The Crown Beast and America

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Vikings, Templars, Protestant Reformers, and the Transformative Dream of America

Of sooty coal the Empiric Alchemist
Can turn, or holds it possible to turn
Metals of drossiest Ore to perfect Gold
As from the Mine

– Milton, Paradise Lost

The Protestant Reformers dreamed of creating a nation just like the United States. It was this vision more than anything else which drove thousands to journey across the ocean to escape the tyrannical governance and control structures of the Catholic Church and the developing financial and centralized-capitalistic European Empires.

These empires evolved from one to another with the borderless use of currency and the eventual central banking framework which first emerged in Amsterdam in 1609. The Bank of Amsterdam was the world’s first central bank, and was used to expand liquidity and build the foundations of the Industrial Revolution.

The establishment of a Knights Templar banking system centuries before Christopher Columbus sailed for America has been well documented. The broad use of this financial and banking framework began to threaten the control which the Catholic Church, and the more powerful and dominant Crown Beast system, maintained over the large and diverse regions, tribes, and slave groups of Europe.

The farming of mass disorganized populations has always been based on an hierarchal approach by those who define and control physical assets. The caste system in India is another example of this cultural and socioeconomic engineering. The caste level you were born into was the one you spent the remainder of your life toiling within. Though this remains the case in most regions of the world, the mass populations have been kept mentally disorganized, while being unknowingly organized around well-worn and time-tested material boundaries.

It was this mechanism of cultural and socioeconomic control which the Catholic Church and corrupt non-authentic European monarchies, working under the Crown Beast, attempted to maintain. The shifting of power and control towards the Knights Templar had to be stopped at all costs. But the Templar strategy and legacy was so encompassing and empowering that the seeds of the future Protestant Reformation were planted during their time period.

Most of the Templars were arrested and put to death by the Church and the King of France. Some of the Knights escaped to Scotland, and there is growing evidence that some of them may in fact have found their way to Russia. This is important because the Rus’ Slavic people, and future Russians, have always been against the Catholic Church, and have remained aligned with the objectives of the Reformation. Contributing to this importance is the migration of Vikings into the Rus’ Slavic region before the Templars came into existence.

The gradual disappearance of the Vikings has been attributed to the migration of other tribes and peoples into the Northern European areas where they lived. It is the conclusion of this writer that the Viking culture was being strategically infiltrated by forces aligned with the Crown Beast system from within Southern Europe. This forced the Vikings to migrate into Eastern Europe where they were eventually embraced by the Rus’ Slavic tribes. Both worked together on the development of a civilization which could serve as a beachhead against the Crown Beast system in the West.

There is also evidence that the Vikings traveled across the ocean centuries before Columbus and established small outposts. Some of these camps have been found by archeologists on the East coast of North America, with many discovered on my birth home of Newfoundland. It is also probable that some of the Templars may have followed the routes of the Vikings and also reached North America in the years before the voyage of the Santa Maria.

As an interesting footnote, it was poor Protestant populations who also followed these routes from the lands controlled by the Crown Beast, to Newfoundland, and further south. The settlers of Newfoundland were all Protestant refugees, such as Anglicans and Lutherans.

All of this ties back to Russia, as it was Russia who diplomatically supported the birth of the American nation during the War for Independence, and subsequently dispatched its naval forces in both the Atlantic and Pacific to assist America during the Civil War, as America once again fought the forces of the Crown Beast which had established themselves in North America.

The creation of America and its Constitution brought forth the greatest threat to the Crown Beast since the Byzantine Empire. For a short period of time, the forces of right-mindedness and human empowerment, were aligned across the world. All functioned to varying degrees under the double-headed eagle emblem. The founding fathers of America were Freemasons of the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite has its roots in the Templar arrival to Scotland and both the Templars and Scottish Rite use the double-headed eagle emblem.

Another interesting side note is that the Crown Beast had spread its York Rite Lodges across America after the War for Independence had been lost. After its additional and subsequent defeat in the Civil War, those lodges began to be converted en masse to Scottish Rite Lodges.

