The Confederates were Democrats

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Understanding the Next Phase of the Masonic Civil War

Facts matter.

The cultural and economic causes of the American Civil War are vast and complex, as are events unfolding now.  But the connections between the rise of the anti-slavery Republican Party, and the seven Democratic states which originally declared secession from the United States in February of 1861, are considered the main contributors to the eventual violence which broke out when the Confederates (Democrats) attacked Fort Sumter in North Carolina on April of that year.

The original seven states which disagreed with the election of anti-slavery Republican Abraham Lincoln were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.  These were later followed by Kentucky, Missouri, Confederate Arizona, and the Indian Territory.

It is historically accepted that the secession movement and the states involved were Democratic. The Southern Democrats were pro-slavery and stood against the progressive mandates of the abolitionists of the Northern Democrats and the new Republicans under Lincoln.  Much like the Trump rift in the modern Republican Party, there was a political division within the Democratic Party in the lead up to the Civil War.  The Southern Democrats remained as a political identity until they were amalgamated within the Republican Party under the Presidency of Richard Nixon.

From that point both the Democratic Party and Republican Party represented the Anglo-American establishment which had guided the course of European and North American history for centuries.  This lasted until Donald Trump hijacked the Republican Party during the 2016 Presidential campaign.  The full force of this establishment, within both parties, has been unleashed upon President Trump in the post-election months.

In previous posts I have hinted at the existence of a Masonic Civil War and how that war has manifested itself as everything from the Protestant Reformation, the American Civil War, both World Wars, the Cold War, and now the ongoing turmoil with Trump and the attempts to right the wrongs which have been allowed to develop in the world under the leadership of the Anglo-American establishment, such as instability in the Middle East, and the existence of North Korea.

Under such a premise, even though little information can be found, there are facts and trends which we can discover and present which provide support to the thesis.  One such fact is that the pre-Civil War Masonic lodges were predominantly York Rite.  The emergence of the Scottish Rite lodges was first noticed in the fragmentation which took place in the lead up to secession as the Southern lodges withdrew fellowship from the Northern lodges and declared them un-masonic.

After the war had been won by the represents of the North, the remaining York Rite lodges were converted to the expanding Scottish Rite lodges. This obvious fact and trend has remained unconnected to the broader wars and geopolitical crisis which have emerged since the end of the war in 1865.

The cultural and socioeconomic engineering from the Anglo-American establishment interests since that time has reversed the script on history and most Americans now associate the Republicans as the party of slavery.  The fact that it was the Democrats who supported slavery and attempted secession in order to prevent change should be compared to the ongoing narrative which is now emerging about anti-Trump forces weaving a new secession movement.

History repeats.

After the formation of the United States and the Declaration of Independence was signed, forces went to work on infiltrating and overthrowing the right-minded policies of the new nation.  George Washington has established a national bank to be used as a central repository for federal funds.  The charter of this bank expired and in 1816 the Second Bank of the United States was established.

President Andrew Jackson destroyed this bank in 1833 by removing funds and banning deposits, which in all probability had a lot to do with why the Congressional Democrats turned against Jackson and censured him in 1834 for abuse of presidential power. Though Andrew Jackson was a slave owner, as was the custom within Democrat circles, he treated them well and wanted murder charges brought against those who killed slaves.

Standing against the political power and the lack of congressional oversight surrounding the Second Bank of America, Jackson was quoted as follows:

It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.”

Jackson believed that the bank symbolized a privileged class of businessmen who oppressed the will of the common American people.  This power establishment went to work in Congress not long after Jackson took office and would never relent in their efforts to remove him from power, or limit the power he could weld for the betterment of the people.  The same thing is repeating now with congress and Trump.

This back and forth between powerful forces in America and the world is the same battle which happens within each one of us.  The moral and right-minded man must fight the immoral and lawless animal within.  This animal will never not-exist, which is why the battle continues.

Learning from the past can provide us insight into the future.  It is possible that these negative forces will push America into another civil war.  This has been going on since before there were masonic lodges.

