The Bear and the Dragon

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Reflective Symbolism and the Rise of Multilateralism

By JC Collins


America was a giant of the 20th Century. The echo of its mighty roar will be heard for the next 50 years as the seeds of its economic power continue to grow in the markets around the world. Just as the East India Trading Company was the spear tip for the growth of the British Empire, so too was American industry and commercialism at the forefront of its expansion into regions and markets around the world.

The hundreds of former US military installations will become symbols of the new multilateralism where the international community can build the science of the future. The gnostic dream of ultimate knowledge will be realized. The burning fires of knowledge corrupted by matter, which has been called Lucifer, will stand in stark contrast to the universal truth of Virgo Lucifera, uncorrupted knowledge.

The symbols of this gnostic reality are everywhere and anywhere within the structure of our civilization. The keys to understanding the revelation of the method are handed to few. The doorway through which the modern alchemist reflects on his symbols and draws forth the power to create wealth is invisible to the profane.

Man’s mightiest power is twisted into his greatest weakness. Through this weakness he seeks power. Symbols are created to represent this power. Power is given to the symbols. The symbols become a prison.

Man is lost within the confines of his own prison. It drives him to madness.

Madness is but a shallow grave upon on the shores of everyday thought.

The human mind seeks symbols. It does so in an attempt to understand something abstractly which it cannot otherwise fully comprehend. Social engineers have tapped into this natural predilection and have created and used symbols as a powerful method of manufacturing trends and patterns within civilization.

When we subconsciously observe the manufactured symbols of Russia and China which are being presented to us, we emotionally feel and think what they were designed to make us feel and think. And to experience.

Russia and China offer a specific image. Both symbols in their complexity bring forth contradictory feelings of comfort and discomfort within the guilt stricken subconscious of the western mind. This is the intended purpose.

So when we read that the G20 countries, led by Russia and China, are threatening the United States with aggressive measures in order to complete reforms to the International Monetary Fund, we can only conclude that this is intentional and injected into the mass consciousness for a specific reason.

Sometimes I laugh about the American images which were presented to the masses when the dollar markets were still expanding. There was a boogeyman around every corner. Movies from the 1980’s where Russian’s were represented as evil and simple in their approaches to the human condition, were countered by the young and brave spirit of the American citizen. Whether they fought in the jungles of Vietnam or were thrown into Siberian labor camps only to fight for their freedom and escape, the American mind was transfixed by its own greatness and potential. Both of which were in fact no greater or less than any other people from any other country.


Today we are living in a time period where the dollar market is contracting and our entertainment has been pulled inward so the western mind can reflect on the enemy within. America has become the scapegoat for all the wrongs in the world today. Right or wrong, this slight-of-hand which has taken place is a well-coordinated and orchestrated operation to consolidate and centralize all components of civilization.

Putin is strong because Obama is weak. China is economically superior because America is economically inferior. And so it goes.

Most of my readers have been following the drama unfolding between the International Monetary Fund and the United States over the 2010 Governance and Quota Reforms. All the G20 countries agreed to these reforms in 2010 and the United States is the only country which hasn’t enacted the required legislation to support the changes.

The Obama administration and US Treasury attempted to piggy back the reforms on an aid package for Ukraine in the hopes that Congress would finally pass them. This has turned out to be a no go.

The G20 collectively warned the United States back in February that they had until the next meeting on April 10th and 11th to pass the legislation or they would take aggressive measures to bypass the dollar and complete the reforms without US participation. It was also referred to as “no good options”.

So this of course raises the question of what exactly could these “aggressive measures” refer too?

Any attempt to bypass the dollar based economic system without US participation would require the following components:

  1. Creation of a development bank outside of the World Bank structure.
  2. A way to balance trade settlement outside of the SWIFT payment system.
  3. Advanced diversification away from US dollar denominated reserves.
  4. The multilateral G20 will have to become more influential than the US controlled G7.

Though many analysts in the western world theorize that we are at least a decade away from the level of workarounds that would be required to remove dollar dominance, I propose that we are much further along this process than most would care to realize.

The once US dominated institutions which were created during the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, have now been fully infiltrated, most likely as planned, by the economic interests of the emerging markets, as represented by the BRICS countries.

The attempts at transitioning the world from a dollar based system to a multilateral SDR system have been made through these once western institutions. But in the event that the plans could not be fully realized or only partially realized, the economic interests of the emerging markets began to build the structure of an alternative system.

