The Empire of Obelisks

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How Modern Law, Money, and Religion Originated with the Phoenician Empire

The Phoenician Empire influenced the evolution of civilization more than any other culture or alliance of nations in the history of the world. Its development of language and alphabet, literature, arts and science, and system of laws, surpassed those of all other peoples. It is strange that so much of this powerful civilization remains hidden and unknown to us here in the modern world.

The history of the ancient city of Byblos dates back to 8800BC. Throughout its long and tumultuous history ownership of the once Phoenician capital has been held by the Egyptians, the Byzantine Empire, the Persian Empire, the Phoenician Empire, the Roman Empire, and was passed back and forth between Islamic powers and the Crusaders. It is said that Byblos is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. More importantly, Byblos was also the first city of Phoenicia.

Today Byblos is a major tourist city in the Middle East and in 2016 was named the Arab Tour Capital. Yachts fill the harbour and it was once a favourite destination of Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra. It is also home to the Lebanese American University with the only US-accredited Pharmacy School in the Middle East. The university campus located at Byblos also holds the Medical School, Engineering School, and School of Architecture and Design.

Phoenicia was an ancient Semitic civilization which covered what is now Lebanon, Israel, Gaza, Syria, and the south-west of Turkey. At the height of power its control reached as far as the Western Mediterranean (Carthage) and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Phoenician civilization was organized as city states, like Byblos, but also Tyre, Sidon, Arwad, Berytus, and Carthage. Each politically operated under an autonomous governance structure, and like the modern city states of Washington DC, City of London, and Vatican City, did not view themselves as one nation, but as a unified alliance which shared language, culture, and religion.

Much like the developing world culture being promoted by the United Nations.

The influence of the Phoenician Empire was so extensive that its 22 letter alphabet replaced the older hieroglyphics and became the most widely used writing system in the known world. The alphabet was exported to Greece where it was developed and spread further.

The port of Byblos was one of the great trading ports of the ancient world. Its prosperity expanded in 3000BC through the shipping of timber to Egypt and around the Mediterranean region. Ship building techniques were also perfected at Byblos and added to the future power and influence of the Phoenician Empire.

An interesting article on the History of Law website stats the following about the Phoenician Empire:

Not only upon the sea, but inland also, the Phoenicians established their trade. They controlled the commerce by caravan through Central Asia. In Central Europe they established communication from the Black and the Adriatic seas across the continent to the Baltic. They worked the gold mines of Ophir in Southern Africa, the silver mines of Spain, and the tin mines of Cornwall in England; and they traded with the Baltic for amber, and with the islands of the Indo-Chinese seas for the spices and perfumes and other rarities for which they were then as now renowned. And not only were they the great merchants of the world; they were likewise its most noted artisans. They furnished architects and builders to King Solomon for his great temple; and many of the gigantic structures reared by the monarchs of Asshur were the work of their hands. They discovered the mode of manufacturing glass, and likewise the famous Tyrian dye; and they seem to have had the mariner’s compass to aid them in their navigation.”

They were truly the great merchants of the ancient world. Forget the Jews, as their merchant capabilities are a mere shadow of the Phoenicians. It is even suggested that the trading and economic reach of the Phoenicians spanned across the Atlantic into North and South America.

The system of laws it developed represent the bedrock of the international system of laws which are still in use today. From the History of Law:

They adjoined the territory of the Israelites and probably borrowed from the latter their republican institutions, which they transmitted to their numerous colonies; for a great many colonies they planted, in which to some extent they continued their national existence, among them, Crete, Rhodes, Boeotian Thebes in Greece, Carthage and Utica in Africa, Tartessus, Cadiz, and Lisbon in Spain and Portugal, and several on the shores of the Black Sea. Tyre, and Sidon, and Aradus, the principal cities of the parent country, by their great wealth, attracted the cupidity of the monarchs of Egypt, Asshur, and Babylonia; and they suffered much in frequent wars, and were several times besieged and captured. Sidon at last was destroyed by Artagerxes Ochus, King of Persia, in B.C. 351; and nineteen years later, in B.C. 332, Tyre suffered a similar fate at the hands of the famous conquerer, Alexander of Macedon. Carthage, the greatest and most renowned of all the Phoenician colonies, was utterly destroyed by the Romans, so that not one stone was left upon another; and, except in so far as its people came into contact or collision with the Romans, or with the Greek cities of Sicily, its history has absolutely perished.”

We are, therefore, without any record whatever of Phoenician law, which necessarily must have been the most advanced code of law of the ancient world, inasmuch as their civil polity, their republican institutions, and the exigencies of their world-wide commerce, demanded legislation of the most liberal character; and it does not seem probable that any monumental ruins will ever be uncovered, like those of Egypt and Mesopotamia, to throw light upon the subject, unless, indeed, illumination may be derived to us from the excavation of the palace of Minos in Crete and the civilization thereby revealed, or from some yet undiscovered monument of Hittite civilization in Asia Minor.”

The perspective of the writer for History of Law is obviously pro-Phoenician, and its not hard to see why. But what isn’t talked about is how the Phoenicians waged constant military and economic (trade) war upon its neighbours. Their power was attained through absorbing vast cultures and the developments which took place in those civilizations.

Some readers may have a difficult time accepting that I call the Crown Beast power in the world today the re-constituted Phoenician Empire. But when we consider the full power based of the Phoenicians thousands of years ago, can we honestly consider that this power structure just disappeared?