The Protestant Reformation was the continuation of something which was started by the Knights Templar.  Protestantism was designed to shatter the control the Catholic Church held over Europe and provide the forces of right-mindedness a beachhead from which a new defensive position could be established.  This will be covered in another article soon, but it is interesting that Protestantism in America stood against slavery while the Catholic Church was pro-slavery.  Trump also has widely proclaimed himself to be a Protestant.

The theme of the double-headed eagle in all of this is fascinating and follows the same pattern as we are following throughout this series. The House of Habsburg used the double-headed eagle on its emblem, as did the Eastern Holy Roman Empire.  While the emperors of the East supported Roman Catholicism, the electors supported the Reformation.  There is so much history here that we will only brush upon it for a quick reference.

The Protestant Reformation represented what became the Scottish Rite and was esoteric in orientation.  Catholicism represents what became the York Rite and was non-esoteric in orientation.  Add to this that Donald Trump worked hard on acquiring the rights to his Scottish family crest which incorporates the double-headed eagle and motto Numquam Concedere, meaning “Never Quit”, and his feud with the Pope, and you begin to see the scope of what we are discussing.

Everything is reverse from what you think.  The Confederates are the Democrats and Republicans, which is why some are now stating that Trump represents something new.  Remember the logo which Trump introduced during the campaign with the lion?  King Richard is also represented by a lion and tales of quests for the Holy Grail follow the same script as the Knights Templar and the Grail.

More to come….  – JC

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  1. Wow! Really nice post JC. This will take some time to sort out and reprogram…

    I saw this old Civil War political cartoon earlier today. So I bet it was some conditioning being broadcast. Let me walk you all through it. I was reading God knows what article today and saw this picture with a title that must have caught my attention because I followed clicks all the way to the Library of Congress to get a larger image in an effort to try to read it’s captions…Anyway long story short I questioned myself as to why they were riding donkeys and not elephants…Go figure.

    Here’s the link of the original 1861 art. I think Texas is the one going down the decline saying something to the fact that it’s less dangerous to deviate a little.

  2. Revelations in the bible gives a new insight to me . The beast from heaven has the crowns on the seven heads , the beast that arises from the sea has the crowns on its ten horns, with the 7 heads having blasphemous names written on them. One of the heads on this beast has been mortally wounded but yet lived. Another beast appears from out of the earth and looks just like a lamb but speaks as a dragon. It is this beast that gives the beast in the sea all the power to make wars and cause the whole of the earth to worship its “image” . I suspect the beast in the ocean represents our unconscious for it’s said of it , that it once was and is no more and will be again. Also the beast that comes out of the earth is the dictator of its power. The sea in our metaphors has always represented the unconscious .
    Also after the battle the stated words are I saw and new heaven and new earth and the sea was no more. Just food for thought and would love to hear others thoughts on the numbers of 7 and 10. I know that crowns symbols authority as does that of right hand , beasts crowns in sea are on the horns .

  3. This is an excellent article JC, thank you and very helpful in seeing the historical narrative of all this. Interesting that after Russia nonsense, the media is on a psychotic roll and an orchestrated attack on Trump and they are doing everything possible to suggest that he is a Nazi and somehow attached to the Charlottesville psyop.

    BBC being at the forefront of Globalism, Marxism, and anti-Trumpism is using this 1947 propaganda film about Nazi’s…which has nothing to do with 2017 and Trump’s presidency, but BBC makes that connection anyway. They have to waste the £600 million revenue earned by extorting money from every British household. The mention of “Freemasons” in this propaganda film is extremely fascinating!

  4. Thank you again for your insight. Yes I know that President Trump is a mason. I also know that he is fighting the old regime that has been plaguing this country for a lot of years.
    Personally I wish we could vote all the congressmen and senators that are fighting against Trumps agenda out of office now and put new ones in.
    But that’s not how it works. Hopefully in time we can get them replaced.
    I was told by a old friend that Trumps election saved the world. What do you think.