Christopher Columbus sailed under the double-headed eagle emblem, and the Santa Maria had both the double-headed eagle and Templar emblems on her sails. The Holy Eastern Roman Empire and Prussian monarchy, as well as the Romanov Monarchy in Russia, all used the double-headed eagle emblem. All stood against the Crown Beast and its cultural, religious, and socioeconomic heads, such as the Catholic Church.

Near where I live there is one of the largest malls in the world. Inside West Edmonton Mall is a replica of the Santa Maria with full double-headed eagle and Templar cross symbolism. Over my life in Alberta I must have visited that mall a hundred or more times. Never did the replica ship stand out to me like it does now.

Ever since the birth of America the Crown Beast has been implementing its counter-reformation strategies on the North American continent. Every opportunity is taken to drive a geopolitical and economic wedge between America and Russia. Canada is maintained between both for the purpose of keeping them from coming together across the Bering Straits and establishing a massive and prosperous trade region based on fairness and ethics.

The Hittite Empire thousands of years ago functioned under such a system and grew strong under hundreds of years of fair trade and ethical political relations with its neighbours. This lasted until the Phoenician Empire, and its use of the Seafaring People (Hebrews), began to wage trade wars, cultural wars, and material wars on the Hittites and its allies in the region.

The Phoenician Empire represented the Crown Beast during that time period in the same way that the Anglo-American Establishment and Catholic Church represent it in the modern world.

The Vikings, Templars, Protestant Reformers, and Scottish Rite founding fathers of America all shared the same dream of establishing a great nation across the ocean which would be based on fairness and right-minded action. But the Crown Beast followed the dream across the Atlantic and immediately began to corrupt and degrade the new systems of governance and economics which were being established.

Christopher Columbus has always been the central figure in this great American origin story. During the time period between 1500 and 1600 a massive small pox pandemic swept across the world. It killed upward of 80% of the native North American population and near 60% in China, and 40% to 50% throughout Europe and Africa. The death toll associated with small pox and native populations in North and South America can in no accurate historical terms be called a genocide committed by the Europeans.

The tribes which dominated North and South America waged war against one another and different tribes and regions made different alliances with Spain, France and Britain. The natives liked the French in particular, and just wanted to trade with the English.

There are conflicting historical reports of atrocities committed by Columbus and his men. But history has been so corrupted and altered by the Crown Beast that we can never know for sure what happened in those first voyages. Of course it is possible that Columbus and his crew went mad and succumbed to the forces of human weakness and greed. Men begin most adventures with the best of intentions, but can soon wander from the right-minded path and lose themselves in the wilderness to the crushing weight of material corruption and illusion of power.

The first voyage of the Santa Maria and the Protestant Reformation happened during the same generation. Both were intended to complete the grand alchemical transformation of a mass population. But the ageless battle between the Dragon’s multi-headed beast, and the crowns it wears upon those heads, can only be defeated within each of us. There is a reason why only the corrupt descend to the apex of power in the material world. – JC

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  1. I appreciate the history lessons they you have provided. It has shed some light on somethings about our world works and why. The knights templar, Scottish rights, masons and the crown beast was a eye opener.
    Thank you.
    Here in USA we are diffently fighting the crown beast and nazis. Today they want to deagentamize Columbus. What the hell and taking down other statues that were important to our history so that it we learn from our mistakes and not repeat it.
    Boy things are diffently bruing and changing, #WETHEPEOPLE are fed up with the liberal BS.
    Thank you

  2. “There is a reason why only the corrupt descend to the apex of power in the material world.”

    Great post and neatly summed up, JC. Says it all really.

  3. Apparently yesterday (9th October) is Leif Erikson day, though it’s unclear whether that date is the anniversary of his voyage to Vinland (as he called it).

    ‘Another interesting side note is that the Crown Beast had spread its York Rite Lodges across America after the War for Independence had been lost. After its additional and subsequent defeat in the Civil War, those lodges began to be converted en masse to Scottish Rite Lodges.’

