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Understanding the Next Phase of the Masonic Civil War

See the post The Great American Eclipse – The Esoteric Meaning of the Master and Slave Dynamic, for further reference and insight on this article.

Facts matter.

The cultural and economic causes of the American Civil War are vast and complex, as are events unfolding now.  But the connections between the rise of the anti-slavery Republican Party, and the seven Democratic states which originally declared secession from the United States in February of 1861, are considered the main contributors to the eventual violence which broke out when the Confederates (Democrats) attacked Fort Sumter in North Carolina on April of that year.

The original seven states which disagreed with the election of anti-slavery Republican Abraham Lincoln were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas.  These were later followed by Kentucky, Missouri, Confederate Arizona, and the Indian Territory.

It is historically accepted that the secession movement and the states involved were Democratic. The Southern Democrats were pro-slavery and stood against the progressive mandates of the abolitionists of the Northern Democrats and the new Republicans under Lincoln.  Much like the Trump rift in the modern Republican Party, there was a political division within the Democratic Party in the lead up to the Civil War.  The Southern Democrats remained as a political identity until they were amalgamated within the Republican Party under the Presidency of Richard Nixon.

From that point both the Democratic Party and Republican Party represented the Anglo-American establishment which had guided the course of European and North American history for centuries.  This lasted until Donald Trump hijacked the Republican Party during the 2016 Presidential campaign.  The full force of this establishment, within both parties, has been unleashed upon President Trump in the post-election months.

In previous posts I have hinted at the existence of a Masonic Civil War and how that war has manifested itself as everything from the Protestant Reformation, the American Civil War, both World Wars, the Cold War, and now the ongoing turmoil with Trump and the attempts to right the wrongs which have been allowed to develop in the world under the leadership of the Anglo-American establishment, such as instability in the Middle East, and the existence of North Korea.

Under such a premise, even though little information can be found, there are facts and trends which we can discover and present which provide support to the thesis.  One such fact is that the pre-Civil War Masonic lodges were predominantly York Rite.  The emergence of the Scottish Rite lodges was first noticed in the fragmentation which took place in the lead up to secession as the Southern lodges withdrew fellowship from the Northern lodges and declared them un-masonic.

After the war had been won by the represents of the North, the remaining York Rite lodges were converted to the expanding Scottish Rite lodges. This obvious fact and trend has remained unconnected to the broader wars and geopolitical crisis which have emerged since the end of the war in 1865.

The cultural and socioeconomic engineering from the Anglo-American establishment interests since that time has reversed the script on history and most Americans now associate the Republicans as the party of slavery.  The fact that it was the Democrats who supported slavery and attempted secession in order to prevent change should be compared to the ongoing narrative which is now emerging about anti-Trump forces weaving a new secession movement.

History repeats.

After the formation of the United States and the Declaration of Independence was signed, forces went to work on infiltrating and overthrowing the right-minded policies of the new nation.  George Washington has established a national bank to be used as a central repository for federal funds.  The charter of this bank expired and in 1816 the Second Bank of the United States was established.

President Andrew Jackson destroyed this bank in 1833 by removing funds and banning deposits, which in all probability had a lot to do with why the Congressional Democrats turned against Jackson and censured him in 1834 for abuse of presidential power. Though Andrew Jackson was a slave owner, as was the custom within Democrat circles, he treated them well and wanted murder charges brought against those who killed slaves.

Standing against the political power and the lack of congressional oversight surrounding the Second Bank of America, Jackson was quoted as follows:

It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their own selfish purposes.”

Jackson believed that the bank symbolized a privileged class of businessmen who oppressed the will of the common American people.  This power establishment went to work in Congress not long after Jackson took office and would never relent in their efforts to remove him from power, or limit the power he could weld for the betterment of the people.  The same thing is repeating now with congress and Trump.

This back and forth between powerful forces in America and the world is the same battle which happens within each one of us.  The moral and right-minded man must fight the immoral and lawless animal within.  This animal will never not-exist, which is why the battle continues.

Learning from the past can provide us insight into the future.  It is possible that these negative forces will push America into another civil war.  This has been going on since before there were masonic lodges.

The Protestant Reformation was the continuation of something which was started by the Knights Templar.  Protestantism was designed to shatter the control the Catholic Church held over Europe and provide the forces of right-mindedness a beachhead from which a new defensive position could be established.  This will be covered in another article soon, but it is interesting that Protestantism in America stood against slavery while the Catholic Church was pro-slavery.  Trump also has widely proclaimed himself to be a Protestant.

The theme of the double-headed eagle in all of this is fascinating and follows the same pattern as we are following throughout this series. The House of Habsburg used the double-headed eagle on its emblem, as did the Eastern Holy Roman Empire.  While the emperors of the East supported Roman Catholicism, the electors supported the Reformation.  There is so much history here that we will only brush upon it for a quick reference.

The Protestant Reformation represented what became the Scottish Rite and was esoteric in orientation.  Catholicism represents what became the York Rite and was non-esoteric in orientation.  Add to this that Donald Trump worked hard on acquiring the rights to his Scottish family crest which incorporates the double-headed eagle and motto Numquam Concedere, meaning “Never Quit”, and his feud with the Pope, and you begin to see the scope of what we are discussing.

Everything is reverse from what you think.  The Confederates are the Democrats and Republicans, which is why some are now stating that Trump represents something new.  Remember the logo which Trump introduced during the campaign with the lion?  King Richard is also represented by a lion and tales of quests for the Holy Grail follow the same script as the Knights Templar and the Grail.

More to come….  – JC

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  1. “To Bind up the Nation’s Wounds”

    “The crowd around Lincoln grew as he attempted to make his way to the former Confederate White House, now the U. S. military headquarters. Incredibly, only a few sailors were on hand to guard the President against attack. The distance to the White House was not great, but the crowd made movement nearly impossible. Military authorities eventually spotted the President and guided him to the house once occupied by Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. It was here he hoped to meet with the commanding general of the occupying forces. Instead, he found a delegation of Southerners waiting to see him to discuss how the war might be brought to a speedy, peaceful conclusion.”

    “General Robert E. Lee’s surrender four days later at Appomattox Court House ended attempts at a negotiated end to the war.”

    “Lincoln’s assassination, less than a week following Lee’s surrender, ensured that the events of the previous week would forever remain mysterious. Hundreds of fanciful, romantic, and second-hand accounts gained traction in the public mind, causing even Lincoln’s first historians to throw up their hands in frustration at the lack of similarity in the accounts of his Richmond visit. Over time, the event faded from public memory.”

  2. “William Walker-Emperor of Nicaragua”

    “The Filibuster King: The Strange Career of William Walker, the Most Dangerous International Criminal of the Nineteenth Century”

    “Enthusiasm for geographical growth came to be known by the newspaper slogan of “manifest destiny,” but it reflected mixed motives. Some Southerners hoped to extend the territory open to slavery. Others felt an evangelical fervor for exporting democracy and Protestantism to the military regimes of Catholic Latin America.”

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