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Part One – The Case of the Missing Eye and an SDR Denominated UN

(Part one of this series is being offered for free to all readers.  Subsequent installments will be subscription only.)

“Ending this war in Gaza begins with recognizing Hamas as a legitimate political actor” – Jimmy Carter writing for Foreign Policy on August 4, 2014.

The theme of an Antichrist and false messiah (anti-messiah) is one that runs through all the religions and belief systems of the world.  The western Christian world is well-versed on this figure and his evil rise to power as foretold in the Bible and subsequent prophecy.  But what we don’t understand is that this figure is also represented in all the religions and cultures around the world, and has been for a very long time.

Islamic eschatology calls this anti-messiah figure Masih ad-Dajjal, who will appear to deceive mankind before the second coming of Isa, the Islamic Jesus.  This is identical to the Christian belief in the Antichrist who will sit on the throne in Jerusalem in the end times before the return of Jesus.

Jewish eschatology calls this figure Armilus, “a king who will arise at the end of time against the Messiah, and will be conquered by him after having brought much distress upon Israel.” This fits with the understanding that Israel will make a covenant with the Antichrist in the end times and will as such suffer God’s judgement in the symbolic form of a lion, a leopard, a bear and a beast.

Even in Buddhism there is the expected return of Maitreya, which is also referred to as a “bodhisattva”, or one who is on the Earth waiting for the moment of enlightenment.  The Buddhist Maitreya is often depicted sitting on a throne waiting for his time to arrive.  This Maitreya figure has been adopted by the Theosophical Society and subsequently by Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Publishing) and the United Nations as the world teacher who will arrive and unite all the religions on the Earth.

We can go on with the reoccurring themes of “antichrist” but the reader should have a grasp on the repeating pattern which is taking place here. Even the Mayans and North American Indians have myths regarding similar themes and patterns. Writing an article about these themes and patterns is keeping with the POM (Philosophy of Metrics) objective of observing and analyzing patterns, no matter where those observations take us.  The Antichrist Series is something I have wanted to write for some time now, but have reserved myself from doing so for the simple fact that this area of research and speculation has been inundated over the centuries with false narratives and endless predictions which have proven horribly wrong.

Since researching and writing about the consolidation of the international monetary system and the role of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) I have been noticing a pattern emerging from the chaos of our manufactured world.  This pattern is one which has a quantum physics type energy feel where the human consciousness is trapped in a repeating storyline which ensures that “what happened before will happen again”.

Many years ago I had a dream where I woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  Upon exiting the bedroom I stared down the hall towards the bathroom door and stairs leading down onto the main floor.  At the top of the stairs were three dolls dancing around in erratic fashion singing “what happened before will happen again”.

The next day I was talking on the phone with my mother and told her about the dream.  She went quiet and once prompted began to tell me a tale of sorts.  Apparently my great grandfather was a male witch and was responsible for killing a woman by putting a spell on her where she couldn’t pass gas or have bowel movements.  The woman died and someone in turn put a curse on our family as an act of revenge.  The daughter of my great grandfather, my mother’s mom and my grandmother, buried three dolls under her house to offset the curse and protect her family from suffering.  A few days before my dream that house had been torn down for a new build.  The three dolls had been dug up and discarded with little care.

“What happened before will happen again.”

Like each day being a micro representation of a macro life, and sleep being the mini death, all things in the world of force and form repeat and wait for the simple act of conscious observation.  The pattern of “antichrist” is one which we cannot ignore for the simple fact that it has been saturated with fallacy and falsification.

Much like all the religions have an eschatological concept of an Antichrist type character, all of the cultures which have existed on the Earth have also had a ruler representing the same characteristics.  In ancient Sumer it was Enki.  In Babylon it was Marduk.  In Assyria it was Nimrod.  In Egypt it was Osiris.  In Greece and Rome it was Apollo, and so forth.

Like Nimrod, each of these characters and rulers worked against God and attempted to replace God with their own power and system of governance.  Nimrod built the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens and destroy God. Each attempted to consolidate the world under one rule.  The symbolism of the Tower of Babel story is that God scattered man across the face of the earth in different nations and different tongues to keep them from joining together against him.  The goal ever since has been to re-unify the people of the word through consolidation and global governance mandates.

But are we to understand that each of the great empires from the worlds past have repeated this same script?  Or are all of these once great cultures passing on an important message for future generations to understand and prepare for?  Could all of these characters and happenings exist simultaneously at the same time through some form of misunderstood quantum physics?  Are we just the same characters acting out the same storyline with slight variations?  Or is it all symbolic of the process which life takes for each of us independently?