    For clarification, are you saying the Crown Beast lost both of those wars? And do you see the war of 1812 tying in anywhere or is it insignificant? Does seem to get left out of main stream history.

    Obviously Prussia and Russia were two of the greatest powers in Europe during the 19th Century and Prussia became the dominant partner of the German Empire after their victory over France in the Franco-Prussian war of the 1860’s, so then could pitting these two great powers against each other in subsequent wars be a Crown Beast tactic?

    Certainly reading the long list of Hitler’s ‘errors’ makes one pause for thought. Could he have been a double agent? As an Austrian he was likely a Catholic and Napoleon was another who, having the British Empire at his mercy, turned his main war fighting armies east. Coincidence?

    Back to the Vikings, the Norse people built and manned the Danewirke, a massive earthen mound and ditch fortification topped with battlements that spanned the neck of the Jutland peninsula to prevent the encroaching Christian Kingdom/Empire of the Franks from penetrating their lands and destroying their civilisation as they did with the Danes allies, the Saxons. The Viking raids, invasions and colonisations were born of defence as much as anything else.

  4. From Mr. Fox, just thought this fit.
    Vladimir Putin’s birthday
    5753 ViewsOctober 07, 2017 51 Comments
    Vladimir Putin’s birthday
    We were falling into the Abyss.

    They cut out of Russia her historical, nation forming territories. They divided and separated her people, and they were ready to chop her heartland into pieces.

    Everything was set. They had premade ethnic territories with their own flags and anthems and governments, selected by them. They printed and delivered the money of these invented countries, like the “Ural republic.”

    The Khasavyurt conducted by the puppet liquidators of Russia signaled the beginning of the end of Russia herself.

    Ethnic republics were waiting on the low start. Tatarstan was expected to be the first to go. The satanic West was getting ready to take over Kazan and other territories.

    Without tanks, without invasions of foreign armies, without bombardments and chemical attacks. Russia was rapidly shrinking in size. According to their plans, it would be reduced to the size of the Grand Duchy of Moscow and they would have prepared a monarchy ready to rule over us.

    Abject poverty, desolation, ruins, murders in the streets of the cities and towns, mafia wars, racketeering, the “politicians” and “businessmen” rendering open assistance to the Islamic terrorists and international mercenaries waging the wars on the Caucasus. Central Moscow clubs entertained sponsors of those who were killing Russian soldiers.

    The government positions in the Kremlin and in the Parliament White House were occupied by those who were sending Russian soldiers to the Caucasus to be killed, simultaneously reporting information about them to the jihadists, and to the foreign special forces and other murderers who traveled to the Caucasus from every corner of the world to participate in the hunt of Russians.

    The only thing that was increasing and growing on the territory of Russia were cemeteries and graveyards. In proportion, the personal bank accounts of the members of the liquidating teams were also growing.


    Inside the luxury clubs in the center of Moscow and abroad, they celebrated an endless carnival of victors. They celebrated our funeral.

    They dehumanized us. They depicted us as skinny pigs that they publicly slaughtered. They portrayed us as naked drunks wearing dog collars, curled up on the floor next to their masters’ feet. It was us, dirty mongrels, they stripped, raped and chained. They were certain that we would be staying there on a chain, serving them, the victors, for a bare bone.

    Their creative class celebrated our defeat without end. They took upon themselves to insult us and spit in our faces. When tired, they ate and drank wine on our dime, and once refreshed, they continued spiting at us, at our history, our character, our faith. From the United State they sent us chicken bones. In exchange they took free oil and gas, gold and diamonds, fur, uranium and timber, works of art, scientific discoveries and inventions, knowhow, secret technologies and scientists, slaves, human organs, prepubescent girls and boys to labor in the prostitution rings of the Europe, Turkey, the Middle east, USA, and even Africa.

    The territories of the former republics were grabbed with all the people who lived there. They started devouring them slowly, waiting for the complete liquidation of Russia, to go on and to destroy them completely. They digested separate parts of out broken nation into human manure, and started growing new managers to run this brand new world company with fully stolen ready to use industries and infrastructure.

