The Enlightenment of Muhammad by the Transformative Sun

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Merging Lunar Islam with Solar Christianity

JC Collins

The form of the Christ as the Sun God is positioned in direct diametric opposition to the form of Allah as the Moon God.  Much like Christian culture uses a sun based calendar and sun imagery, Islamic culture uses a moon based calendar and moon imagery.  The esoteric relationship between the Sun and the Moon seeks harmony through the transmutation of spirit and matter.

Such topics tread on dangerous ground as human emotion surrounding religious and spiritual beliefs are intense and can easily be directed towards destructive and violent acts.  Both the Islamic and Christian faiths have extremely militant and political backgrounds.  The materialistic nature of both is expressed through the avoidance of the source of spirit.

The semi-enlightened mind, or the individual who has willingly entered upon the path, can, with modest observation, determine that no transformative characteristics exist within either of the religions in their present manifestation.  The Judaic religion can also be added into this category and all three provide a triad of spiritual dysfunction which inhibit and prevent an end to material existence.

Pending a solution to the Jewish problem of wanton cultural segregation, the transformative responsibility will initially be foisted upon the shoulders of Islamic and Christian faiths.  It is probable that a solution to the Jewish problem of cultural segregation can only be developed and implemented after the merging of Islam and Christianity takes place.

The union of the Sun and the Moon will force the transformation of the Judaic materialistic Earth and allow for the evolution of spirit and matter.  The future of religion is dependent upon the enlightenment of humankind and the de-fragmentation of existence.  The Bhagavad Gita states “Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain.”

The battle of light and darkness between Christian and Islamic cultures can never be solved by the narrow-minded approaches which have built the diametric in the first place.  Centuries of tension and war have forced the transmutation of both through channels and means which are not openly recognized or acknowledged.

The self-imposed attack upon Christian culture in the West is mirrored by the self-imposed attack upon Islamic culture through the promotion of extremism and terrorism.  The effect on both will be transformative.  The perfection of human thought and spirit across religious and cultural boundaries is meant to facilitate the mental development of the human race.

The theology of tomorrow will require the merging and consolidation, through a process of de-fragmentation, of the world’s great belief systems.  The role of Muhammad as a lunar prophet in opposition to the solar Christ is meant to achieve this end.

There will be those who attempt to maintain the dying identity of each, but with each passing generation the transformation will become more pronounced.  The Islamic youth have been targeted in the same manner in which the Christian youth were targeted through cultural and socioeconomic engineering which took form through entertainment and systems of education.

The enlightenment of Mohammad and Islamic culture will require a transmutation of identity.  The acts of extremism and terrorism are meant to serve that purpose.  The long-term effects upon the culture and religion will be profound.  With each bomb and attack the Mohammad Man is moving closer to change and the evolution of his mental development.

Western culture has been established around the esoteric mandates of transformation.  The injection of the Mohammad Man into the processes and machinations of this framework will force the modification of the Islamic faith.  The conflict which arises from this injection has been well considered and engineered.

The remnants of Christian culture will provide the edge which the Mohammadian Man will crash against and sever his ideological form.  The fragmentation of both the Islamic and Christian faiths are required in order to allow for the de-fragmentation and merging of both.

This new development in the minds of humankind will evolve over generations and countless disembodied attempts at correcting the original great mistake will provide new incarnations and opportunities for the evolution of spirit and matter.

Upon the path we confront ourselves and the problems we have avoided.  Moral delinquencies originate within ourselves and can only be observed and corrected during the light of the day.  Trends and patterns emerge within our minds and plant seeds in the subconscious of fragmentation.  Such a pattern is the birth of morning and the death of sleep. Each day provides an opportunity on a micro scale like birth and death on a macro scale.  Each day is an opportunity for embodied thought.  Each life provides an opportunity for the evolution of spirit and matter.  - JC

35 Comments on “The Enlightenment of Muhammad by the Transformative Sun”

  1. After a recent reading with a Madame X it was determined that my semi-semi- semi- enlightened mine was still fairly sound. I consider that a good thing and intend to take advantage of it.

    JC your current post led me to google up a Pew Research Center study, 'America's Changing Religious Landscape.' To my minds eye it is a in depth comprehensive study that gives points to the ideas you are describing in your thought provoking and challenging post.

    My personal path has led my to believe that all of the Abrahamic religions need major transmutations. Aaaggghh, that's not true I've been thinking they need to go man, just go, and the sooner the better. But for the life of me, I never really saw a way that could happen, short of some horrific clash of religions, major joint genocidal war, and in the end my heart of hearts tells me that will just make it worse.

