The Destruction of Russia

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Understanding the Sunni Invasion of Europe

There is one nation in the world which stands in opposition to all that has been developed and built by the international banking interests. For thousands of years the power structure behind these interests have failed at invading, infiltrating, re-engineering, or transforming the culture and demographic of this one nation.

At least since the time of the Hittites in the land of Canaan these interests have been successful in all their endeavours and schemes to invade, conquer, murder, enslave, empire build, and rape resources around the world. The good which has stood in opposition to this vileness has existed in symbols and actions since the beginning of recorded history, and now finds itself in a final defensive position with but a few allies outside its borders.

The world adversarial force of which we speak is as much a part of material existence as that which has fought against it. This force has worn various convenient masks throughout history and uses those masks as a method of distraction to consolidate opposition into pre-arranged frameworks which can be destroyed or transformed as desired.

Individual human beings unknowingly align with one side or the other through subconscious and natural decision making processes. These processes are manipulated and managed to further develop and grow the composition and influence of the world adversarial force. But be careful you are not sold on the false mask as it is designed as a mental and emotional trap from which the spiritual opposition is caged and turned into a beast of burden.

This great battle has been fought across thousands of years and has spanned the rise and fall of all the worlds empires and revolutions. Weapons and tactics used have been everything from rocks, fire, religion, swords, catapults, the printing press, artillery, airplanes, tanks, ships, rockets, art, cultural and socioeconomic engineering, capital flows and economic sanctions, medical methodologies, information technology, and now the THAAD and other supersonic missile systems.

After a lifetime of learning and researching the pattern is undeniable. Once one knows what to look for the lines of division and fragmentation become so defined that the picture pops out like one of those 3D images after a concerted effort to look past all the noise and misdirection. Like the 3D picture, once you see it the rest becomes irrelevant.

This research will be presented in due time here on POM and will spark whole new areas of research and enlightenment for the thousands who are interested in discovering the hidden and discarded historical connections of the world in which we live.

Many readers have asked me to share my thoughts on this power struggle and who I think the international banking interests represent. The reluctance I have shown has to do with the complex nature of the dynamic which exists in each of us, and how we relate to the broader and timeless battle which is in fact an externalization of that which is hidden deep within each one of us. The article you are reading should be considered an introduction to the complex nature of the information which will follow.

Seeds have been planted throughout POM since the beginning but the full perspective can now be presented incrementally as the world is transforming at a rate which most alive today have not witnessed. The control and manipulation of information to keep this ageless battle hidden from us has crossed borders, ideologies, religions, both mainstream and alternative sources, as well as our academic structures and socioeconomic frameworks.

Some of what you have been told is bad is in fact good. Some of what you have been told is good is in fact bad. Misdirection is everywhere with fabricated scripting and sources providing shrouds and curtains to keep you hidden from the light which exists within. This article will provide a hint of the complexity surrounding this simulated world.

The nation of topic in this discussion is Russia. It is the last bastion of resistance to the adversarial nature of the material world. It has stood its ground as empires were built and destroyed around it. Even before it was Russia the region held mystical prominence over the ebb and flow of corruption which divided and fragmented the world.

Future articles will get into more detail about the Russian past and those who migrated into the region thousands and thousands of years ago, bringing with them the universal law of human rightness. For now we will focus on more recent events and what the ramifications are for the world.

Ideologies and religions are tools of the world adversarial force. Some of these creations have been unable to fully control and influence segments of world rightness. These breakaway fragments have been able to maintain some aspects of their original identity, which provides the source of resistance to the world adversarial force. Some characteristics of the rightness are maintained within the governing bodies of the adversarial force. This also works in reverse.

For our purposes here we will use the division of Islam through the Sunni and Shiite faiths. The semi-representation of good will always be composed of the smaller scale and demographic. As such, the Islamic religion holds both adversity and rightness within the dogmas and rituals of its two core divisions of Sunni and Shiite faiths.

In much the same way that Catholicism makes up the largest of the Christian denominations, Sunni is the largest of the Islamic faiths. In fact, Sunni is larger than Catholicism, which includes both the Latin and Eastern denominations. There has been an alliance between the Eastern Church and the Shiite denomination for a thousand years or more.

Does this surprise you?

The Holy Roman Empire was established in 800AD when Pope Leo crowned Charlemagne as its first emperor. This lasted for a short time before the existence of the eastern Holy Roman Empire was contested from Italy through a series of religious civil wars and it was disbanded.

The strategy of creating an eastern Church was to prevent Eastern Europe from aligning itself with the Rus’, a Slavic people who were consolidating power in the region that would become Russia.

In 860 AD the Rus’ committed their only major military expedition and lay siege to the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. This was prompted when Byzantine cut off Rus’ trade routes into Western Europe in favour of trade with the Khazars. The strategy of controlling trade routes will be one we encounter with regularity in our exploration of world history.

This invasion of Constantinople caused further divisions and the wars which finally fragmented the original eastern Holy Roman Empire under Charlemagne and forced the representatives of rightness in Eastern Europe to reconstitute the Holy Roman Empire under Otto I in 962. The empire lasted until 1806 and its history is filled with battles against those who controlled Western Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia.

One period of relevance to the material in this article is the Habsburg Dynasty in Austria and its alliance with Russia. The Habsburg’s represented the foundation of power within the Holy Roman Empire and stood in opposition to its western denomination. Throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries the Habsburg’s fought wars with the Sunni Ottomans.

The Ottoman’s held alliances with the Western European powers throughout most of these years. France, Germany, and even Poland, maintained alliances with the Ottoman’s. We will get into the divisions in Western Europe in future articles, but needless to say the major pieces of our thesis will involve the changing of power in England and France throughout the years.

So we are understanding the flow of information correctly, the time period and events under discussion in this article are when the world adversarial force held power in the west and was fighting to take control of the east, but Russia, and its alliances, prevented that from happening.

