The Crown Beast and the House of Stuart

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Templar Descendants, the First Central Banks, and the Migration of Reserves Currencies

This will be a powerful piece loaded with historical information which will provide the reader with a much tighter and cleaner understanding of the divisions which continue to shape the modern world. We have focused a lot on the Protestant Reformation and its origins with the excommunication and arrest of the Knights Templar. Moving forward through the centuries we will use something called Explanatory Scope to measure the probability of our developing thesis.

Explanatory Scope is “the ability of a hypothesis or theory to effectively explain the subject matter it pertains to.” With so much of history being withheld and rewritten, we are left with little recourse but to pattern and pull forth the trends which weave themselves throughout world history. Our ongoing series on the Crown Beast will stand on its own merits when the full story is written.

After the date of October 13, 1307, the Knights Templar went underground. Both Scotland and Switzerland were beyond the reach of the Catholic Church, which provided the remaining Templars places where they could re-establish themselves and remain out of the reach of the Catholic Church. Scotland has been covered and we will explore the Templar connection with Switzerland in another article.

The Templar Underground system which developed was spread far and wide across Europe. From this covert network a resistance to the power of the Catholic Church, and the Crown Beast, was built and used to strategize and wage culture wars against the Kingdom of England. Robert the Bruce, who won Scottish independence from England with the assistance of the Templars who fled from Europe and England to find safety in Scotland, waged what should be considered “Wars of Independence” against the Crown Beast. Much like the Protestants waged a “War for Independence” on the North American continent against England and the Crown Beast centuries later.

The evolution of the Templar Underground network allowed for the inclusion and development of such groups as the Lollards, Calvinists, and Hussites. All were instrumental in spreading the seeds of Protestantism and the Reformation which followed. This network and the groups which were born from its existence all evolved to become the Freemasonry lodges in the 17th century. Like the Templars, Lollards, Calvinists, Hussites, and Lutherans, the Freemasons were also banned by the Catholic Church, as well as being banned by Hitler, Stalin, and most dictatorial leaders. This is a pattern we will see repeat time again until the Freemasons were fully infiltrated and corrupted from the inside out.

The Reformation altered the religious and political landscape of Europe. Centuries of Church rule were overthrown and new bloodlines emerged to bring empowerment and rightness to the people of Europe. The Netherlands was one of the regions which had seen the power of the Catholic Church decimated. The Jesuit Order had been created to implement a Counter-Reformation and bring the new Protestant lands back under control of the Church and Crown Beast. The Jesuits launched cultural campaigns to convert the Netherlands, and elsewhere, back to Catholicism. The creation of the worlds first central bank, the Bank of Amsterdam, in 1609 was one of the strategies which was used.

The Bank of Amsterdam originated from deposits of gold and silver. Its establishment was also supported by the descendants of wealthy families who left Spain as the reserve currency shifted from that once empire to the new developing Dutch Empire and reserve currency. The Bank was administered in secret and funded the Dutch East India Company, which would later become the British East India Company when the reserve currency shifted to England.

In Spain there were wealthy Jews who converted to Catholicism. These Jews were called Converso Families and it was these “Catholic” families who moved themselves and their wealth into the Netherlands to assist in the establishment of the Bank of Amsterdam.

One of these Converso Jews was Abraham Israel Suasso. Suasso would turn his family into one of the wealthiest of the Dutch Golden Age. Abraham Israel Suasso will play a much bigger role in our unfolding tale.

In 1685 Abraham inherited his fathers estate, which by that time was made up predominantly of shares of the Dutch East India Company. He used this money to financially support William of Orange to invade England and overthrow Williams father in-law, King James II and the House of Stuart.

Here is where we have to back up a few centuries before coming forward again.

The House of Stuart was founded by Robert the Bruce II in 1371. This was 64 years after the disbanded and persecuted Knights Templars helped Robert the Bruce I gain Scottish independence and develop a beachhead to renew the battle against the Crown Beast. The House of Stuart ruled Scotland until 1603, which was when King James I combined the throne of Scotland with the throne of England. This was a major blow to the Crown Beast and constituted one of the core objectives of the English Reformation.

The English Reformation weakened Catholic control over England through the confiscation of church properties, the dissolution of monasteries, the execution of priests, forced participation in Anglican Churches, and the banning of Roman Catholicism.

King James I, who was a Protestant, promised to ease restrictions on Catholicism and used Catholic support to become King over England. Once James was King over both Scotland and England he did nothing to support the Catholic and Jesuit cause as promised. James in fact was so anti-Catholic that he described both the Church and Pope with words such as “devil”, “satan”, and “demonic”.

In 1604, one year after becoming King of both thrones, James ordered the writing of the King James Bible. This bible was to be used in the Church of England in order to push out any remaining influence of the Catholic Church. The King James Bible was completed in 1611 and has never been recognized by the Catholic Church.

The Crown Beast, through its control of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits, immediately went to work on developing strategies to spread its own Counter-Reformation and undermine the political process in England and Scotland. A similar process has picked up steam in America as a response to the election of Donald Trump. But we’ll leave that for another article.

The House of Stuart ruled over England and Scotland from 1603 to 1714. During that time period there was incredible upheaval, instability, plagues, war, and the Great Fire of London in 1666 which destroyed old London and created the opportunity to re-build London as the financial state it would become, with the establishment of the worlds second central bank, the Bank of England, in 1694.

The years 1603 to 1714 was also a period of intense religious debate and radical politics with a civil war breaking out between the House of Stuart and Parliament. Much like with Trump today, the English Parliament was influenced by the Crown Beast and Jesuits, and was used to attempt an overthrow of the ruling power. This civil war came to a climax with the Parliamentary victory of Oliver Cromwell, and the execution of King Charles I in 1649. There is testimony of a Catholic Priest who said that Cromwell was associating with the Jesuits. This Priest was subsequently minimized as a Catholic Church hater, even though he was a Priest. Protestants of the time, and later years, claimed that Cromwell, though a Protestant himself, was in fact a stooge of the Church, and intentionally undermined the House of Stuart. Regardless, this was a major win for the Crown Beast and its subsidiary, the Catholic Church, and the Churches subsidiary, the Jesuit Order.

But the job wasn’t done, as the Protestant House of Stuart still controlled both Scotland and England.

Dutch William of Orange, or William III, married Mary, Royal Princess of the House of Stuart. Both were considered defenders of protestantism. The Jesuit engineered civil war in England eventually pitted William III against King James II. As we learned above, the invasion of England, and war against the House of Stuart by William of Orange, was financed by the wealthy Dutchman Abraham Israel Suasso, and his control of the Dutch East India Company, and its ships.

As a footnote, these Dutch ships would be added to the fleet of the British navy and would contribute to an economic integration and military co-operation between both. This alliance would shift the dominance of world trade from the Dutch Republic, to what would eventually become Great Britain.