    So I truly welcome and appreciate your thoughts and ideas on this matter, it's a lot less bloody and has the only real chance of permanent change. I've been at a loss as to how these trans-mutations could take place. Still I wonder when you state, "With each bomb and attack Mohammad Man moves closer to change and the evolution of his mental development." Just exactly whose 'bombs and attacks' are you talking about'?

  2. That there is a source of creation, of that, there is no doubt, we refer to this source as God in English. We must therefor see God as the light and different religions as the lamps through which this light (enlightenment relevant to the capacity of mankind at that stage of his development to understand) is able to shine. Remember. That which the Lord hath ordained as the sovereign remedy and mightiest instrument for the healing of all the world is the union of all its peoples in one universal cause, one common faith.

  3. JC,

    A few thoughts…

    Clash of Civilizations or The End of History?

    Neither. This piece struck me more as a work of political theology in the vein of Schmitt, allusions to Huntington, Fukuyama, and even Mearsheimer and Walt notwithstanding.

    Your repetition of the phrase “a solution to the Jewish problem…” was a provocative one. I assumed you were taking a stance against cultural imperialism (i.e., anti-Zionist), rather than an anti-Semitic one.

    I also found it provocative that you invoked the language of polytheism to discuss the marriage of the three great monotheisms of our time. Perhaps this will be the intermediary that will allow the transmutation you are describing.

    Another theological cleavage appears to be reasserting itself on the world stage, that of Eastern and Western Christianity. The irony here is that despite propaganda to the contrary, the major Orthodox Christian nation of the world has done more (and more effectively) to fight this so-called extremism than the first victims of said extremism in the West.

    Your point about self –inflicted wounds is well taken and applied on both the political ans theological levels.

    Thought provoking piece.

  4. For a time each day or night earth is between the sun and moon. The sun can represent one class the moon another class and the earth can represent a middle class for those short periods when its in the middle.

    As seen here on earth within countries we are lacking a middle class pretty much across the board. So holding with the holographic universe theory we can apply what we see in a country outward. Then when we see the sun and moon as untainted and that they are consciously evolving as they should perhaps earth/humans need to raise our level of consciousness in order to bring the three back into harmony.

    It's all so mystical sounding but to me it boils down to earth/humans not holding our end of this three pronged theory of evolution. Here we can utilize the theory that humans are the only ones on earth who can choose to not follow a natural path of evolution which seems to lead us to devolution thus sinking earth out of harmony with the sun and moon.

    Philosophy a part of the liberal arts and sciences seems to fit right in between our current structured religions and sciences. With It contains an understanding of love and humanity that has the potential to raise our thoughts (thought forms?) but would it be able to save the day? Can philosophy rule the world and raise our conscious understanding of ourselves and thus everything else?

    To get a measure of the day I ask myself how many men can say they love something or someone without feeling they lose their man card? How many women are tired of being suppressed in their feminine understanding of things? Looking at it from there we seem to have a long ways to go (re: Kudatah Y’all). But we can always invest our efforts into hope of a better day whereby we kick the can down the road a bit further for the next generation to handle. AI will allow robots to happily work in our stead so we can devolve even further.

    I see your Kudatah Y'all and raise you an Okeechobee Mud Fest.


    Hello JC,

    You have predicted the merging of Islam and Christianity so accurately. The terrible fire and the destruction of the 800 years old and iconic Chruch in Paris yesterday was symbolic for any people/entity that was behind it. I do not believe it to have been an accident as there is now a strange clip making it's round on the net where an Arab looking male is walking rather merely somewhere in the Notre Dame. Whether this is a psyop or not, we won't know. At the same time with a fire in Jerusalem Al-Aqsa which is a historically contested spot adds another dimension to the whole story.
    Perhaps we can add the fact that President Trump announced moving the US embassy to Jerusalem to the mix but there are too many unanswered questions which I am sure many are now asking about all this. The whole world is now so volatile that nothing is predictable and we seem to be in unchartered territory right now!

    I hope to read any new follow-up article soon in this regard that may shed light on this unknown and unchartered path we seem to be moving on. Thank you, JC.

    1. Hey CD. The yellow vest movement is rebelling against paying high taxes for fuel right? So I wonder if those high taxes were diluted or mixed with an emotional cause such as rebuilding Notre Dame would that calm the rebellion? Fragment the focus or cause of the high taxes in an effort to fragment or diffuse the rebellion itself. A sort of divide to conquer recipe. If it's a Christian symbol or cathedral assumed by the Catholics why would Macron vow to rebuild it instead of the Vatican or Church?

  6. "...why would Macron vow to rebuild it instead of the Vatican or Church?"