When we consider that the same banking interests that control the western world are the same banking interest that control the emerging markets, is it any wonder that they would allow for a back door from the current system. No intelligent banking consortium would have handed America that much power without a way of countering it if things didn’t go as planned. A lessen they learned after WW2 and their financing of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

The bankers handed America a gun but it was never truly loaded.

The four conditions listed above for the bypassing of the dollar have in fact been met and have progressed far in the last few years. Let’s take them one at a time.

  1. The BRICS Development Bank has already been created and is simply waiting to be “activated” and injected with capital. This can be accomplished in weeks if not days.
  2. Trade can now be balanced outside of the SWIFT system by the currency swap arrangements which have been made over the last 6 years. More on those below.
  3. Diversification away from dollar reserves is in fact well advanced and the true level will only become apparent when the system actually shifts away from the dollar. One only needs to research the level of US debt that Belgium purchased last month to realize that something ain't right in Denver.
  4. The power of the G20 is obvious at this point as they are directly threatening the dollars position. The fact that the G7 are removing Russia from the G8 is only proof that the G8 is in fact redundant. All negotiating power now resides with the G20.

Let’s expand on the currency swap arrangements mentioned above. It is openly stated by all countries but America that currency swaps promote global financial stability as the US dollar is now the single source of the world’s economic ills. Though most, if not all of the gold in western banks, has been heading east into the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange and central banks throughout Asia, there is virtually no coverage of this in the western media.

gold history

Without a doubt gold brings financial stability. History proves this obvious fact. No spin by modern financial witchdoctors can take away from thousands of years of recorded history surrounding the usage of gold and other precious metals. The price of gold and silver has been viciously manipulated to ensure the balance of accounts from debt to gold is accomplished fairly. It’s a mark in a ledger.

The rise of the Chinese renminbi is inevitable. It will become freely tradable only after China announces their full gold reserves and supports the currency with gold by a peg of less than 50%, most likely 30%. This will be the base from which the renminbi’s SDR composition is built.

The future status of the RMB is displayed nowhere more distinctly then in the currency swaps themselves. Central banks that have signed agreements with the People’s Bank of China are listed as 23 in number. Here are just a few:

  1. Bank of England
  2. European Central Bank
  3. Reserve Bank of Australia
  4. Monetary Authority of Singapore
  5. Central Bank of Iceland
  6. Bank Indonesia

Unsigned agreements are even more numerous. In fact, the only RMB swap holdouts are the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve. Watch for this to change in the coming months.

Foreign central banks all over the world have made and are making currency swap agreements with the renminbi as China continues to expand its reach. Being the economic powerhouse in the BRICS, it’s interesting to note that China, nor Russia, are having the fastest growth of the emerging market countries. It’s the smaller countries which are seeing the largest GDP growths.

In fact, it’s not even reasonable to refer to them as emerging markets as they have already emerged. As a whole (BRICS and all other emerging markets), have seen incredible GDP growth in the last 14 years.

  1. Year 2000 saw the emerging markets with 37% of global GDP.
  2. Year 2013 saw the emerging markets with 50% of global GDP.
  3. Year 2020 can potentially see emerging markets with 65% of global GDP. (it is my belief that this will happen much sooner, perhaps even by next year)

And the GDP to debt ratio of the emerging economies are all within the margins required for continued growth and sustainability. It is the developed markets which have a huge GDP to debt ratio. The US is over 100% debt to GDP. This is a sovereign debt crisis which will be addressed in the consolidation which will unfold as the economic system shifts.

With the percentage of global GDP allocated to the emerging markets, it’s interesting to point out that the percentage of the world equities held by the emerging markets is only 11.5%.

Emerging Equities

Can we not see the imbalance between western stock markets and their actual percentage of global GDP? When the multilateral system becomes a reality where do you think the wealth in the western stock markets will be moved?

Russia and China are a tag team effort to intentionally dismount the dollars dominance as designed and orchestrated by the Hegelian Dialectic engineers. The symbolism of both countries, as well the American one, is conditioning and prodding the human herd in the direction desired.

Whether the path here was one of randomness or secret negotiating, the future is plain to see. The world will become multilateral in all aspects. As such, humanity is being conditioned to accept certain realities.

This fast coming future of multilateralism is far too complex for any single entity or country to control. The resource production, political stewardship, ideological unifications, and overall economic capacity required to power the creation of the future is only attainable by the multilateral approach.

Russian and China will be strong but still unable to govern this future unilaterally. Multilateralism is a must.

