The Choice between World Orders

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JC Collins

The world has a choice to make.  It may not seem obvious, and may not even be discussed as such, but make no mistake, the world is at a crossroads.

At the end of World War Two, the world chose a path and maintained that course for the better part of 70 years.  Most of the institutions and global agreements which exist today are a direct result and product of this path.  

This path was built on the fundamental alchemical transmutation of nations and the corresponding cultures which made up the socioeconomic structure which guided the futures of billions.  Policies which built up around multiculturalism and mass migration of populations were meant to facilitate this transmutation through forced interaction and integration of opposing cultural energies.

Doubt it not.  

Worldwide socialism was meant to be the carriage which spread this engineering from nation to nation. The intent was to level the playing field across cultures and races through forced economic welfare programs and the overall redistribution of wealth.  No regard was given for the unique challenges and individual phases of national evolution from region to region.  To suggest that all peoples and nations were not the same was tantamount to racism and hatred. 

All people are of equal potential but all people are at different stages of realizing that potential.  People and nations evolve and develop at varying speeds and directions.  Attempting to harness the power and energy of this vast evolutionary force for the purpose of a larger global agenda was always going to be fraught with difficulty and the impossible hurdle of individual choice and freedom. 

The influence of more developed nations on those which would be considered less developed nations has always been one of the greatest challenges when it comes to building and imposing cultural and socioeconomic structures.  These centralized constructs have been built around the monetary power base and cultural pillars which support the foundations of more developed nations and regions.  

Therein is the problem with such a framework.  More influential nations will invariably take advantage of less influential and less developed nations and peoples.  Attempting to force a leveling of the playing field while maintaining the centralized power structure is not a feasible objective.  This is the path which the world has been on for seven decades.

World orders have existed since the time of Babylon.  Each new and sequential manifestation of the energy behind world orders will capitalize on the existing cultural and socioeconomic forces which built and maintained the previous manifestation.  But each manifestation has the potential to take a different direction.

The forces of empire are one of the greatest energies which mankind must face and overcome in order to build a right-minded world which takes into consideration the unique and individual challenges and phases of evolution across peoples and regions.  Affording all equal opportunity under a decentralized monetary and governance framework is the best method to both encourage and achieve new levels of cultural and socioeconomic evolution.

The Trump doctrine has nothing to do with Donald Trump as an individual and has everything to do with what is being described here.  The engineers and policymakers behind the Trump presidency are tearing down the old world of forced socialism and two-dimensional national evolution and are replacing it with a more balanced and decentralized world.  It is this organic and individual evolution of nations and peoples which serves the greatest threat to the fading world order and those who have built micro-empires around it.

Doubt it not.

The whole of worldwide socialism and the existing power base are positioned against the Trump Doctrine.  Incrementally and strategically each nation and region is being realigned with the forces of right-minded action and fairness of thought.  The energies of each individual person and each individual nation in the world should be encouraged to follow their own path of evolutionary development and organic advancement. 

Incentives have to be the same across the board.  The socialist redistribution of wealth creates disparity in the incentives which create human motivation and drive for evolutionary progress.  The incentive of those receiving the redistribution of wealth is in complete opposition to the incentive of those from whom the wealth is being taken.  This creates a large imbalance in the distribution of energy which feeds the evolution of peoples and nations.  

The whole of the world, both peoples and nations, have to share the same incentive towards micro and macro achievement.  Not all will progress at the same pace if progress is even the right word to use.  Perhaps it’s better to consider the process of evolution and devolution as the common method of understanding as opposed to the results of the evolution or devolution.  

Both people and nations, through the application of common incentives, can measure the process and progress through hundreds of metrics which are best visualized as an equalizer.  Each bar on the equalizer represents a measurement of an individual and unique metric which are common.  Some bars are low and some are high, while some are balanced in the middle.  It will be different for all peoples and nations.  The objective of all will be to achieve balance within themselves before attempting to develop balance outside of themselves.  

This is the choice the world now faces.  Continue down the path of imbalanced incentives and a world which will never achieve a forced transmutation, or encourage the adoption of shared incentives and allow for the natural and organic transmutation of individual people and nations.  – JC   

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70 Comments on “The Choice between World Orders”

  1. This is exactly how nature operates and its a beautiful process that works and has been working for millions of years. There’s a true balance in letting the organic unfold. Attempting to manipulate this and forcing agendas has proved to be ruinous and I more than suspect this is due to lack of awareness/respect for the complexity. The road to hell is paved with good intentions due to allocating deplorable outcomes to everything other than who and what is really accountable. . Good Read JC as always

  2. “When you take care of others, do not weaken them with your generosity, for nothing is as powerful as necessity when it comes to strengthening the will and creating a strong work ethic. Avoid depriving others of the benefits of providing for themselves, for unearned wealth always works to destroy us.” – Hexagram 27: Nourishment. The I Ching

    God bless POTUS. WWG1WGA

  3. So, it’s perfectly OK for 10 people to own more than half of the planetary wealth and a small oligarchy to rule over through lobbism, corruption, tax avoidance and evasion, poisoning everyone with GMO food, chemtrails and autism causing vaccines and what have you, while billions live on less than $1? What a satanic philosophy!

    1. Surely that’s a bogus clip; they may think it, but no one would say it outloud. Such is state of audio/video technology that it’s truly impossible to distinguish between the real and the fake. Skilled technicians can take deceased actors and put them in new roles (e.g., recent Star Wars movies); how can we believe ANY video clip of ANYONE saying ANYTHING? Even if someone produces a video showing a person saying, “yep, that was me, and I said that,” this supposed confirmation could also be a fake! I earnestly believe the single greatest loss in the last generation is the general decline of the trust index in our society. Thanks for that, Eddie Bernays.