    Thank you Dane, That is an absolutely excellent question, my friend. It is even more bizarre that the Vatican has been quiet about all the recent vandalism all over France with graffiti and faeces on the church walls. In the meantime, the Yellow vests are still marching on and the police have become more brutal and been acting like thugs. I don't know what is happening in France but Macron isn't popular. Clearly, this situation can not continue but it is hard to know how it will stop. Will Our the fire on "Our Lady" Cathedral prevent or escalate the events in France or not, we shall see!

    Thank you for the great question.

    1. Your welcome CD. I believe Macron was going to have a press conference which he canceled to go to the fire. It was said that his announcement was going to lay out a new order/bill to allow a more forceful or physical form of stopping the yellow jacket/vesters movement.

      I think the end will result in more consolidation my friend. It seems to be a cycle or universal law of things. Fragment matter so it can rearrange itself and consolidate back to oneness. The experience along the journey back home seems to be of high importance though. Only time will tell but we seem to have a free will to choose where we position ourselves upon the journey or re-consolidation back to oneness.

  7. Hi CD ,

    I must say I feel voiceless about this event . When I saw the firts pictures in the news , I had a strange feeling like if it was the end of a era .
    Don't know how to interpret this , but this is more than a symbolic event . And the fire occurong in the Al-Aqsa mosque just add more power to these facts.In ancient China , every dynasties ruled the empire with " The Mandate of Heaven " .
    Each dynasty ended when a big disaster occured , whatever it could be , disease , epidemy , and so on . Generally , these events happened during periods of corruption within the ruling elites .
    Maybe I'm totally wrong , but I feel like this is a warning sign for Macron , and more globally the actual political system in Europe at least . The end of an era , just now at the beginning of a new millenium......
    Anyway , we haved to stay positive and think about opportunities during this phase of transformation.....
    Have a good day , my friend !

  8. Hi Ledude59,

    I think what you felt is probably the best feedback from having to witness such a major fire. it seems that fire and any other major destruction, in general, is intended to change the mass consciousness. What such events do, is that it will segregate the population's minds into, "us" and "them"!

    Many now believe that the so-called Islamist revolution in Iran accelerated with a similar act in which a fire was deliberately started in a packed cinema in the city of Abadan in South Western Iranian city of Abadan, where up till the 1970s had the largest oil refinery in the world. The revolutionaries and their western backers blamed the Shah and the Secret Service (Savak) but it was actually carried out by those who wanted Islamism to take hold in Iran and the Shah of Iran removed, and most likely by the agents of Globalism, trained and directed as part of a major plan. The psychological implication of this fire where some 420 people burnt alive, was possibly the single most event that ensured the end of Iranian Monarchy after 2500 years! That is the psychological power of fire which is one of the four elements within the human psyche. Therefore, what you felt is indeed what is happening in France and for that matter in the mind of any Western people. Knowing this, it sure seems as though a new phase has begun in the world, not only in France!

    Anybody alive on September 11, 2001, was struck by the magnitude and the psychological impact of the monumental criminality that destroyed thousands of innocent lives and pulverized the structure into dust, two massive buildings in the heart of a major Western city as NYC. I never ever forget exactly how I felt that day and how it shook me to my core...

    For sure, none of such actions is random and most likely well planned in advance.

    Wish you a great day my friend.

  9. "Kim Clement Prophecies - Paris & France From 2010 - 2015, Notre Dame Fire?"

    I resisted with putting this clip today but my curiosity is not letting go, so here it is! I would really appreciate any thoughts and ideas as to the contents of this 10 min clip, although somewhat convoluted with facts the points the late Kim Clements makes are pertinent to France and the fire at Notre-Dame.

  10. Hey CD and Ledude59, since both Christian and Islamic temples were set ablaze if a finger was pointed towards Judaism as being the fire starter would Christianity and Islam emerge from those ashes together to form an alliance in a unified effort to overtake Judaism in a process of forming a one world religion? Judaism seems to be rather fragmented these days and there is that old saying..."divide to conquer".

    What do you guys think?

    The seed to this thought was planted by JC "Christianity is the thesis. Islam is the antithesis. The merging of both is the synthesis."

    He also tweeted in that string

    1. Interesting theory Dane and I agree with the existence of a general plan to bring in a final one-world religion but if the one world government (NWO) is badly failing which predominantly deals with the physical arrangements of tangible assets to make such a concept possible, then it may follow that the one-world-religion concept would fail also. In other words, making a one world governance may be easier than making sure all 8 Billion people (or majority of!) read from the same hymn sheet and follow one specific God but knowing the technologies that the secret governments have at their disposal, we can all be sent in a trance to follow this planned one religion. This is more like the zombie apocalypse movies and more like a Philip K Dick's novel. I therefore would like to suggest that, yes the plan or shall we say a wish and a hope by the ruling elite may be to have us all believe and follow the same book and Godhead but quite simply, it ain't going to happen as human species with the gift of free will insist in their own unique ways and thinking, however primitive and ridiculous. So as far as the elite is concerned, good luck with that 🙂