There is much talk of the rule of admiralty law, and how that is the real system of laws which govern the modern world. One last time, from the History of Law:

There is another remarkable fact that may be mentioned. The maritime and admiralty law, as we call it, the law of all the civilized world today in respect of marine transactions, has been traced back through the Roman Civil Law to the laws of the little island and the city of Rhodes, in the Eastern Mediterranean, at the southwestern angle of Asia Minor, well known to have been a colony of Phoenicia; and while we can not trace the stream any farther than from Rhodes, it is most natural to infer that the fountain head was in Phoenicia.”

Most readers which have been studying alternative history and conspiracy theories for a long time will recognize some familiar names appearing in this history of the Phoenicians, such as Rhodes. This empire serves as the basis for all aspects of the modern world, from law, to mining, trade wars, shipping, to the utilization of smaller powers, such as the Seafaring People (Hebrews), to wage war against their enemies, so they could continue trade with those regions. This tactic was used against the Hittites and Egyptians.

The architecture of Phoenicia can still be seen in the modern world and its power structure. In ancient Byblos was located the Temple of Obelisks. When we trace the use of the obelisk throughout human history we can trace the power structure of the Crown Beast.

All three of the modern city states, modelled after the Phoenician structure, being Washington DC, City of London, and Vatican City, all have important obelisks located in important areas. Washington and the Vatican are almost mirror images of one another. All represent different aspects of the Crown Beast, which is the re-constituted Phoenician Empire. – JC

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  1. The next stage in the plans of Crown Beast seems to be the fragmentation of nation states. Iraq Kurdistan voted last week heavily in favor of independence from Iraq, while Catalonia voted equally in favor of secession from Spain, which was expected as we discussed here a few months ago, I remember refraining from a bet in favor of secession 🙂 . Both movements are being rejected and branded unconstitutional, but in the world of make-believe the only thing that doesn’t change is the change itself. Just like the nation-states of today are the fragments of empires, which themselves were amalgamations of preceding city-states, today’s regionalist movements, when they reach success, will become the new fragments of nation states. So, borrowing from J.C, nothing changes under the sun. Aggressive violence by the Spanish central government has and will continue to excarbate the problem and more regions in Europe and elsewhere will test the resolve of national governments for secession.

  2. “There really are broad patterns to history,and the search for their explanation is as productive as it is fascinating.”
    Jared Diamond, Guns, Gems, and Steel, 1997

    “Villages appeared in Phoenicia very early, around 6500-6000 BC, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea. The founding of the village of Ugarit goes back 6000 and even 6500 BC, that to the village of Byblos to about 5500 BC. The “city” of Byblos was founded around 3500-3000 BC, about the same time Eridu, Ur, Uruk, and Memphis became real “urban cities.”‘

    “Byblos is probably the oldest continuously inhabited town in the world, the oldest commercial city, and the oldest city specialized in overseas trade. Byblos is the first in a long list of maritime ports that dominated the world. It is the direct ancestor of Constantinople, VENICE(my caps) Genoa, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, New York and Tokyo.”

    “Contrary to all the cities mentions this far, Byblo’s economy was not based on agriculture or trade with it’s immediate hinterland; it relied on it’s commercial ties with distant regions.
    It sent to Egypt mainly cedar and other valuable wood that was lacking in the very dry kingdom of the pharaohs, and it produced for exportation, among other things glass(as VENICE(my caps) did much later; it is considered that Phoenicians invented glass). It was also used for a simple turntable for commerce of it’s greater region. Thus Byblos imported papyrus from Egypt to re-export to Greece, where paper was referred to as byblos or byblinoes. From there comes the name Bible, “the book made of papyrus.”
    Urban World History, Luc-Normand Tellier, 2009

    I provide this next link in an attempt to draw, what I admit is at best a tenuous connection, between Phoenicia and Venice.

    Face to face with the Phoenicians in Venice.
    By Christopher Andreae; Christian Science Monitor, 1988

    “Venice-THE mammoth show now at the elegant 18th-century Palazzo Grassi is meant to be “The exhibition on the Phoenicians,” it’s organizers say, not “an exhibition.” The idea is to give the most complete possible global overview of this ancient civilization, in every country in which it appeared. Such a thing has never before been tried…”
    https:// www.

    I may be reading more into this link than there is(I sometimes do that) but my feeling is Venice is eager to claim some of that history.

    JC I took your suggestion to heart and followed the advice you gave me to research the use of the DHEagle symbolism used throughout Venice and the republic there of. And must admit I wasn’t completely surprised but was taken a bit aback,and confused for a moment. It damned sure is prevalent in many places, architecture, flags, seals, ect. Hmmmmm, I had them pegged as “some them bad guys.” LOL

    I have not been completely swayed by the DHE symbolism system as the only or final arbitrator when attempting to define right mindedness from a adversarial force. I’m struggling with any idea that the Phoenician law, banking and trade systems ever took a 2000 year plus nap. I find myself much more of a mind to believe that it barely missed a beat if one considers a hundred years or so but a small slice of time. To my way of looking at things, if 2400 years is but a day, 100 hundred years isn’t but a hour in the history of Phoenicia.

    Patterns. Looking at recent history backwards instead of attempting to pattern ancient history forward, but rather to pattern it back, we might be able to better fill some gaps. In my own crude way, here we go.

    This route has more that just one direction or source because the Phoenician system influences all of the trade where and whenever big boy trade is being conducted. Please notice I’m saying “influenced” not controlled, but influenced and influence it they do. One route we can follow is from Venice to Amsterdam/London through Europe. This route didn’t happen overnight. I suggest it started a hundred years before the war of the league of Cambrai , 1509/1516 which put some heat on the Venetian Republic. However these Master banker/traders do not lose wars or battles and then just disappear, or pull in their horns and go to their corner. Please bear in mind they have and have had the greatest network of bussiness/polictical /intellingence systems and connections ever and at some risk I might add, so it is today.

