The Final Phase of Desperation

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The Multilateral World is a Decentralized World

JC Collins

Short-term and long-term trends can provide invaluable information while validating previous theories and conclusions.  The patient and competent analyst or researcher can use the passage of time to build confidence and strength in theories which may have been questioned or dismissed as unrealistic. This is the place where we now find ourselves.

There have been a lot of events occurring over the last few months which I haven’t written about or weaved back into the overall POM (Philosophy of Metrics) thesis and narrative.  There are various reasons for that with the most relevant one being around the need to allow the trends to develop at an organic pace. Caution should be used to not allow too much time to pass without closing certain loops because the thesis will fragment and drift apart if not nurtured and referenced.

From the onset of POM the thesis has been built around the expansion of multilateralism across the worlds geopolitical, monetary, and cultural spheres.  The core of the thesis contained a series of instrumental changes which would cause a transformation of the existing unipolar world centered around the international use of the USD and the benefits this arrangement provided to a select group of banking, industrial, military, academic, and political interests which stretched across the borders of western nations, such as America, Great Britain, the European Union, and to a smaller extent some Middle Eastern nations, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The first important stage of the transformation required the development and agreement of an alternative exchange or reserve asset which could be used to replace the domestic USD in its international role.  While the SDR of the International Monetary Fund was targeted as this replacement asset, the structural and streamlined benefits of utilizing blockchain technology, and more specifically the digital asset XRP, became more apparent as the company Ripple developed the architecture required to replace the SWIFT international payment system.  SWIFT served as the primary conduit for USD liquidity. This article is not specifically about Ripple or XRP, but it does need to be referenced as its position and importance in the emerging multilateral framework needs to be understood.

The second stage of the transformation needed a domestic political platform within America which could package and implement the broader transition points.  The campaign platform of Donald Trump provided that package under the umbrella of the new-modern nationalism which started in America and has since spread with the BREXIT vote and rise of populism in Europe, as reflected in the growing influence of right-leaning political parties, and the gradual but subtle shift in cultural conditioning from a liberal mindset to a conservative mindset.

This cultural shift may not be obvious to everyone at this point, but consider the growing pushback against mass migration in Europe, and the increasing changes in American culture, such as pop star Kanye West aligning with Trump, and other conservative personalities, such as Jordan Peterson and Candace Owens gaining ever more of the spotlight.  The waning interest and falling box office revenues of Hollywood movies which promote the liberal agenda is another indicator that a fundamental shift has taken place in the western cultural consciousness. The human mind deals in opposites and can easily influence itself through a self-inflicted form of cognitive dissonance, which provides the building blocks for human interaction and communication across multiple cultural and socioeconomic platforms. This makes it somewhat tempting for more aware people to leverage such presets for personal advantage.

The Trump doctrine also provides a tangible and explainable path for America to pull back from being the dominant funder and policeman of global interactions.  Reduced international use and demand of USD will require an equal adjustment to America’s spending on international programs and institutions, with the need to solve what formerly appeared to be unsolvable geopolitical challenges, such as tension on the Korean peninsula, the Middle Eastern quagmire, and the schism between Western and Eastern Europe.   All of these and others are at various stages of transformation themselves.

Another key multilateral transition point is a solution to the monetary imbalances within the European Union.  The EU imbalances are a micro representation of the international macro imbalances which have developed around the international use of the USD.  In the case of the EU, the Germany economy, and the inclusion of the Deutschmark in the euro regional currency weighed heavy on one side, as other nations, such as Spain, Greece, and Italy, suffered the opposite effects of the imbalances.

The EU is incrementally tearing itself apart so it can rebuild its alignment with a new multilateral world.  The growing divide between European nations and America is representative of this new dynamic.  The BREXIT vote in Great Britain is a strategy to maintain an alignment with the United States as the rest of Europe becomes integrated into the larger Eurasian economic and geopolitical arrangements.