Russia China Globe

The characteristics of this new system will be a sacrifice of national freedom for the collective good. It will mean the implementation of a supra-sovereign multilateral reserve currency that is not vulnerable to the economic cycles and manipulation of a single country or currency.

The system will have to be managed above the national level. The structure of this system will anticipate, limit, and discipline countries and institutions which seek to profit from orchestrated imbalances within.

It matters not whether I agree or disagree with the intentions of this new system. I only present the information as I see it and through the filters from which I understand the world. And I read the language of symbols and patterns.

The power to create is the one thing that cannot be replicated within the technological future of trans-humanism. Though it is the power of creation which makes trans-humanism possible. Man will continue to create symbols and methods to attract more and more matter to him. The more matter we gather around us the darker it becomes.

Man must reflect on his condition in the world of matter to truly attain a lasting multilateralism.

Anything else is madness.   – JC Collins


43 Comments on “The Bear and the Dragon”

  1. JC,

    Fellow Canadian here and long time expat living in the developing world (a topic for another time).

    I recently came across your blog and have spent a fair bit of time catching up on your superb analysis. I find your intricate breakdown of the SDR situation both compelling and fascinating and it has helped me fill in some informational gaps. I myself have been intensely researching these, and other related topics, since 911, the seminal event which fully woke me up (your previous essay on 911 was very interesting, to say the least, but also a topic for another day).

    Your present article is an excellent summary of where the world stands right now vis-a-vis all the current crises, both political and economic. There is no doubt we are at an inflection point and all the conditions have been met for big changes in how the world is governed.

    The major theme of your blog is the birth of the multilateral SDR system as the Solution portion of the Hegelian Dialectic (I totally agree that the HD is THE primary tool of the Cabal). Where I differ slightly in opinion from your general analysis is that I posit that this new SDR system (which I think is more than likely to be implemented) will be but the Antithesis to the Thesis of the ongoing world political, economic and US dollar-as-world-reserve-currency crises.

    The Synthesis, and therefore the real objective, is what I see as the Cabal’s ultimate goal: a One World Currency leading directly to a One World Government. The SDR is just the stepping stone, if you will, to this new system, which will, by no means, actually be multilateral in any way shape or form.

    You, yourself, recognize this:

    “The characteristics of this new system will be a sacrifice of national freedom for the collective good. It will mean the implementation of a supra-sovereign multilateral reserve currency that is not vulnerable to the economic cycles and manipulation of a single country or currency.

    The system will have to be managed above the national level. The structure of this system will anticipate, limit, and discipline countries and institutions which seek to profit from orchestrated imbalances within.”

    You are unfortunately perfectly echoing the Cabal’s global governance clap-trap, whether you realize it or not. And it’s all about global governance which is, I believe, purposefully confused with multilateralism. Global governance can be found everywhere and is all pervasive and pushed as THE desirable outcome for the world. Their version of global governance is underpinned by ‘communitarianism’, the ‘common good’, which you call the ‘sacrifice of national freedom for the collective good’. But that sacrifice will, unfortunately, lead directly to a One World Government, IMO.

    This outcome is perfectly encapsulated in their relatively recently coined concept of “Responsible Sovereignty”, equated here with multilateralism:

    “While most governments support the principles of multilateralism, they are also understandably concerned with preserving national sovereignty. Overly strict adherence to the primacy of national sovereignty can encourage cross-border rivalries and zero-sum thinking. Countries on their own are less able to defend themselves from the contagion effects of financial crises or the ill effects of global warming. National action does not ensure that a country’s citizens have access to global public goods. Some governments are unable to sufficiently protect the human rights of their citizenry. A better strategy is responsible sovereignty—that is, taking the long-term interests of the world as a whole into account when formulating national policy… Countries and regional and multilateral organizations must come together and align national policies towards common international goals.” (Human Development Report 2013, The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World,, page 116.)

    So, in other words, more Hegelian Dialectic:

    Problem – bad things happen to people and countries, ill effects of all types, such as financial crises.

    Reaction – protect us from the bad things, protect our human rights.

    Solution – give up your sovereignty to us, the benign, supra-sovereign One World Government. We’re unelected and unaccountable, but don’t panic, we have your best interests at heart!

    How do I know that this nominally multilateral One World Government, which will administer the responsibly sovereign nations, will be ‘unelected and unaccountable’, and only multilateral in name? Because the model for multilateral, Responsible Sovereignty, or the sacrifice of national freedom, already exists, and it is the European Union. The EU is a nominally multilateral system, but, as you probably well know, about as unrepresentative of a setup as currently exists on the planet. The European Council, unelected and unaccountable, runs the EU, not the show European Parliament.

