The Corrupt Primordial Class

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By JC Collins

Death is a release from the impressions of the senses, and from desires that make us their puppets, and from the vagaries of the mind, and from the hard service of the flesh.      - Marcus Aurelius Meditations. 167 AD

Socialism corrupts capitalism and then blames capitalism for the ineffectiveness of its own inefficiencies.  But let's not get lost in ideological blathering and economic system fundamentals.

All economic and sociological structures are built by the human mind and as such are designed to feed the deficiencies within the mind itself.  These deficiencies are born from the survival instinct of primordial man and his battle to survive.

The class structures which we have been conditioned to accept are defined as the poor, middle class, and rich.  But what is the one thing all classes have in common?

Perhaps human greed is the answer, though the correct answer could also be man's survival instinct which is manifested as greed.  This greed does not seldom exist on the surface of our everyday interactions, but is well hidden within the confines of the subconscious mind and consolidated filters of the senses.

As such, few of us consider ourselves to be greedy people.  Yet, survival today, being represented by trips to the grocery store and gas station, has left a primordial emptiness within us which we attempt to fill with the waste and vagaries of the material world.

Long journeys across the plains foraging for food is no longer the physical requirement of the modern man.  The mind, not focused upon on the securing of food and shelter,  has left our primordial selves in a form of suspended animation.

This status has been manipulated and further engineered to deepen the coma of the higher awareness within and has reduced us to the lowest common denominator of base physical existence.  A new class of humanity has emerged from the mass collective of modernity and overabundance.

I propose to define this new class distinction as - The Primordial Class - the lowest common denominator quest for survivability as actualized in the amoral structure of modern civilization.

This class can be found in all levels of civilization and in all segments of industry and arts.  It is the mindset of what is mine is mine and what is yours is also mine.

It is the madness of dancing on pedestals over the void of selfness.

It is the destructive idea of peeling back the street to take what is underneath it.

It attempts to qualify and define the nature of now.

Mankind cannot go back to the days of foraging and shivering in caves at the sounds of predators.  Mankind must push through the traps of modernity and explode from the prison of the senses.

Our true physical instinctual nature was best represented by Capitalism but has since been corrupted into a twisted ideological bastardization of what we are and what we seek to be.

A king and beggar play chess together.

The king can king and the beggar can beg,

But the board knows the truth of it all.

The affliction of the Primordial Class knows no boundaries or borders.  Whether you be rich or poor, or wanting more, the corruption of the human heart and mind is the door through which we have entered the modern the world.

It is time to relinquish old paradigms and unfounded stereotypes and realize that corruption in the material world is not limited to the boundaries which satisfy our lack of awareness.

It is time for the Primordial Class to be subjected to the self-limiting of rent seeking.  This rent seeking exists at all levels of society.  Those who are rich are cursed by those who are not because they are not.  The majority in civilization are the Primordial Class no matter the sociological level.

It has been relentlessly repeated here by many that for the world to change we must change ourselves first.  The affliction of primordial corruption must be recognized within individually first before real change can be realized for the whole.

It is a guaranteed reality that there are those at all levels of society who are not completely lost to the Primordial Class.  Perhaps a few of us have already consolidated ourselves here at Philosophy of Metrics.  We invite more, for with each awareness comes the ability to free more. Tomorrow is depending on it.  - JC

32 Comments on “The Corrupt Primordial Class”

  1. Mr. Collins:

    Should I interpret you declaration, “It is time for the Primordial Class to be subjected to the self-limiting of rent seeking”, as your believe that the “Primordial Class” can no longer manage or rule itself and therefore should be controlled and ruled by the self anointed rent seeking elites? Also, I have some experiences with self anointed rent seeking elites. For all of their appearances and declarations, their actions are anything but self limiting

    1. That interpretation is incorrect. The primordial class, as I define it, is a separate categorization from the standard class structure. The primordial class have members in all the traditional and divisional classes. The elite consists of the primordial class, which would make up the majority, but there is also a small contingent within the elites which represent the opposite of the primordial class. The intent is to show that the weakness within humanity is disbursed throughout all traditional class structures, and that weakness can be referred to as the primordial class.

      1. I have been looking for another way to reference these primordial class elite because I feel bad about encapsulating all "rich, well off, 1%ers, elite, or whatever" with those primordial class of people. It is simply unfair to associate people whom we don't really know.

        Actually we don't REALLY know ourselves yet so until we do how can we summarize someone elses life? Its something that has perplexed me for a while now so thank you for providing a means for me to alleviate that perplexity. Life is now that much simpler and it is an example of how to unlearn built up knowledge and replace it with newly learned heartfelt truth.

        Isn't there a story something about a woman long ago who volunteered to be a storyteller to a king who had a reputation for killing his storyteller’s? I think the challenge was to tell the king a story each night for 1,000 nights. She told the king 999 stories for the 1,000th night she had nothing to tell, she had run out of stories. But the king did not kill her. Instead he fell in love with her and married her….well it went something like that but perhaps in it is the key.