The overthrow of King James II was called the Glorious Revolution, or Revolution of 1688. James II promise to revive Catholicism in England was remembered, and he paid the ultimate price for willingly failing in that promise. William and Mary came to power over not just Scotland and England, but also the Netherlands. It was a huge victory for the Crown Beast and Catholic Church. Though William was a Protestant, it is this writers conclusion that he was a turncoat like Cromwell, who turned his back on his heritage and spiritual legacy in exchange for material power.

After the Revolution of 1688 there was the Declaration of Right, which lead to the Bill of Rights in 1689. These documents ensured that no monarchy, especially the House of Stuart, would have full control over England and Scotland again. The Crown Beast has maintained control ever since. When we here the term “The Crown”, it does not mean the Royal family. It is the Crown Beast system. Reference War Between the Worlds Landowners for more information.

Protestantism remained, but it was a washed down version of what was intended with the Reformation. The seeds of the Ecumenical Movement were planted here. Ecumenism is a strategy to merge Protestantism back into the Catholicism controlled by the Crown Beast. It will be the full re-constitution of the Catholic Church masquerading as Christian Unity.

The bankers and wealth which moved from Spain to the Netherlands now picked up once again and moved from the Netherlands to England. The pound would soon be crowned as the new reserve currency and the British Empire would build the world which the American Empire would eventually inherit. The Bank of England was established in 1694 and its development followed the same pattern as the Bank of Amsterdam.

After William and Mary the throne was passed to Queen Anne. Anne was raised by her father King Charles as Anglican. Queen Anne was a declawed royal from the House of Stuart. She would be the last of the Stuart Dynasty to sit on the throne. Though England was now firmly controlled by the Crown Beast, Anne did manage to establish the Duke of Marlborough title for John Churchill in 1702. The coat of arms for the Duke of Marlborough is the double-headed eagle.

This is important because the House of Stuart wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Knights Templar who went to Scotland and fought alongside Robert the Bruce for Scottish independence. The Templars of course widely used the double-headed eagle motif on flags, emblems and buildings. It is not a coincidence that centuries later the last ruling member of the House of Stuart established a royal title which also used the double-headed eagle before her death in 1714.

As such, it is my conclusion that the House of Stuart was the direct descendent of the Knights Templar. Both Scotland and England transitioned from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance under the guiding hand of the Stuarts. Arts and science developed and systems of education and commerce advanced. The Crown Beast waged relentless war against the House of Stuart until the House of Stuart was indebted to the House of Orange. This strategy of indebtedness is still used by the Crown Beast in the modern world.

Princess Diana from the House of Spencer is a descendent of the House of Stuart. The Spencer’s can trace their ancestry back to the Stuarts. The current Earl of Marlborough, the titled created by the last reigning Stuart, Queen Mary, is one Charles James Spencer-Churchill. The blatant murder of Princess Diana takes on a whole new meaning when we consider that she was moving in a different direction from the mandates and policies of the Crown Beast. Diana’s morality and right-mindedness on war and the human condition stood in stark contrast to the world promoted and maintained by the Crown Beast. Like Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy, her promotion of goodness and spiritual evolution in this world could not be allowed to continue. See post The Unquenchable Flame.

When I started Philosophy of Metrics at the end of 2013 my objective was to write about something interesting, and provide new insights on the world in which we live. The structure and function of the international monetary system quickly became the go-to topic of interest. I spent hour after hour reading and understanding the working papers and legal jargon of the international institutions. Patterns emerged and it became easier to trend world events and monetary machinations. But what I didn’t realize was that I was learning how to translate the ancient Phoenician languages of law and symbolism. The Crown Beast system controlled the Phoenician Empire and its structure of city states. It is attempting to bring back the Phoenician Empire in the modern world and use its mechanisms and laws to establish a world governance framework which will consolidate monetary, political and religious policies under one crown.

It is very clear to me now that everything from the beginning of POM has been building this advanced body of material and research which is incrementally bringing a lost history to light. The Explanatory Scope which we are experiencing throughout this body of research should not be considered an illusion, or a coincidence. The realization that the double-headed eagle symbolism could be used to trace the alliances of right-mindedness and human empowerment through time is one of the most important keys needed to unlock the great mystery of our world. – JC

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43 Comments on “The Crown Beast and the House of Stuart”

  1. A lot of what you have written is true, though I would have gone back to Henry VIII of the House of Tudor, to trace where the initial separation from Rome started in the early 16th century and the founding of the Church of England. However, despite claiming to be Anglican, he was known to be a ‘believer’ in the Catholic teachings.

    At the time of Diana’s engagement to Charles, quite a few commentators were of the opinion that she wasn’t good enough for him. Her brother Charles, now Earl Spencer, rightly pointed out that the Spencer family was one of the oldest English families, descendants of previous kings, and in many respects she had more right to the throne than Charles does.

    As a side note, the Grand Master of the Freemasons in the UK is the Duke of Kent. He is a Royal Duke and also our country’s leading Catholic.

  2. An interesting couple of articles in the Oriental Review about the possibility of the deliberate break up of the EU into smaller ‘Balkanised’ states that are easier to bully and control by the Globalists. Rather than Catalonia, the author writes about the break up of Belgium, which is itself an artificial buffer state, and the eventual formalisation of Brussels as a city state (crowned head of the beast).

    First article is linked to in the second paragraph ‘the Catalan Chain Reaction’.

  3. Thank you, Dear JC, for this profound posting. My brain is buzzing right now!

    As I was reading your incredible and loaded posting, I realized the place I am staying right now that I am literally 5 minutes walk to where Lady Diana used to live in. I LOVED this lady and I never forget the warm August day of London when she died. I recall, every person I knew and met were in mourning over the tragedy of her loss. I am certain the British Royal family realized that she was the only royal that people truly loved and respected. May her sweet soul be at rest for what has happened to her will never be forgotten. She taught us all, that a world leader can have a heart and be a humble human being too!

  4. Carpe Diem, Please know that many in the USA mourned her death as well…. for me personally, it was so much so that I had my son introduce me to the ‘computer world’ so I could send our condolences message to the family on the Memory Page established on the internet for that purpose. She was indeed a righteous and beautiful soul… and is greatly missed on the world scene. I share your grief at the loss of her physical presence on the planet. J.

    1. Thank You Dear Eyes Open,

      She was indeed the true and real Queen of hearts and her loss is a tragedy. I believe it is Dalai Lama who said this, “those who die young, are the prophets in disguise and they inform us of the transient nature of life”. Lady Diana, with her sudden and unexpected death, awakened millions of people everywhere in so many ways.
      Thank you again.

  5. Fascinating!!!
    JC when you mentioned the Ecumenical Movement I was immediately taken back to my high school years, attending a private Catholic high school in Ontario. One of our teachers, a priest, was actively recruiting students to join an ‘Ecumenical Movement’. While I did not join myself I observed a complete transformation of many students from what I would call normal teenagers into religious nut bars, some of whom took to wearing ~ 5” wooden crosses around their necks. Indeed, one girl I knew who previous to joining this Movement was the kind of kid who got into trouble. To see her as well as others going on weekend retreats with this priest and coming back changed into mini holy people was quite disconcerting. I viewed it as brainwashing and/or indoctrination. It would seem that the ‘beast’ is firmly entrenched all the way down to the grassroots level. This makes all of you writing so much more real and believable for me.

