The Ends of the Earth

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There are secret pathways upon the Earth.

Child, look to the North and you will see the place from which we have entered and may one day leave again.

Alone these paths must be walked and whoever does so shall overcome.

To the East there is another path which runs through all the doorways which are still closed to you.

On September 30, 1791, just two months before his death, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiered his great mystery play The Magic Flute in Vienna. It was the culmination of a life’s work and represented one of the most allegorical examples of the “path of toil that unto wisdom leadeth”.

Mozart attempted to capture the great secret of life and what it is. Whether he was successful or not will be determined by the ultimate end of mankind and the Earth within which he learns.

What is life?

This is a question which engenders much; why, when, what, who, and where, which encompasses all aspects of life itself, from mineral, plant and animal. Perceived life for a human being is composed of the short span of physical time from birth to the death of the animal part.

The obsession with the physical part of life forces mankind into a state of animalistic existence which lives for itself and discards reason and spiritual wisdom. The animal man scavenges within the dome of unconscious matter as the musical notes of Mozart reverberate throughout the conscious expanse of all that is possible.

Most sense that life is more than the root existence which we have been conditioned to accept and propagate through the externalization of spiritual ignorance. The common herd of the unthinking and disorganized masses have falsely accepted that the well-being of man is equal to the well-being of the animal part.

The religions and systems of governance of the world have contributed to this animalistic acceptance of dome and doom while promoting fullness and hope. The ritual of self-discovery and self-resurrection remain veiled behind the conflated message which has confused the animal man.

Yet the consciousness of the spiritual man, which remains hidden waiting to be called upon, has a message of love for others which can provide the everlasting happiness which the animal can never experience.

There is another form of life which exists after the destruction of the animal body. This form of life is eternal and is not dependent upon the animal part. The animal part is dependent upon the spiritual form of life.

Science would have us accept the twilight evolution of the animal origin while denying the spiritual. It is considered that man has progressed so far up the ladder of knowledge and existence that there is little distance left to travel. It would have us believe the hidden paths upon and within the Earth do not exist.

Still there is a higher state and evolution of spirit which will allow for the attainment of knowledge and that which has not yet been obtained. The engineers of existence have instructed the animal to become a philosopher. This observable truth remains hidden and obscured behind the machinations of the animal rulers.

The engineers have not abandoned that which was created. This work is not finished. The work of the animal remains unfinished. The work of the spirit remains unfinished. Philosophy is the endeavour to finish the work and open the doorways so the spirit can leave through the place where it entered.

But what is the Earth and where is it?

These questions are the paramount obsession of the animal part because it is the personification of the question “who am I?”.

The obvious answer which comes after much contemplation is that the Earth is a womb or cocoon where the mineral, plant, and animal parts transform into the ultimate expression of the spirit part. This unification and evolution of all parts is embedded within the material science and is veiled behind both textbook and bible.

It is not so much about the transformation of man as it is about the journey which spirit takes through the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and onward to the ultimate expression of learned and mature spirit. Man is not independent from this journey and is a temporary expression of it.

So where is the Earth?

This is a profound question which is difficult to answer as it pushes the boundaries of even the most allegorical storylines. The simplest answer and most observable by man himself is that the Earth is everywhere. There is nowhere you go where the Earth is not observable.

What have you seen with your own eyes? What have you smelled with your own nose? What have you heard with your own ears? What have you touched with your own skin? What have you tasted in your own mouth?

The ends of the Earth is the place where your senses no longer have control over the animal part. There is a path for each sense which must be traveled in order to leave again. So asking “where the Earth is” would be better stated as “where does the Earth end”?

The ends of the Earth is beyond the senses where transformed spirit is manifest. The secret and hidden pathways which lead out are to be traveled by those who carry the philosophers stone.

But beware the “path of toil that unto wisdom leadeth”. Beware the misleading animal dance of Pan and the tune of his magic flute. – JC

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9 Comments on “The Ends of the Earth”

  1. “What is life?” Is Living the same as Surviving?

    In an episode of the Twilight Zone, “The Shelter”, Rod Serling, produced this highly philosophical piece, possibly one of his best, that has left the viewer examining this question and many others. The closing part he profoundly proclaims:

    “For civilization to survive, the human race has to remain civilized”

    1. Hello Carpe-Diem great question. As an observation it seems this is what the majority of people believe today that surviving is living. But what if we survive in order to live? So far it seems to live is to labor but that labor is to maintain the very life that gave rise to us, so it’s a labor of love really.

