The Dangerous Agenda of Dehumanizing Whites

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The Masonic Civil War and How “Minorities” are being Used to Expand and Redefine Racism

Something new needs to come into this world.

Cultural and socioeconomic engineering takes advantage of the worst characteristics which exist within each of us. These characteristics are a product of internal weakness and deficiency which develop over a lifetime of emotional and mental fragmentation. This fragmentation hammers the soul and prevents the process of transfigurative evolution between spirit and matter.

This process is meant to take place within each one us regardless of race, religion, or creed. The adversity which is the material byproduct of race, religion, and creed, in fact contributes to the completion of this transfiguration. Being that we only learn through adversity, the important lessons which are provided by understanding, accepting, and promoting our differences are as vital as the air we breath.

Racism is an interesting term. The definition is straight forward regarding the “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”. Most in the modern world would consider such behaviour appalling, which is why the cultural and socioeconomic engineering around bringing awareness and ending racism has been so successful.

But somewhere along the way something went seriously wrong. People in the West understood that racism existed everywhere in the world. Travelling to non-white nations most Westerners accept that they became the minority. The customs and laws in those nations were followed and the “privilege” which belonged to those who live there was understood. After all, it is their culture and historical civilization.

Racism follows the same human weakness as ego and selfishness. Put two people in one room and there is a good chance both, or at least one of them, will feel and think they are better than the other. The same pattern repeats as we move outward through the endless macro fragmentation levels which travel through regional municipalities and sports teams, states and provinces, nations and religions, and land shattered upon the penultimate human fragmentation of race, with spirit being the last frontier of division.

Racism has become a wicked method of dehumanizing the white demographic while keeping the Western world divided and fragmented. Not a day goes by that some new outrage against white people and white culture isn’t expressed throughout the liberal-left media and educational institutions.

Programs which were originally intended to end race segregation in America have now morphed into attempts to reinstate segregation based on special privileges for non-whites and minorities.
A script is emerging which minimizes and demoralizes all things white, and anything that came from white culture. There are college and university professors who are openly calling for the murder and sterilization of white people. Some are suggesting that everything should be taken from white people and given to non-whites and minorities. It is never suggested that some whites have come from nothing and have worked hard to build the lives they have.

The use of white privilege as a political weapon is a flawed cultural and socioeconomic strategy. Under such a premise, African privilege would exist in Africa. Asian privilege would exist in Asia. Each culture has favoured its own demographic throughout the historical timelines and development of civilizations.

But white culture imported slaves and used that labor force to build Western civilization. All cultures and religions have utilized slavery and cruelty at varying degrees throughout history. Africans have enslaved Africans, and still do today in fact. Africans have enslaved white Europeans during the Barbary Slave Trade. Muslims have enslaved non-Muslims. Mongrels conquered and enslaved whole swaths of people while attempting to wipe out Muslims. Attempting to equate enslavement and cruelty as a predominant white characteristic is a liberal-left fantasy which will ultimately backfire and cause immense destruction in all civilizations.

To collectively blame all white people, and white culture, for the past weaknesses of those who have promoted division within humanity, is tantamount to a reverse form of racism which is intended to justify forthcoming acts of murder and genocide. Nazi Germany began similar programs of dehumanization before the genocide against Jews and other peoples of Eastern Europe.

But where the Germans were successful in the implementation of their programs, not all such strategies work in the favour of those who have designed them. The winds of change can blow in opposite directions and we often reap what we have sown. But this need not be the case.

We celebrate our sameness by understanding, appreciating and encouraging our diversity. Past civilizations understood that the world required a diverse representation of all life, from mineral, plant, animal, and spirit. All are different, but provide a unique purpose to the overall evolution of spirit and matter.

The dehumanization of white people and culture is a part of a broader plan to engineer a transformation of civilization. Using minorities to shift the definition of racism to mean something other than what was originally intended, basically to turn racism into something only white people are capable of, is being utilized to create even deeper division and fragmentation within Western culture. It is intended that this division and tension will reach a boiling point where the division itself will become undesirable and old customs and alliances will fall away to be replaced by a new world of peace and prosperity. But this plan will fail for the simple reason it forces a false external transformation where a true internally transformation should be taking place.

