The Burden of Light


Further Reflections on Fragmentation

By JC Collins

Man has a challenging time accepting the light.

The light which is referenced is not the fragmented light which exists as a separate condition from the darkness.  There is a light from where both day and night come.  This light is the Absolute projection of the Whole.  It’s very presence and power places a burden of responsibility upon the hearts and minds of man.

When we discuss the Whole, or the Absolute, it is important to remember that all of the material and non-material worlds are a reflection of its light.  This light should be considered as the potential of infinity possibility.  Meaning both the material and non-material worlds are manifested as limited possibilities from within its unlimited potential.

There needs to be a new word created to label the Whole. It is neither material nor non-material.  Emotion and spirit are non-material while mind and body are material.  All four are manifested as fragments from the Whole.

Defining and labeling the Whole immediately leads to a fragmented understanding of the Whole.  The condition of thought regarding the Whole is somewhat similar to a pizza – to think of a pizza immediately brings to mind a slice of pizza.  A pizza cannot exist without slices.  Such is the power of conditioned thought.

Man cannot perceive existence through anything but fragmentation.  The entirety of our experience is defined and quantified through measures of fragmentation.  We count each one material experience through increments called years.  (Consider that each one material experience is itself a fragmentation of the Whole) Those years are further fragmented and partitioned into months.  The months are divided into day and night.  Those periods are measured in hours – hours in minutes – minutes in seconds – and science can further fragment seconds into the infinity possibility which the Whole provides.

We measure the material world in miles, feet, inches, and so forth.  There are weights and volumes.  All are fragmentations of the one.

Man measures the productivity of his material existence through a concept called labor.  Labor is the accumulation of physical effort which is quantified over the divisions of time.  Wealth, being the totality of productivity, is the accumulation of human time and labor.  All represent fragmentation.

Thus, we merge the esoteric concepts with the monetary and economic material from which the majority of this site has been devised.

Religion is used by man to further fragment the non-material spirit.  There are different gods and prophets who are divided into various theologies and religious organizations.  Within each organization there are additional divisions as sub categories are established and used as methods of controlling and conditioning the unlimited potential of the Whole which is manifested from within each of us.

Fragmentation is the most important esoteric and philosophical concept to understand within both the material and non-material worlds.  It is the one defining aspect of all that is manifested from within the Absolute potential of the Whole.

It is not clear whether fragmentation serves the purpose of man or the purpose of the Whole.

Perhaps, like the levels and divisions of our human designed education framework, fragmentation serves an educational purpose which only the Whole can grasp.

The human quest and journey through fragmentation should be considered a method of material and non-material development.  This development is a sort of gestation period which allows the human form to build the required competencies in order to accept more light from the Whole.

It has been said that children are afraid of the dark while grown men are afraid of the light.  The light of the Whole represents both a material and non-material burden upon man because of its purpose of self-reflection.  The darkness grows in each of us and we need to learn to accept the light in order for this darkness to be pushed out.

The longer it takes to develop the methods of accepting the light the more burdensome the material and non-material worlds become.  Man ascends or descends.

We are first fragmented somewhere in the middle.  – JC