    The EU’s level of ‘unelected and unaccountable’ would increase exponentially if they actually could impose their proposed fiskalunion (which is not ‘banking union’, BTW, which is just about supervision). And as we all know, fiskalunion really means political union, because can national sovereignty exist when nations no longer have any control over their monetary and fiscal policy?

    But seeing as the EU members aren’t going along with fiskalunion, (and not even banking union) I think the Cabal is going for broke to directly achieve global fiskalunion or One World Government, which is their end game anyway. I just don’t buy into your theory of ‘rent seekers’ trying to self-limit. It’s an optimistic viewpoint but not too realistic, nor probable, based on all current evidence. I think you have been somewhat convinced of this as you have stepped back from this premise in your most recent writings, including the present essay, but you still view this transition as some form of potentially true multilateralism. I just don’t see any real multilateralism in the cards beyond loads of lip service.

    In any case, the current geopolitical situation is the all too perfect setup and catalyst needed for the Cabal to achieve their long-sought-after goal of One World Government. All the world’s indeed a stage, in the immortal words of Geddy and the boys. It seems that America has to be seen as having no choice but to transfer its power as the issuer of the world’s reserve currency to a seemingly multilateral organization, the IMF. Maybe there’s some actual resistance to this in the American Congress like there was when TARP was first proposed. Maybe it’s just part of the show. Who knows?

    My analysis also assumes that the rest of the world, including Russia and China, are also part of the show. (I won’t get in to a detailed explanation of why I feel this is the likely case, but suffice it to say it mainly has to do with the BIS and the composition of the Global Economy Meeting, the FSB, etc.)

    So, in summary, once again, Problem, Reaction, Solution.

    The manufactured Ukrainian crisis leads to an intensification of economic and currency warfare – Problem

    The birth of the new IMF through the forced adoption of the 2010 Governance and Quota Reforms by America (maybe by Executive Order?) and the re-balancing of the SDR – Reaction

    One World Currency/Global Fiskalunion/One World Government – The Final Solution

    I don’t much like it, but I too am calling it as I see it. Time will tell how it all plays out. We are indeed living in the most interesting of times.

    Keep up the great work.

    Paz y amor.

    1. Tez,

      Wonderful reply... Whether it be communism, democracy, oligarchy, etc. the end game is the same. Mans insatiable taste for power will be found at its root. Unless people remove themselves from their self imposed bubble and pursue truth can there be change. There are many brilliant minds, I just hope they make their way to the helm.

  2. JC, I love the way you are pulling this all together. Excellent writing and means of conveying your points.

    After reading your essay I stumbled upon The Council on Foreign Relations website. They are said to be the guiding council in matters of foreign affairs to the United States. This lengthy article was written or posted January/February 2014. It seems an insight to the US's thinking in the recent show of resilience to accept the IMF reforms.

    Perhaps in this article is a cookie crumb to the US's direction from this point.

  3. The immeasurable depth and breath of the trance on humanity lingers.

    "This is the thing about humanity, it’s potential, the potential of the individual is immense; ever so much greater than what we see demonstrated here and that is a grave disappointment to those who are aware of what that potential is. This is the great work of The Devil, to cause humanity to dishonor itself and thereby lose respect for itself. This is why guilt is such a powerful thing and why alcohol is promoted with such fervor. It is why demons lurk in its waters and why those waters are called, ‘spirits’. There is not much one cannot understand with Broad Daylight Awareness. With a mind emptied of conflicting thoughts and with the mind no longer a battlefield, the intuition can speak and the mind can hear because the relentless chatter has been stilled. The mind has been quieted. When one is no longer at war with themselves, one becomes immune to the effects of external dissension and disorder.

    Let your heart swell near to the bursting, at the blessed and wondrous assurance of what awaits those who persevere. Take but little notice of the slings and arrows of this vale of tears and shadows. It is not the real world. KNOW where your true loyalty lies and persevere. Embrace the unshakable confidence and optimism of one who sees through the curtains of deception that shroud our courage and faith… in this faithless world; that sees beyond this plane and into the worlds of light. Even if one cannot see this vision around them, one can see it within. Once seen within, it is no great length of time before one will see it all around them because Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. Find Heaven while you live here and Heaven will open upon your departure; nay, Heaven will open before that. This is simply done; only let your Love become greater than everything else that lives in you."