    1. It’s a silent war hidden behind facades and nation states. You have to look for patterns like the one about York lodges converting to Scottish lodges after the civil war. Symbols war against symbols. I’m still discovering things myself, and each piece is exciting as it confirms the overall trend. The Masonic nature of this battle is only the manisfestation of it which began a few centuries ago. The war itself started thousands of years back in the dim light of mans first quest.

  5. “Everything is reverse from what you think. The Confederates are the Democrats and Republican, which is why some are now stating that Trump represents something new.”

    JC, also earlier in the posting you mentioned that Trump went through considerable effort to obtain the rights to his doubled eagle Scottish family crest. That plus his campaign logo with the lion motif. My mind’s thinking is that Richard the Lion Heart would of been a member of the York Rite lodge, all through I maybe mistaken about that, because he did spend a lot of time in France, Still.

    So where I’m attempting to go with this, I think we can pretty much agree that Trump is neither a Democrat or a Republican but something ‘new.’ Would I be way out of line if I suggested that the something ‘new’ goes beyond Demo/Rep, and may also represent in its full transfor/figuration a ‘new’ type of masonry??

    As an aside I believe that is a tack Bannon would sail.

  6. POM material is just fascinating. Thank you. Doing some research into the double-headed eagle I found this book worth sharing:
    Lodge of the Double-headed Eagle

    Chapter One is available to read in it’s entirety and is titled “The Scottish Rite’s Prehistory – the Genesis and Genius of Freemasonry”.

  7. Another paper on “The Double­Headed Eagle: Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s Veneration of Nimrod”

    “Scottish Rite Freemasonry honors perhaps the greatest rebel against God—the greatest human rebel, at least—in all of history”

    “The author is aware that there are different paths Freemasons may choose if they want to advance
    beyond the three basic levels of the Blue Lodge. In the United States, the main appendant bodies to
    Freemasonry are the York Rite, more correctly called the American Rite, and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, or simply the Scottish Rite. In simple terms, the York Rite is considered the
    “Christian” path of Freemasonry while the Scottish Rite holds a more tolerant attitude, requiring only
    that its members profess faith in some deity.”

    1. An interesting distinction Dane. Perhaps, from a symbolic point of view, the following article communicates that contrast further:
      Pope Francis hails Albania as model of religious harmony
      Pope Francis condemned the “distortion and manipulation” of religious belief by extremists during a one-day visit to Albania in which he held up the tiny Balkan nation as a model of religious harmony…

      “There is a rather beautiful characteristic of Albania, one which gives me great joy: I am referring to the peaceful coexistence and collaboration that exists among followers of different religions,” the Pope said during the first address of his one-day trip to the Balkan nation, where religion was suppressed for decades under the dictator Enver Hoxha…

      As the Pope was driven through Tirana in a white, open-topped Pope-mobile, crowds cheered and waved Albania’s flag – a double-headed eagle on a blood-red background…

      Encapsulating the Pope’s message of religious tolerance, one man held up a placard which read “I love the Bible and Koran because I am Albanian.”

  8. “Jackson believed that the bank symbolized a privileged class of businessmen who oppressed the will of the common American people. This power establishment went to work in Congress not long after Jackson took office and would never relent in their efforts to remove him from power, or limit the power he could weld for the betterment of the people. The same thing is repeating now with congress and Trump.”

    The rather ubiquitous comparison of Trump to Jackson has significant problems. It seems to hold true rhetorically, but not in terms of actual policy prescriptions.

    It seems clear enough that Congress has been unwilling to take away or limit entitlements, health care being the most recent example. Tax cuts and infrastructure spending have yet to see their fate. It also seems clear that Congress has been unwilling to let Trump get away with not distancing himself from a section of his base after the recent death during the protest in Charlottesville, Virginia (white nationalists). To be fair however, as the point was recently made in Commentary magazine, the press (and Congress) has all but ignored the violence of the radical anti-fascist left, which has been significant (recently referring to them euphemistically as “counter protesters”).