    I note you have added the double headed eagle symbol on the bottom of your page ? As I go about my life I am going to pay more attention to the symbols I see around me. Thanks to your cogent writings, even though at times hard for me to understand, I see the world with very different eyes now. Thank you for forging this new path of thinking for us.


  6. Man princess Diana was such a beautiful person. What an amazing twisted road of discovery this one is JC. Lies, deceit and self-serving are a few traits fueling this crown beast.

    Explanatory scope? Nice one JC, never could wrap my head around probabilities back in college. I might need some tutoring :).

    Since Scotland (two headed eagle) pushed for annexing from Britain (one headed eagle) and now we are looking into the face of Brexit has the two headed eagle taken control of the whole Britain island? Or is the catholic side of Ireland getting onboard with Britain in a last ditch effort by the crown beast to keep control of the island? Or….as history has been showing us in that corruption runs through all things in this physical world, plane, dimension etc. could part of the Scottish rite AND part of the York rite both be subsidiaries of the crown beast? If the Jesuits infested so many fragments of humanity so thoroughly it might be a bit naive to think they didn’t become part of the Scottish rite as well.

    “This is a pattern we will see repeat time again until the Freemasons were fully infiltrated and corrupted from the inside out.”

    And probably why the lodge system needs to be reworked. Perhaps the esoteric path is truer and not so easy to infiltrate or fake.

    More universally though this seems like a similar pattern as when we deny our adversities…they don’t exist, not me, oh I’ve been a good person, I’m not evil…so on and so forth. But in denying our adversities we are denying ourselves. In denying ourselves we are avoiding our corrupt ways and in this avoidance we are not evolving. It is our destiny to spiritually evolve so we are in a sense attempting to avoid our destinies which falls into the definition of evil we discussed a while back.

    Do wealthy families still follow the strong money? Like the descendants of wealthy families leaving Spain as that reserve currency shifted from one empire to another? If so the SDR or more appropriately the multilateral may reduce that wealth transfer of migrating from one nation or region to another right? We have been seeing it with the problems about corporations seeking tax haven countries to be headquartered in.

    Anyway I have a nagging question lingering in the mind. If Soros is the evil we think or thought and he brought down the bank of England which I would think has helped the two headed eagle gain ground whose side is Soros on? My inclination is to believe he is just someone perhaps part of the crown beast system who tried to make a run for it on his own or it’s just in his character to try to rule the world. Then the two headed eagle took charge of the moment and hijacked the spirit of the situation to suit today’s reformation. Man what a time to be alive.

    Did Francisco Lopes Suasso (a Jew) help William of Orange conquer England so later he could get Israel for the Jews?

    “Though William was a Protestant, it is this writers conclusion that he was a turncoat like Cromwell, who turned his back on his heritage and spiritual legacy in exchange for material power.”

    Very similar to Soros (who also turned his back on his heritage and spiritual legacy in exchange for material power.) Could Soros have been this crown beast cycle’s Hitler?

    “After the Revolution of 1688 there was the Declaration of Right, which lead to the Bill of Rights in 1689. These documents ensured that no monarchy, especially the House of Stuart, would have full control over England and Scotland again. The Crown Beast has maintained control ever since. When we here the term “The Crown”, it does not mean the Royal family. It is the Crown Beast system. Reference War Between the Worlds Landowners for more information.”

    Man this sounds a lot like democracy could be a subsidiary of the crown beast. Look at its systems of governance. They often are guided by lobbyists, often times are locked in opposition and just seemingly a perfect representation of the world’s consolidated adversarial forces. As politically correct as they always are they never see the error of their ways. In the US our political system has become as defunct as those parliamentary systems.

    I’m only halfway through the essay but this is enough questions for now. 🙂


      Dane – I suspect you and many of the people associated with POM have seen this Soros interview where he discusses the IMF and China. His comments seem to align with the thesis JC has presented and it seems like his agenda is not in opposition from the World Banker Agenda. In no way am I trying to defend Soros or paint him into a good light but perhaps he serves both the single headed eagle and the double headed eagle at different times.

      I often think how we all are all supporting both the single headed eagle and the double headed eagle. The single headed eagle representing self serving forces and the double headed eagle representing the sacrificing of the self for the whole.

      The way I see it, The double headed eagle represents De-fragmentation. A force dedicated to restoring balance and harmony in the universe. God’s Will driven from the heart.

      The single headed eagle represents fragmentation. A force dedicated to a piece or part of the whole but not the whole itself. Self Will driven from the mind.

      I’m sure we have all served both ourselves and others in the past week. Likely within the past hour. When the ego is transformed into the servant of the whole, we are no longer serving the single headed eagle. The sacrifice of our ego for the whole is the path which leads to heaven. It leads to universal understanding and Truth.

      My ego is alive and strong so I can only speculate and use my intuition but when I reflect on the times when I have put all others before myself, I believe I get a glimpse into the peace and harmony we wish for.

      1. What me? No way man…j/k. 🙂 Absolutely Ryan. Perhaps when we believe we are not being egotistical we actually are. Its funny how when I see someone do something stupid I used to tell myself how stupid that was. That evolved to telling myself I was stupid for the thought. Now it just is, we are all doing how we know best. Some are more ignorant than I and some more intelligent. I believe this is where we need to be in the hive but man sometimes its good to get a measurement to ensure we are still progressing/evolving/transforming. The best advice I’ve received to date on that is that we know we are transforming because we seek to understand. So as long as we can keep in the middle we are most likely on the right track.

        The magic lies in the eyes of the one looking into the mirror…it seems our responsibility to know when we are in ego or not. When I’m in a egotistical mood I often shy away from people because I know my patience level is failing. Usually this is when the most people seek help though so I can’t escape that adversarial destiny of learning to be more patient no matter what the mood. Man it’s amazing being human.

  7. Dear Dane, MY Good man;

    Although JC states that this current piece ” will provide the reader with a much tighter and cleaner understanding of the divisions which continue to shape the modern world,” I must admit that I am still coming away from it all confused and confounded to boot. After giving it a couple of days thought, please allow me to offer up my my best conclusion.

    I’m coming around to agreeing with JC that there is a stark difference between the philosophy’s of the single and doubled eagle headed forces. The inescapable truth that they almost seem one and the same, I approach with the idea that the struggle is one of constant infiltration by one side into the other, with the goal being for one to corrupt and the other to correct.

    I think I kind of took that lesson from an exchange I had with JC about the role of the Venetians as inheritors of the Phoenician beast system. I pointed out that a famous Venetian operator according to Webster Tarpley had experienced a Identical epiphanic moment 20 or 30 years before Martin Luther and that there is evidence to show that that this same said Venetian operator tutored Martin Luther and housed and protected him after he nailed his thoughts on a church door. JC said that he found that interestering and recommended that I research the double eagle symbolism found through out the Venetian empire. I did.