    They pre-printed maps with the new world order and borders, with China getting its part of the loot in the territories of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and Turkey, taking over Azerbaijan and Armenia. Poland, Germany, Britain, Spain, Denmark and others would have their own Russian slaves, territories and cheap prostitutes. The citizens of Israel saw themselves becoming managers of all those territories. The USA wanted only one thing, the ownership of everything under our feet, all our mineral resources.

    When Putin came, no one believed that he will be able to stop what was seemingly unavoidable.


    He fought wars. No one noticed, and no one saw anything. His activity was phenomenal, like wind, invisible, but strong enough for everyone to feel the results of its input, especially when falling branches were hitting them directly over their heads. His wars were like radiation, undetectable to senses, but surely with ever increasing concentration it was killing them slowly.

    Years passed, and everything changed, as if on its own.

    Before the last war, just in case, he was prepared to die.

    He distanced himself from people he loved the most, so they wouldn’t die with him. And, he went to war.

    He dedicated his life to rescue us all.

    He sacrificed himself and pried entire nations out of the Abyss’ jaws.

    He changed the world forever.

    From the head of Ingushetia Yunus–bek Bamatgireyevich Yevkurov

    Happy birthday, President. Thank you for everything you do for Ingushetia.

    The Essential Saker: from the trenches of the emerging multipolar world
    More offers

    1. mfox
      Thanks for bringing the Saker to the POM. He is indeed a very interesting man. And may I add;
      Happy birthday President Putin

  5. JC,
    Your looking rather stern and very strong standing there looking like a captain on the Santa Maria. I will temper my comments accordingly.

    From a previous post and a comment, “History has shown that on occasion people rebel and start killing the agents of evil, but never change or destroy the ultimate source of evil.”

    Then; Evil is vanquished by the side of supposed good, but the winning side good succumbs to the weakness within and begins to transform into the very thing it once fought against.”

    From a much earlier post in where I believe you were predicting a Trump win over Hillary you said (I paraphrase) The world is done with the complete criminal corruption of the Anglo-American system. Somebody should of told the Clinton’s. Something like that, I hope I got it close enough, Captain.

    Considering that there is no way in hell that we are going to war with NKorea and are a long long way from a war with Iran, I believe that is all smoke screen. What was President Trump doing with war room meeting that he came out of talking about, the calm before the storm?

    I think evil is about to take a haircut. That group of military men he was surrounded by looks to me to be the kind of guys you need to give evil one and a good spanking to boot.

    The Las Vegas attack has so many holes in it, that I think somebody shot a hole in their own foot. I feel a change in the weather and a feeling in my gut. I could be wrong, well yeah, check my record. If indeed I’m a little bit right, wouldn’t the slight respite of a right minded event of that nature offer us, the world, a small window of opportunity for a degree of personal spiritual growth? I am so forever the optimist.

    Your Friend

  6. Pieiter:

    A few year ago I was a scheduled lecturer at a very large and week engineering conference at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. In my off time, I spent the week studying people, the sites, and the local architectures. I do not know the means to import photographs, but a view from the Mandalay Bay Hotel will clearly reveal the construction of a replica of the “Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan” to the right of the replicas of a pyramid from Giza, The Sphynx of Giza, and an Egyptian obelisk.

    Also, from an architectural perspective the Mandalay Bay Hotel is designed and erected in a perfect symmetrical “WYE” with exact angles of 120 degree apart. The boundaries of the Mandalay Bay Hotel is a square. This “WYE” represents the two dimensional interior of a specific three dimensional cube (aka; The Black Box, The Kaaba, a Tefillin or Totafos, and Saturn) or the center of a geometric symbol commonly referred to as “The Star of David”. The interior of the Star of David is a perfect cube. The center of the cube is erected from a WYE with angles exactly 120 degree apart.

    IMHO, the blood sacrifices from the a “32nd” floor of the interior of a six sided cube in front of these replicas (especially a replica of the Templo Mayor of Tenochtitlan” in Sin City was no accident or random event. I suspect that it was more of a ritualistic blood sacrifice.