The Habsburg Dynasty eventually became a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which also held alliances with Russia. The ever growing Ottoman Empire continued to wage war on the Austro-Hungarians but never successfully captured and retained control of Eastern Europe. The Shiite Persians also entered into an alliance with the Habsburg’s and Austro-Hungarians and fought in five separate wars against the Sunni Ottomans.

Eventually the international banking power in the west grew tired of this back and forth and with the financial support of the Federal Reserve bank in America used the threat of Germany in World War One to finally divide and fragment and Pro-Russian Austro-Hungarians. The Sunni Ottomans proved unreliable and an Arab Revolt was engineered which overthrew the Ottomans and eventually led to the Sunni House of Saud gaining control of the Lower Middle East.

We can see that the same lines of division which existed back then between Western and Eastern Europe and Sunni and Shiite also still exist in the modern world. After the murder of the Romanov’s in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution it appeared the international banking interests finally managed to remove the Russians from power and set a different course for the nation.

But in the years after the October Revolution remnants of the Russian government waged internal war with the Bolsheviks. The Whites, as they were called, were disorganized and formed a loose Russian Government but were washed away in the expansion of Communism and the Soviet governance framework which was established by 1922. Somewhere in the shadows the Russian historical power base hung on and regained control of the nation under the communist structure during the 1930’s. We will explore this line of research further in another article but for our purposes here it needs to be understood that Germany was used once again in World War Two to attempt an invasion of Russia.

Russia maintained its alliances with the Shiite Islamic world during the post-war restructuring of the Middle East. The only three Shiite majority nations were Iran, Iraq and Syria. (Edit: Syria didn’t have a Shiite majority at the time but since the Western led invasion Iran has been repopulating the country with more Shiite) Iraq was subsequently infiltrated by the international banking interests with Saddam Hussein who waged a decade long war against Iran after the Western led coup was reversed.

Russia is strong and powerful as a stand alone. But when it is supported with allies in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, it becomes all but impossible to invade and control. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the international banking interests have been hard at work flipping Eastern European nations to their side and encroaching on Russia through NATO expansions.

Here’s where things become even more complex with the multilateral monetary and geopolitical thesis. The international banking interests need to move the global financial and monetary systems to a multi-currency framework but need to ensure that all regions and nations are controlled and operating under the framework which is established. Given the history of trouble they have had with Russia a strategy is required to remove or destroy Russia before a larger Eurasian Union is allowed to form.

The Eurasian Union will be a geopolitical and monetary powerhouse. Given that Shiite Islam has always been on the opposing side of the international banking interests, and Sunni Islam has shown its ability to pursue its own interests, such as the 200+ year control of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal), the House of Saud needs to be supported and beefed up while Russian allies and Shiite majority Syria and Iran need to be overthrown and recycled into a new Middle Eastern framework.

The flood of Sunni Muslims into Europe in recent years is designed to transform the demographic of that region in order to prevent any future alliances with Russia. Once the Anglo-American influence and support is removed from Europe there may exist the natural and historical inclination for European nations, especially in the east, to align themselves with Russia again, which would have a major impact on the control of the Eurasian Union and continent.

It would appear the mass Islamic migration into Europe over the last few years may achieve what the Ottomans couldn’t over centuries.

The Islamic invasion and spread of terrorism is also designed to bring to heel those segments of Islam which may not be fully supporting the objectives of the international banking interests. The mass migration into the West and the negative effect of terrorism will initiate an Islamic Reformation which will engineer the religion to be more aligned with other world religions.

We need to remember that the power of the world adversarial force has developed all the world religions and are still doing so in the modern world. Religion is one of the weapons which are being used against Russia now. Eastern European nations which are not aligned with Russia, such as Albania and Chechnya, are majority Sunni. This is not by accident.

Pro-Russian nations in Eastern Europe who have banned the foundations of George Soros understand how the Sunni invasion is being used to drive a wedge between Russia and the rest of Europe. It is understood that Soros is one of the biggest sponsors of the mass Sunni migration into Europe. Though we hear some about Syrian refugees, which would presumably be Shiite, the evidence would suggest that most migrants and refugees are not Syrian or are passing through Syria before moving on to Europe.

Russia is incrementally being surrounded by military forces and the THAAD missile defence system. The strategy to surround and isolate Russia is unfolding in real-time and the fall of Syria and Iran will cause Russia some major problems. Putin and others within the Russian establishment are well aware of these risks which is why the centuries long alliance with Persia (Iran) is vital to prevent Syria from falling.

The perception that China is supporting Russia should not be taken for granted. Ever since the Opium Wars China has been under the control of the international banking interests. Beijing and Hong Kong are so entrenched in the global banking system of the world adversarial force that it is hard to imagine them not turning on Russia at some strategic point down the road.

China is the one of the largest debt holders of the international banking interests latest unit of account. The USD will be pushed to the side just like the pound and currencies of the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Portugal before it. The mask keeps changing but the methodology stays the same. The renminbi will be used but in a different fashion this time, as the bankers have a new unit of account which will be rolled out over the next few decades. We will get into this more in other articles.

The military build up from Eastern Europe, though the Middle East and Central Asia, and into Eastern Asia with military bases in Japan and South Korea, are creating a parameter of offensive capability which will inevitably be used against Russia in a two or three pronged invasion. Though Russia has recently been getting closer to North Korea, this is likely a false-narrative meant to entrap the Russians in a dual-diplomacy dead end. Such tactics have been used since the time of Charlemagne and the Khazars.

China has mobilized ballistic missiles on its border with Russia. This would seem pointless based on the range but that would suggest something else is being intended. Russia has been mobilizing on its border with North Korea, at the same time they are suppose to be getting friendly. Under the facade and behind the mask everyone knows something else is going on.

