The First False Flags

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Money Changers and the Great Fire of London in 1666

By JC Collins

“There is no proletarian, not even a Communist movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, and for the time being permitted by money – and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.”

  • Oswald Spengler

The much utilized term “false flag” can mean a number of different things, from one sudden devastating event, to a slow burn series of events, and everything in between.  In fact, the overall expansive proposition of the term is so broad that it is ineffective at conveying the overarching intent and methodology of the engineering that goes into the creation of such things.

A more appropriate terminology would be Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, which we will refer to from here on as CSI, capitalizing on the conscious familiarity of the term already in use by mass media entertainment in numerous television shows.

George Orwell astutely explained how language, or a reduction in the usage and context of language, can minimize intelligence on both the micro and macro levels, being the independent thoughts of the individual and the collective thoughts of the disorganized masses.  In his novel 1984, Orwell explained Newspeak as:

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.” (1.5.23, Syme)

As such it is my proposition the the term “false flag” is the promotion and utilization of the purpose for which Newspeak was designed, being the “narrowing of the range of thought” and making “thought crime literally impossible”.  It is a fools errand to attempt the policing of the thoughts of the disorganized masses, so it is imperative that language is used in a manner for which everyday thought and intelligence can be reduced.

It has been my contention in many posts that most of the so-called freedom organizations and websites are nothing but a front for the CSI which has been taking place for centuries.  With the onset of technology and the information age, it was necessary to create additional methods of conditioning in order to herd and manipulate the wants and desires of the masses.

To counter such tactics we shall re-capitalize on the Newspeak and social memes which we are bombarded with for the direct purpose of reconstituting our intelligence and overall awareness of the methodologies which are used against us. So it is that CSI will now and forever become the Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception which is used to arrest the natural and evolutionary progression of human thought and creation of sustainable social trusts and capital. (See post titled PrimNomics – The First Division)

For all the usage of the term “false flag” it is curious that very little has ever been written or investigated by the alternative media in regards to the Great Fire of London in the year 1666.  But before we get into that event we shall step backwards in time a few more decades.

The first central bank was established by the Money Changers in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in the year 1609.  From that base of operations the Money Changers began to wage a CSI war against the monarchies and people of Europe. The banking interests funded all forms of rebellion and agent provocateurs across the expanse of the continent with a special focus on England.

In 1642 the Money Changers began financing the agent Oliver Cromwell for the purpose of fomenting civil unrest and rebellion in England.  By 1649 Cromwell had succeeded in purging Parliament of the supporters of King Charles I and the king was subsequently put to death.

From that point the Money Changers consolidated power further and forced England to become involved in costly wars which further indebted the government.  One of these wars was the banker financed invasion of England by William of Orange from the Netherlands.  Being that the Netherlands was where the first central bank was established by the Money Changers, it is not difficult to see where the money came from for the invasion – the time and labor of the Dutch disorganized masses.

William of Orange of course was successful and ascended to the English throne as King William III in 1689.

After more than 50 years of banker financed wars the English government finally succumbed to the methodologies of the Money Changers CSI pogroms and sanctioned the creation of the privately owned central bank which was misleadingly called the Bank of England.

Over the next 4 years the debt owed to the bankers by the English government increased by 1280%.  This debt is likely still being paid by the time and labor of the disorganized masses of England.  Our time and labor, being or wealth, is sum negative from the start because of fiat currency and is used to service the never ending debt of the Money Changers.

The time span from the creation of the first central bank in Amsterdam in 1609 to the creation of the Bank of England in 1694 can be considered to be one long string of CSI conditioning.  To call any of these events a ‘false flag” does a severe disservice to the attempts of the disorganized masses to understand the machinations of the world we live in.

Returning to the Great Fire of London in 1666 we can consider this event to be a sudden “false flag” amongst the massive CSI conditioning which was taking place that century.  But once again, the term does not relay the complexity of the planning which was required before the event itself and in the reorganization of the City of London which took place after.

Though the Money Changers had consolidated their power in England by 1649 it would still take continued CSI pogroms against the population in order to effect permanent changes to the social and geopolitical structure of the country.  One of these pogroms was the intentional spreading of bubonic plague within the old Roman walls of the medieval City of London.