      Regarding Judaism, I think that there may be no plan to bring them into the realms of a possible one-world religion and there are many reasons for it. One reason is that Jews do not constitute a large group of the population and as such the ruling elite do not consider them as a threat of any kind and also that the Jews are the oldest International network of people who had a shop in every city, large and small anywhere in the old world. This is a powerful network where you can conduct trade and money exchange for travellers as well as dealing with merchandise and other trades. In the same way that Switzerland will never be absorbed into the EU or for that matter any other nations community, Judaism will never be absorbed in such a religious system. Even Nazi's did not want to bring the Swiss under their sphere of governance! The independence of the Jews have served both the Islamic as well as the Christian world in that both these major religions and their Imperial backers have used and utilised the old network to their advantage. Money lending as forbidden in Islam and Christianity was due to a need for somebody else to what they were not allowed to do. This concept is very deep and has major historical implication to this day. In short, there is a love-hate relationship between all three can be possibly explored in this relationship. This is a historical co-dependency situation which is hard to break it seems for all the involved parties!

      I read this excellent analysis by Robert David Steele regarding the Notre-Dame fire and his take is really fascinating.:

        1. Thank you JC,

          Very interesting indeed. Lavrov's speech at the Russian Foreign service school was very interesting and he announced the arrival of a new, NWO with multipolarity instead of the Anglo-American hegemony over the world. The only thing I do not get is why the people who are for the new Multipolar world Order now wondering why the US under President Trump is seeking to bring down both the Deep State regimes of Iran and Venezuela. What may be missing in the understanding of people such as the author of the RT article can be that they do not see Iran, Venezuela AND North Korea to be the states under the direct control and manipulation of the same people who were all for the Uniworld order, as now not so powerful NeoConservatives in the US and their franchises in Europe/EU. I believe, the survival of both the EU and any remnants of the NeoConservative NWO with an aim to control the Anglo-American political; and economy is highly dependent on their obtaining and continuing to control the resources as well as theses states for conducting their hegemony in Asia, Western Asia and The entire American continent. Therefore both the EU and their subjugated nations must come down so that the Multipolar world order top start functioning properly. In this regard, President Trump was absolutely correct in his criticism of NATO which is a tool of the old NWO cabal.

          I understand Mr Lavrov is a shrewd geopolitician and a cool guy who rarely ever gets angry or upset and being a highly educated historian makes him a true statesman unlike his western counterparts as Trudeau, May, Macron and others. The West currently does not have an educated elite but rather a cabal of self-serving individuals who are instructed to say and act according to the wishes of their banking bosses.

          So the world will undoubtedly need and will have a World Order but the new Multipolarity should help in defusing was and hope to make this planet a better place for all its inhabitants. I remain optimistic, for now...

      1. "Regarding Judaism, I think that there may be no plan to bring them into the realms of a possible one-world religion and there are many reasons for it." Perhaps CD but how about simply trying to eliminate or dissolve them by fragmenting them into a weak infighting peoples? I'm not a big fan of Steele my friend.

        This was an interesting read.

        Lol, so was your rt article JC 😉

        1. Maybe there is a plan Dane but you can not "eliminate or dissolve" a people who have been around for many thousand years whilst the said people are behind almost every innovation in trade and commerce. To appreciate the historical strength and the skills of the Jewish people I strongly recommend " The Jew in Character and Business" by Henry Ford:

          One other fact to consider regarding any potential to Judaism is that the Jewish people are not a monolithic people and there are many movements and tendencies from their earliest history and their interactions with the powerful empires in the past 2500 years or so. The Jews as a group of people have been at the service of the Persian dynasties before and after the Arab conquest of Persia whilst they were citizens of Iran for all this period. Yet, their skills in trade and their position throughout the ancient trade routes made them deeply knowledgable against any potential threats to their faith which was an ethnic faith and a cultural one at the same time they were a people and not a nation. This arrangement suited the various empires whether Persian, Romans, Ottoman and up till the modern times, the British, the French, The Germans and now the United State. The positioning of the Jews in all walks of life and most predominantly in the Media, Commerce and last but not least in Intelligence puts them in the forefront of any slight movement that any state, government or group can put against them. In short, I can not imagine why Jews would be willing to trade becoming a member of new world religion and lose all their ancient know-how, but of course, if there was any plan, they would know about it first hand and will adjust to such a move. Having said that, I am still uncertain why anyone however powerful and almighty to bring a one world religion. I'm afraid I don't have a rational and logical answer to this one and how anyone would benefit from this, given that humanity is becoming more secular with the advancement in their lifestyle...not to mention by the educational establishment pumping Socialist and Marxist atheist indoctrination on the young people in the west!

