The Bitcoin Intelligence Operation and Communist China

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JC Collins

This is an analysis of the development and purpose of Bitcoin. The mystery surrounding Bitcoin, and its unknown developer Satoshi Nakamoto, is like something ripped right out of the pages of the most bizarre thriller. An analysis such as this one would appear conspiratorial and fictional on the surface, but when considered in relation to the real-world bizarreness of Bitcoin itself, it takes on a semblance of realism and probability.

Since producing some of the earlier writings on how the digital asset XRP would be fitting into the international monetary system and bridging the gaps which had developed in that system since 1944, I had little else to share on the matter. There were plenty of others with a deeper understanding of the technology than me who could provide that service to an ever growing community of digital asset champions. After providing some thorough monetary history, and direct predictions on how the end XRP service would look (which is beginning to take shape), I felt there was no other value I could add to the discussion.

For the most part, this remains the case. But there is a much bigger picture emerging as other world events begin unfolding on multiple fronts.

This work will be focused on the broad strokes and patterns which weave through the whole storyline. As with my previous articles, I’ll leave it up to others to continue the work and unearth further details and evidence to support the analysis. There will be plenty.

Before moving on I should validate the seriousness and accuracy of my own unique personal method of analysis. The sole purpose of sharing this is not to build up my own character but to lend support to the analysis being presented in this article. Since the beginning of 2014, through the use of my own unique analysis, which is built on pattern recognition and conceptual logic, I have made numerous predictions which have been accurate.

Predicted the de-dollarization which is taking place today and is now widely accepted as fact.

Predicted the increasing momentum to re-organize the international monetary system towards a true multilateral framework. This is continuing today with XRP, and other digital assets, serving in the Chinese proposed role for the SDR.

Predicted the inclusion of the Chinese currency RMB in the Special Drawing Right (SDR) composition alongside the dollar, pound, euro, and yen.

Predicted the 2014 crash in crude prices during a boardroom roundtable of peers. The ask was to bring forth what each of us thought was an upcoming challenge to the business in the next 6 to 12 months. The room disagreed with my assessment, but 6 months later my words became factual.

Predicted the rise of the new modern nationalism which has been sweeping the world and replacing aging liberal order governments and policies.

Predicted the election of Donald Trump more than a year before the election, and when everyone else still thought it was impossible. Also predicted a second term at the same time. This is looking likely at this stage of the election cycle.

Predicted the collapse of Communist China which is now quickly becoming an accepted possibility, even though when I first made the prediction most thought it impossible.

There are many other accurate predictions that weave themselves into my works over the last 6 years but these core predictions should suffice to make the point and gain reader confidence on the validity of the analytical approach used.

The obvious aspect of Bitcoin and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto which needs to be considered first and foremost is the lack of knowing and facts. As strange as it is, very little is known during a time when almost everything is known. Outside of the exchanges between Satoshi and the Cypherpunks on message boards and emails about the creation of Bitcoin, there is nothing else which can be documented or proven to exist. Except the network itself and the original crypto wallet held presumably by Satoshi.

This wallet has been abandoned and is worth billions today. In this fact there is a vital clue which marks the beginning of our conceptual analysis. Satoshi clearly didn’t want to reveal who he was and claiming the wallet years after the fact could lead to exposure. But the fact that no one has claimed a wallet worth billions strongly suggests that an individual is not in fact the owner. Looking through a different lens, a case can made that a large state actor in fact owns the wallet and can allow the billions to sit there unclaimed without causing much human stress or desire.

The lack of evidence around the creation of Bitcoin and who Satoshi Nakamoto really was is not detrimental to our understanding of what in fact was happening. More to the point, it is this lack of evidence which is strongly supportive of a state actor being involved as a single individual would have very little motivation to remain hidden and not claim billions in wealth.

Once we accept that a state actor had to be involved it becomes rather obvious to consider the two largest players in the world monetary system, being the United States and China. America is the world’s largest debtor nation and China is the world’s largest creditor nation. But based on the international dominance, or exorbitant privilege of the dollar, being the world’s largest debtor nation gives America the stronger position over China.

This complex relationship between both needs to be addressed and re-arranged before any fundamental shift will happen in the global system. Truth be told, it will be the re-arranging of this relationship which will cause the global shift, such as we are witnessing now with the ongoing trade war being waged against China. All other nations, economies, and central banks are trapped between these two giants.

Facts are beginning to emerge that the Chinese miracle and large economy are nothing but a fraud built on illusions and massive corruption. Western banks and officials have allowed for the funding and support of Communist China and the game is quickly coming to an end. Just today the Chinese currency experienced its largest crash in the last 25 years. Major banks are failing in China and hundreds of companies are now moving manufacturing to Vietnam and other places. The whole worlds supply chain is shifting away from China.

The growing protests in Hong Kong are threatening the false economy within China as that is where it connects with the outside real economy. The Hong Kong protests and the trade war being waged by the Trump administration should be considered as two weapons being used for the same purpose.

Even though somewhere around 80% of the world’s Bitcoin mining takes place in China, we are seeing almost no capital outflows on the Bitcoin network from within China as its false economy begins to unravel. This is strange and suggests that all of the Bitcoin mining taking place within China is controlled outright by the Communist Party. All business and ventures within China are in fact controlled by the Party. It is now being stated that even Jack Ma of Alibaba was forced to sign over total control of the business to the Communist Party. Things are now moving fast in China.

The other aspect of Bitcoin mining taking place within China is the large amount of coal fired energy required to manage that level of mining. Like companies, information, and people, all things in China are tightly controlled, with nothing more controlled than energy itself. Are we to consider that the most controlling and tyrannical government on Earth is simply allowing massive Bitcoin mining to take place without any interest? That is simply absurd and unrealistic. Internet and communications in and out of China are some of the most tightly controlled and monitored areas.

Once we accept those facts then we can accept that the Communist Party of China is allowing Bitcoin and its mining to take place in the country while suffering no capital outflows as its domestic economy begins to teeter on the edge of collapse.

The first reference to a “Bitcoin like” network was in a white paper released by the American NSA on October 31, 1996. It should go without saying that such a concept was not a secret and it is entirely plausible that China began toying with the concept of a “Bitcoin like” network after the turnover of Hong Kong in 1997. Hong Kong is important because as stated above it allows the Chinese fake economy to connect with the global real economy through a peg between the Hong Kong dollar and the US dollar. When you add in the relationship between the onshore RMB and offshore RMB, the dynamic between all currencies becomes complex, which is exactly what you want if you are attempting to hide economic fundamentals and build a false domestic illusion.

Further areas of research for readers should be focused on Tether and its relationship with the USD and Bitcoin, but more attention given to how this dynamic influences the RMB and Hong Kong dollar movements in correlation with the USD. There is something here which needs to be extracted, or mined.

As written in my article The Coming Collapse of Communist China, a few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, China was admitted into the World Trade Organization. Nothing is suggested here except to state that it is indeed a strange coincidence on timing. Western banks and elites supported this move and sold it on the assumption that it would cause China to liberalize both its internal structures and economic policies. This did not happen of course.

From 2001 to 2008 the China “miracle” was growing at an incredible rate while more and more manufacturing was allowed to shift from the West to the East. After the financial crisis China started discussing the replacement of the reserve USD with the SDR of the International Monetary Fund. China wanted a supra-sovereign asset which would dethrone the USD as the world’s primary reserve currency. The Triffin paradox was leveraged to gain support and market the concept to banks and world leaders.

Almost at the same time China started promoting SDR as a USD alternative, Bitcoin arrived on the scene and one of its first use cases was to fund the trade of drugs and illicit materials on the internet based Silk Road. Readers should make an association between this Silk Road and the New Silk Road, later called Belt and Road Initiative, by China to connect Eurasia under a trade and economic order which bypassed America.

During the recent Hong Kong protests the Triad criminal organization were targeting people on the streets in order to cause fear and intimidation. There is an obvious relationship between the Triad and the Communist Party of China which needs to be considered. You would naturally think that the interests of the Triad wouldn’t be aligned with the Communist Party of China, but yet these events strongly suggest they are. Much like the relationship between Western criminal organizations, such as the Hells Angles and mafia families, and the intelligence apparatus of Western nations, China uses the Triad to carry on specific programs which undermine the structures of its own civilization for the purpose of population control and cultural management.