Plague Mask

Like Ebola is being used today to spread death and fear of death in problematic areas of interest to the modern manifestation of the Money Changers, the plague was used in 1665 England to cause death and fear of death within the desired old Roman walls of medieval London.

The city at that time was extremely overpopulated and polluted.  Though desired by the aristocracy for its symbolic history and esoteric location, it was also shunned because of the sociological cesspool which it had become.  The economics of the city were intentionally degraded by the banking interests which made it easier to spread a well-known disease like the bubonic plague within the confines of the old Roman walls.

Disease along with the social and economic problems were overwhelming.

The Great Fire of London started on Sunday, September 2, 1666, within the Roman walls.  Suspicion immediately set in as rumors of foreigners starting fires throughout the City of London circulated amongst the disorganized masses.  Charles II, now fully in the control of the Money Changers, refused to help the citizens of London with the fire and over the next three days almost everything within the old Roman walls was gutted by the fire.

It is estimated that 13,200 homes and 87 parishes were destroyed by the fire, with 70,000 to 80,000 inhabitants left homeless.  Only 6 deaths were recorded but it is likely that the death toll was extremely high as the deaths of the poor and middle class were not counted.

Also from this date, there were no additional cases of bubonic plague within the City of London or surrounding areas.

Like all “false flags” and CSI engineering, there was a patsy or place to shift blame.  The French watchmaker Robert Hubert was arrested and it is recorded that he confessed to starting the fire within a bakery on Pudding Lane.  It is written that Hubert said he was an agent of the Pope.  But it came out at a later date that Hubert didn’t even arrive in the city until at least September 4, 2 days after the fire had started.

This taken with the fact that rumors of foreigners starting multiple fires throughout the city, even leading to the lynching of foreigners, strongly suggests that the fire was staged and played a vital role within a larger methodology of establishing a major banking center on the esoteric grounds of old medieval London.

The poor and middle class were pushed of their lands with little compensation.  Though many plans for rebuilding the city were proposed the reconstruction was completed using the exact same street plan as was used before.

As mentioned above, it is curious that so many have avoided the connection between the Great Fire of London and the Money Changers, leading to the creation of the Bank of England in 1694.  Given the importance of the City State status of the City of London, (there are 3 city states, being Vatican City, Washington DC, and the City of London, these are cities with their own laws and policing, separate from the countries in which they are located), it is worth investigating further to see how the old City of London before the fire was geographically located and how the current rebuilt banking City of London is geographically located.

Below is a map of the Great Fire of London which shows the pattern the fire took and which areas within the old Roman walls were gutted.

Great_fire_spreadAnd now here is a map of modern day London, with the City of London clearly defined.

city-of-london-mapBased on the position of the Tower of London in the bottom right quadrant of the maps, it is clear to see the the city state of London, being the City of London, from which the international bankers have operated for centuries, was built on the remains of the old medieval City of London which had been located within the Roman walls which were built in the ancient world.

It has been the proposition of many astute researchers that the world is controlled from the three city states of Washington DC, Vatican City, and the City of London.  I would agree with this conclusion, but we can now add a fourth pillar to the original three, which is the pillar of Confucianism, being the east as represented by China.

It was thought at one time that Japan could act as this fourth balancing pillar in the consolidation of world wide CSI mandates by the Money Changers, but that moment changed with the attempt by the Japanese to hide gold hoards from the bankers who financed the rise of their Empire leading up to World War 2.

China, for its part, has been controlled by the Money Changers since the English led Opium Wars against the Chinese disorganized masses.  There were two Opium Wars, one in which spanned the years 1839 to 1842, and the second from 1856 to 1860.  The intent was to flood the Chinese mainland with large amounts of opium in order to make the Chinese population docile and complacent to the hidden rule of the Money Changers.  The same tactic is still used today in regards to both prescription drugs and street drugs, as well as alcohol, and all other forms of vice, be it gambling, shopping, or pornography.

China has been staged managed since that time and total control over the once-resistant population was fully realized with the establishment of communism during the revolution of 1949, after the population had been economically decimated and degraded by the Japanese invasion.  The Chinese revolution followed the same textbook CSI methodology as the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia in 1917.