    What I believe I found that although it wasn’t included in their flags or crest it was prevalent in their architecture. What to make of all that at the time, I did not know.What do I make of it now? It is still not clear but here is what I’m beginning to believe.

    It is not at all black or white, or even gray and grey, but because infiltration appears to by paramount for the different sides or factions of this struggle, it should not be surprising to see the lines blurred sometimes beyond easily recognizable boundaries.

    So JC thoughts of using the symbol of the double headed headed eagle to help to define a “tighter and cleaner understanding of the divisions.” That is all I got on this, except that JC has succeed in convincing me he is on to something significant.

    Your Friend

    1. Lol, I feel ya Peter. I read through this essay the first time and kept saying to myself “aha”, “yep”, “makes sense”, “no way”, etc.. But I wanted to do more service to JC’s labors so I began to read through it from different angles to create questions to help spark some sharing of ideas. JC’s writings inspire so much.

      It does connect many dots and shows a picture (in spirit) of the whole process. It’s really quite amazing, and to see how everything is connected in this “hive” sort of way is both perplexing and comforting. “We are them, they are us.” This includes our fellow man which includes every human being, even rich and successful people here in the physical world now and back through history. The only thing that seems to have evolved is our technologies.

      But thinking about all this I get a pretty clear picture of this adversarial force, how it becomes world adversarial forces and I’m approaching an understanding of the consolidation of adversarial and world adversarial forces. Without them would anything get done in the physical world? Surely we wouldn’t be able to learn through experiencing them if they didn’t exist. But would we all just sit around and twiddle our thumbs if life were easy peezy?

      There seems to be a need for adversarial forces if we are here to learn from experiencing them. As such our school (earth) contains all grade levels of learning all together in one classroom. Thus we should always have more learned souls as well as less learned souls all around us all the time. Soulless folks seem to be like animals. We love them, try to feed them and teach them but it’s not something that can be taught really. It’s more of a maturing process that one comes to through inner reflection.

      There I go rambling again, must be JC’s fault for inspiring me 🙂 bwahahahaha.

        1. Lol, glad you like it Peter. I’ll keep engaged brother no worries there but JC has a great way of expressing it so I don’t want to go too far and mess that up. I’m learning along with everyone else here and it’s just so amazing isn’t it?

          We read the words and that’s good but when we can read the words and see a sort of spirit to the entire piece it’s magical. I guess it’s like what people say about seeing aura’s. I can only guess because I don’t see them myself but so many claim they do that it’s probable and from their descriptions of it I believe it is something similar.

          For instance so many today read the bible of their choice and only invest in the literal meanings of the words which causes them to miss the intent or spirit of the underlying story that is being conveyed. This has put us to where we are today. Words are semantic the meanings change with time, demographics and peoples so it’s the spirit of what they are trying to express from the invisible realms that carries the universal meanings. We then connect those universal meanings with what we know within our time, demographics and such. So when we get hung up on the connecting words of others we are trying to force ourselves to understand someone else’s truth. This takes us outside of what we believe we know and breeds differentiation and misunderstandings. So it seems a good way to approach it is to have an open mind, set aside what we think we know already and look for a universal truth in the spirit of what is being conveyed. I hope this is making some sort of sense because I’ve talked myself into confusion…lol.

          1. Dear Dane
            I agree that the site is JC’s and in that vein and out of respect I think it is important to attempt to keep our comments as much as possible at least tenuously associated with the topic of the post and give JC credit where credit is due. Thanks JC.

            With that said, I allow that any one of JC’s postings are so loaded that they allow for gops of tangents, opinion and direction. I never thought to add them up, but I suggest that the number of questions that are asked directly to JC in any one post, if he answered them all, would cause the good man to give up his job and hire scribes to assist.

            Sometimes I imagine JC loading up a post, putting it out there and enjoying the many different and varied responses it creates. Taking them all in to a consideration, giving grade, and then tailoring his next post on the state of growth and understanding the site has achieved over the last few years. Perhaps I give JC to much, perhaps not enough.

            Just a thought.


  8. The spirit of this article speaks volumes. We see each day how our fellow man bows down to those who are rich. Like a beat up old car yielding to a high dollar sports car on the street. Why does man do this for material riches. It falsely creates kings who eventually end up thinking of themselves as gods for false worship, and boy do we bring them our wealth. Perhaps this is why the monetary system is so easily used to guide man.

    Maybe this is part of the reason the church twists things around and keeps people ignorant to the whole world. From a personal perspective one just gives a dollar a week. But in the churches perspective a dollar from each of a million strong congregation makes the church a million dollars a week. How many followers does just the Catholic church have, billions? And that is just one part of the crown beast system.

    1. JC, Dane, PTM, OZY…so so appreciate this discourse…
      The relentless search for better answers; I believe, drives us towards some glimmer of true purpose. Many thanks for the link to bibliotecapleyades. Never realized the depth of CIA meddling it is almost unfathomable.
      However this site is a compendium for all higher thought, deeds and actions…

      The mission statement is a treatise in and of itself.

      The ex president of Uruguay in a most entreating interview…This man is brilliant and sums life up in 6 paragraphs…

      Thanks Again…
      All the Best…

      1. Your welcome KSULL. I have found some good articles in there but there are some that are poor as well. Use your heart to unlock what resonates with you and you should be fine. Glad to help.

  9. I bought into Webster Tarpley’s version of Venetian history, I was charmed by his delivery, and the depth of his ability to trace names and dates of personages and events connecting them. I felt his PhD was well earned. At this point I find myself wondering if one can earn a PhD that isn’t agenda driven and that the agenda is required to define your dissertation. While researching the double headed eagle symbolism I discovered another story of a different nature than the one that Tarpley (the suspected, but not proven Jesuit) relates.

    I found;
    1. The Serene Republic of Venice was the only democratic republic during the Dark, Medieval, and Renaissance times.

    2. During the Protestant Reformation, Venice remained pro-Calvinist, but diplomatic with the Pope.

    3. The first government in history that allowed artist and scientist to accredit themselves to their artwork and achievements. All previous governments never allowed recognition of the artist or scientist for their hard work.

    4. The Venetian women were equal to men and could own their own businesses.

    5. The church and state were separate.

    6. Freedom of consciousness was a norm and all people had the right to choose what religion they wanted to follow.

    7. Freedom of speech was a norm, but not to blasphamize Christ. That was the only exception. Tarpley says that this so called ‘freedom of speech’ was a hoax because you couldn’t verbally attack Jesus

    8. Venice financed the creation of the American revolution. George Washington’s brother and French aristocrats came to Venice to ask for loans. It was the French Revolution which destroyed Venice in 1797. Take a look around at Washington D,C. and other monuments . Have you ever wondered why they are all in Venetian style. This is because Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin and Washington were all members of the Venetian Palladian Rite.Which is an architects ritual attributed to Palladio. Leo Taxil said it was Satanic. Lies!!The Palladians were a group of architects and guilds, among the American founding fathers. Though similar to masonry it is purely Venetian. Palladianism is the Venetian form of masonry.