The international banking interests are planning to isolate and destroy Russia, and Russia is planning to defend its interests. This has been going on for over a thousand years in Eastern Europe. The same sides and alliances exist today which existed then. The pattern is well defined and some leading indicators could give us an idea of how it all may turn out.

This article is a simple introduction to the thesis and concept we will be discussing in future articles. There are symbols and methodologies which we can trace back thousands and thousands of years to define the division between the world adversarial force and the power of human rightness. The madness of human history begins to make more sense when we view it through this timeless framework. All people who seek human rightness should support Russia in this battle. The patience and intelligence they are showing is a testament of the human spirit to survive. While armies and navies build up on their border and around their oceans, they have threatened no one. That alone should tell us everything we need to know. – JC

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45 Comments on “The Destruction of Russia”

  1. I read this piece this morning (UK time) JC, with interest, as I do read The Saker and his articles on Russia, the people and the Orthodoxy of the Eastern Church.

    Then I came across this article by a Russian who left the USSR to emigrate to Australia with no intention of ever returning. However, recently he stopped in St Petersburg while on a Baltic cruise and reports on his experiences which may provide some background to the mindset inside Russia at this time.

    1. Dear Rossa, link you posted is very likely not very clever disinfo and honestly full of half-lies, prejudice and badly hidden hate.

  2. JC,
    thank you very much for such a great article.
    I will be reading all the future ones related to this issue with the maximum interest I am capable of.
    I now have to dash out of home, but in the following days I will be reading and commenting again, trying to add to what you´ve already said, or to what other readers might add.
    For now I would only like to say that… well, you more or less know what my job is, and I knew about what you´ve written about in this great article some time ago.
    It´s always a great advantage to deal with powerful people in the know.
    That´s why I help and support them… and a big grin came into my face when I read the following:

    “All people who seek human rightness should support Russia in this battle. The patience and intelligence they are showing is a testament of the human spirit to survive. While armies and navies build up on their border and around their oceans, they have threatened no one. That alone should tell us everything we need to know”.

    Once agin, you´ve proven that you´re a good, honest, truthful, decent human being.
    If only 10% of the human population were the same, then, as the song says…
    “What a wonderful world this would be”.

    Thanks again, Sir.

  3. JC,

    Lately I often ask why the West has such a foam-flecked rabid dislike of Russia. Previous to reading this posting on PoM, I thought this animosity was orchestrated by Anglo banking powers getting even for Russia’s support for the American Colonies during the Revolutionary War. Russia, as typified by Catherine The Great’s proclamation, ” The First League of Armed Neutrality” was a great help to the Colonies in minimizing the effects of the British Blockade of our sea ports.

    But evidently the battle has its roots much further back in time. Thank you JC.

    I have recently read opinions concerning President Putin stating that he’s the “only adult in the house” and I must agree that The Russians are displaying great patience, intelligence and humanity concerning current geopolitical affairs. World famous Edgar Cayce, also known as the Sleeping Profit, was certainly tuned into the events of today although he gave the following readings beginning in the 1930’s. This from the Edgar Cayce Foundation:

    “Edgar proclamation gave 29 readings from 1921 to 1944 that have been grouped together as “World Affairs Readings” since the requestors were seeking to better understand the events happening around them from a global perspective (Series 3976). These readings twice mention that “out of Russia will come the hope of the world.” We have recently noticed that some online posters are claiming that this “hope” is tied to a specific person. But rather than referring to an individual, the readings seem to indicate the spirit of the nation. The first statement, given in 1932, specifically mentions Russia’s gradual religious development. The second, given in 1944, seems to suggest that it is rather the concern of the Russian people for their fellow man that is the basis for this hope. There is also a suggestion that an equitable partnership between Russia and the United States could become beneficial for both as Russia possesses more raw resources than any other nation and the U.S. has better abilities to develop those resources.”

    Given the recent maritime incidences concerning the USS Fitzgerald and the USS Donald Cook;, perhaps Russia has a winning hand and are just playing it close to the chest.

  4. Rfox: Sitting, reading ? your article, mirroring my thoughts for along time ⌚ now, with only my wonderful wife that understands the issue of Russia once again standing up for us all as they have done throughout history told by Alexander Solzhenitsyn,s banned book, ” 200 Years Together “, Russia Against Napoleon, defeating the Nazis and the international bankers that backed both the revolutionary war and Hitler. I want to walk up to the people I know, grab them by the shoulders, look them in the eyes, say, ” wake up, do you not see what’s going on here “, but they are gone, blank, void, unreachable. This truly disturbs me knowing the stakes in the game.
    Thank you for getting in my head. So looking forward to your following articles on this topic.

    Today,s Thought
    Searching for Truth
    Watch “Khazar : Secret Ruling Empire of The World Exposed : Sheikh Imran Hosein” on YouTube
    June 25, 2017fromawaysiteLeave a commentEdit
    1 Vote

  5. Perhaps this is a piece to that thesis.

    “Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the international banking interests have been hard at work flipping Eastern European nations to their side and encroaching on Russia through NATO expansions.”

    These are excerpts from an article with lines of research taken while reading through it. The lines of research are inside {} brackets. Sorry I don’t know a better way of expressing it hope the intent carries through.

    “Kazakhstan Rising

    Baiterek was designed by Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who maintains a remarkably personal involvement in the city’s ongoing construction. He also designed a cultural center, personally judged the international competition to pick an architect for Astana’s overall design, and even chose the species of tree to be used in a climate-moderating greenbelt around the city. “There’s no project he doesn’t participate in,” the city’s head architect, Amanzhol Chikanayev, told me. “The president’s brain works very hard, and he asks about very small details.””