We previously covered back in 2015 how European nations would bring back national currencies for domestic use while maintaining the euro for trade between one another.  The benefits of this would be widespread, as it would allow heavily indebted nations to redenominate sovereign debt in their domestic currency in order to write it down without having a large negative impact on the euro, assuming that the euro would remain a part of the SDR basket, and the SDR would be used in some capacity as the USD alternative within the multilateral architecture.

This is where the function and purpose of the SDR are different from that of XRP, which is meant to facilitate global payments and replace SWIFT. The function which the USD provided to the international monetary and financial systems will now be divided across various platforms, with XRP being one of those platforms, and the SDR providing a platform to provide a sovereign debt mechanism and possible use in substitution accounts to address the massive accumulation of USD in the foreign exchange reserve accounts of central banks around the world.

Some of these reserves can be exchanged for crypto assets and held by central banks to support the new emerging crypto ecosystem, but there may be a more gradual approach taken to this aspect of the multilateral transformation to ensure a minimum amount of disruption. A large amount of USD foreign debt held around the world will need to be addressed by America.  The most straightforward path involves depreciating the dollar against the currencies of its largest trading partners.  This will make American exports more affordable to the rest of the world, which in turn will reduce America’s trade deficit, which in turn will reduce a large amount of USD denominated debt held in foreign exchange reserve accounts.

This is where Ripple’s xRapid platform and the digital asset XRP come into play.  Widespread use of XRP to facilitate global payments will reduce international demand for USD and allow it to depreciate.  The remaining foreign exchange reserve amounts can be addressed through SDR substitution or some other mechanism which would involve a much broader adoption of the larger crypto ecosystem.

Almost weekly now there are reports and indicators that the American dominated unipolar world is being replaced by a multilateral world with shared allocations of wealth and influence.  This is a major validation of the POM thesis which was first put forward back in the early months of 2014.  The fact that this transformation is happening without the parallel global conflicts which usually associate such structural changes is an even deeper validation of our overall thesis, as that was one of the most disagreed upon aspects of the predictions made back then.

We are now in the final phase of geopolitical and financial desperation as the fading world of Anglo-American dominance attempts to hold onto power in a world that has fundamentally changed and left it behind.  The diametric of left and right politics has been used by this establishment to maintain political and cultural control over mass populations for at least the last hundred years.  This is not uncommon.  Governance frameworks organically develop and evolve to protect the centers of power and wealth for the simple reason that the framework originates from within those centers.

The multilateral world is not a centralized world like that of the unipolar USD world.  It is a decentralized world built upon distributed centers of shared power and influence. EU Commissioner Oettinger said “the markets will teach the Italians to vote for the right thing” as a response to the emergence of a populist party in Italy.  This should provide us a validated example of this desperation.  The Italian government has suggested it will deport 500,000 illegal migrants and return to the use of its national currency. The majority of the Italian people support this.  Oettinger’s threats are as outdated as they are hollow.

This comes on the same day that the infamous George Soros said “everything has gone wrong” and suggested that a major financial crisis is coming.  Sounds like if they can’t have the whole pizza they want to burn it up.  But in reality, such a strategy is unworkable, which is why Soros is already hedging his survival probabilities by investing in crypto markets.

Another consideration is that a financial crisis within the old framework, or at a minimum some substantial volatility, could push capital and wealth into the new crypto market, which is exactly what Soros would want, now that he is invested.

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin recently stated his belief that generational wealth families such as the Rothschild’s do not control crypto markets.  Buterin asked, “Are the Rothschild’s actually remotely as powerful and coordinated as the conspiracy theorists seem to believe, or are they just a group of old-money socialites and all that other stuff is overhyped?”  He later wrote, “[M]y updated view after seeing the replies is that they are just people born into various old-money-type high-society positions, and the theories that they are anything beyond that are fairly baseless.

