my friend I love to read what is on your mind CD. Now it’s my turn to ramble a bit 😉

          Do we really have the nuclear capabilities that every country states they have? Was the disarmament of nuclear warheads from the last cold war possibly just a disguise as to who and where the world’s nuclear waste would be housed instead?

          Was this Uranium One conspiracy a cover for repatriating Russia’s nuclear waste back to them to be responsible for?

          It’s been stated that the reason the US installed such an expensive and technical form of nuclear power plant is because they could be retooled to produce weapons grade plutonium. As such did we ever have the nuclear warheads on the intercontinental missiles like what was claimed?

          Or is all this a fear tactic and or a bluff and the plutonium “would” or “could” be produced as needed if necessary? I mean the logic would ask that if only one nuclear warhead could set off enough radiation to end life on a global scale why would more than a few be needed? And if only one could do this why is there life on earth after the two bombs were dropped on Japan? Oh they were hydrogen bombs not really nukes right?

          Hahaha, actually they aren’t nuclear bombs at all. They are atomic bombs with nuclear reactions.

          “What’s the difference between hydrogen bombs and atomic bombs? Simply speaking, experts say a hydrogen bomb is the more advanced version of an atomic bomb. … An atomic bomb uses either uranium or plutonium and relies on fission, a nuclear reaction in which a nucleus or an atom breaks apart into two pieces.”

          So hydrogen bombs are more powerful than the atomic bombs we dropped on Japan. But no mention of using one being a world ending event. But we have been sold on one nuclear bomb being capable of ending all life on the planet? Is it simply to instill fear?

          ““With the [atomic] bomb we dropped in Nagasaki, it killed everybody within a mile radius,” Morse told TIME on Friday, adding that a hydrogen bomb’s reach would be closer to 5 or 10 miles. “In other words, you kill more people,” he said.”

          Okay I live within a 10 mile radius of a nuclear power plant and we have evacuation siren tests once a month. So isn’t that being on the coast of Florida susceptible to hurricanes as feasible concern as a hydrogen bomb? It’s all madness I tell you!

          Sorry pal I know you asked questions and I’m answering with more questions but I think they are important questions to ask, and there purpose is to foster deeper thought into the subject. I hope you don’t mind.

          So now to more sensible reasoning 🙂

          Could a possibility for not seeing a world war so far be due to a lack of enough centralized liquidity to fund one? Or as history shows to fund both sides of one? Could the worlds liquidity be fragmented enough to not allow any one of the high world controllers you mention to fund such a world war?

          Maybe this gives us a plausible reason for such a delay in the rolling out of the digital asset class since it has the potential to provide the world with such liquidity. If so it would seem prudent to ensure the mindsets of the worlds titans were a bit more stable and satisfied with their regions of power through this global transformation prior to providing them with the liquidity to wage world war to take more than their share through brute force.

          Just thinking out loud pal.

          With AI I absolutely believe it can help mankind. I would reframe the question though to ask what will man do with the AI? Will he use it to benifit all of mankind? If so whos idea of a better condition for mankind with the AI be programmed with? Yours, mine, perhaps JC’s? You see the possible delema there with that construct? But what if AI pulled its centralized algorithm from an artificial common sense from say a decentralized store of big data stored across blocks on a blockchain?

          For example and as JC has eluded to in his post with the sexy lady in the yellow dress. Given that a block in a blockchain is a database and that databases are stores of data. What if each of us had a block on a blockchain and those blocks contained data that was a record of each of our experiential knowledge kind of like the akashic records in our human experience? Could AI algorithms achieve more than the human experience? I’m not sure pal, but so far including the human heart in our thinking process seems to have a lot to add to the human experience. As we see in the world though fewer and fewer humans seem to think with their hearts and more and more seem to only think with their brain.

          Carl Jung explained an experience he had with an American Indian where the indian explained that the problem with the white man is that he thinks with his brain. Carl responded yes of course. What do you think with? The indian said that they think with their hearts.

          I think that says a lot about mankind.

          Now what if those blocks also stored our intellectual property which seems to be what the world finds important these days and what countries seem to be arguing over? Hmm, a good point for corrupting the algorithm probably. What about hacking the algorithm? So many possibilities, yet with mankind not completing itself first its anyone’s bet as to how the world of AI will evolve.