    Now before I venture any further, for any here on the POM that do not know me, when I say here is what ‘I found.’ Please do not take that to mean that though deep historic research and the application of my profound critical thinking skills I drew those conclusions. No, the truth is I stumbled across that list of eight points while researching whether or not Webster Tarpley was a trained, educated Jesuit. I still haven’t drawn any conclusion on that matter, at this point I don’t think I have to.

    At this point I think everyone deserves to know that I stumbled across the list of eight points on a David Icke site. Yeah I know I’m giggling a bit myself, so if I’m hearing some loud har, hars, haw,haw, LOL’s and ILMAO’s in the backround, I get it. Still I must say I don’t think I would be a member of the POM but for guys like David Icke and yeah, I’ll admit it Alex Jones.

    It wasn’t all that many years ago less than a decade that my first blink at a world different that the one I grew up in had its delusion shattered. Hell I believed the official story of 9/11 until about eight years ago. So it has been a strange and winding, funny road to get where I am today.

    So somewhere between what the Tarpley/ LaRouche view and the David Icke view of Venice and some more study on my part,will come my view. To the victors goes the history of their time, but other victors of other times will rewrite history to be interpreted and reinterpreted to fit whatever agenda they want it to fit. The challenge and I feel great entertainment education is to attempt to sort it out. I like it here on the POM, I believe my chances of gaining a deeper understanding of our world greatly improve here.

    Thanks JC and the POM for all we do.


    1. Hello Dearest Pieter,

      I have been a fan of Webster Tarpley sine probably 2007. I have to this day big respect for him because of his immense knowledge regarding history and geopolitics. He is multi-linguist and a great public speaker. I have heard that he is a Jesuit-trained intellectual and he has always been a radical and a critic of the US political establishment, UN, NATO and other globalist organizations. He was a guest speaker on Infowars for a very long time and it seems that at some point Alex Jones and Tarpley had a great understanding and similarity in their thinking regarding the US and other subjects.

      However, the arrival of Donald Trump as a US presidential candidate changed Mr Tarpley’s behaviour and in many ways, he became an intense critic of Trump in every way whilst showing his affection to be with Sanders and even HRC. In his weekly radio program, which I used to listen almost every week his attacks on Trump became so ferocious and aggressive that I felt this man is not the same logical and his old self anymore. He later posted statements about Melania Trump to have been a high-end escort girl before marrying Trump, which I thought even if it was true, to be still a very dirty and filthy tactic to use against a candidate. To use such tactics to bring down a candidate by attacking them with an allegation like having been a prostitute in the past is IMHO clutching straws. This was not the Tarpley that I used to know and admire for his logic and vast knowledge of the history of the world! I decided to stop reading or watching anything by this man ever again for his poor judgment. My disappointment was also due to knowing that he has in the past acknowledged and elaborated the Clinton’s and their corruption but truly amazed at how little he criticized HRC whilst relentlessly attacking Trump! That made me think that he wants the same establishment system to continue and all his past was a show.

      Now, I mentioned he is a Jesuit-trained and possibly not a “Jesuit” and I think there must be a difference between the two since many Universities are in fact provide Jesuit training and the graduates become trained in the thinkings, method and philosophy of the world Jesuit order but not necessarily become a Jesuit! I may be wrong on this and would appreciate correction and elaboration by any POM contributors.

      1. My Carpe Diem, Dear Friend;

        Allow me to begin by saying thank you so much for your thoughtful response to my curious queries concerning W.Tarpley and so forth.

        For some reason I’m almost excited by the fact that I also discovered W.Tarpley due to his interviews on the Alex Jones show and that I to also noticed a big change in his, oh, I don’t know, attitude or delivery or something when P. Trump began his campaign. On top of that I began listening to W.T.’s World Crisis Radio show instead of watching SNL. He used to have great quest like the esteemed Thierry Mayssan [Voltairenet]. Who if my rickety memory serves me you also hold in high regard.

        Point being although I do not agree with his current stance on P.Trump or his politics behind It, I still follow W.T. more for a opposing view from a intelligent person to attempt to maintain balance for my changing views. Not to just agree with you, but more so, ‘just saying’ It has become more difficult to keep up the practice. Still I won’t use that time slot to ever go back to SNL.

        So to W.T.’s command of history, I”m more that just hesitant to discount it’s value. As to his views on P.Trump I can’t seem able to use his somewhat inexplicable lowering of his higher standards in his ‘tabloid’ attacks, versus, his discipline, and his multi-lingual delivery, to make history not just intriguing but a human experience to boot. W.T. to my minds eye brings the people, their times and places alive.

        So who knows what is going on with W.T., perhaps I’ll go all ‘tabloid’ and suggest he has had a stroke of some kind, or being on that delicate genius level flipped his lid. LOL!!

        Since we are still between JC’s next post and I apologize in advance for taking JC’s important posting so far off topic. My Carpe Diem could I persuade you to elaborate a bit further on the great tower of physical, mental and spiritual strength, Mr. Lyndon LaRouche. Am I correct in saying that Mr. L.L. is a high ranking member in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry?

        Have a wonderful diem, Diem

        1. Dearest Pieter thank you so much,

          I am glad you found my thoughts on WT on his odd behaviour on President Trump useful. In fact, through Alex Jones TV since at least 2007, I got to know fascinating people such as WT and Mr LaRouch as well as Theirry Mayssan and other non-conformist thinkers. My LaRouche has been on Alex Jone’s TV at least once.

          Here’s Roger Stone on Mr Larouche

          Regarding whether Mr LaRouche is a Scottish Rite Freemason or not, I do not know but he is a highly aware and knowledgeable person regarding history. He must be in his late 80’s if not older but he is sharp and always offers a real alternative to the narratives and discourse provided by the mass media and his online archive is a great source for people trying to find information regarding events and movements. A notable example is a chronology and day to day analysis of the events in Iran of 1977-1980 when Khomeini was brought to power with the help of CIA and other US agencies as part of bigger plan i.e. Globalization where Islamic Terrorism and cultural engineering of the Pan-Islamism will be the outcome. Actually, the best book regarding Khomeini and the Pan-Islamism was authored in 1980 by Rober Dreyfuss the American journalist who is a LaRouche member. I read this book around 1985 and it is available on the net in PDF. Any person interested in understanding the roots of Militarised Islam that began in 1978-9 must read this remarkable book. Mr Tarpeley was also associated with LaRouchepac

          Mr LaRouche and his organization have done a fantastic job of educating people on this planet in how the banking elite have created fake revolutions, fake nation building, mass terrorism, wars and a constant cultural and societal engineering which we are always in the middle of it. I regard Mr LaRouche an American Freethinker who understands and respects other nations and speaks of the vast conspiracy against humanity. I have always found his analysis and explanations regarding world events to be impeccable and truthful. This is perhaps why he has been persecuted so much and if I recall even sent to prison.