“What happened before will happen again.”

There has been a lot of great research completed over the years by extremely competent individuals.  Some of this research has been focused on the occult and masonic origins of the United States.  The learned esoteric and masonic theologian Manly P. Hall wrote a book titled The Secret Destiny of America.

In reference to the Great Seal of the United States on both sides of the dollar bill, Hall states the following:

“The combination of the Phoenix, the pyramid, and the all-seeing eye is more than chance or coincidence.  There is nothing about the early struggles of the colonists to suggest such a selection to farmers, shopkeepers, and country gentlemen.  There is only one possible origin for these symbols, and that is the secret societies which came to this country 150 years before the Revolutionary War.  Most of the patriots who achieved American independence belonged to these societies, and derived their inspiration, courage, and high purpose from the ancient teaching.  There can be no question that the great seal was directly inspired by these orders of the human Quest, and that it set forth the purpose far this nation as that purpose was seen and known to the Founding Fathers.”

“The monogram of the new Atlantis reveals this continent as set apart for the accomplishment of the great work–here is to arise the pyramid of human aspiration, the school of the secret sciences.  Over this nation rules the supreme king, the Ever Living God.  This nation is dedicated to the fulfillment of the Divine Will.  To the degree that men realize this, and dedicate themselves and their works to this purpose, their land will flourish.” 

The “supreme king” is not defined further and leaves a wide gap on interpretation, though we can speculate that the supreme king could be a reference to Nimrod and his eventual resurrection at the end times.  The reader should keep in mind that the name Nimrod is interchangeable with Enki, Marduk, Osiris, and Apollo, among many others, including Lucifer and Prometheus.

Further to this we can extend our speculations to the Bible itself and more specifically to Revelations 9:11 of all things.  Imagine.

“They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).”

Biblical researcher Thomas Horn has done an amazing job of digging deep into this area of understanding and bringing forth much hidden information on the purpose of the United States and the role which Apollyon will play in any forth coming end time events.  Interested readers are encouraged to delve into Horn’s many volumes on this topic and compare to conclusions of other researchers.  There is nothing in Horn’s work which contradicts the expectations of other religions and cultures regarding the resurrection of an antichrist and false-messiah type character.  Though Horn represents the Christian faith, his conclusions are relevant to all through the patterns and trends which we are discussing here.

It was reported in Feb of 2014 that a Gaza fisherman spotted something buried in the water just offshore.  At first he thought it was a burnt body but upon closer investigation realized it was a bronze statue.  After much effort and help from family the fisherman managed to pull the statue from the sandy bottom and bring it to shore.

It was later determined that it was a 6’ bronze statue of Apollo.  Keep in mind that Apollo is synonymous with Apollyon and Abaddon from Revelations 9:11 quoted above.  This statue coming up out of the sea becomes even more bizarre when we read Revelations 13:1-3:

“And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.”

Biblical scholars agree that the beast described coming up out of the sea is Abaddon/Apollyon, and of course these names are all interchangeable with Apollo, Osiris, Nimrod, Marduk, Lucifer, etc.. Do all the different names of Apollyon through the different cultures and religions equal seven heads with seven blasphemous names?  Perhaps the beast is the spirit which has manifested as all of these at one time or another, or all at once.

Now let’s consider the symbolism of the US dollar bill with the all-seeing eye and the secret destiny of America which was first hinted at by Sir Francis Bacon in The New Atlantis and expanded upon by Manly P. Hall.

A pattern begins to emerge.

What’s even more interesting is that the Apollo statue found in Gaza, of all places, is missing an eye.  Could this eye be the eye which is above the pyramid in Masonic symbolism as represented on the US dollar bill?  Could this be the symbolic eye which our culture and media has been obsessing over for decades now?  What more can we learn from this statue of Apollo and its missing eye?



Unfortunately Hamas swooped in and confiscated the statue before anyone else had a chance to get a hold of it.  The whereabouts of the statue today is not known.  What is known is that not longer after Hamas got the Apollo statue the Israeli assault on Gaza took place and demands to recognize Hamas as a legitimate political entity began from Hamas themselves, but also from others around the world, such as former President Jimmy Carter.