      1. Hello, jnottingham,

        This was an excerpt of a speech Obama made in Belgium and the clip posted by Dane is a short segment of this speech. The audiences are European aristocrats and Royalty as well as the high-level EU leaders. The speech appears to have been designed to target several different groups including the above-mentioned people. The speech is not fake, therefore. The following is the full speech.

        1. Thanks Carpe Diem. Just shows how clouded our minds have become and the monumental task before us to clear the fog.

          This one is for you m friend.

          Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: c75415 No.1809336 📁
          Jun 19 2018 00:55:48 (EST)
          Free Iran!!!
          Regime change.
          People have the power.
          We stand with you.

          1. Hi Dane and Thank You for the great message,

            WE will FREE IRAN and will make Iran Great Again! Our world will need to be freed from the Satanists and paedophile adrenochrome drinking and disgusting subhumans who have ruled over us for far too long and that includes the Islamist priests (aka Mullahs!) who have worked for many hundreds of years for a hidden and dark elite. Humanity needs a new start and a major reset. WE have to explore our solar system and make peace with our own beautiful planet and bring back the respect that our mother earth deserves, and to one another.

            WE at POM are all part of this massive movement of making our World Great Again. Kudos to our JC for bringing us all together!

            Wish you and all the POM family a wonderful day…

  4. JC,
    Yes, it seems that a choice of a new world order is occurring with the Trump doctrine. Personally, I believe the multilateral world order will win out. But, the real reason of this post is to get your perspective on an article you wrote a while back about Trump possibly going to Congress asking to de-value the USD. With the tariffs turmoil causing disruption, and arguably not really the right solution to the trade imbalance problem, do you see USD de-valuation now becoming a probability? To me, it seems like the right solution. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this question and reply.

  5. Dane,
    Thanks my friend. These tariffs are theatrics to accomplish something in my opinion. I’m just wondering if it is to devalue the USD by Trump? Maybe it is going to happen organically through dumping of USDs by the central banks as JC suggests in that article you sent? Was just curious what his thoughts were?
    Thanks again!

    1. I tend to agree with you RJZ in that these tariffs are theatrics to accomplish something. What is so weird is how the USD just keeps going up in value. It amazes me.

      This recent border issue here in the states with the uproar about seperating kids from their parents gave me a chuckle the other day. The theater played out like this for me, Trump et al put out the photo of the caged kids knowing that it would feed the growing sentiment of the masses. Sure enough they uproared saying how dare Trump this and that. Low and behold come to find out it was Obama’s administration that did that. So now that this hit the mainstream they had to kick up their game a notch and sent Laura Bush to bash Trump. So the counter to that was masterful, Trump simply explained how he is only enforcing a law that her husband signed into law, lmao. When this hit the mainstream Trump was then able to take the momentum of the misguided mass sentiment of how deplorable the act of separating children from their parents are he was able to draft…well probably just sign an already drafted and waiting executive order to change that law or nullify something Bush had signed into law during his presidency. It was just so masterfully played. Now Trump can continue to build on the fact that the Dems are the ones keeping the law from being changed with their filibuster in congress which sets the stage for the blue tide of dems getting elected to transform into a red tide of wins. Part of me laughs at the whole blue/red, dem/rep because they just move from one to the other and back again. It’s a stupid game really but one that I guess must be played.

      Yeah, this is the theater of my mind. Eh, keeps me entertained 🙂

      Can’t wait to see how this IG report pans out. It’s getting pretty interesting.

      Back to the USD depreciation. I think the strength it keeps showing may artificial props holding it up. Maybe by implementing tariffs Trump is hitting these props and taking them out so that the USD can come back into some sort of normalcy with the rest of the world.

      Manly P Hall explained the Chinese gates being held up with so many props that the original gate could no longer be seen. Taking that out of context for this purpose maybe we have a ways to go.

  6. If my rickety old memory serves me correctly, it seems a few short years ago, a theme that suggested, civilizations/empires always trend towards centralization was promoted here on the POM. Thinking back, I believed that to be true then, up until very recently(few minutes a go) I believed it still.

    It is a new world. I believe it took all the history of the old world to bring us to this point in time. Every old to ancient empire and the civilizations that drove them or vice versa had to be, what they were to bring us to this point. At this moment I’m reminded of the enormous bronze sculptors by Amaloo Pomodoro that portray “a sphere within asphere.” There are a few of them scattered around, you can google ’em up if you want to. I ain’t in the mood to attempt to provide a fucking link. LOL

    Have a good day

  7. Hi POM members ,

    I think what’s happening these days in the economy are the naturals events of the end of life cycle of a dominant currency .
    Each time it’s different and each time you can see the same pattern evolving year after year .
    Quite a century ago , the system had to recover fron the 1929 crash . After the stabilisation of the market began some talks between major economic partners . Failure…. Then protectionism and trade wars . Then Depression, rise of nationalism and finally WW2 .
    At that time the Pound was on the throne . America and the USD were the challengers , with a big surplus in the GDP .
    Now , 90 years later there is no nation able to take the lead , no big nation with a real positive surplus. Only debt everywhere . That’s the big difference , no real challenger , just the need to transform the actual system to something bigger , with the agreement of a majority of big partners and the creation of a kind of structure for the redemption of sovereign debts . Probably through the IMF , probably with the help of cryptos , XRP first , as JC think.
    One thing seems for sure to me . This will be a bumpy road during the next two or three years . The transformation won’t happen easily , without some shocks to overcome political and economic inertia.
    We will get through , for sure . But I think it’s best to be prepared and not dream too much .