          This sets off a tangent of creative thought. For instance in simplified terms in a blockchain if a consensus of the ledger finds a block to be corrupt it disables it. Much like humans are arrested for corrupt allegations, go to court and are sent to jail if found corrupt right? See how man is modeling AI based from his own construct? And man is supposed to be modeled from our creator right? Oh man I could go on for hours with this. We could move into current PC architecture and how it is modeled from our construct and how quantum computing gets even closer to human being than current PC’s but this is getting a bit long. Perhaps a conversation for another time 🙂

      3. Hi Dane, great analysis thanks.
        But, Hillary wants a return to the gold standard? I am a bit taken aback by that assertion, I never heard any mention of that, not sure if you might have got something mixed up there brother.
        Regarding the Estulin thesis, what intrigued me most was probably the “Datung China” project, but I have been finding difficulty researching this further. No, Google, I’m not looking for Chinese Dating sites 🙂
        If anyone has any good avenues of research on that project, pls share.

        On the 3 exit strategies, I am convinced that the transhumanist NBIC (which stand for Nanotech, Biotech, Information sciences and Cognitive science) revolution is all but inevitable. The other 2, much less so. But you are right these things could occur in a combination. Indeed a transhumanist revolution could quite plausibly trigger a major global war, i.e. sci-fi scenarios of the cyborgs vs the “baseline humans”. I would estimate it will take about another couple of decades for the transhumanism movement to really get going, but when it does, it will happen alarmingly quickly. Furthermore, if and when true molecular manufacturing (the ultimate aim of nanotechnology) is developed, all bets are off. Unimaginable transformations will occur on this planet and beyond, in the metaphorical blink of an eye. It will be time for (trans)humans to go forth and colonise the whole solar system followed by the local area of the galaxy. Believe it or not, I see this happening as soon as the latter part of the present century.
        So, if my prediction holds, and we do see a progression towards a Technological Singularity, I would presume that the Transhumanist elites would most likely emerge as the natural “winners”. Therefore, the other heads of the Crown Beast will be doing all in their power to slow down the inexorable march of progress. Of course, this may well be happening already – I am thinking of the inter-related theories on the suppression of free energy tech for example. And the strangely glacial pace of advances in space exploration since Apollo. But I would expect that eventually they will be forced to take an attitude of “if we can’t beat ’em, let’s join ’em”. One can then envisage the elites regrouping on other planets, seizing the natural resources, and perhaps an eventual interplanetary war between them. Ok I am getting carried away here, I will have to write that sci-fi novel one day 🙂
        As some POMcats will no doubt be aware, there are also theories on breakaway civilisations that are already in place on (at least) the Moon and Mars. Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the leading researchers on this and has documented the missing trillions from the Pentagon budget. And, further trillions could potentially have been invested by elite groups. Incredible to consider, but not impossible. I’ll admit that like Fox Mulder, I want to believe 😉
        Note that although these theories tend to overlap with theories of clandestine contact with aliens, to my mind they are not necessarily “symbiotic”. In other words, if we assume aliens don’t exist, there could still be a secret space programme going on.

        JC, I’m guessing you are probably rolling your eyeballs and thinking this discussion is going way off topic! But no doubt will get back on track when your next article drops 🙂

        CD, look I can ramble too! lol

        1. Nah, no mix up pal she said it in one of her campaign ramblings when speaking out against the TPP.

          Try searching for “Datong China Project”, maybe “Datung” was a Google translator fupa 😉


          Check out this guys youtube channel. He’s got the best moon videos I’ve seen so far with a 14 inch telescope and a Nikon filming through it. Maybe you’ll find some of those Pentagon Trillions up there 😉

          1. Guys, we seem to have opened the Pandora’s box 🙂

            I think the term Datong relates to the ancient Chinese philosophy of loving-kindness and working towards a common good for all mankind as also supported by the Chinese philosopher, Confucius. The following paragraph is perhaps a summary of the philosophy of the Chinese Datong. It seems, the One Beli, One Road project by the Chinese with Russians, is in line with this philosophy whereby opening the Trade corridors across the vast plains of Asia and also Africa where China has done some remarkable work in the transportation of all kind.

            Datong from what I can gather is the equivalent of the Operating System of one of the oldest civilizations that is China and Chinese society takes its guiding principles from this philosophy. It also appears that Datong is somewhat close to collectivism with a strong influence of property rights and many elements of capitalism so it is not a surprise that we see Billionaires in China in a Communist/Collectivist society!