The plan to engineer some sort of fantastical neo-Atlantis civilization in the New World based on the tenets of a one blended androgynous race dogma was built on the erroneous interpretation of esoteric and allegorical texts. Such texts attempt to teach us something which cannot be openly taught. The moment we materialize lessons, or a curriculum, into literal interpretations, the learnings themselves become corrupt. The seeds of the teachings have to be planted internally through allegory and symbolism, so the lessons can grow and be applied to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual evolution.

The simple application of this process has been buried and fragmented under the falsification of secret understandings. Societies and clubs have developed based on this falsification. Some have been purposed with keeping the teachings alive, but the human predisposition for self-corruption has tainted the symbolism and allegory to such an extent that the true intended purpose of the process has been lost to whole generations.

The externalization and materialization of things that are meant to be processed internally and spiritually is the core contributor to the corruption and destructive trends that have been set loose upon the world. When a mass material and non-spiritual transformation is attempted through such a corruption of the process, the world descends into chaos and hate.

The true process is an individual and internal one. It has to be learned and applied within, so the without can be influenced through right-minded intent. George Washington, and other founding fathers, understood this esoteric and allegorical individuality, and embedded the freedom in the Declaration of Independence for each American to pursue that objective.

A century after British mystic Francis Bacon wrote the utopian New Atlantis, George Washington ,and other Scottish Rite Masons, won the war for independence against the predominant York Rite British Empire. The subsequent American Civil War should be considered an extension of this Mason on Mason war over interpretation, and intent, of the esoteric and allegorical teachings.

Some of this may be new to readers, but does fit into our ongoing series on Russia and the historical alliances which have been maintained since the beginning of recorded history. Others may be wondering what this direction has to do with racism and the intent of this article. But consider the divide in American culture, and how the mandates and policies of the liberal-left have both maintained and promoted this racial division.

The words you are about to read may challenge some of your preconceived notions on American history and the conservative right. But please bare with me, as the relationship between the Scottish Rite double-headed eagle, and the same symbol used by Russia and the House of Romanov, compared to the York Rite and the liberal-left, will merge into a larger pattern which will provide historical clarity and perspective on the modern world.

Confederate General Albert Pike was the Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Masonry in America. HIs magnum opus Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is the authoritative work on Scottish Rite masonry and its esoteric and allegorical teachings. The misunderstandings and literal interpretations of this massive work has led to some intense mischaracterizations of Pike and his views on the world.

The most obvious claim which is wrong is that Pike started the Ku Klux Clan.

Before the Civil War Albert Pike was an attorney who specialized in land claims on behalf of Native Americans against the Federal government. This would suggest that he wasn’t a racist, and that some of his positions were not thoroughly understood, or have been so misconstrued and twisted by the liberal-left that modern interpretations of his actions and words are corrupted beyond recognition.

As an example, Pike held the belief that races should not mix with one another. This position is used as conclusive evidence that he held racist beliefs and opinions. But not necessarily so. Jumping from the position of not wanting races to mix, to being a racist, spans a great chasm of forgotten learnings. Based on the information we covered above regarding the York Rite plan to build a neo-Atlantis civilization in the New World based on the tenets of a one blended androgynous race dogma, Pike’s statements about races not mixing takes on a new dimension.

The corruption of the process as a result of a literal interpretation of the esoteric and allegorical teachings would have been well known to Pike. The Tower of Babel tale, among other stories across cultures and time, would have been at the forefront of his mind when such statements were made, and words written. It is only in the liberal-left dominant modern world that we have been conditioned to consider not mixing races as racist.

Even now in the world most cultures do not mix with other races. Asians and Arabic cultures are steadfast in their belief that they should not mix with others. It is only in the New World that whites are told it is racist not to mix. Strange as this double standard may be, the collective mind of the New World is obsessed with racism and androgynous engineering. The best understanding of why this is taking place is through the misinterpretation and application of the esoteric and allegorical teachings.

It is in fact the liberal-left, and the early proponents of the Democratic Party, who started the Ku Klux Klan and spread slavery across the New World. Contrary to what modern leftist would have you believe, it was in fact the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery. The civil war itself wasn’t so much about slavery as it was about the York Rite and Scottish Rite battling it out over the destiny of the New World. Do not partition pro-slavery and anti-slavery proponents into the North and South predefined characterizations.
Much like now with Trump, Russia, and the rampant agenda of the liberal-left, players from both sides are positioning and implementing strategies for the purpose of maintaining control over the soul of the New World. The lines of division and alliance are not well defined, and mass confusion descends upon the unwitting masses through intentional and orchestrated propaganda campaigns.