    It is not at all difficult for me to imagine(maybe I am just imagining all this, but I don’t think so)that these people plan the major moves of their power centers a couple of hundred years in advance, gamed out for many foreseeable and unforeseeable events. It is not like they are going somewhere new, hell they been trading and setting out their smaller shops all over the place since forever. They are networked up and that makes it possible for them to change power centers. They do not start to move, they are always on the move. As it was then, as it is now. It would be naive to think the CBS only route to Amsterdam/London came just from Venice, I suggest that was one route, I venture to guess others infiltrated north from places like Florence, Genoa and other countries. But I don’t know of any of them who had a political party named after them. Britain’s Venetian Party.

    Am I saying the Venetians controlled every damn thing, no of course not. They damn sure had a lot of influence over much and pressure’s they knew how to bring to bear. I don’t want to go to far out on a branch here, but it seems to me they had ideas and knew how to work them. Intelligence/spys, and political intrigue, manipulation and mind games, assassination, all that good great game geopolitical maneuvering, that was their forte. I firmly believe they were more subtle and sophisticated in the past than the neo-Phoenician/ Venetians/ Crown Beast System players are today. Maybe, maybe not, it is hard to get an accurate body count caused by political intrigue. I’m talking assassinations, wet work, bankers throwing themselves(yeah right)off buildings. The number of deaths and amounts of human suffering caused by the wars fought for and because of bankers is incalculable.

    Got off a tangent there,sorry about that.

    So if they had the foresight to be able to be long gone, three/four hundred years gone,War of the League of Campria 1509, Bank of Amsterdam, what 1609, Napoleon shutting the doors on the republic banking empire doors in Venice in 1797, that is 3/4 hundred years any way you cut it. Why, oh, why then pray tell, if we trace history backwards can’t we recognize the same pattern, methods and time frames (give or take a few hundreds of years, hey history is not an exact science)happening as the Roman empire begins to fail and the Venetian Republic begins to exist. And further backwards as the Phoenician empire begins to fail that the Roman empire begins to exist.

    Once again not to belabor the point and at the real risk of being redundant, I state they had their systems in place all over the place. Shipping, trading, banking, intelligence, geo-political connections, all in place all the time. There is a reason some call it the “Brotherhood of the Snake. Crown beast system. Is it the same system?

    Due to the POM and my other research of history since my retirement(before then my sense of history had all to do with my credit rating)I’m coming of a mind that believes very little is cut and dried in history and the more ancient the less clear it is. I offer as example when I was searching the DHEagle stuff I came across several places where the DHE was made one headed, like it was just cut off. In all all the cases I noticed this, the head facing east was missing. I wish I would of thought I would be using what I noticed there in a post, but I didn’t, damn. So let me say this about that, there was one seal or crest that had the our mysterious bird cut plumb in half, one headed, with the left or western half of the eagle still standing on one leg, and one outstretched wing and the figure of a man standing next to the right or east of our bird, leaning on an axe. Hmmmm.

    Back to cut and dried history. It seems to me some of the cut part of history is for the purpose of concealment. I don’t believe the ink on paper is ever really dry. Clever argument, cunning interpretations and the power of persuasion set the agenda A obvious Phoenician plot to control history. Ink and paper,ugh! Give me that cuni-form, except I can’t read it and am to cynical to trust those who say they can. LOL

    So for knowledge it’s to the patterns. I find myself struggling to reckon with the DHE force as the right minded X in an equation that has a adversarial Y(Venice) flying the DHE in our face. Unless I just don’t understand Venice and am buying into it being described in many places as adversarial. Perhaps I’m looking at it wronged headed, I could accept that, hey, I told you my study of history began 4/5 years ago, up until that time my credit history was as far as my sense of history went. Venice is a pretty cool looking place, looks to me like it was built by seafaring people, Amsterdam looks to me like a pretty cool place, looks to me like it was built by seafaring people, etc, etc. Patterns in shipping, banking, politics.
    Later Gators

    1. This is really incredibly fascinating stuff, Thank you JC!

      I was reading the material in the link below and It seems there is an esoteric philosophy that was admired by the Achaemenid Persians in relation to the “the double-protome capital” and specifically the double-headed Griffin that was used extensively in Achaemenid artwork. I think JC had a photo a while back of a column head of the Persepolis palace on the POM Twitter! The Cedarwood that formed the Persepolis palace was shipped from Byblos in Lebanon and the Phoenicians were employed by the Achaemenids navy as I have mentioned. The original home of the Phoenicians is thought be in the Persian Gulf region, to begin with. I believe Cedar is the national emblems of Lebanon to this day!

      I also wanted to add that Obelisks may have been used by the Egyptians and possibly borrowed by the Phoenicians. I do also wonder if the Phoenicians used Obelisk which many believe it to be a source of attracting energy as an Obelisk is made with Granite and Granite is made up to a large degree from Quartz that has a crystalline structure meaning it has the atoms/molecules arranged regularly and periodic allowing the penetration of light and other energies through. Crystal itself under mechanical pressure can produce electricity. This is known as Piezoelectricity.

      A way that an Obelisk can become a constant source of some energy from may be that the temperature changes during the day and night when the sun heats up the often dark body of the Obelisk causing loosening if the Quartz crystals and later in the evening the cooling of the structure can cause hardening of the molecular structure. The difference of the atomic spacing in between the heat and cold can produce potential differences i.e. electrical or Voltage and consequently a current. So far we have not even considered the resonance which may cause a tone possibly a subliminal one that causes a feeling of well-being! We also know that Quartz is used extensively in today’s electronic devices for the production of frequency for radio, watches and in the older TV as Valve before the arrival of the Transistors in the mid-1950’s.