  8. Ledude59,
    I like your post. And, after re-reading JC’s post above, I think you two are on the same page? Change is always is difficult and problematic. It seems that is where we are at currently as JC suggests…at a crossroad. Trump is bringing in a new world order with resistance from the old world order. A war of two worlds. New and improved always seems to win out. I think it will indeed this time as well but it will take time. Time to invest in where the future is going I guess? JC believes Ripple is one of the futures. Materials, energy and technology to fuel the global transformation is probably other areas? And, cannabis so people can escape from the stress of trying to figure it all out! Godspeed to all! RJZ33

    1. Hello RJZ33 ,

      May be i’m wrong , but I think that we are approaching the end of the upturn which followed the financial crisis . The monetary glut is being reduced via Quantitative Tapering by the Fed , and the same process will start soon in Europe .
      As a consequence of the trade wars , US yield rates are rising , causing high pressures on economic activity . In the same time , all statistics are so great and awesome that I suspect they are ” a little bit too much ” managed .
      Countries like Russia are dumping T-Bonds , while more and more economic partners bypass the USD in bilateral agreements . It start to remind me the asian and LTCM crisis of 1997/98 , but in a more dangerous monetary context . I think w’re going full speed in direction of a giant storm where headwinds will seriously rock the boats . All the boats , bigs and smalls .
      In a certain way , this next downturn will probably be orchestrated to submit everyone and break all resistance to the future monetary and digital world .
      For the best or the worse ? We’ll see……
      There are so many lords of Deep States all around the world that it won’t be easy .
      Anyway ,I am an optimistic and I am sure at the end of the process there will be more gains than damages .
      Well , I hope so , but I don’t know what will the the price of this perilous journey……… I am on the same cryptos boat than JC , and I feel quite secure on this matter , because it’s a matter of time and conviction . No one , since the beginning of humankind , has been able to stop the course of science , mathematics and progress .
      I became a kind of an observer , at the beginning of the century , when my mind was blown up twice in 2 years ; first with the tech bubble crash and then with 9/11 . And I was feeling very pessimistic in 2011-2012 , until I found POM and JC , , and finally this great community where I learned to step back and think a little bit more out the box.
      Special thanks to Carpe Diem for his wisdom and knowledge , and of course most of the contributors…..!

      1. Hello Ledude59,

        Thank you very much for your kind words. In fact, I am only reciprocating what I gain from every one of you at POM hopefully added with some of my own thoughts and ideas regarding our world.

        POM is a fantastic family and it is a true university where everyone is allowed to put forward their ideas and to make the path forward armed with knowledge and insight.

        MAny cheers and wish you a wonderful Saturn-Day 🙂

        1. Hi Carpe Diem ,

          What I can say is that each time I read your posts , I see the wisdom of a man who has experienced many lives through his own existence , and who is still able to become passionate about multiples aspects of the future .
          And that’s great , as you share your perception of history ( and there , I learn a lot ! ) , and your feelings on monetary and geopolitics matter . That’s helping me to put things in perspective , sometimes !
          Now , on another front , technically speaking about cryptos , I think we’re in for the last down wave of the bubble who burst in january 2018 .
          XRP need to go somewhere between 0.16 and 0.26 $ before starting the next base and a future rise Up . This process will take a few months and I am quite confident that the next long term wave Up will start in 2019 , amid the global downturn .
          This should be the last opportunity to buy at bargain price .
          Well , that’s my opinion , and of course I may be wrong !

          1. Merci beaucoup monsieur Ledude59 🙂

            You are very kind Sir and I’m grateful for your generosity of the heart.

            Some years ago I decided to explore the idea of reincarnation and whether there was an element of me in a past life. So I went to a hypnotherapist who was also a psychologist of a very esoteric sort. This man is a very interesting person and I found about him through a friend of my wife. In a session that lasted 3 hours, I found myself, all under hypnosis back in early 1900 in a small city somewhere in Norway! This was a bizarre experience and I found out about a person who was apparently my previous reincarnation, who was a young man in his mid-twenties and he worked as a railway mechanic at a railway depot (repairing large locomotive wheels!) and huge pressing machines of some kind. As things progressed guided by the hypnotist, I saw this man in late life to have lost a leg in a work-related accident and he had decided to move to a rural place with his wife and 4 daughters. I could actually see his house, his favourite chain and his love of smoking his pipe. Around 1950’s this man lost his wife and he became very very sad. I remember I was sobbing under hypnosis as the pain of the loss of the wife unbearable. My crying was genuine and even under hypnosis, I recall the tears on my face! It seems, that this man passed away in his 80’s around the year I was born that is 1960 which makes me believe that we do jump bodies and we attain different experiences through each reincarnation. This was a powerful experience for me and I feel somehow that man, whose name was Franck remains a part of me if it wasn’t me experiencing that life!

            So it seems, in my possible last reincarnation I was a simple worker in Northern Europe who lived an unexciting life but he loved his family and he was ashamed of having lost a leg as he couldn’t provide for his family sufficiently. Under hypnosis, I felt that I absolutely know this man to the extent that I felt his thinking and his mild mannerism as well as his pride. I came to the understanding that we are here for the experience of all the ups and downs that this life and any future ones throw at us and nothing else. All our fortunes and belongings will end up at a second-hand shop and in fact, every time, I walk into such premises, the first thoughts that come to me is, “this stuff, now on sale, were collected and loved by the owners, once”! And I always think, my belongings will one day end up in a junk shop and will be searched and looked over by a curious person, and if so, which items will they find interesting?!