    {“Foster + Partners is one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world.”}

    “Like Brazil and Burma (and, once upon a time, the United States and Russia), Kazakhstan has built its capital from scratch. During the Soviet era, the capital of Kazakhstan was Almaty, founded in the 19th century as a military outpost in the Russian empire’s expansion into Central Asia. Meanwhile, Astana, formerly known as Akmola, was an unremarkable regional center of about 200,000, known primarily as the home of one of the USSR’s most notorious gulags, designed specifically to hold the wives of male dissidents. During the Soviet era, Akmola was based on the northern bank of the Ishim River, and that part of the city still retains the scrappy charm of the average small post-Soviet city, with its tsarist-era pink-and-yellow buildings and aboveground natural gas pipes.”

    “Nazarbayev decided to move the capital in 1992, just a year after his country gained independence upon the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the move was formalized just five years later. For nearly his entire presidency, Nazarbayev has seen Astana as the centerpiece of his project to make Kazakhstan a world power, and he has devoted a corresponding amount of energy and resources into its design. He has constructed a shiny new Astana on the southern, previously uninhabited, side of the river, and the population has swelled to 700,000.”

    “…The government projects that Astana’s population will eventually grow to 1.2 million.”

    “…an 88-floor skyscraper, the Abu Dhabi Plaza. (It is being paid for by the United Arab Emirates.)”

    {“Abu Dhabi Plaza – …On February 13, 2016, the structure caught on fire, with no immediately declared explanation.”}

    {“Completion is expected mid 2017.​”}

    “The design of Astana extends beyond the merely architectural; it’s political, reflecting the central place of the city in Nazarbayev’s vision of his country.”

    {“Religion in the United Arab Emirates… Islam is both the official and majority religion… The Al Nahayan and Al Maktoum ruling families adhere to Sunni Islam of Maliki school of jurisprudence.”
    “The UAE’s judicial system is derived from the civil law system and Sharia law.”}

    “…the pyramidal Palace of Peace and Harmony, built to hold conferences about inter-religious harmony, on which Nazarbayev has placed a heavy emphasis.”

    “Another of Nazarbayev’s signature policy priorities has been the creation of what he calls “multi-vector diplomacy,” which aims to balance relations with all the major powers so as to not become too beholden to any one. That, too, is reflected in Astana’s design, Chikanayev said.”

    “Nazarbayev’s desire to place Kazakhstan on the world stage is also evident in the number of international events that the government attracts to Astana.”

    “…an “International Eurasian Congress.” The city was getting ready for the 2011 Asian Winter Games and the Third Congress of World and Traditional Religions, a gathering that Nazarbayev inaugurated in 2003.”

    “Astana’s population is still relatively small, with a high proportion of people connected to the current government. Most other institutions are based in Almaty, still the largest city and home to most of the political opposition. Another analyst told me that if there was even a hint of large-scale protests, all the government would have to do is cancel the flights and trains to Astana from Almaty.”

    “Astana is much closer to the center of the country, and it is also in the middle of the greatest concentration of ethnic Russians. In the early days of independence, Kazakhstan’s leaders saw Russians as a potential pro-Moscow fifth column, and moving the capital was in part a strategy to maintain control over this area.”

    “…a quote from Nazarbayev: “The creation of a capital is the creation of a new text of national history.””

    “Astana is rising in such a hurry that up close, the signs of shoddy construction are evident, even on the prestige projects. On the pedestrian mall that runs along Astana’s axis, the paving stones are precariously loose. A maquette of Astana’s monuments, also on the mall, appears, upon close inspection, to be made up of pen-and-ink drawings backed with cardboard, like a grade-schooler’s diorama. Chikanayev, the architect, bluntly admitted that the quality of construction in Astana was poor: “Now they just build it and leave it, not like in Soviet times, when things were maintained.””

    “Perhaps, in the writing of the new national history, this is just the first draft.”

    The original article.


    {“Nursultan Nazarbayev”}

    1. Thanks Dane
      I’m always fascinated by Astana, reading or hearing the name draws my mind to it like a magnet. I don’t know why.

      Anyway I’ve been thinking about Astana as a possible world headquarters. A bit far fetched, still it looks to have that kind of a feel about it. Just me and my strange world.
      Thanks again

      1. You’re welcome Peter. It sure does have a lure to it. Intended I’m sure. But to me it’s not much different than other nation states around the world, DC, Hong Kong, Israel..etc.

        The more reason I apply to all this the more I realize there is nowhere in the material world to be free. I would say that our freedom lies in transcendental realms but beware because the church, temple, mosque and such have all encroached into this realm. I saw a black square on youtube the other day, it was a magnet with iron shavings around it on white paper…could have sworn it was mecca with all the folks walking around their black cube. Don’t get me wrong they all have their place and to me can be used as stepping stones until one transcends what they have to offer. But blind faith seems to lock folks in for lifetimes upon lifetimes. They are systems and carry the life that man brings into them, whatever that may be.

        I’ve asked myself on several occasions how the caveman survived for so long without even a language or fire let alone a church to steal his mindful thoughts. Sure we were animals then but I have to force myself to remember that we had already risen from the apes so there must have been more to us than just animal at that moment in time. Yet without an external church we made it to enlightened times.

        Sorry for the rant…its JC’s fault for writing this essay…bwahahahaha! Just kidding JC, thanks for pulling it out of me you guys 🙂

        1. We’re just getting started on this topic everyone. I’m pumped everyday with new discoveries and realizations. It’s all starting to make so much more sense. I wish I could just blurt it all out in one full ball of hyper-knowingness. (not sure if that a thing) But will all of us together working in unison we can put together an extensive but understandable timeline.

          1. I totally agree JC.
            Looking super forward, as previously stated, to all your coming articles re this issue.
            Willing to help, info wise, in whatever I can.