I would recommend the well researched and referenced book Dope Inc. by Executive Intelligence Review for a mind shattering expose of such relationships between intelligence agencies and criminal organizations.

Even now, opium and fentanyl is being exported into Western nations by China and the Triad at an alarming rate. So much so in fact, that Trump has made it a part of any potential trade deal with China. The money from this drug trade is being laundered through real estate markets in some of the worlds largest cities, like Vancouver, British Columbia, and Sydney, Australia. We hear about such things but only briefly and seldom stop to think what it really means. Through the China Development Bank, the Belt and Road Initiative is one massive money laundering scheme for the Communist Party of China. The nations which have partnered on the Belt and Road Initiative are waking up to the reality that they have been fooled into taking on large debts simply to fund corruption and control in mainland China. This is also quickly coming to an end.

As the wealth is shifted away from the Communist Party, its global business’s will begin failing and wealth from the general Chinese population will be taken away to support the Party. This will compound the problem and the great Chinese people will eventually turn on their Communist controllers and take their civilization back from the most corrupt and vile organization on the face of the planet.

In the years after Bitcoin arrived its use spread outside of the Silk Road illicit trade and many around the world took up the task of building exchanges and moving Bitcoin towards official acceptance and adoption. Through fronts and party member interests, it should be assumed that China has control of major Bitcoin exchanges, which are used for further money laundering. This is a huge area I will leave for other researchers to explore, but it shouldn’t take much to determine which exchanges are controlled by China and which ones are not. I would expect to discover that any exchanges that list XRP are not controlled by China, though some China controlled exchanges may have listed XRP in an attempt to manipulate that particular digital asset, as XRP is in all matters the exact opposite of Bitcoin.

The history of XRP and the company Ripple can almost be interpreted as a response to the creation and spread of Bitcoin and its promotion as a USD alternative. The underground promotion of Bitcoin in this capacity has remained and has grown in momentum across internet forums and from within certain business interests. This “overthrowing the USD” aspect of Bitcoin and its creation by the Communist Party of China is extremely telling of the intrigue which is now playing out on the world stage. As is the creation of XRP as the response.

Ethereum, which was developed by a Russian, and most alt coins built on the Ethereum network, were most likely developed to work in unison with Bitcoin to undermine the USD and shift massive wealth from West to East. We get into a lot of speculation in this area and its best to just let the events further play out. But it would not be surprising in the years to come that we discover there is a lot of truth to it.

The parallel growth of XRP and Ripple business partners, including central banks, alongside the trade war being waged against China, and the collapse of the Chinese economy and banking system from within, should also not be considered a coincidence. There is clearly something transitioning in the world which we only get glimpses off from time to time.

In addition, no other digital asset has faced more online opposition and “trolling” than XRP and Ripple. It’s almost as if the Chinese Ministry of Security Services has a division specifically tasked with waging online psychological warfare against XRP and those who promote it. A conceptual conclusion can be made that Bitcoin and all other cryptos are aligned on one side against XRP and Ripple. It’s a curious arrangement to be sure. Why is XRP such a threat?

I’m attempting to steer this away from the conspiratorial aspect as much as possible, but in the past, for me, when pieces start to click into place, the conclusions usually end up being accurate, as presented at the beginning of this article. I’m not interested in making outrageous claims to grow readership or get more followers on Twitter, but when I have something to say it usually ends up being consequential and changes the conscious narrative of its target subject. As will be the case with this article. The information will be denied by some and embraced by others, but it will percolate and spread through the unconscious interests of much greater minds.

The invocation I have called forth here will not be the last word. The world is changing and time will reveal the broad strokes written here to be true. There may be small variations in the details but the overall theme will prove to be accurate. I will now leave it to others to further prove the conclusions or to disprove the conclusions.

Eventually the truth about Bitcoin will be known and the purpose of Satoshi Nakamoto will be revealed. The mystery will be solved and the anagram re-arranged. The patterns described here do follow a conceptual logic. That is all I have to offer the world.

Readers should also thoroughly understand the case I made in the article The Coming Collapse of Communist China, as it is directly related to the material covered here, and appears to be happening at an increasing pace.

- JC

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57 Comments on “The Bitcoin Intelligence Operation and Communist China”

  1. I can see BTC being a means for the CCP to pay their front line soldiers (United Front) who are decentralized and stationed in foreign lands around the world. See the parallel of the physical decentralized soldiers controlled by a centralized force (CCP) like BTC being decentralized but controlled by the centralized mining power within China which inherently is controlled by the CCP.

    China is in a full-fledged war to globalize their hegemony over the world once again. They know to win this war would require them to take out their greatest opponent…the USA. They also know they would have to win on three fronts, economic, psychological and physical. They know they cannot defeat the USA in a physical war but they also believe that if they can win an economic and psychological war they would never have to fight a physical war.

    We can see today the beginnings of the collapse of the fake Chinese economy which says they are losing this leg of the war. But we cannot underestimate the transformation into the digital realm that the world’s economic system is undergoing right now. It isn’t farfetched to think that the lost Satoshi wallet is a Trojan horse in waiting. Waiting until the digital world is in place at which time those Satoshi BTC would come out to put China in the economic forefront of the world. They just need to be patient while the greed in the minds of the youth that they seeded through their psychological leg takes root.

    We can see the proof of this in such movements as Antifa, Marxist movements and the socialism becoming popular in US politics. These are all the product of China’s influence into most of the universities within the USA. The minds of the youth are very impressionable and that’s the way the CCP works. They don’t fight for today, they mold the minds of the youth so as they mature they see the communist ways of the CCP as a normality and a utopia.

    I wish I could better express in words all the fragments coming together within my head. I hope this translates into something tangible for you all. I turn wrenches and swing hammers for a living so expressing myself in text comes as a challenge sometimes. I'm trying to pull together two or three books I've been reading and synthesizing them with what I see transpiring in the world with my own ideas and JC's here above.

    There is a pattern of the CCP of taking the intellectual property (genius) of people around the world and the wealth that genius has created to use for their own purposes. Their purpose is to be hegemon of the world.

    We can make a fair comparison of Reagan's secret war which was to take down communism in the USSR with Trump's...own secret war of taking down communism in China. Like economics it's about managing debt to balance things not to defeat or eradicate it. I hope Trump is successful and I also know that the slow creep or growth of communism will continue after Trump.

    I do believe XRP/Ripple is the antithesis to BTC/CCP. My investments (actions) follow my beliefs. Mind over matter and I strive to keep my mind as free as possible so I have the sovereignty to think as I wish...I wish to think outside the box.

    Thanks for a wonderful read JC. I can completely see the plausibility in what you have laid out here. It fits in with much of what I have been reading and provides some answers to questions that arose from those readings.

  2. Satoshi means "Intelligent History" and is of Japanese origin. Nakamoto means "central or origin". It's not far fetched for a centralized CCP intelligence organization to hide a plan in plane sight under the garb of Japan. Intelligence projects are often given precarious names. 😉

  3. Yes JC, Yes Pieter, Yes Dane -

    Your general premises agree with my constitution. It is a nice feeling to know what one truly believes in, is quite the truth to continue and fight for. To catch it's reflection in the words of others is beautiful, to be honest. Be it with pen or sword, for that which is ultimate and worthy - Peace be with us all, to guide and protect us... May this unfoldment render just memories of perfectly imperfect men (and women - naturally), that came, that saw, that awoke and that heard, that recognised in quiet wonderment, the quiet and supreme marvel of this place, and time... What a gift it is.

    Newbie here trying to sound better than I am, as a natural human response to great writings... Ta

  4. Here is a real world example of how such a project could be done.

    A college professor assigns his students projects to write computer functions. He keeps all the projects when turned in for grades. Then he selects the best code for each given function to incorporate each fragment into his own larger AI program which is his project for his dissertation.

    This same process could be used for intelligence groups, agencies or governments. The professors are the agents and the scheme is the largest theft of intellectual property that I know of. The students actually pay for the classes also.

    To further support this thesis we can look at MIT and DARPA. Here is a current project they are working on.

    Plus I believe David Schwartz first began working on digital money back in '96 while either attending or working at MIT. Worldly changes usually seem sudden but are typically developed for years before they become public and seemingly sudden.

  5. Is there a possibility that a resurgence of the Glass Steagall Law could manifest within the digital asset ecosystem of tomorrow? Would this delay the Wall Street Bakkt roll out this month?

    This is an interesting alternative view of a catastrophic collapse of the USD.