      The Washington monument is made of granite and an Obelisk also exists in Istanbul. What is incredible is the existence of one in Vatican which may mean the city-state in its entirety is “Pagan”.

      One application of such granite structure may be to produce a form of healing for and even production of ions, general well-being in the city where the Obelisks are located!

      I invite you to listen to this guided meditation that uses Quartz Crystals. This man is gifted and the tones he produces and with the combination of his soothing voice can make you feel the energy points in your spine aka Chakra (Wheel). I found this utterly sooting and out of this world…

    2. Pieter:

      You have obviously instilled your response with considerable feelings and thoughts.

      I can appreciate yours and Jared’s passions and drives for facts and truths.

      Blessings to all.

      Let us all keep doggedly blundering onward.

      It is the struggle and not the goal that is important.


  3. “There are times when the world is rearranging itself, and at times like that, the right words can change the world.”

    ― Orson Scott Card

  4. Mr. Collins:

    I have traveled extensively about this planet and have visited many locations containing Obelisks as “The Swamp” in Washington, DC, London, NYC, NY. I am also keenly aware the Baal Symbolism, Horus, Beelzebub, or the dark nature and lie represented by and in all of them.


    There is nothing new under the Sun. Is Venus the true light bringer by name?


  5. What if it’s about ISIS and Osiris and The Egyptian Myth of Creation?

    Stealing the obelisk (like Rome did Egypts) could then become a trophy or a symbol of hijacking the faith of people perhaps.

  6. My apologies for sounding somewhat somber and possibly even negative, but the following are thoughts that pass through my mind from time to time and I wish to share them with you.

    What if the “owners” of this planet have a completely different belief system to humanity?

    What if their belief system is diametrically opposed to what the masses are practicing and believing in?

    What if they worship the Dark Sun God?

    What if no mention of these practices are ever allowed?

    What if Stanly Kubrick was punished only a few months after, for revealing the inner world of the world owners and their sex-murder-fueled ceremonies?

    What if the perpetual trauma and the heinous criminality as was the case in Las Vegas only a day or two ago, will never ever stop?

    What if child sacrifice is an element of this occult religion?

    What if the 800,000 children in the US alone that go missing may make up the fuel for the gods of darkness practiced by the rulers?

    What if “Moloch” the Phoenician god of child sacrifice has a huge following but never talked about?

    What if certain elite live so long? Is it just good life or enhancements from other human living parts?

    What if, “Black Lives Matter” is not about African Americans at all, and “Black” is a reference to something completely different and sinister?

    What if “Planned Parenthood” is the legal and charitable banking system as well as the offering of living innocent unborn souls to a Dark entity?

    What if the commodity of this banking system is body organs?

    What if 911 was an open occult ceremony where “3000” people were burnt alive, all to commemorate more killings that followed and more offerings?

    What if the world is a lunatic asylum and nobody is in charge?

    What if the God of Light is locked out of this mental asylum so he may not save us?

    What if the inmates are too busy playing and having fun by getting drunk (and High) and being constantly entertained with overtly or covertly and cannot find the Key to let the God of Light in?

    What if the shootings, acid throwing, head chopping, setting fire to people and buildings is to make us all constantly fearful for our lives? What if, the fear produced in us, is the food for the god of darkness?

    What if we have been injected with the vaccine of apathy and delusion thrown in our food and air we breathe so we can not see the Truth anymore?

    What if there was no truth and all is what you decide it to be truth or otherwise?

    What if the only messiah is us, and in us alone and we can not see him?

    What if we are Gods but decide to evade the reality of Godhood?

    What if this is a perpetual scenario that is played on the passengers traveling in this spaceship at any age?

    What if all this is a grand illusion?

    What if your dreams are the real world and this waking state is the illusion?

    I have no definite answers for any of them…yet, I am grateful that my time in this domain is of a limited nature and sooner or later I will have to art from the good bad and the ugly of this realms. That alone gives me hope, and as the poetic native phrase, “This too shall pass”

    1. I’ve just been experiencing the bottom of an emotional cycle Carpe Diem.

      What if the crown beast is simply people (not so different than you and me) who believe they can run the world better than any God. Or that they just don’t believe there is a God at all. Given what they see in the world around them they could make a strong case for saying no God would allow the world to be in such a condition.

      This leads us into knowing. I believe most people believe there is some entity thinking all this life up and we are just here to maintain that life for this higher entity. Perhaps we carry a part or fragment of this entity within us and we are the temple to keep this fragment or flame safe while we maintain this garden of life in our human lifetimes. In this process we have an opportunity to build or create a soul. Some exercise that opportunity and some never realize they have the opportunity at all. If or when they do realize it’s too late because it’s something done through our experiences of learning from our adversities over a lifetime. Not an easy task but then again nothing in life that is worthwhile comes easy, right?

      As bleak as it may seem I still am capable of finding beauty in many things that people can’t or that people don’t even see because they are so conditioned not to. It seems that beauty lies in the little things and big things are comprised of little things, so when people think big they forget to fill that bigness with little things. This leaves their creations empty on the inside just like many people are also empty on the inside.

      Aren’t we spiritual beings having a human experience?

      1. Thank you Dear Dane,

        This sentence really made me think, ” In this process, we have an opportunity to build or create a soul. I think you summarized the purpose of us being here, to cultivate a soul from the fragments.

        And yes, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”, I believe in that absolutely.

        appreciate your wise words, my friend. Wishing a good evening.

    2. Dear CD:

      Since my entire morning was dedicated to answering an assortment of numerous technical questions from my many clients, this afternoon during my lunch I began drafting specific answers in response to most of your questions. However, I had to interrupt my thought ruts and answer regiments to recognize that your question are more rhetorical in nature rather than a need for specific answers. I am quite certain that you already know the answers to most all of your questions.