Such campaigns, along with cultural and socioeconomic engineering, have been used by the liberal-left, which is in reality the representatives of the York Rite, or the Anglo-American establishment which Trump is threatening, to replace physical slavery with an insidious form of slavery which masquerades as freedom. African-Americans have been socialized within the poor inner city neighbourhoods, and have been subjected to horrible and destructive cultural and socioeconomic engineering.

Some of this engineering has resulted in the pro-choice abortion mandate, and the murder of millions of poor African-American children. It is this one demographic more than any other which has been stricken with this horrible pogrom. Add to this the cultural development of a false black culture of rap and violence, and the depth of the programming becomes apparent.

Since Francis Bacon and the New Atlantis scripting, the proponents of the corruption have been filling the New World with races and cultures from around the world. As an example, the British war against the Irish caused those peoples to “escape” to the New World where they were used and abused in a new system of engineering. This epidemic slavery started from the inception of a New World concept. The founding fathers, some slave owners themselves, as that was the custom, built the new America for the purpose of empowering all to complete the process of transfiguration and reverse centuries of corruption on the continent.

Immediately upon the winning of the War for Independence, the liberal-left Anglo-American establishment, which were the York Rite representatives of the time, went to work on strategies to overturn the results of the war. The conservative Scottish Rite mandate of inner workings, and self-actualization, needed to be savaged and fragmented before it spread around the world.

Just like now, immigrants and minorities were used as racial leverage against the structure of the historical truth and freedom. All manner of cultural and socioeconomic engineering was implemented to take back control of the large North American region and its free people. This included multiple attempts at establishing a central bank framework in America. After multiple failures the Federal Reserve Act (represented as a single-headed eagle) was passed in 1913. The liberal-left agenda picked up steam from that point and the engineering began to surpass anything which had come before.

It is interesting to note that the Republicans under Donald Trump now have more control of the American government than since before the establishment of the Federal Reserve. The intensity and unrelenting nature of the attacks against Trump, and attempts to keep him from coming together with Russia, are real world evidence of what we have been reviewing here. A similar wedge was driven between John F. Kennedy and Russia before the inevitable assassination of that right-minded leader.

The Democratic scripting of Trump being a racist, or white Americans being responsible for putting him in the White House, are a repeat of the same engineering and strategies which were used hundreds of years ago to reverse and twist real world facts and intentions. The history which the liberal-left, and those York Rite representatives who have worn conservative Republican masks, has written and provided to us for a century or more, excludes the complex nature and trend-able facts which I have been providing throughout this series. We literally know nothing about truth and wisdom.

The racism which is being promoted can never result in a deeper understanding and the building of a better civilization. It will only spread chaos and speed the process of fragmentation. The misinterpretation of the esoteric and allegorical teachings are where the seed of this division can be found. Even the narrative of Cain and Abel provides us an example of the human predisposition to align with either light or dark through the expression of either human strength or weakness. The masonic phrase Tubal-Cain bears testament to the human division which developed between two brothers.

Dehumanizing one particular race serves the same purpose of Cain dehumanizing Abel before he committed his act of murder. We have seen this thousands of times throughout human history. The dehumanization of one demographic and people will always lead to genocide and war. It is the ultimate act of unforgivable fragmentation and corruption of the material world.

We have been here before. Religious wars where one side mass murders another is one manifestation. Another is the act of enslavement. All of these forms of corruption have been intended to force a material process of false transformation upon a mass population. But this right-minded process can only ever be an internal spiritual process within each individual. The moment it is externalized and forced through direct war or engineering, the corruption takes hold and spreads like a spiritual disease.

Something new needs to come into this world. From within each of us, it comes forth and transforms all things. – JC

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34 Comments on “The Dangerous Agenda of Dehumanizing Whites”

  1. JC- Thank you for casting a broad beam of light upon the dangers imbedded in the ‘Narratives’ being used by the Left-Liberals. It is worrisome that their success would be attained because daily chaos reigns in the media.

    But you have put my mind and soul at ease because you too have recognized this battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against rulers of the darkness, and against spiritual wickedness in high places.( Eph: 6:12) I am encouraged to continue this battle and hopefully others will join in by using the real weapons of warfare.

