The End that Never Came

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Economic Collapse, Death of the Dollar and World War 3

By JC Collins

For three years I have been writing about the transformation of the international monetary system and the geopolitical ramifications of those changes.  It was an argument which suggested that there would be some modest levels of volatility with geopolitical re-positioning of the major players taking place without a massive war type scenario.

Endless waves of detractors and those who couldn’t accept the logic of the information ignored and minimized the information presented here on POM.  But here we are again at the end of another year and the economy has not collapsed, the dollar has not fallen into a death spiral, and world war three has not started.

Most of the POM predictions have been proven accurate and we watch as the world continues its transformation through the use of the new modern nationalism and monetary re-structuring.  It has always been my intent to explain the underlying details and methodologies which are contributing to the objectives of this transformation.  The media, both mainstream and alternative, have done very little to bring awareness and understanding to these complex issues.

Part of the reason for this is that the majority of the population simply does not care about learning the details and framework.  We have been conditioned to accept sound bites and emotionally charged headlines which serve as click bait for the uninformed.

Others have been sucked into the conspiracy world of alternative internet news and discussions.  It was as if the conspiracy world exploded with the rise of the internet.  It held just enough truth to keep the disorganized masses interested and hooked on the fear crack.

Looking back you can see how this demographic and thought-form was created over years.  The new modern nationalism is emerging from within the conspiracy circles and associated frame of mind.  The Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception (CSI) engineering has worked to perfection.

POM is becoming more popular with each passing day as more and more readers begin to emerge from the fog of manufactured alternatives and search for true understanding.  The internet, which facilitated the expansion of the conspiracy mindset, which long-time readers will know represents the weapons of the weak, is now being used by Trump and the proponents of the new modern nationalism to shift the gears of civilization.  One need only observe Trump’s use of Twitter to understanding how this is functioning.

Much of what has been written on POM from the beginning is likely beginning to make more sense to readers now that reality is beginning to catch up.   The developing framework of the SDR (Special Drawing Right) will allow the International Monetary Fund to substitute USD denominated reserves and free American monetary policy from the prison of international responsibilities.  This serves as Trump’s new modern nationalism.

The geopolitical world will re-align as the USD hegemonic mandates shift and new trade deals and alliances are developed.  This could still mean some regional wars, and perhaps even a larger war in the Middle East, but a world war three scenario will not happen.  The wars that do take place, or continue, should be considered the extraction of the remains of the old USD system and its American establishment supporters, both domestic and foreign.

The US dollar will be re-engineered as we have reviewed for three years now, and will become more focused on domestic concerns and growth, as opposed to serving the international needs of other nations.  This will require a devaluation of the dollar through a re-negotiation of its exchange rate arrangements with other nations.  This is the logical adjustments with the transformation of the international monetary framework and the growing availability of reserve alternatives.

The only thing that is now collapsing is the creditability of those who have promoted fear porn and those who have built an industry based on emotional and simplified scripting which took advantage of the natural tendencies of human fears of the unknown.

POM has attempted to make the unknown known.

The only thing that is now dying is the rampant internet based culture of death and destruction.

Those who promote an end of any kind have fallen victim to the ageless vacuum of self-fulfilling prophecy and false ego.  Truth has no end and no beginning.  All things flow in and out of one another through processes of transformation and transmutation.

An end does not exist.

Over three years POM as attracted the most intelligent and self-reflective readers and contributors on the internet.  Their participation has made this place a beacon of truth and self-discovery.  Some who have fallen off back in the beginning are now coming home to the one place where the truth was spoken and encouraged.

As we enter year four of POM’s existence I feel more encouraged than ever that the human being can further evolve and bridge the space of illusion which binds all of us.  Fear cannot be conquered as that would suggest an end.  There can be no end of fear.  But we can transform fear of the unknown into an acceptance and awareness of the known.  – JC