The End that Never Came

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Economic Collapse, Death of the Dollar and World War 3

By JC Collins

For three years I have been writing about the transformation of the international monetary system and the geopolitical ramifications of those changes.  It was an argument which suggested that there would be some modest levels of volatility with geopolitical re-positioning of the major players taking place without a massive war type scenario.

Endless waves of detractors and those who couldn’t accept the logic of the information ignored and minimized the information presented here on POM.  But here we are again at the end of another year and the economy has not collapsed, the dollar has not fallen into a death spiral, and world war three has not started.

Most of the POM predictions have been proven accurate and we watch as the world continues its transformation through the use of the new modern nationalism and monetary re-structuring.  It has always been my intent to explain the underlying details and methodologies which are contributing to the objectives of this transformation.  The media, both mainstream and alternative, have done very little to bring awareness and understanding to these complex issues.

Part of the reason for this is that the majority of the population simply does not care about learning the details and framework.  We have been conditioned to accept sound bites and emotionally charged headlines which serve as click bait for the uninformed.

Others have been sucked into the conspiracy world of alternative internet news and discussions.  It was as if the conspiracy world exploded with the rise of the internet.  It held just enough truth to keep the disorganized masses interested and hooked on the fear crack.

Looking back you can see how this demographic and thought-form was created over years.  The new modern nationalism is emerging from within the conspiracy circles and associated frame of mind.  The Cultural and Socioeconomic Interception (CSI) engineering has worked to perfection.

POM is becoming more popular with each passing day as more and more readers begin to emerge from the fog of manufactured alternatives and search for true understanding.  The internet, which facilitated the expansion of the conspiracy mindset, which long-time readers will know represents the weapons of the weak, is now being used by Trump and the proponents of the new modern nationalism to shift the gears of civilization.  One need only observe Trump’s use of Twitter to understanding how this is functioning.

Much of what has been written on POM from the beginning is likely beginning to make more sense to readers now that reality is beginning to catch up.   The developing framework of the SDR (Special Drawing Right) will allow the International Monetary Fund to substitute USD denominated reserves and free American monetary policy from the prison of international responsibilities.  This serves as Trump’s new modern nationalism.

The geopolitical world will re-align as the USD hegemonic mandates shift and new trade deals and alliances are developed.  This could still mean some regional wars, and perhaps even a larger war in the Middle East, but a world war three scenario will not happen.  The wars that do take place, or continue, should be considered the extraction of the remains of the old USD system and its American establishment supporters, both domestic and foreign.

The US dollar will be re-engineered as we have reviewed for three years now, and will become more focused on domestic concerns and growth, as opposed to serving the international needs of other nations.  This will require a devaluation of the dollar through a re-negotiation of its exchange rate arrangements with other nations.  This is the logical adjustments with the transformation of the international monetary framework and the growing availability of reserve alternatives.

The only thing that is now collapsing is the creditability of those who have promoted fear porn and those who have built an industry based on emotional and simplified scripting which took advantage of the natural tendencies of human fears of the unknown.

POM has attempted to make the unknown known.

The only thing that is now dying is the rampant internet based culture of death and destruction.

Those who promote an end of any kind have fallen victim to the ageless vacuum of self-fulfilling prophecy and false ego.  Truth has no end and no beginning.  All things flow in and out of one another through processes of transformation and transmutation.

An end does not exist.

Over three years POM as attracted the most intelligent and self-reflective readers and contributors on the internet.  Their participation has made this place a beacon of truth and self-discovery.  Some who have fallen off back in the beginning are now coming home to the one place where the truth was spoken and encouraged.

As we enter year four of POM’s existence I feel more encouraged than ever that the human being can further evolve and bridge the space of illusion which binds all of us.  Fear cannot be conquered as that would suggest an end.  There can be no end of fear.  But we can transform fear of the unknown into an acceptance and awareness of the known.  – JC

50 Comments on “The End that Never Came”

        1. Yeah dude, I get that. But once again, why would you think I was calling the top or ringing the bell with that post? I remember having to delete your comments before because they were non-nonsensical and added nothing of value to the conversation. Move on pal.