  6. Ok, I’m confused as usual
    It has been my interpretation that you are in favor the this multilateral financial system. If I read this essay and others correctly Russia isn’t in favor of it, neither are the Sunnis
    You state “All people who seek human rightness should support Russia in this battle. The patience and intelligence they are showing is a testament of the human spirit to survive. ”
    I conclude that the multilateral system isn’t “rightness” since Russia opposes it

    1. I think you meant the Shiite instead of the Sunni. I’m not in favour of the multilateral financial system but do see some value if the world can be rearranged to better promote human rightness. What I do support is the rebalancing of the international monetary system so that the worlds wealth is distributed evenly through capitalistic opportunities for all. Explaining the process of the actual transition does not necessarily correlate into support. Putin would also likely see value in a multilateral framework instead of the exorbitant privilege of the USD based system. As such, the concept of a multilateral system is appealing but can be easily turned against Russia by the international banking interests if Russia doesn’t align itself strategically within the framework to leverage its strengths. Russia has some of the largest resources in the world. This is its core leverage. It needs to hang onto control of these resources for as long as possible, because the moment it doesn’t the multilateral framework can shift against them. Its these resources which allowed it to weather the US sanctions placed on it.

  7. Why are we always being conditioned to believe that if two opposite powers are fighting, one of them is necessarily “the good one” and we must give it our support? What if they are both evil? (example: Hitler vs Stalin). The Hegelian dialectic at play: divide the world to achieve order out of chaos. What if the engineered confrontation with Russia is being done to give the East the perfect excuse to dump the US dollar? And if Putin is so great, why is he an avid supporter of the IMF? The IMF has been trying to establish a global basket currency and Putin is conveniently playing along, calling for the IMF to replace the Dollar. The following article sheds a better light on the subject:

    1. Alexa, all power divisions in the world are representative of the power division which exists within each one us. Externalizing our own inner deficiencies is a convenient way of avoiding self-reflection. When man is weak the world shifts towards the darkness and chaos. When man is strong the world shifts towards the light and order. This is the true esoteric and hidden meaning behind the phrase order out of chaos. World powers are the representation of the path humanity chooses.

      POM packages and presents the most thorough and fact based information on the IMF, SDR and multilateral monetary transition. No other site or analysis presents an overall picture which has been as accurate as the information and predictions presented here. Most other sites use the information presented here for their own purposes but don’t fully understand the complexity of the transition and the scale and timeline of its progression. I would recommend you read some more of the material presented here on this site.

      Putin is playing along to an extent. But the full history of Russia and its interaction with the international banking interests would suggest that he is only playing along to get along for the time being.

      Also reference my response to Griff.

      1. Putin is playing along because he wants, actually… he´s desperate to avoid a military confrontation.
        Regardless of what the Western propaganda says, he´s a very calm and rational person, contrary to the people in DC, the City and Tel Aviv, who are sociopaths of the highest degree.

        That´s about him. His dog, pffffiiiiuuu… that´s a different story… 😉

  8. This is possibly the most intriguing and most esoteric piece regarding the ancient conflicts in this planet JC, Thank You so much for your wisdom and thank you for sharing this wisdom. Understanding this conflict is understanding ourselves as a toolmaking and abstract thinking creature which is a step in true enlightenment on the individual as well as the collective.

    Your mention of the conflict of the ancient Indo-European Hittites and the Semitic Canaanites is in itself a key to solving the riddle. There seems to be a gap between these two human species from the first moment of creation. The worldview and visions of these two people are intriguing and are possibly the single cause of all the major wars in human history.

    What is constantly repeated in a parrot fashion in relation to the Western civilization is this, Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian. It is as though a hidden hand is deliberately taking apart a major historical, cultural and ethnic element from the center of the world power that is the West. Every history professor and any graduate of this subject knows the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian and believe it to be absolutely true. Whilst these educated experts know next to nothing about the world power that existed alongside this cultures. Iran and Iranians are the least known and understood subject for these educated people when Iran is far bigger in it’s influence in what became the Western Civilization. Iranians are not only in today’s Iran and their ancient lineage is all the way from Great Britain to the borders of the Mongolia. Nowhere do you see that Russian’s ancestries are the Scythians who spoke and Eastern Iranian language and as such, they are kin to contemporary Iranians. Where possible, Iran is placed in a box alongside the Arabs and on the same shelf as Saudis. I think the following piece regarding the Scythians the proto-Russian ancient culture and language give a glimpse is what is publically omitted by the Western History books and all mainstream media since 1945. If anything, the Western history must be said to be of Greco-Irano-Roman lineage! Yet, you will never see this anywhere. The constant demonization of Iran and Iranian people on Western MSM is not by accident and it has far deeper significance than Iran’s possible sponsoring of terrorism. Anti-Iran sentiment began with the emergence of the Zionism in the mid-1850’s when the wealthy bankers decided to dominate the world. The only people and nation the MSM is publically insult every day are Iran and Iranians and the protected people and nations are the Islam and Islamists and the Zionists and the state of Israel. Iranians are fair game and even rewarded!!

    The term Ashkenazi is a broken down version of “Askuzai” which may be the term used by Assyrians to refer to the inhabitants of the contemporary Russland. The 1000 years old Iranian Mythology book of “Shahnameh” of Ferdowsi written in poetic format describes Iranians battles with a “Turanian” people constantly who were another Iranian people. Turanians are believed to be by many as Scythians who were much less cultivated people culturally and did not settle in cities like the Iranians to the south. A Tribe of the Scythians, the “Massagetaes” who were also of an ancient Iranian lineage lived in the areas of Central Asia, Kazakhstan and the steppes of the vast Asian region.

