The Enlargement of the Dialectic Collapse

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Update:  BIS Warns On Violent Reversal of Global Markets

Completely in tune with today’s post, the Telegraph just came out with this article.  The conditioning for the inability of the “Wizards of Oz” or central banks to fix the worlds financial problems is being fully implemented.

By JC Collins

As discussed and defined in the post The First False Flags, a process of Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, which we will call CSI, has been taking place since at least the early 1600’s.  This is a process where international banking interests use hidden strategies and methodologies to effect change on the macroeconomic level.

The disorganized masses, the large majority of the population for which the CSI is targeted, are intentionally divided and confused about the broader mandates and purposes of the international bankers, or Money Changers.

Just above the disorganized masses, but underneath the Money Changers, exists another demographic which we have referred to as the rent seeking elite.  This rent seeking elite attempts to transfer the wealth of the larger masses through processes of taxation and currency manipulation, such as inflation and fractional banking practices.

Once the wealth is consolidated within the smaller demographic, the Money Changers can effectively manage both groups by controlling the money supply on a supra-macro level.   See post The Arcane SDR Supra-Macro Asset.

With many of the posts here at Philosophyofmetrics I have attempted to increase awareness of the reality that both the disorganized masses and the rent seeking elite are cut from the same cloth and human division within both groups is externalized in the socioeconomic structure of humanity.

Both groups are controlled by the obscure Money Changers who stay hidden behind facades of bloodlines and corporations.  There are many theories about who the Money Changers are, most of which are silly conspiracy theories that do nothing to further awareness or implement change on the micro level within both the disorganized masses and the rent seeking elite.

For that reason I will not attempt to further define the Money Changers at this time.  What we will do is continue to implement changes on multiple levels, such as utilizing more complex terminology like CSI, and broadening the scope of our conscious familiarity and reference points, as presented in the post PrimNomics – The First Division.

It is important to recognize that accumulating wealth is not the end goal of the Money Changers.  Wealth, being the time and labor of humanity, is consolidated within the concept of money, or currency, and this storage devise is used to focus the time and labor of humanity on the task of ensuring a continuation of physical existence.

The CSI, or Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception, utilizes a tool which, for a lack of a better term at this time, we have called the Hegelian Dialectic, or method of effecting change through a process of problem, reaction, solution.

The usage of the Hegelian Dialectic, and the broader CSI, has increased this year, and as we move through the fall and into the winter we are beginning to see an increase in points of interception.

We have considered the outcomes of either collapse or consolidation, and as previously discussed, we are likely to see the staging of a collapse for the purpose of effecting change on the macro level.

Interception points can be many things, but in regards to our discussion here we will define these points as the economic metrics which attempt to trend data.  Based on this we can clearly see that a process of CSI elevation has taken place in the last few days.  This elevation is likely a swelling, or enlarging of the problem component of the Hegelian Dialectic.

This problem component has been well structured to allow for this growth as has the solution component, which is littered with the seeds of probable outcomes and legislative mandates.

In between both is the reaction component, for which both demographics, the disorganized masses and rent seeking elite, have been well greased.

In the post NYSE Euronext Shutdown Before the Great Consolidation, I further explained the process of the Hegelian Dialectic.  As a method of synchronicity this post directly ties into the post Global Pandemic and Quarantine, or how the Ebola epidemic is very convenient.

One of the interception points which has been enlarged is obviously the expansion of the Ebola virus and the threat it represents to the overall structure.  Nothing short of an all out collapse of world markets offers a more perfect reaction for the purpose of shutting down the system and making the transition to the multilateral the solution.

Many of the inception points, like Ebola, are 80% fear based and 20% actualized.  Though these numbers may drift up and down, depending on the CSI effect, the desired result remains steadfastly the same.

In addition, the last few days have seen other inception points begin to show signs of change.  Treasury bond yields have shown dramatic decreases.  Stock markets are beginning to show signs of reversing, the Dow has lost much of its gains and Greece and Canada have seen drops of 9% and 10%.  Oil is testing the $80.00 mark, and banks are beginning to show losses.

On top of all that we are being told by the global institutions like the IMF and BIS, that growth is slowing and the risk of collapse is increasing.

Currency swap agreements between the major economies are increasing which is leading to the planned outcome of adding the Chinese renminbi to the SDR basket composition next year.

Central banks themselves are admitting that the endgame is near as what has been technically working is no longer going to work.  This Bloomberg article refers to the central banks as the Wizards of Oz, another clear reference to the esoteric nature of the system, as also outlined in the post The SDR Magic Circle.


The story is being built that something new is required to fix the problems with the larger macroeconomic system.  This is the buildup to the escalated solution component of the Hegelian Dialectic.

In the last week two mainstream news articles have come out confirming everything which we have been discussing here since the beginning of the year.  The renminbi will continue to be internationalized and will be added to the SDR basket composition, leading to the acceptance and broader use of the SDR in the macro system.  See post The SDR Truth Sandwich and Renminbi is Already A De Facto Reserve Currency.

QE is coming to an end as expected, and will be replaced with another method of transition towards the multilateral system.  QE, a form of system manipulation, along with the obvious manipulation of all other economic metrics, are a clear indication that the game is not one for which we understand the rules.  Now that these metrics are openly being admitted to as failing or falling, it is expected that we are in the opening salvos of the next stage of CSI engineering.

The enlargement of the Hegelian Dialectic is taking place with a disproportionate fear of collapse leading to an equal disproportionate acceptance of the consolidation solution.  – JC