          1. You’re not making any sense man. If you think that I’m saying the window of crisis has past why would you ask me in your original comment if I’m ringing the bell, or as you defined it “calling the top of a market”? If I felt the window of crisis had passed I would think that the markets would still increase.

            Okay, you’ve had your fun, and frankly so have I. Thanks.

  1. I’m seeing a lot of chicken stroking these last few days among the Etrade baby forums and even some professional permabears have capitulated turning bullish. Just what you see at a top. All we need is a magazine cover extolling the infinite wealth creation of stocks. Or perhaps a post on a prominent blog would suffice. That’s ringing the bell.×1000.jpg

  2. “Weapons of the weak” I’ve tried for a bit to find the post where you spoke of these weapons, but I’m not good at that sort of thing. Still and all I do believe that a couple of these weapons were, rumor and gossip. I would very much like to re-read that post. JC, could you or perhaps Alan (Alan seem to always have the internet world at his fingertips, how I envy his skill) direct me to that particular post.

    As an aside, I’m all over the place in my search for truth and understanding. Awhile back I decided that out of all the places I go, that POM and it’s contributors was the one place where I was finding the most useful information. So, I subscribe, POM is the only paid site I have, and the truth is it pains me to have to pay. Not because the value isn’t there, because POM does indeed constitute a real true bargain, its’ just I’m a cheap bastard. So, thank you JC and all or POM.

  3. Great article, JC.

    I was wondering, and I know this is more of an economics blog, but I was hoping you could write some more articles about religion with Christmas coming up. Growing up in a Christian nation, with most of my closest friends growing up in school were Christian, I was wondering how you see Christianity evolving over the years. I do remember the Chrislam article but sometimes it is hard to see many hardcore Christians changing their viewpoints and the same with Muslims. Will it really take generations? Or is Pope Francis trying to accelerate things? Also new nationalism will slow this process down big time and might even cause us to divide each other in groups even more. Your thoughts?


  4. JC,

    I’m new to your site and I’m curious how you think the new alignment will affect domestic policies such as the war on drugs and mass incarceration. Will the elite try to build human capital among America’s poor or does it seek to keep a divide and rule strategy in the new nationalism. How will social classes work in the new system? How will the education system work?

    Sorry for so many questions, but I’m new and value your insight, thanks!

  5. Yes transition is taking place, but this does not negate the future possibility of economic chaos or widespread war. Because it has not happened this year does not negate the possibility of these things happening in the future, as they have many times in the past.

    Everything that has a beginning has an end.


    1. You’re missing the point.

      But what does have a true beginning? What has come into this world without the assistance of what is already here? Does such a miraculous thing exist?

      No beginning. No end.

  6. I just subscribed! Thanks for offering the discount. That as well as being tired of all of the blogs/message boards obsessing over fear based stuff led me to find a more rational home for information/discussion. So this post definitely fit into my progression of thinking as well as where I am personally.

    There is this push that “the event”, “the shift” or something sudden will happen to drastically change things. My thoughts are that this will be more gradual and organic. What would be truly interesting is being able to view how this happened to past generations when society drastically changed.

    Thanks for what you do.

  7. Nice piece of writing JC. Your thoughts mirror mine in many ways. I see mankind and history as moving through constant cycles of corruption and enlightenment. There is no beginning or end to it because it appears to be kind of helical in nature. My hope is we are at the very beginning of a move towards a more enlightened time once more. But history gets to judge that I suppose. As the song goes – One Day at a Time.

    1. I agree Nanook that we at the beginning stages of a new enlightenment. Just like the Guttenburg printing press was the beginning of the enlightenment after the middle ages, the internet and the vast information found there is the beginning of the new enlightenment happening now. There is a lot of disinformation in the internet so discernment by individuals, and then groups, and then hopefully masses of people will determine truth and wisdom on a mass scale. I think this will happen in stages after some tall barriers are broken down like monetary and religious barriers and then some kind of world government is put into place in order to unite people from all walks of life and live in one community together. It will take time and there is much work to be done but I think it is achievable.