Vitalik Buterin is well respected in the crypto community, and even though his conclusions are accurate now, it doesn’t mean that accuracy applies to the past.  However, he does provide some insight into how the world is restructuring itself.  The Rothschild’s were a very powerful family which were instrumental in building the central bank system.  This banking system is now in the early stages of being replaced.  They were also one of the core powerhouses behind the British Empire and American period of unipolar dominance.  This is the Anglo-American Establishment which is now attempting to redefine itself or maintain power and influence through financial and geopolitical acts of desperation.  The Rothschild interests and investment in the crypto market is more reflective of their attempt to adjust and survive as opposed to them maintaining the power and influence which they welded in a world that no longer exists.

Since I started POM 5 years ago so much has changed in the world.  Most of it has happened behind the scenes with little media attention or awareness by the mass populations.  Most power and governance structures appear impossible to defeat at the height of their power and influence.  But power, wealth and influence never stay in the same place for long.

On the timescale of world history, the central bank system and its supporters in the spheres of finance, commerce, geopolitics, academia, and culture, have maintained power for a short stint. The names and brands will remain for a long time to come, but new names and brands are emerging which will drive the world forward onto new levels of wealth and technological advancement.  Short-term trends show evidence of this and the long-term trends will validate them.  – JC

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24 Comments on “The Final Phase of Desperation”

  1. JC,
    Wow! Don’t know how to interpret this piece? With Trump, Ross and so many other world leaders bought and paid for by the Rothschilds, it is hard to swallow a central bank-less world!? Yes, Ripple has great value for eliminating reserves, national currencies will empower the nationalism movement, unipolar to multilateral will happen. etc. I am a believer in XRP. I’ll be investing once things in that market shake out. But, I see N. Korea, Iran and Cuba transitioning to the central bank regime. Once all parties are on-board, then a multi-lateral game plan can begin, don’t you think? Unless, money, debt, governance, etc. then flows to the IMF and BIS? That would streamline everything I would think? I could buy into that theory for sure. That could be a beautiful thing?! As always, I appreciate your research and dedication to this site. You have been incredible in so many of your predictions! I’m sure you’re probably right on this one as well!? I’m just trying to see the macro view in greater detail.
    Your feedback and comments are always appreciated.

    1. Thank you. We know that Ross worked for a Rothschild investment institution at the time he told investors to not abandon Trump and his Atlantic City ventures. But we also know that Trump has alignments with the Protestant and double-headed eagle side of the equation. We can’t assume that all Rothschild’s, or members of any one family, are aligned with the same strategies. It’s a convoluted mess for sure. But consider that all things have a life and run their course. The central bank system has run its course and is no longer capable of providing the level of liquidity required to move the world forward.

  2. “China Embraces Cryptos as Trade War Looms!!!” (Bix Weir)

    I have been watching this gentleman’s channel and despite his dislike of Ripple XRP, which he calls “the establishment Crypto”, I find most of what he says makes sense. Here he talks about the way Trump and Xi are actually working to dismantle the deep state financial system i.e. the old world. The collapse of the old banking system will be the opportunity for the introduction of the new world system in Geopolitics and financial system, he says.

    1. “The establishment crypto” is a fascinating description. While the moniker is considered a damning insult among the outsiders, it suggests a very strong position for XRP. But what’s even more interesting is the idea that there is an “establishment” version of a potentially highly disruptive business model. Certainly adds support for JC’s thesis regarding which crypto asset will be “the one” to emerge as the alternative to the current global monetary structure.

      I recently interjected a suggestion on a popular econo-blogger’s site that XRP and inter ledger held the potential to displace SWIFT. The utter dismissal of the idea at first struck me as arrogant. But then I remembered Ghandi’s insight… “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Sort of fits the reaction to crypto… “What the hell is crypto?” followed by “Only idiots put their money in that obvious bubble” which is where we stand today. That would suggest our next stop is something along the lines of: “Cryptos are dangerous to the economy and must be stopped right away.” Perhaps the deep state is pre-engineering a liquidity crisis for which crypto currencies (and Russians, of course) can be blamed.

  3. “Chinese influence in New Zealand threatens intelligence-sharing, says Canadian report”

    This article from the establishment “IntelNews” seems to confirm that NewZealand in the South Pacific region will be under the Chinese control, which in turn confirms the Multipolarity system of the new world order…

  4. JC your amazing perspective of the world goes without saying anymore. I really enjoy learning from your expression’s of it. Your essay’s have sparked this insight so thank you for that.

