The Democratic Deficits

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And the Rise of the Macro Central Bank

By JC Collins

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Charles Dickens masterfully crafted tales which captured the smells and sights of economic destitution.  From Oliver Twist to A Christmas Carol, the characters that littered the great storytellers novels found themselves alive during times of hardship, and yet maintained a stubborn sense of kinship.

The people of today are divided and disjointed into sad simulations of the literary creations of Dickens.  The sad joy once expressed is now overtaken by silent and subtle anger which simmers just beneath the surface of everyday life.

Truth is never openly revealed or discussed in anything outside of disorganized debates structured around faults and fallacies.   The mass movement of ignorance  is an endless swell of forced sameness and complacent grumbling.

Winston Churchill has been quoted as saying “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”  Nothing much more need be said about the state of willful human ignorance and avoidance.

What passes for truth nowadays is anything but, and looking back into the past we can also see that truth was scarce in previous periods of turmoil and politically staged drama.

When revolutions started sweeping through Europe in the 18th century, did no one question why the monarchies all acted with economic irresponsibility?  Did no one see the same pattern repeating from region to region as each monarchy was overthrown through violent means?

Those who study history outside of the accepted and conditioned versions taught and expounded upon in specifically engineered curriculums are quick to recognize the flow of capital from empire to empire.  This capital pattern tells a very interesting tale of power transitions from monarchies to democracies.

The banking interests of the time used economic and monetary policy to slowly transfer wealth from the masses.  With each passing year the economic destitution became more and more prevalent with the reactions of the people coached to focus specifically upon the faults of the ruling king or queen.

The blue bloods were completely ill-equipped to deal with the psychological operation which was being orchestrated against them.  From the French Revolution all the way through the Bolshevik Revolution, one by one, the monarchies fell to the machinations of the banker mischief.

The idea of the state, a simulation of the democratic ideals as envisioned by the ancient Greeks and Romans, was carefully introduced to the masses as the solution to the corrupt and financially inept monarchies.


We say simulation of democracy because each state was designed with the fatal flaw of having its money creation process controlled by the very same bankers which funded and orchestrated the overthrow of the monarchies.  From their inception, the democratic states were fragmented and controlled by external interests which were specifically focused on the transfer of wealth from the disorganized masses.  Wealth of course being the time and labor of the people.

Today we are witnessing the same democratic deficit play out as the countries of the world have been forced into monetary policies which ensure a cycle of sovereign debt creation that exponentially expands the money supply of each country.

This time it will not be monarchies which take the fall but the very state governments which replaced them.  No where today do we see truthful debate about central banks and money creation.  All fiscal and monetary failures are directed towards the budget and spending policies of the governments themselves.  It is never reasoned that perhaps governments do not require an external money creation system by way of privately owned and unelected central banks.

These banks are now fully consolidated under the regulations of the Bank for International Settlements.

It’s amazing that very little attention is paid to the BIS and its Basel regulations.  This institution and its orders are followed by all the central banks in the world, from the Bank of Canada and Bank of England, to the Federal Reserve and People’s Bank of China.  Even the Russian central bank is a gear in the wheel house of this organization.

As the sovereign debt crisis of each country begins to take center stage, there is background process of centralization taking place in order to have the planned solution to the problem ready for the ultimate revelation.  The monetary policies of all the worlds central banks are beginning to streamline into one official directive.

Klaas Knot, President of the Netherlands Bank, speaking on April 24, 2014, said:

“We’re now on the verge of adopting a broader view of what constitutes central banking. The financial crisis has clearly brought the core functions of central banks closer: Monetary and liquidity policy, micro- and macro-prudential regulation and supervision, stability and reliability of payment and settlement systems. They all complement each other!”

No where is it mentioned that it was central bank policy on debt creation which pushed the world into a financial crisis.  The Basel 2 regulations allowed banks to loosed credit requirements to a level which all but assured a massive expansion of liquidity.  Now Basel 3 means to contract the credit creation as a parallel component to the debt restructuring through the International Monetary Fund.  Both policies are pushing the world to a multilateral financial system structured around the SDR – Special Drawing Right, as the supra-sovereign currency which will replace the US dollar as the primary reserve currency of the globe.

Within the structure of the Bank for International Settlements is the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.  From the BIS publication titled “A Sound Capital Planning Process: Fundamental Elements, dated January, 2014, we are informed of the following:

“The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision provides a forum for regular cooperation on banking supervisory matters.  It seeks to promote and to strengthen supervisory and risk management practices globally. The Committee comprises representatives from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.  Observers on the Basel Committee are:  the European Banking Authority, the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the Financial Stability Institute and the International Monetary Fund.”