      1. In some ways the internet seems to be the antithesis to the thesis of the printing press. Consider, the printing press made available to more and more people the most enlightening thoughts of the most enlightened people. Getting “printed” was a big deal, reserved for the Bible and highly esteemed people. Gallileo, Copurnicus, Newton, , Luther, Wesley… their ideas spread because they stood out by virtue of being printed. By contrast, the internet has made a megaphone available to any hack with a computer and a theory. The sheer amount of “noise” makes it difficult to pick out a voice. Instead of a few influential ideas and thinkers dominating the intellectual landscape, we have unlimited garbage! In these early days, it appears less enlightenment and more blinding lights. One thing I think they will have in common, though, is a transformation of religion. Here’s the rub. If JC’s CSI concepts are real, wouldn’t it stand to reason that there is a grand plan for the new world religion(s)?

        1. Okienomics, I agree with your assessment of the internet thus far that is why I believe discernment, over time (not sure how long), will eventually lead to a new enlightenment. If the right people stand up for the truth and use Right Speech with people and Right Speech on the internet the seeds can be planted and I believe they are being planted with the POM community and I thank JC for that.

          I think there is a grand plan for a new world religion but I don’t want to speculate on what it will look like as the imagination runs wild for me on this one. JC said he is going to write some thoughts on religion so I am interested in what he has to say on this.


      2. Marco,

        Not sure what this enlightenment looks like yet truth be told. I also suspect it will not be painless whatever it ends up looking like.

        My feeling is that there is much to atone for, not just in the financial and political sphere, but spiritually as well. And I suspect the web is already playing a part in it or we wouldn’t all be here discussing it.

        As for one world government my suspicion is we are headed for a more tribal but freer and more peaceful world governed morally by the flow of information electronically. But I see this as long term. I suspect we need large, centralized government a lot less than we are lead to believe. But we are not there yet and as such enlightenment does not preclude a seamless and painless transition. In this sense you and I are but pioneers. We are at the “In the beginning…” stage.

        At the very least we cannot complain that we live in a boring age. 🙂

  8. Please permit a visitor to recommend Fred Turner’s new epic poem, Apocalypse, that addresses some of the theme of this discussion. Thank you.

  9. I have been a reader for quite awhile now. I find your blog to be the most rational and down to earth thesis on the structure of our society.

    To me you show the validity of ideological concepts of the so called conspiracy movement without the spin and deeply emotional drama. I find this blog very helpful in intrepreting world events.

    It will be interesting to see where you take this blog.

    I had a dream that i was reading a black book. The book explained the transmutation effect of existence put in terms of the human condition. I do agree we will see the rise of the philosophical class in centuries to come.

    Everyone knows science, but not everyone is a scientist. The key i believe is the transmutational effect of change. Certain ideas grow and develop like the evolutionary tree of life.

    Fundamental aspects of the human condition are slowly changing. Different ideological strawman fall. Depostism is being replaced with democracy. It is so deeply rooted into the tree of the human condition that it is truly an evolution to act and think differently.

  10. JC your article is the definition of a acognitive “low pass filter” as applied in geophysical data. I love your work precisely because of your accurrate interpretations of ‘anomalies’. All various pieces of information at one time provide an incomplete picture with more or less gaps but full of high frequency tones that obscure the signal. To make sense of it all one needs to do a lot of clean up. Many thanks!

  11. JC,
    Why not devalue the dollar 20-30% through gradual interest rate hikes? That seems like the more beneficial way than exchange rate negotiations with other nations?

  12. Well Trump has put together a very interesting group for his cabinet. While most are from the Billionaires Club (or at least Mult-millionaires), it seems he has avoided the NeoCons who have dominated almost every administration back to the time of FDR.

    Will need to do a bit more due diligence but perhaps the Military Industrial Complex is being forced to take a back seat here. I can’t see them sitting well for this and will be checking for news out of the Washington Post and Weekly Standard for further insight.

    1. You think Rex is leaving a sinking ship? The ship being the end of the Oil Age as the net energy returned on a barrel of oil goes to zero.×639.png

      What are going to do? Even if Thorium and LENR ( cold fusion) can generate electricty, the battery size required for vehicular transport would be impractical. This was the gift of liquid hydrocabons we really won’t appreciate until it’s lost forever.