    Jesus is the only name of power and authority; He alone will prevail. Thanks again for your outstanding grasp of the truths -historically and currently.

  2. “We have been here before. Religious wars where one side mass murders another is one manifestation. Another is the act of enslavement.”

    The civil war ended physical slavery but did nothing for spiritual and psychological slavery.

    Perhaps we can find a cure for this spiritual and psycological disease.

  3. There seems to be a Nazi narrative.

    “Chinese tourists detained for giving Nazi salute in Berlin”

    In Hawaii nothing is said about Japanese tourist who leave their hats on while visiting Pearl Harbor. But back to the Nazi thing.

    “A Google employee’s opinion criticising the firm’s diversity initiatives is causing a furore at the firm.”

    “Causing a furore”

  4. Hello JC,

    Your article was extremely illuminating and it answered one major question that’s been on my mind for the past 2 years since Trump announced his candidacy. My question was the relationship between the two branches of the Masonry i.e. the York Rites and the Scottish Rites. The esoteric information regarding the Double-Eagle vs the single eagle insignia and the significance made me realize and I did further research, so thank you for sharing this with us.

    Interestingly, Trump family crest has the double eagle:

    I can also recommend this fascinating BBC program (Songs of Praise) on President Trump’s maternal Scottish island of Lewis (West Coast of Scotland) and the home her late mother grew up in.

  5. “Truth, in act, profession, and opinion, is rarer now than in the days of chivalry. Falsehood has become a current coin, and circulates with a certain degree of respectability; because it has an actual value. It is indeed the great Vice of the Age-it, and its twin-sister, Dishonesty. Men, for political preferment, profess whatever principles are expedient and profitable. At the bar, in the pulpit, and in the halls of legislation, men argue against their own convictions, and, with what they term logic, prove to the satisfaction of others that which they do not themselves believe. Insincerity and duplicity are valuable to their possessors, like estates in stocks, that yield a certain revenue: and it is no longer the truth of an opinion or a principle, but the net profit that may be realized from it, which is the measure of its value.

    The Press is the great sower of falsehood. To slander a political antagonist, to misrepresent all that he says, and, if that be impossible, to invent for him what he does not say; to put in circulation whatever baseless calumnies against him are necessary to defeat him,-these are habits so common as to have ceased to excite notice or comment, much less surprise or disgust.

    There was a time when a Knight would die rather than utter a lie, or break his Knightly word. The Knight Commander of the Temple revives the old Knightly spirit; and devotes himself to the old Knightly worship of Truth…”

    Pike, Albert Morals and Dogma Ancient & Accepted Rite pages 578, 579

  6. Mr Collins:

    Your phrases and distillations of wisdom are most impressive and commendable.

    I particularly like your phrase, “Racism follows the same human weakness as ego and selfishness”. The truth rings through the words.

    You are also quite correct with your statements that, “Racism has become a wicked method of dehumanizing the white demographic while keeping the Western world divided and fragmented” and “Programs which were originally intended to end race segregation in America have now morphed into attempts to reinstate segregation based on special privileges for non-whites and minorities.”

    I see these statements in actual practice in the corporate within which I am employed, in my local and State governments, and in numerous other businesses, companies, and corporations for which I provided consultation services.

    All classes of minorities (and sexual deviants) are now an approved and official “protected class” against which one may not speak of anything for which they might possibly be offensive or for which the “protected class” might CHOOSE to be offended. However, white males are NOT a protected class and all manner of false claims, allegations, and abuse can be projected upon them without consequences.

    I am concerned for the magnitudes of pressures that must eventually be released for balance to occur.


  7. As a world citizen, I would like to thank you J.C for this balanced, objective and accurate analysis. You tell us many truths about our existential delusions and the beauty of this article is that it appeals to all citizens of the world, as we suffer from the same malady in one way or another. I like it a lot when you say:
    “Racism follows the same human weakness as ego and selfishness. Put two people in one room and there is a good chance both, or at least one of them, will feel and think they are better than the other. The same pattern repeats as we move outward through the endless macro fragmentation levels which travel through regional municipalities and sports teams, states and provinces, nations and religions, and land shattered upon the penultimate human fragmentation of race, with spirit being the last frontier of division.”
    Racism, or anything else ending with suffixes -ism or -acy, is a byproduct of self-professed superiority, thrives on ego, or the ever-transitioning “I” in a world of constant change. Nations, tribes, sports teams, ideologies, religions and their denominations are all collective organizations of the ego, feeding on the deficiency of humans who seek false power by association or affiliation in a transient world. Maybe one day, as you pointed out in your article, we will learn to embrace the unity of our nature thru diversity.