            “Datong society is therefore one in which everybody is devoted to serving the common good of all instead of seeking only or mainly to benefit themselves and their families. Datong may thus be regarded as a society where the common good prevails, or the embodiment of the idea of the common good itself. To use Confucian language, datong is a society in which the Confucian virtue of ren (benevolence or love) is most fully practiced by members of society”

            The above quotation is from the following document:


            Dane, I admit I am now demolished under the weight of the info dump and in awe of you nuclear/hydrogen bomb expertise. 🙂 You literally bombarded me with so much info which I had I never looked into. Thanks pal, LOL 🙂

            Will write back regarding your excellent thoughts later.

          2. LOL! Great response my friend. 🙂 Bombs away! Reminds me of that game called Battleship.

            Interesting take on Datong CD. I would have to research in order to come to an understanding of the differences between communism and socialism. We are living the horrific ramifications of socialism within a capitalist society so I wonder how capitalism would be in a communist society in the long term.

            “Datong society is therefore one in which everybody is devoted to serving the common good of all instead of seeking only or mainly to benefit themselves and their families. Datong may thus be regarded as a society where the common good prevails, or the embodiment of the idea of the common good itself. To use Confucian language, datong is a society in which the Confucian virtue of ren (benevolence or love) is most fully practiced by members of society”

            Sounds very similar to what Milton Friedman says in his defense of a free society of capitalism. When asked if the government should allow poor to suffer while another prospers he says something to the effect that it is not the government’s responsibility to help the poor but it is the poor person’s neighbors who bear the responsibility to help their poor neighbor. This goes directly to the soul of the problem and seems in line with the Datong ideal.

          3. Hi Dane, I still don’t buy it, but perhaps time will tell on that one. Hard to imagine HRC agreeing with Ron Paul on, well, anything 🙂
            Many thanks, yes Datong is the more correct spelling. As CD mentioned (and thanks for the link!) it is the Confucian conception of harmonious society, I think the best translation would be “Great Harmony”. One could potentially interpret the project then as a Chinese version of a New World Order? Maybe. Or a global utopian vision. Dreams of utopian society are usually swiftly dismissed as unrealistic but there is nothing intrinsically impossible about the idea. Major advances in technology could potentially enable something approaching utopia. Excuse my sci-fi leanings once again but the best vision of this concept that I know of is The Culture – the creation of Scottish author Iain M Banks:

            Hey I know you’re being flippant with that moon observation link but I keep an open mind on that. There are highly regarded analysts (for example, friend of POM Jay Dyer) who suggest that the faked moon landing conspiracy theory may be valid. I don’t know about that but what vexes me more is why we still haven’t properly explored there. Something seems “off” about that. I would have expected that by now the entire surface of the Moon ought to have been fully mapped down to the square inch by autonomous drones, at least. There is also plenty of evidence of NASA airbrushing features out of the photos they have released over the years. Could be part of a psyop though, along with so many other space oddities.

            I’m still working my way down this thread so I might further comment on Datong etc. below…

          4. Lol, actually I wasn’t being flippant about the moon link redjon. It’s the best video I’ve found on it through my time exploring that subject. Don’t you like the clarity of the videos? He did a high definition (4k) one yesterday. I don’t hold all of the same beliefs he does but I really like his videos of the moon’s surface. The colors that aren’t seen by the naked eye are amazing! Did you see that China just sprouted a cotton seed inside their lunar lander? I think they are trying to claim the moon as their own. What did Watney say when he grew those potatoes on Mars? I’ll have to look later got to go to a site meeting 😉

  9. Dane , CD , I think you really nailed it !

    I always have problems trying to discern the differents group of interest within the most visible branches of the ruling elite as this is not something fixed , but merely people or subgroups moving and creating ponctual alliances to preserve their power inside the structure .

    It make me think , speaking about revolution and french people , that ,more or less ,230 years have passed since 1789 . So , that means 3 or 4 Kondratieff cycles ( from 55 years to 70 years depending on the experts you’re relying on ) .
    I have never really studied cycles or history cycles , which could be even longer that Kondratieff cycles , but may be we’re on for something more profound regarding changes in historical relationship between states and economic blocs , as have already stated JC in various articles .
    And Yellow vests or Qanon are just sparks trying to light the fire and spread , willingly or not ,a short period of chaos , prelude to a new order .
    This paper from Estulin is a nice read , as it propose a look behind a part of the curtains …..
    Thanks for the link !