From this it can be clearly reasoned that all central banks of the most important countries are reading from the same script.  Some of the bullets from this script are:

  1. Central banks will play a larger role in financial stability.

  2. Ensure greater stability in the global payment system.

  3. Encourage competition.

  4. Strengthen regulations.

  5. And increase awareness of the democratic deficit.

These points of course have to be read through the filter of the word masters and independent realizations of definition and intent arrived at by each.

The central banks have been the main contributors to the financial problems in the world today.  The method of money creation and debt expansion has been structured around manufactured wars.  In many cases, independent central banks and governments which hadn’t yet fallen victim to the international banking interests had war forced upon them with the intent of increasing money printing to fund the war.

So when we think of how the script directing our reactions to the governments, whether democratic or communist, both being products of the international banking interests, and to the level of reckless debt expansion, it is easy to see how the majority of the disorganized masses, and a good segment of the small elite, are unable to see the process of blame shifting and engineering of the new financial system.

The threefold approach is the threat of war, the threat of debt default, and the threat of the collapse of currencies and the banking industry itself.

At some eventual point, the central banks will separate themselves from their respective countries and allow each government to suffer the full effects of the financial mismanagement, just like they did with the monarchies in centuries past.

Perhaps the day will soon come when the Federal Reserve will refuse to purchase the Treasury Bonds.  The reason for the Fed doing this would be televised as a method of protecting and preserving the reliability and efficiency of the payment and settlement systems.

Remember, one of the talking points from the BIS script is to ensure greater stability in the global payment system.

We have covered the problem, reaction, solution dynamic on this site in many posts, but its worth repeating again here as it is the most vital component of the transition from a dollar based system to an SDR based system.

Though it sounds drab and lifeless, the SDR is in fact the emerging reserve currency which all other currencies and commodities will be pegged too.  If the US dollar has been the sun at the center of the galaxy, the largest and most dominate object which pulls all other objects, planets and moons, into orbit around it, than the SDR will become the sun in the new system and the dollar will be demoted to a simple planet.

Based on the structure of the Bank for International Settlements and the mandates as set forth for its member banks, we can draw some conclusions that stand in contradiction to current world events.  These contradictions are no more apparent then the crisis in Ukraine and Russia.

Protests and manufactured revolutions are the play book of the central banker, as first realized in the French Revolution.  The emotions of the people are real enough, but the playbook itself is well hidden in the lies and propaganda of the mainstream media.


Every reaction to the problems stemming from the crisis between Russia and the United States over Ukrainian domination leads to the desired solution of dollar isolation and threats of financial collapse.

America can not be seen as allowing its currency to collapse, so it will be brought to heel threw a series of strategic chess moves planned well in advance.  For those who still doubt that the dollar will be purposefully devalued to force an international response and shift towards a multilateral system, the following video is included here.  It features a senior Obama official stating that the plan is to kill the dollar.

With what is happening in Russia and Ukraine, it is the threat of war which is directing the actions.  These actions are encouraging a move away from the US dollar as detailed in trade and currency agreements between Russia and China, as well as Iran and others.  There is talk of a gold backed regional currency to replace the dollar as a payment and settlement system.  There will likely be many type of regional temporary payment systems as the transition to SDR’s is completed over the coming months and years.

And yet with all of that, the Russian oil company Rosneft is signing half a trillion dollar oil and gas deals with US oil giant ExxonMobile, as well as Eni, Saipem, and Statoil.  These agreements cover the development and marketing of oil and gas from the artic circle, as well as Canada’s oil sands, and other strategic developments and deposits.


While the masses are being presented with a scripted playbook of geopolitical tension and the growing threat of war and a new cold war, the business, banking, and industry interests which weave threw the global institutions are planning and building the economic machinations of the new multilateral system.

From the micro central banks of each country will rise the macro central bank to facilitate the payment and settlement system of the SDR.  The consolidation of democracy and communism, alongside the ideological driftwood of fascism and socialism, will ensure the fall of the fiscal state and the rise of the fiscally responsible central bank.

Like the economically destitute citizens of some long ago London, with orphan children roaming the dirty streets looking for food, the characters of Charles Dickens could hardly fathom the orchestrator of their suffering.  Neither will the people of the world realize the grand strategy which has been played against them.  Like in the early 1970’s, many will understand that something changed in the global economy, but the full comprehension required to gain a deeper appreciation of just what that change was, will elude the masses.  And the masses most likely prefer it that way.   – JC