            Returning to this reality and on the subject of XRP, I think you may be onto something here. The reason I think maybe that XRP will be possibly purchased in massive quantities by banks, after the banking chaos begins and should XRP be the winner, Ripple will make sure that banks will buy the lot and won’t pay too much for them just to make the offer attractive for the banks. Also, that they have already made their money on the sale of XRP and their future is to sell Software and Hardware as well as service and support contracts. Their future is in selling services and consultancy most likely rather than selling XRP. So your theory may end up being what’s planned. A while ago I suggested that XRP price is absolutely manipulated as is all the major Cryptos. It seems the manipulation is by those who have a large quantity of such digital assets and they can maintain a price range by dumping a large volume systematically and in tandem with any spikes! It may all be an AI-driven tool and AI is absolutely used especially in FinTech arena nowadays.

            Anyway, I hope XRP becomes the $589 as we are being told (every day!) by numerous folks about there, and if that happens, I will meet you on your yacht in Saint-Tropez (or mine!) for a celebration and all the POM members are invited off course 🙂 …please bring your yachts with you guys and gals 🙂

            Wish a great Sunday afternoon my friend.

  9. Neom, the digital city of the future, with major investment by Saudi, Isreal, Russia and China and a whole host of nations will create a totally Digital neo-Phoenician city-state in a similar fashion to Dubai! Apparently, this city-state will be governed by not a single investors but a hub for commerce. The investment of the two Semitic people in this project, i.e. the Jewish state of Israel and the Arab Saudis, is possibly a return to their ancient past, that is Phoenicia! Could this be why they want Iran invaded and destroyed? Iran belongs to the Indo-European branch of humanity whilst the two Semitic people are not, and the two never saw eye to eye…The ancient war is on and no end it seems…

    Neom the desert Las-Vegas metropolis will have everything tagged and watched, thanks to the internet of things, Blockchain and a smart-contract chip/id for literally everything! The small of the nation of Estonia in the Baltics, have gone totally digital for the population of 1.3 million citizens. Take a look at e-Estonia and the website.

    What’s interesting though is that, the Russians and the Chinese will be the biggest winners in this investment as they can sell their products via Neom. The documents provided in this documentary shows the plan for Russia and China to “annexe” this city-state! Watching this, one will understand the true background to the Chinese one road and one belt project. There are rumours that the Zionist regime will be overturned and a Jewish state, as well as Palestinian state, will emerge side by side whilst both benefitting from the city-state business activities.

    The previous article by Voltaire’s Theirry Meyssan re. The Kingdom of Jordan makes sense in this context. Afterall, Jordan is 75% Palestinian!

    1. “I will meet you on your yacht in Saint-Tropez (or mine!) for a celebration and all the POM members are invited off course 🙂 …please bring your yachts with you guys and gals 🙂”

      How’s “Ripple Effect” for a yacht name? 🙂 Or maybe “Drops in the Bucket” since smaller increments of XRP are called drops and were all buying and HODL’ing? 🙂

      1. 🙂 Thanks Dane,

        It would not surprise me if Mr Garlinghouse (or a Ripple Exec) has already either registered the name “Ripple Effect” OR has a yacht/ Lamborghini by such name 🙂 How about, “HODLing Waves”? LOL

        I do like “Drops in the Bucket” but I hope the bucket won’t be leaky 🙂

    1. Thanks Bennymv. I wonder if they are consciously avoiding Ripple with their solution to help international payments and free up liquidity by allowing companies and banks to transfer value in 3 seconds without having to house truckloads of fiat at each end of the transaction like (nostro/vostro accounts) or if they just aren’t knowledgeable about it enough yet? He explains that it won’t help the big banks like JPM and such but it will allow smaller banks and companies to avoid having to go through those big banks for cross border transactions and allow them to use their capital instead of having to use nostro/vostro accounts tying up their capital. Also to do business with entities where those big banks don’t have representation.

      Here’s a nice video of Brad Garlinghouse CEO of Ripple talking about it.

    1. I believe they have a lot of business interests still ie. ownership in corporations and such so that business will continue the old way as long as it can.

      It could also be looked at as keeping some of the world working in the old tried and true methods until the new ways are solid and developed to the extent they feel comfortable to transition.

      Or until they find a way to work the new system to their will.

      But ultimately I think they will have to adapt to the new world of things or fade into history. It seems a pattern that the developing parts of the world have taken the reigns for as long as they can and if that part of the world is developing blockchain technology to advance their development then its only a matter of time before the rest of the world would follow suit. Especially if they want a piece of that bigger pizza.

      Maybe a clue to their diminishing empire of things would be shrinking USD holdings around the world. Which I believe would ultimately work to the US’s favor in helping release it’s burden of the USD being the world’s reserve currency. I think this would also allow it to devalue so folks can afford US products once again. As long as it happens while the world still cherishes US products.

      My thinking that Ripple or XRP specifically is being left out of the news is the same tactic as the news leaving Trump out of the news. Just tactics to keep them from gaining confidence in the minds of the majority thus hoping they will fade into the night. But it just isn’t happening. People are waking up and using their brains more and more which is to their (big banks, and dems) detriment.