    "How will we deal with the problem of contagion— the danger that speculators’ losses will shut down the commercial banking system upon which our economy depends? Not by bank bailouts, but by hiving off the dens of the Wall Street gambler’s speculation from the commercial banking system, using a revival of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law. (A law that President Trump campaigned to revive.) Then their dubious gambling assets will not be eligible for Federal taxpayer support, and can be written down or written off over time, as those dubious assets are sorted out. Only legitimate commercial banking functions will be protected, not speculation.

    The issuance of low-interest Federal credit exclusively for productive employment of unemployed or unproductive labor and capital, is not inflationary. If it is vectored towards science-driver programs like the Trump Administration’s international Moon-Mars program, or the international effort to harness controlled fusion energy, it will be counter-inflationary, increasing the productivity of all labor, as scientific and technological breakthroughs filter through the economy. In the United States, this policy is as old as the George Washington Administration, and lies behind the economic success of the Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt administrations."

    I would think for it to be possible that the CCP would have to fall first. It looks like a plan that would take more years than Trump has even if he wins in 2020 and goes through to 2024. Is there anyone one that sticks out to carry the torch after Trumps second term?

    Just some thoughts...

        1. Thanks Dane, I agree it makes logical sense. Not sure if I would necessarily believe every word Bannon says on China but still, yes, very plausible.

  6. Kudos JC, you have dropped another bomb!
    This article has taken me a while to parse and there is much to research.
    Working on the assumption that Satoshi Nakamoto is literally an anagram, the first thing that I came up with contained an expletive I'm loathe to reproduce here but suffice to say, either the CPC spooks have a low sense of humour or I'm barkin' up the wrong tree 😉
    Anyway some other initial thoughts to follow shortly...

    1. "Tether is a controversial[1] cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited.[2] It formerly claimed that each token was backed by one United States dollar, but on March 14, 2019 changed the backing to include loans to affiliate companies.[3][4] The Bitfinex exchange was accused by the New York Attorney General of using Tether's funds to cover up $850 million in funds missing since mid-2018.

      Tether was called a stablecoin because it was originally designed to always be worth $1.00, maintaining $1.00 in reserves for each tether issued.[7] Nevertheless, Tether Limited states that owners of tethers have no contractual right, other legal claims, or guarantee that tethers will be redeemed or exchanged for dollars.[4] On April 30, 2019 Tether Limited's lawyer claimed that each tether was backed by only $0.74 in cash and cash equivalents.[8][9]

      Tether Limited and the tether cryptocurrency are controversial because of the company's failure to provide a promised audit showing adequate reserves backing tether,[10][2] its alleged role in manipulating the price of bitcoin,[11] the unclear relationship with the Bitfinex exchange, and the company's apparent lack of a long-term banking relationship.[12] Author David Gerard was quoted by the Wall Street Journal saying that tether "is sort of the central bank of crypto trading ... [yet] they don't conduct themselves like you'd expect a responsible, sensible financial institution to do."[12] Tether's price decreased to lows of $0.90 on 15 October 2018 on speculation that investors are losing faith in the token.[13] On November 20, 2018, Bloomberg reported that U.S. federal prosecutors are investigating whether tether was used to manipulate the price of bitcoin."

  7. On the mystery of Satoshi, a true believer would probably counter that it makes perfect sense to go underground, in the expectation that in the fullness of time Satoshi could well be seen as responsible for bringing down the entire banking industry. As such, a lot of very powerful enemies would be a-hunting.
    Indeed, another possibility is that Satoshi has already been found and eliminated. Then the keys to that wallet may have gone to the grave, or may be in the hands of the assassins (likely a state intelligence agency). Or, merely taken in for "questioning", aka forcible recruitment. It is also possible I have been watching too many spy movies haha.
    Assuming JC's theory is correct, one thing that puzzles me is why the US intelligence apparatus (who must know about it, one would think) hasn't acted to crush BTC. Or are they just waiting for the right moment?

  8. "It is now being stated that even Jack Ma of Alibaba was forced to sign over total control of the business to the Communist Party. "
    Is there any evidence for this?

    1. We have to remember that the CCP can and does take possession of what it wants within China. Since they don't want to lose the confidence of the Chinese people they probably don't advertise the truth of the matter. There is a pattern though of people such as Jack Ma building wealth, handing it over to the CCP and then disappearing. There are a couple of videos out there talking about it. Steve Bannon spoke of it in one of them but you'll have to find it my friend because its too far down my youtube history to go looking for. You can watch this one it might be in there,

      1. Thanks for the Larouche link Dane. I would love to see Trump roll out some tuly massive infrastructure programs, hopefully he will do in his 2nd term. This is what will really MAGA.

        (apologies I think my replies may have got swapped over somehow)

      2. Thanks for the Larouche link Dane. I would love to see Trump roll out some tuly massive infrastructure programs, hopefully he will do in his 2nd term. This is what will really MAGA.

        (apologies I think my two replies to you may have got switched somehow)

    2. Hey redjon here is another link reinforcing the intricate connections the communist party have been and are still attempting to weave into western society. Approaching this puzzle I had to ask "why" the US was blocking this sale. That was answered when we remember that Ma had to hand over control of Alibaba to the communist party which is reflected in the first article below with "...the Chinese company Alibaba", not Jack Ma's company Alibaba. Then when we zoom out we can see these two moves (not selling to Alibaba but selling to Ripple) fit perfectly into the picture that JC has laid out in this post. The puzzle pieces are all around us we just need to find them and put them together to complete the picture and verify that the picture is a real reflection of the truth. Something I'm sure JC has done for himself already.

      US blocks Moneygram sale to China Jan, 2018...

      "U.S. regulators are blocking the sale of MoneyGram, a money transfer firm, to a subsidiary of the Chinese company Alibaba..."

      Then, Ripple purchases stake in Moneygram June 2019.

  9. POM, I fell out of touch. I failed to respond to the thoughtful replies to my comments made by the POM to my comments and questions a couple of post back at now. I fell out of touch, I beg your pardon.

    If it is war now, USA on one side China on the other, with all buddy boys shifting with the tides and the winds of time or the timing of the waves. All hands on deck, battleships and aircraft carriers, some mobile, some not so much. The China seas the theater.

    All the buddy boys, The EU, The Rus, India, The Indo's, Aus, NZ, the entire middle east and all the Stans, just to name a few, all wanting to be a Kahuna, wisely riding a Kahuna they hope will stay a massive wake and that they will be awake enough to reckon what driving winds will spin and create a wave. A wave that has the potential to become a tsunami, that does not only wet their dreams, but floods their beds. It's a tricky business, as all global business is.

    To paraphrase the genius D. GA. Congressman, The Honorable Hank Johnson, during a House Armed Services Committee hearing, "If we put two many tanks on one side of the Island Guam, won't it tip over?" The exceedingly professional Admiral Robert Williams commander of the US Pacific Command, handled the question with a wonderful degree of delicate patience, and without any outward sign of suffering, that I could detect. I thank whatever Gods may be.

    I give a full throated rebel yell, YEAH!! HELL YEAH!! To the military pros who bother to uniform up to deal with, the buddy boys in our congress. I do not just fear, I know damn good and well why I'm not a pro. I know I would of become a volcano that may of tipped an island. Point being the US/China war, such as it is, belongs to real men, not just military, but also the true ambassadors.

    Which leads me to my Hank Johnson question. Yep, I'm going to ask it. Let the Saints forgive me.

    This sticks in my mind, a day or two after "Black Friday" our President R. Reagan (Dutch) went on TV and with the slightest wiggle in his face said, and I paraphrase, "Looks to me like some people decided to take some money." Well I'll be damned.

    Fast forward to a tale I've told before when Bitcoin was either $.40 or around a buck. Long story short I bought silver at $36.00. Oh laugh, laugh if you want to, I get it. I didn't have a clue about the tech and either did many others. But there was something about BC that intrigued me and so I kept a close eye on it over the years. I watched all of its fits, farts, and gains. $900.00 one day $400.00 another. You know.

    Comes to date the last quarter 2017 first quarter 2018 the frame I want to address. "Looks to me like some people decided to take some money."

    If as weapons of war, the Satoshi wallet held which "Has been abandoned and is worth billions today." JC.. And the XRP held in escrow round figure 50 billion. Who has more ammunition?