As a side note, readers should notice the Smurfs blanket in the picture above.  The Smurfs in essence is a symbolic children’s show about sun worship, or worship of the sun god, which is Apollo, Lucifer, Osiris, etc..  The Smurf hat is in fact a Phrygian Cap, such as was used by King Midas to hide his donkey ears after Apollo cursed him.

We will explore the relationship between Israel and the latest UN resolution(s) against the Jewish state in the next installment.  Needless to say the alignment between President-Elect Donald Trump and Israel is one of the core aspects of this ongoing human drama.

In closing this piece it is important that we take a closer look at Donald Trump and his fascination with Apollo symbolism.  The penthouse apartment atop Trump Tower in New York City is filled with Apollo paintings, statues, ceiling murals, and masonic pillars.  The masonic pyramid shape that Trump always makes with his hands while seated is also not a coincidence.  But here is where we begin to verge on speculation and imagination.  Such topics wane off into the hard to believe and many refuse to seriously consider the patterns and trends which continue on into the distance.



Could we even speculate that Trump decided to run for election after the Apollo statue was found?

The Egyptian goddess Isis resurrected Osiris by giving birth to Horus.  Horus lost an eye in battle with Set.  The all-seeing eye is also referred to as the Eye of Horus.  The symbolism runs deep if we consider that the Islamic group ISIS has contributed to the birth, or rise of President Trump, which is helping fulfill the destiny as symbolically presented in the Great Seal of the United States.

Trump is at odds with the UN over the recent resolution against Israel.  The dividing of the land of Israel is also a part of the end times prophecies and should not be discounted as a mere disagreement between nations.  Israel is making a covenant with Trump on its security and could very well be betrayed in the end.

This brings us to Trumps statement on the ineffectiveness of the United Nations.  Some are predicting that Trump will want to eliminate the UN altogether.  But when you carefully consider his words he’s talking about changing the UN to make it more effective and designing a method of funding the UN which doesn’t solely rely on the United States.

The United Nations will not be abolished but will be transformed along with other international institutions to better facilitate and guide the overall consolidation and implementation of the new world mandates.  The function of the SDR as a funding tool for the UN will be widely discussed as this process takes hold.  The UN itself is one of the biggest promotors of replacing the reserve USD with the SDR and first brought it up not longer after the financial crisis in 2010.

Let’s not forget that Lucis Trust has a worship room set up in the United Nations building from which it anticipates the return of Maitreya.  The UN itself is steeped in this antichrist and anti-messiah symbolism.

Since Trump first announced his candidacy we have been reviewing how his platform would be used to usher in the SDR system and roll America into the larger new world governance structure.  The new modern nationalism is being used to re-package globalism and encourage mass populations to accept and work within this emerging governance framework.

Is the world following a well-worn and well-read script from which it cannot escape? Or are the prophetic events which have been foretold happening in real time? When does symbolism get drawn forth into materialism? This topic is massive and we will continue to explore it further in the forthcoming installments.  Much has been happening and will continue to happen.

What happened before will happen again.”  – JC

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    1. Correct me if I’m off track hugo, but perhaps you are making reference to Kens Christ Conspiracy thesis. Ken has an article titled:
      “End Times” Programming [1.4]

      Ken makes the comment about the Christ Conspiracy:
      …The 3-step globalist deception aimed at taking humanity through two “Antichrists” and one New World Order in order to bring about a global theocratic dictatorship ruled by a figurehead named “Jesus Christ.” The 3-steps of the Christ Conspiracy are: 1) the introduction of a fake Antichrist (Barack Obama), 2) the introduction of a fake Christ / “real” Antichrist – probably Vladimir Putin – on or about September 2016, and 3) the introduction of “the real Christ” on or about September 2023 (all times are according to current globalist plans and are subject to change).

      The article isn’t dated. However, we can use the Web Archive to determine when this article was first produced [which is always interesting].

      This is only one reference to Ken’s work carrying the theme presented here at POM with this particular article by JC. However, there are many more: “Antichrist”

      There has been a phenomenal amount of literature on the internet regarding the Antichrist theme and end time patterns. I have yet to come across an analysis that combines those theories within the framework of the multilateral transition away from the US dollar. This will be a great series from POM. I’m genuinely excited by this.

      1. Hey hugo, I’m glad you commented about this blog – Redefining God. I’ve just started reading Ken’s blog properly. It took me a couple of goes, but I can see some of the similarities you might be suggesting. Thanks

        1. The article isn’t dated. However, we can use the Web Archive to determine when this article was first produced [which is always interesting].