      Your list of questions are EXACTLY the nature and type of questions that NEED to be asked and answered. Please do NOT stop asking questions.


      1. Thank you Dear Oz,

        You are right. these are rhetorical questions and I know the answer to some, I suspect the answers to some others and I feel the answer to a few. For the rest, I have no clue and may never know the answer.

        Writing these down and getting a feedback is comforting since one realizes that these are not insane or irrational thoughts and questions but serious questions that need answers.

        I appreciate your encouraging words, Dear Oz. Wishing a good evening.

        1. Dear CD:

          Please be assured that your questions are NOT insane or irrational thoughts. Your questions are serious, most applicable, and require answers individually and collectively.

          I have quietly and selectively asked the same questions along with many more and resolve to continue my quest for answers. The irony is that the answer to one question origins at least two others. I have always had any inquiring mind and spirit. Hence, my profession and the exact reason I can cause discomfort to many by just asking questions and quantifying variables.

          Also, be assured that your mind and soul are in familiar company. Therefore, please do not stop asking questions. Jointly, we can resolve many question, find many answers, change many minds and thoughts (this includes mine), resolve internal conflicts, comfort troubled hearts, elevate and enlighten soul, and advance our spiritual journeys on this third rock from a local Sun. Great fluxes are in motion. We are in another or many great transition periods.

          Peace Be With You,


          1. Thank you so very much Dear Oz,

            I must admit your last paragraph made me realize how honored I am to be a member of this wise community of fellow travelers and special and noble human beings. I can not put any earthly price to this.

            Thank you for your compassion, kindness, and wisdom, my Dear friend.

  7. My Carpe Diem
    I tried to take your questions one at a time and spend at least 2/3 minutes concentrating on each one. In the end the exercise led me to consider removing the “what if” and think about your questions not as questions, but as matters of fact.

    Before I offer my conclusion I have to attempt to temper it with some kind of a softening, because I do not want to come off as flippant or coarse, which I recognize as part of my personality or nature if you will. I assure you I have given the best part of myself to this response and that fact on it’s own causes in me great trepidation.

    So with the wisdom of Oz saying that “The irony is that the answer to one question origins at least two others.” And with the spiritual compassion of Dane praying, “In this process, we have the opportunity to build or create a soul.” I with all seriousness, dare ask,or better said offer challenge as much to myself as to you or anybody else.

    So what?
    Your dear friend

    1. My Dearest Pieter,

      It is funny and strange because I did what you suggested as you stated:

      “In the end the exercise led me to consider removing the “what if” and think about your questions not as questions, but as matters of fact.”

      Beleive it got a bit creepy for me as your instructions made me realize I am subconsciously trying to “not go there” even though I wrote all this myself. For example, the following change according to you suggestion reads as:

      Child sacrifice is an element of this occult religion.

      The 800,000 children in the US alone that go missing may make up the fuel for the gods of darkness practiced by the rulers.

      “Moloch” the Phoenician god of child sacrifice has a huge following but never talked about.

      Reading the questions as fact is pretty scary and very unsettling but to truly appreciate and comprehend the idea of divinity one must comprehend fully, the idea concepts of the dark and the negative. Duality has two sides!

      Thank you again and I wish you a wonderful afternoon my friend,

      1. My Carpe Diem
        Indeed the trio of questions or facts you high lite are the most difficult of them all. The very idea of them gut wench all but the strongest of souls.”Not go there” is the normal answer. To go there all but puts a crush on ones soul. The introduction itself sets mostly stalwart to aside. To go and stay there is an agony.

        I’m there as soldier in the army of my lord Christ or I couldn’t stay there at all. Fight the good fight.
        Yours ever

    The obelisks of ancient Egypt represented the benben, the primordial mound upon which the god Atum stood at the creation of the world. As such, they were associated with the benu bird, the Egyptian precursor to the Greek phoenix. According to some Egyptian myths the benu bird was the first living creature whose cry awoke creation and set life in motion. The bird was linked to the morning star and the renewal of each day but was also the sign of the end of the world; in the same way the bird had cried to begin the creative cycle, she would sound again to signal its completion.

    The Egyptians believed a day would come when the gods would die and all would return to the uniformity of primordial chaos. The benu bird would not choose this end of its own but would be given its cue by the sun god Ra who, in turn, would have been informed by the god Thoth, keeper of the records of humans and gods. The benu bird was primarily linked, however, with Ra (later Amun and Amun-Ra) and with light and life. Egyptologist Geraldine Pinch comments on this:

    “From the Pyramid Texts onward, the benu bird was closely associated with the creator sun god. In Heliopolis, the center of solar worship, the benu bird was said to perch on the benben stone, a kind of primitive obelisk, or in the branches of a sacred willow tree. When Egyptian kings had reigned for thirty years, they asked the benu bird to renew their strength and vitality (117).”

    While keeping its association with the benu bird, the obelisk came to be increasingly associated with Ra and solar worship, especially from the New Kingdom (c. 1570-1069 BCE) onwards. Obelisks were always raised in pairs in keeping with the Egyptian value of balance and harmony; it was believed that the two on earth were reflected by two in the heavens. Egyptologist Richard H. Wilkinson writes:

    “The phenomenon of duality pervades Egyptian culture and is at the heart of the Egyptian concept of the universe itself. But rather than focusing on the essential differences between the two parts of a given pair, Egyptian thought may stress their complementary nature as a way of expressing the essential unity of existence through the alignment and harmonization of opposites – just as we today might use “men and women”, “old and young”, or “great and small” to mean “all” or “everyone” (129).”