          You know Dane, I do not trust RDS either as once a clown, forever a clown, I believe. Nevertheless, I listen to all kinds of people (and some are really crazy, I should add!) and that way, I can ascertain who is possibly telling the system of the "Byzantine Generals problems" in arriving at some level of truths! 🙂

        2. Hi Dane,

          Thank you for the interesting document you sent regarding the power of the Jewish lobby. This clip from an interview by Mike Wallace with the Shah of Iran is rather fascinating when the Shah speaks about the powerful Jewish Americans are actually doing a disservice sometimes to the detriment of Israel! He believed that the Jewish lobby (AIPAC and other groups!) exert too much power and "push people around". This is fascinating because Iran was the closest friend to Israel but the Shah could see how the powerful Jewish groups in the US can destroy the balance of power between the Jewish state and her Arab and often hostile neighbours. A while ago the same sentiment was expressed by an Israeli female Minister when she complained that the American Jews do not understand the problems of Israel and the reality it faces, or something to that effect. The stability of the region was important to the Shah of Iran and he felt that even the Jewish American lobby does not understand the problems that face the region. What's fascinating is that the media in the US as well the EU is controlled by this powerful group and we have witnessed how the same media tried to destroy Trump's candidacy and the past two years as a dark chapter in the US political history. History tells us that the ancient Jewish people have been used by the powerful empires throughout the history as the frontman for their cause and I believe since WWII the powerful victors tasked the ancient people to carry out their bidding. If this is the case also in the past, and if one believes in the repeat of history, is it not possible to see the power to be taken of the hands of the ancient people once an empire loses power?! At this time the old British Empire's power is in trouble and the balance and power of the world are changing rapidly, as per the great article JC put up regarding Mr Lavrov's speech on the emergence of a Multipolar world. Things are changing rather speedily and there is no way back...

          1. Cool thanks CD I'll check that video out this evening while enjoying a bit of Kraken.

            You know I got to thinking on the way to work and found myself asking if it only takes 1% to guide the direction of the world how many Jews would it take to make 1%? I don't invest much into that 1% perspective but there is some truth to it. I prefer to look within for freedom and self empowerment. The time of the Church stopping people from finding their own truth ended long ago. There is a God within us all, we need not seek an outside authority to tell us how their God wants us to live.

            Like you say though the bankers have a lot of weight in the world of things so we shouldn't forget the close relationship of the Medici's and the Jews.

            Beyond that here are a couple of interesting reads.

            "...We have created antagonism between the personal and national interests of the Gentiles by arousing religious and race hatreds which we have nourished in their hearts for twenty centuries."


            Here is another good one but it requires the reader to continue past the mention of the Rothschilds in order to get the fullness of the article.


  11. Hello CD , Dane , JC ,

    I was not at home , so I just read your answers now , and will take some times this week-end to look at the links you provide.
    Once again you are widening my horizon .
    CD , what I felt directly , watching Notre Dame's fire, came instantly from very deep within myself , kind of feeling I had very few times in my life , and it was strange . Some kind of evidence that there was a before and an after .
    I didn't feeled that for 9/11 , even if I was totally stunned at this time , and I do remember precisely what I was doing when I first heard of the planes and the towers. I did remember that I saw this as an event with big implications , but it was more analytical than anything else.

    What if , instead of a

  12. Sorry , made a mistake with the key pad !

    What if , instead of a One World religion , this would bring the dawn of any monotheistic religions and the rise of a world belief in philosophy and science ?
    Don't know , just a thought ,towards something more positive.....

  13. You know there seems to be a cycle in the universe of breaking up or fragmenting consolidated matter/power then those fragmented parts come together again in a new slightly different consolidated power only to be fragmented yet again. It's almost like a heartbeat or breathing.

    Monopolies, cabals, structured religions, unilateral empires are all examples of consolidated powers. We seem to be blind to the fact this isn't our world, we are merely inhabitants on it, so the earth doesn't conform to our laws but works by its own laws. Perhaps we should come into alignment with its laws. Could a harmony stem from that alignment?

  14. May I wish a very Happy Easter to Everyone at POM and may I say how fortunate I am to be a member of this great family.

    Thank you, Dane and Ledude59 and of course, it goes without mentioning our JC for his wisdom that's guiding and expanding our vision of the events in our world.

