The Failed Alchemical Process of America

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Mystery Letters and Base Metals

By JC Collins


“Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!”

The unknown man held his red hand high in front of the cheering crowd.  The blood of Louis XVI ran down his forearm and dripped onto the wooden planks beneath. The blade of the guillotine was raised back into position.  It would have to wait another 8 months for the head of Marie Antoinette.  The crowd roared again as the head of the king was tossed aside.

“Jacques de Molay, tu es venge!” screamed the mass of French revolutionaries.

The chant began on that 21st day in January, 1793 in Paris, France.  Its momentum would take the world through many revolutions and the end of numerous monarchies.  Its echo can still be heard today in the bell of the stock market.

Jacques de Molay was the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar.  For those who don’t know, I suggest some basic reading and research on the order and their role in the crusades.  Keep in mind, the history of the world is better understood as the movement of armies to effect the movement of gold. Under this pretext, the mission of the Templars to dig underneath the ruins of Solomon’s Temple becomes evidentiary of another historical gold theft.

This gold was shipped back to the Templar stone vaults in Europe and supported the new banking system of the day.  This system became the predecessor to the modern form of banking that would march on the world for centuries to come.

Some things are better explained in simple terms.  What I’m about to say is one of them. 

In the porch of Solomon’s Temple were two pillars.  These pillars were called Boaz and Jachin.  Boaz and Jachin are extremely important symbols in Freemasonry.  The purpose of Freemasonry is the reconstruction of the temple.  The reconstruction of the temple is a process.  But the temple is not a physical building.  Nor is it the body you now reside in. So what is this “process”?

The legend of Solomon’s gold has been passed down through the ages to us.  That gold became lost when the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin, collapsed which in turn lead to the full collapse of Solomon’s temple itself.  Let’s theorize that Solomon’s Temple was symbolic of the money creation system of that time period and the gold in the vaults underneath the temple was the support to that very same monetary system.

Now let us assume that the Knights Templar, almost 2000 years later, found that gold underneath the temple during the crusades and brought it to Europe in order to fund a new monetary system.  That new monetary system grew in power quickly.  Before long the monarchies in Europe felt threatened by the powers of the Templars.  Most kings were already indebted to the banks which the Templars represented.

As such, it was debt ridden King Philip IV of France, and Pope Clement V who conspired to arrest the Templars and have them executed for hearsay.  The mass arrest was planned carefully and orchestrated on Friday, the 13th of October, 1307.  (This is why Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day.  Such is the influence of this banking system upon our culture.) The Templars had been tipped off in advance and had moved the gold once again.  This could be considered the first attempt at overthrowing the banking cartel that still controls the world today.

Jacques de Molay was later killed under regulations of the inquisition.  So when this banking system overthrew the monarchy during the French Revolution, it served as a great victory and template for further revolutions and advancement of the banking system.  Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged indeed.

Let us move forward in time.  The date is now September 11, 2001.  The two towers of the World Trade Center collapse.  It has already been researched and suggested that the two towers are symbolic of the two pillars in Solomon’s Temple, Boaz and Jachin.  I would concur.

Could the attacks of 9/11 have been another attack upon the banking cartel?  Or was it the banking cartel destroying evidence of their own crumbling system?  Or perhaps it was the banking cartel countering a quiet attack upon their system of debt creation?  Questions for future research.

In the years afterward, the banking system has come under tremendous stress and is slowly fracturing.  Massive amounts of gold are on the move once again and all things are not as they appear. 

In early 2003, there were two letters sent to my work place.  These letters were not addressed to anyone specific.  They were strange and didn’t appear to make any sense.  No one knew what to think of them.  Copies were given to the police but not before I made copies for myself.  With the Anthrax letter scare of the previous year, everyone was on edge.  It’s interesting to note that we never did hear anything back from the police. 

The letters are handwritten and difficult to read.  Below I’ve included the actual letters and a typed version of how I read them.  Some of the words are illegible. 

Letter One Dated January 28, 2003.