This is in fact the same CSI methodology which was used in the 1600’s against England.

The Money Changers are so close to realizing their Great Work of the Ages.  This is the consolidation of all macroeconomics and sociological structures of humanity.  The machinations of this move towards a multilateral financial system with the SDR acting as the super-sovereign reserve currency have been well covered on this site.

The same so-called “conspiracy and freedom sites” which promote the simplified version of the “false flag” term also push a false hope on a relatively small percentage of humanity.  Contrary to the beliefs of some, there has only ever been, and will only continue to be, a small and marginal segment of the disorganized masses which has the potential to awaken to the CSI machinations of the Money Changers.

Or so it would appear at the time of this writing.

To ensure that this marginal segment does not grow in size it is further engineered as a controlled opposition which promotes both factual conspiracy theories and absurd conspiracy theories.  I have discussed before how something called “the weapons of the weak”, being gossip within the disorganized masses, has been stage managed to materialize in society as conspiracy theories.

To discern which sites, personalities, and organizations are a part of this CSI engineering is not easy.  But one can attempt to clear the mine field by sticking to facts as much as possible and studying the occult mandates of the Money Changers.

Jay Dyer over at the Jay Analysis website has been working hard since 2010 to decipher and catalog as much of this occult symbolism and “revelation of the method” as can be expected from any human being.  Jay recently compiled a post titled “V for Vendetta: Managed Dialectics.  In the essay he postulates that the movie V for Vendetta was an attempt to engineer an anti-establishment revolution by using the methodologies of managed dialectics.

From this managed dialectics came the imagery and symbolism which is used by the group Anonymous.  I would highly encourage readers to spend some time on Jay’s site reading his material and building their own conclusions on what is actually happening in the world of website conspiracy.

The mandates of the Money Changers has been consolidated within the institution known as the Bank for International Settlements.  Many assume that this “central bank for central banks” is controlled by the House of Rothschild.  This is an obvious conclusion but erroneous.

To understand what I mean one must consider how the House of Rothschild came to be.  It is recognized that the Rothschild empire came out of nowhere.  Along those lines it is interesting to consider that in 1760, 66 years after the establishment of the Bank of England, and 151 years after the establishment of the worlds first central bank in Amsterdam, a man by the name of Mayor Amschel Bauer suddenly changed his family name to Rothschild, meaning Red Shield, and started the House of Rothschild, from which he sent his 5 sons out into the capitals of Europe to set up additional central banks.  The story has all the hallmarks of a symbolic mystery play.  Readers should watch the 1936 movie titled The House of Rothschild.

The coat of arms of the City of London contains a red shield, or red Templar cross.  There is additional information and evidence available to the curious researcher to make solid connections between the Money Changers, Templars, and Rothschilds.  It is obvious that the Money Changers of the ancient world, the ones who Julius Caesar and Jesus Christ spoke out against, have hidden themselves behind the veneer of fronts like the House of Rothschild, while they have consolidated control over the wealth, time and labor, of humanity through a process of establishing central banks and implementing taxation on labor.

Coat of ArmsOn November 1, 1996, the following financial institutions became shareholding members of the Bank for International Settlements:

The People’s Bank of China, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Reserve Bank of India, the Bank of Mexico, the Central Bank of the Russia Federation, the Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

All central banks around the world, following the mandates of the Bank for International Settlements, have been implementing a process by which they become compliant with the Basel 3 Banking Regulations on Liquidity.  This also includes the People’s Bank of China and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

There will be no overthrow of the Money Changers as envisioned and promoted by the “absurd conspiracy theories” of the controlled opposition of the disorganized masses.  Anyone who believes this is being lead astray by those whom they entrust with being sources of truthful knowledge.

The CSI, or Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception methodology of the Money Changers is broader in scope and definition than most conspiracy theories would suggest.  We are witnessing the same machinations of war, civil unrest, revolution, debt, and disease today that the populations were subjected too back in the 17th Century.  The reluctance of the masses, especially the marginally awakened segment of the population, to grasp the complexity and engineering behind what is actually taking place is disheartening.  But we continue to push forward and bring awareness to those who are willing to accept the obvious nature of the world.  – JC

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