    ~Les Visible

  4. "The U.S. isn’t ready to cede the North American yuan trade to Canada." Additional information with respect to the Bloomberg article. (Looks like the US bankers are prepared to assist with the Yuan trade.)

  5. "The human mind seeks symbols. It does so in an attempt to understand something abstractly which it cannot otherwise fully comprehend. Social engineers have tapped into this natural predilection and have created and used symbols as a powerful method of manufacturing trends and patterns within civilization.

    When we subconsciously observe the manufactured symbols of Russia and China which are being presented to us, we emotionally feel and think what they were designed to make us feel and think. And to experience."

  6. With all the respect I have for Usdet COLLINS JC , I'm tuned in accordance with the message tezcatl1175 .
    I have noticed in the articles of You, a change that has also noticed tezcatl1175 .
    I am an analyst Benjamin Fulford Articles I and the Spanish version golbal geopolitics . Benjamin claims that the BRICS , will bring a new system, and a golden era , you will not have anything to do with the old FED- IMF -BIS structure. BUT IS VERY WRONG .

    Initially Fulford, was very angry against the Cabal , but within two years changed / varied his speech , so that has come has said that if the Cabal, working with the new system, will be forgiven and you will be given a mission of peace in the world .

    When I started has read the articles you write , I found what I thought : that the "new system" is nothing more than the old system in disguise, with IMF RENOVATED, CHANGED , with the SDR as the new dollar , and behind the same globalists who manipulate the global economy.

    Now I see a change in their articles that says for example :
    “The characteristics of this new system will be a sacrifice of national freedom for the collective good. It will mean the implementation of a supra-sovereign multilateral reserve currency that is not vulnerable to the economic cycles and manipulation of a single country or currency.

    The system will have to be managed above the national level. The structure of this system will anticipate, limit, and discipline countries and institutions which seek to profit from orchestrated imbalances within.”

    You , you say that humanity has to make that sacrifice, as the only way to another more reasonable and ethical financial system. TOTALLY FALSE. That is the way of the global elite who want entirely by the SDR more strongly enslave the world.

    It is known that purpose has the IMF SDR - reconstituted system , I dizfrasado , remodeled. Implement global world order.

    I like that you answer me to my question which is in the comments of the previous article : IF YOU THINK THERE ANY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN JASON AND NESARA. BOTH PROJECTS WERE BLOCKED DRY , WITH 11 S , the manipulated TRAGEDY .

    If anything you have started receiving pressure from somewhere and so is changing your thought pattern , I understand.

    1. In reply to both you and the previous comment, my message has not changed nor will it change. My own personal opinion on what is happening is intentionally left out of my writing as it clouds the presentation of what I feel to be facts.

      If and when I make a clear opinionated statement I will write it in a way which leaves little confusion. The quotes from my article you detail above does not mention individual freedom, only national freedom.

      And all this talk of freedom is disheartening as man does not know or comprehend where the real freedom resides. Man is lost within the world of matter and as such can never be free. If man continues to collect matter to him as a form of freedom, than there will never be the true freedom for which his heart yearns.

      The self-limiting of the rent seeking tendecy is still on the menu. My intention was to purposefully leave it out of some posts.

      There is no pressure on me and I'm beholden to no one or no institution.

      Humanities nature is always predictable as it reflects outwards and projects its ills onto external people and things. The responsibility of humanities freedom and condition is the responsibility of each one of us individually. And it starts with the application in our own lives of the ideals and reflective knowing of what it means to be on the human journey.

      All the rattle and rooting I hear about freedom and whistleblowers, and cabal, and banksters, and illuminati, etc, etc.., is meaningless jargon and jangles of a mind left empty in its quest. It is lost upon the shifting seas of what could be.

      Who within our disorganized mass of subordinate workers would act any different at the top? None. Misunderstood human nature would ensure that we all succumb to the sweet nectar of power and control. In fact, I would be ill with the prospect of some of the disorganized group suddenly being handed power and control from within the small organized elite.

      All the human fault and fraility I see in the small organized elite, I also see in the large disorganized masses.

      My attempts are to explain the mechanisms and processes of the coming centralized financial system and then further apply these learnings to further centralized processes which are taking place simultaneously in all areas of civilization, from religion to ideological applications.

      We will also soon begin a more complete esoteric journey into what man is and the structure of reality itself.

      Protestations of certainties are premature. I'm only just now getting started. Bare with me brethren as I too am on the same journey.