      The flipside of this love though is a deep felt anger for those who thwart the good effort. Maybe this is where the survival instinct kicks in so we can protect the very labor of maintaining life for our survivability as a human race?

      I believe I understand the spirit of “For civilization to survive, the human race has to remain civilized”. But who would dictate what is civilized?

      1. Good Morning Dane,
        Great questions you have raised that needs contemplation.

        I think if we ask the question in the context in which Rod Serling asks the question i.e. the 25 minute episode “The Shelter” it is easier to appreciate.

        The storyline of the episode shows a middle-class neighbours celebrating something and being very friendly towards each other. The 12 years old son of the host, walks in announcing what he had just heard on the radio, which alarms everyone. The radio announces that some form of attack possibly nuclear is about to happen and the announcer advises everyone to go to their own nuclear shelters.

        The host, a local Doctor had decided to make such shelter to ensure survival of his family. The first important question is asked by the Doctors wife, when she asks “is there a point in being alive after a nuclear attack…” to which the Doctor replies, “…it is for him, he is only 12 years old…”! As the film progresses, the neighbours all try and beg the doctor to allow them access to his bunker when the doctor refuses quite logically and correctly that the food and air supplies are only for 3 people and for 2 weeks only. The crowd gets violent and desperate, so much that they find a metal pole to try and open the access door to the bunker. The opening the door also coincides with the announcement by the radio announcer that it was a false alarm and people can carry on with their normal routines.

        What happens so suddenly is a change of behaviour from a fight or flight to a state of normalcy, when the doctor says what any viewer would also think. That is, the shock of how a seemingly nice and civilized people can suddenly turn to be uncivilized beasts. The doctor quite rightly suddenly realizes that the civility he had experienced was all an illusion and it is a veneer on a beastly creature only.

        In the context of the movie and in a post-apocalyptic setting, civility and acting civilized means very little. However, civility and being civilized has been a survival method for our species to get to this point in our collective history. Serling says that in order to continue with human civilization it is necessary to rise above the animal instincts that is programmed in us all and to become noble human beings by practicing sympathy, empathy and help those who are genuinely in need. Yet, civility is a herd mentality in the same way violence is and the more noble individuals practice sympathy and Love, as you quite rightly mentioned, such episodes of violence sub-human acts may happen less!

        Survival is what all creatures do that includes bacterias, viruses and mammals. However a conscious species as we are with the gift of the Free Will, may need to cultivate a higher elevation of life other than survival. Living includes, nurturing a soul and finding higher forms of expression as a tool of reaching higher states of being. Animals can not reach such states since they have no free will, all they have is a pre-programmed sets of instructions. We need not return to our past form and try and be Human Beings.

  2. Mr. Collins:

    It is ironic and apropos, as well as somewhat spooky or unsettling, that I should read your article this early Sunday morning and subsequent responding comments and link from Carpe Diem. Yesterday my thought were consumed by the same thoughts, questions, and reflections.

    Given the somewhat clear skies and moderate temperatures forecasted outside yesterday, I had planned to spend my day tending to yard and garden. However, I experienced very restless sleep the night before and awoke not eager for outside activities as enthusiastically planned the night before, but instead spent all of my day inside in deep contemplation, research, and study. My thoughts and reflections were contaminated and irritated by my morning outside view to witness again the common sights of chemicals being sprayed in random patterns and wide streaks from horizon to horizon across what was originally a clear blue sky.

    The distillation of my thoughts yesterday were on the summation of my life on this planet and the life of my children and grandchildren. The distillation of my thoughts were exactly that for most the perception of, “life for a human being is composed of the short span of physical time from birth to the death of the animal part”. Yesterday my thoughts were also directed on the awareness that most humans on this planet direct their focus on “the obsession with the physical part of life (that) forces mankind into a state of animalistic existence which lives for itself and discards reason and spiritual wisdom”. I am keenly aware that there is much more to life on this planet than just daily physical existence and laboring away ones physical life for the benefits of others. Your quote, “path of toil that unto wisdom leadeth” is a most appropriate summation of my present thoughts and opinions. I am curious of its origins. It seems to me to be a blend of somewhere between the Psalms, Ecclesiastes (1:18), or the sayings of Jesus.