    “We celebrate our sameness by understanding, appreciating and encouraging our diversity. ”

    Also, after reading this piece I searched for the conflict between “York Rite” and “Scottish Rite” of Freemasonry on google to collect further material, because your article acted as an eye opener, on top of your thesis about double-headed eagle vs. one headed eagle. Much to my dismay, I could find no material. I think it brings a very valuable perspective to the history of the U.S and the world events of the last centuries. If it is not too much to ask, can you post some links for about the conflict between this rites.

    As a side note, my knowledge about masonry isn’t deep and I searched for masonic symbolism in London(since the World Freemasonry headquarters are in the City), in terms of the organization of the city if only I could get a glimpse of the rite that’s more dominant. Here’s from Wikipedia:
    “London, or Greater London, is a county and region of England which forms the administrative boundaries of London. It is organised into 33 local government districts: the 32 London boroughs (which makes up the ceremonial county of Greater London) and the City of London (which is a separate county but still part of the region). ” (33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry came into my mind, I think the reference is very clear and the City represents the highest degree.)

    But then I also found this reference of the central boroughs as “Inner London” which total 12 plus the City of London of course. (13 degrees of York Rite Freemasonry)

  8. What if someone wanted to be a slave? We haven’t looked from that angle yet but there surely must be some who liked it, if and when the master was of good heart and mind. I mean with a good master it could be like a job that provides room, board and even a wage.

    I’m thinking that if someone in prison can become conditioned to prison life so much that upon release they have trouble reintegrating with society. Some have even committed suicide or even crimes again just to get back to what they know which in this case was prison.

    Based on this it would seem the same could be said for a slave. So who looked out for these folks with this frame of mind when slavery was abolished?

    Many people today consider themselves slaves to their job…

  9. Looking at this chart one difference between the York Rite and Scottish Rite is revealed.

    It says that Orders in black admit all faiths and that Orders in green admit only Trinitarian Christians. I would take “Ancient and Accepted Rite” to be the foundation of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and “Order of the Holy Royal Arch” to be the York Rite.

    So perhaps the Ancient and Accepted Rite follows the old ways of worship and the York follows the newer ways of worship. Kind of like the (Scottish Rite = Old Testament) vs (York Rite = New Testament). Okay maybe thats reaching a bit far.

    But it does seem that “the York Rite is not found as a single system worldwide” whereas the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite has been accepted in more areas around the world. So perhaps the York Rite is a nationalistic rite and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is more globally geared towards Right.

  10. “Google employee James Damore has been reportedly fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” The senior software engineer authored a 10-page “manifesto” condemning Google’s diversity efforts and claiming men are biologically more predisposed to working in the tech industry than women. In an internal memo to Google employees, CEO Sundar Pichai says he has cut his family vacation short to return to work and tackle the issues raised in the manifesto.”

    This CEO seems to have nailed it. The product Google provides is produced from the whole of Google employees not any one fragment or department. As such each fragment is equally important to the whole service Google provides to it’s customers.

  11. Interesting post. Thank you.

    Regarding Lincoln’s freeing of slaves.

    By all means one should receive credit for ones actions, but even the most charitable interpretation of Lincoln’s actions in this regard are that he was forced, after being left no other option with which to prosecute the war, to do the right and moral thing.

  12. I don’t know but if the guy in the picture up there pulls the trigger he’s going to get an empty shell casing in the eye so he better not do it. Ah good thing it looks like a theater setting and not real life.

    Here is a launch for the mass mindset.

    “…the next project from “Game of Thrones” showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss would be “Confederate,” a show following an alternate timeline in which the South successfully seceded, became a nation where slavery is legal and “evolved into a modern institution.” Critics were especially uncomfortable that such a story line would come from the men behind TV’s “Game of Thrones,” a show that’s long been under scrutiny for depictions of sexual violence and its lack of people of color.
    But on Tuesday, word broke that another alternative-history TV drama will be set in a world where the aftermath of the Civil War played out differently: “Black America,” set in a contemporary society, envisions a timeline in which freed black Americans formed a sovereign nation out of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as post-Reconstruction reparations for slavery.