    I can't leave it just like that, because I don't think it really hits my H. Johnson because it really doesn't consider all the dif in tech. I'm just looking at the aftermath of what I view as the, to date, largest crypto pump and dump currently on record as far as the big coins go. I welcome correction, not only because I'm often wrong, but more so because I'm a learning machine. I'm AI with a dick, it slows me down.

    The bull run peaks with BC at around $20k and XRP at around $3.50.. A hundred million BC verses a hundred billion XRP. Both coins drop precipitously and at what appears to me to be the same time frame. "looks to me like some people decided to take some money." How much money?

    Apples and oranges, watermelon and cantaloupes aside, the whiskey and morphine are beginning to kick in.

    So you know, I know you know, we know, (yep, it's kickin') all the whales always play both side of the coins/tokens, always, everything, heads we win tails you lose That said if BC played it's best hand with it's tech as a pair of queens and FOMO'ed itself and all the other alt's including XRP, to heights none of them earned or could sustain is it any wonder a Whac a Mole, Waldo game smacked the lowly retailers dead in their collective asses.

    90% loses.

    Many men's loses, a few men's gains. It is not as simple as all that, the profits from that P/D where spread over a vast moneyscape. Lots of people made lots of money. For the time being much of it could be resting on its laurels in the markets, stock, bonds, real estate. Blowing bubbles.

    Ah, Bubbles, I fondly remember a gal we all called Bubbles. You go to tickle her she would squirm and all but gurggle. Tickle her to much she would pop. Better bring your A game and be the man your tickling ass thought you were!

    The US v China, BC v XRP. Bring your A game.

    I bought my loved ones (that includes me) another grip of XRP earlier today. Look for it to drop to $.20 in the next day or two. I feel like Col. Kurtz with his head in his hands, elbows resting on his knees, but, instead of bemoaning the horrors, I be bitching about my private insanity and the magic of XRP.

    1. Pieter, we understand, you have my pardon. But don't let it happen again 😉
      BTW I got burned on a silver trade back then too 🙂 We live and learn...

      1. Rockin' redjon, Hey check it out. just a couple of hours after I entered my above post I realized that their are only 21 million Bitcoin and I stated that I thought there was a 100 million. I thought about adding a addendum correcting my mistake but didn't want to mess with my Hank Johnson moment.

        I have to much fun.

  10. "The British and the “colorful revolution” in Hong Kong"

    This is an interesting piece on Voltaire regarding the possible "assistance" given to Hong Kong protesters. It is not so easy to imagine what assistance other than assurance would have been given. Nevertheless, we may not forget that any such movement at such massive scales requires planning, tactics and above all organization and add to that the most important element, that is "money" to do all this. It is worth considering that no movement in history had been carried out with success, without all the above.

    1. Thanks Carpe Diem, and in case it was missed, here is more in-depth piece:

      My perspective is, the CPC must be absolutely furious at the US involvement in the protests, quite understandably, and their relatively restrained reaction to it so far is admirable. On the other hand, the root cause of these protests is the CPC themselves who basically pushed HK too far, too fast. Quite simply, they are not honouring the agreement made in 97 at the handover. Hongkongers, and the UK, do have every right to be angry about that. And it adds to the overall impression of the Chinese as untrustworthy. This is the exact opposite of what they should be doing if they truly want to "open up" and step up to the same level as the US on the world stage.

      It is clear to all that the one country, two systems arrangement was only ever going to be temporary, and eventually HK will be fully integrated into the mainland. But this should not happen, as per the agreement, until 2047! What HK people see is Beijing trying to accelerate the process 28 years too early! Until Xi came to power the approach was "softly-softly", as it should be, but this recent overreach seems to be a serious miscalculation (or could it be a deliberate ploy?)
      Regardless, the future for HK does not look bright. I expect this marks the beginning of a brain-drain and a pull-out of major corporations from HK. Likely to the great benefit of that other major regional financial centre, Singapore.

      The latest development is that Lam has belatedly been permitted by her masters to do what should have been done many weeks ago and completely withdrawn the extradition bill. I would expect this will turn a certain percentage of HK population against the protesters, since they have now got what they wanted at the beginning. But will it be enough? That seems unlikely at this point. Will be interesting to see what plays out this weekend and the scale of the next major events/marches.

      1. Hello Redjon and thank you for the great article,

        The rebellion in HK is the outcome of what was planted by the British in 1997 and possibly planned decades before. The seed of what we are now witnessing was planned and planted well in advance. The British geopolitical officers work on the basis of 50, 100 and even 150 years which is hard to comprehend and yet this has been the modus Operandi for a formidable superpower as the British Empire. The method used by the colonial power will come in different flavours and the case for HK is through a legal contract with the real owner, in this case, the Chinese mainland government in charge (CCP). The other system that had been used in the past is through the creation of a "stay-behind" network in a territory that is paid and maintained but not active until a day when the network that is fully trained to get activated for certain operations. I have no doubt that such a network had existed by the British in HK and this is how they can twist the arms of CCP, when and if they need to. In this case, it seems very likely that elements within the British establishment are working very closely with the anti-globalists elements of the US government in relation to HK.

        We may consider that any government is never made up of a monolithic structure even in such a control-freak nation under the control of the CCP. The same rule applies in Iran, Russia and anywhere else for that matter! It seems the same anti-globalist elements in the UK government are also currently working closely with other groups worldwide to break away from the EU!! By the same token, the initiation of the demand by the CCP to bring back people to the mainland for prosecution may be likely a tool for the rebellion by factions at CCP who want a change which we are currently witnessing! ...the timing of it is untimely for such proposal if I may add, for the CCP. It is not a logical step for seemingly philosophical gangsters, as the CCP!

        After WWII one such stay-behind network was created and it is active to this day, known as "Gladio" which is a Latin/Italian word for, I believe to mean, a Sword. Such a network had been active in the 60's all the way up to today. They have been active in Italy, Germany, Turkey and other European nations. The result is that the occupying power never actually leaves but instead leaves a tool of manipulation of the public and pressure on the government in charge of that nation(s). Gladio network had been responsible for many assassinations, bombings and other vile and criminal acts only so to divert/force the public opinion towards a consensus or thinking. In the late '70s, the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro was kidnapped by a left-wing group allegedly (Red Brigades) and was killed after 55 days in captivity. There were other assassinations and bombing of railway stations throughout Europe by this stay-behind network. It is noteworthy to mention that the Mafia and other organized crime enterprises have been assisting the network (as well as all world governments!) particularly from the WWII period. One such case was the assistance provided (through a deal) by the Sicilian Mafia through mobsters (incarcerated already in the US for criminality) to allies as a means creating an intelligence network to be used against the NAZI German forces who had occupied Sicily.

        The deal they offered was, possibly in return for allowing the organized crime network a free hand to operate in the US and other places! The organized crime families moved to other lucrative businesses such as Casinos and other legitimate activities whilst working with some elements of power in the US, namely what came to be known as the CIA. It is interesting to see how the CIA later employed other criminals in Europe and elsewhere to act their vanguard for the intention assassinations, social engineering and diversion of the public opinion to an objective preferred by the handlers. It seems, that the same principles for achieving the objectives set out by the handlers is still in force together with the same types of activities by the network in US, UK/EU and for that matter anywhere on this planet. Relatively recent examples are the creation of ISIS with at times fake gruesome acts such as cutting captives throats which were made in some studio to photoshopping a child's corpse on a beach to direct attention to the plight of refugees in the Mediterranean region. The question that comes to mind is whether anything we see on our daily news is real events or are they actually acts, all choreographed and stage-managed by experts in mind control?

        The great investigative researcher who was an interpreter for the FBI, Sibil Edmonds provides her research in the following clip where she details the Gladio-A, Gladio-B and their activities in Europe. This lady should run her own TV as she and her team provide first-class and thoroughly detailed material on what is currently and generically called "terrorism" where it is often acted by the States and never individuals, i.e. the Lone gunman.

        For the film buff, I would like to recommend an Italian movie (Malèna) with the gorgeous Italian actress Monica Bellucci. The storyline depicts the events of WWII and the occupation of Sicily by the American forces from the eyes of a teenage boy. It is a great movie regarded as romantic Comedy-drama. The downside is that it was produced by non-other than the pervert in chief Harvey Weinstein but if you ignore his intervention in the creation of it, you will enjoy this great movie that is made in the typically Italian style of Italian moviemaking, i.e. realistic and sometimes truthfully shocking scene but it provides the conditions of Italy under Mussolini and the subsequent arrival of the American forces that liberated Sicily from Nazi German forces.