  10. My dear Carpe Diem ,

    I am also convinced that there is a part of our souls who travels and carry eternity through our terrestrial bodies . But I have never tried to figure out what could have been parts of myself in the past . May be I’m not enough curious !
    About XRP , I remember reading some articles in the first quarter of 2018 about Hedge Funds and banks creating specials funds dedicated to cryptos investments , and that the legal issues about these funds had to be cleared around the end of June .
    So , I think they should start to invest very gradually somewhere in the next two quarters along the last move down before the next rise .
    And about that rise , well…… I’m not that optimistic about XRP price !
    My goal is much more realistic , may be too much !
    Evedry time I heard about prices over $100 , I think about some kind of Christmas carol sung by mermaids to seduce sailors lost in the middle of a sea storm !
    I think we can envision prices inbetween 15 and 20$ , not more . Or we should be at the heights of another gigantic bubble……
    Well , we’ll see , one of these day , i hope , and I will be delighted to meet you , with or without yachts !

    1. Thank you Dear Ledude69,

      I think the attempt in the inquiry into whether we exited in the past, took me a lot of convincing some years ago. I was a believer in the creation making perfection only and the idea of reincarnation, I felt was not in line with that thinking. I had to revise that several time since then.

      However, it took me some sessions of other Devine-inducement ceremonies that changed my thinking radically as well as awakened me to stop believing in a solid state of thinking and to rather start accepting possibilities. To this day, I am not sure who and why I felt that I could have been another person, but the fact that the experience I described helped me accept possibilities.

      Regarding XRP’s I have to say, I am completely open on the outcome and it ranges from all going to zero and the possibility of it going to a 100 or more. I would be happy with $10 or less at this stage. Yet, this is a long-term asset as the banking system may have to rest first before a new system to emerge from the ashes of the old. XRP is that new bird that will fly and it is the way forward. This is an exciting time and everything we have known is subject to a reset. In this way, our thinking and worldview may also be going through a rest. That, I think has already happened!

      Wish you a great day my friend.

  11. “Britain’s Prince William is set to land in Israel early on Monday evening, ending a seven-decade-long unofficial boycott of the country by the royal family.”

    For 70 years or so the British Royals “boycotted” the Zionist state that they themselves helped create with the Balfour declaration! We hear the Royal family does not interfere in politics whatsoever. So the question arises as to, why they would boycott Israel?! Isn’t this a politically motivated action, given that The British Royals hold no personal animosity against any actors in the creation of Isreal, possibly because they have all passed away. So this is not a personal dislike of anyone by the Royals!

    The WWII and for that matter, WWI, as taught, has many holes as a narrative. This is one big gaping hole! Can anyone answer this question, please? Very grateful, thank you.

  12. This is a bit off topic but may be of tangential interest:

    “Serbia has hit out at a “provocative” double eagle celebration by two ethnic Albanian goalscorers in the World Cup.
    Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri scored for Switzerland who beat Serbia 2-1.
    Their gesture is a nationalist symbol representing the double headed eagle on Albania’s national flag. Critics say it could inflame tensions among Serbian nationalists and ethnic Albanians.”

  13. You really believe that even with XRP tokens utility as well as the XRP system (xrapid etc.) that the value cannot surpass $100 per token? I understand that we’re speculating regardless but look at bitcoin posting 5 digits at one point and it doesn’t enter compare to XRP.

    1. Hi bennymv ,

      Well , that’s just my opinion , and as I said , I can be totally wrong . It’s just a question of faith in this global system . Granted or not , we ‘re all living in a virtual monetary world , where we can see incredible overvaluations of some financial items , based on future projections , totally unreachables , but with the ” magic ” of derivatives , we see stocks prices going beyond any kind of reasonable limits .
      That’s the reality . Some kind of collective dream of financial reward through investing volontarily in stock prices and indexes , or indirectly for a lot of people via pension funds , and so on . This create a momentum , a kind of energy concentrating the power into the hands of some corporations , not always for the best , as you know.
      And then suddenly appear the Bitcoin experience , so magnetic and compelling for financial rebels and tech geeks that most of them jumped on board , pushing the token so high that it also became a bubble . The first crypto bubble , led by the Bitcoin banner…… But It won’t be the one and only .
      I am quite sure there will be a few others as time goes by simply because the crypto revolution is just in infancy , quite nowhere………
      And I also think that some future leaders are still not born . But for now what I see, as an optimistic , but also realistic, is very clear :
      – Ripple is a very particular company , with efficient products already used by many banks and financial corporations .
      – These structures are using Ripple’s softwares , not yet XRP .
      – XRP is only a token in which we invest and believe .
      – This flow of money is helping Ripple to enhance his position in the crypto and blockchain universe , through the betterment of their products .
      – The token doesn’t give us any right on Ripple , the corporation .
      – XRP will finally be implemented in the system , as per se , but there is no warranty about his price and valuation .
      – Ripple has never made an ICO , but may be one of these day they will make an IPO on the Nasdaq or Nyse , why not ? And if this happens , in a few years , the Ripple stock price will climb very high , 500$ may be !

      That’s why I don’t see XRP price going to the moon , but probably somewhere around 15 to 30 $ .
      Once again , it just my opinion , nothing more !

    2. We should also remember that there are other things being created on the XRP token. Similarly like Ripple built its software solutions on top of the XRP token to solve a banking shortfall helping make cross border transactions more affordable for medium to small banks. Others are creating some corporate and consumer side software also.