          And finally here, Mr LaRouche is talking about the role of the British Empire and controlling the world through the control of money:

          Wishing you a great Saturday,
          Your friend,

  10. Here is a line of thought.

    We see that the Jesuits are an extension of the Catholic Church. We know that the Jesuits are heavily invested in US government. For example many are employees of the CIA. We hear that North Korea is a CIA state much like they were involved in the Vietnam War. I chose these two countries because of the violence surrounding them. But Jesuits are subsidiaries or extensions of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Church is a subsidiary of the Crown Beast. People are Jesuits and Catholics are people who are subsidiaries of the Crown Beast.

    Us being people also, where do we fall into this mix? Is there a Crown antiBeast or are we part of the beast too? Do we become part of the beast and rise from this to become something more?

    1. Dane:

      On the morning of November 2, 1963, the then President of Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, and his brother, Nhu, had just heard a Holy Mass at a Catholic Church in a suburb of Saigon.
      Disloyal Vietnamese soldiers quickly arrived at the church via jeeps and armored personnel carriers provided by the CIA and the Pentagram. The soldier jerk President Diem and his brother from their kneeling position before the church’s alter and dragged them outside. They were forcefully thrown into the rear of one of the armored vehicles, disemboweled with a bayonet and then bullets were discharged into their head. After the President Kennedy was murdered in public was ordered and funded by the same evil miscreant who killed President Diem, the Vietnam War rapidly heated up from there.

      As Catholics, Presidents Diem and Kennedy pledged that there would not be any escalation of war in Vietnam. TBTSNB had other plans. Hence, the reasons for their murders.

      Wars in Korea and Vietnam were planned before WWII ended in the Pacific. Research exactly what became of the massive tonnage of military supplies assembled and staged for the invasion of Japan. After nukes were dropped and Japan surrendered, the MICC needed boogiemen to fed their beasts of war and the banksters. After WWII massive amounts of the assembled war materials in the Pacific went to North Korea and North Vietnam.

      Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong were buddies and collaborated with the Rockefellers and both Ho Chi Minh and Mao actively collaborated with the Office or Strategic Services (OSS) during WWII against the Japanese and with the CIA after 1947 against the Dutch and French.

      Mao Zedong was a 322 Skull & Crossbones Yale supported and funded by the Rockefellers banksters. Korea is owned by China and China as owed by TPTSNB.


  11. Dear Pieter:

    I book in which you might have interest is entitled, “Financial Viper of Venice” by Joseph P. Farrell, PhD.

    ISBN 978-1-93623-973-3, Feral House, 2010, 230 pages

    Highly footnoted with references

    Dr. Farrell writes about Alchemical Money, Magical Physics, and Banking in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

    You will experience wealth of information and perspective and some “WOW!” moments all for less than $20 USD.


  12. Dear Mr Oz

    I like Dr. Farrell I’ve read a couple of his books that I located online as free pdf’s. I also follow him on his website “Giza Death Star.”

    If I may impose upon you to take a moment or two and view a few minutes of this You Tube video, and maybe make a short comment on it, I would be forever grateful.

    Black Guelph Evil Nobility by LaRouche


  13. Dear Pieter:

    I do not feel or think that it is as important to attach a name on specific agents and miscreants of evil as to know and understand the ultimate source of the evil. It seems to me that Mr. Collins identifies these agents of evil as “The Crown Beast” that originated from the Phoenicians. You appear to have focuses on the Venetian Oligarchs and their eventual mutations into the City of London and the British Empire. I have focused much of my research and studies on the Kingdom of Nimrod, ancient Babylon, the negative energies of Saturn, the evolution and mutations of Sadducees and Pharisees (and yes, their energies and focuses since exist today), the origins and spread of Communism and Zionism.

    The all of these negative external forces have evil as their internal driving focus. Evil is nothing more than the corruption and ultimate destruction of spiritual evolution of human forms by any means possible. Evil is a black hole that sucks positive energies to feed itself. Thus the principle characteristics of evil that are clearly identifiable are corruption, control, and death

    Evil has always been at odd with spiritual awareness since humans first become conscious beings with a free will. Usury, the impoverishment of the body, and war with its physical and financial subjection have historically been the most effective means of corruption, control, and death to retard independence and the evolution of spiritual awareness. None the less, evil through its many agents has always been about corruption, control, and death. The very last thing that evil wants is anything opposite of these three talons that squeezes out life, independence, and spiritual enlightenment.


    1. Dear Oz,

      I have been following the fantastic postings by every wonderful POM contributor in this thread with great enthusiasm and interest. I watched the great lecture by Mr LaRouch and I am very familiar with his work and one of his proteges Mr Webster Tapley, although I felt his accusation of Trump’s wife was somewhat low minded attack verging on tabloid journalism. Nevertheless, both Larouch and Tarpley are highly informed and both are great orators and historians.

      Your mention of Sadducees and Pharisees reminded me of a posting by Dr Vasseghi in this regard. The two Jewish clans have been two flanks of the Jewish religion for a very long time and they have rather different outlooks. It seems the Sadducees to be the forefathers of Communism or collectivism and the other, i.e. the Pahressis are more religious and it seems they show no interest in Political Judaism, aka Zionism! I may be wrong on this and would appreciate your thoughts on my understanding of the two.

      “According to Abarim Publications which focuses on complexities of Biblical Scriptures:

      “In the New Testament, the Sadducees are proverbially juxtaposed with the Pharisees as the two main Judaic systems of national government (which in turn was manifested in the monarchy, or what was left of it, the Sanhedrin and the Temple complex). The Sadducaic school of thought dominated the government during the Hasmonean era, but lost its position to the competing Pharisaic take on things mere years before the Roman invasion of 63 BC….

      The New Testament rules that both the Sadducees and the Pharisees had deviated from the revealed Truth, but in their own distinctive way: the Pharisees by inflating legislation until it became an unbearable load (Matthew 23; and this in turn as an offshoot of the ‘explainers’ instated by Ezra the Reformer — Nehemiah 8:7-8), and the Sadducees by deflating it into barely anything to follow or believe in. In perhaps a too fluidic shorthand it may be suggested that the Pharisees leaned most towards Israel’s Persian legacy (from whence came the Second Temple; 2 Chronicles 36:23, Ezra 6:1-3), whereas the Sadducees embraced Greek’s novel hedonism of pleasure and (near) atheism.”

      …recall that some scholars view the word Pharisee as a derivative of “Persian” (Parsi / Farsi)… it’s the Pharisees who adopted many of Iranian Zoroastrian views… the Rabbinic traditions are based on Pharisee teachings…”

      1. Dear CD:

        In response to your recent request, I will provide you with my thoughts from a “macro” perspective with a truncated summary without wading too depth into the weeds of specifics. The brief summary below will start with the Israelites’ return to the land of Judah from Babylon.