        1. Many thanks CD, your posts never fail to fascinate, and educate! I have learned so much from you, as well as from JC, Pieter, Dane, and others too numerous to mention - long may it continue!
          And another film added to my list!

          1. Thank you Dear Redjon for your kind words,

            In fact, I feel exactly the same as you about the wisdom and knowledge that I learn from yourself and other noble people above every day. This centre of higher learning i.e. POM is probably the only one that I know of. POM is really unique and I for one have learned so much and feel I am growing and learning every day. As an example, JC's articles and discussions on money, finance, as well as Cryptocurrencies made my understanding of the complexity of the world of finance and economy. Your discussions with Dane always gives me something new to see the way the world is going regarding cryptos/XRP and how they might impact the world.

            I really want to say, before I came across POM, I was blind to so much and now I can say JC has cured me 🙂 ...a big thanks to our noble JC!

            So yes my friend, "long may it continue"!

  11. Would privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac open the door for R3?

    "If they gain enough traction with issuers and investors, tokens hold the potential to create new opportunities for capital formation, liquidity and more efficient asset management in a huge range of markets. When traded on a purpose-built enterprise blockchain platform, these tokens unlock liquidity in previously illiquid markets, creating entirely new tradable assets – such as real estate tokens – and enabling a more standardized form of trading for currently illiquid assets, such as corporate bonds."

    "Blockchain in GovTech
    “GovTech” is the term used to refer to technology—including blockchain—for use by public sector institutions.

    Governments globally struggle with fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement of government resources often due to inefficiencies from outdated, disparate or multiple systems. Government pain points include slow, complex real property registers and transfers, limited access to liquidity, significant lags in payments due to reconciliations, and ineffective tracking of procurement goods and services."

    Not sure if R3 only deals in commercial real estate or all real estate.

  12. "Don't blink" JC
    I remember back in the day JC was leading the POM down through the history of the world's reserve currencies. Showing us the flow up and down empires, educating the POM about the Bretton Woods and the Triffin Dilemma, the paradox that shackled the agreement to the same fate as agreements of the past.

    We all (POM) read and walked through the 2010 accords and the efforts to leverage the SDR into a position to aid in the balance/budget (budget. a concept I got from Dane) the imbalances that were left, inherent in the system.

    Then about two and a half (give or take a few months) years ago a new thing came on the scene. I'm satisfied this new thing had been around a while, but not seen in the scene. Bitcoin and blockchain introduced this new thing and helped to make it palatable, if you dare take a sip.

    Our highly admired and all but beloved JC saw this new tech, SOB, exactly for what it was and spent the last many months trying to explain, teach,elucidate, illuminate, what he saw almost at the minute he laid eyes on it.

    JC took what I fondly refer to as the bigger brains and he with challenge calls "much greater minds" into the weeds, with a degree of intelligence and tech sophistication that left my mind a reeling. Thanks to my, beyond, excellent memory, I held on and used the space to play about with a frustrated skill and a wit that needed to be free.

    It is only today and after doing my most recent numbers (numbers that put half my investment upside down) that I find my mind at all but complete ease. I get it. I don't have to learn code to understand what a bridge currency is. It is XRP. I don't have to have a full understanding of all the multi layers of geo/real/ politic to understand what Ripple/XRP is.

    "Don't blink."


  13. "China and Iran form a strategic partnership with $400 billion energy deal"

    This is an interesting discussion on the announcement by China about their strategic relationship with Iran! Two important elements here are of interest, amongst all the others of course. The first is that the Chinese will import 2000 people of PLA in order to protect their construction workforce into Iran. In military terms, this amounts to around one and a half divisions and it is a massive number in a country such as Iran that has relative security. That is there is no ethnic warfare but any recent insecurity relates to seriously terrible internal economy mainly to do with the incompetence of the ruling pirates aka the Mullahs. The Chinese as a rule always take their own security anywhere they go to but Iran is not Africa so this makes me think that they have other plans, all under the cover of transporting a garrison to Iran. Who knows what they are up to!

    The other element that is fascinating is that no USD will be used to purchase Iranian oil but likely that $400Billion investment will be used as a barter arrangement between the two nations. Iran desperately needs to upgrade oil and gas exploration and refinery areas which Iran has been having problems with due to the lack of foreign investment. China will also invest in an upgrade of motorways and railroads.

    As you will notice in the discussion, China considers Iran as not only a strategic partner but rather an "ally" which in diplomatic terms to mean the next step up. Russia also sees Iran as an ally which is interesting in itself because of the Mullahs only recently signed and agreed to only receive less than 12% of the Capsian Sea under a new agreement with managed by Russia for sharing the sea (Largest lake in the world actually!) between the 5 nations. This deal brushes aside the 50/50 arrangement if the Caspian sea that was signed as an agreement 3 years after the establishment of the Soviet Union as an offer of peace towards Imperial Iran. We should remember that up until the collapse of the Soviet Union, Iran was the only other existing nations that had control of the Caspian together with USSR and the plentiful oil of the Caspian region was always known as early as the early 1900s. Since that agreement, Russia had also expressed the same statement on Iran, seeing Iran as an ally rather than a partner. The theft of the Caspian is being seen by patriotic Iranians as yet another theft of Russia of what had been her territorial waters forever and now literally handed over by a weak and globalist Islamist gans as the Mullahs only because they are selling the family heirlooms to stay in power. Regardless of what you hear, Iran and Russia are never friends and historically have never been so, but it will be fascinating to see how this ménage à trois will develop!!

    The famous Zoroastrian fire temple in Baku with one of the oldest and never extinguished fires was upon an oil/gas-filled region. The term used for oil in contemporary Persian, Russian and many other Eastern European languages i.e. "Naphta" is of an Iranian etymological root, which means that black Goo was known as early as 2500 years ago if not earlier by Iranians and they used the unrefined black gold, for many industrial applications also.

    For further info, please see Herodotus's records on the ancient Persians using the black goo, under "Naphta", below:

    1. Thanks CD, you make some great points, and there are other interesting aspects to this Iran-China deal too, including:
      How will the Trump administration react and how will it impact the next round of trade talks? Because China is clearly defying the US sanctions on Iranian oil exports, dramatically weakening their effectiveness. I suggest it reduces the chance of any cessation of the tariff war to such an extent that if the coming talks do go ahead as planned they will basically just be a charade in order to keep markets propped up a while longer.
      China will pay for the oil in renminbi, so this is another step along the path of de-dollarisation and internationalisation of the yuan.
      Will it be significantly bearish for the price of oil? (which would actually please POTUS) Since it removes a big portion of Chinese demand from the rest of the world's oil suppliers.
      What happens if there is military action against Iran (presumably from Israel) and those Chinese soldiers are in harm's way? There could actually be up to 5000 PLA troops placed there according to another report I read. The pretext is to protect their investments but as you say there could be other hidden purposes!

      1. Hi Redjon,

        Thank you for your comment and I agree with your line of thinking and concerns about the tariff, the oil price and the potential Israeli attack on Iran.

        I think as part of an end to globalism, the western industrial nations will need to return to producing goods again and as part of this return. In this way, it is possible to expect steps towards deindustrialization of China by moving most of the current Western manufacturing from China back to the US and Europe and this may take several decades but the process had been initiated. The other point I wanted to add is that IMHO, China has serious problems to become an organic world power and so far the massive growth of China had been assisted by the western liberal elite by various means and to stop the growth will be exactly the reverse whatever China was given, i.e. to stop free access to technology and most importantly making the necessary element of its inorganic growth by stopping oil & fuel for her power-hungry factories and industries. The same way China was made into the giant would be to stop the steroid and we are already seeing signs of this shift.

        Regarding a potential military action by Israel, it is theoretically possible to imagine to occur. However, Israel can only do aerial attack to some military sites and that would be a limited attack with very little gains. In return, Hezbollah can cause serious damage to Israel but mots importantly Iranian rockets can unleash total destruction of the most important oil facility of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Abqaiq, in return! Even Iranian unsophisticated weaponry/missiles can seriously damage this strategic oil/gas facility as it is in close reach of Iranians. Without Abqaiq, KSA would return to the 7th century.