          …also, the article I referenced is clearly dated. [Mod 1.4 – 19 January 2016]


  1. The origins of the Apollo statue discovery is cloaked in mystery.

    One Fabio Scuto, correspondent from la Repubblica, writes on October 10, 2013:
    It’s a full moon night in mid-September, Mounir puts water in his modest fisherman’s boat in the beach in front of Deir al-Balah, the town in the middle of the Gaza Strip. But that night in his seine net, a net of fishing two hundred meters long, something gets caught just a few meters from the shore. Surfaces, illuminated by the moon, the arm of a wonderful life-size statue of Apollo, which shines to seem golden.

    While several months later a Vernon Silver, in early February 2014, pens another version of the Apollo statue discovery in Gaza:
    Wearing shorts and a mask, and armed with a net, Jouda Ghurab climbed down a portion of Gaza Strip beach made steep by years of pounding waves, and dove into the Mediterranean. By his telling, it was Aug. 16 of last year, a Friday just after Ramadan…
    That day in August, as Ghurab recalls it, he noticed the currents were behaving unusually and had exposed some rocks. “The rocks looked strange,” he recalls. “The underwater waves had dug the sand and moved it out.” He paddled toward the rocks, capturing six bream with his net. As he swam to the surface, he glanced behind him and saw a dark figure, about 4 to 5 meters down. It looked like a burned body.

    The two versions are literally like night and day. Assuming the statue is not a forgery and is indeed authentic. Who is telling the truth? And why are the real events being distorted?

    This is going to be a fascinating series JC. Thanks for POM.

  2. Hi JC, further to Jack’s comment Ken sees the Anti-Christ/Christ Saviour theme as a Religious End-times program script to further the march towards a new global world order using a strengthened UN as primary vessel (Elimination of Security Council Veto rights, Global Religion, Global Police/Army, SDR etc).
    http://www.Redefining (scroll down for latest information)

    Ken currently sees the End Time Program consisting of a staged war or final showdown (Russia/China v US/NATO with Turkey playing off both sides or (World Vs ISIS via an ISIS ‘9-11’ type of scenario) in one of the current war sandboxes (Syria, Ukraine, South China Sea or multiple coordinated ISIS Terror atracks in Western Cities).

    The actors in the end-time script:

    That being said, each leader involved in the Syria conflict has a scripted role, and Erdogan’s role is that of “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal.” His evil Dajjal character is tasked with an attempt to build an extremist, fascist Muslim Caliphate that includes land in Syria, so it is written that he will play both sides, East and West, against each other in pursuit of this goal. And when we arrive at the critical juncture of the drama, he will betray Putin’s “Moshiach/Messiah” character and be destroyed because of it. It should come as no surprise, then, that he is embracing Bana Alabed, who has been used as a “do it for the children” propaganda front against Putin and his ally, “Imam al-Mahdi” (Bashar Assad).


  3. If POM readers are interested in understanding Christianity vis-a-vis the comments above about revelation and antichrist archetypes, besides Horn I would suggest reading Roman scholars Josephus Flavius (Wars of the Jews et al.) and Seutonius (The Twelve Caesars). In particular, their writings on the Flavian Caesars thoroughly explains the origins of the New Testament. Additionally, Robert Eisenman and Joseph Atwill, among others, have offered valuable scholarship in their examinations of the Roman authors above as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  4. JC, Nice. I guess you answered my question about your thoughts on the UN resolution against Israel with a full post. Nicely done. 😉

  5. I should of known, or at least say I’m not surprised, that many of the POM community are also aware of Ken/ In retrospect it makes a sense.

    I first became aware of K/Rg while reading the comment sections on the Veterans Today site. I don’t have exact recall, but about a year ago, in the comment section of every article I would hit, would be at least one or two comments referencing K/Rg in one context or another. So, somehow I felt, ‘Hey I’m 70 and still trying to define god, maybe a re-definition is just what I need. I went to Ken’s site, glad I did, Ken has a whole bunch of interesting information and his insight and interpretations are intriguing. Plus it is free, and I’m a,,, oh never mind.

    K/Rg does not provide a comment section, but does provide a Email. I mailed him my crude interpretation of some of the things I was learning here about the consolidation of the international monetary system and invited him perhaps comment on how he might think that also plays into his script. I got nothing, that’s cool, not his thing I guess.