    A pattern seems to be presenting itself in regards to Trump and his personal lawyers. Ty Cobb with ties to Rothschild’s, Michael Cohen with ties to a Russian oligarch and Putin, Novartis AG, Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd and AT&T. Now Giuliani, his ties have not been exposed yet but since he is so rooted in NY it may be for the Trump brand.

    Back door insights to help position business interests in the new developing world maybe?

    This line of thinking could answer why Trump’s tweets are so….one way then the other way; and on the other side of the fence “fake news” doing the same for its business interests like Soros and such. It’s all turbulence to instill confusion so the focused ones can position themselves at the foundation of the transforming world while everyone else fights over their emotional issues and misses all the business being conducted, thus remain in the position they are in whatever that may be.

    If the US represents the West in the old world ways and China or BRICS as the East in the new multilateral world of things, couldn’t the old world business reposition in the West for its developing regions, ie. South America and Canada being Britain’s interests in the West with the old world ways. While the new multilateral world of things for its Eurasian interests and the developing Eastern regions ie. ASEAN with new decentralized world ways?

    Old world ways could be the central banking way and new world ways could be a multilateral/decentralized/XRP way.

    In this theory the world keeps what it has known to work while trying something new in the developing fintech. There would be benefits of doing this from a world view. The central bank system may be able to handle half the world’s business, and digital assets/XRP could handle the other half…as the new fintech gains confidence it will most likely grow to encompass the whole world and then some new unknown fintech would begin to root itself for yet another transformation of the world in some future time. The train never stops chugging along.

    With regards to Trump who has interests in both the West and East hemispheres of the world (global) as do those listed above the double headed eagle could simply represent a center of balance of the two hemispheres of the world West and East which make up the whole globe. Similarly a double headed eagle can esoterically represent the balanced use of the two hemispheres of the brain. A person wielding this at an empire level could represent the balancing point for the two hemispheres of the world.

    In a changing world it would make business sense to have a foot in both the old world and the new world wouldn’t it?

    This would seem an organic and or harmonic transformation of the world, its peoples, empires, corporations and businesses. Evolution guided by Euclid’s 47th proposition of Father, Mother and Child which could be a true representation of the nativity scene Joseph (Father), Mary (Mother) and baby (Child) which could be a symbol in and of itself representing the “Teachings of Jesus” not a man Jesus which could be very similar to what the two headed eagle represents. The three wise men could be bringing gifts as a representation of the peace and harmony of a well balanced guide for mankind and the world.

    Man it’s an amazing time to be alive.

    1. The West needs to ensure its ability to do business with Eurasia. Eurasia has in the range of 80% of the global population, global GDP, and global resources. The West cannot be cut off from that or it will economically starve. The wold that is fading has been divided. The parents. The new multilateral world will be the child.

  5. “IMF Brings Key Stakeholders Together to Foster Collaboration on Fintech…”

    “”Our High Level Advisory Group has made an invaluable contribution to the IMF’s work on fintech. Its expert advice and guidance has deepened IMF staff’s understanding of fintech issues, and the participation of its members in IMF seminars and conferences has highlighted the importance of technological change in the financial sector to the broader public,” the Managing Director said. “By strengthening the presence of national authorities and international organizations, I am confident that it will continue to provide a broad range of perspectives that will greatly enhance the IMF’s work in this important area.”

    The IMF is responding to growing interest from its member countries in the opportunities and challenges arising from technological innovation in the financial sector. Member countries are seeking advice from the IMF on a broad range of issues including the benefits and risks of applications based on mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and distributed ledger technologies.”

    “Advisory Group

    Chris Larsen, Executive Chairman, Ripple

  6. “…let us define a reserve currency.

    A reserve currency is a large quantity of currency maintained by central banks and other major financial institutions to prepare for investments, transactions and international debt obligations, or to influence their domestic exchange rate. A large percentage of commodities, such as gold and oil, are priced in the reserve currency, causing other countries to hold this currency to pay for these goods.