        To start, the origin of the word “Jew” reportedly derives from the Roman name for the inhabitance of the Land of Judah or Judea. So, that is my reference when I use the word, “Jew” in the summary below. However, during the past few centuries, the vast majority of those claiming or describing themselves as a Jew or those labeled as a Jew are not in fact Semites (of Hebrew or Arab descendants from Shem) and cannot link their ancestry to the ancient land of Judah by facts or DNA blood tests. These same vast majorities of “Jews” derive their ancestral origins and blood lines from the geographic regions located between and around the areas currently identified as the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. Although the some Jews might presently inhabit areas in the eastern Mediterranean or act as ancient Canaanites or Phoenicians, they are not the actual descendants of the earlier Hebrews and Arabs that reportedly resided in the Land of Judah. The first Hebrews were diluted by Egyptians. The subsequent Israelites were killed and assimilated by the Assyrians and Babylonians. Those Jews in the land of Judah (Judea) and reported to be of Semite descent were finally killed by the Roman and their remains diluted by slavery and the great diaspora in 163AD.

        Judges, priests, and sages formed into Sanhedrin councils after their return to the land of Judah from their captivity in Babylon after Babylon was conquered by the Persians in 539BC. They reportedly codify their institutional structures with the creation of records, instructions, writings, and prayers commonly referred to then as Tanakh (and today as the Torah and Talmud) after their return to Judah. In lieu of a king while still under Persian control, the Sanhedrin councils functioned as leaders and rulers and directed the building of the Second Temple. The first temple having been destroyed by the Babylonian and the remains deteriorated by seven decades of abandonment.

        The Hasmonean Court in ancient Judah, before the Roman conquest and in ancient Judea during the time of Roman occupation, has also been referred to by several names as the Sanhedrin Council, the Sanhedrin Assembly or Gathering, and the Sanhedrin Court. The thoughts and opinions of the Sadducees dominated the Hasmonean Court. Hasmonean Court came into existence after the final defeat of the Seleucid (Greek) control of Judah by the Maccabee in about 163BC. Sadducees were established by the Maccabees after the return of the Temple into the control of the Jews. The Sadducees were made up of a body of worldly (Greek influenced), political, priestly upper class that came into official power.

        The Sanhedrin Councils’ sole purposes were to maintain control and full authority over the masses by being interposing judges, priests, and sages of and for God. For centuries the masses had been commanded (aka; programmed) to obey the ruling of such leaders and rulers who were believed (programmed) to have been directed or guided by God. The Sanhedrin established laws and structures for the easily misguided and unwashed masses to follow. Thus in the period between the Maccabees takeover of Judah the destruction of the second temple the Sadducees had 200+ years to codify their institutional structures of promoting themselves as judges and controllers over the people via their established Sanhedrin Courts and Councils.

        It is very important to note that inhabitants who exited from captivity in Babylon were not of the same consciousness of those from the lands of Judah who were taken into captivity by the Babylonians. The Jews who went into captivity where spiritually corrupt and those who returned were even more spiritually corrupt.

        The Pharisees derived from a Jewish sect of scribes and sages in the lands of Judah during the period of the Maccabee, but who were intentionally separate. The name “Pharisee” reportedly derives from the Hebrew and Aramaic word, “parushi” which means “one who separates himself” or “one who is separated.” The Pharisees were at distinct odds with the Sadducees because they did not believe that the Sadducees direct descendants of David and were contaminated with Greek influences, and thus could never be “ritually pure”. The Pharisees were consumed with laws, traditions, and what they deemed and declared as ritual purity. [The Pharisees would have made an excellent cultural study in OCD – Oz]
        As the historian Josephus noted, the Pharisees were considered the most expert and accurate expositors of Jewish law. According to Josephus, the Sadducees were the aristocratic elites and monarchists and associated with the ruling classes. At the other end of Jewish religious life, the Pharisees associated common people or the masses from which the Sadducees were distant and held in contempt. The Sadducees and Pharisees remained in repetitive disagreements over the purposes and interpretations of the Torah or Talmud. None the less, the aims and focuses of both the Sadducees and the Pharisees were complete control, power, and manipulation over the multitudes of poor Jewish masses via the Jewish religion. Both the Sadducees and the Pharisees effectively and continuously fleeced the poor Jewish masses. The Sadducees fleeced with debt and financial repression and the Pharisees fleeced via religion, guilt, and spiritual repression.
        The scam that the Sadducees employed to fleeced the masses with debt and financial repression was to declare that every Jew was mandated by laws that they travel to Jerusalem at least once in their life time and make the most expensive offerings as could be afforded to the temple. Here is where the scam became institutionalized and highly profitable. The only offerings acceptable where “unblemished” offerings which the Sadducees prescribed and completely controlled the source of all acceptable and unblemished offerings. There where contracted money changers in and around the temple for the exchange of all currency for the prescribed “unblemished” and “acceptable” coins. The Sadducees created these coins for sale to the money chargers. These same coins returned to the Sadducees via the offerings and the money chargers had to pay a fee or commission (aka; a cut of their actions against the dumb masses) for the privilege or authority to function as a money changer within or about the temple. The Sadducees were very effective at double or triple dipping. The Sadducees via the Sanhedrin Court either owned, controlled, or obtained a tribute from the inns and markets in and around the pilgrimage routes to the Temple. Quite the scam! Passover, and other declared religious feast periods provided the greatest opportunities for the transfer of wealth from the masses to the Temple. The Romans were very aware of these criminal enterprises that the Sadducees operated and the Romans also demanded a cut of the action via higher taxes. [NOTE: Who exactly benefits from all organized Feasts, festivals, and “religious holidays”? – Oz]
        Forward from the period of the Maccabee to the Roman occupation of Judah. The Roman’s focus was on “Pax Romana” (aka; the Roman Peace) with it two primary tenets; pay all taxes levied and do not rebel. The Romans were very tolerance of a wide assortment of “religions” in their empire. However, the Jews were the most quarrelsome, irrational, and zealot of the lot.

        Jesus’ greatest sin on Earth that actually got him reportedly nailed to a cross was publicly exposing the hypocrisy of Pharisees and his overturning the tables of the money changers in the Temple and exposing the scam of the Sadducees. Jesus was upsetting the material and spiritual fleecing operations of parasitic vampires headquartered in Jerusalem. Jesus was well aware of the control and repression of the Romans, but was reportedly particularly offended and disjointed by the same types of control and repression by supposed Jewish leaders. An informed populace might revolt. That could not be tolerated. The event in the Temple was the last straw for the Sadducees so Jesus had to be summarily dispatched forthwith. The symbolism of the thirty pieces of silver and Judas’ kiss as notes of betrayals is very telling.