      Ripple has the xCurrent software product that is installed in banks so they can send messaging, much like SWIFT but without the middle stops along the way which speeds up the messaging and reduces errors. Then they have the xRapid software product that actually exchanges value utilizing XRP tokens in much the same way. These transactions take 3 to 5 seconds per transaction and they say they can perform 50,000 transactions per second. That’s pretty amazing and more than Visa can do. Then they have the xVia product which is an API that allows almost any software interface (like a website and such) to send value through the Ripple network from any point to another point. Like the Uphold application.

      I believe this is the doorway for other companies to develop software for corporate and consumer side applications to utilize XRP tokens. I use token but it’s the same as asset or coin.

      Here are some interesting links if anyone wants to learn a bit more about it.

      Ripples software products, xCurrent, xRapid and xVia.

      Here are some other developing products on Coil. You’ll see the API, and then also Codius which is the addition of smart contracts into the XRP ledger.

      Then here is another developing aspect of utilizing the interledger.

      There are a lot of developments going on around XRP. I feel the energy building 🙂 Since Ripple is in essence taking business ie. the medium to small banks that would have had to go through big banks like JP Morgan and such for cross border transactions it makes sense that there would be a bunch of propaganda put out to try to squelch the confidence building behind XRP. I think a steady increase in value is definitely probable and the gains will be huge so I HODL.

  14. Hello Redjon,

    Thank you for yet another proof that FIFA Gestapo is an NWO fascist outfit that works for the ruling elite! In every football game where Iran is involved, FIFA had ensured that the Imperial Iranian flag is never displayed by the supporters inside any stadium where a game is played. FIFA is acting as the globalist agent where they have no business. This important from their perspective to appreciate that ALL football (Soccer) games are a political tool for the elite and in every game they watch the people at the stadium and if any Iranian carries any other flag than the 39 years old Islamist flag (the one with a squashed rat in the middle in red!), the person carrying it will be reprimanded. With the ejection of the globalist Islamists Mullahs, Iran will once again have its ancient standard of Sun and the Lion and this is what we will see more and more of once the Islamists are thrown in the dustbin of history from my homeland, hopefully soon.

    Football and for that matter, all entertainment is a special department managed by the NWO elite and Bilderbergers as fully noted in the great book by Dr John Coleman, (The committee of 300).

    FIFA’s action is politically motivated IMHO despite their claims that the games are all in a spirit of peace, love, human rights..and more propaganda!

    Thanks for posting this, very interesting indeed.

    1. Thanks Carpe Diem, yes FIFA is well documented as an extremely corrupt organization. That Coleman book looks very interesting too.

      Hey, I think we should adopt the gesture as our secret POM hand signal 🙂

      And may I say it was great to see many Iranian ladies attending and enjoying the matches, which they are not permitted to do in their homeland. With their support Iran played really well and were most unfortunate to go out of the tournament.

      1. “Hey, I think we should adopt the gesture as our secret POM hand signal 🙂”

        LOL, What a fantastic and genius idea Redjon, In fact, this will be our secret greeting code, much like the Masons hand gestures. In other words, as translated, “Greeting Sir/Madam, a double eagle to you”.

        This could go viral, I am sure 🙂 …wonderful.

        PS. anything to annoy FIFA is great too 🙂

    1. My Dearest Pieter,

      I have already watched this EXCELLENT video about 4 times since yesterday and it brings tears to my eyes with joy and happiness. It is a powerful video and I am going to watch it again this evening. Thank you for posting it, everybody should sit down and watch this 13 min clip. Our world is about to change BIGLY. 🙂

      Thanks again for posting and wish you a great day…

  15. The collapse of the Globalist/Islamist regime of criminal Islamo-Marxists (Mullahs) of Iran is speeding up and this message is from Q. Everyday, there is more news of demonstrations, walkouts and arrests as well as tear gas and violence by the Mullahs thugs on Iranian people. Eventually, there is a potential for an internal coup. Can a coup against the Mullahs be the result of the recent US and IRI agents in Oman?! There will be no invasion from the outside as should such a thing to happen, it will work in favour of the Mullahs and their European supporters. Only an internal change can break the globalists dark spell…this is ongoing and Iran will be FREE.

    This is an incredible time we are living in as the domino of the fascists since WWII is collapsing. It seems NK, Iran and next is Israel in line for a regime change. The people of these nations can live a happier and more prosperous life without their globalist leaders.

    I still think of the genius of our JC who correctly spotted a year or so ago, the fact that Iran is the lynchpin and freeing Iran is the freeing of our planet from the Satanists control.

    “Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 1a8b54 No.1925892 📁
    Jun 27 2018 12:17:45 (EST)
    We stand w/ the good people of IRAN who are currently battling their ‘installed’ regime for FREEDOM.
    At some point military generals will act w/ the will of the people simply because their soldiers ARE THOSE SAME PEOPLE and have no choice.
    We stand with you.
    We are monitoring the situation closely.
    Stay safe.
    God bless.

      1. Yes Dane, it is indeed, “WWG1WGA!”

        This is OUR turn to throw the international criminal cabal in the dustbin forever, who have ruled over us with maximum cruelty, the people of this planet for far too long. Trump’s revolution is an international war against globalist terrorists whose intentions are all obvious only if you turn the name of the organizations they represent, upside down. The following is a list of only a few:

        United Nations: To Disunited nations and to fragment and destroy nationhood
        NATO: To be the army of the international banking elite and invade nations
        Academia: To stifle and retard real research of human sciences and the true human history
        Banking: Rigging the balance & distribution of wealth in favour of the elite they work for
        Entertainment: To Entrain the population in darkness and depraved/subhuman behaviour

        Also to appreciate the real meaning of each term they use, you must reverse the meaning:

        Human Rights: Human enslavement (Note, Saudi’s were in charge of UN Human rights council!)
        Democracy: Two party tyranny in favour of the ruling elite
        Justice: Injustice-one rule for the elite and another for the rest

        The day you will hear BHO, HRC, JC, RR, Bush clan, Tony Blair, Ali Khamenei etc. etc. are in a court, you will know that a proper Just Justice system has returned to this world.