    1. Thanks, Dear Ledude59,

      I agree with you absolutely in that the cycles do exist and human activity in time often coincides with cycles that are inherent in nature as in weather, farming, stock markets, sun activity etc. etc. I believe the fairly accurate weather reports as an example we get is to a large extent depends on such cycles and taking account of previous wether activities that are available. So Cycles do exist in everything and the power of Empires and any other human activities are dependent on the cycles inherent in the behaviour of anything we think of.

      The present system of world governance is around 70 years and it seems, it is exhausted and a new system is needed urgently. So Trump, QAnon, Yellow Vests are possibly either by-products of the end of a cycle but possibly, and likely that they are the catalyst for the new system. Nevertheless, in all systems, there is a degree of entropy and it seems to occur towards the end life of a system, which we are living in the chaotic period is the testament.

      You are very welcome and I wish you a good week ahead.

  10. Dear Brother Redjon You got it, man!

    Well done, for conneting the dot from start to the end!

    In fact, the psilocybin mushroom and other psychoactive plants were the methods used by the Zoroastrian priests aka the Magi and the so-called Phrygian Cap was the hat they wore.
    The reason for it being called “Liberty Cap” is the practices of the ancient Indo-European Iranic priest class in search of the truth and Freedom from time and space matrix as well as a tool for scientific discoveries and solutions to their everyday problems. It is not a surprise you hear about the Silicon Valley Tech WizKids, microdosing with and DMT/ LSD and other psychoactive to solve complex mathematical or technical problems. This is why I always call these plants, Teacher plants and Zoroastrian Magi’s always stated the true knowledge can ONLY be achieved via plants which we know as “Hoaoma” but we do not have enough evidence to prove exactly which plant(s) which Mushrooms fall under they were using. I believe, Terrence McKinnon talked about this extensively. So as you astutely discovered, the reason the French revolutionaries wore the “Liberty” Cap was that they knew the relationship between Freedom from the matrix, the Mushrooms and the hat that was used by their ancient Indo-European cousins, the Iranian Magi. History becomes totally live, once you start seeing the dots all connected up and from then on, nothing looks meaningless. In fact, everything we see around us is not new, but a recreation or reenactment of an old idea, that includes any modern scientific discovery, symbols, signs and ideas…and in every case, the plant teachers had an influence which the contemporary world neither respects nor understand very sadly! Is it a surprise why the world governments are so totally against any such plants? Consider, if humanity is trained to use such gifts from heaven in a respectful manner to discover their own true essence and become free from the daily barrage of the TV, Hollywood and Fakestream propaganda broadcast… personal experience with the divine is a dangerous proposal for the matrix and it is identical to have the means of production of energy for free…

    If you are interested in further research on the Mushroom Cult and Mithraism, I can think of this book…I have not read it but it looks pretty good, so I might consider it for later:

    1. Thanks Brother, that book has been added to my list.
      Furthermore, I’ll never look at the Belgian psychedelic comicbooks/cartoon series The Smurfs in the same way again! They not only wear phrygian caps but live inside amanita muscaria houses! 🙂
      So many connections everywhere, for those with eyes to see.
      Yes, not at all surprising, although it has always been disappointing to me how entheogens continued to be suppressed throughout my lifetime. But I am increasingly convinced that we will see an ongoing opening up process with changing attitudes and much more research. We are still near the beginning of this process and it is exciting to think of the future possibilities, as these plants can play a major part in the mass awakening of consciousness if we let them. I am not sure what is driving the change in attitudes unless it is simply the gradual dying off of the older generation who fell for the propaganda against the 60s counter-culture movement, but anyway the supression does seem to be in an easing off phase and the world will be a better place for it. Let us continue to rediscover the ancient wisdom.

      Contemplation of your other epic contribution above is still making my brain hurt (in a good way!) and I do hope it provokes some further discussion because for me it is one of the most mind-blowing comments ever dropped on POM to date! Kudos, a great find!

