The Enlightenment of Muhammad by the Transformative Sun

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Merging Lunar Islam with Solar Christianity

JC Collins

The form of the Christ as the Sun God is positioned in direct diametric opposition to the form of Allah as the Moon God.  Much like Christian culture uses a sun based calendar and sun imagery, Islamic culture uses a moon based calendar and moon imagery.  The esoteric relationship between the Sun and the Moon seeks harmony through the transmutation of spirit and matter.

Such topics tread on dangerous ground as human emotion surrounding religious and spiritual beliefs are intense and can easily be directed towards destructive and violent acts.  Both the Islamic and Christian faiths have extremely militant and political backgrounds.  The materialistic nature of both is expressed through the avoidance of the source of spirit.

The semi-enlightened mind, or the individual who has willingly entered upon the path, can, with modest observation, determine that no transformative characteristics exist within either of the religions in their present manifestation.  The Judaic religion can also be added into this category and all three provide a triad of spiritual dysfunction which inhibit and prevent an end to material existence.

Pending a solution to the Jewish problem of wanton cultural segregation, the transformative responsibility will initially be foisted upon the shoulders of Islamic and Christian faiths.  It is probable that a solution to the Jewish problem of cultural segregation can only be developed and implemented after the merging of Islam and Christianity takes place.

The union of the Sun and the Moon will force the transformation of the Judaic materialistic Earth and allow for the evolution of spirit and matter.  The future of religion is dependent upon the enlightenment of humankind and the de-fragmentation of existence.  The Bhagavad Gita states “Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain.”

The battle of light and darkness between Christian and Islamic cultures can never be solved by the narrow-minded approaches which have built the diametric in the first place.  Centuries of tension and war have forced the transmutation of both through channels and means which are not openly recognized or acknowledged.

The self-imposed attack upon Christian culture in the West is mirrored by the self-imposed attack upon Islamic culture through the promotion of extremism and terrorism.  The effect on both will be transformative.  The perfection of human thought and spirit across religious and cultural boundaries is meant to facilitate the mental development of the human race.

The theology of tomorrow will require the merging and consolidation, through a process of de-fragmentation, of the world’s great belief systems.  The role of Muhammad as a lunar prophet in opposition to the solar Christ is meant to achieve this end.

There will be those who attempt to maintain the dying identity of each, but with each passing generation the transformation will become more pronounced.  The Islamic youth have been targeted in the same manner in which the Christian youth were targeted through cultural and socioeconomic engineering which took form through entertainment and systems of education.

The enlightenment of Mohammad and Islamic culture will require a transmutation of identity.  The acts of extremism and terrorism are meant to serve that purpose.  The long-term effects upon the culture and religion will be profound.  With each bomb and attack the Mohammad Man is moving closer to change and the evolution of his mental development.

Western culture has been established around the esoteric mandates of transformation.  The injection of the Mohammad Man into the processes and machinations of this framework will force the modification of the Islamic faith.  The conflict which arises from this injection has been well considered and engineered.

The remnants of Christian culture will provide the edge which the Mohammadian Man will crash against and sever his ideological form.  The fragmentation of both the Islamic and Christian faiths are required in order to allow for the de-fragmentation and merging of both.

This new development in the minds of humankind will evolve over generations and countless disembodied attempts at correcting the original great mistake will provide new incarnations and opportunities for the evolution of spirit and matter.

Upon the path we confront ourselves and the problems we have avoided.  Moral delinquencies originate within ourselves and can only be observed and corrected during the light of the day.  Trends and patterns emerge within our minds and plant seeds in the subconscious of fragmentation.  Such a pattern is the birth of morning and the death of sleep. Each day provides an opportunity on a micro scale like birth and death on a macro scale.  Each day is an opportunity for embodied thought.  Each life provides an opportunity for the evolution of spirit and matter.  – JC