    Anyway, this is what has been on my mind about POM and K/Rg for a while now. I’m not sure I can get this right, but I’m going to attempt it anyway. I feel as if there may be a kind of connection between you two. Not so much in your philosophies or the content of your respective sites but more visible to the physical.

    Both of you guys were unmarried, until recently, still, JC your marriage actually strengthened the parallel by adding to a three. JC has a job and a wife, Ken is a full time caregiver for his son and grand mother both situations are time consuming responsibilities. and your sites make three. Your both excellent researchers and that also takes time and both put out what I think is a lot of well done content. I guess you both to be about the same age, size and bald. Hehe.

    As to the connection I some how feel it is more about how it is I managed to be connected to the two of you. I don’t know it is just a different kind of feeling.


  6. J.C ‘s more granular, analytical. Ken sees the “hidden hand” piecing together scenarios, plugging in events like the “fake” Russian ambassador assassination, trying to specifically predict the future which is always difficult. Both have a similar “big picture” particularly as to how all of this wonderment is applied. Just my humble opinion, Thanks J.C. for listening.


    1. Hugovictor45,

      Can you elaborate on what you mean by “fake” Russian ambassador assassination? There are many ways to interpret that assertion. Thank you.

        1. If you are stating an opinion based on the available video evidence, then the MSM version of these events appears suspect (lack of blood and clear camera angles) but ultimately inconclusive. It does, however, appear that there is far more evidence to support the false flag hypothesis (NATO interests engaged in Gladio-type operations).

  7. Aliens preventing nuclear war, Children’s bed sheets with Smurfs on then as symbolism ?

    Just a bit too far for me to grasp. But the bronze statue of Apollo washing up from the sea , now that another story.

    that being said , interesting post JC, I’m looking forward to more

    1. I know its stretching but that damn statue just makes it all seem a little more………….important.

      FYI – Nothing in my post about aliens preventing nuclear war and the Apollo statue being laid on a Smurfs blanket is an odd coincidence.

      Definitely more coming!

      1. This is such a fascinating line of research. Here’s some information to support the Statue of Apollo discovery from Gaza:

        History of the City of Gaza
        The turning-point in the religious history of Gaza was the
        conquest of the East by Alexander, and the subsequent Hellenization of the surrounding regions…
        …Josephus speaks of a temple of Apollo at Gaza
        (96 B.C.) at the time when the city fell into the hands of Alexander Janmeus; and the prevalence of Greek worship in general is evidenced by the representations of Greek deities on its coins. The first mention of any indigenous cult or deity is upon a coin of Hadrian, which contains the words “Gaza Mama” together with a distyle temple with figures of Apollo and Diana.

        Gaza: the bleeding wound
        …Gaza was reconstructed and rebuilt after the Romans conquered it for four hundred years. It received interest by the Roman Emperors, so they took care of it and appointed five hundred senate members to rule it. However, the strip witnessed another siege in 96 BC by the Hashmoneans, who invaded the city, killing five hundred senators who had fled to the temple of Apollo for safety.

  8. It seems the script is being followed to the “t.” I’m so glad I found this site, not only does everything make more sense, it also makes it a lot more fun to watch these events unfold. Pass the popcorn, please. Looking forward to reading more in this series!

  9. I have been living with the brilliant writings by JC day and night and all the incredible and insightful replies by everyone since my arrival at this site. I often go through the writings even when I sleep since few weeks ago, when I came across philosophy of Metrics. I have no particular reply or thoughts on this brilliant piece but my preoccupation with it made me want me to share the following with everyone.

    “…we want to believe in a conspiracy, because it is more comforting.
    The truth of the world is that it is chaotic.
    The truth is far more frightening.
    The world is Rudderless…”
    Alan Moore, The Mindscape of Alan Moore

    I must admit my brain is now maxed-out with so many theories as to the way our planet is run, whether by the Committee of 300, the Jesuits, the Jewish bankers, the Vatican, the Freemasons, the Knight Templars and many others. I feel that my preoccupation with the conspiracies is a kind of eschatology so that I can be comforted that what my mind wants to know the end. I want to be convinced that there is an Order in a world that I can not make sense of whatsoever. The moment I come to see the Jesuits as the culprits, another more appealing theory and group hits my brain cells and I get a feeling of comfort, but that disappears and so on…

    It seems, for those of us who do not subscribe to any particular religious or secret order and it’s eschatology, we are out to find a theory that rationally explains the disorder at large. Yet, I return to the words of the great man, Alan Moore whom I regard as one of the best and least known Shamans, Magus and thinkers of our age. What he says is like a hard break to my fast speeding mind in finding the answer to the riddle and it is somehow more comforting to contemplate that all the scenarios are just scenarios perhaps and the truth is far far more frightening. He wants us to consider the absolute horror of total randomness and chaos. This is so hard for me but it is a hard break all the same.