    The dual obelisks were raised in honor of a great king’s accomplishments (or, in the case of Hatshepsut, a great queen), but also served to honor the gods or, more often, a specific god. In the period of the New Kingdom the obelisk was thought to be inhabited by the spirit of the god it was raised for in the same way a god was thought to actually live in his or her temple. Thutmose III (1458-1425 BCE) of the New Kingdom instituted the ritual of offering ceremonies to obelisks in the same way that offerings were brought to temples and this practice continued through the Ptolemaic Period (323-30 BCE), the last to rule Egypt before it was annexed by Rome. The pharaohs of the New Kingdom erected more obelisks than any other in the belief that they would live on through these monuments as offerings would continue to be brought to them after their death.”

    This duality seems to either have been used or as we see today just is. So when a man or woman can break free from the duality of only seeing the world through one half of the brain and can see it wholly through both hemispheres of the brain that man or woman would seem different than the mass mind set of one or the other. This differentiation must have elevated them to king or queen status where their actions from that role may have elevated them to man god or woman god status in the eyes of the masses. Perhaps some of them kept the reality that there was still a God higher than themselves (perhaps leaning toward the two headed eagle way of thinking) and some who didn’t and assumed the role of god on earth to rule the masses as they saw fit (the one headed eagle thinking).

  9. “Primitive theology of Phoenicians and Egyptians

    It is reported then that Phoenicians and Egyptians were the first of all mankind to declare the sun and moon and stars to be gods, and to be the sole causes of both the generation and decay of the universe, and that they afterwards introduced into common life the deifications and theogonies which are matters of general notoriety.

    Before these, it is said, no one made any progress in the knowledge of the celestial phenomena, except the few men mentioned among the Hebrews, who with clearest mental eyes looked beyond all the visible world, and worshipped the Maker and Creator of the universe, marvelling much at the greatness of His wisdom and power, which they represented to themselves from His works; and being persuaded that He alone was God, they naturally spake only of Him as God, son from father successively receiving and guarding this as the true, the first, and the only religion. The rest of mankind, however, having fallen away from this only true religion, and gazing in awe upon the luminaries of heaven with eyes of flesh, as mere children in mind, proclaimed them gods, and honoured them with sacrifices and acts of worship, though as yet they built no temples, nor formed likenesses of mortal men with statues and carved images, but looked up to the clear sky and to heaven itself, and in their souls reached up unto the things there seen.

    Not here, however, did polytheistic error stay its course for men of later generations, but driving on into an abyss of evils wrought even greater impiety than the denial of God, the Phoenicians and then the Egyptians being the first authors of the delusion. For from them, it is said, Orpheus, son of Oeagrus, first brought over with him the mysteries of the Egyptians, and imparted them to the Greeks; just, in fact, as Cadmus brought to them the Phoenician mysteries together with the knowledge of letters: for the Greeks up to that time did not yet know the use of the alphabet.

    First, therefore, let us inquire how those of whom we are speaking have judged concerning the first creation of the world; then consider their opinions about the first and most ancient superstition found in human life; and, thirdly, the opinions of the Phoenicians; fourthly, those of the Egyptians; after which, fifthly, making a distinction in the opinions of the Greeks, we will first examine their ancient and more mythical delusion, and then their more serious and, as they say, more natural philosophy concerning the gods: and after this we will travel over the account of their admired oracles; after which we will also take a survey of the serious doctrines of the noble philosophy of the Greeks. So, when these have been thoroughly discussed, we will pass over to the doctrines of the Hebrews mean of the original and true Hebrews, and of those who afterwards received the name Jews. And after all these we will add our own doctrines as it were a seal set upon the whole. The history of all these we must necessarily recall, that so by comparison of the doctrines which have been admired in each country the test of the truth may be exhibited, and it may become manifest to our readers from what opinions we have departed, and what that truth is which we have chosen. But now let us pass to the first point.

    From what source then shall we verify our proofs? Not, of course, from our own Scriptures, lest we should seem to show favour to our argument: but let Greeks themselves appear as our witnesses, both those of them who boast of their philosophy, and those who have investigated the history of other nations.

    Well then, in recording the ancient theology of the Egyptians from the beginning, Diodorus, the Sicilian, leads the way, a man thoroughly known to the most learned of the Greeks as having collected the whole Library of History into one treatise. From him I will set forth first what he has clearly stated in the beginning of his work concerning the origin of the whole world, while recording the opinion of the ancients in the manner following.”

  10. ““Now the parable is this: the seed is the word of god.” – Luke 8:11”

    ““Of all wonderful things, the most immanent was the miracle of generation. The seed which seemed lifeless and very small was planted in the earth. The sun shone and the rains came, and from the dark womb of the soil, life was released. Is it remarkable that the unlettered and unlearned should accept the miracle of the germinating seed as a spiritual symbol of life, death, and resurrection? Was it any more remarkable that man should apply this symbolism to himself—not only to his body, but to the soul within it?” – Manly P. Hall

    May the Grand Man inside all of us blossom this holiday season as we continue the process of becoming. May all our paths intersect at the place from which the illusion is manifest. – JC”

    1. Hello Dear Dane,

      Thanks for sharing this article. It seems that all the known bonds and national alliances are in a state of meltdown everywhere including the house of Saud. It also appears that the fake kingdom of the Arabian desert thieves put together by a Capt. T Lawrence which he named after a family group i.e. The Ibn-Saud that was created almost exactly 100 years ago is falling apart.

      The trouble with Saudi Arabia is that everything about it is fake. About two years ago the Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian in DC held a temporary show of the “Saudi History”! The title alone is funny so the “artifacts” are hilarious. The other strange and totally unlike the normal ways of the Smithsonian was that no photos were allowed of any of the exhibits! The show was partly funded by Aramco (Arab-American Corporation) the largest oil company in the world!