“The Dutch (Netherlands) are being good entertainers, good church people to capture those.  They bury them live in their own back yards. (not if good for show only)

The Dutch got Germany during the war, through Deutsche.

The Dutch are the United States.

The general killed his men, “my men” is in the word enemy.  A long time ago there was a group of kings men.  They were a soppy bunch and tried to say against the king.  But couldn’t say that then and said against men and man.

They’ve been against man and men ever since.”


Letter Two Dated May 8, 2003.

“J.F. Kennedy & wealthy were German officers during the war.

British say and (illegible) (illegible) says.

The newspaper press controls life and death, (illegible) though we didn’t used to be that kind of thing.

King, military aren’t real but says with a forcibly can’t (illegible).”


For the most part these letters have remained a mystery.  Some interpretations can be made, such as the “king’s men” being a reference to the Knights Templar, or otherwise the power which was behind the Knights Templar.

Deutsche is obviously intended to mean Deutsche Bank.

References to Kennedy and German officers is certainly interesting.

And what is stated about the press is definitely the truth.  But how does it all fit together?

Much of this blog post is historical with philosophical veins weaving through it. Let us weave our way to the end.

The process of turning base metals into gold is the secret of Alchemists down through the ages. The process is symbolic of the process man must take on his journey from his birth into the physical world to the ultimate conclusion, which is man’s rebirth into the immortal physical body.  Like we begin this life as an embryo, so do we begin the immortal journey as an embryo.  One only has to study the anatomy of the human body from an esoteric perspective to realize that the human brain and spinal column is an embryo which is attempting to become the immortal physical body.  It’s this body which is referenced in Freemasonry as the rebuilding of the temple.

Many will deride me for what I’m writing here.  That does not change the obviousness of it.  There are 33 steps to the alchemical process of growing the physical body into the immortal physical body.  There are 33 vertebrae in the human spinal column.  Our nervous system is connected to the spinal column and feeds stimuli back into the brain.  We are the womb for the embryo, and our five senses are what feeds the embryo’s growth.

Herein lies the problem.  The world of matter corrupts the process.  The body we are born in is the base metal.  The immortal physical body is gold.  The stairway to heaven, Holy Grail, Jacob’s ladder, the Arc of the Covenant, Golden Fleece, and stories like King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, are all symbolic of the process of turning base metals into gold, or the physical body into the immortal physical body.

(Note:  Research King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  The land in the story which was once dead and was reborn when the Holy Grail was found, was referred to as Camelot.  John F. Kennedy’s Presidency was referred to as Camelot. The twelve “knights of the round table” represent the 12 signs of the zodiac, with the sun at the center.  The sun is represented on Earth as gold.)

It’s important to acknowledge that the process described above is seldom achieved.  The path has been described to us, the process symbolically told, but yet very few of us will complete the process.  The world of matter relentlessly corrupts the process.  We see signs of this corruption in the religions of the world, the forms of government, and all the debasement in our culture.

These are the micro and macro patterns of which partially make up the theme of this blog site.

This is where we divert back into the world of finances and banking.  Just like the alchemical process of turning a base metal into gold, our banking system is a representation of this process, but in reverse.  Our system takes gold and slowly corrupts it through debasement with other metals. Like ancient Rome and Greece mixing copper and lead with their gold coinage until it became worthless.

The bankers and top 1% of the population that control the system are definitely responsible for the corruption of the process.  As I’m sure most of them are oblivious to the reality of the process as defined here.  But I ask you, are we no less responsible and oblivious?  Does our obsession with matter not also affect the process?  Does the system just naturally corrupt based on the demand put on it?  Do we all corrupt the process or does the process corrupt us all?

There is much research to complete on this subject.  What we can discern at this time is that our fiat currencies and fractional banking system is a corruption of the alchemical process.  Gold is on the move again and the alchemical process which was at the beginning of America’s esoteric birth has been corrupted.  Look to the past for signs of the future.  The failure of America is the failure of us all. That much is no longer a mystery.  – JC