    It is said that Cyrus the Great, founder of the first Persian world Empire, the Achaemenids was killed by the Massagetaes Queen Tomyris by beheading since Cyrus had defeated her son in another battle. The Iranians to the south settled and started agriculture whilst their brethren in the vastness of the Eurasian steppes continued life with their herds developed in another direction. Iranians established the art of wine making as early as 5000 BCE in Northwestern Iran and wine culture became a ritual part of the Iranian Zoroastrian culture. Omar Khayam’s and other post-Islamic era Sufi Mystics of Iran and the mention of wine in equating its intoxication with the divine love of the supreme being has continued to this day, although, since the arrival of the Islamists in Iran, wine is officially not produced and made forbidden. The drinking of wine and bread in the Christian churches was a ritual of the Roman Mithras adaptation of the Iranian Mithra. Iranian Zoroastrians also put a clay vat of wine aside for every newly born child in a cellar and only opened as part of the communal ritual of drinking the wine in celebrating the new life of the life of the deceased in the other world. A persin living for a 90 years wine caused intoxication that removed any pain of the loss, which served the purpose for the ritual!

    The transformation of Iran in 16th century under the powerful Safavid dynasty is itself a mystery but whatever the reasons may have been, this move saved Iran and her ancient Indo-European heritage by becoming under the full domination of the Sunni Islam which the Ottomans were its guardians. In this way, once again Iran restored her sovereignty against the mainstream Islam even though the transformation caused many casualties because this transformation was through force. By the time of Shah Abbas I (1588-1629), The Safavid Empire was the most powerful empire alongside the Ottomans the West. Shah Abbas removed the Portuguese colonizers from the Persian Gulf and reforming Iranian military and employing the non-Muslim Iranian directly in the affairs of the military and statesmanship. Iranians from the ancient times were used to non-Iranians and other with different religious belief and the emergence of the Safavids once again involved Iranians of alternative ethnicities and religious beliefs to the greatness of the Iran. What is important to bear in mind is that Shia cult was originally a dispute amongst the Arabs during the time of Mohamad but this fissure was taken on by the Safavids to separate and spare Iran from the mainstream domination of Islam and ensuring the uniqueness of Iranians within the framework of Islamized lands.

    I hope this long winded history I offered provides a basis for all noble POM subscribers in seeing an alternative reality that is presented by our own JC and I hope this will also assist in understanding what is at play in the great scheme of things. What is important also to contemplate and as JC mentioned is that this is an ancient warfare and I can only describe it as the war of the Semitic versus the Indo-European worldview, and in this context JC excellent warning when he says:

    “But be careful you are not sold on the false mask as it is designed as a mental and emotional trap from which the spiritual opposition is caged and turned into a beast of burden.”

    I would like to sincerely ask noble JC to continue this fantastic series as this will create a new vista in researching the truths about our collective history and why and how we ended up here, an era when we are constantly bombarded by a daily dose of deception and fabricated untruths.

    1. My Carpe Diem; Allow me to apologize in advance for going off topic, but when as per your implied suggestion about the Hittites I undertook a little research of them during which these mysterious “sea people” came into view.

      Would you consider obliging me by, floating my boat, by maybe ‘takin’ a stab at ’em??
      I thank you in advance.
      Yous Truly

      1. Hi Pieter and thank you,

        Doing research on our mysterious ancient ancestors is always a good idea, it’s a way of paying respect to them. I agree that they are mysterious, particularly because we know so little about them other than the Hittites or the Phrygians etc. We know them collectively like a label or a collective tag. What did they look like and what did they eat and drink and what were their houses looked like? It’s all a guess work.

        Please do share what you’ll find in your research as it will help the rest of us in understanding our time better. In future, and after WWIII, every kid who survives the war, will learn in their history books that the big bad Russia hacked the US democratic system and Trump became the president, whereas it should have been HRC as she was the Just and noble candidate. Who will be there to tell the story otherwise?!

        By the way, if you have time to watch this 1964 movie, “Seven days in May” and if you have seen the Manchurian candidate and liked it, you will like this one. It’s about Russia (Soviet Union) and a Coup in the US. Fantastic movie and almost as if it’s about things in 2017 in some ways:

        Many cheers and Wish you a great day,

        1. my Carpe Diem

          you asked me to share what I found from my research into the Hittites, Phrygians, and the Sea People. I found context for names like Midas, Gordion. I found it interesting that the languages were Indo-euro.

          I found compassion realizing that what I may of thought off as invasions were as much desperate migrations. I found like yourself much is guess work.

          I enjoyed the movie. I’ve seen both Manchurian Candidate films enjoyed them both.
          Thanks again

          1. You are welcome Dear Pieter,

            Glad you enjoyed the movie. I am a big fan of the Twilight Zone and Rod Serling’s esoteric ways of seeing the world and in fact, he was one of the co-writers of this movie.

            Regarding the ancient ancestors, as Hittites, Phrygians, Kassites which my maternal ancestry is from (I believe!), gave us so many symbols and signs and we are living with those without realizing it. For example, the Freedom Cap (Liberty Cap), otherwise known as the Phrygian cap is on almost every flag in the world and it was the symbol of the French revolutionaries as well as the American Revolution. It is also on the Mithras head killing a bull (The primordial Bull the Indo-European people’s ancient symbol of life) as the symbol of the Mithraic Roma cult. So our ancestors are here with us today through their symbols and they remind us as their progeny that they are behind those of us who are preserving their achievements.

            In so many ways, whatever right and truthful we do today, we are helping our future generations as well as respecting our ancient ancestors so no effort with a truthful mind and action will ever go to waste.

            Wish you a joyful and wonderful day my dear friend,

  9. WOW!! I really do like this site. It is quite a course, in every sense of the word. Thank you JC and all the fantastic contributors ot the POM.

  10. Dear JC
    Thank you very much for your article. Currently your site is on the Top in whole western info resources in terms of understanding the real processes which are going around, open and hidden.
    I am surprised with you understanding and ability to share such important information.
    Unfortunatelly most of the western population is used only as a tool for the hidden power to achieve their goal – globalization by their terms.
    Of course all conscious humans should oppose this scenario, because it will end their future, as they will be rendered useless (even harmfull) in the world where the adversary force will own all the resources necessary. And they are very close now. Only years.
    Good luck!