    Part of my “dis-at-ease” yesterday derives from these continuous wars and death and destruction that the Powers That Should Not Be (PTSNB) have been and are continually directing and promoting the demise of all life on this planet. Very few will have a satisfactory existence if a plethora of nukes are ignited about the planet. I believe that is the Sampson Option being promoted by evil, psychopaths, and the possessed. At present, there are such neocons and psychopaths who arrogantly, foolishly, or with heartless evil believe that a nuclear exchange is desirable and winnable. As parasites, they cannot survive without stealing or taken live from others. If they cannot control and feast on the hosts, then they will kill the host and themselves.

    Which leads me to my responses to Carpe Diem.

    There were great tensions during “The Cold War” during and after the Berlin Crises when the USA and the USSR came very close to an exchange of nuclear weapons. After President Kennedy’s televised address to the nation in July, 1961 civil defense and bomb shelter became a nationwide rage and obsession. “Duck and cover” drills were routine in schools and the promotion and sales of bomb shelters were on display in strip malls, early enclosed malls, and convention centers. They were nothing more than corrugated steel frame tombs. However, I clearly remember my mother sobbing on more than one occasion that she could not afford a shelter to keep her sons safe. My brother and I attempted to reassure her that even if we had one there were few odds of us gaining access to it in time to avoid the initial blast. I witnessed a couple of these leaking tombs being installed and television shows of the period reflected on their installation and use. Civil Defense (CD) films sponsored by the US Government were also regularly shown in schools and designated CD shelter were assigned.

    I was a regular viewer of every Rod Sterling’s “The Twilight Zone” series. I clearly remember watching ‘The Shelter”. In retrospect, the threats of nuclear incineration were actively promoted to keep the public fearful, distracted, and willing to pay ever increasing amount of their labor in taxes for war and NASA. It was my viewing of Rod Sterling’s “The Twilight Zone” series that simulated my thoughts and introspections towards philosophy and my early firm believe and understanding that I was more than just a beast of burden or an animal struggling to survive.

    Once again in my life time I can see the tensions involving the threats of a nuclear exchange unnecessary escalate for economic and political purposes. The PTSNB are struggling to maintain control and power for their ends. The $USD is necessarily fading as the world reserve currency because of its decades of abuse. The nations of the world are keenly aware that a private cabal, the international banksters, MIC, and their agents have been and are wreaking havoc and destruction all over this planet. The PTSNB must be stopped by all means possible. It is time for a massive change in consciousness.


  3. I very much like this article. It provokes original thinking.

    Lately my own path has lead me to contemplate the same as what you state here:
    “It is not so much about the transformation of man as it is about the journey which spirit takes through the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and onward to the ultimate expression of learned and mature spirit. ”

    I’ve come to consider that the more important challenge is not entering the inner sanctum of temple, but exiting it without investing oneself in animalistic delusions.

    Where does earth end?

    Each creates its own earth. Moment by moment, mind projects its own deficient beliefs into form. Probably with a gracious delay to allow for reflection, forgiveness, rest and growth

    That means there are probably over 7 bilion immature earths, generated by 7 billion immature minds, connected and calibrated by the one light of consciousness, awareness,beingness or I-ness.

    Earth ends where spirit begins. The whole ‘material’ universe begins and ends where I am and You are.

  4. “where does the Earth end”?

    It would seem that the earth ends where or when we die to it. When we no longer feel we know better and release ourselves to our higher guidance. The senses and the reflex actions they insight no longer rule our lives, our philosophical reasoning does instead. “Mind over matter.”

    Damn Pan, I think we should have turned right back there.

  5. When I started reading this, it ended up going in a surprising direction. I enjoyed that very much.

    I am happy I can share perspective. Now the medium of thought is considered to be sound. Many limit their thought to a dialogue. Similar to a projection upon the future, thought is like motion.

    Discernment between micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic is indeed a localized expression of free will. That which is discerned is nature, is glory, is identity.

    I don’t want to say too much more. The intent to seek penetrates the veil of forgetfulness.

  6. “Cosmos”

    “The cosmos (UK /ˈkɒzmɒs/, US /ˈkɒzmoʊs/) is the universe regarded as a complex and orderly system; the opposite of chaos.[1] The philosopher Pythagoras used the term cosmos (Ancient Greek: κόσμος) for the order of the universe, but the term was not part of modern language until the 19th century geographer and polymath, Alexander von Humboldt, resurrected the use of the word from the ancient Greek, assigned it to his multi-volume treatise, Kosmos, which influenced modern and somewhat holistic perception of the universe as one interacting entity.[2][3]”

    Perhaps from the perspective of the individual, the end of the earth is the end of chaos from outside forces and the beginning of internal order of our own universe or the “cosmos” that resides within us.

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