    I agree with Dane and Ledude59 in that the cyclical nature of reality means also the overthrowing of power bases from time to time, even though we may consider them as evolving such as what many believe the Roman Empire to have become the modern Western Civ etc. That may be true but the fact that power or shall we say energy does not disappear but it changes to another form and in the physical world, a dead star is believed to turn into a Black Hole. That is an alternate version of the previous form but still there, albeit not the same! When we consider that all the know Empires have come and gone, we can also consider that they never died but went into a period of contraction and again rose and expanded to become another form of Empire.

    The problem with the Jews as a people is that they never experienced running an empire that they were responsible for but rather they were assisting an empire that employed them to act on their behalf and the fact that they managed to become rich and powerful, still does not constitute them as a power in a stately context. There are several reasons for this outcome and one is that the Judaic code of Torah forbids Jews to make a homeland until the arrival of a Messiah in their belief system. This is why we have Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews in Israel as well as major Western cities as NYC, London etc.
    One might say, how about the Khazarian Empire and why such an empire disappeared from power? The answer, as now have been researched by many Jewish scientists and non-Jews may be that the European Jews of Khazari origin were not of a Semitic stock and have been mostly of Indo-European and more specifically of Iranian with a mix of the native Caucasian's in who converted to Judaism and were later found better opportunities in Easter, Central Europe. There are some fantastic research is being carried out by Israeli evolutionary genomics professor Eran Elahik that is uncovering much of what the European Jews will be surprised and to hopefully glad to know. Some years ago a Jewish American friend informed me that she is Iranian after her genetic test results revealed. I leave the fascinating report below:

    "Ashkenazic Jews’ mysterious origins unravelled by scientists thanks to ancient DNA"

    The idea proposed by Ledude59 in "...the dawn of any monotheistic religions and the rise of a world belief in philosophy" in combination with what Dane wrote, regarding the "fragmented parts come together..." bring the two points together and we can possibly confirm this by suggesting that the advent of a Distributed Ledger Technology, where no central authority is capable of controlling the generation and distribution of money, may also be what can be the reason why an old religions may end a new beginning to arrive. This may be true if we also consider that empires, commerce/money and religions have been history makers in our known past collective history. What is to stop us from thinking that we will not need a "central" church and instead we have a temple each in our hearts and symbolically in our homes rather than the need to attend a Church, Synagog, Mosque etc.? Shouldn't the Priests class start to get ready to teach us provided they know the truth of religion that the Supreme Being resides at the heart of any sentient being who connects with the Devine? Maybe, the fire at the Notre-Dame is to teach us that a new beginning as Ledude59 suggests is upon us and man will rise to a new level of consciousness where he/she will get closer to his/her Devine self too!

  15. Hey, here is another perspective working from CD's proposition of Jews being used by the Church in lending money because Christianity found charging interest to be immoral. Personally I believe the church does charge interest with their misleading of so many souls. Through magic spells or brutality they are stealing peoples right to self empowerment which could be looked at as collecting interest, taxation or simply theft couldn't it? Most likely why the fake story of Jesus forgiving the thief while nailed to a cross was impregnated into the minds of man.

    Anyway setting aside the reason for the 2008 financial collapse we know that the central bank system went into the quantitative easing (QE) trap. Trap? Yes, because if they ease up and move into quantitative tightening (QT) stocks react by dropping. We just witnessed this recently when the Fed began increasing interest rates. The stock reaction was so severe it stopped the Feds interest increases in its tracks. They needed to get to 4% - 4.5% so in the event another collapse they had room to QE. Instead they were stopped around 2.5% right? Is there an emerging possibility we may never see another Fed increase in our lifetime?

    So let’s look back at whose morals are not corrupted by charging interest. The Jews right? Could this QE trap be seen as a strategic turning of the tables?

    If we think back at some of Trump's statements he has used the line “turning the tables” before. If he was put into power by Jews he could also be seen as their trump card. In a more forward view looking at the syntheses he could be seen as the phoenix to merge all of this together through “the art of the deal” thus avoiding another World War.

    The English gave Israel under the rules of Balfour declaration which said;

    " being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

    Yet under Trump the US embassy in Israel was moved to Jerusalem and Trump has said that its time for the US to recognize Golem Heights or simply Golem as being Israels.

    Then we can look into Genie Oil and Gas interests in Golem and further up the Euphrates River into Syria. Trump ended ISIS in this area who was the opposing force for this corporate move to buy up oil reserves.

    Then "...In London, at the end of June 1900, Branobel's sales director, the Norwegian Hans Olsen, negotiated a merger between the French-owned oil company, Rothschild and the Nobel's sales organisations in England...."

    Hmmm....French owned oil company....yellow jacket/vesters...revolting against high fuel taxes...burning of Notre Dame... 😉

    1. Okay so the Rothschild’s are doing what the Rothschild’s do. They are bankers. When money was backed by gold they stored gold, now that money is being backed by oil they are going to hold oil fields. It’s in their nature to control government’s money.