        Israelis would only conduct an aerial operation against Iranian territory if they have a clear objective of destroying Iranaina capacities in a way to put Iran out of action and to even make it impossible for Iran to revenge. Given the size of Iran and the distribution of IRGC weapon systems, such attack would not achieve any favourable to Israel and Israel would be able to contribute in the case of a major power such as (and only!) the US to conduct such attack. Israel has probably the best airforce and the best-trained pilots but air power alone would not achieve much other than some tactical damage to Iran. Therefore, any such talks of military action by Israel can not be taken seriously, other than rhetorics and posturing. On the other hand, the state of Israel would not wish to have a better regime as reactionary and aggressive as Mullahs in power in Iran for the simple reason that every time, Iran says some nonsense about wishing to wipe Israel off the map, the state of Israel gets concessions and military and financial support so we can consider both Isalist Republic of Mullahs and the Zionist state of Israel working in concert and acting out a game posturing and propaganda. In fact, neither the ruling elites in Israel and Iran want war other than to keep the gravy train going for as long as possible! the KSA also does not want a regime change in Iran other than keeping the status quo as it will receive the latest military hardware whilst it continues to feed the 50,000 Prince's ludicrous lifestyles with home and islands in the most expensive plots on earth. The regime change in Iran for a democratic and secular government in Iran will end such fast living for the ruling elite of KSA and Israel too!

        regarding the 5000 protection units of the PLA, I can not comment as I don't know the thinking and reasons as to why PLA would be present in such numbers in Iran. It may be that some of these PLAn soldiers will be assigned engineering tasks or supervision of road/tunnel/bridge constructions and Chinese are known to use their own people in such major projects in other lands, in the past, so this may be one reason I would have thought!

  14. John Bolton is out of Trump admin and what may be the reasons and potential repercussions and outcomes?

    The following clip is by Dr Steven Piczenik from May of this year where he talks about John Bolton who came from Neocon background and was US's UN ambassador for a period. A couple of days ago, the representatives of the Taliban were expected to arrive in the US and be taken to Camp David for a peace deal and a potential handover. The meeting was later called off after there was some bombing in Kabul with one American service member killed amongst the 12 killed. The timing of this attack is very significant as it was meant to send a strong signal to someone!

    General Petraeus also expressed his opinion that talking to the Taliban is pointless which confirms an element or more of the US political system does not want to deal with Afghanistan. Both Bolton and Petraeus along with the entire Neocons do not want the US to get close to either Afghanistan and most certainly Iran. The US without the most powerful government in that region will be forever at war whilst knowing full well, that the brute force of an invasion may not result in the removal of the Mullahs but even worse, it may get cancer to metastasise and spill over to a much bigger war with unknown outcomes. For Neocons, an indefinite war is an order and their mantra forever, as war is profitable and this group represents MIC as their lobby. In this way, they see the US military as their servant and agent of destruction and chaos, worlwide.

    Could the removal of Bolton be a string sign that Trump may be about to embark on a direct meeting with Rouhani and even possibly with the real leader of the Mullah's revolution, Ayatollah Khamanei? I believe it is very likely that this may be about to happen and Trump wants to get rid of those around him who may interfere with his rapprochement with Iran. The bomb in Kabul IMHO was definitely ordered by the element(s) that would make every effort to keep both the US forces in Afghanistan and the same people who would do anything to make the US and Iran establish normal diplomatic relations. The interesting point here is that the Neocons are the war party faction who are now expelled from the Republican party and are cosying with the Democrats.

    The MKO ('s_Mujahedin_of_Iran) that the Neocons have been hoping to bring to power in Iran and replacing the Islamist Mullahs are themselves a Marxist-Islamist group with a dark history of terrorism and assassinations that is very likely to be yet another creation (Nato/CIA) of a stay-behind type of groups favoured by the Western intel agencies. The Neocons have been attending their lavish ceremonies in Paris for the past 20-25 years and Mr Bolton and many others received money that he had recorded as a gift. This terror group is known as MKO & PMO has a vast cash reserve that mostly received by the Saddam Hussein during the period they were in exile and working for the Iraqi dictator to attack and kill any groups opposing Saddam, namely the Iraqi Kurds and others.

    It is very likely that from this point on there will be lots of things happening, including the UK with BREXIT and much others and all are connected to include the British Royals in trouble over Epstein Island. We shall see...

    1. Hi Carpe Diem,
      Great insights, and indeed you are quite right as it has been reported that Trump wanted to ease tensions and meet Rouhani. Which caused Bolton to fly into a rage that led to his dismissal. Good riddance, and it wil be interesting to find out who replaces him in the coming few days.
      It could even have been Bolton himself who arranged for that bomb in Kabul.
      Judging by Trump's comments the departure of Bolton also removes an obstacle to progress on a solution for North Korea.
      It is great news for the world, and one can only hope Pompeo is next in the firing line.
      Yes lots of moving parts geopolitically in the weeks and months ahead, and I believe Boris Johnson has a plan that he's keeping to himself for now. The Brexit saga has seemed neverending but Boris will deliver where his predecessor failed and bring it to fruition.

      1. Hi Redjon,

        I don't know if you have ever seen the great theatrical story, "West side story" but the relationship between Iran and the United States is of an exact nature as the story  were a young couple want to meet and have a relationship but their own ghetto that they are an in wants to prevent that relationship at all costs!  In fact, both ghettos would cause a major war and kill innocent people in order to achieve that.  The Kabul bombing a few days ago with the unfortunate loss of several innocent people was the handiwork of the same people who want to ensure President Trump would never meet the Taliban.  The following clip is interesting where he suggests the US-educated Afghan President Ghani was behind the attack and most definitely with the request from the Neocon John Bolton and his camp.

        Logic and history suggests that the United States has been friends with the most criminal elements in history in relation to nations that he has had relationships with and in order the implement a real and lasting reset in geopolitical terms in the Eastern Med and the southern Eurasian region, President Trump absolutely needs to talk to the Mullahs in order to neutralize their backers and get them to talk sense and business without any rhetorics and propaganda. Trump absolutely knows that he needs to have normal diplomatic relations with Iran before he can embark on a lasting reset in terms of US's position as a superpower in that region the Ghettos are constantly are trying to stop him having a relationship, as the West Side Story. Having seen how Trump operates, we can be certain that he is capable of such objective weather the Globalist backers of the Arabs and the Zionists and their agents like it or not. Trump knows full well that the "deal of the century" he has assigned his son-in-law to come up is not what he wants but he needs to keep the busybodies busy until the time when he will show his Trump card and will do his own "Deal of the century"!

  15. "Security, terrorism & Iran: What Netanyahu talked to Putin about, days ahead of Israeli election"

    This is an interesting news item regarding Israel Prime Minster Nataniyahu meeting his counterpart in the seaside resort of Sochi on the Black sea coast. It is not clear if the intention by Israeli Prime Mister is to gain the support of Putin and get assurances of support in case he gets through the elections set for 17 September as well as/or to ensure Putin would pressure Iran in the adventurism in Siareli's backyard i.e. the Levant region (Syria/Lebanon)! Russia is one arbiter of the relationship between the Zionist State and the Islamist State of Mullahs, both ideological states with geopolitical ambitions cloaked under dogmatic/theological garb! Russia, UK ultimately are the powers that decide whether the US gets a piece of the action or not and have done so for the past two centuries at least...

    1. Yet another false flag??
      Perhaps Bolton has been on the phone again? I speculate it went something like this: "OK so plan A didn't work. Plan B didn't work either. Trump still didn't take the bait. Then I got fired. It's time for plan C..."

      Anyway it looks like Trump has seen through it once again, and is responding non-militarily. I applaud him for this and I suspect whatever further sanctions he imposes will be largely symbolic. Hopefully they won't further antagonise the Iranian leadership. They probably won't care too much as long as they are able to continue exporting their oil to China.