    However, it is unclear what populist policies Congress is preventing Trump from pursuing. He is pro big-business, pro Zionist, pro expansion of military leadership into civilian posts within the government. He supports asset forfeiture, weakening of environmental protections to keep food and water safe, etc. There do not appear to be any policies Trump has proffered that will benefit the working or middle classes. It is unclear how Trump represents, at least on the domestic scene, a Jacksonian populist movement to wrest control from the deep state (as much as I have hoped that would be the case).

    1. Dear orendareview,

      I am sure after you have seen this short clip (5 Min.) you will change your mind about Trump…or rather appreciate the HRC did not win! Had she won the election, we would have been in the middle of a world war (if not all dead!) OR the full blown Sharia/Islamization of the US, Canada, and the EU.

      I am grateful for President Trump and I am not an American.

      1. Carpe Diem,

        The points you raise, although not related to the points I raised above, are important ones.

        The question of whether or not Clinton would have been worse than Trump is the question that caused many to vote for Trump. I agree that Clinton has a record of being interventionist and bellicose. Trump had no record on this issue to examine. However, since Trump has deferred to his military advisors, civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan have risen significantly. Perhaps we can say Clinton would have bombed Syria more quickly and more significantly (and other nations as well), but there is no evidence to suggest she would have started WWIII, or that the United States would be under Sharia Law (HRC Resolution 16/18 not withstanding).

        Your strongest argument lies in Trump attempting to prevent the weaponized migration into the United States which has been taking place, a process supported by the authors of HRC Resolution 16/18 you cited. However, Trump’s consistently self-destructive rhetoric may prevent him from realizing his policy goals in this regard.

        1. Thank you orendareview,

          I appreciate your comment and agree with you regarding the backgrounds of both HRC and Trump. I also see your point when you on “…Trump’s consistently self-destructive rhetoric may prevent him from realizing his policy goals in this regard.” but this is what we hear from MSM that Trump is incompetent, self-destructive etc. etc. What we should be looking at is who the opposition to him are and what type of tactics and strategies are using against him. My observation is that Trump does not play by “their” book and rules for if he did, he would be destroyed before he could blink. I truly think the seemingly smokey atmosphere and all the dust around him when we hear McMaster hates, Kelly, Kelly hates Pence, Pence hates all of them etc. on a constant basis is a form of elaborate military tactic in confusing the enemy. In actual fact, we have no idea what is going on at WHY around Trump and if you have noticed, Trump has been saying he does not reveal any next step, plan or his next target. That is a classic strategy of confusing the enemy IMHO.

          What we hear from MSM is that Trump is a total failure and he hasn’t achieved Zero in 6 months in the office Yet, the pulling out of Paris accord left a huge dent in the opposition, and ending with the CIA funding to ISIS and a return of calm to Syria, the return of over a million jobs back to the US and many others are serious achievements.

          What Trump said in his inauguration was to end Pan-Islamism and it is now public knowledge, the invasion of young men from Syria, and other war ravaged region was to change the demographic of the target lands. This is still ongoing in the EU but It may be harder to advance by the people behind the cultural destruction of the West.

          I also believe that the fact that Trump has Generals around him signifies that he is a traditionalist leader who demands loyalty and discipline from people who work around him. Also, military men are the last people who want wars and it is always the educated civilian lawyers of Yale, Harvard, and other schools (NeoCons as an example!) who have taken America to wars. Although, I admit the corrupt Generals such as Petraeus and other like him who retire and joining the Military Industrial complex with 7 figure salaries and bonuses are the problem they are not around Trump thankfully.

          I wish you a great day,

    1. Great exchange Dane and darrens.metrics. Regarding Yoguslav Federation which Marshal Tito managed to preserve successfully in between the Soviet Union and the West, I recall the early 1990’s civil war was an engineered break up of the Balkans where Yugoslav Fed was the predominant power. The civil was carried out by the Elite/shadow Gov., Deep State or whatever name we may call it. The purpose was to destroy the most powerful army that was said to be superior to NATO in Europe who were SLAVIC people meaning they were in the same group of people as the Soviet Union majority were.