      My part in all this is that the money I store in the bank also earns interest. However, when there is QE I earn no interest. So here we can put a positive spin on the situation. QE may force folks to pull their money from the bank and change it for crypto which they themselves can store. Because the fact of the matter is QE allows the bank not to pay me interest on the money I store with them while at the same time they charge interest for loans against the store of money in their vault.

      One of the deeper reasons I invest in XRP is because I believe that cryptos will be valued based on the utility they provide the world and the faith folks put into that utility instead of some outside source mined from the earth. XRP provides just such utility and is positioned to change the world. The opportunity to observe such a world changing creation excites me tremendously.

    2. Hi Dane,

      You have provided lots of fascinating information, Thank you and excellent details and If I may, I will try and add something to your great thoughts here.

      Firstly, I believe that Israel and Jews and the Jewish bankers, as well as the Jewish groups such as AIPAC, SPLC, ADL and last but not least the NeoConservative group, are separate entities that we may consider where the source of what many would call the Jewish power. The Jewish people in all these are the ordinary and innocent victims of the powerful people who claim to be Jewish. A name that comes to mind is the Hungarian Atheist Marxist Billionaire Jew who was helping the Nazis with confiscating the Jewish properties and pocketing the loot. Think of how many innocent Hungarian Jews he looted and damaged he caused then and now!

      I also mentioned that prior to 1948 and the establishment of the Zionist state of Israel the Jewish people had no real experience of running a piece of land of their own, otherwise, we may call as a nation, a country, Empire and a Nation-State which was to a large extent as a result of the Judaic belief system that Jews must await the arrival of the Messiah (Jewish Messiah!) and as such must be living in a wondering manner. This inability or lack of will to want to own and run a nation was perhaps behind the way the Jewish people evolved, suffice to say that Jews are not all of one race and we have Africa Ethiopian Jews (Falasha People) as well as Yemenis, Mizrahim (Iranian and Mesopotamian Jews), Sephardic (North African and Levantine, Turkish, Iberian Jews) and the European Jewry (Khazari Ashkenazim). Prior to the creation of the state of Israel, these groups had minimal contact other than trade in money, antiques, luxury goods such as rugs, rag trade and money lending of course. The Jews in all of the lands they lived under rarely lived outside a city and almost never cultivated the land and any involvement in agrarian life. Therefore, the Jews evolved only in cities and almost always worked under the auspices of a ruler in Asia, Africa or Europe. The creation of a Jewish homeland was a project that was the brainchild of the European Jewry and more specifically British Jewry as the Jewish population in all the lands and they had in mind to create a new Jewish people within the Israel project and as part of the creation of the new nation. Within a very short time, Israel became an advanced nation in the field of developing agriculture and Israelis developed advanced methods for the arid lands in the new land with such innovations as the "Drip Irrigation" which was also expected to many regional nations including Iran before the Islamist take over of Iran with great success. The people who made Israel a fast developing nation in all areas of science and tech were the European Jews who had enjoyed the best education of their home countries and were not the uneducated Yemenis or Tunisian Jews!

      However, something that would be interesting to consider regarding the idea of a nation and how psychologically one develops as a person living in that land for generations and consequently as a nation, is that a bond develops from that which may be expressed in passionate poetry, music and songs as well as artworks that express how a nation survives wars and even thrives. We also have our national mythologies that pass from one generation to another which almost always involve the glorification of the nobility of character, helping the poor and fighting the enemy as a selfless warrior. Nation's mythology also works on a different level in that it shows the path events that happened in the past and provides a roadmap for the future generation. In fact, to understand a nation one must study their mythology because it describes how that nation thinks of itself within the boundary of the land that it lives and defends. Nations can be viewed rather as humans in that they have the period of their infancy, adulthood and old age but their survival depends on their myths that directly relates to their land. The Jews as a distinct group of the human family do not have the historical experience is what it is like to be a nation and how much responsibility is on the shoulder of that nation. With power always comes to the responsibility of acting in a manner not to be outcast and not be involved in acts that may result in one losing the land that one lives on. This historical responsibility also brings in the idea of patriotism which again may exist in individual Jews who enjoyed living as citizens of their respective nations but is void in the collective memory. This lack of connection to the land is now being experienced by Israeli Jews but not with the other diaspora, at least not in the same extent and passion. In my opinion, this is a great path for the people of Isreal but until they learn to live as independent from the United States in terms of money and military assistance as well as others, the culture of co-dependency will never break which will prevent a real growth on a national basis. I remain hopeful that the Western Asian region to live in peace and without political religiosity on both the Jewish and the Islamists and IMHO both Zionism and Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism are totally destructive to the citizens of that region and I am certain both sides are being manipulated for more warfare and hatred whilst, nobody but outside interests benefit from the fanaticism, criminality and insanity of the past 40 years! The two regimes that run the two powerful nations in the region (Islamist Regime of Mullahs and the Zionist State of Israel) are deep-state-controlled and manipulated entities. People of these two nations have no animosity towards each other whatsoever and in fact, share so much culture and history that would make them otherwise solid, friends. The sole benefactors of the continuation of this by-design animosity are the Military Industrial Complex owned by a section of the banking elite and their survival is dependent on more bloodshed and hatred as the people of the region have had enough of them.