    I also feel that JC has created a refuge or to put in the modern context of the Left, a safe space for the likes of me, the wanderers who are not satisfied with what spoonful of truthful lies we are given. I feel the honor of being around a virtual gnostic monastery of people who are searching for their own truths. Thank you JC for your wisdom, sincerity and humanity.

    I would humbly invite everyone to watch the best 90 minute interview by the English mystic and magus, Alan Moore for what he talks about in this 90 minutes, can help in seeing the world radically differently, by his insightful perspective. Alan Moore was the writer of the great movie made from his original comics, the Watchmen and V Vendetta. His humbleness is stunning and a great lead for any truthseeker.

    Wish you all a very Happy New year,


    1. Alan Moore’s Jerusalem is my only recent and current fictional read because I too believe he is one of the truly insightful ones. Along with JC 😉

  10. Fascinating post JC! Really looking forward to this series.

    What if the person of Antichrist is a physical manifestation of our consciousness and capacity for love (or lack of it). Perhaps depending on what part of our human drama is playing out, there will always be an emergence of an antichrist and destruction of a society. It may be in our psyche to create/manifest into physical form the allegorical themes that run through multiple cultures. It’s a human story of destruction (shiva) and rebirth, as we die and are reborn (Hindu reincarnation).

    If we humans were less fear based, we would have different story lines to fulfill.

    Perhaps the antichrist is within us all, along with a supreme God presence. It’s a battle within.

  11. I get so frustrated with folks not really understanding the truth that is so clear and plain in the bible..the text of Christ. If anyone would really like to hear the truth from just a plain ole farmer who understands or has been given the wisdom to explain the bible and the text so clearly that everything just becomes clear. His name is Les Feldick.

    I have been studying with him for way over a year..Everything has become so real..Les has a website.. Les in case anyone is really interested.

  12. Great Thoughts JC. Is the Trump Family Photo a mockup? If not it certainly seems to reinforce your post. Melania in particular looks like some sort of goddess, The Donald sits regally, and by his side with the heir Baron atop his powerful steed.

  13. Does the bible make reference to any particular constellations? and, if so, which ones?

    This is a genuine question. Just a line of thought I’m pursuing. This article has created a real interest in researching ancient cultures and their connections to astronomy and architecture.

    1. Thanks Dane, I really appreciate you providing that link. There seems to be quite a larger pattern emerging of ancient cultures using architecture to reference various constellations. It isn’t limited to the Egyptians. Fascinating stuff man 🙂

      Oracular Functioning and Architecture of Five Ancient Apollo Temples Through Archaeoastronomy: Novel Approach and Interpretation
      Abstract: Five temples of Apollo on Mainland Greece and Ancient Ionia (Asia Minor), namely Delphi, Didyma, Hierapolis, Delos and Rhodes, have been examined regarding their functioning through astronomical orientation. Recent research has shown that the rise, setting, orbit and observation of certain constellations in the celestial sphere, as well as the solar stands, can be directly related to the architecture of the temple, i.e. construction, orientation, and keeping a calendar of the most important Apollonian oracular temple at Delphi. Here this lunar-solar-stellar configuration has been applied to other significant temples of Apollo. It is shown that at Didyma, Hierapolis and Delphi, the celestial pattern, as well as the landscape, local geology and architecture are similar, but different in temples without oracular function (Delos and Rhodes).

      So many ancient cultures constructing such sophisticated buildings with deliberate and precise references to multiple constellations – who does that for fun, or goes to that much trouble just to tell time or the month in the year? pretty amazing haha

      1. Cool explorations and findings Alan. It’s really cool how space seems to disappear when the sun comes up. I mean surely space is still there but as the sun illuminates the earth’s atmosphere (or as light hits earth’s lens) we lose sight of the darkness of space. I mean a humongous spaceship could be sitting right there outside our atmosphere and we wouldn’t see it….okay back to earth. Lol. But it is really interesting to see the transformation each morning. I wonder which is the projected image, night sky or day sky. Or are they both? What is projected onto earth’s lens as light hits her?