    So how does XRP become a reserve currency?

    To begin with, and from the definition above, we realize that a reserve currency is maintained by central banks. One thing to remember is that Ripple has partnered with 40 to 50 such global central banks which are testing Ripple’s products. The recent entry into the list is the Saudi Arabian Central Bank. All these banks can settle debts and make payments to each other once they are part of the ‘Internet of Value’ network provided by Ripple. This means that whenever one country wants to buy a commodity from another such as oil or even help with some humanitarian effort, all they have to do is send some XRP. In 3.3 seconds, the funds will be available on the other side of the globe.

    A second reason why XRP has a shot at being a global central bank reserve currency is the fact that the technology behind Ripple has worked seamlessly for over 4 years. Also to add is that there have not been any forks to solve any so-called software issue. All transactions on the XRP ledger will continue being fast (3.3 seconds) and cheap ($0.0004 per transaction) as usual. There is also buzz of the XRP smart contract platform being developed to automate some functions.

    The third, and not necessarily the last reason why XRP can become the global reserve currency, is the amount of XRP available that makes it highly liquid and available. The current circulating supply is 39.189 Billion XRP with a total supply of 99.992 Billion XRP. When compared to estimates of the total of USD currency floating around the globe as of 2013 ($1.2 Trillion) we can pretty much plead a case for XRP being a global reserve currency.

    In conclusion, the adoption of XRP by the global central banks already in partnership with the project can prove to be the catalyst in making the digital asset a preferred reserve currency by the same banks due to the reasons outlined above. The only thing that can stop this, is the need for such countries to continue with business as usual in terms of having the USD, GBP, Yuan, The Euro or The Japanese Yen, as their core reserve currency.”

  7. I would like to recommend this exceptional interview with Robert David Steele, the former CIA clandestine operations officer. This interview appeared in Tehran Times Times which in itself is surprising because it discusses such as Pizzagate and the destructive history of Zionism. The mention of “Pizzagate” is considered a taboo and a “conspiracy theory” by the proponents of the fake news, such as,, CNN and other deep State outlets which Steels call (GoogleGestapo).

    Steele also describes how Trump is removing the old world order gangsters from power with a close contact with Xi and Putin. His mention of secessionism movements is very interesting. Regarding the UK and a potential breakup, this could possibly explain the rather hasty so-called “Royal wedding” involving a half-black American (Obama II) actress who is well versed with the “Internationa Relations” since she was placed in a US embassy as part of her training (to Argentina) is of interest here. Could this be a role she is given to “save” the Commonwealth?! If so, it may be a desperate act and possibly too late…

    “I predict the United Kingdom will break up within ten years as individual countries renounce the role played by Commonwealth controls in favor of the 1%, and the USA may lose 1 or more states (Alaska, Texas, Vermont) while California breaks up into 2 or more states.”

    1. Hey Carpe Diem the Iran nuclear deal is still unfolding.

      “Obama Administration Secretly Helped Iran Skirt Financial Sanctions”

      “Investigations revealed that under President Barack Obama, the Treasury Department issued a license in February 2016, never previously disclosed, that would have allowed Iran to convert $5.7 billion it held at a bank in Oman from Omani rials into euros by exchanging them first into U.S. dollars. If the Omani bank had allowed the exchange without such a license, it would have violated sanctions that bar Iran from transactions that touch the U.S. financial system.”

      Perhaps this is some of the reason why blockchain is getting so much resistance, because all these sort of things would be kept on public distributed and decentralized ledger wouldn’t they? There would always be a record.

      1. Thank you, Dane,

        Islamist Regime of Mullahs and the Democratic party have been together since 1979, although they tried to bring Iran under their control in 1952 with their puppet, Dr Mohamad Mossadegh and the Moscow backed communist party (Tudeh). Ever since 1953, when the deep state traitor Mossadegh’s so-called “Democratically elected” government collapsed by the people and the backing of the Imperial Army, right up until now, every American and British leftist recites the same crap. This is because they wanted to control Iran so they can funnel money and sell human body parts, and children to the bloodsucking world elite.