      The civil war coincided with none other than Bill Clinton’s presidency whose job was to bomb the Balkans to smithereens where new NATO client states would be created from i.e. the new recruits for NATO expansion. The newly established regimes in the micro states are all totally aligned with the globalism.

      What’s fascinating is that Yugoslav Federation enjoyed the best standards of living in the Eastern block and enjoyed a freedom that was envied by nations under the Soviets. So the question is how come in early 1990’s the entire Balkans become a hellhole of killing, death, and destruction. What was the role of the Western elite in triggering and manipulating the population into hating each other?

      The photo/clip of the camp where Muslim Bosnian men were seen as starved, was later found to be a psyop to anger the Western people into hating the big bad Serbs who were the dominant people in Yugoslav Fed.

      I recall the Islamists including Islamic Republic of Mullahs agents and civil warfare specialists were present in the Balkans! In fact, during Marshal Tito’s, there were ZERO religious hatred or intolerance in the region. President Milosevic was brought to The Hague International Court of “justice” to show the world what terrible murdered he was, whereas Tony Blair and the Bush crime syndicate were never ever questioned for any wrongdoing in the same court. That shows the level of authenticity of Justice and its delivery!

      Therefore, this is a live example of the now well known “Problem, Reaction, Solution” we hear these days. By inclusion of religions you get your problem, then a war becomes the reaction, then the Pope and all the associated religious “experts” provide the Solution. I think we must be in the last phase of the process, where the religious leaders will say, “Peace Now” or even “Chill out folks” and magically peace prevails!!!

  9. This research into the York Rite vs Scottish Rite is good but I get a feeling that above the two there is a common meeting place. That common meeting place would be esoteric freemasonry. I say this because the esoteric world seems to be a world of truth and genius, a place where that which created everything resides.

    Whereas the York and Scottish Rites are born of man here in the material world. As such both the York and Scottish Rites have elements of corruption within them as they are of this world of matter and corruption. Equally there surely are good aspects of both to be saved. Perhaps those good aspects are the aspects that have remained true to the esoteric path.

    Like JC has mentioned that something new needs to come of the existing masonic lodge systems and Peter is alluding to with his optimistic theory of Trump being a “two headed” figurehead for a new synthesis of masonry.

    Just thought it was an important aspect to keep in mind 🙂

    Perhaps darrens.metrics (sorry for the misspelling in the previous comment) is correct in a new world model being what was Yugoslavia. They seem to be leading the world right now with their example of living peacefully with such religious diversity. Although it is still an example of following outward structured religions which seem to be corruptions of the true process of finding our way home.

  10. Mr. Collins:

    A most interesting post and much about which to consider and think.

    I do have two points of clarification.

    First, Fort Sumter is a man made sea fort located in Charleston Harbor in Charleston, South Carolina (not North Carolina). The construction of the sea fort began in 1829 as a result of the British invasions in 1812. The fort was still under construction in 1861 when multiple Confederate artillery batteries fired on the Union garrison billeted there on April 12, 1861.

    Second, the First Bank of the US was championed and established Rothschild agent, Alexander Hamilton (first Secretary of the US Treasury) and was granted a twenty (20) year charter beginning on February 25, 1791. Most of the citizenry in the young US republic were suffering after 20 years of massive bankruptcies, foreclosures, high inflation, and indebtedness. Therefore, the US Congress was in no mood to renew the First Bank’s charter. Consequently, Jewish German bankster, Nathan Mayer Rothschild threatened the US Congress with war if the bank’s charter was not renewed for another 20 years. Hence, the root cause for the War of 1812. The Rothschild and other Jewish Banksters finally got their way. With the US economy wrecked after the War of 1812, the Second Bank of the US was “granted” a 20 year charter by President James Madison on April 10, 1816. Amazingly the Second Bank of the US was modeled almost exactly as Alexander Hamilton’s First Bank of the United States. More and one-fourth (1/4) of the “owners” of the Second Bank of the US were European Jews and European Banks controlled by European Jews. Multiple corruption scandals, excessive money printing, massive real estate bubbles, protracted recession, mass unemployment and sharp drop in property values immediately followed when the second central bank was chartered. (Sound oddly familiar?)