    Note and study the patterns in the angles in front of these replicas to the places about which the murders occurred. Temples of Satanic ritual sacrifices always contain geometric symmetries.

    Research the history and symbolism of these replicas.

    Research the directors and “owners” of each of these replicas.

    Cui Bono? Follow the money!


  7. JC – Please help me understand how Trump fits in with all of this.

    • It is my understanding that Trump’s modern nationalism in an effort to rebalance the US into the multilateral framework being orchestrated by the world bankers which will eventually lead to a world Government.
    o If so, can we assume that all of his followers are being led to slaughter when this “modern nationalism” is eventually defeated by and International UN Agenda?
    o Is the “kneeling for the national anthem” debate a clever way of mobilizing a blind patriotism that further divides the country and supports the Modern Nationalism agenda? If so, I believe these so called patriots are being misled by a song and a flag to stand in opposition to Freedom of Expression and Liberty.
     Do you think there a bigger move being made with all of this Anthem talk?
     Could we see our liberties threatened through the guise of Patriotism and then those same liberties restored by an International governing body?
    Are we to believe that Trump is a force of good, a force of evil? On the surface does he appear to be Honest, Understanding, Humble, Moderate, and Wise OR does he appear Selfish, Compulsive, Intolerant, Greedy, Disrespectful, and Dishonest?
    I struggle to see how he doesn’t represent the Crown Beast himself?? Unless this is some sort of “Dark Knight” scenario where BAT MAN becomes the bad guy for the greater good. But even in that scenario the goal is to make him appear on the surface as the bad guy.
    The Scottish Rite Masons who founded this Country were wise men and presented themselves as wise men. Trump does not appear to be one of those men. He appears to be the opposite. Is the power behind the double headed eagle unleashing Trump to destroy Evil with Evil?

    Sorry if I’m taking this the wrong direction. I simply seek to understand.

    Also my bad on the sloppy formatting. It looked a little better in my word document

  8. Dear Mr. Collins,

    you are really the Best! I am waiting for every new article!

    For your information – Vikings are russians (slavic people) – R1A ( in russian R odin A 🙂

    Slava = glory
    This is one of biggest secret of today and this is a second face of the protestant genocide. Both world wars (same as napoleon an few of them before) was primarily Vatican war against the slavic tribes of europe.
    i suggest to investigate the meaning of russian coat of arms on top of the DHE….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..10.4.1855….0.q3aVrvg9L1E

    1. Dear Karl Von,

      I think Morris did a pretty good job with the few minutes he spent on the methodology. I’ll admit he is a bit of a funny looking fella. No?

      I’ve never see what JC describes as the adversarial force explained in the manner you present. Very interesting, I for one am pleased to have you as a contributor to the POM.


  9. Ryan – Trump was put on the place to steer US where it should be.

    he is first of all a world-class proffesional in bankruptcy process. That is what he was trained for years. And he can deliver!

    1. Karl – Please feel free to elaborate. I’m on board with JC’s thesis that he will help to re-balance the dollar into the Multi-Lateral framework. I think 99% of his followers don’t understand this. JC and the people (including you) contributing to this site appear to be on the forefront of critical thought and insight.

      Along with the Financial agenda I would like to better understand the social agenda and the implications?

      How will his behavior impact our society and humanity as a whole? Is there a single message from Trump that can stand up along side Thomas Paine, Francis Bacon, Albert Pike, Manly P Hall, Ben Franklin? Are his words and his actions in line or in contrast with the men I mention above?

      I believe part of his agenda is to create a social wedge through the influence of patriotism. I believe this division will create a perfect environment for an international solution to our domestic problems.

      Trump claims to align with conservative values but I don’t believe his actions match up with his words. He is a Materialist. He is a womanizer. He is a selfish man. He is not a man of integrity. He is not the conservative champion so many Republicans try to make him out to be.