        Could love be the cure for such primordial sub consciousness?

        1. You can start exploring writings like The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz and also The Hermetic Marriage. What is love but the merging of our male and female attributes, our spiritual components, within the grand structure of the universal man. The marriage of a man and a woman in the physical world is the material re-enactment of this spiritual androgynous unification. Since we know that all things corrupt when introduced into the world of matter, I will leave it up to the individual to recognize the other forms of corruption which are representations of the Hermetic Marriage in the physical world.

      2. Mr. Collins:

        Mr. Collins:

        Should I interpret you declaration, “It is time for the Primordial Class to be subjected to the self-limiting of rent seeking”, as your believe that the “Primordial Class” can no longer manage or rule itself and therefore should be controlled and ruled by the self anointed rent seeking elites? Also, I have some experiences with self anointed rent seeking elites. For all of their appearances and declarations, their actions are anything but self limiting.

        Thank you for the clarification. What you identify as the "primordial class", is comparable to what I refer to as "the reptile (or serpent) in the brain". I agree with your statement that the elite consist of the majority of the primordial class. I am also convinced that most of the elites are reptilian psychopaths by nature and criminals in actions, deeds, and fact no matter their specific classification. It is amazing how they maintain the blood lines for generations over the past 200+ years. I also acknowledge that there is a reptile or the possibility for evil within all humans. What separate good from evil are the CHOICES we make and the duties we perform.

        Although I am occasionally puzzled by the odd assortment of commercials available for view at the end of your post, I sincerely appreciate your works and the efforts you exert to draft and present important information and thought provoking materials. Good job! Very well done! Kindly, keep up the good work.

      3. In regards to the Hermetic Marriage exploration. I am honored that you believe my understanding is at this level. It opens a plethora of possibilities for me to explore the “other forms of corruption which are representations of the Hermetic Marriage in the physical world.”

        Am I way off base in realizing that observing a particular personal behavior in the physical world then reversing its “polarity” or "corruption" would give me a direction to see that portion of my spiritual realms development or lack of?

        But man it would get infinitely more complex since a combination of things in the physical world could be the opposite in spirit so to speak. Wow this could be really cool! What is spirit? Hmmm.....

  2. I just watched a movie at a friends called Emperor. As I saw it I think it’s a nice example of the message here at philosophyofmetrics.

    It is staged in the time period of rebuilding Japan just after their surrender to the US. The main character is tasked by Gen. MacArthur to research and find evidence for executing or not executing the emperor of Japan for war crimes while saving his political position at the same time. Many wanted the emperor killed simply from their misguided beliefs. However, the main character forged ahead searching for truth overcoming each obstacle as it came.

    The story unfolds as it tells of how the emperor was only a figure that other powers actually ruled Japan so to speak. Furthermore, he learned that the emperor had mustered great courage to stand up to the primordial class before him in demanding the surrender of Japan which we can confirm to have happened. The emperor was even willing to sacrifice his life in the end to keep this secret for betterment of the people of Japan.

    Fortunately in the end truth was found which could save the emperor and satisfy the people. In other words he found a solution to save the emperor while at the same time not politically damaging Gen. MacArthur’s reputation. As a symbol of how bad people did not want him to succeed. Did I mention he had an entire 10 days to do this? Truly amazing, this guy was a hero in my book.

    Has anyone else noticed the increase of war movies lately especially old ones about this time period? Seems I recall someone explaining to me how Standard Oil of NY’s stock ticker is SONY. Isn't it coincidental that SONY is Japans largest electronics manufacturer….or not! I wonder if Rockefellers are well established in Japan. Perhaps this could all be a message that Rockefellers are out of the global picture. Hence the movement from the petrodollar and possibly OPEC that we are seeing here on philosophyofmetrics and in the world? Just thinking out loud.

    1. The Rockefellers are NOT out of the global picture. Quite the opposite is true. The evil forces and pressures that have been building and increasing in magnitude are the conflicting interests and plans of the Rockefeller forces colliding with the Rothechild forces to determine which cabal of evil miscreants will finally control and rule over the entire planet. Think of it as another great family battle between Horus and Set to determine who directs their respective managers to enslave the masses of sheep.

  3. IMF chief Christine Lagarde is made an assisted witness in French embezzlement and fraud case

    > Lagarde, 57, questioned for two days by judges in Paris
    > She could still face formal criminal charges over the case
    > She has already faced calls to stand down from £305,000 a year job

    - Remember .... Dominque Strauss-Kahn, another senior French politician, was sacked as IMF chief following allegations that he attempted to rape a chambermaid in a New York hotel.