        In daytime we tend to lose our navigational points (stars). We follow the light from east to west blindly following the beauty it reveals. But that night sky brings such a sense of peace. It also gives us points of reference which allow us to see that we are right where we are supposed to be. Whether it be earth’s position in the stars or a ships position in the trade routes of seas and oceans. Maybe Orion holds such emphasis because it’s one of the first constellations to appear in the night sky…not sure if I’m similar to others but shortly after seeing that constellation I seem content to sleep with peace or die until the next morning:).

        Each evening as the sun goes down a faint Pleiades can be seen trailing the sun and shortly after that Orion’s belt comes into view. For some reason seeing these two markers gives me a sense of internal comfort.

        Hey I wonder why they usually just use the belt and not all of Orion?

        Oracle of Delphi. “The most famous oracle in Greece, and the location of a temple of Apollo; it was also known as the oracle of Delphi. At the oracle, a priestess went into a trance, supposedly breathed vapors from a cleft in the rocks, and delivered messages from Apollo to persons who sought her advice. These messages were often difficult to interpret.”

        Maybe authority figures have replaced our natural knowing. Man seems to be easily swayed from his internal knowing of right from wrong.

        And maybe it was an effort to show these temples where godly instead of humanly. What does it take to convince folks to invest faith in something outside of themselves? I guess it could be to pay penance also. Man’s construction of outward temples in order to get close to his creator keeps him so busy he forgets to make time to build his own temple from within.

        What will it take for countries to release their death grip on the USD and begin to invest faith in other monetary sources?

        1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dane. Some ideas you expressed really got me thinking.

          space seems to disappear when the sun comes up.

          Such a simple observation but Isn’t it funny how we attribute the sun and its warmth to growth and a sense of vitality and destiny. Yet, true navigation is set by the stars and only achieved after the sun fades. Also, these temples and pyramids are built according to what is observed at night. Not during the day.

          Daytime represents life and destiny and the Night sky represents rest and perhaps death – but the night sky is the one that reveals a path of navigation. The night sky is the one by which all these ancient cultures built there temples and pyramids.

          Wow, it’d be awesome to talk to these peeps and ask why? thanks for sharing Dane

          1. …actually, maybe I got that wrong. It’s when I sit under the night sky and observe the stars along with the wonderment of the galaxy that I ponder a destiny.

  14. There is no doubt that the world of duality where the living souls live, is in a continual battle. Iranian Philosopher Zoroaster talks about this battle as battle of Darkness (Angra Mainyu, the Angry Mind) against the light
    (Spenta Mainyu, the “bounteous spirit”).

    The following is taken from an inscription known as “Daiva inscription”is the Old Persian text is known from three slabs of stone from Persepolis and the citadel of Pasargadae. Daiva is indeed the Devil, Demon and in the Judeo-Christian context is, Satan in English, and “Shaytan” in Islam!

    You can read the full inscription in full from the following site:

    “4. King Xerxes says: when I became king, there was among these countries one that was in rebellion. Ahuramazda bore me aid. By the grace of Ahuramazda I smote that country and put it down in its place.
    And among these countries there was a place where previously demons (daiva) were worshipped. Afterwards, by the grace of Ahuramazda I destroyed that sanctuary of demons, and I proclaimed: ‘The demons shall not be worshipped!’ Where previously the demons were worshipped, there I worshipped Ahuramazda at the proper time and in the proper manner. And there was other business that had been done ill. That I made good. That which I did, all I did by the grace of Ahuramazda. Ahuramazda bore me aid until I completed the work.”

    Now, the very mention of a “rebellion” by a group or a shall we say a Cult that was involved in “infiltration” and corruption with an aim to take control and divert the course of human destiny?

    The inscription does not mention exactly where the Daiva worship actually is located (which is a shame!). It seems, the practice of destroying a temple is in no way in accordance with the tolerant Persian governance style of the Achaemenids. The capture of the Babylon and remval of nabushatnaz by the Achamenid Kind Cyrus the great on 29 October 539 and freedom of the Jewish captives, and the order by Cyrus for the rebuilding of the second temple all paid by the personal funds from Cyrus himself. In this way, the Achaemenid rulers in lands they ruled never interfered with the locals traditions and faiths and as such they disdained cultural imperialism. The destruction of the Daiva temple(s) is at odds with the tolerant Achaemenids therefore.