    It followed the Bank of North America, the nation’s first de facto central bank.

    Establishment of the Bank of the United States was part of a three-part expansion of federal fiscal and monetary power, along with a federal mint and excise taxes, championed by Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton believed a national bank was necessary to stabilize and improve the nation’s credit, and to improve handling of the financial business of the United States government under the newly enacted Constitution.
    The charter was signed into law by Madison on April 10, 1816.[

  11. Thanks JC, and all the POM. Every single link in this posting added to my deeper knowledge and understanding of Masonry and the topic/subject being explored .

    1. Glad to help Peter. Its an awesome journey friend. JC and POM has helped me expand my mind tremendously. Well I guess it’s kind of like the big bang or blowing my mind 🙂 Glad JC tolerates us troublemakers 🙂 Hope some new members comment before we get tired of eachother. lol.

  12. What is truly amazing is how the southern democratic states (confederacy) gave rise to the confederate flag. Then a couple hundred years worth of propaganda campaigning.

    Now most recently a democrat president finds a way to have the confederate flag erased from history. And instead of being held accountable and removing what they created people actually believe the democrats are the heroes for having it removed.

    Of course by default the Republicans/right/conservative are white supremacists/neo nazi’s.

    Talk about ass backwards. Hey Republicans, no good deed goes unpunished 🙂

    Has anyone heard of the small group of trouble makers being interrogated yet? Sure would be interesting if they were being paid by Soros to cause trouble just like the anarchists he paid to disrupt the Keystone pipeline protests. Its obvious they came to cause trouble all geared up for a beating. It’s also been obvious that Soros has launched a race war…oops sorry color revolution here in the US.

    Orange Revolution = Ukraine = civil unrest.
    Green Revolution = Iran = ?
    Purple Revolution = USA = pending…

    “The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution”

    Here you go Carpe diem 🙂

    “Soros and the State Department: Moving Iran towards the Open Society”

  13. Very interesting Dane, Thank you,

    What is fascinating was that the people occupied streets and there were rumors of the regimes absolute horror of the people showing up defiantly as up to that point, the regime had managed to suppress any form of defiance. The color choice of “Green” is particularly a trade mark of choice of George Soros for Iran for sure.

    Nevertheless, what is still unanswered for me is that why Obama did not support the people’s uprising when it was presumably assisted by Soros Foundation’s manual for civil disobedience written by Gene Sharpe? If Soros and Obama had the same aspirations in their globalist Socialist vision, why then Obama did not put his weight behind the uprising?! Could it be that Globalism has several franchises that may not agree on all issues and that they may not be a monolithic system of thoughts?

    having followed the works by the Lithuanian born Bilderberg researcher Daniel Estulin, it appears that even the Bilderberger attendees do not share the same ideas about a thing, yet they may share a similar vision and ideals. As Lenin or possibly Stalin used to say, “Iran is a rotten apple that all its fruit will eventually fall on our [Soviet Union] lap”. Whoever said this was correct in that Iran is potentially one of the richest nations on earth but has been systematically invaded, occupied and raped simply because it’s at the world’s crossroads. Yet, it is still a nation almost intact with her own ancient and possibly the oldest of the Indo-European language and mythologies.

    I also, wished the writers and seemingly educated American authors would refer to the language of Iran in its correct name i.e. PERSIAN and not the wrong term “Farsi”. There is a distinct and absolute difference between the two which the intellectuals can not seem to be able to comprehend! ?

    1. Thanks Carpe diem, great addition. Perhaps Obama’s strategy was to open the door for being able to falsely blame Iran for a nuclear attack somewhere in the world. It may have been a fragment of a bigger picture or script. Remember shortly after that Obama remained silent in a UN vote to support Israel which made Israel pretty mad. I think it was said that friends don’t treat friends like that. So perhaps the bigger picture was to destabilize Israel.