  11. Dear JC
    There are bounty of resources in ru.web about these topics and many very bright minds are working to create adequate weapons for the future battles.

    I will point youto the resources gladly, as I did in the past. You uncovered one very important information here – that the revolution in 1917 was work of the banking interests, but they were defeated by the power which represents russia soul.
    Here I would like to clarify few terms – actually there is difference between bolsheviks ( majority) and trotskyite elements within.
    It is not coincidence that project Hitler got the green light only after Trotsky was killed by the strange tool 🙂 which was a message from his curators ( he thought he was safe in mexico)
    And he was not killed by Stalin by the way. Stalin is the key. That is, why he is so hated by curren trotskyite establishment ( still governig the west so far)

    Best regards,

  12. The Rothschilds, along with their agents and high level members of their tribe, have been attempting to destroy and gain complete control over Russia for hundreds of years. May the Russian survive the next attempt to control them. I am very angry and saddened by the cancerous corruption and evil of the US Government, most US institutions, and the banksters who own and control them all.

    1. Totally correct.
      Just a few examples:
      The Teutonic Knights, who were defeated by Alexander Nevsky in the 13th Century.
      The Swedish King Charles XII, who lost in Poltava, in the 18th Century.
      Napoleon, whose army was pulverized in the outskirts of Moscow, in the early 19th Century.
      The British Empire, who attempted to control Central Asia and China, in the mid 19th Century.
      The German Army in WW II, in the 20th Century.

      Those sick to the bone International Banksters that you mention, truly control everything.
      They have been attempting to get Russian natural resources (which are immense) for a lot of centuries.
      But do you know what? It´s still going to be a long time before they can get their dirty hands on them. The Russians will never provoke a military conflict, but if the shit hits the fan, they will fight a war that will bring the planet to the verge of extinction.
      So, if I was one of those bloody sociopaths, I wouldn´t try my luck.
      If they do, I will, personally, be very happy to make that many of them will return inside some nasty plastic bags.
      And what would be absolutely delightful, is if the sons and daughters of the Rothschilds, Soros, Rockefellers, Clintons, Bushes, Warburgs, Morgans, Reeds, Harrimans, Kissingers, Brzezinskis, DuPonts, Astors… and their ilk, went and fight on the first line of fire.

  13. Ok, POM I think I’m ready to address this post in my almost primitive manner. Please do not take that sentence to mean a slight on myself. I proudly subscribe to the 5th dictionary definition of primitive, ‘unaffected or little affected by civilizing influences.’ I include the word ‘manner’ to illustrate the point, that I’m from a time and place, when us children(all 13 of us) finished a meal we were not allowed to leave the table until we recited these words, “Mother, may I please be excused from the table, the dinner was very good, thank you.” My taught manner’s are shot through my entire day and life and I display them with a true cheer.

    Still my instincts are also honed more to nature, they nicely compliment, so I’ll pay it to myself.

    JC, when you say, “My readers have asked me to share my thoughts on this power struggle and who I think the IBI represent.” I believe it is missed by many that their is a power beyond the IBI because my guess is that the IBI is assumed by omission to be the power. It’s not that difficult to trace the bankers down, on the tip of everybody’s tongue are the two big R’s, Roth’s and Rock’s and then the Morgans, Harriman’s etc. Imagine, if you can, they are but the bankers.

    Past that one sentence of your’s it’s back to using the IBI as a pseudo descriptive catch all, kind of like the latest catch all ‘deep state’ inserted into our current lexicon. The IBI are a well insulated heat schild, just the bankers, so to speak. I respect your decision to not go into the ‘who’ at this point and the ‘power’ and am personality not sure what good that info might be anyway. What I want to ask you is simply this. Does the use of ‘who; singular and ‘power’ singular mean,, one??

    It almost feels to me that one thing must be leading/controlling, because for it’s strength to encompass thousands of years and ????, of diverse family members, through the many generations, to get where they and WE are today all but demands a “ONE.” Could that “ONE” be an idea? A philosophy??

    Trusting my instincts.

    Now to the Russia, Mother Russia. Now more than ever how fitting ‘Mother’ the name. I need help, how did Russia become Russia? I know how the USA became the USA, that’s modern history, whichever of the versions one chooses to acknowledge. We have oceans for borders east and west conquest and treaty for borders north and south. But Russia, that gargantuan 10/12 time zone country is to my mine’s eye beyond a nation, something different than an empire, it’s a country. How can that be? How did Russia come to be Russia? I suspect it just might have gotten lucky. Wiling to die trying and organized itself just in time to avoid being gobbled up by the remnant of Atlantis. That old snake brotherhood that did slither from Britain and Ireland down to Egypt and Summer up through Canaan, Phoenix, Rome and Venice to the Netherlands, back to Britain and beyond. Somehow the snake turned west, back home, just in time. Soooo, Mother Russia perhaps being to wild and living off the reputation of kicking the shit out of them Kazarian’s, survived it. Not forever longer, I believe the snake came to realize they should of turned east but by the
    time they came to that sense Mother Russia had grown up some.

    I know of Ivan, Catherine an Peter and the hordes of invaders they fought and defeated and were defeated to for generations. One of my fav’s is when Peter went west to learn how to build ships(if the story is true). He didn’t send the KGB(just kidding)to steal the plans, went himself to learn how and anything else he could learn at the time. Talk about human intel. So I know a little bit.

    I guess Russia had to push east to find ocean and battled north for the ports and maybe south until to far from home to sustain. Still it’s borders are gargantuan, and have been holding for now. Is it two big to defend itself in this day and age? I think it must or it could become land locked. Will the OBOR give it relief from that trouble?