      To stop visitors taking photos, there were a large number of large often black men in dark suits running around the basement exhibition hall preventing people taking photos. You would think, why on earth taking a photo is not allowed. The answer I could see immediately and that was due to the fact that 90 percent of the stone statuettes were from either Yemen (Arabia felix) or other regions of the Arabian peninsula with any significant culture and history. The reason for not allowing photo taking was to stop the controversial way in which the Saudi’s were hoping to “buy” history for their fake kingdom. Despite the war that existed historically between the Yemenis and the Saudi’s for the last 100 years, Yemen is the actual historical and prosperous land where there are actual history and culture. Saudi’s buy everything including history and culture! Yemen was geopolitically and historically attractive to outside powers such as the Persians as well as the Romans who called the place, Arabia felix which means Happy Arabia. Obviously, the Romans looked at the relatively green and culturally rich Yemen as a good trading post for their trades. There are also a few Zoroastrian fire temples in Yemen from the time the Persians had trading and even control of the Arabia felix. Saudi is real construct and it is now easy to see how the leadership has lost the plot and now desperately looking for finding alliances to stay alive as a nation. The war with Yemen appears to be not going anywhere so despite Billions of dollars of armaments from the US, UK, France, and Germany the Saudis cannot win a war over a backward nation as Yemen. I am not sure, the fantastic reception by Moscow will revive the rancid king and his horsemen and not even Putin can put them back together, again!

      1. It will be interesting to see what comes of the meeting won’t it?

        The king looks a bit shaken in this photo doesn’t he?

        “Saudi Arabia said it had signed a memorandum of understanding on the purchase from Russia of S-400 air defense systems.”

        This is interesting because when Trump visited the king a short time ago he mentioned for them to start a NATO type system. Now they are purchasing air defense…defense from who?

        1. I agree with you Dane, It will be interesting to see what comes after the meeting but I have a feeling that the house of Saud is a dead horse or rather a dead camel that cannot be resuscitated. This perilous times for all oil-producing nations and the wealth that it has brought to these nations is also a liability it seems and that goes for all oil producers including Iran.

          Given the break-even point for the Saudi oil is around $50, the profit is becoming less and less and the overhead cost of running the 5000 Princes and their exuberant lifestyle becoming an issue for the clan style government sooner or later. What remains is that Saudis will not sponsor Wahabism as they have in all the Islamic Sunni world because they won’t have the money. So, goes out of the window, almost 4 decades of Pan-Islamism and Islamic Terrorism as part of globalism and the indications are, that too is dead.

          Saudi’s are desperate to find friends in a chaotic and unruly world where chaos (and Horror) is your only friend. This reminds of the brilliant monologue by Marlon Brando in the masterpiece of a movie, Apocalypse Now. …I hope the Saudi king is paying attention 🙂

        2. Hey Dane
          I thought you might enjoy this short body language study of the meeting. Bombard is the lady’s name, I like what she does. I suggest her study agrees with your impression of the photo op. She is self taught and has built her You Tube channel up from 0 to 1/2 a million average views.


          1. Pretty cool Peter. It led me to this one.


            So while watching this I kept hearing JC saying the same as he explained for Russia/China deals. They will make deals but have to be careful or something like that. But this Saudi deal would make two faces of business to watch wouldn’t it? If so how many will it take before a weakness is found? A crack in the dyke is all that’s needed.

  11. Oh and by the JC the obelisk represent or symbolize a pissing contest, just a big old pissing contest . Nothing more nothing less. Just a big old pissing contest.

    Love you man

    1. My God did I really write that about the obelisk. If that’s not one of the dumbest things I ever said, it’s right up there . How drunk was I.
      Laughing at myself and rather enjoying it.

  12. So I Could Find My Way

    “A thousand dreams you gave to me
    You held me high, you held me high
    And all those years you guided me
    So I could find my way
    How long your love had sheltered me
    You held me high, you held me high
    A harbour holding back the sea
    So I could find my way
    So let me give this dream to you
    Upon another shore
    So let me give this dream to you
    Each night and ever more
    Yet only time keeps us apart
    You held me high, you held me high
    You’re in the shadows of my heart
    So I can find my way
    You held me high, you held me high
    So let me give this dream to you
    Upon another shore
    So let me give this dream to you
    Each night and ever more
    A thousand dreams you gave to me
    You held me high, you held me high
    And all those years you guided me
    So I could find my way
    So I could find my way”

    -Enya, Dark Sky Island

    1. Very lovely, Dane.

      Thank you.

      Very soothing and reflective music after a very long and stressful day that started entirely too early this morning (aka; last night).


  13. I thought this article was worthy of a mention since it covers the current shift of power since the Brexit and the Trump’s becoming the US president. Perhaps a small manifestation of this massive tectonic geopolitical shift was the state visit of Saudi King to Moscow. Now the Turkish Republic is aligning herself with Moscow – she has no choice right now! This is all happening when Turkey is a member of NATO. This may be the end of NATO as we know it. You can’t be married to two men simultaneously. That’s the rule!

    Trump talked about NATO being unnecessary during his campaign and this shift appears to be “Engineered” by the shadow rulers, in which Trump and Putin are in one camp, regardless of what the Leftists who are incidentally the member of the opposing camp would like us to believe. What we are experiencing at every level is a massive change and even a war between good and evil. Personally, I see the old world order as evil and what is coming will be good for a few decades hopefully before corruption and parasitic influences creep in again. The flush must be pulled on a regular basis!