      I always wondered why the push by the BRICS for green energy. Superfically one can see it as a responst to China’s smog problem, but maybe the Elites see this net energy train wreck coming?

  13. As the United States enters the worst economic crises in its history, when the nationalization of the entire economy and devaluation of the currency will lead to supply shortages, civil unrest and a form of Martial Law:

    “Though some contend the US economy is “collapsing,” the reality is that IMF structural adjustments are now taking place in the US in accordance with the macroprudential mandates of the multilateral monetary system as predicted here at POM. These adjustments are consistent with the POM thesis that the multilateral mandates would be mandated and adjusted. We maintain that the simulcra of the US dollar is not “dying” but rather is being re-engineered and reformed according to the mandated adjustments of the multilateral simulation. Nationalizing US infrastructure will validate the integrity of the broader multilateral goals that may or may not need adjusting when the US economy returns to its mandated growth path in compliance with the greater aims of the macroprudential monetary system. World events are not spiraling out of control, but orbiting the Multilateral Consciousness like the planets orbit the Sun governed by Gravity as mankind enters a new phase of identity adjustments where the simulcra of the disorganized masses will integrate and upload into the greater consciousness of the Multilateral consistent with the macroprudential transhumanist simulation as predicted here at POM.”

  14. The rhetorical structure of your “thesis” is that the status quo will continue until it doesn’t. All the smart talk you can muster doesn’t change that basic logic. And yes JC Collins, you’re right!

    1. I’m going to be quite honest right now. It’s been a long time since a comment just really pissed me off to this degree. JC was polite with you simon. But, it was his thunder before the lightning, believe me. However, let me shelve that frustration for the short term. Instead, let’s quote your work and tap into this adult community in a genuine attempt to navigate towards a sensible line of discussion so as to understand better how you’ve arrived at your thesis.

      As the United States enters the worst economic crises in its history, when the nationalization of the entire economy and devaluation of the currency will lead to supply shortages, civil unrest and a form of Martial Law

      At this point I would strongly encourage you to leave some footnotes, links or other references for why you feel this way so that we can have an adult discussion or debate on the matter.

      Let’s be honest simon your comment is antagonistic. I’m responding to that.

  15. First off, thanks JC for providing the missing pieces and the alternative perspective I required to get a more clear view. Things make a lot more sense now.

    That being said, I do not feel your thesis to be incomplete or “wrong”, but there is something amiss that I can never quite put my finger on. While I do not think we are heading into some kind of Alex Jones inspired disaster, I can not shake an intuitive feeling that we are on the crest of a great wave that is about to come crashing down.

    With the degree and speed at which we disorganized masses are waking up, I keep womdering how the spin doctors and money changers can stay ahead. It seems rather apparent that they can’t. So while madness may not ensue, I wonder just how our “modern life” paradigm can’t undergo the same massive shift which consciousness is currently going through. I felt all along Trump would win, and also felt It would signal some rocky times ahead (for those caught in the pre-existing paradigm). I have no “facts” , sources, or footnotes, just my own meditations and extrapolations from them. I only know Universe has an ironic way of delivering that which we claim we want, and revelations seem to be what humanity wants. Guess time will tell.

      1. Reminds me of the best series of books I have read to date (Ringing Cedars of Russia-these books literally changed my own life and many of my families’) where an “avatar” named Anastasia (true story depending on perspective of reader) claims the preists (who give the prevailing image to the elites) have given up on their destructive ways and now work on behalf of humanity. I am inclined to beleive it as it sure seems like all veils are being lifted. I just can’t see a way where it does not at minimum cause some extreme discomfort. Humans as a whole don’t take massive changes well.

      2. Mr. Collins:

        I agree that the “spin doctors” are functionally just usual idiots and puppets for the money changers. However, unless the money changers (aka; international Shylock Banksters) and the thirteen families who control them have a gun placed to their heads (or the guns discharge in reported suicides or natural causes) OR they are struck by lightning, then I respectfully cannot envision “money changers” changing their evil ways.