      1. I just realized I must add these two important elements regarding Datong.

        The two terms in the article by Estulin, “Mandate of Heaven” and “The Law of Change” both relate to the ancient prediction system of I-Ching that interestingly uses 64 possible Hexagrams. The hexadecimal numbering system has been used in modern computer system programming for decades, particularly in machine language! In I-Ching, the 64 twigs/stalks or coins provide the possible codes for an outcome and prediction. I have used this system from online I-Ching available on the Internet with incredible insights. Estulin’s article gives a glimpse of the prediction models as are used extensively by all-powerful nations for predicting future and any outcomes.

        Mandate of Heaven

        The Laws of Change: I Ching and the Philosophy of Life

        1. “Mandate of Heaven”

          “is a Chinese political and religious doctrine used since ancient times to justify the rule of the King or Emperor of China. According to this belief, heaven (天, Tian)—which embodies the natural order and will of the universe—bestows the mandate on a just ruler of China, the “Son of Heaven” of the “Celestial Empire”. If a ruler was overthrown, this was interpreted as an indication that the ruler was unworthy, and had lost the mandate. It was also a common belief among citizens that natural disasters such as famine and flood were signs of heaven’s displeasure with the ruler, so there would often be revolts following major disasters as citizens saw these as signs that the Mandate of Heaven had been withdrawn.”

          Seems something has changed in China then. If they truly believe in this Mandate of Heaven why would Xi set himself up to be president for life..I mean if it’s up to heaven and all?

          “China’s Xi allowed to remain ‘president for life’ as term limits removed”

          “Since the Beginning of 2018, 12 million Chinese Have Been Affected by Natural Disasters”

          Confucius says that it seems the Law of Change is ruling Datong right now. Of course unless Xi changed the constitution to be a lifetime president for the betterment of all the people right? Sounds like we’ve been down this road of one knowing what’s best for all before haven’t we? 😉

          1. Thanks Dane,

            Earlier today, I listened to this fantastic analysis of the Chinese economy and Mr Mercouris the British geopolitical expert confirmed why Chairman Xi has been placed as President for life. I recommend this clip as it is relevant to the discussion on the role of China and in particular to the trade war and its effects on the world. In times of crisis in all nations, one man is brought in to act like an Emroro or better said that a Dictator or even a Tyrant whilst none of these terms were looked in the same way we, the people alive in the 21st century would like at it i.e. it is not necessarily a sinister role but quite the opposite!


          2. You been to one of those Chinese entrainment camps CD? Bwahahahaha…

            Communism sucks! I don’t care how well its dressed up. I’m free in the wilds of America buddy. The wild, wild west where its illegal to do a lot but its still better than communism 😉

            Kidding aside the only difference between a dictator and a tyrant is the person sitting in the seat, and even then the same person can switch from one to the other. No one person should have rule over all. It’s unnatural and definitely too risky for the survival of mankind.

  11. Thanks Dane,

    I wish somebody would take me to a Chinese “Entertainment” camp…..don’t what that is but it sounds like fun LOL 🙂

    I agree, Communism and for that matter, any system that does not recognize the property right and liberty of the people is unacceptable and should be rejected with full force. Tyrants and Dictators come to power because of the failure of democratic systems and no Republic has lasted more than 300 years before going to a period of chaos and tyrannical rule. For that matter, no system of governance can be sustained indefinitely and regardless of us, like it or not, rulership becomes corrupt and people seek order and this is the time when a powerful leader appears on the scene to clear up the mess after an orgy of theft, looting, perpetual warfare and finally a collapse. In fact, nobody in the right mind would vote in or choose to live under the rules of a Tyrant or a Dictator, but this is always the last result before all hell breaking loose. The current state of the US and the Democratic world is precisely the time when the so-called Democratic system is so corrupt that people can see the charade and as we are witnessing the entire world is going through a period of instability when powerful leaders will come to lead the nations as a means of preventing it from total collapse. Btw, I just heard that Mrs May got a defeat from the British Parliament that may make the call for a general election where it is extremely likely that the pro-BREXIT leftist leader of the labour parties Jeremy Corbyn to come to power. He better be good and gets Britain outside of the EU ASAP.

    Clearly, Britain as well as everywhere else is in a process of correction.

      1. Hi Dane,

        I agree Communist China had been a brutal dictatorship from day one. I had a couple of people in the UK and US who were devotees of the FalunGong movement in China and they used to stand in front of most Chinese Embassies 24/7 silently and doing Tai Chi movements with placards showing organs taken out of Falun Gong members as well as other heinous crimes. Falun Gong is a new cult in China that combines ancient Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi and philosophy which is seen by the Communist Chinese as dangerous. The level of brutality by the Chinese government is unfathomable and totally unjustifiable.