      1. Hello Ryan where you state that “Trump claims to align with conservative values but I don’t believe his actions match up with his words. He is a Materialist. He is a womanizer. He is a selfish man. He is not a man of integrity. He is not the conservative champion so many Republicans try to make him out to be.”

        What if “He (was) a Materialist. He (was) a womanizer. He (was) a selfish man. He (was) not a man of integrity. He (is) the conservative champion so many Republicans try to make him out to be.” Would this put him right down the middle? Would he represent what it is to be human by learning and evolving from understanding his own adversarial forces? What if he is simply expressing himself along his inward journey of seeking truth? Which seems to align with the spirit of the protestant reformation we study from the history of man?

        There has always been two sides to the coin/story and perhaps as the world moves into this age of multilateral thinking we may find that the proverbial coin has many sides and is no coin at all.

        Karl/Martin, much of what you have suggested we look into has been covered here on POM. This would seem to reflect that you are fairly new to POM so welcome if this is the case. As you immerse yourself in past essays and comments you will begin to see the suggestions you are making.

        1. Dane – Your points are valid and I always love your perspective. However as we talk about evolving there is typically a noticeable growth and wisdom that takes place. An ownership of past mistakes and an example of right action going forward. The guy is 70 years old but presents himself like a spoiled 16 year old kid. I’m 34 and suspect I’ve had more self growth in the past 5 years than he’s had in his entire life.

          I’ve been impressed with the positive spin that Trump gets from the bright thinkers on POM. It warrants more consideration than most of the Trump advocates that try to explain away his indiscretions and divisive behavior. I realize Trump is following a script laid out by his handlers, and if I’m following the POM thesis correctly, his handlers are on the side of the Double Headed Eagle. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that Trump is a force of good in this world.

          1. I understand Ryan. Thanks for loving my perspectives. But don’t mistake just pointing out character traits as thinking he is a force of good. He is who he is as we are all just who we are.

            In this evolution process perhaps one doesn’t have to show public ownership of past transgressions. That would represent an attempt at pleasing something or someone outside of oneself. Evolution of self begins in the inner universe and emanates out through our actions. Thus far Trumps actions as president have been sincere and straightforward. Got to say his public speaking is leaps and bounds better than Bush Jr. was. Man to listen to that guy was taxing.

            I wonder how different Trump would look to us if he wasn’t being met with such epidemic waves of mindless opposition. It will be interesting to see how the political class will respond to his intention of making them all take drug tests like any other government employee.

            If we cancel out the extreme left views with the extreme right views we see a clearer picture of what is truly happening right down the middle.

  10. I have a book called “Hitler was a British Agent” by Greg Hallett which talks about his early life and a couple undocumented years that he likely spent at Tavistock (after ww1). In light of this Protistant context, it makes a lot more sense why Germany was not only funded by the Federal Reserve during WW2, but they put in an Anglo-American trained leader (Hitler).

    1. Thank you for sharing this old article Dane. It is easy to get distracted in external chaos around us and forget that the journey will always be within. This life and the next.

  11. If the Protestant Reformers and Protestants have been and are under attack by the Catholic Church as an agent of the Crown Beast, then this might explain why there have not been any Protestants on the US Supreme Court for decades.

    1. Thanks for sharing BeachDude. This all makes sense and is in line with what I have been concerned about. Faux Patriotism is going to do serious damage to good people who are committed to standing (or kneeling) for Liberty.

  12. JC, I know eventually you’ll have the time to read all the comments so I’m going to post this here for all to see rather than emailing it to just you. Enjoy.

    Comment by IdenturedServant, over at, on what JC offers the reader/subscriber:

    “I’ve been following him since his second month then bailed when the pay wall went up. T4C and others posting his work here finally got me to pony up and I’ve spent the last several months reading two years worth of material I missed.

    Reading his work has a calming effect on my thoughts because I can see the things he writes about materialize in the real world. That and looking at our situation through the LONG lens of history brings understanding.

    I’ve got a million questions for Collins but he writes so much there’s no time to ask him. Maybe I’ll drive up to Canuckistan, get him to drinkin’ and pick his brain!”