      1. Hit the nail on the head. Man is held captive by his very nature. Few are willing to take their journey and leave the preconceived baggage at the door. Transhumanism is a mechanism to open pathways of enlightenment few have pondered. Man has to acknowledge the 3rd eye and tap into its hidden wealth of possibilities. We are gaining ground through open discourse and spreading the word...

        Thanks JC, love to meet you someday, the pen will do for now.

        Be Well Always

      2. JC and Daniel,

        First off, thanks Daniel for the kind words. And while I agree with most of what you write, tone it down, man! We’re all friends here, right? Or maybe it’s just the translation. (Que si quieres, podamos comunicar en español.)

        JC, I think it’s a bit disingenuous to claim that your personal opinion is left out of your writing. We all have bias and should not deny this. Your use of the ‘self-limiting of rent seeking’ is an opinion, and if that’s yours, you are certainly entitled to it. Especially on your own blog!

        As to freedom, whether that is personal or national, in the context of what we’re discussing here, they go hand in hand. If there is no national freedom then there is no personal freedom in that nation. I believe both are under threat from the Cabal. As I outlined, the principle tool they use to threaten our freedoms, systemically, is global governance.

        And I´d like to clarify that when I use the term ‘Cabal’ it is as just one of many terms that can be used to describe the group that many feel, myself included, are pulling the strings. This is not meaningless jargon. It represents an opinion of what’s going on.

        If someone uses a term like TPTB or Cabal it's just short form for their opinion that what’s going on is not some random occurrence, or the result of many random occurrences, but rather the result of purposeful action. Obviously this cannot be conclusively proved unless one is actually a part of this group and comes forth with definitive proof of its existence. All we can do is try to fit the facts with a working hypothesis which may or not be the actual ultimate truth of the matter.

        That brings me to another theme that you have highlighted JC, that of human nature. Opinions about human nature go to the very heart of all social, economic and political thought. Your stated view of human nature is the Hobbesian, or Materialist, view of human nature. This view, encapsulated in Hobbes’ statement that man is a beast in the state of nature and that fear is the determining factor of human life, is the dominant one in mainstream social science and is really the underpinnings of why economics has been called the dismal science.

        I, personally, reject this view of human nature. I believe this behavior is learned and is not our ultimate nature. I agree that we have to examine what that nature is and the nature of reality. I have done much thinking about this along the lines of information presented by other contributors in other posts concerning the holographic nature of reality etc.

        Be that as it may, unless we change the very nature of our perceived reality, then yes, I do agree that just about anyone who got to the top of the heap would act the same as those there now. So the key, in my opinion, is to change the rules of the game as to not allow this to continue. I believe that events are not on the path to that change, but as Daniel points out, it’s not just same old, same old, but much, much, worse! This is the crux of the matter.

        JR and JC, I too wish we could all hang in person. These discussions would be so much better over a few brewskies!

        Paz y amor.

  7. Excellent comment JC, I completely agree. Our leaders are manifestations of the public consciousness. We are all guilty of some level of ignorance. It is great to see such well thought out comments on this blog. We have to believe in good, that this reset will bring out the best in humanity. It will be disruptive, painful, and difficult but in the end it will be beautiful because that is our destiny.

  8. JC - Another superb read.

    Your comment above
    "There is no pressure on me and I’m beholden to no one or no institution."

    Begs the question, Who are you? I have been reading your essay's for a few weeks now, they are all very clean and concise. (It is wonderful to read clear thoughts that are well expressed, thank you for your articles)

    With so much happening in the world that the lame stream media just refuses to report on or barely skims the surface of, your essay's are filled with hope and dismay.

    When I find a writer/author I enjoy reading I will seek to find out more about them and what else they have written and what their background is, journalist, lawyer etc. With that said, I am unable to find out more about you. Beyond that you are a Canadian which you stated in a previous writing there is nothing about you on the internet.

    If I may ask, are you a journalist? Beyond this blog do you have any other articles/writings that are available for reading? Without prying is there anything about your background you would be willing to share with this curious reader.

    Thanks, please keep writing.

  9. I am of the opinion that the articles are not about JC. We are fortunate to have such a 'teacher'. Many of us have never had this type of knowledge ever supplied to us before. When you are brought to this level of understanding you have the option to drink from the glass of knowledge or not. Therefore, in my humble opinion, many of us speak with JC and learn from JC (to our immense betterment) without rattling the everyday cages of 'Who are you? I am just thankful he bears with US and has the heart, kindness and intelligence to show us a path (and information) that many of us had no idea was there. He 'owes' us nothing, in terms of an explanation of his personal life. Thanks again JC, for everything.