      1. Hello Redjon,

        It is looking like a "False Flag" as we look at other similar events worldwide.  Of course, what we all trying to solve is not so dissimilar to a crime detective, who would use all and every single piece of information to make a meaningful picture and to finally come up with an explanation in regards to such event.  In this regard let's take a look at similar events, as the potential rocket attack at the Saudi refinery which occurred in the same time period as follows:

        1.  "Flames & smoke as blast rocks one of Italy’s largest oil refineries"

        2. Fire & EXPLOSION reported at Pemex oil refinery in southern Mexico

        3.  Wall Street Gears Up For Onslaught Of Oil & Gas Bankruptcies

        4. $53.2 Billion In QE Lite: Fed Concludes First Repo In A Decade Amid Liquidity Panic

        The chances of fire, bombs, rockets in three different oil refinery all within the same window of time, is somewhat incredible, pointing to the fact that there is seemingly a pattern in all this!  
        Oil corporations were possibly one of the first international forms of multinational corporations that requires an international or Global network of Intelligence besides the spare parts, service, recruitment and last but not least a powerful lobby in all facets of all governments. These corporations are so incredibly powerful that they can replace regimes, governments, and even cause revolutions and Coups, so what would stop them to have proxy armies as a tool to ensure their supremacy?  With this background, I am not suggesting that the attack on the Saudi refinery may be necessarily suspicious, and I am not discounting the possibility of the IRGC and its franchises and Qods unit etc. could have been behind this at all, but rather trying to weigh in and consider all other potentialities for this attack.

        Another item to consider is the existence of the US 5th Fleet at Bahrein and the headquarters of United States Air Forces Central Command, No. 83 Expeditionary Air Group RAF, and the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing of the USAF in Qatar's Al-Udeid airbase.  When you consider the fact that the Saudi refinery (Abqaiq) is no more than 20-40 miles from Qatar and Bahrein as well as the refinery having been supposedly protected by at least two layers of patriot missiles and other types, you would want to know-how and why the technology available and employed by the US NAVY/USAF and the constant AWACS and other high tech crafts missed not one but 20 of these low tech and even primitive drones, rockets or anything else we may choose to call it.  The investment in tech and the number of military specialists who are there in the Persian Gulf region to protect the shipping lanes but most importantly to stop/destroy any such attacks by primarily the Islamist reactionary regime of Mullahs, you would want to ask for your money back, won't you? 🙂

        There's a lot that we do not know and very likely we will never know but we can ask the CNN, MSNBC, BBC and other fake-news outlets to do their job and rather than trying to bring down Trump and to stop BREXIT, to give their audience the real news by simply reporting not their leftist/globalist opinions, but the facts!  Fat chance of that happening, because the same fake news work for the Fat Controllers!

        Location of the Sauid refinary and it's distance to both USAF and US NAVY in Qatar and Bahrein respectively for refenece:,49.66892,180675m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x3e36487425d4cf35:0xb97f23715bec6597!8m2!3d25.9168154!4d49.6707205

        USAF base in Qatar:

        The United States Fifth Fleet, Bahrein:

        1. My apologies, I forgot to include this item in my last posting,

          I think this particular news regarding, "Oil Prices May Slump Heavily In 2020" a day before the Saudi refinery drone attack is rather telling and a possible route to explain why the refinery was taken out!! It seems, there is already a glut in the market and somebody had to reduce the output. Iran, Venezuela and now Saudi are all out, so the remaining oil sellers is the US, Russia and other smaller Opec members!!!

          Followed by POTUS tweet saying, "PLENTY OF OIL" on the 15th (a day after the supposed drone attack!) is possibly the retort to the people behind the alleged drone attack translating to, "I call your bluff"!

          1. In the absence of Ozymandias I'll say it: Cui bono?
            It's difficult to argue that the answer is Iran! And yet that's what Pompeo would like us all to believe. Without producing a shred of hard evidence of course.
            Thanks for connecting the dots to the other two recent incidents CD, which are receiving very little coverage in the media. And here you make another very insightful point:
            "...the refinery having been supposedly protected by at least two layers of patriot missiles and other types, you would want to know-how and why the technology available and employed by the US NAVY/USAF and the constant AWACS and other high tech crafts missed not one but 20 of these low tech and even primitive drones, rockets or anything else we may choose to call it. The investment in tech and the number of military specialists who are there in the Persian Gulf region to protect the shipping lanes but most importantly to stop/destroy any such attacks by primarily the Islamist reactionary regime of Mullahs, you would want to ask for your money back, won't you?"
            Yes and notably the story was changed from drones to "low flying cruise missiles" to try and make it seem more plausible that those rather expensive state-of-the-art defence systems were completely useless!
            The ineptitude of those behind some of these FF attacks would be comical if the stakes weren't so high.
            The most logical explanation (to me) is that this is another element of the ongoing scheme by globalist interests to railroad the US into war with Iran. It will be no surprise at all if there's another such attack in the next few weeks, a futher attempt to pressurise Trump to pull the trigger.
            But the theory you alluded to, that it's mainly about manipulating the oil price, is very plausible. Of course the two things go together, as any major escalation of military actions in the gulf is likely to cause oil to skyrocket into triple digits.

  16. “Things are moving fast now”. Typically when things seem to be moving fast most want to put the brakes on to slow things down. I like to ride roller coasters so I tend to let her rip and hold on for the exciting ride. That being said something inside during these times tells me to look where folks aren’t looking. There are usually some great insights during these glances behind the veil.

    For instance…1,000’s of companies are leaving China. Most people say it’s because of the Trump administration tariffs and they never look deeper. I ask myself where they are going. It would seem logical that they would go where profits could be kept or even increased. If the USD is strengthening and the RMB is decreasing and companies are fleeing China where would the most likely place be? Then I remember some conversations from early on here on POM. Back when we were talking about the ASEAN region of the world as being the next region of the world to be developed. It was believed that the financial need to develop this region would be around 7 trillion USD. It was also brought to light that the existing world monetary system did not have the liquidity to supply this development. The existing Central Bank System had run its course and its liquidity providing was maxed out.

    We kicked around the idea that digital assets was a good fit to supply this needed liquidity. So we began our journey into the virtual world of digital asset research. JC shared his research and found Ripple to be a solid contender in this developing space of the world’s economic system. As time passed we all shared our own bits and pieces to support JC’s findings and many of us ended up storing some wealth into what evolved from Ripple to XRP. As the need for defining the separation of Ripple the company from XRP the digital asset became an important evolutionary understanding of the digital asset ecosystem we all learned more and more.

    More recently at JC’s masterful genius we are bringing into focus the fragments of the economic system with the worlds geopolitics to further widen our understanding of worldly machinations. Many of us seem to dive into the conspiracy aspects of Trump this, Xi that, Iran this, Hong Kong that but all the time we focus on the surface layers of the veils fabric the deeper evolutionary movements of the economic system are speeding ahead at light speed. Libra, regulation, Mark Carney’s interview, SBI announcements…so on and so forth. These are all markers or tells on how fast the tracks for the digital asset ecosystem are being laid down. When this new digital asset class hits the mainstream consciousness they will think it happened overnight like flipping a light switch on. We will sit back with a knowing sly smile cracking the corner of our mouths because we have been on this journey for a few years…researching, learning, sharing our wisdoms that have provided for our understanding of this developing new world of digital economics.

    Bringing this back around to the ASEAN, Brad Garlinghouse and Ross Leckow at a recent Singapore FinTec Festival where Brad said he thinks we will be surprised in a year when banks are custodying crypto assets directly. To me this is but a confirmation of the solid knowledge the research here on POM has provided. We are an amazing collective of conscious power working together to put the fragmented pieces of the world together so we can better understand it.

    “Things are moving fast now”

    1. They certainly are Dane! I am with you brother, I'll take the seat next to yours on the rollercoaster. Hold onto your hat, I think the ride is just getting started 🙂
      Yes I find that life in this rapidly changing world is thrilling and fascinating beyond words. The famous Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" seems more like a blessing to me. It's also a blessing to be alive in this Information Age - it means that, partly through forums like this one, we are able to get at least some inkling of what is really going on, the hidden hands moving the chess pieces. One can only hope this information revolution continues to gather momentum, more and more people get a glimpse behind the curtain, this can only be a good thing.
      And yes all the signs are that we are very close now to some truly momentous developments in the crypto sphere. Buckle up!

  17. Thanks Dane, thanks for expanding what I was struggling to say. As JC, kind of prodded or as I suggested challenged,"much greater minds", and I fondly call "the bigger brains." to accept the wand and further the marathon. You and the POM have, with this most recent post and the many, many post of days gone by, never have left me or wanting. I get more here on then POM than I could ever ask for or fully comprehend.

    The POM is so challenging. I love it.


  18. Here is something I'm having a little trouble getting my head around. It seems to me it wasn't that long ago, maybe it is longer than I remember. The dollar was speculated to lose value as the Yaun gained value, there by making US manufactured good more competitive on the world stage.

    What am I missing here? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the opposite happening? How does that work?


