The Elites Are the Slaves (FREEPOM)

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Tipping the Pyramid of Self-Punishment

By JC Collins

This discussion will present the reader with an alternative consideration of the hierarchical structure of the world.  It will challenge the belief systems of most and plant seeds which will lay dormant until such a time that each individual will shine light on them. Our own personal definitions of the world and punishment will transform and provide us a new method of filtering the experience of existence.

The common consensus would have us accept the reality of elite demographics which control the wealth of the world and direct the flow of historical events.  The evidence supporting the existence of such elites is overwhelming and fits within the human expression of instinctual survival.

The difference comes about when we think on the deeper purpose of life.  The accumulation of matter and matter based knowledge in and of itself is not the primary purpose of the human experience. It would even be reasonable to state that the accumulation of matter and matter based knowledge is an unwanted side effect of the human experience.  It is also reasonable to assume that this side effect has become accepted as the semi-total expression of existence.

The accumulation of matter and matter based knowledge though does meet the needs of the survival instinct.  Within each of us instinct is meant to evolve into the intellect and the intellect is meant to evolve into enlightenment. The accumulation of matter and matter based knowledge has contributed to the development of a form of arrested development where this evolution has been stalled somewhere between the instinct and the intellect.

Industrial revolutions and technological revolutions, along with evolving monetary and financial systems, have only strengthened and extended this arrested development.

The accumulation of matter creates a false sense of survival security which is expressed through the transfer of wealth between individuals.  It is important to understand that any transfer of wealth begins between two individuals and expands outward to include larger demographics and strategies.  This obsession with the accumulation of matter is manifested from within a corruption of the instinct.  This corruption of the instinct serves as a method of self-punishment and prevents full evolution beyond the level of instinct.

The accumulation of knowledge creates a false sense of intellectual awareness.  This false knowledge has been used to build the hierarchal structure of our civilization.  This hierarchal structure is expressed through the creation of scholastic sub-hierarchies which serve as symbolic gatekeepers to the higher socioeconomic hierarchy which acts through a corruption of both the instinct and the intellect. Both feed on one another and create a timeless cycle of arrested development which spans from the origins of man to the rise and fall of empires. The corrupt combination of instinct and intellect serves as a method of self-punishment and prevents the full evolution towards enlightenment.

It is with wonderment we observe that humans have developed a false sense of enlightenment based on the material union of the instinct and the intellect.  True enlightenment can never come forth from within the corrupt expression of instinct and intellect.  The corruption of instinct and intellect is expressed through each one of us as individuals and builds towards the full accumulation of corruption within the shared civilization.

Based on this understanding we can apply a somewhat different definition of the word slave.  It is agreed that one demographic may be enslaved to another demographic, but our concern is with the larger and total enslavement of the human being through a stalled evolution from instinct to intellect, and intellect to enlightenment.

There are few who have completed this evolution, though there is a growing awareness of the evolutionary process itself.  This process is not a material function insomuch as it is a spiritual function and represents a growing alternative hierarchy within human civilization.

Each individual will inflict self-punishment and enslave themselves before any outside and larger group or demographic can enslave them.  Though enslavement begins within each of us we are also subjected to the hierarchal enslavement which is inflicted upon us from without.  Internal and external enslavement are seldom reconciled and blame is projected or externalized in order to facilitate a continuation of self-punishment.

A truth which goes unspoken is that matter is a slave.  All things of matter exist for the purpose of enslavement, but can also exist for the purpose of release from enslavement.  The difference is in how each of us uses matter and contributes to the spiritual evolution from instinct to intellect to enlightenment.

Darkness and light originate from the same place for the same purpose. Both work in unison to encourage a completion of the spiritual evolution from instinct to intellect, and intellect to enlightenment. Without darkness there would be no reason for light to shine forth.  Both are given equal opportunity within man to either corrupt or enlighten.

Another truth which goes unspoken is that we are either loving or punishing.  We punish both ourselves and others at a more consistent frequency than we love ourselves and others.  The corruption of the spiritual evolution defined above is a direct result of punishing more than loving.

Keep in mind that we first love or punish ourselves before we love and punish the world.

Darkness represents punishment and light represents love.

Based on the above information we can determine that those who accumulate the most matter and corrupt matter based knowledge are the most enslaved.  This enslavement is externalized and attaches itself to the externalization of self-punishment from within other elite demographics and disorganized mass demographics.

The ignorance of both is maintained by a continuation of the evolutionary corruption. At the same time the corruption manifests ever more complex methods of ensuring that continuation.  Those who accumulate vast amounts of matter and matter based knowledge create unbreakable spiritual prisons from which self-punishment and the externalization of self-punishment upon others continues.

It must also be noted that the desire to accumulate matter and matter based-knowledge will have the same effect upon the spiritual individual.  The tipping of the pyramid happens when awareness of this process develops and the spirit begins its long and arduous rise up out of matter.   Upon reading this material the process has begun within you.

There are those within all demographics, disorganized masses and elites, who are already awake to this spiritual evolution.  The movement from instinct to intellect, and intellect to enlightenment, is not constrained by the corrupt boundaries of the world of matter.  It is the responsibility of each of us to begin this awakening within ourselves, elite and not elite, so that we may move the whole of humanity towards the ageless enlightenment.

Let us welcome all, both disorganized masses and elites, into a new spiritual hierarchy which will encourage the limitless expressions of love and the end of self-punishment.  For the first time in human memory a method of spiritual wealth can contribute to the architecture of this hierarchy and encourage a completion of the spiritual evolution.

Rise up from within the disorganized masses.  Rise up from within the falsification of elitism.  Rise up on the light which comes from within.

It is time for man to have a spiritual revolution.  – JC

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