        I remain optimistic that these gangsters will stand at front of a judge and a people’s court soon…for the above folks, the (WWG1WGA) applies but their destination is not our destination…

        Wish you a wonderful day my friend.

          1. Hahah I just rented the movie last night to watch this weekend 🙂 I heard the meme in the trailer “where we go one we go all”. Looks like a good movie and its based on a true story. Have you seen the youtube videos tearing up RR? His smirk or cocky smile while answering and prideful ego is a problem for him. It will most likely be his downfall because now he can be maneuvered by a clever gentleman or gentlewoman playing off his ego. Should be interesting.

            Funny how work blocks this particular youtube video from playing.

          2. Hi Dane,

            I should rent the video too. I’m sure it will be a good one.
            Regarding RR, it seems that he posses the same smug and arrogant look of the majority of lawyers/attornies and the higher paid and level, the more arrogant they look. These people are taught how to maintain a character supremacy in a court by ensuring a body posture and facial expression so to instil a perception of power as well as a definite defeat to the other side. They take the poker-face expression to an all-new height every time they appear in a court hearing. Therefore, we pay for such psychopaths to rule over us. If anything causes the collapse of the Western civilization, it will not be the lack of rules but the attitude of these monsters who abuse any rules and make the most solid law into a meaningless written article!

            I can recommend the great movie ” Devil’s advocate” in this regard.

            Another thing to remember, these psychopaths, thrive on more and more laws where they can abuse ad the more complex the better for these maggots. After all, we employ these folks to “interpret” the language of the law in a court. One other thing that is worth a mention is that majority of lawyers are liberally oriented since a leftist system requires a complex and confusing legal system in order to maintain control. Compare the United States 50 or even 100 years ago, or even the time you and I were kids. Think of how easy going life was for us and setting up a business was as easy as buying a car. Today, to open a business, not only you have to worry about your usual concerns but you must also ensure you comply with enough quota in employing minorities, transgenders, disabled etc. etc. Recall the baker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple? Fast forward to last week or so when a restaurant in Virginia threw out Sarah Huckaby-Sanders, the WH spokeswoman without any problems. This is because a given lawyer can justify the persecution of the baker but at the same time justify the Red Hen restaurant owner’s action to throw out a customer because some of the staff were transgender and supposedly refused to serve a customer on such grounds! Apparently, the excuse was that Sarah Sanders works for a president who does not allow Trannies to work in the US Military! This conjures up an image of a potential Monty Python sketch if nothing else.
            …God almighty save us from these deceptive beings.

          3. I feel your sentiment CD. They feed the intellect sacrificing the heart so its a natural evolution for them to become more and more complicit. It’s the rules of the game they have created.

            “…God almighty save us from these deceptive beings.”

            We have to save ourselves my friend. WWG1WGA 🙂 The protestant movement is about empowering the people so we can save ourselves.

            “As many great philosophers and thinkers over the ages have stated, be the change you wish to see in the world. Stop looking to saviors and scapegoats.

            The Garden of Eden awaits our return – JC Collins” 🙂

            When you get a chance watch these three short youtube videos. The gentlemen who are questioning RR are or were lawyers also, so I believe it lies within the individual. I put them in a particular order that seems to be a process of right minding gentlemen building up RR’s ego 😉


  16. “SAS Hero on BREXIT”

    The passionate and patriotic speech delivered an ex-SAS (Special Air Service), that is the equivalent to US Special forces (or Green Beret!) may be the kind of speech that 99% of the British today are totally unfamiliar with. This man talks from the heart and his speech is full of passion and truths. It seems, that the UK will go through a period of transition possibly turbulent all as part of an international transition (and cleansing). The retired soldier eloquently explains how the two-party tyranny (Conservative and Labour) are actually one and the same entity that often colludes to the detriment of the population. What is happening in the UK the same as is happening in the US where the two-party system, both being corrupt and in collusion against the population. Thanks to President Trump, we are now in a different paradigm altogether.

  17. My Carpe Diem
    I can’t speak well to the future. For the moment I see a true two party system in play in the US. There is the Trump party and then there is the rest of ’em.

    Dear BeachDude
    I follow Sundance. I also follow Neon Revolt, u/SerialBrain2 and prayingmedic.

    1. My Dearest Pieter,

      Thank you and greetings. I love what you said:

      “There is the Trump party and then there is the rest of ’em.” That’s so true my friend. In fact, the two-party tyranny has been promoted since WWII and it has now passed it’s sell-by-date. Whatever is to replace it will hopefully involve the participation of the people as, without OUR involvement, we will return to the same spot again in a few years. Such a system would also need EDUCATED folks. I personally believe, that a new beginning is upon us and the old system is now dead and it can’t be brought back to life.

      Thanks Dane,

      I agree absolutely with you “We have to save ourselves, my friend” WWG1WGA 🙂
      Thanks also for the clips, I will watch them this afternoon.
      Q deserves the highest medal IMHO for educating us all. RR and the others like him will not get away with crimes against humanity…

      Wish you guys a great afternoon.