        Leopards do not change spots or colors as they age or when there is no prey in the immediate area to kill and eat. When would “money changers” stop being “money changers” and not stay ahead and rig the games.

        Kindly elaborate further. I am most interested to read your commentary and understand your thoughts and reasonings on these matters.



  16. Hi, JC, thank you for such amazing material! I am Colombian and am wondering if you – at some point – would write on/discuss the situation in South America?

      1. Hi, JC! Awesome! I feel like a kid in a candy store – with your question 🙂 Perhaps, a high level overview of Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia – is there a relationship between the dynamics in that region to what’s happening with US, Europe? (i.e FARC Agreement, Venezuela’s economy) Why are these three countries exhibiting a lot of commotion? How will the future NWO affect them? I know of the historically, deep US involvement – in particular – across Colombia, but have recently heard that South America, overall, is attempting to become more US “independent”. Although, after reading your blog, I’m curious as to what is true – or what are facts – vs the usual US subjective opinion…
        Thanks so much!

  17. JC I wanted to resubscribe and make use of your current 50% off special but the coupon code (POM50%DISCOUNT) doesn’t work? Says “invalid” on the form.

  18. While I can’t count myself as a very reflective or intelligent reader of this site, POM has played a big role in my understanding of things. I, too, bought into the fear porn years ago. But with every passing year (yet no dramatic end), it became apparent that a lot of it was just bullshit. So with the years, my confusion continued to grow because I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Then I found POM.

    While at first I never heard of some of these concepts, over the months it started to make sense and continued to reflect in the real world with each week and month. Your thoughts have given me confidence and helped in reducing my fear of the unknown. For that I want to thank you, JC.

    This site is the only one I pay for and I look forward to another year with your valuable insights, JC. Keep it up!

  19. Absolutely, free uninhibited expression is not the solution, but the precedent to a solution to all our problems.

    I see many good people falling for hype. One point of view cannot invalidate another. Denial is no part of understanding, but a magnifier of misunderstanding.

    I am breaking down the spin on the hype around aliens/ETs or whatever you call them.

    Believing someone else will solve your problems invalidates you own experience of doing so. Using the power of illusion to express a symptomatic dynamic of this is evident in the ET sub culture of the new age movement.

    A large number of people believed there would be a drastic change come 2012. Now the hype has somewhat shifted to the idea “everything” will be better after disclosure. The spear head being david wilcock.

    One may propose an alternate paradigm of existence. Such a thing must validate the current paradigm. Within the new age culture there is the new world order, cabal. The basic idea is will of the masses has been subverted to such a degree one views themselves as a slave to the powers that be.

    This adds to the fires of “Disclosure”. This is the big push. There is hype around the idea there has been several breakaway civilizations and is a greater order of government than most are aware. Hidden technology, crimes against humanity, etc

    I see no reason to buy into this hype. The ability to face your suffering eventually forces the idea you must.

    Engineered change has been a relatively new idea to me. Ufos were engineered to be a joke because of national security concerns. Now there are practically religions formed around channeling. What is the next step? I wonder if the whole disclosure movement will cause a confirmation of life elsewhere. I imagine the powers that be want to control the development of the disclosure movement. The current actors are already not taken seriously. Well done. People who are otherwise would be rationaI now ridicule the issue. Same for truthers about 9/11.

    I believe the likelyhood of war will dramatically decrease after international mandates take effect. All the players are taking as advantageous position as possible. I hope during this period there is no major war or honestly any war.

    I have no qualms if this is not approved

  20. I subscribed recently, and this site is the only same place I’ve found in the last year. I took the time to read everything you have written since POM was initiated. I have become a news junkie, but unfortunately, it’s all bunk. Now I read it just so that I can be up to speed when I check the POM site for your analysis of the “news.” Thanks, JC, your website tends to have a calming and rational impact in a world full of fear and conspiracy theories. I’m probably a little older than your readers (65), and find it fascinating to look back at the events which have been “engineered” in my lifetime. Regardless of the future, it’s all very interesting, don’t you think?

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