The Cloven Hoof of American Politics

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A Tool for the Transfer of Human Time and Labor

By JC Collins

The diametrically opposed mandates of America’s main political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, are two halves of the same hoof.  This hoof stomps all over domestic and international issues and serves to produce little of value for the American population.  Both parties act as leverage against one another. A sort of political tug-of-war over public opinion, which can be better understood as a balancing of wealth between engineered demographics.

The philosophical question has often been asked if human beings are naturally political.  Is the society in which we toil and participate an artificial one in which we all collectively agree that things remain as they are?

And what if things need to change?  How do you engineering massive change in a civilization?

The monetary reforms which we often discuss here on POM would require such a level of socioeconomic engineering.  Specific regions and demographics would each require unique and varying degrees of this engineering.

The engineering required to rise the monetary awareness of a mass population would be different from what would be required to dampen the monetary awareness of a mass population.  This awareness is defined along the lines of what is necessary to maintain the pre-determined level of balance between the demographics.

Those from whom wealth is taken would be subjected to socioeconomic engineering which is meant to lower monetary awareness.  While those whom accumulate wealth would be subjected to socioeconomic engineering which is meant to increase monetary awareness.

It is important that all readers remember the POM definition of wealth from previous posts. Wealth is the accumulation of human time and labor.  This accumulation requires a method of storage.  The fruits of man’s labors have been systemically taken, stolen, transferred, confiscated, and degraded over centuries.

The manipulation of the method of storage is one of the more important aspects of any monetary framework.  Whether it’s gold, silver, commodities, fiat currency, or some weird combination of all, the storage of wealth is always established as a temporary concept.

This is where so many philosophically fail to see the irrelevance of the type of monetary storage.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a gold system, or a straight fiat system.  The monetary framework itself has been, and will always continue to be designed to transfer wealth from those in one demographic to those in another demographic.

The fact that human weakness, our own internal deficiencies, are used against us for the purpose of transferring this wealth, places the ultimate personal responsibility with ourselves.

I know many disagree with me on this position, but we can only be accountable for our own actions, and not the actions of others.  This is why I always state that it is human internal deficiencies which are the cause of the world’s problems.  We allow this to happen to ourselves.

With that being said, if we are so manipulated, and if civilization is so engineered that we do not even have a functioning awareness of monetary matters, such as debt and its role within the socioeconomic paradigm, how are we to develop the intellectual and emotional tools to even deal with the problem in the first place.

The obvious answer is that we all can’t fully understand the scope of socioeconomic engineering and monetary awareness.  But we can understand our own human weaknesses.  This is why all philosophical and religious theology has pushed man to travel inward and seek answers from within.

When we are balanced internally it becomes that much more difficult for weaknesses and human nature to be manipulated and used as a method of transferring wealth -our time and labor – from one demographic to another.

There can never be peace and true profitability for all while these issues are not addressed.  You see, wealth, the accumulation of human time and labor, is a method of securing survivability.  Self-survival is the deep subconscious animal instinct which operates within us all.

The transfer of wealth from one demographic to another is also the transfer of survivability from one demographic to another.  Once full survivability is consolidated within one group, that group will then manufacture and engineer the simulacra of survivability for the larger disorganized masses from which the tangible wealth has been taken.

The larger disorganized group understands at a subconscious level that tangible survivability has been replaced with the simulacra of survivability.  This inner dissatisfaction leaves an emptiness which is then filled with all manner of self-serving illusions of survivability, such as entertainment, porn, materialism, home mortgage debt, cars, and the latest trends and fashions.

The complexity of this socioeconomic engineering and simulacra of survivability is immense and not easily grasped by the distracted mind.

The form of economic theory which is used, along with the method of governance, being political ideology, serve as points of balance between the demographics.  The interesting thing which I have concluded is that this balance, and the systems it creates, are manufactured by both demographics.  This occurs through a process of force and form, or wants and expectations.

The cloven hoof of an animal is interesting in that it represents the base awareness which is found in nature.  This is also why we see the dark and negative aspects of existence represented by hooves and other animal parts.  Such images are defined within the religions and belief systems of man.  Systems, which, as we referenced above, serve to maintain the balance between wants and expectations.

Revolutions and wars will come and go, but unless man can change what is inside, the systems which develop around us will continue to re-enforce the transfer of wealth.

The script which is playing out in America between the Republicans and the Democrats is allowing for the engineering of a new socioeconomic and geopolitical paradigm.  The awareness of the disorganized masses, and the small rent seeking elite, will shift and readjust to these new international and multilateral structures which are being developed.

While thinking on these things, consider that the term elite is multi-functional, in that it can apply to varying levels of definition.  There is an American elite within the engineered socioeconomic structure which that demographic operates within.  But there is also an international elite, which equally so, operates within the framework of an engineered socioeconomic and geopolitical design.

The human deficiency aspect is laced throughout it all as human beings from all demographics seek survivability, whether that survivability is tangible, or is a simulacra.  The diametrically opposed scripting has always been the most effective method of maintaining the status quo, or adjusting the balance between demographics.

Wherever we are confronted with such diametrically opposed scripts, we should stop and reflect on what purpose it serves.  – JC