        This $5.7Billion was allowed by Obama so that many hundred top elite benefits from this money laundering scheme, all paid by the Iranian people who are now one of the poorest and most oppressed by a regime of Mulsim Mullahs. Who else would do such things under a cover of the “religion of peace”?! ISIS and Alqaida were the Sunni branches of this criminal organization and satanic institution. Add to this mixture a leftist/Marxist mind virus and you have the Democratic Partry who are now on the run. The so-called, “Iran Deal” was nothing but a money laundering scheme and they used the retarded Islamist Mullahs who are multi-Billionaires each already!

        I just calculated the money that a transaction of $5.7Billion, with a small fee of 1% would provide as a bonus to Obama (Pelosi, Clintons et al.) and his EU criminal bosses. In fact, I think it would be best if you did the calculations yourself so to get an idea of the magnitude of this amount and any potential handouts 🙂

        Finally, I would be very very surprised if Obama and his husband together with Clintons do not end up in Gitmo…or hung by a tree opposite the National Archives, in Washington DC for what they have done to the US and to every bloody nation on this planet…

        If you get a chance watch this Kenyan Lady and see what she says about P. Trump and the world currently. However which way, you can look at it, Trump has changed this world for the better in perhaps 2000 years and if he destroys the bankers routine in 5000 years! 🙂

        1. I think I’ll have to go back and re-read that article because I thought that the transaction didn’t actually go through and they were actually pursuing the case on the pretense that the Obama administration lied to Congress and subsequently the People when they said it wouldn’t be done. Sounds kind of like a double cross deal which they will no doubt come around to saying that was the plan all along to save their behinds. Sure is a lot of lying from the Obama administration being exposed. Remember when we were discussing the Bretton woods meetings and how a lie and slight of definition tricked the world into the USD being the world’s reserve unit of account instead of the Bancor? It went like this…

          “At the 2:30 PM Commission meeting the matter of the inscrutable “gold-convertible currency” naturally came up. The Indian delegate wanted to know what exactly it was: “I think it is high time,” he interjected during a lengthy technical discussion in which White had invoked the term, “that the USA delegation give us a definition of gold and gold convertible exchange.” At that point, Dennis Robertson, the British delegate on the Committee, apparently imagining that the issue was one of mere bookkeeping suggested that “payment of official gold subscription should be expressed as official holdings of gold and United States dollars.” This change would, he remarked incautiously, require wording changes elsewhere in the agreement. Bernstein concurred with Robertson that “gold convertible exchange” was hard to define, and that getting a definition “which would be satisfactory to everyone here… would involve a long discussion.” But as a “practical” matter, he explained, since national monetary authorities could freely purchase gold for dollars in the United States, and international holdings of currencies which might be used to purchase dollars were small, “it would be easier for this purpose to regard the United States dollar as what was intended when we speak of gold convertible exchange.”

          “White must have had difficulty concealing his flush of excitement. With Keynes preoccupied managing the World Bank proceedings, Robertson had walked straight into White’s trap. He now made his second critical maneuver, peremptorily ending the Commission’s discussion of the matter. “Unless there are any objections,” he said, “this question will be referred to the Special Committee.” No objections being raised, he quickly passed on to another issue.”

          “The next morning, 9:30 AM on July 14, Morgenthau began a meeting of the full American team by reporting cheerily that White had “worked up until three o’clock this morning with the Drafting Committee on the Fund and he feels [the text] is in excellent shape.” Morgenthau had no idea what exactly that meant, and likely no interest. But among the achievements of the committee, comprised entirely of White’s technicians, was strategically replacing “gold” with “gold and US dollars” throughout the 96-page Final Act. White never submitted the changes for consideration in Commission One, yet they would become an important part of the IMF Articles of Agreement. Keynes would only discover them after his departure from Bretton Woods.”