    Deadline first reported details of the series, and a spokesman for Amazon Studios said no additional details were available at this time.”


    “I am an addict”

    This is a powerful sentence that each and every person that goes through a cleanse must express. The implications for every alcohol or substance addict uttering this sentence is that it works exactly like unlocking a magic spell. The moment these words uttered in front of an audience, the addict goes through an Initiation that is not so different from entering an order/esoteric fraternity. What seems to happen is a change or shift of consciousness and it is the first step and preparation to the next stages of existence for the individual.

    We only know about addiction in an individual but we also have cultural and national addictions too. On a collective basis, each culture has its own unique additions. Addiction is a result of a void and it works in an attempt to fill the void. In almost every case whether in individual or societal/cultural, there is a gap an abstract idea of a much higher form which we can call higher spirit, God, or generally a belief. It seems we are a species that inherently knows there is something beyond ourselves and some believe it to be a wishful thinking. In either case, it is there and every person will experience that at some stage in his/her life.

    With that preamble, I would like to say a few words about this excellent 15 min/ long talk by this video by an interesting gentleman by the name of Eric Dodson who elaborately explains the idea of addictions and its variety.

    Mr. Dodson presents a fascinating perspective and I would like to add to that perhaps, that the seeming demise of the Western Civilization is possibly caused by a cultural addiction such as pornography, sports, shopping, warfare, deceptive politicians, fake news, fake money, materialism, sexual deviants, drugs, alcohol, and many others. The operators in the shadow, have systematically for the past centuries at least worked to ensure an absolute spiritual vacuum. I may be wrong about this but Western Civilization did not start it’s life in this way, as it had a long tradition of philosophy, logic, and literature that gave birth to Arts which are all the expressions of abstraction, which I will call Divinity. The complete lack of any significant creative art forms is an indication of the state or well being of our civilization.

    Yet, We are witnessing a change regardless what our fake news want us to believe which has to to do with a sizable majority realizing the danger and “wanting” to change.

    Cultural invasion effects most individuals, as long as they are in an awake state and most Want to change the situation. What remains to do, is the means and methods towards the LIGHT that must be worked out by the elders and wisdom keepers of the Western civilization to show the way with the light of their wisdom. I see POM as one such LIGHTspot.

    Wish you all a great and positive day.

  14. Atrazine in the water and the low fertility and the rise of transgenderism is a serious concern in the context of an attack on the Indo-European and the Western civilization. The attack appears to be on all fronts.

    The following 9-minute video discusses in detail where this is coming from and its potential implications. Atrazine is an endocrine blocker and now a Testrone drop along with low sperm count, together with thyroid related issues are all side-effect of the problem. Considering the EU banning the use of this destructive herbicide, one may think the EU at least considers the physical well-being of its citizens whilst allowing the invasion of male immigrants from Africa and other places is a surprise. However, we return to demonic Monsanto as the culprit and the lobbying firm of the Podesta brothers who are protecting the interests of this coropration:

  15. I find it interesting that the only “bad guy” side being presented here is the “Liberal-Left” as if there are two ideologies with one of which being less guilty of fragmentation and distortion than the other. Perhaps its me who misunderstood the direction of this article, but I feel as if you are presenting two Masonic factions fighting one another over who will set free or enslave humanity. (paraphrasing). aren’t both still missing the deeper point? Not looking for a fight, just clarity. If Trump is just another cog in the wheel as you have pointed out in many posts, why waste the energy “getting behind him”? Why is the “liberal left” any worse than the conservative angle even if it is socio-engineering? Its all part of the same great lie, why choose the more digestable parts at all?

    I have spent the better part of the last two years diligently learning (US) law. It has become clear to me that our statutory legal system is already a “slave system”. It functions on presumptive colorable words of art (read this to mean “legalese”). It is presumed that all inhabitants of US territory understands the various status’ one can have and the effects on the chooser. I have legally changed my status, received a passport as a “non resident, non-citizen”, and notified both my state and federal sec. of state. I am currently working on legally divorcing my land from the federal zone. This means I no longer am a corporate slave (US citizen) obligated to pay taxes, buy licenses of any kind, or allow any federal or state (corporate) agent onto my land for any reason. all of this is thoroughly legit and fairly easy to accomplish via administrative means. I no longer receive benefits of any kind (socialist security, medicaid, medi-care, etc, etc) I am accepting true responsibility for myself as a private citizen instead of a public office. the process is much easier to accomplish than wading through all the dis-information surrounding the topic. If only more of us simply decided to not participate in their silly games, they would end so much sooner.