    1. Thanks Peter, I understand your confusion. Of course life never runs exactly as we think it will but it usually fits within a broader frame that aligns with what we think. In regards to the USD devaluing and the Yuan/RMB increasing in value...the intent of that, was that balance needed to manifest between those two countries exports/imports. The leveling of currency values was a way for that to happen.

      For instance the tariffs Trump put on Chinese exports sort of provided some leveling of the two countries currencies. Companies began a mass exodus out of China and into new regions of the world to keep the gains/profits they need in order to continue to pay their dividends/loans. Its a survival move. China turned on its own and began taking companies and further devalued their currency in an effort to keep as many companies within China as they can...again a survival instinct.

      Remember it was also discussed that when the USD relinquished its world reserve currency position that the currencies would be allowed to organically balance with one another so to focus on the USD decreasing and the RMB increasing in value is a bit too focused in to see the larger picture. Perhaps we are not to that point in time yet.

      I think the current position is working to our benefit though in regards to helping push regulation and the further implementation of digital assets as a viable solution to help the new developing world while at the same time helping the old world system survive. The bridge connecting the old with the new...the bridge over trebled waters is where we have placed our investments. We are balanced right in the middle of the old world and the new world we are the middle class of modern times building the connections that bring both worlds together. If we are successful at connecting the two we may avoid a world war this time through this repeating cycle. That would be amazing for humanity because it would show we have evolved and risen above physical brutality which tends to lead to destroying portions of mother earth. Being a nuclear people now a world war could potentially end life on earth altogether which would mean we severely failed as humans.

      Ripple/XRP is this bridge for the economic leg of the world. I believe that JC saw this way back when he began writing about Ripple and XRP. He is a very forward looking person and we are very, very lucky that he shares his insight with us. Where we take those insights are up to each of us naturally. We see the same happening in the nationalistic type movements within the religious world where each religion moves more towards finding a common shared spiritual root where they were all born from. Maybe the military leg is following the same process where each country builds its own military down to the microchips and share a common network of information sharing in the effort to protect their peoples while at the same time protecting the world from nuclear disaster. I believe this later part is why Trump ended the US/Russian nuclear treaty which only restricted/regulated two nuclear countries when the world now has many nuclear capable countries. He had to end that treaty in order to negotiate a new one to encompass all the existing nuclear and perhaps future nuclear countries. Trump's philosophy within our government is that if they present a new rule/regulation that they needed to get rid of old ones. This is good because so many new rules contradict old rules within the governmental processes.

      Sorry got a bit long winded but you unlocked the door to these thoughts 😉 lol.

    2. Hi Pieter, I hesitate to speak for our gracious host, but I believe JC still expects this to happen in the fullness of time. Yes the opposite is happening at this moment in time but the trend should be short-term and then should reverse in the coming months/years. Trump continues to signal the fact that the USD is too strong, and you know he usually finds ways and means to get what he wants. He now has the Fed enacting the rate cuts he wants, even if not as rapidly as he would like. This reduces the attractiveness of the greenback to investors, so mayhaps the trend will change quite soon. I am still confident that by the end of Trump's presidency the dollar will be substantially lower than it was at the beginning. And by the way I am planning to short the hell out of it once the depreciation gets going 🙂

  19. Aha! More than one way to skin this cat. So, "Born on the cusp of a new world order, dying on the cusp of another." I've lived a life that is a brick in the bridge that delivers the connection.

    I've come to the conclusion that XRP is not going to grow organically. All the good news that has come out in the last few months and the market for XRP remains flat. XRP just can not work at this price, sooo.

    What are your thoughts on the some of the aspects surrounding the "Shane Ellis Theory?"

    As Always
    Thanks Dane
    Thanks POM

    1. Hey Peter, your always welcome brother. I wouldn't be quick to say XRP can't grow organically. I see it from the opposite direction. The ups and downs of emotional instability from one extreme to the other is manifesting the speculation and is dictating the rise and fall of the unit prices we see today. That is definitely NOT organic. Like a plant (which is organic) it grows inch by inch reaching to the sky and at the same time digs its toes deeper and wider into the dark soil. Balanced growth in both directions. A healthy stem is the reflection of this balanced organic growth. The stem...great concept! The meeting point of light and darkness. The middleground and result of healthy organic growth.

      Always remember that for every coin sold there needs to be a buyer buying at the very same time. No sale. So for us to think that regular buying and selling dictates the values is kind of crazy. Galgitron on twitter keeps telling us that its whale action manipulating the markets. So the only scenario that makes sense to me under this idea is that a whale is selling to itself at lower than market prices which drives down the unit price then purchases more coin at that lower price and waits for the unit price to go back up only to do the same again with the gains made...always keeping the seed investment in place. I've shared a construct of this with JC in private but it showed how it is possible for a "whale" to make millions without actually selling any capital gain in order to bypass capital gain taxes.

    2. Guys, do you happen to have a link to the original "paper" by Shane Ellis? I can find a few videos about SET but I would like to read the source material if it's posted anywhere. Thanks Pieter for bringing that up.
      On a related note, any thoughts on bearableguy123?

  20. DaneMy Man, here is where I wish I was better at this than I am. I want to explore this topic a bit further and yet not come off as some kind of attorney asking the same question a number of different ways in order to get the answer or answers I want.

    With that said, allow me.

    I also do not agree with Galgatrons idea of whale manipulation. I believe the market works and the price of XRP reflects its value. What I've been looking at, could be described as the latest darling of many of the honestly fine people in the Utube/twitter verse, "The Shane Ellis Theory."

    For full and honest conversation, here is where I have to bare my soul or much better my brain. I don't fully understand the true depths of the math involved, although the proponents of the "SET" say it is all about the math.

    This is my idea of the idea, as I'm able to understand it. I think what they are saying is that the retail buyer has little or no effect the value of XRP and that it is going to be the utility of the bigger and biggest players that will drive the price.

    With that in mind the theory proposes big leaps in price as thing begin to go live. In short, way short because my understanding is just that. What we might see will be big swings like from .30$ to 5/10$ overnight . A pause for a couple or few months and then another big swing as more big players go live, $100/500 another 2,3,4, month pause and then another big swing. That's really the more conservative view, the rad's (as I call them) see the theory hitting mid 4 figures EOY.

    Hell yeah!! Everybody wants to hear that, but we know what everybody wants does not a market maker make. However there are some aspects of that line of thinking that not only appeal to me. but more so also makes some sense.

    What do you think Hoss?


    1. I think I understand your position Peter. I used to think that way and hunt down those paths and even make my own math calculations. Honestly, I believe it was all for not but a process I needed to go through nonetheless to get where I am today.

      I haven't looked into "The Shane Ellis Theory" to be honest but I can tell right from here that it is just a theory. Not to belittle it at all but like Einstein's "theories" of many things which we have built an entire world around only to trick ourselves into a boxed sort of thinking within his theories I like to venture outside the box.

      That being said I don't even contemplate how high it can go, if it's being manipulated, if its value is real or speculative. Instead I look at the utility of it. What it can do to help the world. How it can empower folks like all of us. I just know that it will be someday so I'm working like hell to prepare myself for the responsibility of being rich, staying rich and not being a detriment to the world once I am rich. I call this work building wealth...inner wealth. To me being rich carries a responsibility of possessing wealth in order to wield those riches in the best way possible for more than just myself.

      So I don't really know if I answered your question or if what I say even helps anyone else. It's just what I feel inside, if I don't share it then I'll never know and if it does help someone, to hold it in would be...well painful and taxing to this soul.

      The only thing that I have found that solidly dictates the value of anything...even crypto currencies is the price someone is willing to pay for it. XRP challenges this to some degree because I believe the utility will generate the interest which will spark what people are willing to pay for it. BTC has no utility so it's only held up by props or speculation which is just what people are willing to pay for it for the sake of saying they have it. Nothing more.

      Cheers pal, I hope this helps and I love your questions so keep them coming. Also check out the video I posted below. Pretty cool 😉

  21. Hey everyone. Sometimes I...we get focused in on our own personal worlds and lose site of the grander magnitude of what we are seeing unfold right before our eyes. The world is changing at such a fast pace its bewildering sometimes. That being said if anyone has a desire to see what the world is doing to transform the international monetary system....which is a great outline format of what we have been discussing her on POM over many....many essays, take a look at this video. When you finish remind yourself that the video is being broadcast out on MSNBC...or mainstream media.

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