    Question arise that what were the Daiva temples involved in such a way that angered the Persian king. I am personally of the opinion that the Babylon was the temple cult that made Xerxis to order its destruction. Observing the current events and such buildings as the EU HQ in Brussels that resemble the tower of Babylon, the recent revelation by “Spirit cooking”, the Baal Arch remake in three world major cities, may possibly point to the true relegion of the world rulers, whose ancient practices in fact never ceased, but survived via infiltration to all and every movement, relegion and secret society.

    The change of meaning of words and use of words as magic spells is a brilliant method that has been used for ever. Such words as Racist, Xenophobic, fascist are in fact magic spells that shuts down any opposition. The word twist such as Illuminati, Liberal, Lucifer etc. are other mind games that has been used successfully.

    Could the following be an act of the said people?! I have not decided but these are examples by people on the net using the “open source” research:

    If there was two major sides to this ancient conflict, which flank Trump would fall under. Could there be a campaign of disinformation by the two warring camps.

    The late Joseph Campbell the mythologist tells us that:

    “Iran sits on the “faultline” of the two different world vision and beleif, on the West is the Semitic world and on the East resides the Aryan system of beleif”

    Could we see the invasion of Iraq and theft of the tablets on the Baghdad library and other ancient artefacts, the war in Syria and the destruction of the Palmyra by ISIS, the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (Ancient Chorasan) and much mystery, the destruction of Buddha statue by Taliban and countless examples may all point to and occult war. Again, I personally do not believe the two beleif systems are necessarily the two warring camp, but more so the infiltrators may be the real drivers!

    And finally could the great piece by the wise and insightful JC with his brilliant opening sentence be a real clue for all the mess and mystery i.e. ” How Iran is the Hinge for Middle East Peace and the Complete Unraveling of the Open Society”

    Could the invasion of 7 countries announced by General Petraeus some 10 or so years ago, that included invasion and occupation Iran (Not materialised, yet!) had remained incomplete partly because of Putin’s warning to the other side with a nuclear threat should they invade Iran? Could Iran be the jewel in the crown of whoever gains total control over the first world empire, the birthplace of the al; the Indo-European cultures and supremacy of intellectual and technological AND the all the Occult knowledge and all the secret societies? After All, the word Magic is of an Iranian origin!! If you look at any world map, Iran resides right in the centre…if this isn’t a clue itself!

    Could Trump know all this and those around him have figured out the nature of the “rebellious” ancient cult? Could he be the “Saoshyant” sent by the light, or could he be a deceiver?

    All this is speculation of course but it may be an alternative path to figuring out what on earth (literally) is going on.

  15. Thank you JC. There are so much in your brilliant article that one can write a book or two at least. In relation to Madam Le Pen’s future role as the French Republic President and why I am convinced about your statement about the role of Iran in the current warfare that is going in all levels, cosmically, spiritually and earthly may be is in this clip.

    This interview by RT with Madam Le Pen has a fixed and a powerful symbolic item sitting behind the RT interviewer, which means Madam Le Pen will look at this item right in front of her! This is a model of the Persepolis palace column in South central Iran belonging to the “The Gate of All Nations or Gate of Xerxes”, which we discussed his role in my previous posting.

    Persepolis complex was built some 2500 years ago as the administrative complex of the Achaemenids Iranian dynasty and it is a unique structure with “72” columns forming a massive and structurally a masterpiece by itself. Note number 72 which has significance in Zoroastrian which later was imported in the Abrahamic trio religions! I believe the structure is architecturally significant due to holding a massive roof with thinnest possible stone columns and farthest apart from each other.

    Also, the vicinity of Persepolis to the Persian Gulf where many believe it to be the continuation of the two rivers of Mesopotamia is interesting. I have heard that some believe under the Persian Gulf is the Atlantis, but this is what I’ve heard. The “holy Grail” which later links into many European lore such as the Arthurian legend etc. is thought to be the “Cup of Jamshid” (Persian: جام جم‎‎), a part of Iranian mythology.

    The origin of the Arthur and his knights is now considered to be of Sarmatian Origin, an Iranian speaking people (close to the Scythians, another Iranian people who formed the proto-Slavic people!). Sarmatians and Alans (yet another Iranian people that settled in current French regions and Catalonia from there many later moved to Britain and the rest of Europe!

    Therefore, could Madam Le Pen possibly knows her lineage perhaps?!

    Could all these invasions be a search for the holy grail? Didn’t the German Thule society did exactly the same thing and went as far as Tibet, Shambhala etc. etc.?

    Again all speculations. Here’s the interview:

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