    The Turkish and Russian rapprochement leaves Greece with a window of opportunity perhaps and two acts may let her off the tentacles she is in right now. One is the collapse of EU and the second may be that of the same for NATO! Greeks have been slaves in the past 2000 years on two occasions, once by the Romans and the second time by Germany (EU)! Yet, the past 70 or so years shows us that both Greece and Turkey can be in the same club and still be eyeing one another in total distrust, so the same may happen as both may coexist in another club! …I read a while ago that Churchill had originally decided to hand over Greece to Stalin but something changed his decision, which fortunately did not happen but nature plays reoccurring games with nations in the same way as it does with individuals!

  14. Dear Carpe Diem:

    What the parasitic Shylock Banksters have done to Greece with the assistance of some Greek minions is nothing more than deliberate enslavement with the specific intent of feeding off of the wealth and life force of an entire nation. Greece is an example of what these vampires have and can do to any nation. Shylock Banksters, their ilk, and their masters are nothing more than clear manifestations of evil wearing suits and ties. (BTW, I have always thought that the wearing of a tie or necklace was nothing more than a symbolic representation of enslavement.)

    Performing human sacrifices to Moloch (“Molech” in the Masoretic text) and Baal still exist after 4000 years. These human sacrifices to evil forces have only become diverse and take different forms. No nation or its people are immune from the manifestations of the evil via national debt and usury.

    History has shown that on occasions people rebel and start killing the agents of evil, but never change or destroy the ultimate source of the evil


  15. Mr. Collins:

    From your perspective, exactly what is the intended or planned results of the end game via the adversarial forces?


    1. What do we want that end game to be? You said:

      “History has shown that on occasions people rebel and start killing the agents of evil, but never change or destroy the ultimate source of the evil.”

      In such situations we are only shifting the external manifestation of the adversarial forces. As such, we can never change or destroy the ultimate source of the evil because we see that source as being external and not internal. The evil is within each one of us to varying degrees. Until we understand this fundamental truth on a personal level the evil will always exist. The chances of all people achieving such a thing at the same time is all but impossible as well.

      So maybe the objective and plan is not to eliminate the adversarial forces which weave themselves through the fabric of consciousness and the material world, but to understand what purpose and function they serve in spiritual and material development. Periods of war and murderous violence are born from the periodic consolidated interests of adversarial forces. The evil is vanquished by the side of supposed good, but the wining side soon succumbs to the weakness within and begins to transform into the very thing it once fought against.

      What is the end game you ask? There is no end game. It’s a cycle which repeats. Like the sun and moon.

    2. Thank you Dear Oz,

      Last night, I watched a movie which I have avoided ever since it appeared, possibly subconsciously so. The movie I watched was “The Lord of the Rings”, the first installment i.e. “The Fellowship of the Ring”. For all these years, I assumed that this was a children’s movie! I was pleasantly surprised to know that there is much philosophy of the precise nature of Evil vs Good or Light vs Dark. As I was watching the movie, my mind was in parallel projecting the evil of wars of our time and how lives are destroyed for lust for power. How man’s weak heart is constantly pulled towards darkness, evil and ultimately destruction. Lust for power is mental sickness and the afflicted soul will never be fixed in the same way a pedophile will never be repaired.

      I also thought that life on this dualistic domain cannot exist with only good or with just evil since both are there to create a constant movement as JC called “…a cycle which repeats. Like the sun and moon.” Unfortunately, it is a fact that we are never going to be outside of the cycle. An observer status outside or on the periphery of the cycle would be a nice position to have. 🙂

      However, perhaps the only way to be Free while being in this domain is by being aware, that evil exists and how it’s important for us not to be involved in its schemes. That’s all we can do. In other words, our Free Will is the gift that allows us to decide our path.

      I felt it’s a good movie and felt that the author, the late Tolkien was a wise and learned man to write such complex and mythological story for our time. I can highly recommend it.

  16. For Carpe Diem:

    That is a truly astounding collection of questions, all of which I’ve been asking myself since 9/11. I wouldn’t regard myself as asleep prior to this event, having been introduced to alternative thinking, reading In Search of the Miraculous (Ouspensky), Gurdjieff, Carlos Castaneda and many other metaphysical works in my teens and early twenties. By the way, don’t dismiss the tales of Don Juan as trendy sixties LSD fuelled faux counter-culture content. Don Juan is very specific about the forces of evil and where they come from calling them ‘flyers’ and ‘predators’. Tellingly he tells Castaneda and his readers: “Don’t you understand? They gave you your mind”. To this day, the Toltec system of knowledge described by Don Juan, is, for me, still the most ‘realistic’ lens through which to perceive the world.

    As an aside, I highly recommend Andrew Lobaczewski’s book, Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes as a source of understanding the nature of evil, in which he deduces that psychopaths are genetically a different human species. The back story on trying to get his research published in his native Poland during Soviet rule is of itself fascinating.

    Back to 9/11. When I saw it playing out on TV as it happened, my first question was: What is it that we in the West have done to these people to warrant a reaction of this magnitude? I set about finding out, and in so doing realised very quickly for what it really was: First, a false flag of preposterous dimensions and then later as Carpe Diem says: “an open occult ceremony where “3000” people were burnt alive”.

    What if 9/11 woke up more people than it went on to destroy? It woke me up for sure, leading me to many alternative sites like this one. As Don Juan says: The most important question is are you on a path with a heart? My sense is that everyone in this community is.

    Finally, about a year ago I watched a YT video of an ex-FBI agent who tells a story of how he came out of retirement to privately investigate the disappearance of a child. He spent a couple of years on this and it led him to some very dark places. His conclusion: In the United States, children are disappearing at a rate of 93 per hour. He gave this talk at a conference over 10 years ago. The flyers and predators inhabiting our world are literally eating and living off our awareness and consciousness.

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