    ----> Make your conclusion ... (SDR is postponed indefinitely)

      1. Oh my. I can see that happening. It fits in well with their other unnoticed moves of late and makes perfect sense. The US did not comply with the 2010 IMF reforms back in April as they agreed to so it could most likely be part of the larger picture. And just think we all have a front row seat to the show, just amazing!

  4. Hello Ozy. You are most likely correct on that. I was mainly referring to the oil industry in that the global indicators are showing a move away from OPEC and the US controlled oil industry as a whole. As I was watching the movie that I mentioned it was my own ego that began thinking out loud. You know like the memorial for JFK at his assassination spot that wreaks of a signature from the true assassin that's all....

    1. Dan:

      You are correct the House of Saud is not please with the spurious usurper in the White House at present. However, and to your point, the OPEC Cartel appears to be slowly moving away from the Rockefeller or Texas oil forces.

      Relative to the 50th anniversary memorial service of the JFK hit, it appeared to me that TPTB were more remembering how they pulled off a major black operation with the black wool over the head of the masses. So much for attempting to print Treasury Notes and Silver Certificates without any FR seals on the paper. I have been to the Dallas TSBD Building and looked out the same window from which Lee O was reported to have discharged his Carcano at JFK. The first shot reportedly missed and then Lee O reportedly got off two other rapid shots with considerable accuracy on a moving target. Oh, pul...........ease! I have military experience in combat zones as well as considerable experience with firearms. I have also operated and discharged a short barrel Carcano Model 91/38 carbine chambered with 6.5x52 mm ammunition. With the changing angle between the elevated window and moving car, one would have to be a very experienced and well rehersed shot with the specific rifle and changing angles to have made those neck and head shots, Also, the first shot would have been the best one and it reportedly missed. There was a combination of considerable and planned wickedness present and in play that November day in Dallas. Perhaps Mr. Collins has an opinion on these matters.


      1. Have you looked into the theory of the driver being the shooter? JC is probably too busy to bother with us on this topic. He's not big on the conspiracy side of the game. Actually here at philosophyofmetrics we have pretty much collectively adopted a non conspiracy angle of things. I am surprised he/they have entertained us this far:-).

  5. SDR is the designed destination however it is sliced and diced. The R&C marriage is here for quite awhile. Watch Germany come into the fold, or are they already...

    Free Trade Zone banks will appear at an accelerated pace...

  6. Hello everyone, this is my first post in this space. I decided to post because I like JC's manner of writing which to me it suggests thinking from a detached perspective and I appreciate the fact that it is not 'extremist'.

    Related to the so called 'Primordial class' I am quite far from being convinced that protochronism can offer a solution out of the major crisis (economical, social, scientific, philosophical, cultural, ethical, moral and even biological) which we have the fantastic privilege to be a part of. .

    I am glad that the story with the body and soul has been 'smoked' so we can take care of our spirits as well. At least i think it has although some enlightened circles would beg to differ.

    IMO, each of us as individuals should take some time to cleanup our mental spaces of rubbish constructs such as age, or artificial societal structures and start running imagination exercises for the next destination, individual or as a family or as a group and share and check the impression created.

    I think it is the right time to start saying I want and I do not like, of course as politely as possible.

    Apologies for my advisory tone but it feels good to elevate my spirit. 🙂


  7. Dan:

    One would have to be dumb and blind not to notice the "conspiracy angle" playing out in national and global economics and politics by nefarious and wicked Shylocks and Shysters. I am supportive of the focus on increasing one's awareness and expanding one's consciousness here at philosophyofmetrics. However, when we are looking up to focus on the clean whiteness of the peaks of the Himalayas we can not completely ignore the blood in the snow from those who were injuried in their journeys. Balance results from the acknowledgements, measures, and weights of the good and bad as well as light and dark.


    1. Oz, I wasn't referring that anyone was dumb or blind to it. I merely stated "we" here at philosophyofmetrics have "chosen" not to feed that avenue of things as much as possible. Of course some points have to be shown to understand "our" history of how we got to this point. And constructive discussion about them has always been welcomed. But to borrow a term from JC "banter" just gets tiresome. If you want to understand more on his thoughts about conspiracy you can check out the essay that JC did on it here.

      For me though its more of a personal choice to use my energy to look inward in order to expand my overall balanced growth as a being.

  8. Hello everyone

    Estimated Collins, the article deserves a 10 as a note.

    Few financial experts get tired to explain in detail the mechanisms operating in the banking world, explain it in order to understand it, the common people.
    Thank you!

    I leave you a link with an article very good about Russia and the struggle between the Rothschilds and the IMF, to dominate Russian politics and finances.

    But the article is in Spanish and I couldn't translate directly on the page with the translator, as I do with articles in English.
    I hope you are not so comfortable to do otherwise. 🙂

    Remember that the English language is in the first position globally, which has followed the culture of money, with City London, as a financial center.
    Not that inglez language is the best or the most beautiful.
    Therefore, that has followed the path of money marked by the globalists.

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