      1. They are getting ready for something really big to happen in the USA ,
        watch this video , pay attention at frame 35:00 going forward ,
        And read this sites information , connect the dots of who is building the BIG HOUSE , who he is and use to be ,
        check this out on the guy building the BIG HOUSE , The owner, 60-year-old Steven T. Huff, used to own a company that makes software for military and intelligence agencies, further fueling speculation about the complex’s use.
        He is ex cia so what is be built in the Ozarks is not just a private installation for him ,

  10. Hi JC . Collins and Tezcatlipoca ,

    First thank you both for the reply. Tezcatlipoca , glad you can speak Spanish , but not here in the blog that others do not understand . If you want we can talk privately.
    Dear Collins , I apologize for the tone , a little cold, my previous message. I like to take a panoramic picture of things , to understand the whole, a comprehensive understanding, non-local , or in separate fragments.
    A realistic global vision I was looking , I found her on this site. A vision that fits well with mine , but the way that you present clear and details makes this almost unique place . That is why I asked if you notice any pressure from outside . When it is revealed , the truth will be no opposition and obstacles simpre said .
    About " the new system" I have no doubt that almost everything is old . A further new element is the SDR and the IMF that the U.S. will not have more like tank attack, but RUSSIA and CHINA .
    However, we must also see the pozitiva part : pop the top this SDR system will be better for the world , the PETRO- DOLLAR , set at least at first. Later ( as you said ) in 10-15 years , probably happen again to the currency / FIAT money.
    Besides the economy goes in cycles , in stages. A stage is of relative prosperity , wealth accumulates until after the globalist bankers, " manufactured " crisis , and reap the accumulated wealth , then again the cycle is repeated. Humans soon forget that happened , being manipulated and have a short life .
    If our generation has learned a hard lesson with this crisis , surely our children soon forget the crisis, and learned lesson in 30 years , will fall into the same trap .
    The blog of Benjamin Fulford the Spanish version , many commentators , has come in a few months to more 300 posts / comments , but most believe that the BRICS , are out of SDRs that Fulford believes that the SDR Cabal is patent and the BRICS , represent the true system , clean and new .
    The first time Benjamin , said something to the SDR , a week ago it was . I'm not well seen on the blog of Benjamin , because I have another vision , another perspective and have posed a challenge, a provocation for people attentive to the events . Two or three months to translate and upload your articles in the blog of Ben ago .
    It's something I do not like much to most , he indirectly submina , the theory is quiestiona Fulford . My " bet " or proposal this has been simple: "We have to look at the events and see if the BRICS launch , will bring to the world a new monetary system without IMF without the SDR, or will be in the same boat , in the same paradigm with IMF , SDRs and the financial elite boss for 200 years , in the modern era.
    Most people lost in the punctuales news centrifugatora mystifying , left understand that there is a clash between the West and RUSSIA - CHINA , but all that is the agitation of the sea to the surface , deep sea not so hectic .


    "Russia “forced” by the sanctions to create a currency system which is independent from the US dollar.

    Russia announces that it will sell (and buy) products and commodities – including oil – in rubles rather than in dollars. The move is towards the development of bilateral.

    Putin has been preparing this move — the creation of a payment system in rubles completely independent and protected from the Dollar and the “killer speculations” (e.g. short-selling) of the big Western financial institutions — for a long time."

    Dominos are starting to fall... April will be a dynamic month.

    1. Looks like the trickle down from Government and the Federal Reserve will continue because everyone is hooked and involved .
      US Government Is World's 3rd Largest Economy
      The ear marks and appropriations these Congressman and over 1 million aids and bureaucrats all are on the inside on the knowledge they then pass down through the various Lobbying types of firms and private sector structures then making it to the High Frequency traders computers that front load a stock and mega multiply it off who is trading on those sectors affected is why when you hear this claim that the stock market is rigged is true !!!!!!!!!
      Confronting Pelosi on insider trading
      When Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and other lawmakers wouldn't answer Steve Kroft's questions about insider trading, he headed to Washington to get some answers about their stock trades.
      I bet the insider trading club on this stuff is poised to leap ....
      See how they get in on the front end of a deal ,
      And you know they still are doing it .
      Congress Quietly Repeals Congressional Insider Trading Ban
      The Government debt will continue because of this corruption that everyone is in on and therefore won't prosecute !!!!!!!!!!!!