        In 66AD an appreciable number of Jews of Judea rebelled against the Roman occupation. The rebellion lasted four years and ended in 70AD with the physical destruction of the Second Temple and wholesale killing of masses of Jews. Most of the Sadducees of the period were specifically singled out for execution by the Romans for not maintaining the “Pax Romana”. The Jews organized again and there was a mass revolt a second time in about 132AD or 133AD in what is referred to as the “Bar Kokhba Revolt” or the “Second Jewish Revolt”. During the Bar Kohhba Revolt thousands of Romans were killed. Subsequently, the Roman revenge was so great that reportedly nearly 600,000 Jews were killed. In addition to the Jewish combatants, the Romans also killed women, children, the old, and all of their animals. In 136AD all Jews that survived were forcefully expelled from the entire region. Many of the Jews were sold into slavery. This was the great diaspora or dispersion. Emperor Hadrian removed the name of Judea off or all maps. Afterward what was Judea was renamed “Syria Palaestina” (aka; Palestine). Major efforts were exerted to erase the history of the Jews. Afterward, the remains of any organized Jewish religion was facilitated by the few teachers or rabbis from the ranks of Pharisees that remained in the diaspora.

        The personas of Sadducees and Pharisees have been reestablished and still exist today. They just have different names, titles, outward appearances, the marketing methods. However, the same scams for the control, manipulation, repression against financial and spiritual elevations of the masses still exist. Therefore, the same issues existing today. There always the high probabilities and risk of very violent reactions when enough people finally come to realize and understand how much and for how long they have been deceived and screwed over by financial and religious controllers. It matter not if the modern day Sadducees are Jewish Banksters and the Catholic Cardinals or if the Hasmonean Court is the BIS, the Vatican, City of London, or Washington, DC. It matters not if the Pharisees are the corrupt churches, court systems, and municipal or State Governments. The evil agents, intentions, purposes, and desired results are all the same. Fleece, control, and enslave the masses,

        It is important to note and remember that the Sadducees and the Sanhedrin Court were very focused on blood sacrifices. Their subsequent successors have also been focused on blood sacrifices and still are, even today.


        1. WOW, Thank you so much, Dear Oz,

          The way you described the interaction of the two Jewish clans and what they each represent and how they both in their own devious ways manage to follow the path of darkness incredible informative. It seems the entire show is all about one thing alone, Money. The concept of “temple economy” is highly visible the way you described it. Also, the idea of blood sacrifice that has been taken from the same Semitic belief system into Islam which is another derivative of Judaism is pretty clear.
          From your excellent description of the inner workings of this belief system, I can see why there is never an end to any wars, tensions, poverty and revolutions. It all seems to boil down to taking control of all the wealth, all the time. The doctrine of this ideology has no term to mean, “enough”. There is no end and it seems I am seeing the definition of darkness in the actions of the followers of this destructive path. Having said that, people are born into this system or any other without any choice. So one question comes to my mind and that is who created this system (and why!) and the benefit of what group, entity! The other question is this, did the people or rather human beings created this system of mental abuse and destruction or was this dark philosophy created to attract humankind into it from the primordial times?
          As you always say, “Cui bono”!
          Thank you again, Dear Oz. that was a brilliant education for me.

          1. Dear CD:

            Wealth is nothing more than stored labor.
            When we are prevented from controlling our own labor and wealth, then we are nothing more than slaves. We might be “well educated” and/or have various levels of income within the present established systems, matrixes, and webs of debt, but we are still slaves in the material world. Perhaps sophisticated slaves, but none the less we are still slaves.
            The organized and institutionalize mind controls and theft of wealth via usury, taxes, numerous imposed fees, and “religion” are nothing more than very sophisticated forms of physical and spiritual slavery via the fleecing and transfer of wealth. Cui bono?

            Corrupt governments (oxymoron) are just facilitating agents for the enslavement.

            One of the stepped goals is this remaining cycle or ion of iron is reportedly the complete subjugation of all remaining herded humans via implanted chips and a cashless society. There are interdimensional forces which do not want humans too conscious and most assuredly not spiritually aware or enlightened. Hence, one of the main reasons for continuous distractions and wars.

            In the movie, “The Matrix”, the character Morpheus informs Neo (an anagram for “The One”) that the life within which Neo supposedly existed was nothing more than a programmed illusion. The reality was that Neo’s enslaved body was nothing more than a small and regularly deposed “C” cell sized battery among millions of others that contributes power to a machine.

            The duality within which we have always existed is represented in the theme of this movie. We who have an interest and drive for knowledge and truth, as the character Neo, have a choice to a select a blue pill and continue to live in the world of deceptions, lies, and illusions or select a red pill that leads into an uncomfortable and often painful world of reality and truth. The names of the characters, thing, and places in the series of movies have cryptic and mythological meanings and symbolisms. It is worth watching several times. These series of movies have shallowness of distractions and depth of information for every level of watchers.

            By your contributing POM membership, I am assuming that at some point you decided for whatever reasons to select the red pill. Reality and truth are very laborious and painful paths to travel. It takes a very determined soul to maintain a focus to doggedly blundering onwards. Some souls, as the character Cypher in the referenced movie, decide to retard or conclude exploring, searching, seeking, and evolving for various reasons or decide to reverse course and regress.

            May you maintain a focus to doggedly blundering onwards.
            Cui bono?


  14. Lots of exchange rate chatter going on along with articles predicting a crash in US and Emerging Markets. Christine Lagarde tweeting her little heart out to Carpe Diem. Couple that with the fact that the “Big Unwind” begins this month, it would be a good time to implement some extreme financial policy changes.

    1. Thank you, Dear spacetuna2, I had no idea about Ms Legarde’s knowledge of my stage name (Carpe Diem) 🙂 …and god forbid even tweeting her heart out or for that matter any other of her bodily organs to my direction.LOL …I sincerely hope she won’t 🙂

      I recall one of her IMF speeches in 2014, in which she was talking about some obscure references to numerology to make her point regarding 2014 being a double 7 year and that G7 to bolster her assurance that all is going to be well…she failed as a standup comedian in that one, and by all accounts as the head of International Money Fiddling (IMF).
      I do think she is a scary witch!

  15. Thank You Dear Oz,

    This sentence for me stood out when you said,
    ” Reality and truth are very laborious and painful paths to travel”.

    To return to the source of a river or spring, one must travel in the reverse direction to the Currents. This act consumes much more energy than moving in the direction of the water current but it is the only way one can return to the source of the water!

    The truth for the unprepared person is shockingly horrific so one must prepare and suffer the pain of being dissimilar to the rest of the herd. Ridicule, by the masses, is one of the expected items when one travels in the path of discovering the truth. Majority of the population are following a path laid out for them by the master and any deviation from the predetermined path is punished harshly. Yet the reward for the person in pursuit of this gem is mental freedom from psychological bondage.

    Matrix the movie in all three parts IMHO is the modern mythology for our age as it lays out the path for our generation. The metaphor of the red and blue pill is now used by people as it depicts the options available to us all and the potential consequences of each, i.e. the Free Will.

    Dear OZ, my path has not been pain-free one and it began a long time ago and I have experienced the side effects such as ridicule and accusation of being a conspiracy theorist ever since and ongoing to this day. However, what I am discovering personally and from noble fellow travellers such as your good self and the wonderful POM community makes me convinced that I am on the right path…and that I am not alone.

    I wish you a wonderous day my Dear Friend,

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