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Contributed by Hugh

Suppressed Technology

Note:  Thanks to Hugh for kicking of this discussion.  Though I encourage readers to take part in the conversation, I will add little and let Hugh and the readers take the lead.  – JC

Is it time to ask what role will the advent of new technologies play in determining the price of commodities; especially oil and gas? Trying to predict a future ceiling or a basement seems to be an exercise in futility while ignoring older and, of course, new innovations in the energy sector currently in the pipeline. There is an expanding awareness of suppressed technologies with ever increasing pressure being brought to bear to release this knowledge thereby circumventing the vested interests who would prefer to keep this hidden and maintain the status quo.

Are we to assume that the lid can be kept on this boiling pot; that a non-partisan, unaligned group(s) of not-for-profit and humanity motivated technology wizards, with access to this information, are not working to bring these and other suppressed innovations to market? The introduction of open source software now being freely disseminated allows for even the novice among us to not only imagine, but to actually create things that only 10 years ago would have seemed impossible.

I may be a bit naive, but it sure “feels” like there is an “event horizon”, so to speak, that is fast approaching. Indeed, it may already be here and we are just behind the curve of acknowledgement as per usual.The fruit is there for the picking and many are daring to dream the impossible. And to that I say; where you been?