    Questions lot of questions, I’ll figure it out and get back to you.

    To manners, thanks for all you do JC, and please allow me to extend further thanks to all the contributors on the POM.

  14. Can’t remember where I read this anecdote but I shall tell it anyway. Apparently, while being driven through post war Russia, Churchill looked out of the car window to see a group of children eating ice cream in the cold, and commented, “these people will never be conquered.” Considering they destroyed their own capital city in order to deny Napoleon it, and eventually sent his Grand Army packing, and endured everything Hitler’s 6th Army could throw at them, so soon after such internal strife, in order to defend their civilisation, he could be forgiven for such a statement.

    The murky waters of the post October Revolution period in Russia and who was backing who could reveal much as you and other commenters above have alluded to. As far as I understand it the intention had been for Trotsky to succeed Lenin (internationalist communists?) but Stalin (nationalist communist?) essentially usurped leadership. Whatever happened during this period in Russia, it seems key to the events that followed and the world that was born from them.

    Looking forward to this series, bigly! Oh, and an A+ for spelling and grammar, JC… 😉

  15. The Ringing Cedars of Russia series of 9 books, beginning in 1997, by Vladimir Megre, will give you the deepest understanding of the ancient philosophy of the Rus’. These books started nationwide grassroot movements in Russia and other slavic countries toward reestablishing cultural integrity via manifesting the real nature of “motherland” in a “back to the land” social action plan. Individual and collective conciousness-raising includes adoption of pre-christian indigenous culture which is similar to the ancient vedic culture of India. This is evidence of the fulfillment of Edgar Cayce’s prediction of Russia becoming moral leader of the world. The orthodox catholic church is, naturally, vehemently against this movement.

    1. bhavatitdhyan,
      I would also recommend two books by Nikolai Starikov.
      -Who set Hitler against Stalin?
      -Liquidation of Russia: Who Helped the Red Army to win the Civil War?

      He´s pretty close to nailing it.

      1. DavidB
        I just found a free pdf for Who Set Hitler Against Stalin.
        As you can imagine I’m just starting on it, still it brought to mind a lecture I listened to awhile back by Webster Tarpley. ‘How Edward Vll Started WWl.’ I’m providing a link. I think it lends to the topic of Russia.
        Thanks for the reading suggestions.

        1. Hi Pieter,
          thank you too.

          Enjoy the reading… and get ready to see which is the most evil, disgusting country on planet earth.
          I´m sure that in the future you´ll continue to read some more truthful info that will proof to you what I stated.

          Well, the worst… or the second worst 🙂

          Have a wonderful day.


  16. You might dig this read Peter. Just finished it.

    “Resistance to Civil Government (Civil Disobedience) is an essay by American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau that was first published in 1849. In it, Thoreau argues that individuals should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that they have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice. Thoreau was motivated in part by his disgust with slavery and the Mexican–American War (1846–1848).”

  17. “Why It’s No Longer Possible for Any Country to Win a War”

    This article written by Yuval Harari a professor of Hebrew University in Tel Aviv provides an interesting view regarding how war is not going to be profitable for the conquering nation(s). The writer sees the loot of the 21st century is not Gold and instead are Information and Intellectual property of running systems and the know-how. He also sees the direction and the potential of cyber currencies as well as cyber warfare as an equalizer for the warring sides.

    I thought it provides and interesting perspective as to why an attack by the West on Russia may end up to become a bad move when in the end not much will be the fruits of the invasion, only destruction to both sides and no victors!

    1. Carpe Diem – I’m currently reading Yuval Harari’s book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”, and I thoroughly recommend it to all. He presents deep and thought-provoking ideas.

      1. Hi Dan B,

        Thank you for your thoughts on this author and his book and recommending it. I do like his views on the article he wrote and I am sure the book must be an interesting one to read. He seems to have the ability to see outside of the box. I hope we will have real thinkers who can think beyond their own self-interest and outside of political and ideological lines. We have been as species been shepherded the wrong direction by all the famous so-called thinkers and we ended up in this messy situation because their writings and teachings have not been honest but sponsored by the money elite.

        In some ways, I am seeing a new chapter opening and despite all the doom and gloom, we are gradually moving to a new reality and the fact that there are no winners is a welcome news. All the 1970’s nuclear treaties were based on a “mutual destruction” doctrine and the unknowable results of wars achieve the same results. This may mean and end of the Debt and Warfare model which is seemingly running out of juice and instead, a new era of creativity and trade! ..I hope I am right 🙂

  18. J C longtime, no type. There are a series of books which were the catalyst in the radical life change my wife and I have undergone in the past five years that completely support your opening thesis. In fact, these books (The Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre) which are esoteric in nature provide tons of historical support outlining the Rus’ struggles against the “preistly class” all the way back to ancient Egypt. If you have never heard of these books, you of all people, would serve yourself well to get them and read them all.

    1. Hi dane and thank you for this news item,

      The underlying reason or at least one is because of this 8 min video where a CNN news “Journalist” is admitting that Russia hacking is a hoax. CNN is done and more revelation will be out by July 4th it will possibly involve another well-known anchorman. CNN will have no moral authority any longer, they are the Pravda of the United States and their job is to disseminate disinfo. We should expect a major revamp of this deceptive $ fascist organization,

  19. JC,
    It will be very interesting, as you move through the history of Russia in further writings, where you will come down on Alexsandr Dugin. For POM readers, he is a proponent of multilateralism and one time advisor of Putin (whose influence is debated). Dugin is a controversial figure who sometimes appears to be a voice of reason for a stable international system moving forward, and at other times an ultra-right wing nationalist and thought leader of the new right. Jay over at is in line with is thinking as far as the Eastern Orthodox Church is concerned. Thoughtful piece.

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