  13. This is a typical example of how Islam as a religion is being pushed to be an ethnicity and a civilization! The article talks about the Vikings having specific trade and cultural contacts with the Persians as well as the Egyptians based on archeological finds going back to 3400 years ago, that is before Islam but these are in small prints! Yet, the reader with no background in much will see the Vikings were in the trade with, wait for it, The Muslims! More so pushing comes when Vikings are trading with the ‘Islamic Civilization’. How about the Viking Civilization? No, sorry only Islam must be glorified it seems.

    What is terrifying is the cultural genocide of the actual people and ethnicities, races, and nations who were colonized by the Arab Semitic belief system. In this way, all the people in vast continents of Europe, Asia and Africa are not mentioned but the religion of Islam speaks for them all. The Soviet Union represented the same kind of idea where all people of various republics who were even different races became Soviet citizens. But, EU, and Islam are filling the gap now and removing national identities, where all become members of one colonizing power! History definitely repeats…I wonder if Saudi Arabia glorifies Christianity!!!

  14. Dear Dane, dear Ryan,

    i do apologize for the delay in reply to your posts, I hope I will answer to you today evening (living in Europe) so this will be not too late for you.

    Nice day!

  15. Indeed dear Oz. That plus rewriting history as a means of confusion and elevation of darkness, all a big industry. Weinstein and his holly-wood have been operatives and beneficiaries of the deception since 1913…at least.

      1. Dane:

        It cannot collapse fast even!

        Weinstein having been exposed as being a pervert by touching women or forcing women (some willingly to get a ahead) is just one very small tip of many very deep cold icebergs of evil.

        I want to see these miscreants’ evil against children exposed and revealed to the light of day.


  16. Oh, very much indeed, CD!

    The activities of pernicious and predacious miscreants as Weinstein and his ilk started long before 1913. They just achieved new highest in 1913. Miscreants as Weinstein had been heavily infiltrated and dominant in banking and news publications prior to 1913.

    Thomas Edison, the inventor of such devices as the incandescent light bulb, the sound recording devices, phonographs, and motion picture devices was directly supported and personally funded by J.P. Morgan in the USA and the Rothschild Banks of Europe.

    J.P Morgan and other specific other investment banksters began to control stories printed newspapers thorough the USA beginning in the late 1800s. First it was the control of specific articles and stories via control of specific reporters, then the control of the editors, and finally the control of the newspaper companies.

    Deceptions, lies, and illusions have been occurring in the mass communications industries for well over a century.


    1. Very true dear Oz, in fact once you know that non of the captains of any industry got there through hard work Or intelligence and expertise , every thing begins to look different.
      Apple, Microsoft, Amazon et al. FB’s Mark Suckerturd is in this scheme either a physiological robot or a genetically modified being with no soul. The Edison and other so called inventors are all agents of the same banking Crown elite whose job is to act as the world’s authority whilst controlling the human progress. I watched a short clip a week or so age about the paraplegic scientist Stephen Hawkins who’s job appear to be the production of scientific monologues where no one can ridicule. His statements are weird but nobody challenges him!
      I even think the science we are given is a watered down and soulless body of knowledge that again is being controlled by the academic priest class. Nothing is authentic and we arrive at how the noble ancient thinkers thought a way of surviving this jungle is see existentialism as a way of explaining the absurdity of life and all there is in this dualistic and 3D domains.
      Still in London and and counting the natives tjat often amounts to the total of my digits! 🙂

      1. DearCD:

        The deceptions and plots of these miscreants appear to be thickening.

        Yes! Thickening indeed.

        The question is,………Are the miscreants and agents of the Crown Adversaries becoming more active and aggressive in their evil deeds?
        a) to suppress the increasing awareness of the disorganized and unwashed masses?
        b) because they fear loosing control?
        c) to gain great controls?
        d) steal more wealth, life force, and energies from their host?
        e) cause greater deaths and destruction?
        f) all of the above?

        I will pick “f)” for 666666 or &#*%ed for $500.


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