    As outlandish and extreme as that sounds, I have done enough of my own homework to know it as truth. Our founding fathers left everything we needed in the Declaration of Independence, but we have been falsely lead to believe that government has more power than the sovereign individual. This entire charade we call geo-political politics, and even global banking is just part of the show as are the various plot twists (like race). It is all a designed corruption of the process of becoming first a sovereign individual then a sovereign people.

    Your assessments are generally spot on. It just seems that you are missing a big piece of the puzzle which allows us to assert our real god-given unalienable rights at any given time. We have the power to change the trajectory of all this contrived story line, but it seems collectively our ignorance and apathy get in the way. As I have shed dogmas, political affiliations, and commonly passed down beliefs as to the nature of our collective matrix and our natural world, I come to realize it is only through 100% personal responsibility for own emotional, physical, and mental energy that I come closer to actual defragmentation. For all the energy spent trying to figure out the narrative playing out before us, we could have easily chosen not to go to the production at all and been much further along, or so my own experience suggests this to be the case.

  16. I thought I asked a series of questions in the first paragraph, but let me ask them this way: why keep point out one narative as “negative” without clearly linking them both as two heads of the same eagle? Why concern ourselves with the desired trajectory we are collectively being steered towards when at any time we can peacefully leave? Last one, why pretend that things like Wetern Culture is something we need to preserve when it, like all others except Vedic Russianculture, was a result of this same contrived steering? Thanks for the reply BTW

    1. First question, I don’t. I’ve been very clear that all things corrupt in the material world. Second question, how would you peacefully leave? Third question, am I pretending?

      You have a strange interpretation of my writings and position when the core of my thesis is all about self-realization and the internal process of transformation. How you apply that through your own filter is something you’ll have to think on my good friend.

      1. i guess I only catch the pieces which point out how the Liberal Left seems to be “more to blame”, but indeed that is simply my intreptation. I would be happy to share the same process, although the specifics are totally dependAnt upon each ones unique circumstances. I left quietly (99% administrative process)and have been continually surprised how most all legal/law enforcement officials are keenly aware of my “changed status” and its implications. I should not assume you to pretend, it’s just as I have read your stuff since its inception, I have often felt some of the broader patterns were incomplete. So I find myself at times wondering if you have an angle or you’re sincere. I feel the latter is the case, but the whole fractal has to be examined before we can realize anything, let alone ourselves. I do not claim to know anything other than there is a clear way to assert your Liberty and take back full control of yourself. It’s a rather important and large piece of the puzzle. With all your insight and knowledge, it would be interesting to see what you could do with a deeper understanding of law plays a role in the “completion process”

          1. I did until the site became a premium content site. I guess I was too cheap and busy to commit.

  17. “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

    – Albert Pike

  18. Well here we go. No turning back now.

    “The city of Charlottesville has declared Saturday’s gathering at Emancipation Park — site of the scheduled “Unite the Right” rally” of white nationalists and right-wing protesters — an unlawful assembly. Police officers are speaking on bullhorns, directing people to leave the park.”

    1. “Torch-wielding white supremacists march in Virginia University”

      “Jews will not replace us”

      This is what the Times of Israel “journalists” heard and evidently need hearing aids. If you listen to the 20-minute clip of the peaceful march in Charlottesville, you will hear something different, that is,

      “You will not replace us”.

      I wonder if the White folks were leftists, ToI would say, “White Communists” or “white leftists”?!

  19. The leftist media are at it again. The following is a BBC “News item” which reads:

    “Far-right ship ‘refuses help’ from rescuers in Mediterranean”. If you look at the photo of the ship it has a banner saying, “Stop Human Trafficking!”.

    The Marxist logic of indoctrination is very simple and it implies, if anyone is against “Human trafficking”, then they are “Far-right”. The same logic suggests, if you are for human trafficking, then you are a Marxist i.e. Far-Left, which is all Okay!

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