      Regarding the Golan Heights, that was a part of Syria until 1967 and the Six-Day War when Israeli forces invaded and occupied the strategic region of Syria (as well as for Israel!). So for almost 50 years, this piece of land had been disputed when President Trump said that this land should go to Israel which is somewhat baffling and in no time in history such disputes have been resolved with such a verdict. nevertheless, it will be another source of future disputes by the Syrian side and if anything, it will be another time-bomb for the future!

      1. To demonstrate the diversity of the Jewish people through Asia, I think of the Central Asian Jews of Bukhara, otherwise known as Bukharan Jews who live in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries. They speak a dialect of Persian, which any Persian speaker can understand albeit the accent is close to Afghan and Tajiki Persian. What is striking for me was the group pride that Bukharan Jews have in that they prefer to mingle within their own community. If you listen to the lady speaking in the 2:30 when she says "I don't want to be Anti-Semitic...we like our people better". What she is alluding to is not about non-Jews but about Jews of other nations! In other words, they have a group pride based on their own unique "national" history and culture. Even in Israel, various ethnic Jews live and marry within their own community.

        Uniqueness is the building block of our world and it is to be celebrated!

  16. Could it be whittled down to the age old battle of one belief that teaches people to look inward to be self empowered and responsible for their own spiritual growth against the church's evil way of hindering this inward spiritual development by forcing people to hand over this self empowerment and conform to their outward authoritative belief?

    From this perspective I would have to side with the Judaism view of things. Perhaps from this perspective the statement "...We have created antagonism between the personal and national interests of the Gentiles by arousing religious and race hatreds which we have nourished in their hearts for twenty centuries" could be a reflective observance of what Jews believe the outward thinking peoples think of them.

    I've been trying to figure out why a people would wall themselves in after experiencing such a tragedy as being held in entrainment camps. This developing understanding is helping me understand why. These people evolved through a world of the church killing anyone and destroying anything that didn't believe or reflect their way of evil spiritual devolution. Anyone would be a bit defensive in the self preservation of their beliefs. Through all these years the church has not been able to kill the free thinking of self empowerment so it could be merging with Islam and all the other churches in the world in an all out attempt at a globalized one world religion so as to kill out any remaining teaching of truth in self empowerment and spiritual growth. They believe this earth is theirs and they can run it better than its true creator.

    The church turned on the Knights Templar because the wealth they held was this knowledge. The church must have feared that they may spread the word of truth. Through time the Templars helped kings free themselves from the grasp of the church and where given large parcels of land as payment. The Templars taught "the rising from the dead" which seems to require an out of body experience to be initiated into the spiritual world of self empowerment. Egypt used to teach this with the Rising Osiris from the Dead Ceremony. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (at least an esoteric sliver of it) carries on this truth still today which is evidence that the differing views still exist. This belief of self empowerment would be a clear threat to the churches existence because people would awaken to the fact they have been misled for so many years so the church must squish out these teachings to preserve their priestly class view of enslaving the gentiles.

    Good Sunday to self empowered folks. Happy Easter to the Christians and Islamist.

  17. "Let me begin with a legend of a child, born in cave, saved from death in infancy, who grows up to teach a new religion to the masses, then removes himself to a wilderness for a prescribed period, and upon his return is killed on a wooden structure, only to resurrect three days later and be deified as a god. This legend is of a god-man from c.1800 BC called Krishna. Were you expecting someone else?

    While there are 346 analogies between the story of Krishna and Jesus alone, there are at least eighteen other avatars around the world answering to above description. And what’s more, they all precede Christianity by 500 to 2000 years: Thammuz of Sumeria, Atys of Phrygia, Indra of Tibet, Iao of Nepal, and Wittoba of Java — a god-man nailed to a tree and symbolized by a crucifix. And not forgetting, of course, the god-man savior of the Maya, Quetzalcoatl, born of a virgin, indulged in a forty-day fast on a sacred mountain, atoned, rode an ass, is purified in a temple with water and anointed with oil, then nailed to a cross on a sacred hill, and rests in the Otherworld for three days before resurrecting...."

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