          The entire essay can be read here

          As far as Obama or any of his administration spending time in Guantanamo Bay…I just don’t see it happening but I do believe they need to be jailed as well as the rest who committed such crimes against the people of the world over the last 70 some years. But again I doubt that will happen. At most perhaps a public disgrace campaign will take place. Unfortunately only right minded people will believe it and I think that’s still the minority… 🙂

          1. Hi Dane,

            The last sentence in the AP article which you kindly posted reads as follows:

            “According to the report, Iran is believed to have found other ways to access its money, possibly by exchanging it in smaller quantities through another currency.”

            So somehow, the crooked Mullahs have found access to their money and converted it through other means!

            regarding whether, Obama, Clintons etc. will be put in a court and any possible punishment, I can only say this. If these people are not punished or let off to continue their lives, a public mistrust of the foundation of the new US Republic that is under construction by P. Trump will be to repeat where the same crooks left off. Punishments, such as jails and executions of any traitor, establishes a watermark or a red line for the entire nation and justice is the most important guarantor of any democracy. Without a proper justice system, no nation, with a democratic system or not, will not last long. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary to ensure no guilty person to escape the justices net to assure the population that rule of law applies to all.

            Also, in any social or political change, there is only the participation of as little as 5% o the populace is necessary. The US right now has well over the 5% of the population in actively following up on the injustices and breaking of the law by both the GOP and the Dems. who are and have been treasonous. In this regard, the Q team have done an outstanding job. Sadly, in every general election, people vote generationally and without any knowledge of who and why they vote but, I remain optimistic that things have changed but it will remain open to possibilities…

            Wish you a great day my friend.

          2. Thank you Carpe Diem. I will bank your optimism and add as much as I can gather myself. I agree that they need to pay with jail time.

            I wish you a great day as well my friend 🙂

          3. Hi Dane,

            Q is back and this particular posting confirms what we have been talking about regarding the so-called “Iran Deal”. There was no deal and nobody signed anything, just a gigantic international scam for the EU elite and the leftist globalists to launder money.

            “EU sanctions (IRAN).
            Leaders of EU only care about protecting flow of MONEY – NOT the safety and security of their people/world.
            IRAN deal orchestrated for the sole purpose of lifting sanctions (blockade) to allow access of foreign businesses for individual & co-wide enrichment. SCAM!!!
            Nothing to do w/ NUKES (cover_)
            Hussein pallets of cash.
            Hussein secret auth to convert USD.
            More coming.
            No MSM coverage.
            Got Popcorn?

            I look at Q’s latest on this site:

          4. Thats awesome Carpe Diem. I had been thinking that perhaps Q was hacked or was being blocked. Good to see the messages come back. I saw one interpretation that thinks Julian Assange is coming to America and will be presenting some interesting information or as the video portrayed it “evidence” that should open some eyes if true. He was supposed to arrive yesterday on the 11th so let’s see if something comes of it. So much is happening to transform the world it’s a bit hard to keep up with at times. Fake news and the polarized reporters asking loaded ignorant questions is getting rather sickening these days. I anxiously await the day this changes.

          5. Thanks, Dane, Yes, this is a momentous as NK is now on the side of good. Regarding Assange, It may be possible that his appearance, maybe in the IG hearing in the next few days! If so, the DC rats will be trapped and asked to wear orange suits 🙂 Things are happening very fast and much of what is unrolling seems to have been designed and organized well in advance, although the left is left out of item which is why they have lost any clarity of thought and the Champaign Communist idiot De Niro using the F-word with the leftist retards clapping for him. This man is screaming because he has a lot that will come out. That F-word will cost him later!

  8. Hating Russia Is a Full-Time Job.“Who is Driving the Hostility towards Russia?”

    I thought this article provides the background of why the NeoCons hate Russia so much, and why they hate Putin and the new Christian Russia! Could it be perhaps that the Khazarians do not control Russia even with almost all the Oligarchs are of their own lot?! How is it possible for a Marxist people who favoured Trotsky to become “Conservatives”?! The answers would be fascinating…

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