      Also maybe Soros tried to hijack the movement Obama was involved with. They may just both want to rule the world but team up from time to time for mutual advancement of their individual causes.

      So in addition to the civil unrest created from the orange revolution we can now add the selling of missiles to North Korea. This would help Soros et al destabilize the Trump administration and also helps the Anglo American establishment in their desire to separate Iran and Russia.

      Perhaps we will see the Farsi become know as Persians again. Intellectuals lack the ability to process what they know through the heart so it’s no wonder they are incapable of comprehending. They are smart though so maybe its part of a plan.

      Hope you have a wonderful day friend.

      1. Good Morning Dane,

        Thank you for your thoughts and a very interesting perspective regarding my old question of Obama’s lack of support in 2009 on Soros’s Green revolution in Iran.

        I think your observation on the events is extremely astute and what you said here makes perfect sense:

        “Remember shortly after that Obama remained silent in a UN vote to support Israel which made Israel pretty mad. I think it was said that friends don’t treat friends like that. So perhaps the bigger picture was to destabilize Israel.”

        It now seems that a huge portion of the Jewish community have figured out how they have been used as pawns by the self-appointed Marxist leaders such as Soros and this understanding appears to be accelerating. The following statement by Yair Netanyahu, the son of Mr. Nataniyahu is fascinating. In fact, Netanyahu himself now thinks along his son’s way of thinking that the Left absolutely hates Isreal and will want its destruction as much as any Islamist does! What if Israelis and Jewish diaspora figure out that Israel was a temporary state for other peoples plan for something completely different and they have been used since 1945 just for an experiment?! I’m thinking that this line of thinking has already happened and an example is Isreal’s support of Hungarian President Orban in denouncing Soros! The schizophrenic media is still calling Orban a Fascist and white supremacist and yet the Isreali government is calling for the support of Soros. This sounds like a civil war raging in Israel as well as in the diaspora. What is still incredible is who Jewish Americans still vote for the Democratic party whilst they know the Dems are anti-Zionist and pro-Islamism. Soros was a NAZI collaborator and none of his actions since WWII till now displays any change from that whatsoever.

        Here’s what Netanyahu’s son said yesterday on Charlottesville which I found stunning.

        Wish you a great day my friend.

  14. In trying to mesh the gears powering the events of the last few days, it occurred to me that re-raising the issue of slavery and it becoming a driving force to once again be seen as casus belli for a re-run of the civil war, is once again only a minor issue for the conflict.

    States rights also once again becomes the main reason for the conflict. For what is going to happen to these states that are bankrupt? I believe they will be federalized. Totally losing their rights to exist as any kind of a state in any sense of the word. Not hard for me to see the long game of a USA becoming balkanized into four or five regions, much as it has been suggested that our sister Russia will be split into nine or ten regions with the attendant hostilities wrapped into the package.

    Just thinking out keyboard.

  15. “President Trump’s personal lawyer on Wednesday forwarded an email to conservative journalists, government officials and friends that echoed secessionist Civil War propaganda and declared that the group Black Lives Matter “has been totally infiltrated by terrorist groups.””

    ““You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington,” the email reads, “there literally is no difference between the two men.””

    Both owned slaves.
    Both rebelled against the ruling government.
    Both men’s battle tactics are still taught at West Point.
    Both saved America.
    Both were great men, great Americans, and great commanders.
    Neither man is any different than Napoleon, Shaka Zulu, Alexander the Great, Ramses II, etc.
    You cannot be against General Lee and be for General Washington, there literally is not difference between the two men.”

    “The email’s comparison of secessionists to the nation’s Founding Fathers echoes an early Confederate rallying cry, said Judith Giesberg, a Villanova University historian and editor of The Journal of the Civil War Era. Washington’s face appeared on Confederate money, she said, and secessionists were eager to place their rebellion in the context of the American Revolution.

    “The first states to secede drew a straight line back to the Revolution,” she said in a telephone interview. “They said they were the inheritors of this revolutionary tradition that traces back to Washington.””

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