  18. Thank you Dane,

    I still haven’t found the time to go a get the movie but I will do so, hopefully soon.

    Thanks also for the RR and CR of DOJ and FBI respectively. Watching these clips, I get a distinct impression that the Democrats are constantly intimidating and literally obstructing the hearings, where the questions get somehow pointed to a truth! I recall a time and not long ago, where the same leftist Democrats were so hateful of all Intel agencies namely the FBI and CIA. Yet, today, they are all for the FBI and CIA as well supportive of any military actions against Syria, NK and any other wars! Something tells me that the NeoCons have very quietly moved and standing right behind the Democrats and hopefully they will go down with them.

    I also have come to the conclusion that people who have been following the Qanon and fully are aware of what is being addressed by the Q team are somehow the vanguards of the change that’s coming. I feel that those of us who understand the need for a change is viewed by the majority of people which I call the sleeping, masses, as “radicals”. Something odd is happening that, the left has become the establishment and WE (anyone who sees a need for change!) as radicals and revolutionaries. After all, the founding father of the US were revolutionaries and was seen by the majority as radicals too. Just an observation!

          1. Goodness, gracious! Sounds like that small patch of land in the island is getting really developed. I found the tent city for 13,000 temporary refugees very interesting! I wonder who will be taken there and what they will go afterwards? Could it be a resort for MS-13 and other criminals?!

            For the size that it is, a shedload of money is being thrown in there. I know that many folks from the communist system of Cuba would dream of getting jobs at the Gitmo as Cuba has created a nation of poor people. But then, that’s what Socialism does, it makes everyone equally poor, much like the $15 an hour rate that uncle Berny wanted for ALL government employees! “These people are stupid” 🙂

        1. Maybe it is for the tent city here in my neck of the woods.

          Article dated March 2017 so this would have been in June 2016, under Obama’s watch.

          “Tent City Full Of Immigrant Children Shutting Down”

          “The temporary tent city popped up next to Homestead Airforce base last June. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services responded to the massive surge of children flooding the U.S. border – all of them arriving without parents.

          On average, the U.S. saw about seven to eight thousand refugee children a year but in 2014 a massive influx occurred as children fled violence in central America.

          In 2014, 58,000 children arrived – the most ever. The following year, it dropped down to 33,000 but things ramped up again in 2016 as President Donald Trump became the frontrunner for the Republican ticket.

          About 95% of those arriving at the shelter came from Central America – specifically Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.”

          Here’s the full article from mainstream media no doubt.

  19. “YANKED APART America says France will become its number one ally if Britain does not boost military spending”

    The Sun, a British tabloid with its own unique style informs its readers that something is about to change in the UK! Either Theresa May or the entire system will go through a similar process as the US did, all complete with its British QAnon revelation team. Q informed us a while ago that the MI6 has cleaned house, possibly to mean that bad actor, mainly the globalist entities have been neutralized from the Intel operations. Then we had a sudden visit from a British Royal to the Eastern Med (Israel, Jordan/Palestine), in 70 years! We also had the Royal wedding (an American half black enters the Royal family!)

    Putting all this together, some facts begin to emerge, at least this is my conclusions! The new power that has defeated the old globalist world order, led by President Trump and the emergence of a multi-polar world order suggests that the British system, as well as the EU, will either be going through a major change or that it already has! last year, on 14th July on the Bastille day, President Trump was the guest of honour of the French president Macron who’s a member of The “Grand Orient de France” (the Grand Lodge of France). The unprecedented welcome of a US president at the annual military parade with the two powerful presidents may have been a show of power by the two. OR, the art of the deal played a part here? Could President Trump’s appearance was to inform the British that France may be the military partner of choice by the United States?! We can’t know that answer but we can think of how such action may have shaken the very foundations of the EU and how badly it destroyed any chances of an EUROARMY!!

    I found the following comment by a Sun reader rather fascinating as to how much of the history regarding the British people’s views during the 1770’s, we don’t know. History, as given to us, is either half of what has happened or it is purely by the omission of facts! It seems, the British people at the time have had enough their Royals and apparently, %50 were sympathetic to the American revolutionaries…the Anti-Americanism of the average Brit today, maybe all posts WWII via a socialist education system…

    “There are American air bases here in UK, have been since WW2. Are they then to move out and fly to a new set of bases in France? I have not forgotten what the late Nikita Khruschev once said. “England (UK) is an American aircraft carrier.”

    Going back to the American Revolutionary War, there is a lot of misunderstanding about it here in UK. I grew up in a town called Hastings, where in c1820 the people declared part of the town to be “The America Ground” – few the American flag and etc.

    Go back to the time of the Revolutionary War itself and discover that about fifty percent of the people here in UK supported the Revolutionary cause. Indeed, Josah Wedgewood was busy producing cameo broaches depitcing the heads of the American Revolutionary leaders, incl. George Wasthington et al. The profits from the proceeds of the sales of these cameo broaches were then used to help finance the newly formed Continental Army.

    Of the twelve battles fought beteen the British and Continental Army, the British won ten of them.

    The real reason for ending the war was due to the enormous damage being done to life and property in the then British American Colonies.

    At the end some 100,000 British loyalists were transporrted to Canada by the Royal Navy. They were settled there and given a year’s dry rations before being able to grow their own food crops.

    The city of New York remained loyalist throughout.

    I worked as a press telegrapher for the American Broadcasting Company News Bureau here in London from 1967 to 1991 and thus got to know and understand the Americans, who are not particularly fond of the French, even if Trump thinks he is.”

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