      So no wonder the BRICS are looking in a different direction for currency salvation !!!!!

  12. All a master plan, as I see it An international master plan of moving from the old system to the new with the least amount of social disruption Truly international cooperation, never seen before

  13. JC,

    You have received plenty of praise (and it is all indeed warranted), so I will not provide anymore fluff for the ego. However, your insight and manner of presenting your points is refreshing, to say the very least. "Thank you" seems too little, but it's all I can give. Your words continue to provide me with "aha moments" that are furthering my own development.

    For no reason other than adding another perspective, I'd like to share a few of the moments I mentioned above. True freedom can only exist in a physical vehicle that is unified in mind/body/spirit. True freedom comes from the realization of what being human really means. When one grasps that thoughts are what give rise to physical manifestation, one begins to understand that one's physical experience is but a reflection of the thoughts transmitted whether we're conscious of them or not. Add ego (little me-the matter centered ME), mix in emotion, and it becomes very difficult to stay focussed on the lessons our life experience presents us with from which we hopefully learn something from. Man continues to attempt to further itself by using destructive technology (tech that is literally centered around explosion as opposed to implosion) and spreading the false dogma that nature is to be feared, conquered, and subdued. Simply put, emphasis is placed all on the individual (ego) and not on the collective (spirit)

    My contention that the current power structure and every facet of society as a whole, exists because humanity currently "needs it to". So long as emphasis is put on MATERial comforts, or "freedom" is believed to be experienced by one "free" to pursue amassing ever more things (because they MATTER), we will only continue living an illusion. Freedom cannot be realized until every individual has total access to absolute data. Put another way, till there are no more secrets we will always be imprisoned in some manner or another. However, honesty begins with the proverbial "man in the mirror". If we can't be honest to our own reflection, how can we ever expect our world or anyone in it to be or to access absolute truth? Want change? BE the change you wish to see, and the physical experience will follow suit.

    It's hard to stay positive at times in our world, especially if one has children, but I continue to see ever more individuals seeking something more than matter. I have to believe we are heading in the right direction despite the apparent bleakness of our circumstances. I feel that the only way to break the patterns we're seeing out at the macro level, we must break the ones we're creating at the micro.

    Despite this blog not being officially an (for lack of a better term) esoteric centered body of work, the contemplative observer can extract many axioms to apply to our everyday lives. I know it's already been said, but I'd love to talk in person one like yourself someday. Unlikely I know, but reassuring to know people like you exist.

    1. Jeremy, thank you for the kind words. Since starting this blog on Jan. 1st the feelings have been overwhelming. Never did I think that creating a blog with the dialectic opposites of philosophy and metrics would attract such intelligent and thoughtful people. My "ego" is definitely humbled.

      I agree with you about more and more people becoming aware of a larger experience. The fact that this blog exists and is doing so well is a testament to what you have so wonderfully described. The esoteric angle is something I will be exploring more in the near future, especially with The Grand Man series.

      People are starved of truth. People are tired of eating the same garbage. The pendulum swings my friend. We need to open our eyes and fall into ourselves. Your reference to technology and implosion is beautiful. It makes me happy knowing that my blog is attracting people of your depth. Thank you sir.

      1. If I were a foreign investor in dollars and I saw how those dollars being used to represent the value of durable goods was in a sense being used by a Computer insider to sense my desire to buy a stock before I buy it and buy it for what I would have then turn around and sell it back to me for a penny higher , that would make it over valued and we have this type of trading going on and overvaluing the stock market , so no wonder there are those who want to break this Gangster Cabal ?

        The High Frequency Traders have skimmed the premium off the top of these allocations that flow into stock this way , High Frequency Trading has Overvalued the stock market , because they “ Key “ off another’s desire to buy a stock and then buy it before they do and then sell it back to the original buying interest at a higher price than what they originally were going to pay for the stock !!!

    2. Jeremy I could not have said it better. Dr. Mariano, Jose Trigueirinho Neto and Prof. Helio Couto have been harping on the same points for years. I never quite understood it the connection of life joy with body/mind/soul/spirit as one until I had the carpet pulled out of my feet - literally- and I had two options. I chose not to go to the mental hospital, not to take pills, not to seek counselors, I went strait to inside of me and asked for guidance. It came and it has been an incredible experience, very humbling. Very simple and joyful. I am in peace with the becoming process.
      Anyways, gratitude to all!

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