        By some estimates, there will be more Christians in China in a few decades if not already, than Christians in America, even though it is not so tolerated by the authorities. Somehow, making something illegal may make people want it more!

  12. “EU Will Unveil SPV on Monday”

    According to this news, the newly established SPV (Special Payment Vehicle) which Europeans are trying frantically to start for them allowing to continue business with the Islamist regime in Iran, will start operating tomorrow Monday 28 January. The US government earlier last year blockaded EU and Iranian transactions via SWIFT network. The EU last year announced in coordination with other nations who were doing business with Iran to create another platform for such transactions. Yet, the platform can only be used for food, drug and basic items and not any major purchases such as planes, military or any other non-essential items.

    The Islamist government in Tehran is accordingly preparing for establishing the full operation of the SPV based in Switzerland by carrying out a system test with the Swiss-based entity by “Disconnecting the Internet” for 2 hours, today, Sunday 27 Jan. This well-publicized action by the Islamist government was announced as a test of Iranian Internet capability of preventing an enemy attack. However, the timing suggests that the Internet shut down for the two hour period may possibly be for ensuring the SPV operational and system/network acceptance testing. No doubt we may hear about how this SPV will operate and if anything, whether it will involve blockchain at its core or not!

  13. “The Rockefeller/Chase-Coordinated US Hostage Crisis In Iran”

    This morning an interesting Youtube channel (Newsbud) sent a teaser of their latest research program. Whilst watching the short clip, I thought of what is going on in Venezuela right now with apparently the; largest oil reserve in the world. I then thought of Syria and the potential Golan heights that is officially a part of Syria but under the Israeli control. At this point, I thought I am reviewing the past bloody wars and thought of Iraq, 911, Afghanistan and the current mess everywhere. It seems that all these wars and mass killings were to benefit banks and the rich elite and why at their gatherings at places like Davos, they talk about any of this but instead talk about the Climate change and other hoaxes, but never about how they manage to stay in power by messing with our minds continually!

    The following link is provided via Newsbud amongst many others where their research is based on:

    It transpires after almost 40 years that Chase Manhattan bank managed the entire “Student Hostage crisis” for 444 days all so that they can steal a massive amount of cash by the Imperial Iranian government. This is how the western banking model operates on, that is stealing money by any means. The invasion of Libya and the theft of several tons of gold belonging to the Libyan government as well as sucking dry the entire Libyan wealth fund by the Western Liberal Globalist elites under Obama, Hillary Clinton, David Cameron and the French President Sarkozy with the full assistance of Nato and the nations militaries involved. Western Banking Business model is literally to kill, destroy and loot whilst none of it is for the betterment of the Western people who are themselves being looted and done so for the past 70 years through the same scheme. Neither The Shah of Iran nor the Libyan leader Qaddafi and the Iraqi President’s sentencing (Saddam Hussein) to loot their nation and to kill them has anything to do with them being bad, brutal or dictatorial but rather, their crime more than anything was that they were ruling over a super-rich nation!

    The following paragraph summarises how the Rockefellers and Chase bank profited from the Islamization of Iran and the ensuing destruction of propagation of a cruel and criminal ideology all so that they will stay super rich. If this is not an act of Satan, I don’t know what is!

    The pattern of all the wars is here in black and white by the banker elite but the question we should ask maybe is, how much longer can they continue to rule with such brutality? Can Blockchain Tech remove the power of instigating wars and wholesale theft of nations?!

    The following quote shows the methodology of the scheme for stealing a nation’s money…

    “How Rockefeller and Chase Bank Profited From the Crisis “The benefit of the embassy takeover was significant for Chase” and Rockefeller, writes Patrick Tyler in World of Trouble: The White House and the Middle East from the cold war to the war on terror (Farrar Straus Giroux, 2009). “Carter froze Iranian assets in the United States, including the hundreds of millions of dollars in Chase accounts. The freeze enabled Chase to declare Iran in default on its loans since the Iranian central bank was no longer able to move money between accounts to make interest payments. Chase then seized Iran’s cash reserves in the amount of the outstanding loans and walked away clean from the disaster.”

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